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Sunday Funday Spanking Updates

Another collection of fine spanking erotica from some of the best spanking themed websites around. Here’s something to keep you busy and distracted from your Xmas shopping. Check these sites out and help support them with a membership… easily the best way to view and help each and every producer showcased here.

I will say this again, as I know many of you who read this blog also prefer to try and download content for free from piracy websites… you are supporting Russians who don’t give one flying fuck about who produces the content. They are in it to rip off as many sites as they can… getting rich off our hard work and it’s pretty obscene… I get it, but if you ever sign up for a membership through them – Good luck, I hope your card gets scammed and you are no friend of any producer, all you are doing is helping to hasten the demise of the membership model which provides great independent value, and push us to open clip stores costing everyone more and pushing us to deal with more PRIVATE spanking commissions, for which the vast majority of people will never see. & for what? Because you can’t be bothered to support the sites you profess to love? Not even with one membership sign up for under 30 Dollars… even just once per year? Seriously? But you’re prepared to spend more than that at Starbucks per month or on all those Xmas presents for family members you’d rather not see?

Think and don’t make the Russian pirates wealthy off our hard work. Besides filming and editing and getting the sites updated, we have to source the girls, deal with location shoots, and cancellations, shitty boyfriends or jealous, demanding “dominants” who change the rules after we producers have vetted and thoroughly prepared for a shoot, who write back (if we’re lucky) and say they can’t come, even after buying them a plane ticket, and so on… trust me, this happens sometimes and is part of the job, sadly… as is piracy. Russian pirates just steal and don’t have to worry about anything else like creating content. The irony of when the stuff they steal is shared elsewhere and they “bitch” by putting their own sad watermarks on it is beyond parody… but it is dangerous to continued content creation – again, think on that!

OK, enough of my bleating, go enjoy the latest showcased spanking sites.

The latest film now showing at Northern Spanking

Helping Her Career

Nurse Cleo has failed to gain the promotion she wanted at work. She’s good at what she does but seems to lack focus. Paul believes he can help her with that, by restoring some domestic discipline to their routine, starting with a good spanking for Cleo and a thrashing with his belt.

[jwplayer mediaid=”64139″]

A classic movie that best showcases Spanked and Diapered

Ella’s Giant Teddy Tantrum

Little Ella is getting ready to go on vacation with her family. After a fiasco in which she almost lost some of her stuffies on a previous trip because she brought so many, Ella’s step-mommy, Lilly Calloway, now only allows her to take one stuffie with her. Ella comes into the room with the stuffie that she intends to bring…and it’s as big as she is. When Lilly tells her that this is not a travel-friendly bear, Ella throws a huge tantrum. Out of patience, Lilly resorts to the measures that she knows will work to get her naughty step-daughter under control: a spanking over her knee. But if Ella is going to act this way now, there’s no way of knowing if she will decide to throw fits like a baby all day long. With the troubles of transit already looming in the future, Lilly takes actions to keep Ella from acting out later by giving her a punishment that lasts all day (and saves time, too). Ella gets a dose of diaper discipline as her red bottom is taped into a thick, padded diaper to travel in.

[jwplayer mediaid=”64153″]

A classic mommy/daughter Japanese Spanking from Hand Spanking

Unpaid Monthly Tuition

Yurina’s mother gets a call from school that her daughter has not paid her monthly tuition. Yurina is given the stinging smacks that she deserves by her mother when she gets home. There are two versions shown here, one in the Japanese Room and another time in the Bedroom!


The latest film now available in full at Real Spankings Institute

Devin Jade Punished for not wearing a Bra

On her first disciplinary trip to see the Dean, Devin realizes how seriously the dress code at the Institute is. The Dean begins with a lighter strap but he is not happy with her reaction. The Dean decides that Devin is not learning a proper lesson so he retrieves a much more effective strap and does not stop until her bottom is purple. Embarrassing corner time follows.

Real Spankings Institute is massive in its own right – You can check out the full tour pages of this site HERE

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Multi Site Spanking Updates

Here are the latest offerings from the following websites I have chosen for you today. From cute Japanese girls receiving authentic schoolgirl punishments to various age regression and humiliating discipline to multi-site pass updates with news of much more… continue reading. There is so much to check out today!

School Doctor is like a Mother to Us

The school doctor takes care of the girls and treats them when they feel unwell… but she severely punishes the girls when they are naughty and misbehave. She’s like another mother to the girls and provides much needed maternal discipline which works well at the school.

For all the latest & authentic Japanese discipline, visit HAND SPANKING

Naughty Ella Gets A Spanking

Lilly Calloway is babysitting Ella Raine. Lilly is a wicked girl who starts humiliating and regressing her young charge. After baby-talking to Ella about how little she looks in her outfit, Ella refuses to admit that she’s “just little baby”. Lilly tells her that makes her a naughty little baby, and pulls her over her knee for a spanking, which she delivers with vigor and delight. A spanking is the least of Ella’s concerns, though. After her bottom has started to turn red, Lilly bares it, and mocks her about how babies do not wear panties. Further punishment comes to her sore cheeks, but when that’s over, things only get worse. Lilly strips Ella naked, exposes her, opens her legs, and shows off her private areas. Ella is so embarrassed. It’s almost a relief when Lilly tapes her into a vintage Fabine diaper. Almost.

Naked in nothing but her diaper…
Ella must entertain Lilly like a plaything, now that she has been rendered to nothing but a baby. And that means that Lilly breaks out some baby toys, including a teething toy that she shoves aggressively into Ella’s little mouth, gagging her and making her drool all over herself. This only further’s Ella’s regression and Lilly’s delight.

For more ABDL punishment & age regression, go to SPANKED AND DIAPERED

Luca Bella Schoolgirl Birching

Luca Bella is in Spanish Class detention and this punishment will be a little different this time as she is told to remove her panties and present her bottom on the table. She will receive a nasty switching which she soon discovers stings and creates a real mess as the fresh supple birch breaks apart on impact, leaving her with a very sore bottom.

To see more of hot East European girls like Luca Bella, go to SPANKING SERVER

Next up, these are the very latest updates from the Clare Fonda Pass network. One membership gives you access to 5 premium sites for a fraction of the combined cost. This is the best way to be a member of this network.

GIRL SPANKS GIRL – Gigi Lea Spanked By Babysitter

In the second part of this series, Gigi Lea is visiting her cousin Dria, who spanked her. Gigi thought the strict discipline was over, but when she gets home late, she learns that Dria has hired Veronica Ricci to be her babysitter. Veronica is even stricter, which Gigi quickly learns with a painful trip over the knee of her babysitter. She is spanked with hand, wooden bath brush, and then bent over and paddled and she must read the babysitter rules while she is punished. A lesson well learned. She will always be a good girl from now on!

MY SPANKING ROOMMATE – Cece Spanks New Roommate Gigi

Cece Lachey makes her spanking video debut in this scene in which she really spanks her real-life roommate Gigi Lea. Cece proves to be quite the sound spanker as she breaks in her new roommate by putting her over her knee and spanking her while informing her what to expect in this apartment complex.

SPANKED SWEETIES – Introducing Harmony Rivers

New young porn star Harmony Rivers was not spanked growing up, but she was punished and she enjoys talking about spanking, which she likes during sex. We include a role-play spanking scene with Clare Fonda playing her mom and punishing her for something she talks about in her interview.

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Spanking Updates Now and Then

More updates today. I thought since many of us are still at home or social distancing through no fault of our own, I’d go through some classics as well as some recent updates from the sites featured below. For example, the RS Network has featured this young new performer, Arella Bell… and there are some great perspectives of spanking in POV format at Hand Spanking as well as 2 classics I’ve added showcasing Samantha Woodley & Justine Rosenberg (and where you can find more of their content than any other website). okay… let’s get on with this (I’m excited to show you).

Arella’s Institute Arrival

Starring Arella Bell & Michael Masterson

Arella is in the Dean’s office, waiting naked. She has been strapped by Miss Betty, so she will receive the same punishment from The Dean. She is bent over and strapped naked. The Dean decides he is not done with her and leaves to find another strap. The Dean returns with a heavier strap, and applies it to Arella’s bottom, leaving her bruised and sore. He then tells her to put her uniform on.

See more films starring Arella at Real Spankings Institute

Arella’s Bare Breasted Strapping

Starring Arella Bell & Betty Blaze

Arella is bent over and strapped on her jeans, panties and bare bottom for not wearing a bra.

See more films starring Arella at Real Spankings

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Spankee’s Eye, Spanker’s Eye

Starring Noa & Shihori

A daughter comes home late again and is given a sound spanking by her mother. You can view this spanking from the spanker’s eye view as well as the spankee’s view.

Check out the tour pages of Hand Spanking – the only Japanese all-girl spanking site


Starring Justine Rosenberg & Arnold

Justine is starting to build a new blog website, unfortunately, as she has no idea what she’s doing it’s a total mess. Arnold finds himself sorting out her problems that mean he has to spend too much time in front of the computer doing her work – rather than his own that is much more important. He is frustrated and takes it out on poor Justine’s bottom – first with his hand and then with the leather paddle.

Spanked at Home contains more original content of Justine than anywhere else

Brat Camp

Starring Samantha Woodley

Visiting her friend Chloe Elise at an exclusive athletics training camp, Samantha soon learns the penalty for bringing in alcohol as she watches Chloe being paddled Brat Camp style – bare bottom! Coach loses no time in telling Sam to bend over for her licks, even though she’s not a student there. Shorts and panties down, she feels the burn of the holed board for a full ten swats.

Firm Hand Spanking – the largest archive of Samantha Woodley content!

For all your Christian Chicken-lovin’ needs!


End of the week Spankings

Hello… here’s more end of week spanking shenanigans from various sites that piqued my interest at the start of this weekend. So without further ado… let’s get on with this catch-up post… most of the content shown here is recent (in most cases). For those that may be a few months out, that is because I have been so darned busy and have just noticed this – to bring it to your attention… so hopefully, you won’t even notice!

I would have published this earlier today but I had to help a friend move from her place and we thought it would go smoothly as the weather here has been dry and warm… until moving day and it rained all day, so I felt a little miserable (soaked through in just a tee-shirt on top) but it is always good to help out those that need it, right?

Rich Woman’s Secret Desire – Hand-Spanking
Starring: Shihori & Noa


Shihori, a rich housewife, has her own secret – a fascination with spanking. She asks her maid to give a spanking to satisfy her fetish.


Caught Shoplifting – Real Spankings
Starring Kiki Cali & Michael Masterson

When a young lady is caught shoplifting on the security camera, she is brought into the storeroom to be searched. She tries to use her charm to get out of it but things do not go exactly as she planned. She is given a hard, bare bottom OTK spanking followed by the belt. Features some blistering hot leather belting scenes.



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The Dean Spanks Lilith – Real Spankings Institute
Starring: Newcomer Lilith & Dean Masterson

Lilith waits for The Dean to instruct her on what will be happening today. She is ordered to remove her panties and straddle the stool for a hard, painful hand spanking that leaves her bottom swollen, sore and very red.



This site is also part of the REAL SPANKINGS PASS – Giving you access to 8 sites for a fraction of the combined cost of them separately. Take a look for yourselves and see how much content you get with this one membership! CLICK HERE for more info.

Racing Stables Discipline – Firm Hand Spanking
Starring: Lucy Lauren & Zoe Page

Bare bottom slippered to the limit, bottom bare: Lucy Lauren learns not to lie! Lying bare-bottomed over Zoe Page’s lap in an English garden, gorgeous stable groom Lucy Lauren has to endure a sound slippering for spreading rumors about Zoe having an affair with the owner. As her jutting buttocks bounce, she realizes that lying was a mistake… And there’s more to come. This film also features a stunning slow-motion replay!



Trouble at the Manderin Hotel – English Spankers
Starring: Eryn Rose, Monica & Sarah Stern

This is the full story of the two young ladies, Eryn Rose and Monica, who have decided to marry each other and to take their honeymoon overseas in the Five Star Manderin Hotel. Unfortunately, their behavior whilst out in the town has upset some local people who want the girls prosecuted. The hotel has to take some sort of action and it is explained to them that if they were locals they would be caned by the police. Not only have they been caught kissing and having sex but they were smoking banned substances and this certainly means they must be disciplined. This punishment horrifies the girls but it is offered as the only way they can get out of the mess they are in. You will watch as each girl takes it, in turn, to have their bottoms sprayed with cold water to intensify the sting of the cane and then take a terrible cold caning, twelve strokes at a time, a total of twenty four strokes each. Both girls show off their well-marked bottoms and Eryn is in tears as they have to take the final part of their punishment. Standing together they are given eight strokes of the tawse on their hands. This is a prolonged and terrible punishment for two young girls.


I’ll be back soon with a whole load more news and update content for you all… have a great weekend!

Happy Holidays & Summer Spankings

Sorry I haven’t been updating the blog as often as I would have liked… first of all, I have been travelling all over Europe recently and been filming a lot of new content with a lot of new talent from the UK not seen on our own sites, let alone others… as well as ladies we love to film with. But that is for another blog post, today… is about other websites outside of our network of sites, so for those of you in canada and the USA… I hope you all enjoyed your respective holidays recently… and as it is summer, please do enjoy these latest updates!

Cookies won’t cut it – NORTHERN SPANKING

Starring Whitney Morgan & Paul Kennedy

Whitney has gotten her and her husband thrown out of their tennis and sports club with her drunken antics, after only three weeks! Incensed at her irresponsible behavior, Paul decides that his pretty blonde wife needs a good hiding to teach her a lesson, and that’s exactly what she gets!


Seize the Moment: Parts 1 & 2 – HAND SPANKING

Starring Eriko & Yurina

In part one: Eriko and Yurina have been sharing an apartment. Eriko has been hoping to get the chance to spank Yurina, and she might have found the opportunity. In the second part to this long play movie, Eriko has been spanking Yurina for fun, but now Yurina’s wondering what it’s like to be the spanker and so she too gets her opportunity too!


Bare Breasted Punishment: Asher REAL SPANKINGS

Starring Asher & Betty Blaze

Asher is interviewed and then Miss Betty exposes Asher’s bare breasts. She is then bent over and strapped over her jeans, panties and her bare bottom.


This site is part of the RS Network – get The Pass for a fraction of the combined cost of all 8 sites – Click Here for more information

Embarrassing Spanking for Anna – SPANKING THEM

Anna faces her most humiliating and embarrassing spanking punishment for masturbating in the restroom. This Russian spanking site features lots of unique and interesting scenarios like this 22 year old’s OTK spanking and self strapping movie of Anna.


Belinda Lawson at The Institute – Firm Hand Spanking


Starring Belinda Lawson, Earl Grey (& Helen Stephens)

Having her bare bubble butt spanked holds no fear for Belinda Lawson – Lying over Earl Grey’s knee with her juicy, full-cheeked bottom bared and jiggling, Belinda Lawson is spanked to the max by Earl Grey – and it’s all in the name of research! The Institute claims to be doing an academic study into corporal punishment, so Belinda and friend Helen Stephens are suffering a series of ass tannings for cash. But so far they’ve been paid nothing. Watch out for superb buttock-rippling slow-motion replays!

spankings otk bare bottom spankings spankings for naughty girls otk spanking


Spanking Classics for you to Enjoy!

I thought it was time to get you some spanking updates from these following sites that you may not have seen before, they are all from at least 3 years ago or more… so if you’ve seen any of these before, congrats… for everyone else, this is just some of the typical content that you can see from the chosen websites! Enjoy!

Nyssa Nevers & Fiona Murphy Spank Each Other

Nyssa Nevers mocks Fiona Murphy for getting spanked by Veronica. So much so that Fiona decides to shut her up by spanking her she can learn what it’s all about. Nyssa doesn’t like it and wiggles and protests and finally spanks Fiona, too.


This site is part of the 5 site Clare Fonda Pass network

Europe Airlines: Spanked for Oversleeping


18 year old Vanessa missed her flight to Hong Kong because she overslept. Mr Johnson went to her house and pulled her out of her bed straight over his knee for a good spanking. Then he told her to get dressed and when she was, he pulled her back over his knee and finished the spanking good and proper.


Daughter and her Trainer

Suzu, daughter of the house, decides to ditch her music lessons and spend the day in her room doing nothing while her parents are away. Erika, her bodyguard, and also her trainer, teaches her a painful lesson.


Unladylike Manor: The secret Policewoman

Another episode from the Unladylike Manor series brings WPC Pandora Blake into conflict with Lady Sarah Stern. PC  Blake thought she could bring disgrace to the house of Stern by prosecuting Sarah but she was up  against a formidable opponent.  Pandora soon felt the heavy hand and paddle of Sarah on her bare bottom. This is one of many many episodes in this long running series.


Bound to be Spanked

Headmaster Tom and Mr Lewis are having a discussion. They agreed on how they were to go forward. Headmaster Tom calls up the stairs for Justine to come down. She joins them at the bottom of the stairs. They tell her that she has broken at least ten of the rules at Girls Boarding School and that is since her last punishment only a week ago. And now fighting.






Another Week, Another Spanking Review

So, no time to bore with you with what I’ve been up to personally… you’re here for one thing, and that is a review of some of the best recent updates that I have been lucky enough to review myself. This is a good mix, so go check out what is available and if you like what you see, maybe help support the site/s you like with a membership sign up. Without your subs these sites will not exist, please remember that! Thanks.


Spanking in Detention

Teacher Clare Fonda is tired of the two naughty girls (Judy Jolie and April Snow) acting up in detention. They were acting bratty, going on their phones, talking in class. So she puts each girl over her knee in the front of the classroom for a firm spanking while the other girl must watch. The girls are left with sore, red bottoms that they rub – and it definitely hurts when they sit on those well spanked bottoms.



Alla Cruz (the 2nd debut film)

Alla Cruz is a young lady who was spanked often by her mom (played by a dark-haired Clare Fonda) and dad and some of the spankings are re-enacted. She is very articulate and has fun talking about her real life spanking experiences.


Both sites are part of the 5 Site Clare Fonda Pass – they are both massive in their own right and great value, but the 5 site pass gives you complete access for a fraction of the combined cost of the sites put together!


Spanking Sisters – Part Two

In this second part of the competitive sister saga, their mother arrives home early and finds Lola still disciplining Chrissy Marie. Mother is shocked that her two daughters, still in their cheer uniforms, were behaving like this. She reminds them both who is the disciplinarian in their house… and of course it is their Mom! She doesn’t want to listen to why Lola was spanking her younger sister, but she is interested in Lola getting over her lap for the same type of treatment that she had just witnessed. Chrissy is told to watch and Lola’s level of sass soon reveals itself as she argues with her mother whilst her bottom is getting spanked harder and harder. Only a bare bottom, panties down spanking shuts her up and Lola’s bottom is soon smarting and red. Chrissy’s smirks do not go unnoticed, and Mom tells her to take the place of her sister as she gets spanked once again. Chrissy’s look of disbelief and upset doesn’t hold much sway with her mom as she doesn’t hold back with her girls. By the time Mom has finished, both sisters are two sorry girls with very sore red bottoms. They are sent to their rooms, grounded, so they can not argue with each other anymore that evening. The sisters do not need reminding that if they continue to misbehave then their mother will not hesitate to discipline them both some more!



momma spankings

Spanked by teacher, Spanked by Mom

Momma Dana is very upset when her daughter is brought home from school, by her teacher Miss Gregory. Miss Gregory informs Dana that she had to spank Stevie at school for drinking. Mom is shocked as she only sees her daughter as a little angel. Stevie has pulled the wool over mom’s eyes as she is not the angel she pretends to be. Miss Gregory makes Stevie show her mom her spanked bottom and informs mom that regular spankings would do this naughty girl good. Miss Gregory spanks Stevie in front of her mom which is very embarrassing for Stevie. She insists that Momma spank Stevie as well. Stevie is mortified even more and a very sorry girl after she is spanked with hand and wooden brush from mom and teacher.

leg lock hairbrush spanking spanking


This site is part of the Sarah Gregory Pass – giving you full access for a fraction of the combined cost of the sites! CLICK HERE to see more info on that.


Spanking in the Abandoned Room

Yuka is taken into an abandoned room and given an unfair spanking by two nasty girls. Poor Yuka, but we can enjoy watching her getting a red-hot bum! 

panties down spanking



Lucky – OTK spanking

Lucky is called in by Heidi who tells her she must receive her spanking. Blonde bombshell Lucky isn’t the sort of girl to get spanked (hence her name) but this time, she nervously goes over her Mistress’ lap for a first time spanking and the poor girl struggles as her beautiful bottom is revealed when her panties are pulled down… she is left to reflect on her spanking at the end, even good girls sometimes need a spanking!

otk spanking


Weekend Spanking Catch Up – Part 1

Here’s the first post of two this weekend as I attempt to catch up with some site updates from all over… so without further ado or waffle, please do enjoy this post, I have created special animated GIFs (pronounced jiffs) as well 🙂


Envy – 1st of a series of Deadly Sins Spanking Films

schoolgirl spanking

In a near POV style, watch as you are allowed to use the power of God to punish who commit the seven deadly sins. This time watch as your little sister is given a spanking for her envious behavior. The first film based on “Seven Deadly Sins” portrayed from the viewpoint of the man.


Rosie Munroe, a senior with attitude, meets her match with a spanking principal!

otk spanking

“I don’t think your rules will work for me,” says cute, bespectacled senior Rosie Munroe in her awesome hard spanking debut at Firm Hand. Principal Friday is certain to get to her at Reform School, starting with his right hand on her creamy white bare bottom, turning it a jiggling crimson as she lies kicking over his knee, panties pulled down. Bonus funny out-take!


Slumber party Sluts!

Elori and Luci are having a slumber party with Misty and Apricot while their mom’s go out for a night on the town. When both moms come back they do not expect to see their daughters having what looks like an orgy with their best friends. Apricot has had eyes for Luci for some time and plans to get down and dirty with her. The other two take lead and start to get heated as well. Both moms come home to topless girls making out and doing a little more. They are mortified as they did not raise little sluts. All four ladies are spanked by Miss Elizabeth with the bath brush and my Miss Bernadette with her family strap. They are taught just what acting like a slut will get them….very sore, red bruised bottoms. I am sure they will be much more behaved from now on.

hairbrush spanking



Cornertime & an Exposed Embarrassing Strapping for Kiki Cali

After some extended cornertime, the Dean places Kiki spread eagle over the conference table for an intense bare bottom strapping. Afterward, she is required to strip fully naked and stand back in the corner.



Spanking Showcase

Just a few classic spanking memories before many of you all face the long drudge of another week, and for many of us, the shorter days are far more depressing (well, in northern Europe at least) but I have the perfect tonic for you all that love our kink! Some great spanking memories to warm you all up!

Party Night – at Punished Brats
Featuring: Audrey Sugarsmak & Veronica Bound

otk spanking

Audrey and a few of her friends threw a huge party at another friend’s house while the family was away on vacation. The party quickly grew out of hand resulting in underage drinking, fighting, a destroyed mailbox, and a whole lot of trouble. After being given a day to recover from her terrible hangover, Audrey is greeted first thing Sunday morning by her mom Veronica holding a wooden hairbrush intended for her bottom. What a wake up call! Audrey’s most dreaded punishment – a hairbrush spanking first thing in the morning.

hairbrush spanking  


A Spanker’s Guide – at AAA Spanking
Featuring: Zoe Page & Jessica Jensen

Zoe Page was a hopeless girl guide, she never put in the effort with earning badges. Her latest task was to make a decent sandwich but she was totally clueless & asked her fellow guide, gorgeous Jessica Jensen (voted best new UK spankee), who she knew had a “thing” for her, to help out. However, when Jessica laughed at Zoe’s attempts to make a sandwich the darker side of Miss Page appeared as she turned on a smirking Jessica & started to spank the bewildered girl. Jessica tried to please Zoe since she secretly wanted more from her domineering friend so she allowed her to spank, paddle & use a crop on her bare bottom leading to some naughty pussy play. Seeing Jessica masturbate her juicy minnie which turned Zoe on, but only to cause some more discomfort to poor Jessica for her own wicked amusement! See how a besotted impressionable young lady would try almost anything to please Zoe in this very naughty girl guide spanking fantasy adventure!

spanking girl guides pussy cropping


Spanked Starlet – at Dallas Spanks Hard
Featuring: Penny Stone (Formerly Lolita Sinn)

There has always been a keen interest with ‘spanking and celebrity’. When you hear day after day about this Hollywood starlet getting arrested for this and that…well, it seems without saying that this is an awesome concept for a spanking film! This one is about a hopelessly naughty actress named Ms Lindsey Logan. She is about to go to jail for an extended stay for a number of reasons. Dallas is hired by the owner of Lone Star Studios to help our little naughty starlet keep her cool butt out of jail.
Let’s just say fans of wood will love this as Dallas starts ff with bare bottomed wooden implements and lot’s of them. These aren’t the small or flimsy variety (are they ever?), but his by far teaching heavy boys. She is put in a holding cell to get the feel of what prison would be like. Then hauled off to a stand up paddling session… You guessed it, large wooden paddles and a few extra ones for sport. Then she is bared for an intense face down strapping with the HEAVY STRAPS, including both prison straps and razor straps. Very intense!


Cabin Crew Training – at Hand Spanking
Featuring: Misaki & Erica

Misaki, a rookie flight attendant, receives further training from her supervisor, Erica. See the supervisor become furious with Misaki’s sloppiness as she gives her the harsh spanking that she deserves. Check out the cute authentic flight attendant uniforms that rounds off a perfectly believable workplace discipline film!

japanese hand spanking


Spanking! Spanking! Spanking!

Today is a “Banzai!” of an update, I have decided to cover as many sites as possible and will do this over the next couple of days, I have also featured a hot new spanking model on the West Coast called Jenny Sativa at this blog post HERE covering some of her many new films from the Clare Fonda Pass network. take a look later after this post if you have lots of time to view some great spanking pictures etc.!


Back to Today… let’s get on with the Spanking updates that I am starting this week with.

So starting with some girl on girl spanking from Japan… it has to be an awesome recent full film update from Hand-Spanking.com that I bring to you. The girls are always super cute and you will see much more of this site featured here now that I just renewed my membership so I can advise you what films are worth watching… right now I’m playing catch up at this site and have been impressed with their update schedule, it is fairly relentless bringing out a new film on average at least once a week! This one is called: “Reflection Notebook” starring teen spankee, Maria, as the girl on the receiving end of a spanking by mother.

a20-02 a20-08 a20-09 a20-18 a20-21 a20-24 a20-26 a20-27 a20-35 a20-39 a20-40 a20-44

Maria has been obligated since her childhood to write her reflections in a notebook when she breaks her promises to her mom and gets a spanking. And now she is over her mom’s knee.

Check out the free clip previews now showing on the extensive tour pages


From Firmhandspanking.com – some of you may have seen the return of awesome teen Kylee Anders… here’s some of her most recent work coming from the new “Au pair”series.

au_pair_d004 au_pair_d007 au_pair_d010 au_pair_d017 OTK spanking Kylee Anders is spanked OTK bare ass spanking Kylee Anders is the spanked Au pair

Welcome back our hottest new model of 2014, college beauty Kylee Anders. Bratty attitude has her pert bottom over Jonny Stockton’s knee, gym shorts and panties down, for a long, bare spanking in Au Pair, boobs popping out. Awesome slow-mo replay!

au_pair_e002 beautiful teen Kylee Anders teen au pair cropped on her bare bottom spanking and cropping au_pair_e011 a riding crop spanking au_pair_e019 clutching her sore red ass

Sneaking into her boss Jonny Stockton’s bedroom earns gorgeous Au Pair Kylee Anders a stinging taste of the riding crop. “Pulling my pants down, it was painful!” confesses Kylee off camera. Watch her facial reactions in slow-mo replays for proof.

Catch up with Kylee’s new series as well as the free to play clips – << Click Here >>


At SpankAmber.com you can see a whole series of films with a girl she played with called Anna – Amber always gets herself a whole bunch of girls you won’t find elsewhere and I felt bad that I haven’t showcased Amber’s site in a while as it is amazing! I love what she has done over the 8 years or so since she started up her sites with her Daddy and Amber has progressed into webcamming successfully – as well as owning one of the most original spanking sites out there and of course her archives are immense (well, they would be after 8 years!)

Check out a typical spanking session with her sidekick, blonde Anna, in this steamy spanking update. Anna really enjoyed getting spanked and sexually aroused by Amber… guess what, so did I! #TrouserArousal

anna001 anna002 anna003 anna004 anna005 anna006 anna007 anna008 anna009 anna010 anna011 anna012

See what Amber has been getting up to & access her 3 site network HERE


Nurses… I love their uniforms, I love seeing them dishevelled and getting spanked in them… however there is one person who has the ultimate kink for authentic nursing uniforms (in fact one of his core kinks) and that is my good friend, Paul Kennedy, who just so happened to feature this recently at NorthernSpanking.com (surprise!) it stars Aleesha Fox giving Ella Hughes a hard seeing to in this picture story you can download along with the humongous archives that makes up this site!

Ella Hughes Aleesha Fox spanking nurses spanking over her panties a hard hand spanking pulling her panties down spanked on the bottom girl girl otk spanking

Ella is relaxing in the nurses quarters after a long shift on the wards when her room-mate and colleague Aleesha enters, clutching a small bottle of tablets. The small bottle of tablets Ella remembers, in horror, that she forgot to give to Mr Atkinson on his discharge. Ella has given Aleesha the opportunity she has been looking for for weeks; the opportunity to get her hands on her room-mates peachy little bottom, to take down her knickers and give her a spanking.

See MORE hot, erotic and authentic spanking updates, stories and films HERE


More uniforms next in a complete double film update for members at Spanked-in-Uniform.com for those, like me, who have a Flight Attendant uniform fetish… this awesome two girl punishment should satisfy your needs, it is the 40 film in this niche (and remember there are up to 17 uniform sub sections). Check out “The Flight to Tenerife”

europe_ep39_4 europe_ep39_5 europe_ep39_7 europe_ep39_9 europe_ep39_10 europe_ep40_1 europe_ep40_5 europe_ep40_6 europe_ep40_7 europe_ep40_10 europe_ep40_11   europe_ep40_16

On one of the holiday flights to Tenerife, stewardesses Scarlett and Sidney (the new 19 year old), made a real mess of things. They were late serving drinks & forgot the safety presentation. The passengers complained and Air Europe CEO, Mr. Johnson, told them he would punish them personally and the second part of that punishment there was a surprise! Both girls were thoroughly warmed up with a hard bare bottom spanking then Mr. Johnson put the naughty flight attendants in an unusual and embarrassing position so he could strap their bare bottoms together at the same time. The final humiliation was that the leather strapping was filmed and part of it broadcast via the inflight video system for the return flight from Tenerife so all the complaining passengers could see that the girls had been suitably punished!

See more of the various uniform spanking updates HERE


Here is a good film that has appeared at Punishedbrats.com this past week – called “Chores” – it stars Lexi Ellis & Adriana Evans. Lexi is one of those girls I haven’t worked with but hope to do so soon (with Sarah, of course), who has already filmed with her and LOVED her… you will love this film too!

choresvg1-22 choresvg1-92 exposed bare ass and pussy choresvg2-71

Here are is a selection of images taken directly from the film (above) & stills cam (below)

chores2-11 leather strapping on her bare ass chores2-41 chores2-51 chores2-61 sore red bottom

It was Saturday, and Lexi had been told to finish her chores before even considering going out. Undeterred, Lexi attempted to sneak out but was caught in the act by her big sister. An already exasperated Adriana decided to give her baby sis a lesson with her grandfather’s razor strap. After Lexi’s punishment with the razor strap was over Adriana placed her incorrigible little sister in the corner with her red, bare bottom on display. The usually rebellious Lexi only wanted the sting in her bottom to go away, but no matter how she jiggled and rubbed it wouldn’t.

See the latest hot spanking films at Punished Brats – still from only $17/month


Finally today… from Spanking Server – Heidi spanked and strapped 2 girls recently that I loved seeing… there are plenty more F/F videos like this with an amazing array of talent you don’t see elsewhere. Go check out the ever busy Server website and see for yourself what is on offer today! Girls featured here today are Sara R – followed by Candy…

Sara R – Strapped on the bare bottom (features close up shots of her spanked ass & walltime)

sserver001 big wobbling buttocks sserver003 bubble butt sore wobbly ass sserver006

Candy – OTK spanking in nurse’s uniform & reflection time on the bench

sserver007 sserver008 nurse OTK spanking sserver010 exposed butt and peeping pussy bent over after her spanking

More F/F punishments of hot east European girls can be found HERE


Okay… I’ll be back tomorrow with a whole bunch more of hawt spankings so don’t go far! For the 85% of you working for the weekend to come, you got over Monday… only 4 more days to go 🙂



Don’t forget… There are now DAILY updates at the AAA Spanking Library store!


8 Images or Less Spanking Round Up

Once again, I have been incredibly busy outside of our little spanko world… and try not to ignore this blog, however it is hard sometimes to try and update as I do. So here’s a quick synopsis of what is out there, or what I have caught up with, this week. I will get you much more tomorrow but for now this will have to do as I shall be out later at my local theater with friends and family.

Let’s start with SpankingSarah.com and the conclusion to the Care Worker Spanking… as the other girl, Belle, finds out it is HER turn to go over Sarah’s lap!

npp7115004 npp7115007 npp7115009 npp7115018 npp7115019 npp7115020 npp7115025 npp7115027

After witnessing the punishing spanking handed out to Luna, Belle is not so sure now that she wants to go over the knee of the head trainer. She has little choice and this is made quite clear to her so she places herself over the knee. Her uniform dress is raised and the spanking starts, on her panties first and then onto her bare bottom. How can someone’s hand hurt so much? And she knows this will be a long punishment.

Watch more of the very lovely Belle Calder’s spanked bottom at SpankingSarah.com


Sarah also helps out (a lot) at her hubby’s website English-Spankers.com and of course they have worked with both Ashleigh and Ella a lot in the recent past so it is good to see this concluding part to a double punishment when it is redhead Ella’s turn to get a leathering…

npp7056006 npp7056009 npp7056012 npp7056013 npp7056015 npp7056017 npp7056021 npp7056022

After Ashleigh has been punished the truth of the situation comes out, the real culprit is Ella and so now she will get the worst punishment she could imagine. Both Sarah and Ashleigh take leather paddles to her bar bottom and give her an all mighty paddling, nothing is held back here she takes the hard paddle time after time on her bottom. The punishment does not end till she has tears in her eyes.

View lots more films of both Ashleigh & Ella HERE


NorthernSpanking.com features one of my all time fave models to work with – Jenna Jay. Paul and I filmed with her early last summer at a fantastic location and this place just had “institution” screaming to be used all over it. So Paul had written some short films featuring Borstal (a feared young offendor’s institute for girls and boys from the past which was a sort of precursor to prison if the offenders didn’t shape up). Here you’ll see Jenna getting her introduction to Borstal from supervisor, Mr Kennedy.

NSI128-PJ002 NSI128-PJ004 NSI128-PJ014 NSI128-PJ017 NSI128-PJ021 NSI128-PJ028 NSI128-PJ030 NSI128-PJ031

The second in a short series of films imagining the kind of young offenders institutions that did once exist in the UK, with horribly wicked staff taking any and every opportunity to inflict corporal punishment on the unfortunate but equally wicked female inmates. This one sees the return of a seasoned offender to have her bottom strapped by Kennedy, The Supervisor.


Ok, I’m being somewhat derailed by the lovely Jenna for the moment:  but I am currently lining up this film (I have featured below) from AAA Spanking which had not gone up in HD formats at the AAA Clip Store so something is being done about that… it should be showing in the next few days there. Or of course you could view it as one of the many films with the lovely Jenna (and the unique pairing of Taylor Richardson) in a popular film called “Housework Hoes” from the Domestic Discipline section.

housework005 housework036 housework039 housework046 housework069 housework076 housework079 housework087

Jenna & Taylor have been employed on a very generous contract as cleaners for an eccentric recluse, Mr Jackson, who pays them way over the odds as maids to do all the menial housework chores. However, there is a drawback to being so well paid for such easy work… if he is ever displeased with their cleaning he has the right to “punish” them as he sees fit… the girls are quite worldly wise & well aware of his eccentricities & kinky nature so accept his spanking punishments as part of their job without question. Join us as we see yet another day in which these 2 lazy & rather naughty girls are caught out yet again & given a more humiliating spanking, this time in front of each other for the 1st time! Mr Jackson has his hands full with these 2 naughty maids, but we somehow don’t think he minds that much… OTK lovers will enjoy this double girl M/F/F punishment film.

The WMV file to this film has also been upgraded in the members area HERE



From Spanked-in-Uniform.com comes a new girl, Mandy… who I like a lot so far. here she is in the catholic school uniform spanking section… and a tray of hardened peas awaits her end of punishment too!

The Facebook Photo At the Bellview Catholic Schoolgirl section

episode10_P1010341 episode10_P1010343 episode10_P1010346 episode10_P1010351 episode10_P1010354 episode10_P1010356 ep10_11 

While the Headmaster was talking to a few girls on the playground during recess, a picture was taken in which Mandy clearly gives the headmaster the finger behind his back. The little madam decided to post this photo on her Facebook page but the Headmaster found out. Mandy was called to his office and she was soon over his knee getting her bottom soundly spanked! She also had to kneel on the punishment tray for a while after which the Headmaster took a photo of her well spanked red bottom and that pic appeared on Facebook as a warning to the other girls.



& finally today… Hand-Spanking.com I just bought a membership to this site (hadn’t seen anything of it for a good 4 or 5 months) and will be featuring more of what I have seen here again. It is the only active F/F Japanese spanking site and only features hands and no implements. Now I won’t pretend that the spankings here are the hardest, they certainly are not… but the girls, the sets and the way these spankees whimper and cry do it for me everytime as I love seeing Japanese girls spanked… this site has something about it and deservedly gets the final mention here today. A nice revenge style spanking with a younger boss getting her own back on an employee!

l18-13 l18-14 l18-20 l18-28 l18-45 l18-52 l18-55 l18-56

Remi, a veteran office worker, has a young, new boss Ayako. Since that day Remi has been given a stern, humiliating spanking day after day by the younger boss.

Continental Spankings

To balance things up on this side of “The Pond”, I wanted to kick start this coming weekend with a few varied and interesting spanking/punishment updates. I thought it only fair to bring you some spankings from the European mainland, followed by Mother Russia (even though I’m mightily pissed off with this rogue country’s increasing aggressive gestures to The West once more… sigh) and of course some incredible Japanese films which rounds off my brief rest of the world spankathon before concentrating on all things “American” and HAWT again this weekend!

I have a lot of catching up to do at Spanked-in-Uniform.com so I have concentrated this on one double film update (their most recent and eye catching) and will add their other recent film updates and news at my other blogs later today. If you check out the “Sexy Maid Cleaning Company” section then this is what you’ll currently find with 2 hot Dutch girls, Scarlett and Monique, providing us with a girl on girl spanking-fest!


Part 1 – the Mobile: Scarlett and Monique were sent out to clean an office and Monique caught Scarlett texting on her mobile instead of cleaning. Little Monique took matters into her own hands and gave Scarlett a sound OTK spanking followed by a hard slippering using her own shoe. Then she put Scarlett in the corner for a while before they got back to work!

ep6_3 ep6_4


ep6_5 ep6_8


ep6_9 ep6_12

Part 2 – the Mobile: Not long after Scarlett was spanked by Monique, Scarlett caught Monique in the Rec Room taking a break while the room was a mess. Time for revenge! She took little Monique over her knee and spanked her tight little bottom as hard as she could. Then Monique was bent over and she got the same nasty slippering followed by some humiliating cornertime too!

ep7_1 ep7_3


ep7_4 ep7_5


ep7_8 ep7_10

Check out more of these unique uniform styled spankings HERE



Next up is a gorgeous girl called Caprice who is making viewing ANY form of punishment at Spanking Server a real viewing pleasure… as you’ll see when Peter gets to pussy strap her in the Gyno chair… an incredibly erotic sight as you’ll see from these images taken directly from the film clip below!

caprice001 caprice002

caprice003 caprice004

caprice005 caprice006

caprice007 caprice008

caprice009 caprice010

caprice011 caprice012

Check out MORE of stunning Caprice exclusive to Spanking Server

Caprice2 (7)


Russians are far from my favourite group of people at the moment… they have an idiot representing their media (Dmitri Kisilev) a state sponsored homophobe and commentator on turning America and The West into Ash from a Nuclear attack  (what a fucking idiot and I hope his travel visas to our countries are revoked ASAP since he loves lording it up in 5 star luxury on his visits). I forgot to show you this fantastic commercial ad break that the UK’s Channel 4 TV station showed during the recent Sochi Winter Olympics… it was constantly played on virtually every ad break, much to me and my countryman’s amusement… this is why I despise closed and bigoted racist/homophobic regimes when we can put this out in the UK for fun, mocking Putin’s Russia – if you have never seen it… this then it will make you chuckle!!!

Cool, eh? LOL! Of course since this was made, Russia has annexed a 2nd area of a so called independent country these past 6 years (now it’s Crimea in Ukraine) and it starts to sound all too familiar from events preceding World War 2 when Hitler argued the same bullshit that Putin is now with repatriation of their native citizens into the fold… when does it stop? So will Putin decide to annex the Ukraine entirely or one of the Baltic states again? Who is next? But enough of this gay banter (see what I did there?) – I was thinking of boycotting certain Russian sites myself out of total disdain but I relented and so I can give you a rather cool and interesting punishment of Mara… scolded for getting so many new tattoos and told to get a decent meal before rationing lines return to Moscow if Kisilev gets his way and threatens our way of life in the (relatively free) West… feel free to check her out below – because we can!

mara001 mara002

mara003 mara004

mara005 mara006

mara007 mara008

mara009 mara010

mara011 mara012

Panties used as gags, humiliation, scolding, spankings and forced masturbation are just some of the methods used in this movie… it is a theme at SpankingThem.com which I don’t mind watching – you can see more of what is current HERE


Finally as promised, a Japanese schoolgirl spanking film with a twist, it’s a special 2 parter and the 2nd part has just been released so that is why I’m showing it to you now… it’s a “what if” when the pupils get their own back on their vindictive teacher who finds any excuse to spank and punish them after school has finished…. the girls eventually get their own back and to add to the teacher’s humiliation – they film it… in images you can see what happens to the girls and I have cut a short clip from the 2nd part where the girls have overpowered the teacher and are getting their revenge

Out now to download, Teacher’s Pet and Revenge of the Pets


o16-12 o16-15 o16-18

o16-22 o16-23

o16-42 o16-48

o16-36 o16-49 o16-56

Only from Hand-Spanking.com – the #1 website for ALL your cute Japanese girl spankings!