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Happy Holidays Canada & USA

Happy Holidays to all my North American readership who have been celebrating the births of both your great nations. Hmmm, seems you are also celebrating being free of The UK too (LOL) … but we still love you both. Canada is the baby at 151 years old whilst the USA reaches nation puberty at 242 years!

I hope you all had a great time, ate loads, spent time with family and watched lots of fireworks. here’s a little something from me, 2 of my favorite icons from eacj of your countries. Tricia Helfer (you may remember her from the Battlestar Galactica reboot series – she is “fracking” hot! For the USA, beautiful Beyonce and “dat booty” and voice gets me everytime!

July 1st – Canada Day

six - battlestar galactica tricia helfer model tricia helfer from canada tricia helfer naked tricia helfer butt

July 4th – Independence Day – USA

beyonce knowles beyonce booty beyonce GQ

Beyonce at The 2011 Glastonbury Music Festival held at Worthy Farm in Pilton - Day 3

happy holidays