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Varied Spanking Updates & Party News

It has been a whirlwind few weeks away from this blog so I really had no time at all to catch up, but I’m sure you checked back here from time to time to see if I found time. Well, today I did and I have some interesting things from many varied sites that I think you’ll like! If you do, go support these sites with a membership purchase, any of these sites are worth the entry fee and will cost less than a dollar a day! At the end of this post, there’s the promise of spanking parties ahead. I’ll let you know where and will be writing more insight on this soon! Continue reading

Classic Spanking for your Weekend

Here is a collection of fine and varied updates from the plethora of fine spanking sites today.

A Proper Whoopin’ For Disrespectful Behavior

Cara is sent to her room to wait for Micheal as a result of her disrespectful tone and attitude. Clearly having not learned her lesson that morning, Cara’s sassy attitude seems to have returned. Michael orders her to bare her bottom and wears it out with a heavy wooden spoon.

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Introducing Nici Dee

She has never been featured on this blog before, but has appeared in many awesome short films and some of her best work is available in the archives of this website. This example, of her pussy strapping, placed into the familiar “Gyno Chair” shows off her stunning beauty and she takes many varied forms of punishments as you’ll see from the additional images I have from other films she has made over the years at the site.

More examples of Nici Dee’s outstanding work can be found (below)

Visit Spanking Server to see all of Nici Dee’s films and more awesome content like this!

Girl Scout Thief Punished

Adriana Evans is a Girl Scout leader who is out of patience for the naughty behavior that some of the girls in her troop are displaying. Dorothy, for example, seems more interested in aesthetics than anything else, and is willing to lie and steal to achieve the goal of “looking perfect” as a scout. Adriana won’t tolerate this: Dorothy is being a naughty little baby, so she’s going to treat her like one. First, Dorothy gets spanked across her authentic Girl Scout culottes. Then, both her shorts and her panties are pulled down so that she is given a bare bottom spanking. But that’s not all that she’s in store for: she’s going to be diapered, and she’s going to have to wear her diaper back to the meeting, as well as while they go sell cookies this weekend. But Dorothy doesn’t have a choice: if she doesn’t take her punishment, Adriana is going to demote her to Daisy Scout with the youngest girls. To make matters worse, once she’s been taped into a vintage fabine diaper, Adriana picks up the humiliates little girl and carries her out into the room where the other girls are waiting, announcing that Dorothy has something to show her friends. How will she ever live this down?

You can download the entire library of specialist films at Spanked and Diapered

Sally’s Long Punishment Day

Sally is lying on her bed reading a magazine and smoking. There is a loud knocking on her bedroom door. Oh dear! It’s Headmaster Tom. She has to act quickly. The cigarette is stubbed out in the ashtray, which is then hidden behind some ornaments on the shelf above her bed. However it can’t hide the smell, smokers think that they can get away with such a filthy habit. Headmaster tom is deeply unimpressed and takes her over his knee for a hard bare bottom hand and hairbrush spanking. He breaks the hairbrush across her pert buttocks. For her deception, sally is punished later that day with a further caning that leaves her bottom swollen, welted and very sore!

spanking otk spanking

Visit Girls Boarding School to see classic hard no-nonsense schoolgirl discipline!

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Spanking Updates for Self Isolation – 1

The title says it all, I hope you are all safe and well, and practicing “Social distancing” as best you can. There’s no need for me to lecture anyone on what to do. Instead, I’ll give you something to keep you occupied and even daring to join the awesome sites featured below who are making content for us all and keeping us safe and sane indoors… so without further ado – in no order of preference – hold on to your seats ladies and gents for the first ride this weekend!

Foxy strapped by Heidi

Foxy is a recent addition to the unique and hot performers from E. Europe at this studio. Using one of their many specialist discipline furniture, Foxy is placed and given a bare bottom leather strapping by resident female disciplinarian, Heidi. She has redhead Foxy gasping as her punishment is completed swiftly and silently. Bared spread and exposed… Heidi is left to rub her sore red bottom afterward.

Click here to see more of Foxy’s films at Spanking Server

Introducing new Spanked Sweetie – Iris

Iris is a professional switch who works in an LA dungeon. She and her sister were both spanked growing up and Iris tells us all about her experiences. This tall, sexy lady then re-enacts a spanking in which her mom (played by pro-domme Mistress Gloria) spanks her with hand and shoe.

All-new content of sexy Iris exclusive to Spanked Sweeties

Math Tutor Spanking

Apricot Pitts is not doing well in math. Her tutor Ashley Lane is very upset with her and her lack of studying. So Ashley gets creative with her discipline. Ashley puts Apricot over her knee for a very long and painful spanking, incorporating math into the spanking. By the time she has finished, Apricot is much more eager to learn math and has learned a very valuable lesson. And it leaves her bottom very sore and red and it definitely hurts to sit down!

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Tennis Tantrum Punishment

Cara Day is sitting in her hotel room pouting. She got into a fight with her partner during a doubles tennis match and knows she is in trouble. Her coach, Miss Elizabeth, is known for being very strict in her punishments of players who act up. When Elizabeth arrives, she has both a hairbrush…and a diaper. After a scathing scolding, she puts Cara across her knee for a hard spanking with hand and hairbrush that leaves her struggling, red, and very contrite. But this is only part of her punishment. Elizabeth is going to give Cara some strict diaper discipline for this behavior. She makes a big production of showing her the diaper, making her lie with her legs open and everything very exposed, powdering her, and humiliating her. Act like a baby, get treated like one! Cara now has to go down to practice in a short skirt that hardly covers her brightly colored Rearz Safari diaper. Miss Elizabeth is one of the most authentic scolders the fetish scene has ever seen, and sweet lifestyle little Cara Day is clearly so embarrassed by her punishment. And the cute, vintage tennis uniform combined with a fluffy, padded diaper is to die for!

Click here to see more cute girls Spanked and Diapered

Megan and the Pool Cleaner

Meg is on holiday in Spain and rightly she wants to enjoy herself but sometimes she goes just that bit too far. Mr Stern is not known for being a very sociable sort of person and while he is cleaning out my pool he does not want Meg trying her best to distract him When he has finished with the pool he decides to teach Meg a bit of a lesson, he grabs a hold of her and puts her over his knees for a good hard spanking.

See all the very latest updates from Spanking Sarah


After her previous hard OTK spanking Amy Fox now receives an ass-scorching caning in her thin, tight leggings. Viewers of this site will know that the owner has a penchant for tight leggings and films whole series of them on a regular basis, if you want to see girls spanked strapped and caned in tight leggings and yoga pants this is a great place to visit!

See more from Spanking 101 HERE

Under the Sea

Dorothy has entered her family into a rather challenging competition, never imagining that she might actually win. Well, guess what?! Paul is singularly unimpressed both with the prize and with Dorothy’s unsanctioned actions and determines punish her for it. Another trip across Paul’s lap for a well-deserved spanking.

View more free previews exclusive to Northern Spanking

The Tattoo

Since this blond angel was committed to Girls Boarding School some weeks ago, she felt a lot of ease and relief. Life at Girls Boarding School does not seem to be THAT bad. Sure, some slaps here, some thrashings there, but in the end all pretty bearable and within reason. This feeling of ease and relief was until a few days ago… until everything changed… on that one day when the Headmaster discovered her new tattoo! What happened on that day can hardly be put into words! One of the most severe bare bottom beatings ever taped! Download this video and see it for yourself: a young Swedish beauty receiving the corporal punishment of her life, with the wooden paddle and the cane on her bared bottom, 20 minutes non-stop corporal punishment, no way out! Enjoy this firm young bottom turned into a dark blue mess, enjoy this beautiful young face crying a flood of tears! Not a movie for the faint-hearted!

Check out the vast archives of Girls Boarding School

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Made it here? There’s plenty more coming this weekend! Stay safe!

Interesting Spanking Reviews

Another quick catch up across a few select sites outside of our network before I bring you a much-needed update on the recent goings-on with Sarah & I in my next post and what we have been doing with our sites recently.
But first, as I said, here’s a cool selection of differing spanking style websites for you to preview!

Girls Boarding School

Micaela (Swedish, I believe) was one of my all-time favorite girls featured at GBS, so why not get a reminder of when she first appeared there? You’ll watch her getting a tearful hand spanking and leather paddle punishment.

Micaela – 1st Time Spanking

Micaela, a very pretty blonde girl enters the office of the GBS principal; She’s looking scared. Michael explains to her why he has called her into his office. The person on the other end of the phone was a friend of his. Micaela was his housekeeper before she came to Girls Boarding School. She stole money from him. So Michael tells her that now she’s at GBS, any and all wrongdoing is dealt with by being punished with corporal punishment. She’s never had anything like that before, so now is the time for her first session, OTK. He pulls her over his knee and starts hand spanking her. She wriggles and squeals as her bottom becomes redder and sorer. And even more so when her knickers are unceremoniously pulled down to mid-thigh. When he releases her, she thinks her punishment is over. However, his hand is sore so he’s going to use a leather paddle on her bottom instead. Despite her constantly pleading with him to let her go, he carries on with the paddling until she has learned her lesson.

See ALL the spanking films featuring this stunning blonde HERE

Spanking Server

Luca Bella is another gorgeous east European girl only seen at this network of sites and she certainly is a sight for sore eyes!

Luca Bella

Athletic and able to take a variety of different punishments, this collection of images from her many films showcases what a beautiful and versatile model Luca Bella is. her bottom speckles magnificently with the hand, strap or other implements used and of course, she endures the many interesting and varied restraint devices that Spanking Server use. Check out some of her work featured below.

See more of Luca Bella EXCLUSIVE to Spanking Server


More spanking, humiliation and diapering discipline at this lovely fetish website run by Alex Reynolds & Paul Kennedy. I get this kink so you’ll be seeing more of this featured quite often…

Play Nicely Girls!

See all the latest spanking & diapering fetish film free previews HERE

Northern Spanking

When lost or missing films are found years later, it is a joy to watch, check out this featuring Aleesha Fox & Leia Ann Wood – enjoy!

There’s no “I” in team

Head cheerleader Aleesha is lazy completely lacking in motivation. Coach Leia Ann attempts to correct this situation by smacking her bottom. There is also a new import from the schools twin in Chicago… its made of wood!

Check out the new look Northern Spanking – Free previews HERE


Spanking Updates for your review

Hello, here is the very latest collection of updates and interesting movies from some select spanking websites that I am sure you will enjoy. Please do go check out the sites shown as they often have vast and informative tour pages detailing what exactly is on offer! Go see for yourselves, there is a wealth of amazing spanking content to get through today!

cheerleader spankings

Cheerleader Spankings

spanking by mommy

Red’s Foul Mouth starring Red August & Madame Samantha B

This is a very special double first for us at Cheerleader Spankings:
A first for mother, Madame Samantha B, who spanks and mouth-soaps a new girl to our sites, Red August (also receiving her first-ever soaping punishment). Mom is upset that her daughter is late for cheer practice and Red walks in casually brushing her hair, half-dressed. She complains that her uniform is dirty and can not wear her skirt. Red blames her mom for this and shows so much disrespect by continually using the F-word. Momma doesn’t take kindly to this nasty, foul-mouthed behavior and drags the brat over her lap as she starts to spank and scold her girl. Those tight white sports panties don’t offer much protection so they are pulled down and Red’s bare, bouncing bottom is tanned with momma’s hand and that hairbrush that she had been using earlier! That foul mouth of Red’s gets her into further trouble as her mother informs her that the spanking part of the punishment may be over, but she is going to receive her first ever mouth-soaping in the bathroom. You can bet that she regrets swearing at her mother, but it is too late to apologize as the bar of soap is lathered up and Red gets to taste the cleansing bubbles on her tongue. Mother really knows just how to properly ensure that this foul-mouthed brat learns a valuable lesson with a memorable mouth soaping punishment that aficionados of this particular style of discipline will enjoy immensely.

baring her bare bottom for spanking hairbrush spanking spanked with the hairbrush bubble butt spanking mouth-soaping mouthsoaping punishment spanked and mouthsoaped

Click here to see the free spanking preview

girls boarding school - spanking site

Girls Boarding School


Linda caned by Headmaster Tom starring GBS girl Linda & Tom

Linda faces another punishment, this time in the office of Headmaster Tom. This will not be pleasant at all, she is already nervous. The look on her face says it all as her bare bottom is spanked and then caned methodically and without mercy. This caning brings tears to one of the most beautiful girls to ever have appeared at GBS. There are plenty more punishments in store for Linda, and this is just one of many you will be able to see as a member with all new MP4 downloads for easier viewing.

spanked and caned caning caning action shot

Click here to see the free spanking preview

northern spanking

Northern Spanking

Left Behind starring Amy Cawcliffe & Paul Kennedy

Amy finds herself the only girl left behind for the holidays at her boarding school. Her parents have gone on holiday to the Bahamas, without her! Unfortunately, Geography Master Mr Kennedy has drawn the short straw and also has to miss his holidays to supervise Amy.

Amy is not the most well-behaved schoolgirl, by a very long way and Kennedy decides to see if he can rectify this, and vent some of his anger at missing his holiday at the same time. His methods will involve intensive geography study and daily (at least!) corporal punishment for Amy. Day one begins in the empty dormitory with a disconsolate Amy having her bottom smacked, and paddled.

spanking otk spanking and paddling leather paddling rubbing her sore cheeks

Click here to see the free spanking preview

english spankers

English Spankers

The trouble with friends starring Jess & Sarah Stern

When you have a friend and you help her out and she just takes advantage of you what are you to do? That was the situation Sarah found herself in when she let Jess stay with her. She has been in Sarah’s house for a number of weeks and has not paid her any rent. Well, this is the story about how she deals with the situation and with that young lady.

hot otk spanking spanking jess otk close up hairy spanking

Click here to see the more of this classic spanking film

momma spankings

Momma Spankings

Slumber Party Sluts 2
Starring Misty Lovelace, Ashley Lane, Veronica Weston & Miss Bernadette

Misty is at it again, inviting her lesbian crushes over for a slumber party when mommy will be out for the evening. Mom is horrified to return from an evening out and find her daughter on the bed with two other naked, giggling girls. Her liquor cabinet has also been broken into and there are empty glasses downstairs. These three sluts need to be taught a lesson. They are each spanked on their bare bottom in front of each other, starting with Misty. Mom knows this is especially humiliating as the girls must watch each other. Then the three girls all take the hairbrush as Misty’s mom scolds the nasty sluts and shames them for their filthy behavior. Finally, each of the girls are bent over the bed and strapped. The leather strap really gets the point across and each girl can feel the pain of the other. it is safe to say that these three little sluts have learned a very hard lesson.

otk spanking mommy spanking her sluts hairbrush spanking spanking and strapping leather strapping

Click here to see the free spanking preview

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Irelynn Logeen at GBS

Hello… I thought I’d bring you something a little different today. I am sure that I had never written about this film of the much-missed Irelynn Logeen (now retired, of course) in what was one of her first appearances online… at the time of writing, I would estimate about 12 years ago! She has that girl next door quality and the ability to take a hard spanking… something which made her very popular with members at the few websites that she had worked at over the years. Irelynn can be found up by performing a model search in the archives at Girls Boarding School – there are various download options including MP4 and streaming options as well as many high-quality image galleries.



“Irelynn… wake up it’s Sunday morning.” Headmaster Tom has entered her room and he’s there for a purpose. He’s come to see if she has anything to report to him. She has been at Girls Boarding School for a week – surely she should have nothing to report. However, she has written the report up and she starts to read it to him. She was late for the gym on Monday. He tells her that is not too serious – in fact, she’d have got off with a warning… but more was to come. Wearing inappropriate clothing one day. Eating chocolate in bed.

She has broken one of the house rules at GBS: beds are for sleeping in and only for sleeping in, not eating or drinking, not for watching TV and certainly not for studying on. She tells him how she threw a book after a teacher and he is not at all impressed with her. Finally, she accidentally lost her key. All that in just a week.

She must be punished, so it won’t happen again. Putting her over his knee he gives her a hard hand spanking. That is only the beginning of her ordeal. She is asked to make an immediate decision – wooden or leather paddle? She chooses leather. So he brings the leather paddle down from its hook on the wall above her bed. Bending over the end of the bed, with her face in the mattress, her poor sore red bottom is made even redder as the leather paddle makes contact. She then has to apologize for each broken rule and promise not to do it again.

Still determined to really make her suffer, he strips her bedding off the bed. Now she must stay in bed for the next twelve hours. No going to the toilet, or eating. If there is an emergency she must call him. All she can do to pass the next twelve hours is to sleep.

spanking Irelynn Logeen spanking Irelynn Logeen Irelynn Logeen Girls Boarding School - Irelynn Logeen

Irelynn appears in many other films at Girls Boarding School – this was the first shown as a featured new resident appearance. if you have never been to this site in a very long time or are curious about this entire network of spanking sites, there is also the VIP option (see below)


This site is part of the VIP Spanking network, giving you 8 spanking sites for less than the combined cost of them combined. However, a word of warning… if you choose this option, be prepared to invest a lot of time downloading all the content from across this network showcasing some fine classic spankings from years gone by! Enjoy.



Erfalasorput - our flag in Greenland

Spanking Potpourri

Something a little different for you all today, I have a nice mix of classic, unseen and brand new updates from some excellent spanking sites. It’s a veritable spanking potpourri which I hope you all enjoy!

This scene from Amber Spanks highlights Zahara Haze, one of her unique finds (as you’ll see below) – she really enjoys spanking and fucking this voluptuous, teenage diva!

Amber Spanks

Performers: Amber Dawn, Zahara Haze

Amber’s spanking introduction of Zahara

This is what Amber had to say about her film with Zahara: Watch me initiate this virgin 19 year old to the ways of submission and ecstasy, for your viewing pleasure. I torture, punish, humiliate, fondle and fuck this little sex doll hard before getting her off for real. Come see for yourself.


See the full extent of what Amber gets up to HERE

Girls Boarding School

Performers: Headmaster Tom, Linda

A Broken Wristwatch

Linda has left a note for Headmaster Tom explaining that she broke his wristwatch and is waiting for her punishment upstairs. she suggests a few minutes OTK spanking and a few strokes with the cane. That is all very well, however, Tom decides what he thinks is a fair punishment… and Linda will not like it one little bit! Lots of hard spankings and severe canings are in order. This film features one of the GBS favorites, Linda. Now with added features for locating performers and all films in playable MP4 formats, downloadable and in-browser streaming.

Go check out the new look Girls Boarding School for members HERE

Punished Brats

Performers: Audrey Sugarsmak, Veronica Bound

Shoplifting Scheme

Audrey has become an expert at shoplifting and has taken thousands of dollars of merchandise from several stores. When Veronica catches on to the scheme, she works out a plan to return all of the items and exacts strict discipline. Audrey is bent over and strapped with Veronica’s black leather belt. Audrey howls as Veronica’s well worn leather belt stings and burns her tender flesh. Perhaps she will think twice before ever committing such a misdeed.

See all the films with Audrey at Punished Brats HERE

Northern Spanking

Performers: Alex Reynolds, Jess Howl

A Spoonful of Harmony

After a terrible flight, the first order of business upon arrival at their hotel is a spanking for Jess. Travel is stressful enough without Jess wandering off at the airport and the ensuing walk of shame, boarding the aircraft as the last, and late, passengers. Further misbehavior on the flight seals the fate of Jess’s bottom and Alex has brought along the wooden spoon which is used upon Jess whenever she is naughty enough to need it. Family harmony restored? We’ll see!


Watch all the films from Northern Spanking HERE

northern spanking

Real Spankings

Performers: Cara Day, Betty Blaze

Bare Bottom School Swats

Cara and Betty have a little chat on camera about her bare-bottomed school swats. Cara then bends over, bottom bared… and is given 10 hard swats with the wooden paddle.

See more films starring beautiful Cara Day HERE


Spanking Classics for you to Enjoy!

I thought it was time to get you some spanking updates from these following sites that you may not have seen before, they are all from at least 3 years ago or more… so if you’ve seen any of these before, congrats… for everyone else, this is just some of the typical content that you can see from the chosen websites! Enjoy!

Nyssa Nevers & Fiona Murphy Spank Each Other

Nyssa Nevers mocks Fiona Murphy for getting spanked by Veronica. So much so that Fiona decides to shut her up by spanking her she can learn what it’s all about. Nyssa doesn’t like it and wiggles and protests and finally spanks Fiona, too.


This site is part of the 5 site Clare Fonda Pass network

Europe Airlines: Spanked for Oversleeping


18 year old Vanessa missed her flight to Hong Kong because she overslept. Mr Johnson went to her house and pulled her out of her bed straight over his knee for a good spanking. Then he told her to get dressed and when she was, he pulled her back over his knee and finished the spanking good and proper.


Daughter and her Trainer

Suzu, daughter of the house, decides to ditch her music lessons and spend the day in her room doing nothing while her parents are away. Erika, her bodyguard, and also her trainer, teaches her a painful lesson.


Unladylike Manor: The secret Policewoman

Another episode from the Unladylike Manor series brings WPC Pandora Blake into conflict with Lady Sarah Stern. PC  Blake thought she could bring disgrace to the house of Stern by prosecuting Sarah but she was up  against a formidable opponent.  Pandora soon felt the heavy hand and paddle of Sarah on her bare bottom. This is one of many many episodes in this long running series.


Bound to be Spanked

Headmaster Tom and Mr Lewis are having a discussion. They agreed on how they were to go forward. Headmaster Tom calls up the stairs for Justine to come down. She joins them at the bottom of the stairs. They tell her that she has broken at least ten of the rules at Girls Boarding School and that is since her last punishment only a week ago. And now fighting.






Something a little different

EeuropeI often find Russian style and East European spanking & discipline productions to be hard on the eye. They also tend to be more brutal without much care at all for those who they are inflicting severe pain on. To me, it almost seemed like torture. However, I think over the last few years even Russian sites and those from the darkest reaches of Eastern Europe have realized that you can’t just go on beating girls mercilessly… it becomes, dare I say it… boring to see girls hit hard with a cane time after time: especially with no regard with how to use the implement, nothing irks me more than seeing cane marks criss-crossed or someone using a cane way over the tip’s edge, wrapping it or even splitting the end because of that… or the sight of blood. If I see blood, I will literally faint, that’s what I am like (yeah, I know, I’m a wimp like that!). I know there are those that enjoy seeing this type of flagellation and utterly misogynistic cruelty… but that isn’t what “spanking” is about, in my opinion… and this blog will rarely, if ever, cover or support the most brutal aspects of punishments like that. Personally I will “punish” or “spank” because I care about my girl (Sarah) – and of course there is the sexual side of it too – it turns me on. I love spanking a gorgeous bottom. I can’t watch anything that wouldn’t turn me on (eg… the sight of blood). So here are some more thoughtful discipline films from that part of the world, they cover humiliation, submission, tears and of course a well marked sore bottom… which also happens to be on some of the cutest girl next door types (who most certainly are from these countries!) Remember if that’s your thing to see more extreme punishments then these sites will often cover that too! In any case, check them out, these are some that I have enjoyed watching recently!

From Russian Discipline – A secretary is humiliated and spanked to tears


Civilians work alongside the military and in Russia you had better be prepared for extra disciplinary procedures when things are your fault. It wasn’t long before this poor girl endured a near naked spanking punishment in the office, quickly bringing her to tears at the shame of it all… but worse was to come when she was stripped of her dignity and spanked naked until her bottom was glowing dark red and the Duty Officer was assured that she would not be making the same mistakes again!

secretary002 secretary003 secretary004 secretary005 secretary007 secretary006 secretary009 secretary010 secretary011 secretary013



From SpankingThem.com – this young teacher, Natayla, earns a spanking punishment in the Dean’s office for letting down her pupils who all got lower than expected grades. In Russia, discipline is swift… and in this case, painful & humiliating too!


23 year old Natayla, a new teaching intern learns what happens when mistakes are made!

000A 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 012



From HerFirstPunishment.com – an interesting period piece as they recreate a “Stalinist” era discipline from the 1950’s with strict Soviet style spanking punishments.

playing001 playing002 playing003 playing004 playing005 playing006 playing007 playing008 playing009 playing010

Detentions in the Soviet era were serious affairs… so when these 3 girls were caught performing lesbian acts on each other, the punishment was going to be swift and severe! In this case, the perpetrator was made an example of in front of the other 2 girls as they watched her caned… then they were all stripped of their clothing and left to spend the rest of their detention shivering in shame and tearful inside that austere cold classroom!




Next from Girls Boarding School – I just wanted to showcase one of their most popular girls, this would be Angie (without a doubt). A very beautiful naughty, young girl from Poland. Here we see her gorgeous doe eyes looking mournfully at us due to her freshly spanked and strapped bottom (which is on display).

pic01 pic02 pic04 pic05 pic06 pic07 pic08 pic10 pic11 pic12 pic09 pic14 pic15 pic03



Finally from Spanking Server – my favorite East European spanking site – they have some of the prettiest girls getting many traditional spankings as well as the ones where they use their ingenious tools on the girls, strapping them into their benches, beams or whatever and cross over into whipping and flogging as well as more traditional OTK spankings (like this here). Welcome Bianca… a recent new girl to Spanking Server


Bianca (below) gets a short sharp shock OTK spanking over the lap of Peter. The images below are taken directly from the HD spanking video. This is one of two Bianca videos you can see this week at Spanking Server

bianca001 bianca002 bianca003 bianca004 bianca005 bianca006 bianca007 bianca008 bianca009 bianca010 bianca011 bianca012



For those who haven’t seen Star Wars VII yet… DO IT! 🙂


Spanking Updates to start your weekend

As promised, here is a selection from tonight’s Spanking Menu: a few sites you may not have seen from me for a while… (since I caught up in other business) but I’m back and should be updating with the latest or fairly recent (as I haven’t written about them even though a couple might have been out for a week or longer) – So… lots of images and the full stories behind these films – do go check out the sites I have selected, their tour pages often have more info and free clips which are always a bonus! Without our support, these sites won’t continue in their present form or will become more expensive or less frequent in updates and then we’ll all lose what we love seeing, new fresh spanking films and images on a regular basis from these companies that are still committed to trying to bring us all ever more interesting and different spanking fayre!

So let’s start today’s catch up with NorthernSpanking.com

Jenna Jay

Borstal girls: Jenna Jay’s Public Beating

VIDNSI1166-010 caning and spanking caned in assembly VIDNSI1166-018 caned at school bare sore welted cheeks VIDNSI1166-027

As an example to the other girls confined to the institution, second-time offender Jenna is brought to the lecturn during a specially called punishment assembly. In front of the entire facility, Jenna is to have her leggings and underwear removed and be caned in public.

Check out this small freeplay clip – a hot scene of the scolding, anger & disappointment by Paul Kennedy and the humiliation that follows for Jenna as she is caned in front of the *Borstal establishment assembly!

[jwplayer mediaid=”43101″]

*Borstal was an old British institution where young offenders would go for a short sharp shock – in an attempt to keep them out of prison at a later date… these institutions were for both girls and boys. Borstal was tough, it was brutal… and is now no longer part of British society.



I didn’t want to start with me first, I didn’t know that Sarah had put up this film with Stevie Rose & myself. It’s actually rather good and is now showing at Sarah Gregory spanking – We both got into the roleplay scene easily and the title of the film really showed how “angry” I was – as I could well imagine what Stevie had done to make her poor uncle so mad… of course she got a hard OTK spanking and wicked strapping for her deceit! (I made sure it was the nasty side of the leather strap). Now showing at Sarah’s main site: Angry Uncle John

0220_angry_uncle_john_grabs-004 spanked in PJs 0220_angry_uncle_john_grabs-024 0220_angry_uncle_john_grabs-025 0220_angry_uncle_john_grabs-027 spanking by uncle 0220_angry_uncle_john_grabs-046 strapping by uncle 0220_angry_uncle_john_grabs-059 0220_angry_uncle_john_grabs-061

Stevie is staying with her “cool” uncle John. She thinks he is so cool that he won’t notice that she borrowed his really expensive muscle car for a photo shoot. When the photos pop up online he is very unhappy to say the least. He is so angry, anything could have happened to her or the expensive car. His naughty niece will get the spanking and strapping of her life.

Check out the free OTK spanking Clip (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”43102″]

Click here to view this film in FULL – This site is part of the Sarah Gregory Pass

Sarah Gregory Pass


Next… A real life punishment for young schoolgirl, Sanna, with an OTK spanking followed by a rather sadistic caning which leaves her in tears and with some very real visible welts. This caught my eye… you can see part of the punishment clip for yourself and decide. Her welts were turning very dark… those were going to be difficult to sit on and bruise for weeks afterwards! This is one of the most recent films to be shown at Girls Boarding School

pic01 OTK spanking pic04 pic05 caned to tears pic13 pic14 welted sore ass

Free clip of Sanna’s caning punishment is shown (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”43113″]

View the full severe punishment film & ALL of Sanna’s videos HERE


First times in Russia are never easy… their spankings tend to have more emphasis on the S part of bdSm – this isn’t everyone’s tastes but this is how Russian girls get treated often in the porn media. Mix this up with embarrassing schoolgirl examinations before punishments and it is a deadly combo! I have only placed images… (as I will for the remainder of this post to save time) but I think you get the general idea below! Spankings and Punishments in Russia are very, very mean!

01 02 examined and spanked humiliating punishments and examinations 05 06 07 real tears Russian canings

See MORE of this spanking & Caning as well as plenty like it at Her First Punishment


Back in the West… plenty of websites nowadays receive custom or member requests. Sometimes producers can do thsi easily, other times, more specific customs can be done in private, I have done a few and have had great feedback from the individuals that I undertook this for. The customs will never be shown as they are for their own private use and I think that is part of the kick people get… knowing no one else will ever see what they asked to be produced (mainly as they are personal). Member requests are different, if they seem plausible, and it sounds good… then, I guess many producers will try. Like Michael Masterson at RSI did with Kajira most recently. the full 2 part video is now available… check out the images (below) that accompany this great little film!

A Member Request –  Kajira’s OTK & Cane Punishment

13131_008 13131_018 otk caning 13131_050 13131_059 caning and spanking 13132_018 sore red spanked bottom 13132_048 punished and spanked presenting her bare naked spanked bottom 13132_088

This video is a special member requested scene. Kajira was taken OTK by The Dean and spanked on her bare bottom with a small cane, leaving her bottom marked and sore. He then placed her in time out and went to get another implement to continue her punishment. The Dean returned with the martinet and spanked Kajira further. She was then told to remove all her clothing and hold the cane in her hands, while fully exposed in her final “time out”.

Check out this special schoolgirl punishment film in full – CLICK HERE

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Finally for today… at Bars and Stripes there’s a great double punishment of two of my favorite ladies, and the punishment carried out by one of my favorite British female tops (who I have all worked with a lot in the past – Miss Zoe Page). So all in all, even before I watched this, I *knew* it was going to be good… AND, it contained a pillow fight, one of my own personal core kinks.  I love seeing girls fight like this (yes, that is just me, I’m afraid). So here today is the close to this post with a pillow fighting and double spanking extraordinaire of Amelia Jane Rutherford & Aleesha Fox. Oh my!

pillow_fight_IMG_4470 pillow_fight_IMG_4551 pillow_fight_IMG_4516  bare bottom spanking bare bottom spankings pillow_fight_scr2 pillow_fight_scr3  pillow_fight_IMG_4578 paddled side by side pillow_fight_scr6

In the halfway house inmates Amelia and Aleesha were supposed to be asleep but they got into an argument over a hairbrush and a pillow fight ensued. Officer Page heard the racket and with her leather paddle and hard hand, she made sure those two noisy little madams went to sleep with very sore bottoms.

CLICK HERE to view this latest spanking F/F video in full HD


Don’t forget to check out the daily AAA updated films (below) incl. extended FREE previews


Multi Spanking Site Updates in no more than 6 Pics!

I wanna get through a lot of sites today in an attempt to catch up and I hope these tasty teasers whet your spanking appetites as you feast your eyes on these gorgeous updates and a few that I have missed as well as some things I have been catching up on or watching recently… So no waffle from me today… let’s just get on with the spanking site updates with 6 images (MAX) or less per site (this is gonna be hard for me, lol)

I start today in no particular order, or preference or date of release… let’s just enjoy and if you like what you see,why not check out the sites a little more, their tour pages always offer more insight or how you might wanna become a member if you liked what you saw here – remember, the films themselves are often so much more interesting than mere images here can convey… but my bandwidth permitting, I couldn’t always provide you with detailed clips (I often do unlike many others, as you know) but the following sites often have preview clips which you can look at, ok?

FirmHandSpanking.com presents the finale of Valerie Bryant’s caning – topless… & provocative (I swear this is really HOT!)

tlc_bj002 tlc_bj010

tlc_bj012 tlc_bj019

tlc_bj021 tlc_bj023

It’s worth the wait! Valerie Bryant (the 36C Sabrina Scott!) goes topless for her grand finale: an 18-stroke caning from Richard Anderson. She requests a “refresher” from her Learning Curve tutor, but provokes him into taking things further, bare bottom and hard! You can see more of this HERE


From the naughty Russian spanking site SpankingThem.com comes this delightfully humiliating punishment of a hapless secretary, young Maria. She looks nervous and so she should be… doesn’t she know her boss is better known for his various Gyno and Examination videos that he makes? This has a cracking mixture of spanking, strapping and flogging of Maria’s pert bottom whilst also pandering to some anal insertion fetish play and pussy spankings which leave nothing to the imagination… the 6 images below try to do this film some naughty justice! It’s HOT!

maria001 maria002

maria003 maria004

maria005 maria006

See the whole of Maria’s fascinating ordeal HERE


Now here is something I was viewing earlier today courtesy of NorthernSpanking.com – I have always loved their work with both these girls, so when they worked together (with Stephen Lewis) then I just had to remind you of this – Ladies and gents, I present to you Zille Defeu and Irelynn Logeen beautifully thrashed in time for bed!

NSI095-ZSI022 NSI095-ZSI032

NSI095-ZSI052 NSI095-ZSI061

NSI095-ZSI119 NSI095-ZSI146

Check out more of redheads Irelynn & Zille’s many movies at NorthernSpanking.com


The final installment to the long play movie “Governess Reigns” (with Syren De Mer as the cruel governess) comes to an end with a double diapering and spanking of Kay Richards and Veronica Ricci – not everyone is into this sort of age play or even the diapering element, but I got off to watching it, the roleplays and humiliation with some decent hard spankings in between to keep these girls under control! & it’s got Veronica and Kay butt nekkid, godammit… heh heh!

governessrules001 governessrules002

governessrules003 governessrules004

governessrules005 governessrules006

Syren De Mer returns as the Governess in the third sequence of the Governess series. Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) and Veronica Ricci are under the care of Syren, who ups the humiliation factor this time, adding diapers to the girls punishment, as well as giving them hard hand spankings, and also introducing them to a large wooden paddle after she caught them drinking alcohol in their room. You can see how this played out in full – HERE


The next update from this 5 site Network features a welcome return for Pheonix Askani (now with blonde hair) in the hilarious scenario of undercutting other girls tricks for just charging an additional $5 for Anal (when can i come round? lol) This has understandably pissed off the other girls… so Veronica Ricci pays Phoenix a visit to spank some sense into her, turning her bottom bright red and speckled. Using her hand and a heavy  wooden bath brush.

003 004

007 009

014 015

Check out MORE of this recent update at Spankedcallgirls.com

Both sites are massive in their own right but also make up the top value 5 Site Fonda Pass

clare fonda pass - click here for more info


& then there is also the conclusion to “Misbehaving Sisters” starring Sarah Gregory and (the now sadly retired) Kat St James… spanked by Momma Dana Specht and they both get a good hard tearful strapping and leathering as you’ll see at MommaSpankings.com

momma-64-001 momma-64-007

momma-64-023 momma-64-025

momma-64-032 momma-64-034

Mommy notices that some of her money is missing. The culprits could only be her two daughters, played by Sarah Gregory and Katherine St. James, who both deny the theft. Getting to the bottom of the situation, literally, results in hard, bare bottom spanking for both girls with hand, hairbrush and strap, as well as corner time. When the truth is finally uncovered, both girls are left with blazing red bottoms.

MommaSpankings.com & SarahGregorySpanking.com are part of a special combined Pass



Coming to the stage now is another uniform classic spanking with one of my fave nurses, the very naughty Leandra James and her fellow cohort, Scarlett (I love seeing these 2 together, they always get up to mischief!), this was hard, but I managed to get their double spanking update compressed to just 6 images… but you really have to see the 2 films to appreciate these ladies and of course spanked in those nursing uniforms!

ep45_7 ep45_8

ep45_12 ep46_6

ep46_9 ep46_10

Mrs Rice was discharged from the hospital but nurses Leandra and Scarlett gave her half her medications. Dr Johnson found out and both nurses were soon in his office staring at his carpet as their bottoms were soundly spanked over his knee. Part 1 involves nurse Leandra getting her bottom soundly spanked & in part 2, it is nurse Scarlett’s turn to feel Dr Johnson’s hard hand on her rounded bottom. When their bottoms were nicely red, sore and stinging, both nurses had to spend some time in the corner and then had to give Mrs Rice her meds and show her their sore, well spanked red bottoms!

View sexy Leandra and Scarlett in this & many more films HERE


Finally for today… another classic and a girl much missed (you can only see all of gorgeous tearful Lisa’s fantastic spanking punishments at this site) can be viewed below as I found some stunning images of her belt punishment… I hope you like these… Lisa was one of those girls so easy on the eye and a bottom that cried out to be punished! Images below courtesy of the excellent archives from Girls Boarding School

pic05 pic02

pic11 pic07

pic06 pic15

Click HERE for MORE of Lisa’s hard tearful punishment films


Before I go… the full 1920×1080 film of girl next door, Katie Brown’s Au Pair interview, is available to download as a one off at my clips store HERE … along with some other recent stunning HD remasters recently… if you just want to check out the odd film, then this is the place to go! have a great weekend y’all!!! Stay safe in the snow storms and freezing temperatures in the NE Americas… we here in Britain remain mild but soggy & flooded from yet MORE excessive rainfalls *sigh*



Aftermaths & Schoolgirl Spankings

This is just a brief update as I am away most of the day and wanted to get something like this earlier in the week… so it will have to do now as this sort of punishment scenario has been on my mind the past few days…

One site that I love viewing for authentic schoolgirl punishments is Girls Boarding School – nothing overtly sexual, this site concentrates on harsh dormitory style discipline that often has the girls spanked and punished to blubbing tears! The girls are often in uniform, but you also get to see them in their dorm rooms, sent early to bed, in their casual clothing, I love seeing a  girl’s jeans yanked down, and her red sore bottom on display… I don’t know what it is, I just get off on that, perhaps because it feels rather humiliating, like a violation that she had her protective garments pulled down and left there afterwards… GBS have become masters of the aftermath images as you’ll see from a brief selection below… perhaps this better explains what I am trying to convey!


pic03 pic04

pic07 pic11

pic13 pic14


Oh the shame of it… so imagine having to bare your bottom for a hard buttock welting caning… let’s see the results of that punishment as this poor wretch (below) is left in the cellar to reflect on her latest punishment!


pic03 pic04

pic06 pic14

pic11 pic13


…the shame and embarrassment of holding the cane that had caused her so much pain!

Finally I will leave you with a stunning mixture of images from one of my most fave girls at GBS in this (in my opinion) erotic punishment of a very naughty girl by the legendary and fearsome Mr Lewis who uses this paddle across her wiggling behind majestically…. see for yourself from the GBS Archives (below) – seriously, I get off to this just looking at her legs, so damned shapely… dat ass… and her pained expressions…. this is HOT!

pic05 (1)

pic06 (1) pic07

pic08 pic10

pic13 (1) pic14 (1)

pic15 (1)