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Tuesday Teasers

By having a quick look at the following content I’m sure you’ll find something which will satisfy your craving for all things spanking this fine Tuesday (well, it’s drizzling outside…a typical British summer’s day…sigh) – anyways, below are a selection of free image galleries and movie clips from various sites from around the spanko world and this is what I’m currently gawping at in private! Enjoy! I did!!

From HDspankSTILL the only true pure High Definition site in my opinion, Hannah Crawford takes a severe hairbrush punishment in this latest FULL HD release, see below!

You can see a FREE HD Clip from HDspank.com HERE


Seeing as it’s miserable here, (temperature in my car recorded just 15c/59f when I went to the shops earlier) I thought I’d cheer myself up, remembering that I had a sunny classic double girl punishment somewhere that Dallas from DSH had shot a few years back around the pool and what happened after, I guess… it starred Abigail Whittaker and Audrey Knight and what I have got is the original Real Player clip (I tried adding it to my Teen Spanking Tube site but the damned audio codecs were totally out of sync when it was converted to Flash making the clip look ridiculous and it would do a massive disservice to both Abi and Dallas as it’s a great strapping scene.) So I’ve had to leave it as it was and warn you that the clip is in RM format, not my fave, but Real Player or VLAN can easily play this (I’m a bit pissed off as I wasted about an hour researching how to rectify audio/image sync issues and am still none the bloody wiser – anyone know, cos it’s f*cking me right off!!!) Grrrr!

So the pool girls Audrey and Abi look great with their tan lines which I hear Dallas, a true spanko loves, like I do…..why? Because it’s a private area of a girl you don’t always get to see – and of course a white bum can show off so much more of your handiwork, eh? Keep sunning girls, enjoy your rest, you’ll need it!!!

Below are some higher res images and a great strapping clip where Abigail receives her first 15 severe straps….it appears Dallas straps hard also – and check out the first image after Dallas rolls down her bikini bottom, is that not a sexy sight to behold???  😉

View all the archives and the very latest videos in Higher WMV formats exclusive to Dallas Spanks Hard


Finally today I have a collection of teasers featuring the many movies of exclusive English spanking site BritSpank.com – perhaps because for a very brief period there’s an offer where you can join from just $9.50 – which isn’t too shabby, is it? Image galleries and vid clips are all from this great site below – enjoy!

See more of the very latest updates here & how to view all these from just $9.50!


Below are my latest new releases and MY watched movies from my SPANKING THEATER

Girls deserving & “Getting it Good!”

Amelia Jane Rutherford, I never tire of seeing her slinked over someone’s knees. Her bottom being reddened and in here in this naughty clip where she can’t resist answering back, even though she’s a hooker babe here, paid to do what she’s told, she STILL has to be “clever” and this bickering gets her a very red bottom! Oh dear, Clare has fixed her up with spanko customer…lol, never mind, just do as we Brits do so well, Amelia, grit your teeth and bear it….hurry along, nothing to see here 😀

Of course, if you do wish to see more (and I recommend that you would as AJR stars in several HOT films at Spankedcallgirls – please remember to loosen your undergarments gentlemen, I do not wish to be held accountable for mis-shapen “tackles” due to viewing this blog. Thank you. You can also click on the image of Amelia below for a FREE gallery from the above movie!

See the FULL Movie HERE

I also have the very latest images from this website and this new movie is HOT, starring Kat St. James and Alice Wonder who are two very pretty girls! Here you will get to see these playful hooker chicks playing between their “tricks” as predator Alice movies in on Kat St James who let’s her kiss her before “Momma” Clare catches them at it and gives them a quick humiliating double spanking! What we will see after is the girls bickering and giving and getting as good as they can dish out to eacj other and to be honest…it’s a good excuse to see Kat also top the predatory Alice…and why not, eh? Click thumbnails below for the larger images from this HOT New Movie 😀

Or you can view all of Amelia Jane’s work with Clare Fonda via her top value and very popular CLARE FONDA PASS


Meanwhile, in Eastern Europe, as there is a heatwave there, I know it’s silly season with haircuts, but this beach look I always find rather strange as braiding hair like this is reserved and kept for the beach, i think…but she’s still gorgeous! This new chica is called Amber who was all smiles to start with at SPANKINGSERVER until they introduced her to their amazing gadgets (that bench with the hole to place their head in is my favourite) then Amber wasn’t so cocky as she was cuffed and chained then spanked caned and flogged on everything she considered her most feminine parts! Another top girl and congrats to Peter & Co at SpankingServer – check out Amber below!

Amber smiles as she’s placed in the stocks – will she be smiling later?

Check out the tour pages of SpankingServer and see amazing the girls for yourself!


I had some time to kill while I was waiting for some new movies to download for review later this week and I came across this cracking picture below of Alexamdria, remember her? The sexy Russian schoolgirl? She really looked good in this uniform and even better out of it, especially with that sexy Russian accent, being forced to “Thank Sir” for spanking her bottom…even she had the giggles…with dire consequences!

See some HQ images below and I have also cut a short HD Spanking Scene – a reminder of what this girl was like getting a very rude and intimate punishment, berated, ridiculed, mauled & spanked over his lap then slippered in a ridiuculous position thanking Him for each stroke! So “Thank you” to HDspank for these images and clip – still the only true High Definition spanking site on the web, even after 3 years since it started…every film on here is only HD playing back at around 6000kbs!

Check out 2 clips, the first is in lower SD version so I can play you a loner scene, it’s rather good as the full lingering humiliation of Alexandria is obvious and listen to the pervy “care” of her teacher…indeed, I’m sure he’d LOVE to spend extra time tanning her ass if need be! I know I would!

CLICK HERE to see the FULL movie in HD of Alexandria!

I actually love this movie so much I’m gonna ask to see if they can add it to NaughtyBottom as they listen to requests for movies to be added there! It’s the one PPV site that offers cheaper alternatives to full memberships, allowing you to pick and choose movies or movie packages as and when YOU want and I think this would be an ideal film for download, until then, you can see it in full glorious HD at HDspank.com as part of their monthly or longer term member sign ups – It’s also a top site I always rate just because of the amazing quality of their movie playbacks – I watched this on my brand new back lit 50″ LED TV with the HDMi output from my laptop and it was amazing!!!

Edit: They have loaded it to this site & you can see the download only version HERE!!!

Check out NaughtyBottom for some amazing new movies I’ve seen added this last week, the movies are below for your perusal if you haven’t seen them advertised already! Enjoy! Each preview below contains a decent free video clip!

Spankings for your weekend

Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about, my eyes would be popping out on their stalks too if I was lucky enough to catch the sight of a girl like that! I was out the other day and took a snap of a beauty in her jeans, it’s not quite in the same league and the image is pretty crap as my phone camera is poor…

Below is a very special preview which have 2 long play clips – you may have seen some part or all of this classic, but I’m willing to bet there are many readers here today that haven’t and it’s well worth downloading both clips which are excellent and quite severe!

Above movie advertised is available at SpankingOnline.com



Clare Fonda has unearthed a gorgeous new teenage spanking honey in the form of Brynn Tyler! I am guessing this is her very first online shoot that she did at SpankedSweeties as I’ve never seen her before. SpankedSweeties is basically Clare’s specialist intro site for newbies who explain a little about themselves and explore their own fantasies and previous spankings and act it out for all us lucky folk to enjoy!
The site isn’t all about first timers though, there are plenty of regular spankees who come here and act out their wildest spanking stories amking this an addictive one to keep tans on, I prefer to do this via the Clare Fonda Pass network which costs a little more per month but when you see what you get for all that spanking goodness, it makes total sense!!!

Brynn Tyler yesterday 🙂

However, today I’m focussing on the very luscious Brynn (above), who really has a fresh new look and what’s more, when I started watching the first parts to her first movie now being shown earlier today, I spluttered my cornflakes over my keyboard (serves me right for multitasking) when she got spanked by Clare over her tight “Daisy Duke” denim shorts – oh boy….that wasn’t the only mess I was clearing up afterwards … ahem! Well, you’ll see that Clare spanked and paddled Brynn over her shorts then of course spanked her bare bubble butt OTK!

This movie, Brynn pretends to eat her food and is caught out lying to Clare. She may be 18 years old, but she’s not too old for a thrashing for being such a brat! This is what Clare had to say about her new girl in this movie: Brynn is not a heavy player but has a cute little bottom and as her model friend Mia Lelani said – “does not mind a good spanking!” She is a pretty model who is highly reactive when spanked. Enjoy her spanking stories and scenes. (Chief: “we will!”)

You can see the FULL movie here at spankedSweeties.com

or you can view this site as part of the Clare Fonda Pass network


One young lady who you know I absolutely adore is Snow Mercy, an amazing “switch” who can take quite a punishment as well as dish it out! I hear she’s back from her humanitarian work in Haiti and for those lucky enough to be living in LA she’ll be hosting the Dormitory room at this party spanking girls for fun HERE

Well, below, as further proof was required how hard she can take a spanking, a classic from DallasSpanksHard from my personal collection. This was filmed a while back and she takes some heavy swats with the bath brush! This was Snow’s 1st time with Dallas and afterwards she’s interviewed and shows you her bruised bottom a day or 2 later! I have some images from this movie and a special facial cam angle for those that like that kind of thing as her bottom is whacked hard….for the full film (and of course the butt blistering scenes) you can view it along with tons more cracking movies that Dallas has made HERE

You can download the FULL Film HERE at DallasSpanksHard.com


Finally today, check out some other sites I have been meaning to advise you of with some kick ass (literally) hot new updates! I’ll start with NorthernSpanking and 2 favourites. Kami Robertson is something else and I see Paul Kennedy was in much need of my protective steel undergarments from having that wriggling wench over his knee, you’ll notice from these beautiful high res images below that Paul has conveniently sat himself on the edge of the sofa after first spanking her over his knee then removing her tight panties revealing the full beauty of her rosy red butt for his paddle! (Lucky git!)

If you want to see much more of Kami – she is available HERE

Another hottie is “that there” Lottie and I have to say the photography from their infamous SSS (Short Sharp Shock) series is phenomenal, this really captures thsi naughty girl beautifully! She’s late for assembly so the Housemaster decides to take her away privately and thrash her gorgeous reddening behind! However, after Paul’s “trouser faux pas” I see Marcus Black here doesn’t dare take “Lottie the hottie” over his knee…there’d be all sorts of innapropriate trouser mishaps, I’m sure! I have included a special free preview clip below, click on the large image to play this and the smaller images for some stunning photography! Well done to Northern Spanking – they have really upped the quality of their films recently!!!

Lottie and co can be viewed in full HERE


The very latest slippering movie from HDspank stars the lovely Jasmine Lau and she really does get a good hard slippering at the hands of her Headmaster who almost lets her go then decides to thrash her when he realises that her nail varnish issues have been highlighted by various teacjers over the week – cue the door to his office being shut firmly in her face and her tight teenage bottom bared for a quite nasty slippering she won’t forget in a hurry! Click on the image below and you’ll get some high res image grabs from this film which has just been released in HD Format!

For a FREE HD Clip of Jasmine’s punishment – CLICK HERE

I’m being told off by the Missus for still being here so I’ll leave you all be and wish you folk a good weekend! She better have my supper ready or I feel a slippering is in order!!! (I’ll engineer some feeble excuse, as she’s overdue a thrashing, LOL!)

I Spy “an Offer” & other update news

Howdy! Just a quick one today, I know there won’t be many American readers today, as no doubt the USA contributes yet more CO2 emmissions with millions of BBQs on their national day of Independence (A big mistake in my humble opinion, of course, lol) So they’ll miss out while the rest of my worldy readers see there’s a new offer at THEBAREBOTTOM which I saw had appeared this morning. I’m not sure how long it will last, but for a limited time you can access the entire site for just $9.75 (that’s nearly a third of the normal monthly price!)

Click on banner below and you’ll get to see all the latest updates and the link to the offer if you’re interested


Whilst I’m here, it would be rude of me not to let you know there’s a brand new movie just uploaded to SLUTSPANKING and as it stars that “Posh Spice” teen looky-likey, I thought you’d like to see her spanking and being spanked…awww, she’s so cute 😉

Check on some images I’ve blagged off the webmaster (these are not shown anywhere else) and a link on how to download a free clip of these naughty madams!






Another site that has an ongoing offer, apart from their low sign up price of $19.95, is REAL SPANKINGS INSTITUTE – Anyone who knows this site will realise their archives are vast so this price is very fair, what’s more, as it would take a while to fully downlaod this site to yoru PC or external hard drive, there is an ongoing offer of $45 bucks for 3 months, which is quite fair! Anyway, enough of that hard sell, take a look at the recent stuff coming out – if you’re into seeing snivelling girls paddled, this really is THE site to view!

The latest update features Jade paddled in the school hallway!
Stripped of her dignity and her bottom fully thrashed!

Now I know that I’m not the biggest fan of seeing girls heavily tattooed, especially if they cover all their arms legs and back, but I still find Jade attractive, and I know that there are loads out there that love heavily tattooed girls anyway… however,. what I find highly arousing about Jade, apart from her perfectly trim ass, is the fact this girl has a high tolerance for pain, obviously with those tatts … and she had already taken a severe spanking which would make most girls cry uncontrollably and had also faced the dreaded “Robo Spanker!!!”


… and of course there are plenty of very pretty girls and teens at Real Spankings Institute that are not covered in tatts such as the lovely Erin and Riley featured below!!!


You can view more of these girls HERE or sign up through the better value Real Spankings Pass which covers all their sites including Teen Jessica which, as a Real Pass member myself I find is a fantastic bonus site and still has stuff of hers updating even though this gorgeous tight buns redhead retired years ago…loving her work as always ( I tend not to promote Jessica as I like to keep her all to myself, lol) However that’s not in the spirit of things and you can see more of her here if you’ve been living on Mars the last 10 years and don’t know who she is then her SITE alone is well worth a peek!


Finally, I was rooting around the archives of HDspank.com checking on Jodie who I wanted to see in crystal clear playback resolution. I felt she deserves a final mention here today as she’s such a doll – after…ahem…I decided on this after spending some time viewing her earlier as the Missus has popped out to visit her mother (I decided to stay at home instead) … and I know many people agree with me, this is one brat that I never tire of seeing bent over someone’s knee getting a darned good thrashing!!! & yes! I did watch it in a darkened room…Havana cigar and loose fitting garments was indeed a requirement! 😀

Click on images below which lead to free preview content of what I was getting “wood” to earlier


You can also see all the other HD updates with real HD spanking clips HERE