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Spankings that “Schwiiing!”

“Party On! Ex-cellent… schwing… schwing!! schwing!!!” A-SphincterSaysWhat? Ok, what am I on about you might ask?  Take a look at the following quick Youtube clip for clues from Garth… the “Schwing-meister!”

schwingSchwing… or “Schwiiing!” for that added drawn out childish display of emotion – it still makes me smile as you can see from the film “Wayne’s World” – I can’t believe that is now almost 20 years old… OMG! So when I refer to “schwing spankings” and such, you’ll know what I mean… sure, it’s a little childish at times, but I’m on here to let loose and have fun… so lighten up with me and enjoy this shameless post devoted to all things babe-a-licious… I don’t expect you ladies to have been doing this, but c’mon on fellas… how many of you at the time did this? I did with friends… and it was fun. Maybe I should incorporate it into some films I will be doing early December (I have someone in mind for that one, too, lol…) I will tell you soon about that as it involves a long trip but I can not wait!!! – “SCHWING!”

So expect some excellent girl girl spankings, some very sexy ones and of course anything and everything that is likely to cause a commotions in one’s trousers or gussets… Party On!

Where better to play havoc with my underwear viewing naughty spanking erotica than any of the Clare Fonda sites… I have some fantastic updates for you… so for starters… as well as the ongoing and brilliantly satisfying EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION 8 series at girl Spanks Girl … there is this latest film now released too!

This is taken from the Cinderella Spankings series starring Veronica Ricci

003 004

006 007

009 012

013 015

Click here to see all six full episodes of the Cinderella Spankings series!

From the same site! A double red hair spanking festival appears next (with Veronica, of course) and another fave of mine, a model who does mainstream porn… but also LOVES the fetish and spanking thing… and that is Ashley Graham! I love her reactions and she’s a “naughty” gal as I remember well from when I filmed with her last year (schwing!) I have more films from MY site of her coming soon… but if you can’t wait… please do check out these images below and you will NOT be disappointed!

ashveronica01 ashveronica02 ashveronica03

ashveronica04 ashveronica05

ashveronica06 ashveronica07 ashveronica08

ashveronica09 ashveronica10

ashveronica11 ashveronica12 ashveronica13

See MORE girl on girl spankings at this vast site with huge archives HERE

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Continuing with Veronica Ricci for a bit (it’s hard NOT to at this network) – remember… she was Penthouse Pet of  November 2009… so imagine what happens when she and Pet of the year, 2012, Jenna Rose… get together (some images courtesy of Penthouse below) – you can bet that Denn, The Cameraman had a sneaky feeling Jenna was into spanking too from these images… can you guess if he was right?


When 2012 Penthouse Pet of the Year Jenna Rose hooks up with November 2009 Pet Veronica Ricci, the photographer barely has time to setup before these two hot women are all over each other.

05 12


jennaroseJenna Rose was voted Penthouse Pet of 2012 (yup, the entire year!)… this lady exudes sex and sensuality a mile off. Any girl that makes it as a Pet of the Month is something special… personally I feel Veronica deserved more than her November 2009 award, but you have to remember, this young lady moved on to more things closer to her heart after this – SPANKING! This wasn’t just a girl making a few bucks where she could… oh no, she was living her dream and has been an ever present across the CLARE FONDA PASS Network ever since! With her help, she has introduced Denn to many more fantastic models that would never have had the nerve to show how much they were into spanking… especially at the hands of  naughty sexy Veronica! So we get to see some damned sexy babes strip and bare there bare bottoms for some ass-tastic spankings we’d never dared dream of! You can see at the intro, interview and 1st timers spanking site Spanked Sweeties when Jenna lets us in on her spanko secrets of the past… helped by Veronica who is itching to spank this most bodacious girl… if she was a president, she’d be called Baberaham Lincoln! © Waynes World (heh heh!)

This is what you are going to be seeing right now at Spanked Sweeties!

Beautiful Penthouse Pet of the Year Jenna Rose was spanked often in real life growing up. Usually by her mom. Veronica Ricci plays Jenna’s young mom, who spanked her for leaving the yard. Syren De Mer plays Jenna’s mom when Jenna was a little older, and she got spanked along with her siblings, with the belt. Veronica and Kay Richards step in to play Jenna’s siblings. Amazing interview by Veronica goes over many descriptive childhood spanking experiences. One of the best Sweeties ever!

jenna01 jenna02

jenna03 jenna04

jenna05 jenna06

jenna07 jenna08

Click HERE to see this amazing new films and interview only at Spanked Sweeties!


If you don’t pay the rent… then you should expect to get a darned good spanking from Kay Richards… this is what happens in episode 147 of the ongoing spanking soap opera that is My Spanking Room Mate – the non payees are Annika Albrite and Ashley Rose (schwing… schwing!) – wish I had flatmates like these two that I could spank  over MY knee for such trivial things as non payment of rent, lol! Instead… feast your eyes on Kay’s excellent spankings of these 2 hawt babes!

001 004

005 006


008 009 011

012 013

014 015

Kay Richards is tired of getting spanked for not having the rent. So when Anikka Albrite comes to collect, Kay spanks Anikka hard, because she has her portion of the rent and won’t take spankings because roommate Rose (Ashley Rose) does not, since Anikka is responsible for Rose being there. After spanking Anikka, Kay gives it even harder to Rose, using hand and a large wooden paddle that left marks on Rose’s round bottom.


See all the episiodes of this great spanking soap opera of a site HERE

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& now for something completely different… from the Real Spankings Network – Mr M has upped his game with some really hot girls recently getting the much expected severe spanking treatment, as you’ll see below! First up, direct from RealSpankings.com copmes this fabntastic punishment… all images are courtyesy of this site and compliment the new style HD movies now being uploaded!

Roxie punished with the wooden spoon laying down… (O-M-G!)

016 017

026 027

028 029

030 031

032 033

Michael decides that after a warning to Roxie, earlier in the week, that this time she needs to be punished. She is required to straddle an ottoman as he bruises her bottom with a wooden spoon. he finally decides that her jeans are offering too much protection and finishes on her bare bottom. She is made to kneel on the hard stone mantle with her bruised sore red bottom on display!

CLICK HERE to access this hard spanking movie


OK, to show you the quality of the film playback (I won’t cut a clip as only members can see that, but you will get to see the HD screen grabs and I’ll let you decide for yourself! At Real Spankings Institute – RS stalwart, Lila (and Kajira) are strapped severely by the Dean… followed by another punishment in similar intensity from another teacher… Miss Blake!


Lila and Kajira have been sent to write essays in the study lab in just their bras, panties, shoes and socks. The Dean comes to check on the girls and punish them for their continued uniform infractions. Kajira is placed on two stools and strapped on the bare bottom while Lila waits her turn. Lila is then put into position and strapped on the bare bottom. The girls are then put back in front of the computers to wait for Miss Blake.

kajiralila01 kajiralila02

kajiralila03 kajiralila04

kajiralila05 kajiralila06

Miss Blake comes to check on the girls progress and asks if The Dean has been in to see them. Both girls tell her they have been punished already by the Dean. And with that, each girl is bent over one more time and strapped on the bare bottom and then placed in time out.

kajiralila07 kajiralila08

kajiralila09 kajiralila10

kajiralila11 kajiralila12

This was a great double strapping film of 2 girls who really could take it!

CLICK HERE for access to the Institute and news of a very special 3 month offer!


Finally, a quick but beautiful double spanking update from Firmhandspanking.com – I love their images that accompany their films, I hope these do the films justice as both girls are just so darned cute to look at… but naughty they have been… and they know the consequences! Prepare to bare your bottoms ladies *schwing!*

“You’re so boring sir,” sassy Camilla Scott (aka Kissie, aka Bo Jangles) tells Earl Grey in A Perfect Education. “I can’t take you seriously.” Incorrect uniform, disobedience and attitude have consequences! Her bottom gets a serious 65-stroke strapping: 10 on leggings, 27 on panties, 28 bare!

education_d001 education_d005

education_d007 education_d009

education_d013 education_d019

education_d020 education_d023

A tough 17-stroke caning tests Valerie Bryant’s willpower to remain bent over

Trainee teachers have a hard time with Mr Anderson’s introduction to corporal punishment in Learning Curve. Pretty Valerie Bryant has to bend over for her first-ever caning. Five on her skirt, six on panties, six bare. Great Reaction Cam teeth-gritting!

tlc_bh005 tlc_bh008

tlc_bh013 tlc_bh014

tlc_bh018 tlc_bh021

tlc_bh022 tlc_bh024

Check out yet more stunning girls that make such “schwing-tastic” viewing HERE!


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