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Super Adorable Opal in her Spanking Debut

Another weekend and another spanking blog post, the first of a few I hope to make over the next few days. I’m very excited to be sharing this latest new film update from AAA Spanking featuring super adorable teen brat, Opal Skies. This is her first appearance here! Just in time for Halloween, it’s not the generic spooky costume spanking video or anything like that. Instead, it’s a rather believable “daughter caught trick or treating in an innapropriate costume” style of film.

Opal is just lovely, and can take quite the spanking and leather strapping. You’ll see more in these images and the link to the free long play clip that best showcases this great debut. So without further ado, I’m very proud to present the latest film now showing at Triple A Spanking.

Maid for Punishment

Please welcome Opal Skies to Triple A Spanking in her first cosplay spanking film. It’s Halloween and she has been out trick or treating in a provocative French maid’s uniform. The neighbors have been complaining about her slutty attire and her stepfather has received numerous texts and calls about her inappropriate behavior. He’s waiting for her when she finally gets home to discover that she had been punished at school as well. Asking to see see the evidence, it’s not hard to notice that she is not wearing any panties under such a short dress! No wonder the neighbors were complaining! He is beside himself with anger and tells her she is getting a further spanking and the Family Strap.

Opal is embarrassed but it is too late for worrying about that. Her bare, exposed bottom is spanked over his lap, whilst being scolded and promised the leather strap. The Family Strap is nasty and stinging, Opal hates it and her stepdad doesn’t hold back. He ensures this young madam will apologize to her mother with a very sore red bottom before going to her room to reflect on her outrageous behavior that evening!

spanking leather strapping


isn’t she just sooooooooo cute???
Opal Skies

Access this film and nearly 450 more spanking films all in super HD Quality
Incl. 1000’s of full size images from HQ edited stills & video screen galleries in zipped format!

Or if you prefer you can choose the full HD clip of your choice to download at the AAA Clip Store (the direct link to this film is available by clicking the image below)

aaa spanking


Halloween Spanking & other news

Sarah & I have just finished an awesome custom shoot and now the hard work of editing begins. It was all mainly her work, it had Dana Specht and Adriana Evans in it too (looking adorably innocent, no really!) I’ll get you some images of this very soon as we also did some filming for the SG websites as well with Joelle Barros & Amelia Jane Rutherford and these were amazing too! I’ll try bring you some images of those, they’ll all be from my phone cam or Sarah’s and she’s not even sure what will go on which site just yet but you’ll get the idea 🙂

SLASHERAlso don’t forget it is very nearly nominations time for the SPANKING AWARDS 2015 – so I will be asking you all to place the nominations from the list I will present, nominate as many or as few as you like… and offer up multiple girls/ladies or sites etc. if you feel they merit a mention. The only difference as regards to films will be that I will approach the websites themselves to offer their film and a description as to why it is being nominated. I’m going to sound harsh here but I can’t have any site that is not currently open which means Pandora’s fantastic Dreams of Spanking can’t be entered, thanks to ATVOD in the UK – but I will reserve a special mention for her (she just won a Short Film prize at the Berlin Porn Festival – so I don’t think she will mind that much, lol! … and of course the blogs, herself etc can all be nominated as usual since she appears elsewhere! I will also still not allow AAA or myself to be nominated since I am running the Awards, and this site is still rather too close to my heart this year, I think the next awards in 2016 it could get nominated if I am still running the awards, which would be nice!

halloween-pumpkin FUN

Okay, and to today… it’s Halloweeen and here in America it’s a BIG Deal… Sarah & I went out to Six Flags (New England) last night and had some fun on the rides and haunted houses/trails they set up, we were really impressed withthe work they did on the special trails in the woods with different themes… pity some of the brats we had to endure in our group weren’t that appreciative… but a fab Coldstone Cookie Dough special icecream at the end of the night soon mellowed me out! Today’s updates cover some Halloween updates and other sites I thought you’d want to see! Have a great weekend!!! Trick or Treat!


Wicked Little Tricksters – from Northernspanking.com

Alex & Linny find themselves in England for Halloween and inflict the full force of the American tradition on the unsuspecting neighbours and neighbourhood of their British guardian. Under threat of arrest for malicious damage, vandalism, and incitement to riot, not to mention putting Mr Kennedys dinner to a more violent purpose, the girls are to be severely punished, in a traditional British way.

alex reynolds otk spanking



Angela Sommers gets Spanked – at SpankingSororityGirls.com

I met Angela Sommers earlier this year at Fetishcon and she is just STUNNING in the flesh… imagine my surprise when I saw her getting spanked here recently… and also you know this means she’ll be appearing all over the Clare Fonda Site network (yay!)


Senior Amelea Dark has been put in charge of new pledge Angela Sommers, who is supposed to be getting the party ready, but instead has been eating the snacks. Amelea shows Angela what happens to naughty girls who act like spoiled brats at this sorority – she puts her over her knee for a long, hard spanking, turning Angela’s curvy bottom bright red. Right there in the kitchen. How embarrassing & painful!

002 004 005 006 007 009 012 013 015 angela sommers



From the same network comes a Halloween offering (they always do at least one seasonal spanking episode) and this is courtesy of SpankedCallgirls.com and it is called “Halloween Spirit”

001 (1)

Spirit Sanctus (in her first scene ever) plays a new girl who was told by her callgirl Girlfriend (Emily Parker) to wear a spooky costume. When Emily (dressed as scary Krueger) is not pleased by Spirit’s costume, it’s time for a spanking on that curvy bottom!

002 (1) 004 (1) 006 (1) 007 (1) hot girl spankings 010 013 (1) 014 015 (1) 016 (1)



Another re-enactment of life growing up at home for young Celeste Star… with the awesome Clare Fonda playing her mean mom spanking her hard on her bare bottom! This can only mean that thsi is another first time story from SpankedSweeties.com

002 (2)

Stunning Celeste Star was swatted by her mom growing up. here you see those scenes of some swats on her bare behind, plus show us all what a more lengthy and painful spanking from her mom would’ve been like. Celeste talked candidly about her memories of the spankings and the things that happened to her in the kitchen at the hands of her mean mom!

003 004 (2) 006 (2) 007 (2) 010 (1) otk spanking 013 (2) girl girl spanking 015 (2) 016 (2)



These sites are all massive in their own right but if you want the best value options then if you have the time and disk space, go check out the Clare Fonda Pass – giving you up to 5 sites combined using the same codes for a fraction of the combined cost!



No good spirits at the St. Elizabeth “Schpaaanking” Hospital at this time of year as a practical joke by Nurse Sabrina backfires as you’ll see below! Images and film are courtesy of Spanked-in-Uniform.com – The Enema (parts 1 & 2 now available for full HD download)

ep57_2  ep57_6 ep58_1 ep58_4 ep58_5 tawsing ep58_3 episode58_SAM_1142 episode58_SAM_1143 episode58_SAM_1147 episode58_SAM_1145  ep58_6 

Mrs James came to St Elizabeth Hospital for a “nose job” and to her absolute horror she was scheduled for a rectal enema. She called in Dr Johnson and it soon became apparent that nurse Sabrina put it on her chart as a joke. Well she didn’t think it was quite that funny when Dr Johnson put her over his knee and spanked her soundly while Mrs James watched and smiled. After a lengthy cornertime nurse Sabrina was told to lay over the bed and she got a harsh bare bottom tawsing from Dr Johnson while Mrs. James gleefully watched. She had to count and apologize to Mrs James after every stroke then after the tawsing she was told she was scheduled for an enema in an hour’s time as way of further punishment!




A new film from SarahGregorySpanking.com sees Sarah and Paul “Tubaman” Rogers make fun of a classic Peter Pan storyline with Captain Hook & Tinkerbelle… only they called this “Captian Paddle & Tinkerbutt” – there are some fun playful special effects as well as seeing Sarah looking hot in a fairy costume. She said it wasn’t their hardest spanking film, but it was hardly pattycake either. & I know what is coming next week which IS one of the hardest films to appear on the site to date (in case there are boring mysoginists or those who moan there isn’t enough hard spankings blah blah blah) – seems some people just don’t understand “Range” – but I won’t bleat on… check it out, it’s immensely watchable fun refelcting Americans’ passion for this time of the year!


This is what Sarah said about this film: See this Halloween Special from my site. While not being a particularly hard spanking, it is very creative and fun. I LOVE cosplay and creating fun films like this one. I hope you enjoy this short playful Halloween special.

0226_captain_paddle_tinker_butt_grabs-009 0226_captain_paddle_tinker_butt_grabs-016 0226_captain_paddle_tinker_butt_grabs-020 otk spanking 0226_captain_paddle_tinker_butt_grabs-032 0226_captain_paddle_tinker_butt_grabs-035 0226_captain_paddle_tinker_butt_grabs-041 0226_captain_paddle_tinker_butt_grabs-042 0226_captain_paddle_tinker_butt_grabs-045 0226_captain_paddle_tinker_butt_grabs-048



Those that have a Sarah Gregory Pass can enjoy her other main site MommaSpankings.com for far less than both sites combined and you will see a much different Momma/Daughter film showing there… alongside Dana Specht who ALWAYS spanks hard on the bare bottom. Her motto? A spanking in the day is a spanking at night! This is a beautiful scolding and spanking film that fans of dana & Sarah together will NOT want to miss!!!


This video is all about the scolding. It is primarily just that with some quick Hard spankings in between. Sarah is long overdue for a spanking. Ever since she was a bratty child, her neither, Ms. Specht has been itching to her her hands on her bare bottom to give it the proper discipline she deserves. The day is finally here. She gives Sarah a proper scolding before taking her OTK for a HARD hand spanking. Sarah is then scolded some more before being taken back over for more spanking. Sarah is one sad and sorry girl.

momma-187-010 momma-187-013 momma-187-018 momma-187-023 momma-187-024 momma-187-034 momma-187-045 momma-187-073 momma-187-095 momma-187-097


MommaSpankings.com is part of the Sarah Gregory Pass network

Sarah Gregory Pass


Finally, I wanted to leave you with a delightful old Halloween film I loved making a few years ago on my very first visit to Las Vegas… I was fortunate to wotk with Alex Reynolds, Maddy Marks and Christy Cutie… which, I think at the time, was a first that they may have been together (I am probably wrong but “one” of the first most definitely) They are an awesome bratty combination!

Horrid Halloween – from AAAspanking.com

002 (3) 003 (1) 004 (3) spanking 006 (3) 007 (3) 008 (2) 009 (1) 010 (2) 012 (2)

The girls were getting ready at John’s place for their Halloween Party night out. He kindly allowed them space and comfort to get ready and catch up on girly gossip as the 3 girls hadn’t seen each other for some time. However, they abused his trust by bringing alcohol and dressed up very inappropriately. Maddy and Alex were dressed up as teenage Girl Guides and Christy had a very short Alice in Wonderland dress that left nothing to the imagination! John was called back to his serviced apartment when he was informed that there was a rowdy commotion going on. The girls were getting drunk and the TV was blaring loudly disturbing the neighbors. He was rather embarrassed and with the complete abuse of trust, it could mean only one outcome for the girls. They would get a horrid spanking punishment before being let out to their party and he wanted to make sure that their bottoms would be glowing bright red for all to see how wicked they had been. Some great facial reactions, sore red bottoms and bratty behavior from the girls with some equally forceful heavy wooden paddling and hairbrush punishments to kick start the Halloween Holiday!




Happy Halloween everyone!

Spanking Halloween Week Pt4


BDSM Hello Kitty – Happy Halloween!

It is a record temperature for Halloween here in the UK, expected daytime temperatures of 70f (21c) and a reasonably mild evening means that kids will be plaguing my place later for treats, so this one time I have stocked up on them, I don’t fancy my car being burnt or windows smashed in (did I say I live in a rough neighbourhood? LOL… Just kidding!) Still, the sun is shining outdoors and I feel like I should enjoy it after this post as it will really be the last chance with winter storms and a dramatic drop in temperature predicted sometime this weekend onwards… I know, we have been spoilt with an unseasonally mild September and October here in Britain (whoever says Global Warming is a myth is a fool, or a Republican)… now it will be service as usual when November kicks off *sigh*

The final part to the Halloween week sees a special double film fest from Sarah Gregory’s sites… the first was a memorable spanking film I helped make alongside Alex Reynolds, being daddy to 2 very unruly sisters – this is just a straight forward no nonsense good old fashioned humiliating spanking punishment for 2 deserving brats! With a Halloween twist, of course! 🙂

This is The Halloween Spanking Special – from SarahGregorySpanking.com



Sarah is Alex’s little sister and is always copying her. When she buys the same bunny outfit as her older sister, Alex has had enough. Sarah annoys her so much in general but this is the last straw. They are both in their bunny costumes and get into a sister fight, pulling hair, throwing pillows and yelling. Daddy is not happy at this behavior from his daughters. What they need is a good hard bare bottom spanking. He spanks them both individually for the other to watch, then side by side.

0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs1-019 0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs1-023


The sisters continued to brat and mouth off so they were told they’d get punished in front of each other… then more humiliatingly, side by side. That has them behaving a little more contritely!!!

0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs1-051 0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs1-057


003 006

0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs2-030 0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs2-053

0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs2-069 0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs3-010

014 015

As promised, they were to be punished side by side after removing the offending costumes which had caused the arguments and fighting in the first place. Daddy was going to throw these pieces of troublesome clothing away so neither girl had an advantage over the other – and of course the best way to ensure they’d remember and learn to behave was an embarrassing bare bottom thrashing. Pulling their panties down he ensured that each smack counted as they grimaced and took their spanking next to each other.

0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs3-016 0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs3-026 0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs3-035


0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs3-050 0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs3-056



Poor Sarah & Alex! You can see the full HD film now at SarahGregorySpanking.com


There’s an awesome new film for the Holiday period too from MommaSpankings.com … it’s called “Prank Punishment” – it stars redhead, Melody Nore as the naughty daughter of Miss Chris (and you certainly don’t want to get on her bad side!!!)


It’s Halloween and Melody has decided to go trick or treating even though she is too old for that. She is 19 and should be at home helping mom hand out candy. When people refuse to give this teenager candy she plays some not so nice pranks on them (leaving them tricks because she doesn’t get treats). Mom hears of this crude behavior and gives her naughty daughter a hard bare bottom spanking and hairbrushing when she gets home.


momma-130-019 momma-130-023

momma-130-035 momma-130-037

momma-131-003 momma-131-004


momma-131-013 momma-131-015

 momma-131-021 momma-131-030 momma-131-032

I just watched this HD1080 film and it is every bit as “ouchy” as these pictures show it to be!!! “Ouch!”


momma-131-036 momma-131-038 momma-131-039

Stern and harsh discipline can always be found at MommaSpankings.com

Now you can get access to both sites at a considerable discount as a member of the Sarah Gregory Pass
See HERE for more details (or click banner below) on how to join up to both sites with one membership.


Happy Halloween – & don’t be mean Trick or Treating!


This cheeky monkey gets a spanking

Spanking Halloween Week Pt3

Cheeky Monkey – out now to download as part of Halloween week at Triple A Spanking


My turn today with the beautiful and talented Sarah Gregory for AAASpanking.com – We had a lot of fun filming this despite my grumpy attitude at the start… I genuinely don’t like Halloween, and her real enthusiasm for it and other made up nonsense holidays, parties or organized events like this got me thinking that we could make a film about my moodiness and her cheerful chirpy disposition. What better than to really annoy me by making me dress up in a cuddly animal onesie… I ask you, a grown man like myself, dressed up as a zebra and her as a monkey? *sigh* You’ll see her jumping about playing with her tail, giggling… with me looking increasingly uncomfortable until I snap and decide to put an end to this. Of course I can’t stay mad at Sarah for long… who could? I have to admit she looked very cute and I couldn’t resist “spanking my monkey” – heh heh – look at her, she is so cute, and also I started to have fun when I began to remove her cute costume so I could spank her bare bum!


 “I’m a monkey… it says so on my badge, see?” Sarah said… as I looked away despairingly.

c002 Spanking his cheeky monkey

John had always hated Halloween, to him it meant the coming of winter and the shorter days. Sarah loved this time of year, but then she loved any excuse to dress up and so she persuaded him to go to the party later that evening in animal “onesies”. What that had to do with Halloween, he had no idea! John was clearly grumpy and was trying to stay upbeat but in the end he snapped and took her over his lap to start spanking her while they were both dressed up as a zebra and a monkey! He started to find this amusing, spanking his cheeky monkey… and he couldn’t stay mad at Sarah for long as she pleaded and pouted seductively but he still decided to follow through with a good spanking as he had bared her bottom and he couldn’t resist playing with her some more! This punishment spanking turned into something more intimate as he discovered looking at Sarah’s obvious excitement!

c006 c007

c010 c011

c012 c013

c014 c015

aftercare by John for Sarah's spanking

There’s a free clip of the Halloween costume shenannigans…

If you can’t see the clip, play if back HERE


This film is, as usual, already available to view via the CLIPS STORE if you only want to download the odd film – whichever version you choose, it is at maximum screen resolution of 1920x1080HD – You can see more of how to view that HERE – or click on the animation below




I’ll be featuring Sarah’s wonderful Halloween film from HER SITE tomorrow. In the meantime, below is the latest film showing from the POV Clips Store… another is going up tomorrow which is totally different and one of the new style more interactive ones which traditionalists will probably like more… but in the meantime, see what the haters have been hating (LOL) which I have been finding most amusing from one little man jumping up and down who has such a “hard” on for me it’s in his name. I’d like to tell him, since he will no doubt stalk me here at some point, that it is selling rather well, thank you very much… Of course, he and some of his brethren (not all, since they are not all ignorant, most are just about sharing a few films they maybe can’t get etc. and I get that but don’t approve, naturally, as a membership to any of our sites isn’t Earth shatteringly expensive… but I digress) seem to think he/they know it all, especially when it comes to what models are thinking  (guffaw)  – Jesus H Christ, how ignorant they are!  Like the conspiracy theorists who have nothing better to do than make up lies or twist half truths… it really is astounding. I’d have ignored it but I think in this one case the record needs to be set straight. So allow me to enlighten some of you. This stars Casey Calvert, over her “Daddy’s knee” (in this case, for the ignoramuses out there… daddy refers to a scene term of which there is often a sexual theme and relationship reference and nothing to do with a real life daddy/daughter relationship… in essence, a strong close relationship) … Casey should know above all others, since she was in a scene daddy/daughter style relationship of this type for years!  – *sighs*

We decided to re enact a short scene of a punishment she remembered well, as it was deliberately humiliating and she was totally game to feel that again in this new style which she thought was a cool idea… check out some submission, ass grabbing and spanking of pretty Casey as YOU are in control as she is over YOUR lap in this latest film!


c001 c003

c004 c005

c006 c008


c009 c010

c011 c012


Check out the free clip (below) of an earlier scene, where she loses her PJ bottoms – YOU are in control!





Spanking Halloween Week pt1

Starting off this spooky week I have possibly one of the loudest screamers ever to have graced a spanker’s lap! I don’t know quite how I’d have reacted (probably taped her mouth up, lol) but Mystery Spanker, Greg, from BunBeatingFun.com didn’t mess with this mouthy model when she complained and bitched about his lingerie photo and film shoot before he had the last word when she said she was leaving, wanted his payment and had it coming to her… she was right about the last bit, haw haw haw! This is a classic from yonder with Czech model, Inka. (first filmed in 2004 then remastered for the website about 4 years ago.


Inka – The screamiest of spanked screamers – from the Czech Republic


To see how she ended up like this… check out more of the storyline and images below:

inka003 inka006

inka008 inka010 inka009

inka004 inka012

This is how Greg described his day with Inka: This one here provides living proof that tarts are the same the world over. An expatriate from the Czech Republic, this self-admitted gold digger tells me how she came here to find herself a rich American husband to support her in the manner to which she would like to become accustomed. “I not come cheap” she announces in her rather charming, thickly accented English.
Of course, Inka is aware that prior to that happy day she’ll need to somehow make a living. But she’s got that figured out to: “Men, they always want to touch me…” Inka sniffs. “They’re such peegs! Let them pay money to see Inka on the television and then they can touch themselves” she adds with a smirk, obviously enjoying her own joke. What this pouty faced little slut didn’t realize was is that I’d just gone through a very expensive divorce and was not in the least bit amused. Moreover, Inka’s bouncing bare butt cheeks were about to pay the price… with interest !

inka016 inka017 inka026

inka028 inka032

inka034 inka035 inka037

inka041 inka046

inka047 inka048 inka050

Below is a screaming clip of Inka… WARNING: turn the sound down!

Clip doesn’t download? CLICK HERE to download the short WMV version – more movies (below)


Continuing with a scary theme… something from the vaults of Sarah Gregory Spanking – this film always made me laugh, I had always wanted to know who the Stalking Masked Spanker was… Sarah told me who it was on pain of death, so I can’t reveal who it is/was… but I do know him, heh heh! He puts up a convincing and scary performance… even though it is all a bit of fun, of course (unlike the owner of the hockey mask below!!!)


The Spanking Masked Stalker – spanking Sarah Gregory & Kat St James


In this fun and playful spanking video, Sarah and Kat are having a slumber party. They are interupted from their own spanking fun when a masked man shows up at their house to spank them. Sarah and Kat both love scary movies. They had so much fun shooting this video together which shows as it’s a great excuse to mix scary and fun which makes Halloween so cool!

0009_masked_stalker_gal1-002 0009_masked_stalker_gal1-004

0009_masked_stalker_gal1-005 0009_masked_stalker_gal1-009 0009_masked_stalker_gal1-016


0009_masked_stalker_gal2-007 0009_masked_stalker_gal2-015 0009_masked_stalker_gal2-020

0009_masked_stalker_gal3-001 0009_masked_stalker_gal3-007


Check out a scene from the film below… there are many more films with Kat & Sarah together HERE

sarah Gregory Spanking


Another Halloween Spanktacular – from Spanking Sorority girls

You would expect no less at this time of the year from this group of sites… and of course, with Veronica Ricci, fun and spanking mayhem at this girl spanking site is never far away!



It’s Halloween and Veronica is upset with pledges Koko and Ludella for not wearing great costumes for the upcoming contest. She believes that spanking them will put them in line and she spanks one, then the other hard, lecturing them all the while. But Koko and Ludella team up to give Veronica a painful spanking, even using a wooden paddle.

02 03

05 06

07 08

09 10 11

12 13


16 20 19

 18 14

Watch the full 25 minute film of Veronica, Ludella and Koko HERE


This site is part of the CLARE FONDA PASS – Access to all the sites for a fraction of the combined cost



If you like cosplay spanking films… (and at this time of year they are in abundance) then please don’t forget that there’s a fabulous trio of this “trio” below at my site – starring Christy Cutie, Alex Reynolds & Maddy Marks – I had a lot of fun with these naughty girls who bratted beautifully and relentlessly… but they got a good spanking alright!

3 Sassy Schoolgirls

sassy001 sassy002

sassy003 sassy004

sassy005 sassy006

Paddled Cheerleaders

chr001 chr002

chr003 chr004

chr005 chr006

Horrid Halloween

hllw001 hllw002

hllw003 hllw004

hllw005 hllw006

You can see these films all exclusive to AAA Spanking



& don’t forget to check out the new look POV Spanking Store (below)


More Halloween Spankings!

Seems I have a little time to play catch up and I need to prepare for what looks like an extra film shoot next week… it’ll be my first time filming since Shadowlane… which seems like an age ago, so I’m up and aching to go and film some new naughty kinky stuff for y’all… but in the meantime, check out my good friends from Northern Spanking first who have a great Halloween film for everyone which stars the talented and beautiful Amelia jane Rutherford and Mila Kohl who are both beyond cuteness in their fancy dress outfits… om nom nom! I’m not so sure Mr Lewis agrees though as he, rather like me, to be honest, is sick of the Trick or Treaters… I had to buy some candy just in case some little horrors come knocking tonight…

<grump mode>I must remind myself that I was young once!!!</grump mode>

Trick or Treating for grown ups… now that’s more like it!


The Curse of Mr Lewis (Part Deux – & STILL cursed!)

He has moved house. He has boarded up his front door and is looking forward, finally, to an All Hallows Eve free from girls insisting on being treated or intent on tricking him. His dinner is in the oven and he is looking forward to watching the football in peace. Then Amelia and Mila arrive and it looks like he is going t have to move house. Again! But not before he has shown this latest pairing what a painful trick or two.

 NSI118-SMA022 NSI118-SMA023

NSI118-SMA024 NSI118-SMA026

NSI118-SMA028 NSI118-SMA030

& of course you will be able to see Mila’s spanking coming up – or if you join here – you can see it NOW!



Poor ol’ Christy Cutie… she gets asked to make lots of Halloween films… here she is appearing in the full film now available by today at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s fine site GoodSpanking.com where she is NOT having a “Good Halloween” far from it, in fact… as Christy has forgotten to get the candy for the kids and this rather annoys Chelsea who was all set to go… poor Christy needs to learn to remember things! I think she’ll remember this spanking given over Chelsea’s knee, panties down… then paddled and strapped until she is close to tears! Ouchie!

nothappyhalloween001 nothappyhalloween002

nothappyhalloween003 nothappyhalloween004

nothappyhalloween005 nothappyhalloween006

nothappyhalloween007 nothappyhalloween008

nothappyhalloween009 nothappyhalloween010

nothappyhalloween011 nothappyhalloween012

nothappyhalloween013 nothappyhalloween014

nothappyhalloween015 nothappyhalloween016

Download this and many MORE films featuring the lovely Christy HERE


So Happy Halloween… I can always hope that this young lady comes knocking at my door tonight 🙂




Kickin’ Off Halloween Week in style!

To those outside of the southern part of the UK… you may or may not have heard we just had some of our windiest stormy October weather for over 25 years… it was brief but with winds gusting at over 100mph in some places, damage to the trees, which were pretty much still in full leaf (our falls take forever to happen here!!!) It was an eventful night as around 3.30- 4am it really started. We were all warned, overly warned in fact that the response on social media this morning after the event was an overwhelming “MEH!” as the previous day had been a beautiful day with an eerie calm… then all hell broke loose overnight as the winds and rain came with a vengeance. This morning, our shitty neighbour’s 80ft fir tree (which he had refused to cut down as it would cost him money) partially came down over one of our nice and equally put upon neighbours roof who he was in dispute with over said tree… oh the irony. Fortunately there was not too much damage to their roof. But he and his builder lackeys wasted their entire day trying furiously to rectify this mishap… knowing our good neighbours are probably gonna sue – oh my how I laughed out loud… we are popping around to see them with a magnum of champagne that I had saved! Seriously, I have told you about this guy before, he is such a dick… I love Karma! Now for some other guys for Karma to reach them (those tedious toads I used to work for) and I will be most happy!

So with a big smile on my face… I feel it appropriate to get you a couple of Halloween updates to kick start this week and the first is from gorgeous Sarah Gregory, who looks so so cute in her Dorothy outfit as she enacts a not so good meeting with the wicked witch of the east (or is that the West coast) played by Chelsea Pfeiffer who really looks the part… don’t you think?

Bloody hell, Sarah… do you realize the filthy naughty spanky and murky thoughts going through my mind as I watch you in this outfit? tee hee! Oh my… *sigh*


0138_spankings_in_oz_gal1-005 0138_spankings_in_oz_gal1-007

0138_spankings_in_oz_gal1-012 0138_spankings_in_oz_gal1-021


0138_spankings_in_oz_gal1-026 0138_spankings_in_oz_gal1-030


There’s not much to say about this film… as it’s a fantasy spanking video from one of the most famous movies (the Wizard of Oz). You’ll see the Wicked Witch get her revenge on Dorothy. (oh noes!) … however, i should tell you there is a happy ending for our heroine… but you’ll have to see the film. This is the Halloween offering from Sarah Gregory’s wonderful site.


0138_spankings_in_oz_gal2-003 0138_spankings_in_oz_gal2-007


0138_spankings_in_oz_gal2-020 0138_spankings_in_oz_gal2-025 0138_spankings_in_oz_gal2-027

CLICK HERE to see the full film only from Sarah Gregory Spanking

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There is also a special Halloween offering from My Spanking Room Mate – with stunning Missy Rhodes and a fantastic return from Madison Martin, who i have missed at this site! See the shenanigans these 2 girls get up to…

msr-p150-005 msr-p150-012

msr-p150-019 msr-p150-021

msr-p150-025 msr-p150-033

msr-p150-036 msr-p150-037

msr-p150-039 msr-p150-041

Missy Rhodes and Madison Martin get in trouble while dressed in their Halloween costumes as a cheerleader and schoolgirl. So what else can they do but spank each other. Missy goes over Madison’s knee for a painful hand spanking. And then Missy bends Madison over and pins her down for some with hand, crop and hairbrush. Tricks AND Treats!!!

Check it out right HERE…

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Finally you will possibly be aware that later this week… (Wednesday to be exact) my very first Halloween film comes out… it’s not something I normally do, but when I was in America not so long ago… how could I resist dressing up Chisty Cutie, Maddy Marks and Alex Reynolds in costumes for their girly Halloween night out? It’s a great film and one I’ve been dying to get out… so now will be the time and it WILL be worth the wait, I promise you! A teaser image is below!