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Spanking Cherry Blossom

Please welcome the very lovely Cherry Blossom to AAA Spanking – she is new to this site. I’m sure you’ll recognize her, she has appeared elsewhere and I will be writing a special post to highlight more of her recent work in our niche. However, today, I am just focusing on this one site as she is just so damned adorable. look at her… all dressed in that authentic, British Girl Guides uniform. I gave that to Sarah to take to the USA (knowing she would be filming with Cherry) on her most recent visit to Los Angeles. So… did I do right? You can see the results of this film as she stars alongside one of my most trusted friends, Dave (Dodgy Dave). I think he did an outstanding job. He keeps it together during the spanking of gorgeous Cherry… the true professional that he is! LOL!


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In her awesome debut appearance at Triple A Spanking, stunning Cherry Blossom is a Girl Guide who has been keeping a secret from her father. He was so proud of how she would be always so keen to volunteer for charity fundraising events by collecting and selling items for the various causes that the Guides assisted with. However, news has come to light that shows she has been pocketing some of the money and even overcharging neighbors for items and keeping the difference. When he confronts her about one such incident of a simple Five Dollar overcharge, he looks into his daughter’s eyes and knows she is lying!

In this house, discipline is carried out the old fashioned way with a hard spanking. Worse is to come for Cherry as he discovers many more Dollar Bills stuffed inside of her white cotton panties, profits from her latest sneaky embezzlement. How much more has she taken regularly? Daddy is angry and spanks Cherry’s bare, jiggling bottom which quickly turns a shameful burning red. Cherry is promising to be good but her pleas about her future change in behavior are ignored and she is punished further. She gets it with a thorough hairbrush spanking as daddy finds the implement on her bed. How unfortunate for her! With the continuing whacks of the hairbrush, Cherry really is one sorry, sore Girl Guide…

“No more charity fundraising events for her”, he thinks, “she can’t be trusted!”

Starring: Cherry Blossom & Dodgy Dave

Cherry Blossom at AAAspanking
Cherry Blossom looks so cute & innocent as a Girl Guide

daddy must spank his daughter spanking spanked over her white cotton panties paying the price for her spanking Cherry Blossom is spanked by Daddy spanking his daughter spanking a girl guide hand spankings spanking hairbrush spanking punishment OTK hairbrush spanking bare bottom spanking Cherry Blossom in cornertime

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[jwplayer mediaid=”60245″]


AAA Spanking

Mandie Rae’s Wheelbarrow Spanking

It’s been a while since we had one of these spanking positions showcased anywhere, so where better than AAAspanking.com with a killer new update this week starring the beautiful and very talented Mandie Rae. Now Mandie is anything but shy, and didn’t seem fazed by this at first… but as so many ladies find out when they’re in that position, it all changed. mandie admitted later to feeling a little more vulnerable and exposed with the knowledge that there were implements she hadn’t seen withthe promise they’d get her sweet spots a normal spanking can’t reach! It all then started to become a little more difficult not to worry about what lay ahead! Well, Mandie looks great, as you’ll see… but even she felt hesitant once she realized how vulnerable and submissive she felt! Perfect! The Wheelbarrow position can do that to even the hardiest of girls! So please welcome the latest member of the “AAA Wheelbarrow Club” – Miss Mandie Rae.

Mandie’s Wheelbarrow Spanking

A double whammy, not only did Mandie face the prospect of her 1st ever Wheelbarrow Spanking, but it was in this cute uniform too! Oh my!!!

Another member joins the Triple A Wheelbarrow Club and this is a hot, intimate spanking of sexy Mandie Rae dressed provocatively in her British girl guide uniform. See Mandie explore just how embarrassing it is to feel exposed like that while her most tender sweet spots are vulnerable in this spread position. The use of specialist implements to create a maximum spread of humiliation, pain and redness that spreads all across her pert bottom are used to great effect! Fans of this unique spanking position will not want to miss this awesome rare opportunity to view Mandie Rae in a new film.




Girl Guide Spanking Archives

Hi, hope your weekend is going well… here’s just a collection of images from one of my favorite core spanking kinks, seeing girls getting spanked in uniform like this girl scout style (or girl guy guide as it is in the UK) distinctive blue uniform. These are just images and are from many many films from AAAspanking.com – The number one source for all things girl guide spankings 🙂

002 002a 003 004 005 005a 006 006a 008 008a 009 009a 012 012a 012b 015 015a 016 016a 017 017a 017b 018 019 020 girl guide spanking

These were just a small selection taken from the many movies shot over the years at AAA Spanking – there’s still more to come too later this year 🙂


girl guide spanking

Welcome return for Danielle Hunt!

daffyDuring the recent server changes for Sarah’s sites, she managed to take a look at the old and archived content that wasn’t yet showing at various sites, including AAA Spanking – and she came across this film with Danielle Hunt & myself. “I haven’t seen this hot film on the site”, she said… I looked and then realized that we had indeed filmed her in not one but TWO girl guide uniform scenarios… I guess way back I thought they were both out… you may recall Danielle as the hapless girl guide ruining my shirts with her inept ironing techniques HERE (<< click for the free reminder gallery).

I then remembered that we had filmed a second continuation to this in the awesome kitchen set with a huge cold stainless steel table. This got used, as you will see and we made a play on Dani’s love of carbs at that time… caught eating anything she could find there (in this case toasted bread) instead of helping out with the chores! So check out the excellent stills, GIFs and screen grabs from the film, it contains scenes of a humiliating, bare bottom, legs up and on all fours spanking punishment (on the table) with hand, wooden spatula and a slipper. There is also a link to a free spanking movie preview currently available at the site.

The Greedy Girl Guide – featuring Danielle Hunt

spanking Danielle Hunt

Danielle Hunt once again let down the uniform that she represented. She should have been out helping the charities her Girl Guides were representing but instead she was caught by the hotel manager in the kitchen eating anything she could find! She had already been punished once before and let off, so this time it would be a particularly nasty punishment at the scene of her crime! Danielle was placed on the cold stainless steel kitchen table and her panties removed so her bottom would feel the harsh cold of the metal then she was spanked on the bare with his hand, a wooden spoon… and finally an old slipper he found in the closet! Punished in an embarrassing legs up spanking followed by an uncomfortable “all fours” position left Danielle close to tears and thoroughly humiliated at the end of this short sharp shock discipline session!

greedygg_001 greedygg_002 greedygg_003 diaper position hand spanking greedygg_004 greedygg_013 implement spanking greedygg_014 greedygg_015 greedygg_016

greedygg_005 girl guide spankings greedygg_008 greedygg_009 greedygg_011 greedygg_012 booty booty booty slippered and spanked greedygg_020 spanking slippering her bare bottom


spanking Dani Hunt

This film can also be seen in full at the clip store – a special one time download, no membership, just download and keep on your PC/laptop or mobile device – CLICK HERE




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Hot Girl Girl Spankings

soapboxrantI know this is a spanking blog, but it is my PERSONAL blog & so you have to put up with my mini rants from time to time… in case you want to avoid this, just go to the SPANKING STARTS HERE in bold further down the page. Want to know a little more about how I feel & lean politically? Read on, then enjoy some kick ass girl on girl spanking afterward!

It’s just a week to go and the General Election in the UK takes place on May 7th to decide who will run the country for up to 5 years. I doubt Americans are even remotely aware there is an election happening but I would like to think you are! Anyway, what concerns me is that this one is like no other as it is promising to rip apart the union of the UK. This is approx 7 months after the Scots narrowly avoided voting for outright independence by 55% to 45%. This is politics in simple terms so my American friends can understand the dilemma now facing the (un)United Kingdom:

  • No party in the UK will gain overall control (again) due mainly to our mistrust and hatred for the political classes after various scandals during this time of Austerity ever since the Crash of 2007.
  • 3 major things will decide who gets in. 1. Scotland 2. Scotland & 3. Scotland. The Scottish electorate are tiny in comparison to that of the rest of the UK but they have 59 seats up for grabs. At the last Election the Scottish Nationalists (SNP) gained just 6, Labour have always traditionally been the big party in Scotland and got something like 43 & the Liberal Democrats (Lib Dems) about 9 or 10 whilst the hated Scottish Tories (the Conservative Party and largest party in the UK) got just one – & the running joke is that Scotland have more Pandas than Tory Members of Parliament (MPs) – Yup, there are 2 pandas in Edinburgh zoo (I think). Scotland has always been traditionally far more left wing but this time it will most probably be a near wipeout by the nationalists who stand to pick up nearly or all 59 seats. Basically it could cause a massive divide in the UK between Scots & English… worse case scenario, of course! They can vote on English matters but the English have no rights to determine many Scottish policies devolved to them over the years… and until now, I didn’t give 2 hoots as I thought it only fair. But I wouldn’t abide a minority electorate who have this much control over an entire union and I think Labour also know that so this is all conjecture. But it’s a possibility.

polchart_@fudgecrumpetDoesn’t sound a lot out of 650 up for grabs in the UK? But it is… no party will come anywhere close to 326 needed… it is more than enough to stop the coalition of the last government of the Conservatives & Lib Dems forming another alliance. I must admit it wasn’t as uneasy as most thought and they got business done and I think the Lib Dems genuinely made the right wing Tories think twice about some harsh cuts meaning some of the things proposed were never as severe, thankfully… but we, as a nation, had to make cuts and had done it as best as we could. One only has to look to Europe to see how Greece, Spain and Italy have suffered.

What will happen if the 2 minority parties of Labour & the SNP (who will probably take all their seats in Scotland) get in? That is the question. There are so many horrendous left wing agendas plus a Scotland first mentality that the SNP will try to bring to the table, they won’t support the decision making unless it has the interest of them first. However, to be fair: Nicola Sturgeon, their leader, is now saying this won’t be the case (it probably won’t as this is big politics and things change for whoever actually walks in at No. 10 Downing Street on Friday week). This from a party that WANTS the break up of the UK and still craves independence! What a fucking mess! I could go on and on so I won’t… but needless to say what it has done is galvanize the lethargic English into demanding less London-centric politics, like the Scots already have… I am from the south west of England… we suffer more than most as it is rural, always suffered with disinvestment and poor infrastructure and feel forgotten until summer as the rest of the country remember it’s the beautiful bit with great beaches for rich south easterners to come and live in their second homes for 2 weeks of the year and piss off again leaving the place empty while locals on lower than average wages try to find accommodation that is higher in price than the rest of the country.

votenoneEnough is enough… I am still undecided, I want to write NONE OF THE ABOVE on my ballot paper… will I have the nerve to do that? I doubt it, but I am angry and had to get this rant out. I also know many English will be angry and won’t take any shit from unfair politics from 2 minority parties who will ruin the economy, jobs and livelihoods of those working hard already. God help how I feel by next Friday! I will probably lose my house due to increasing mortgage interest rate rises if they went crazy and borrowed beyond their means… and as I know the interest rates will sky rocket if there is some half hearted left wing coalition – I foresee another election within a year if this happens as even Labour won’t stand by and watch ineffectual government – stand by for several votes of no confidence!

We should have had proportional representation after all… it feels like it now *sigh* (and yes, I know it’s a linchpin of the Lib Dems) & that has always been my reason I was weary to vote for them each time in the past as I don’t believe it brings stable government but England is essentially center (leaning to the right) – interesting times are indeed ahead! Who knows… maybe the Conservative Party, as the largest minority party will try to go it alone and hope that enough remaining Lib Dems and some Labour and independents will help them vote through policy enough each time to keep the country stable and running – it’s all about confidence on the World Stage – I shall just have to hope common sense prevails!

I think this rant had something to do with me consuming far too much of this…
& I can definitely recommend this lovely wine – again… & again! *hic*


Talking of Politics… here’s an uneasy coalition partnership that went sour when Clare Fonda’s client accused both Veronica Ricci (playing callgirl Audrey Tate) and “Brit” Leia Ann Woods both “Ghetto” with various spanking marks on their bottoms. Both girls squabble and bitch which annoys Clare even more so she gives them both a spanking and then finds them work for guys that like girls with sore bottoms! Taken from the archives of SpankedCallgirls.com – I loved this, one of the fun films I watched just before this blog post… these style films get made at Shadowlane every year… a great location to film!

001 006 010 011 OTK spanking 018 025 bare ass 033 035 spankings 041 046 049


This site is massive in its own right but as part of the 5 site Clare Fonda Pass it compliments and adds real quality to something HUGE and all for a fraction of 5 sites combined – be sure to have enough hard drive space!!!



Moving away from politics at last, let’s escape with gorgeous Amber Dawn xxx as she plays with the beautiful Dolly Leigh. I just finished watching their first film together and there is promise of so much more… Dolly has appeared at fetish sites and is a stunning slutty “girl next door” I wish I had grown up next to. I’d trample all over California’s vineyards to get to film her… she is snuggled up in the Bay Area… Amber shows us what she does to naughty girls that should look after their bodies when they should be considering their diet… I have a teaser trailer and then the images from this film (original film is HD720).

[jwplayer mediaid=”40509″]

The full film has Dolly (below) stripped and spanked on her bare bottom for the very first time. I promise you won’t want to miss this – it’s so damned hot!!!

amberdolly001 amberdolly003 amberdolly005 amberdolly006 amberdolly007 amberdolly008 amberdolly009 cute girl spankings amberdolly011 amberdolly012 amberdolly013 erotic spanking porn star spanking amberdolly017


Spank Amber (aka) Amber Dawn xxx

Dolly Leigh has made several GIFs of herself in various naughty poses from vids she makes… I hope you see the attraction of her and where you may find MORE of her (below)

Dolly Leigh creams to orgasm dollyleigh1 dollyleigh2 Dolly Leigh masturbates dollyscreen2 dollyscreen4

Dolly’s Tumblr Style SiteDolly’s Twitter Account


Another trip down Memory Lane with Zoe Page & Jessica Jensen as 2 of the hottest girl guides I’ve seen together, don’t you agree? Zoe was so mean and spiteful and got her wicked way with Jessica… as you’ll see below at AAAspanking.com

002 004 005 006 007 008 009 011 012 016 sexy girl guide spanking jessica jensen spanked with a crop 019 spanked and fingered

Zoe Page was a hopeless girl guide, she never put in the effort with earning badges. Her latest task was to make a decent sandwich but she was totally clueless & asked her fellow guide, gorgeous Jessica Jensen (voted best new UK spankee 2012), who she knew had a “thing” for her, to help out. However, when Jessica laughed at Zoe’s attempts to make a sandwich the darker side of Miss Page appeared as she turned on a smirking Jessica & started to spank the bewildered girl. Jessica tried to please Zoe since she secretly wanted more from her domineering friend so she allowed her to spank, paddle & use a crop on her bare bottom leading to some naughty pussy play. Seeing Jessica masturbate her juicy minnie turned Zoe on, but only to cause some more discomfort to poor Jessica for her own wicked amusement! See how a besotted impressionable young lady would try almost anything to please Zoe in this very naughty girl guide spanking fantasy adventure!

Download this video HERE



A new lady, Victoria, spanked for the 1st time at SpankingSarah.com

npp7154001 npp7154009 npp7154013 npp7154014 npp7154017 npp7154020 npp7154021 bare sore ass close up npp7154024 npp7154026 npp7154027 otk spankings girl on girl OTK discipline npp7154031

Victoria is absolutely new to the spanking scene, she has never been spanked yet she came along to see me. Well, she soon found out just what she was into. We had quite a chat first, I think you will find it very interesting, but then I got down to the serious stuff. I put her over my knees and spanked her first on her panties but these soon had to come down. She then took a famous Sarah Stern spanking and believe me, these do hurt the bottom. Now what did she think to it? Well take a look at the film and find out.

See this new video update and many more first time girl spankings HERE


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Girl Guide Spankings

Sarah was asking me when I’d dress her up as a British style Girl Guide and have her spanked… I hadn’t realized that she had not been spanked in this iconic uniform, so I’m sure over the coming months, she and many more girls will be too. It’s one of the things the girls ask about when there are any prospective new models to AAAspanking.com … they look over the site tour pages (as required to see if they are OK with what is required etc) and always say, “What are those cute uniforms? Can I get spanked in those too?” Cosplay is a big part of my core kink as I know it is for many (schoolgirl uniform is the most obvious, I guess) and so AAA,  over the years, has provided something original with these uniform spankings… so to celebrate this, as I was thinking what to write… I went over the promotional galleries that have been provided over the years (remember images and resolution are not the same as for members, but you’ll get a pretty good idea after checking these out!). No other site in the spanking genre even comes close to providing this amount of girl scout/guide spanking uniform fetishes… check it out, there are many more films which will be coming out over the coming months too, so with any membership you will always find these cropping up in between the regular new film updates. I trust you are all having a great weekend… I know I am here in the snowy wastes of North Eastern America! It’s milder today so we may make some “spanking snowmen” -and why not? he he

Click on any image below which will lead to the gallery of these films

01 02 03 04 05 06 07  09 10 08 11 12 13 14 16 15  17 18 20 19  21

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All these films are available as one time downloads, so pick and choose, just enter “Girl Guide” in the search box of the the CLIPS STORE page and you will see the full list of films currently available to download in full of this genre…



Have a good weekend, y’all!


More spanking blog updates can be found at another place I write HERE

Feature on Chessie Kay


I’m not sure if this is an English girl many of you are familiar with… however, she is a rather (new-ish) performer/actress whose talents you’d expect to lie elsewhere. Chessie is a hard core porn model based in England and as well as being a regular on Adult TV shows produced in this country… she does varying fetish work too which is where we fit in.

chessie008Chessie meets girl guide, Zoe, for the first time

I’ve met her several times now and she is as bubbly and fun as you’d expect her to be from her online cam persona. Some girls are reserved off cam, or quiet, but not Chessie (lol) – She’s certainly not shy and I don’t think that much fazes her. I had one person ask me if she did spanking for the paycheck… I can most certainly say “no”. Of course she’s not going to film for free, she’s a busy girl… but she gets what we do and she is into spanking. It makes it so much easier to work and produce content with people that know what to expect. I have had issues in the past so try to avoid using what I’d describe as “Adult” stars… Chessie admitted that she gets spanked in her homelife and is naturally submissive. members of my site will be aware that there is a new film and it is a F/F spanking with Zoe Page in the hot bully role that she makes her own.

chessie016Oops… Zoe has Chessie topless and feeling vulnerable in no time!

I always encourage Zoe to camp it up and she exceeded herself this time… oh my! We did a purely fantasy related film where Zoe is the dyky Girl Guide who accepts girls into her little gang (or clique) by way of a ritual or hazing. In this case… Chessie is no stranger to being spanked and desperately wants to join the gang and the girls have told her Zoe is calculating and mean and will no doubt find ways she never though about to humiliate her. But Chessie is ready and wants to try… good job, as that is the film. I have to say, Zoe has new found body confidence too (she looked stunning in this) and of course the girl guide uniforms are a personal favorite of mine, it’s always nice to get them out 🙂

chessie057Chessie thought Zoe could be nice but she could also be incredibly bullying!

I have also included a longer than usual free Hd clip for you to check out on the website, it’s in WMV format and please do try to save it first, you’ll get a better viewing experience. I will include it here too, but the HTML5 viewer doesn’t always work in every browser but I’m working on that (works best in Chrome and does work on mobile devices too!)


Images below are from the film “Chessie’s Initiation” – think that is self explanitory 🙂

chessie025 chessie035 chessie048 chessie064 chessie071 chessie086 chessie094 chessie098 chessie114 chessie118 chessie128 chessie138 chessie144 chessie153

Imagine a world of sheer fantasy where predatory Girl Guide, Zoe Page, was ensuring only the most popular girls could be in her little gang… and to be in or out of that clique was important to impressionable young girls like Chessie Kay… She was desperate to join and knew of Zoe’s fearsome reputation, but was willing to undergo what some might say were lesbian powerplay hazing rituals. Chessie was no stranger to being spanked and was always in trouble at school, fresh from a recent spanking she waited with anticipation. Why did the girls accept Zoe’s Hazing Rituals? It was a badge they couldn’t put on their arms and all the cool girls wanted to be in this clique! Zoe was into the powerplay and enjoyed spanking, groping and checking out the “new meat” for her little band of delinquents! Either way, this makes for a very naughty girl on girl spanking film with Zoe using her hand and a wicked looking riding crop, one of her favorites, to excellent effect! This is Chessie’s stunning debut to the site – and what a naughty first film she finds herself in! Watch out for the amusing scene at the end where Chessie gets tongue tied and shy… which is very unusual for her!

View the HD download HERE if unable to view (above)

You might also be aware that there is a Special Trial Offer which gets you access tot eh site for under $15! It’s to celebrate just over 4 years of the site being online and to those that might want to try the site out it’s an excellent chance, 5 days access and a really low rebill rate if you stay. Or check out the usually hot longer term memberships for great value and rewarding those who stay long term!


If you only want to watch the odd film then this full length version is already up at the Clips Store for your convenience as well. Check it out and all the other films which you might see there is also ANOTHER special Chessie film released ahead of the main site. I will be doing more of that and also putting up some wholly exclusive films there too! OK… remember I said that Chessie wasn’t shy? Well, she knew all about our little “Wheelbarrow Club” which was so expertly phrased by Katie Brown when she tried it out (see Katie’s film below – click the image)

Katie’s Wheelbarrow experience


Back to Chessie… on a private shoot we did a few months back, she mentioned that she wanted to try it out. I wasn’t going to ask her as I thought it was too obvious but Chessie really wanted to do it and so I relented and said this would go on AAA to which she was excited about… so I set up 3 camera angles as the studio we were in had far more access and opportunity for better lighting for the 2 cams on tripods and using one for some “arty” side shots trying to catch her long legs draped over Michael who had the hard task of carrying out this duty! This was also one of the longer wheelbarrow films we made and poor Chessie took some wood on her bare behind too… the bathbrush (especially) in this position is devastating…it doesn’t require much at all and can be placed exactly where you want it each and every time! Michael soon caught on, and the gasps and facial reaction caught on cam 3 said it all! I have a few images below and the descriptor of the film taken from the clips store. I didn’t look on my schedule for AAA, but I think it is due in around 5 weeks… so check this out early, it’s in HD1080 and the image quality is pretty awesome too…. definitely one of the best WB films we have made and I know how popular these are on the Clips Store (as I think 3 out of the Top 5 were WB films!)

Chessie’s Wheelbarrow Spanking

Images below are taken from the film – members will also get a HQ Stills gallery when this movie is available at the main site in due course.

wb001 wb002 wb003 wb004 wb008 wb005 wb006 wb007 wb009

Chessie makes a stunning debut in an early exclusive to our clips store as she appears in this revealing & intimate spanking position well over 6-7 weeks ahead of this film’s schedule at our main site! So be the first to see what is one of our best ever wheelbarrow spanking films with 3 superb camera angles to capture her 11 minute ordeal in this position with some great facial reactions close up and you won’t miss what is going on where her tight butt is stuck up in the air and rather inviting trouible! Chessie grabs hold of her teddybear, wishing that she hadn’t boasted about being able to easily join the “AAA Wheelbarrow Club” – She gets a harder than expected hand spanking and also gets a leather paddling and some choice very stinging strokes of the dreaded bathbrush (which is superb for accuracy in this position!)

Check out what is sure to be one of our most popular WB films to date


A Special POV & a BBF Tribute

I just released the 1st of 2 films I am showing this week with super Mandie Rae. This film shown here  is her POV debut which just happened to be a debut of another kind for viewers as I have made this film far more interactive. Such is my love for the POV genre, I am hoping that this will take off and change some things about how you’d like to become more active and involved rather than just being part of the POV gaze… just imagining you are chastising or punishing/spanking Mandie is not enough. You can tell her what is going to happen with unobtrusive text and she replies and does what she is told in this Cosplay Spanking film…


This is a new style of POV film we are pioneering and we loved this so much that at our next few film shoots we will be filming many more of this new far more interactive style. We want YOU to interact with what is going on so we have put some helpful dialog which you can say yourself… and in this case, Mandie responds to what is being said every time so you can see her reactions as you tell her what’s coming or that it’s “going to hurt” etc. We haven’t seen this anywhere else so are hopeful that you will appreciate this genuine attempt at upping the POV genre as we love making these films and they are always harder when it involves spanking the young ladies. We will also experiment with YOU as the spankee and what YOU might say to your tormentor for all you switches and subs out there… but in this film, it is all about YOU – as the spanker – and it’s a delightful film which includes you telling Mandie how great she looks in her blue British Girl Guide cosplay costume, including masturbation instruction, and of course the spankings, first over your knee and then you introduce a carpet beater to her which she has never had on her bare bottom before! We know you will LOVE this new format and hope it helps you experience punishing the petite and very naughty Mandie as if you were actually there!

cosplay003 cosplay004

cosplay005 cosplay006

cosplay007 cosplay009

cosplay011 cosplay012

cosplay013 cosplay014 cosplay016

Below is a special free preview so you can understand how this new style POV works!
I’m very excited about this 🙂

[jwplayer mediaid=”44801″]




This has been long overdue, so better late than never… at BunbeatingFun.com they feature their latest bratty model getting the ear pull and hard spanking treatment – Taylor Nix is that latest victim who should have known better!



The featured entrée on today’s menu is a mouthwatering, piping hot  Southern Fried Backside !    Yum! Yum!

Freshly snagged from the wilds of Florida’s exotic South Beach region, this is a fine, fine specimen indeed.  A feisty long-legged, blue-eyed blonde who answers to the name Taylor Nix; her exquisite backside was vigorously prepared by our ever exuberant chef. Bon Appétit.

04 05

06 07

08 09 10

11 13

14 15

18 19 20

21 22

CLICK HERE to view a special free preview clip of Taylor’s spanking



Don’t forget that Mandie Rae will also be featuring at her first film at AAA Spanking later this week, and it’s worth waiting for!!!



Kami Robertson in a fantasy spanking!

I have never forgotten this film which is now out for members at AAAspanking.com to download – it is also available as a one off HD720 download too at the Clips Store HERE – it had only previously been available as a smaller wmv file at the store way back but I wanted to give something special to all the loyal members of Triple A and I know that there were those that had been begging me from emails and such about this film as they had seen it at the Clips store so I have relented as I was in a good mood at the time and decided to include Kami as the 1st new film release for the site at the start of the year! & what a year I have planned, I have just finished with all the edits from my recent filming with Joelle Barros and Sarah Gregory and have literally been watching the movies with some rather uncomfortable “Trouser Arousal” (tm Chief) or “TA” as Sarah and I call it… since she gives me that so darned often!!! Seriously, I loved the film the girls did together and I thought it would be a nice break from you guys seeing my ugly mug on screen so the next couple of weeks will feature 2 F/F Spanking movies… the first will feature the delightfully bonkers and unhinged Zoe Page who plays a scary psycho house owner who doesn’t take too kindly to a rude mouthed and obnoxious Aleesha Fox trespassing on her property (don’t feel sorry for Aleesha as she deserved what she got!) and gives her a rather wicked and humiliating punishment outside in her garden!


Then the following week, as I had just mentioned, Sarah gets her way with beautiful Joelle and I have to say I got some great shots of Joelle’s long legs draped over Sarah as she spanked her rather hard and paddled her buns to glowing red perfection! Awesome… I loved the masks too, which were the feature of the film… I will let you in on the exact storylines (Sarah was being a bitch to Joelle and THEN… got her way with her). You’ll get the full recap sooner to the time it comes out but I just wanted to show you what is coming over the next few weeks!


& so back to today! Kami dressed as a naughty girl guide was a fantasy of hers, she loved the uniforms that she had seen on the site tour pages and asked if I would be bringing them to the set that day, I confirmed that a uniform would be there and she would look AWESOME in them, and of course the rest is history… Kami and I came up with a plausible storyline (as she didn’t like madcap plots I sometimes involved myself in… and once she was satisfied with the story played her role to perfection) So it was nice to see Kami trying out the uniform and getting excited. I loved the fact that her punishment was to be one done “in private” between her and Mr Osborne for an indiscretion that would humble and embarrass his school if it were to be leaked out that his prize running star had cheated… only he and Kami knew what happened that day and so they kept it secret, but she had to pay the price with a spanking, leather strapping and a hated bathbrush punishment to ensure she wouldn’t forget what she had done!

Kami and her winning cup

So check out the images below taken directly from the film, they are reduced in size… members can have the original 1920×1080 HD screen edits, the MP4 films plays back at the usual HD720… but I will probably get a few of these films remastered at some point to full Bluray standard HD1080 and this will be one of the few films I will want to get done first from the past! (Remember this film was edited over 2 years ago and has lain dormant gathering dust in the Triple A vaults until now!)

racecheat004 racecheat005

racecheat006 racecheat010

racecheat012 racecheat025

racecheat027 racecheat032

racecheat048 racecheat051

racecheat055 racecheat059

Kami Robertson has let down her school & the Girl Guide troupe that she belonged to by cheating in the final of the Annual Inter Schools & Guide 100m Race.
She had placed dried peas inside her fiercest competitor’s shoes to ensure that the other girl wouldn’t beat her & the 1st prize she had earnt was undeserved.
In a private meeting between Mr Osborne & Kami, only he knew what she had done from the CCTV footage he had viewed which he had not disclosed to any third party! She accepted his offer to punish her privately to avoid embarrassing the school & the Girl Guide troupe if this was ever to come out! He spanked her bare bottom then used a stinging leather strap before finally using the dreaded, nasty bath brush on her sore burning bottom whilst she was still in her Guides uniform! Enjoy this movie with Kami, who wanted to be punished in our famous girl guide uniform to fulfill a dark fantasy of hers, making an addictive punishment film for you to view! Fans of Miss Robertson & those seeing naughty madams spanked in Girl Guide uniforms will enjoy this very much!


You can see a free clip of Kami’s punishment HERE


All of Kami’s films are available via the main membership site
or check out her films one by one at the CLIPS STORE


I have also uploaded a new style POV film starring Katie who is Mistress Katie B in this film… she is displeased with the way you are eyeing her up, looking up between her legs… you can’t help it though… she’s teasing you but it’s an excuse to punish you. You’ve been warned, but you’re weak… you can’t help it and the next few minutes are a blur as she takes you across her lap, pants pulled down and she’s spanking and paddling you hard! This POV movie is from your perspective as a sub, a spankee!

Images below are taken from the HD1920x1080 high quality playback clip!

katiePOV1_001 katiePOV1_003

katiePOV1_005 katiePOV1_006

katiePOV1_007 katiePOV1_008

katiePOV1_009 katiePOV1_010

katiePOV1_011 katiePOV1_012

katiePOV1_014 katiePOV1_016

Check out more of Katie who is rather frightening as she switches too convincingly!



Monday Spankings & Punishments

Apparently, today is supposed to be the most miserable and depressing day of the year (at least in the northern hemisphere). Why? Studies show that after a long (ish) break, for most people, it’s back to work today… obviously, this wasn’t polled for the poor schmucks like me who happen to have a job in the retail sector which sucks BIG TIME as I had Xmas Day and the following day off and have been back at work on and off since then (sigh) in between hellish busy periods with lowered staffing levels. However, I’m glad the general population are feeling my working anguish again… so with that in mind, I have trawled The Interwebs and a few of my lovely archives to bring you some cracking updates today to cheer you miserable depressed legions up! Only another 353 shopping days until Christmas 2014! & only just over 6 weeks until I fly back to Vegas (& LA too) – I can not wait!!!


A New Year brings in a new girl at Firmhandspanking.com – and I have to say, Frank Reed is a darned lucky guy to have had this beauty perched over his lap for a good hard introductory spanking (her first, by the way) …. I know members of this site will LOVE this girl’s continuing series, as I do already after viewing this! Welcome Tara Somerville, as “The Intern”

intern_a003 intern_a004

intern_a005 intern_a006

intern_a014 intern_a015

intern_a016 intern_a022

Blonde stunner, Tara Somerville, gets her first-ever spanking! Huge grey-green eyes don’t stop boss Frank Reed from spanking her delicious, jiggling bare booty cheeks for inappropriate comments to a male colleague in The Intern. CLICK HERE to see more of this new series!


Here’s a great 2 parter you’ll see here and the next installment in my next blog post… if you can’t wait then go check out MommaSpankings.com as this is in their archives… why did I like this scene so much, you wonder? Check out the images below and I think you’ll know why… heh heh! (This has given me an idea for my Vegas trip, ehem!)


Sarah tried to skip school and when Nurse Dana comes to her house to check on her, Sarah realizes having her temperature taken isn’t much fun and she’d rather be in school. Nurse Dana spanks her for lying and pretending she’s sick, then informs her that Sarah’s mother will be notified. The nurse sends her to school to finish her afternoon classes.

momma001 momma002 momma003


momma005 momma006

momma007 momma008

momma009 momma010 momma011

Check out MORE of this film HERE or via the Sarah Gregory Pass (saving you money on both sites)


Coming to the stage next today is a new film update with a very naughty slutty young madam called Charlie – courtesy of English-Spankers.com – I have done a few of these delightfully mucky movies myself and enjoy seeing some other naughtiness from time to time (ahem) and what better way to thrash a filthy rude girl than catching her in the act of making money whilst doing some porno stuff in the home of her strict aunt (in this case, Miss Bright… oops!) Check out the stoyline and images below!


Young Charlie wants to earn some extra money and so she models for sexy film makers and photographers. She is well into a real dirty scene involving her wet open pussy, a vibrator and a photographer when her Aunt returns home. After kicking out the photographer Charlie has to take her punishment and it is a real hard long one. First she is spanked on her tiny bare bottom and then she has to bend over for a severe whacking with a four stranded cane, very painful and she does not like it one little bit!

npp6064011 npp6064015

npp6064019 npp6064022

npp6064034 npp6064038

npp6064044 npp6064049

See the special FREE preview of Charlie’s lewd behaviour and punishment HERE


Meanwhile… you will be able to check out what Miss Bright is up to this week with a fantastic girl on girl punishment film starring Belle, who certainly doesn’t fool Sarah at all, and it has dire consequences for Belle’s rounded bottom!!!


Belle is on the phone boasting to her friend how she has faked an illness to get her out of going to school. Unfortunately her conversation is overheard and retribution is not long in coming. She goes over Sarah’s knee for a spanking on her tight shorts before these are removed and her bare bottom gets turned red. Then she kneels in the chair as Sarah lays into her bare bottom with a nasty and pain giving leather paddle. This young lady comes to the stage as a new spankee but that does not stop Sarah giving her a real punishment.

npp6043011 npp6043019

npp6043027 npp6043034

npp6043037 npp6043047

npp6043056 npp6043057

npp6043066 npp6043080

You can see naughty this girl next door, Belle, punished severely HERE


I have been fascinated by Dropseats (or dropsies) and Onesies recently thanks to the fashion trend for them over here in the UK – so the following is from my archives from a site STILL updated with cute “ageless” Jessica’s punishments even though she retired years ago – fear not though, as it is well worth the entrance fee largely for the fact you get 4 sites that includes the Bailey and Brandi “RSN Teen franchises” too which are also updated and contain some awesome remastered films and imagery – as you’ll discover with this fantastic trip down memory lane seeing redhead Teen Jessica spanked in her dropsies in the humiliating diaper position then given an almighty wooden paddling that brought real tears to her eyes! It’s still one of my fave movies to this day and never far from my mind as you will see below!


1066_031 1066_045 1066_079

1066_059 1066_087

1067_010 1067_015 1067_025

1067_050 1067_073

1067_045 1067_088


Click Here to view more of Teen Jessica & 3 more vast content sites & see how cheap it really is!


Finally today from Eastern Europe some outstanding filmwork from Spanking Server as this gorgeous new girl, Ally, undergoes the rigours of the various contraptions and devices and also takes a caning to her delicate rear as you’ll see from the latest film now showing of her!

Ally2 (6)

ally001 ally002

ally003 ally004

ally005 ally006

ally007 ally008

ally009 ally010

More work of Ally can be seen below at SpankingServer.com

Ally (4) Ally (7)




Girl Guide Kami Robertson gets a good whacking in private for cheating!!!


Triple A Spanking – the real home of specialist Girl Guide Uniform spankings!

Pee Pee Spankings

Just a very quick update here until I get you a more detailed look across many more sites tomorrow… I have news today for you of a new long play film starring Lola Marie & Wynter Sky in their 1st collaberation shown at my site AAAspanking.com – Lola should have filmed with me way back in April/May but because of the tight filming schedule I had to delay that due to an overseas visitor (I grow more weary of these now as I know other producers do too as you never know whether they are filming with a dozen other people in a short period and so on…) sometimes you don’t mind, it depends on how you feel about working with the person so when they don’t turn up and you’re all ready to go, then it kind of sucks… but I’VE DONE THIS ROAD MANY TIMES… so you bide your time, regroup and meet someone you should have met earlier and make up with it with some great films… and why not throw in a girl you loved working with in the past too? Result: a great day’s filming!

Check out this new film with a twist… my famed twisted Girl Guides, disgracing their uniform by peeing their panties and walking along with wet knickers (and predictably) getting caught and punished! Ladies & Gents… I give you the lovely and aptly named new long play film “Gushing Girl Guides” – this was my 1st peeing and spanking film… and it was also Wynter’s 1st peeing action caught on film too!


The girls show off their pee soaked panties!

An awful lot of images compliment this film, there are around 200 screen grabs and about 100 HQ stills…all fully uploaded – the original images for members are 1800×1200 in size – all zipped: already along with the film so it’s a great new update this week and as some of you may well be aware, taking stills after the event, it compliments the film so when Freddy the cat wanted in on the action (I love Freddy… such a cute kitty) he wanted to say hello to the girls… I think he likes the smell of pee pee, not only a cute kitty but a pervy one too! So Freddy stayed in some of the images we took… the girls liked him too 🙂


*sniff* “What the deuce? I smell pee pee!”

ggg020 ggg023 ggg026

ggg036 ggg037

ggg038 ggg042 ggg044

Below are some screen images from the movie and the film plot so you know what it’s all about!


ggg020 ggg028

ggg039 ggg045 ggg050

ggg059 ggg079 ggg106

ggg098 ggg115 ggg128

ggg136 ggg154

ggg157 ggg163 ggg165


ggg183 ggg197

These 2 girl guides were a disgrace to their uniform as they wondered if they could make it back to the Guide HQ before needing to pee… they could hardly walk, their bladders were so full & each girl in turn relieved herself. Lola pulled her panties down & gushed freely, but the daft girl peed directly onto them! Wynter didn’t even have the luxury of that option as she couldn’t wait & peed in her panties stood up, the tell tale trickle running down her legs. Both girls returned to the HQ in shame but not before Troupe Leader Mr Osborne had guessed what had happened from their nervous walk & decided to teach these madams a lesson in humiliation & discipline on how to avoid such unladylike disasters in future. This film features wet panty investigations, spankings with humiliating gaze of the other & the final insult of a diaper positional spanking before being placed in an embarrassing reflective aftermath position both girls would not forget! This isn’t for everyone & hardly traditional, but for those that like something a little bit more kinky, we are sure you’ll enjoy this long play film.


View a free preview of this film HERE



Various short clips are being uploaded to the Clips Store… I have uploaded the pee scene only… as well as the 1st spanking scene of Lola. Tomorrow the spankings of Wynter followed by both girls finale of a humiliating diaper position  spanking will be available to download giving those who like to download one off clips a great choice!

1st 2 clips are below and available to view:

GGG1 (1) GGG2

Fantasy Spanking with Mishka


This is the concluding part to the Fantasy Spanking series that I (ahem) rather enjoyed making with the beautiful and slinky Mishka… sadly there will be no more wheelbarrow spankings of her but I did save the best til last as I got her in my favourite girl guide uniform, spanked her over my lap then got her to assume the position with her red ass cheeks positively glowing by now (the entire series of films are about 30 minutes of edited footage so I would hope so after all that!!!) This was a first for Mishka too as she admitted that she had never been spanked in such an intimate position before this… and since this was my first time on film… I will always remember these series of films with some affection. You can probably see the very smug grin on my face, sorry about that 😉

Images below are taken from the last film which goes up in full tomorrow in both WMV and MP4 formats and it’s around 8 minutes long. This preview is ahead of anywhere else and of course members will get to view the film and download about 100 images from the last installment too! Image below are reduced in size but I think you get the idea… hope you like and to those members taking a preview peek here as often advised in my members area … you got this coming later – enjoy!


Mishka was made for this fantasy film… you can see why (below)

f002 f009

f011 f016

f025 f028

f032 f045

f051 f055

f057 f059

f068 f076

f077 f089

f091 f095

f101 f109

All 5 fantasy series starring Mishka in the revealing wheelbarrow position can only be seen at
AAA Spanking


tarousal11WARNING! Contains lots of gratuitous bottom rubbing, groping, cream rubbed into sore cheeks and a very revealing spanking position which may cause the Chief’s patented Trouser Arousal – be careful out there!!!

Let’s hope this helps beat the mid week blues! 🙂

Come back tomorrow, I have a lot of catching up to do… heh heh!