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Quick Spanking Updates

Sarah reminded me that I hadn’t showcased her new films… which was rather remiss of me, so here is the latest film update at Sarah Gregory Spanking which is a “Girlfriend” spanking film between Joelle Barros & Lily Swan. Directed by Sarah and filmed by her underling (moi!) – It’s a naughty, tasteful piece of spanking erotica (porn) – check out some image along with the storyline (below)


Girlfriend Discipline – with Joelle Barros & Lily Swan

0208_girlfriend_discipline_grabs-036 0208_girlfriend_discipline_grabs-0380208_girlfriend_discipline_gal-007 0208_girlfriend_discipline_grabs-045 spanking paddled and spanked

Joelle knows that she has not been a very good girlfriend lately. She has slacked on her chores and let the house become a mess. She feels the need to ask her girlfriend, Lily, to spank her for this. She knows she is a naughty girl and deserves a hard spanking and she tells Lily not to hold back.

erotic spanking and strapping 0208_girlfriend_discipline_grabs-067 0208_girlfriend_discipline_grabs-070

Check out the full film and spanking images now showing HERE

girlfriends spanking

sarah gregory spanking

Don’t forget that both sites – with MommaSpankings.com – can be viewed for less (below)

sarah gregory pass

I have also updated the other blog with HERE with the latest new long play video taken from MommaSpankings.com … don’t miss it!

Momma Spankings at Teen Spankings blog

Amateur Spanked Ass #5

A couple of stunning images of girls showing us their recently spanked bottoms, a sulky girlfriend and a gorgeous big booty shown off in a supermarket (I love the supermarket pics, it’s like an entire new fetish for me!) I’d love to film a spanking in a shopping aisle! I don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon though, lol!



Next post from me will be about my latest film coming out on Wednesday, have a good evening, y’all!