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Something a little different

EeuropeI often find Russian style and East European spanking & discipline productions to be hard on the eye. They also tend to be more brutal without much care at all for those who they are inflicting severe pain on. To me, it almost seemed like torture. However, I think over the last few years even Russian sites and those from the darkest reaches of Eastern Europe have realized that you can’t just go on beating girls mercilessly… it becomes, dare I say it… boring to see girls hit hard with a cane time after time: especially with no regard with how to use the implement, nothing irks me more than seeing cane marks criss-crossed or someone using a cane way over the tip’s edge, wrapping it or even splitting the end because of that… or the sight of blood. If I see blood, I will literally faint, that’s what I am like (yeah, I know, I’m a wimp like that!). I know there are those that enjoy seeing this type of flagellation and utterly misogynistic cruelty… but that isn’t what “spanking” is about, in my opinion… and this blog will rarely, if ever, cover or support the most brutal aspects of punishments like that. Personally I will “punish” or “spank” because I care about my girl (Sarah) – and of course there is the sexual side of it too – it turns me on. I love spanking a gorgeous bottom. I can’t watch anything that wouldn’t turn me on (eg… the sight of blood). So here are some more thoughtful discipline films from that part of the world, they cover humiliation, submission, tears and of course a well marked sore bottom… which also happens to be on some of the cutest girl next door types (who most certainly are from these countries!) Remember if that’s your thing to see more extreme punishments then these sites will often cover that too! In any case, check them out, these are some that I have enjoyed watching recently!

From Russian Discipline – A secretary is humiliated and spanked to tears


Civilians work alongside the military and in Russia you had better be prepared for extra disciplinary procedures when things are your fault. It wasn’t long before this poor girl endured a near naked spanking punishment in the office, quickly bringing her to tears at the shame of it all… but worse was to come when she was stripped of her dignity and spanked naked until her bottom was glowing dark red and the Duty Officer was assured that she would not be making the same mistakes again!

secretary002 secretary003 secretary004 secretary005 secretary007 secretary006 secretary009 secretary010 secretary011 secretary013



From SpankingThem.com – this young teacher, Natayla, earns a spanking punishment in the Dean’s office for letting down her pupils who all got lower than expected grades. In Russia, discipline is swift… and in this case, painful & humiliating too!


23 year old Natayla, a new teaching intern learns what happens when mistakes are made!

000A 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 012



From HerFirstPunishment.com – an interesting period piece as they recreate a “Stalinist” era discipline from the 1950’s with strict Soviet style spanking punishments.

playing001 playing002 playing003 playing004 playing005 playing006 playing007 playing008 playing009 playing010

Detentions in the Soviet era were serious affairs… so when these 3 girls were caught performing lesbian acts on each other, the punishment was going to be swift and severe! In this case, the perpetrator was made an example of in front of the other 2 girls as they watched her caned… then they were all stripped of their clothing and left to spend the rest of their detention shivering in shame and tearful inside that austere cold classroom!




Next from Girls Boarding School – I just wanted to showcase one of their most popular girls, this would be Angie (without a doubt). A very beautiful naughty, young girl from Poland. Here we see her gorgeous doe eyes looking mournfully at us due to her freshly spanked and strapped bottom (which is on display).

pic01 pic02 pic04 pic05 pic06 pic07 pic08 pic10 pic11 pic12 pic09 pic14 pic15 pic03



Finally from Spanking Server – my favorite East European spanking site – they have some of the prettiest girls getting many traditional spankings as well as the ones where they use their ingenious tools on the girls, strapping them into their benches, beams or whatever and cross over into whipping and flogging as well as more traditional OTK spankings (like this here). Welcome Bianca… a recent new girl to Spanking Server


Bianca (below) gets a short sharp shock OTK spanking over the lap of Peter. The images below are taken directly from the HD spanking video. This is one of two Bianca videos you can see this week at Spanking Server

bianca001 bianca002 bianca003 bianca004 bianca005 bianca006 bianca007 bianca008 bianca009 bianca010 bianca011 bianca012



For those who haven’t seen Star Wars VII yet… DO IT! 🙂


Spanking Updates to start your weekend

As promised, here is a selection from tonight’s Spanking Menu: a few sites you may not have seen from me for a while… (since I caught up in other business) but I’m back and should be updating with the latest or fairly recent (as I haven’t written about them even though a couple might have been out for a week or longer) – So… lots of images and the full stories behind these films – do go check out the sites I have selected, their tour pages often have more info and free clips which are always a bonus! Without our support, these sites won’t continue in their present form or will become more expensive or less frequent in updates and then we’ll all lose what we love seeing, new fresh spanking films and images on a regular basis from these companies that are still committed to trying to bring us all ever more interesting and different spanking fayre!

So let’s start today’s catch up with NorthernSpanking.com

Jenna Jay

Borstal girls: Jenna Jay’s Public Beating

VIDNSI1166-010 caning and spanking caned in assembly VIDNSI1166-018 caned at school bare sore welted cheeks VIDNSI1166-027

As an example to the other girls confined to the institution, second-time offender Jenna is brought to the lecturn during a specially called punishment assembly. In front of the entire facility, Jenna is to have her leggings and underwear removed and be caned in public.

Check out this small freeplay clip – a hot scene of the scolding, anger & disappointment by Paul Kennedy and the humiliation that follows for Jenna as she is caned in front of the *Borstal establishment assembly!

[jwplayer mediaid=”43101″]

*Borstal was an old British institution where young offenders would go for a short sharp shock – in an attempt to keep them out of prison at a later date… these institutions were for both girls and boys. Borstal was tough, it was brutal… and is now no longer part of British society.



I didn’t want to start with me first, I didn’t know that Sarah had put up this film with Stevie Rose & myself. It’s actually rather good and is now showing at Sarah Gregory spanking – We both got into the roleplay scene easily and the title of the film really showed how “angry” I was – as I could well imagine what Stevie had done to make her poor uncle so mad… of course she got a hard OTK spanking and wicked strapping for her deceit! (I made sure it was the nasty side of the leather strap). Now showing at Sarah’s main site: Angry Uncle John

0220_angry_uncle_john_grabs-004 spanked in PJs 0220_angry_uncle_john_grabs-024 0220_angry_uncle_john_grabs-025 0220_angry_uncle_john_grabs-027 spanking by uncle 0220_angry_uncle_john_grabs-046 strapping by uncle 0220_angry_uncle_john_grabs-059 0220_angry_uncle_john_grabs-061

Stevie is staying with her “cool” uncle John. She thinks he is so cool that he won’t notice that she borrowed his really expensive muscle car for a photo shoot. When the photos pop up online he is very unhappy to say the least. He is so angry, anything could have happened to her or the expensive car. His naughty niece will get the spanking and strapping of her life.

Check out the free OTK spanking Clip (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”43102″]

Click here to view this film in FULL – This site is part of the Sarah Gregory Pass

Sarah Gregory Pass


Next… A real life punishment for young schoolgirl, Sanna, with an OTK spanking followed by a rather sadistic caning which leaves her in tears and with some very real visible welts. This caught my eye… you can see part of the punishment clip for yourself and decide. Her welts were turning very dark… those were going to be difficult to sit on and bruise for weeks afterwards! This is one of the most recent films to be shown at Girls Boarding School

pic01 OTK spanking pic04 pic05 caned to tears pic13 pic14 welted sore ass

Free clip of Sanna’s caning punishment is shown (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”43113″]

View the full severe punishment film & ALL of Sanna’s videos HERE


First times in Russia are never easy… their spankings tend to have more emphasis on the S part of bdSm – this isn’t everyone’s tastes but this is how Russian girls get treated often in the porn media. Mix this up with embarrassing schoolgirl examinations before punishments and it is a deadly combo! I have only placed images… (as I will for the remainder of this post to save time) but I think you get the general idea below! Spankings and Punishments in Russia are very, very mean!

01 02 examined and spanked humiliating punishments and examinations 05 06 07 real tears Russian canings

See MORE of this spanking & Caning as well as plenty like it at Her First Punishment


Back in the West… plenty of websites nowadays receive custom or member requests. Sometimes producers can do thsi easily, other times, more specific customs can be done in private, I have done a few and have had great feedback from the individuals that I undertook this for. The customs will never be shown as they are for their own private use and I think that is part of the kick people get… knowing no one else will ever see what they asked to be produced (mainly as they are personal). Member requests are different, if they seem plausible, and it sounds good… then, I guess many producers will try. Like Michael Masterson at RSI did with Kajira most recently. the full 2 part video is now available… check out the images (below) that accompany this great little film!

A Member Request –  Kajira’s OTK & Cane Punishment

13131_008 13131_018 otk caning 13131_050 13131_059 caning and spanking 13132_018 sore red spanked bottom 13132_048 punished and spanked presenting her bare naked spanked bottom 13132_088

This video is a special member requested scene. Kajira was taken OTK by The Dean and spanked on her bare bottom with a small cane, leaving her bottom marked and sore. He then placed her in time out and went to get another implement to continue her punishment. The Dean returned with the martinet and spanked Kajira further. She was then told to remove all her clothing and hold the cane in her hands, while fully exposed in her final “time out”.

Check out this special schoolgirl punishment film in full – CLICK HERE

RSI is part of the Real spankings Pass (see more details on this below)

Real Spankings Pass


Finally for today… at Bars and Stripes there’s a great double punishment of two of my favorite ladies, and the punishment carried out by one of my favorite British female tops (who I have all worked with a lot in the past – Miss Zoe Page). So all in all, even before I watched this, I *knew* it was going to be good… AND, it contained a pillow fight, one of my own personal core kinks.  I love seeing girls fight like this (yes, that is just me, I’m afraid). So here today is the close to this post with a pillow fighting and double spanking extraordinaire of Amelia Jane Rutherford & Aleesha Fox. Oh my!

pillow_fight_IMG_4470 pillow_fight_IMG_4551 pillow_fight_IMG_4516  bare bottom spanking bare bottom spankings pillow_fight_scr2 pillow_fight_scr3  pillow_fight_IMG_4578 paddled side by side pillow_fight_scr6

In the halfway house inmates Amelia and Aleesha were supposed to be asleep but they got into an argument over a hairbrush and a pillow fight ensued. Officer Page heard the racket and with her leather paddle and hard hand, she made sure those two noisy little madams went to sleep with very sore bottoms.

CLICK HERE to view this latest spanking F/F video in full HD


Don’t forget to check out the daily AAA updated films (below) incl. extended FREE previews


Friday Spanking Galleries

Howdy! Here’s a collection of hot spanking galleries you may or may not have seen from some of the best spanking sites around! I’ve chosen the most recent where possible with some of my all time fave films from that site underneath. All images below will link to a gallery so click away and ENJOY!

I’m away for a couple of days (can’t say where just yet!) but will let you all know in due course, as for members of my site, support runs as normal and all mails will be answered in a short period of time! Cheers! 🙂


ss2 ss3 ss4

Galleries courtesy of Spanking Sarah



es2 es3 es4

Courtesy of English Spankers



ds2 ds3 ds4

Courtesy of Dreams of Spanking



aaa2 aaa3 aaa4

Courtesy of AAA Spanking



hf2 hf3 hf4

Courtesy of  Her First Punishment



gb2 gb3 gb4

Courtesy of Girls Boarding School


That’s it for now… have a great weekend everyone!

Severe Punishment Galleries

Just a quick update today as I am working a rather strange shift pattern in my day job, and as I am feeling miffed that I have to go in at a stupid time, I have decided to share with you some more brutal punishments,, with lots of welts, tears and snivelling wretches… this isn’t everyone’s “cup of tea” so I apologise in advance… I just thought I’d let off some steam and make you aware of the darker side of what is out there. All images are clickable and lead to selected galleries from the sites I have mentioned below. Back soon. Chief



All images above courtesy of Her First Punishment



Above galleries were courtesy of Lupus Spanking



Above galleries courtesy of Russian Discipline



Galleries courtesy of Girls Boarding School


Monday’s Spank Related Gossip

The start of another week, as we hurtle towards Xmas… at work we have started taking sweepstakes on whether the Euro will collapse by then, or not. My date is 19th December. The prize? 30 Euros (lol) – this lack of respect for what was and is supposed to be a decent currency stems from the fact many of us feel resentful how the rest of Europe treats our island nation. I remember the shameful day Britain was knocked out of the exchange rate mechanism (the ERM as it was called) in the early 1990’s when the major European currencies were trying to stay within a narrow band to see if the forebearer of the Euro could actually work. Of course, George Soros made $2 Bn Dollars off our country in a day (when $2Bn really was a lot of money then) when he forced the Pound out of the system when the markets sensed a killing.

It caused untold havoc with employment and national shame as our currency devalued nearly 20% overnight! I’m sure the Germans and French are secretly printing their previously precious Marks and Francs as I just don’t see how the industrial stable economies of northern Europe or the peoples of these nations can sustain the wasteful “Mediterrean economies” that have recklessly borrowed beyond their means for years and whose countrymen list pastimes as “Tax Evasion” as a way of life! Why should the hard taxed Germans pay for all those lazy, tax avoiding Med types chilling out beside the beach? I resent the fact Britain has had to indirectly bail out these basket cases via the IMF (yes I haven’t forgotten the 1970’s when our country humbly went cap in hand to the IMF, but that’s another story). So here we are, Europe really is on the brink, the markets are closing in for the kill, like wolves circling a wounded Bison, it’s far from over… but one wrong move now and the wolves will tear the beast apart…

The Euro may well go down the crapper just as Sterling was kicked out of the ERM all those years ago, and for once, I won’t gloat or be smug as Europe is our largest trading partner… to put it in terms here, European customers will not be thinking about renewing their memberships or buying new ones as they wonder what the hell has happened to their savings and pensions and earning power outside their country! So, I actually hope I lose my bet, not because my prize would become even more worthless overnight, but because this is something the world just can not take anymore, we’ve had years of hardship (well, I have) – it won’t get any better and of course what does that mean for producers of our fave subject? It’s a disaster too, as people have less money to spend… more sites may cut back or close altogether as the margins to continue are at breaking point for many already!

So on that happy note, why don’t I just get on with what is out there and let you decide what to maybe purchase to escape from all this financial doom and gloom as some sites nowadays are better value than ever, but you have to watch out for those that promise a ton of sites for little – as that is the sort of updates you will get – little overall – and I don’t actively showcase any sites with these policies here so fear not as I take you to Dallas and his punishment of one gorgeous Samantha Woodley!

Seeing her latest punishment right now – her first genuine comeback to the scene after a few years out (yes she is still showing as new updates as she had filmed a lot of stuff years back) but to see her with Dallas again, I will show you some scenes of her 1st day from the movie as her facial expressions show off perfectly what she goes through with her paddling and hand spankings!


I hope Dallas doesn’t mind this clip I cut as it is a small part of what I hope will be enough to capture the respect and friendship between these 2 as Dallas gives her a punishment that it sppeared she badly needed! Below is the description of the series of films to come from the man himself!



This is what Dallas had to say about this outstanding return punishment: Now regardless what some will say, this is the first on camera spanking she has received in two years. She exited from the scene for her own personal reasons. When she called requesting a spanking where she could not run away, I felt I owed it to her… and you.

This was a spanking punishment that took place over a two day period. I started with an over the knee hand, hairbrush & paddles. You will love the way she squirms and eventually cries from this very real punishment. Anyone knowing Samantha also knows that tears are few and far between with her and spanking. She felt jaded and wondering if she was even into punishment spankings still. I guess she found out. Sent to the corner (which she hates), Samantha was MADE to say ‘Sir’ (which she also hates). There she was MADE to relinquish control.

She spent the night in handcuffs and was awakeded to continue her punishment fully nude the next morning. I clear wrapped her to the bench to really make the ‘running away’ message loud and clear.


Next, she is given a riding crop whipping, the belt, a long severe strapping and a super hard hand spanking that she admitted was the worst over the two day period). YOU WILL LOVE THIS SPANKING BECAUSE IT WAS REAL! See it all exclusively from Dallas Spanks Hard


 Ok… and onto my friends in Euroland and beyond as I took out a membership to Girls Boarding School again recently to see what Headmaster Tom has been up to… and “boy” has he been busy! You’ll be seeing a lot more of their stuff here as his site gets back to basics as only Herr Headmaster knows how… severely! Witness the state of Elin’s bottom (below) afte a rather severe bedroon dorm style strapping and some excellent snivelling cornertime! Now if only he’d find Micaela and tharsh her (it was one of Michael’s finest triumphs, for me, but alas… I think beautiful Micaela may not be back but as a member you can download her films she did make and this was possibly one of the best looking girls to have been given the GBS treatment… still Elin’s trim scholastic figure (below) is a visual treat for those that like to see their naughty girls given a proper hiding!



You can much more of Headmaster Tom’s craftmanship with hand, cane and tawse HERE


In Russia, no one hears the schoolgirls scream anymore, or at least, I don’t think anyone cares if the latest tear jerking thrashings  are anything to go by! I used to avoid this site like the plague, but since their excellent makeover a few years ago and the better quality films and editing, this site is one of those I try to keep to myself, if you know what I mean…. some of their punishments are very severe, but they are in no way as brutal as some I won’t mention here (which I just don’t get, to be honest. ) Me? I like to see pretty girls on the internet getting realistic punishments, if that involves shame, humiliation, nudity, very red and sore red bottoms and some simple storyline I can get and be taken into, then… *sigh* – so be it 🙂 I’m a simple man with simple tastes… but only taste the good stuff *wink* (Didn’t Winston Churchill say something similar once?)


& if the girls ever thought safety in numbers was preferable, they could be right – as some of the detentions like this one featured below are to be avoided at all costs, hard no nonsense discipline at lunchtime then sent back to class without anything to eat to reflect what a thoroughly miserable afternoon in class this girl would endure trying to sit comfortably! Ouch!




Tears, nervous girls & very hard punishments from Russia – Click HERE for the full previews


OK, onto something a little lighter as I bring you one of my fave models from Punishedbrats.com -another of my must see sites that you always see me harping on about! Lorraine Little, ever since she burst onto our screens courtesy of PB some 18 or so months ago (possibly longer as my abillity to tell time is appalling) she was bratty, pouty, cried and complained a lot… and of course, that butt of hers, O-M-G! So perky, so spankable, just aching to be tanned as she wiggled and squirmed over whoever was punishing her (usually sister Beverly if it wasn’t Aunt Veronica or Uncle David) – well, feast your eyes on her most recent film, her hair is still short, I have gotten used to it now, but that pout, that ass, that sassy bratty behavior, it’s still there…. begging for her to get punished!

Lorraine pouts and brats – but she still gets a spanking!




Check out MORE of pouty Lorraine’s brattiest movies alongside her tormentor Beverly Bacci HERE


A brat film with a different perspective? Well, check out Brandi’s humiliating punishment as she is stripped and made to kneel on a stool whilst she is spanked and strapped from behind!

Such was the force of the strapping and the sheer shame of knowing there were others peeping at her discipline session, tears ran down her cheeks! See what I mean from a few images cut from the movie below, Brandi’s pert trim body is timeless thanks to film… forever one of my fave spankees from the past, captured on film for all (internet and domain name) eternity 🙂





See the vast archive of teen Brandi’s many severe and excluisve spanking punishments HERE

You can also check her out at the sites below where she also featured quite heavily, especially with her fellow naughty girl at the time, redhead Jessica who was my first redhead spanking crush online many moons ago!



& of course let’s not ignore Jessica paddled on her own, she had the tightest perkiest ass that could take a hell of a wooden paddling, seeing her punished still like that I just find an awesome sight to watch! (Especially in her uniforms!!!)


Check out Teen Jessica’s equally alluring site – STILL updating with new content and images like these above!


& finally today, as promised, I got my act together and have been uploading a film to our Clips Store HERE whilst writing this (yes, men can multi task… sort of) and it’s a great bratty film with Sarah Gregory, not seen anywhere and I doubt it will be shown at the main site in all its HD glory for a while so this is a great preview for anyone obsessed with all things “Sarah G”… and who wouldn’t be? I re ran this film earlier and it made me smile so much, she was just so sassy and gave me “lip” at every chance, mocking my accent, our chocolate, being a complete Diva… hence the name of this film “Diva Spanking” (yes, boring title, I know… yawn!) What isn’t boring is the hard stinging paddling I gave her with our very stinging composite paddle that Sarah later confirmed in her best “Queen’s English” … “Hurt like buggery!”

Click image below to access this latest film



A moan… a whinge & some spankings!


As promised, I have some spankings from around t’Internet including some you may never have seen or forgot about as I delved into my archives to bring you something mixed so it just doesn’t show what everyone else might be featuring right now! Now, this takes me a lot of time and effort as I rummage through what I’ve got and then plan to show you guys what is out there. Something which seems to go over the heads of a few people that seem to really hate my blog and never link to it, telling me it’s “promotional” blah-de-blah-de-blah… when I see a load of others that I know damn well are “promotional” get linked and are covered in ads, in fact many more than mine, actually… sigh, oh well! This isn’t a blind promotional or spamming blog, far from it, it’s about me and what I like, I’ve invested so much of my time into this thing these last 4-5 years and what I hope you all may like, but I feel I’m preaching to the converted now as my readership levels haven’t increased at all for the last couple of years (although they are quite healthy, I would have thought I could easily have attracted more attention, but of course it doesn’t help if you never ever get linked by the so called “influential few”, even when I approached one and mentioned the interview and write up about Spanking Site Piracy… this was purely to help spread the word and I thought this might help, did they link to it? Did they hell! To those that did or were involved in that debate, bravo! There were no links in that post to anything other than the chap I was interviewing.

Perhaps my readership levels are topping out because I whinge on? LOL. Or perhaps because for the last few years, I’ve blocked the regular country ISPs from Russia, China, Ukraine and such (I have a ton of blocked country IPs that people from these countries have just basically copied everything down and posted elsewhere… China… * cough! cough! * so onto the list these countries go inside my htaccess files for this blog).
I’m probably losing an extra 1,500-2,000 unique views a day – and maybe that would push the blog higher up the Alexa rankings though I have no way of guessing this as all these ranking sites are pretty much random (however, this blog has ALWAYS suffered in that respect) and I feel it’s something to do with the outdated format of this theme I’m using – I really will have to change the template sooner or later and bring it into 2011/12, it’s something I’m dreading as the links and stuff on the sidebars might have to be changed, but will have to be done!

& here I am, still droning on and still no spankings, so enough of my drivel and before I lose any more readers, please check out the lovely Amber as promised yesterday, she really is worth the wait after you put up with my diatribes above! Enjoy all my spankings updates for Friday! Regards, Chief.


I see Amber is feeling a little low in this latest film as she recalls how she would be spanked at home, told to go wait in her room, the anguish of waiting almost as frightening or making her tremble with anticipation, a mental punishment on top of the physical side… a double whammy! As Amber recalls this, she doesn’t have long to wait as her man, Daddy, approaches the bed and removes his belt and within the 1st few strokes Amber’s bubble butt is turning red and the tears start to well up in her eyes…. if only this punishment was over so she could hug and hold her man and promise she’d try to be good!

But first her panties are removed…. this punishment is far from over!!!




Of course, on the other hand (so to speak) if you wish to see Amber playing with her newbie treasures that she alone spanks online, then take a look at her latest beauty, the half Jamaican and half Swedish princess called Zahara, who is coaxed by Amber into all manner of 1st time spanking and submissive experiences… including lots of bottom play, breast worship and nipple torture that Amber has experienced so she knows exactly what these girls are going through!

It’s refreshing to see and of course the way Amber has progressed at this site, encouraging bi-curious girls to come play and try out a side they’d never thought possible is rather addictive! As Amber admitted on her blog HERE – she hadn’t realized how far she’d come herself, exploring her own bisexual side as she never thought possible as she becomes ever more daring, becoming more sexually dominant as well as giving these lovely girl next door types a good “booty whupping” (with lots of baby oil, mmm) too!




If you are keen to see more from this HOT movie than check it out HERE

Before I close with Amber today… I wanted to point out that she has her own nude site which has been going for a while and covers things away from spanking, I know it’s not everyone’s “cup of tea” but she uses a lot of the girls featured in her spanking films alongside herself, of course, since the site is called Amber Dawn Nude – it certainly lives up to its name and covers lots of vanilla naughtiness I like to see, and to be honest, I get a big kick out of seeing spanking models getting a little ruder from time to time… I am, after all, a red blooded male. Amber’s site caters to both women and men who like to see her play away from her spanking, spankee and web cam roles she does so perfectly! I have a couple of images featuring her and Zahara (featured above) as they worship each others breast and make out. Who was the cameraman? Why… lucky Daddy, of course! here’s a guy who has ALL the luck…




Check out what this site is all about – CLICK HERE for the tour pages


The next update was from a recent film from Realspankings.com with 2 of the best girls on there at the moment currently showing, blue haired Lila… who seems to have been around forever, but in fact has been working with Mr M’s spanking emporium for around 2 years and the ever present Betty who is especially tearful in this paddling punishment as both girls assume the lunge position! What I found interesting is the tears from Betty as she can take a hell of a punishment as I’m sure you know… so this film shone for me and perhaps I can offer an explanation to her tears?

How did it get so bad for both girls in this punishment? Read on…

The lunge position isn’t everyone’s favorite but I like it, it’s a vulnerable position that a young woman finds herself in, the blood rushes to the head, she may be afraid that her legs might buckle under whatever onslaught is planned, in this case a damned hard paddling from Mr King! Lila is first, Betty watches with obvious apprehension as she is next! The scene stealer, though… is Betty! She starts to cry and you can see her legs shake uncontrollably after each stinging swat… barely able to maintain the position and aware that this is an undignified way to receive a wooden paddle, it’s a short but awesome film, some images from this are below.




See Betty’s real tears in the previews shown HERE


Finally today, as I’m actually running out of time, a few galleries from one of the few Russian sites I will recommend… lots of tears, evil spankings and humiliating punishments and a half decent translation for people like me that don’t speak a word of it (not that it matters sometimes but it’s good to get an idea of what is going on, eh?) Click on any image below for some selcted films, I actually viewed a few of these from my own stash earlier which inspired me to find these galleries, so hope you enjoy! All films are courtesy of Her First Punishment


Check out the continuing misery of these girls at the new look revamped HerFirstPunishment.com


Cute girls given much needed spankings!

Hi everyone, I will just go straight for it today, less of my waffle and a quick look around the wonderful world of the spanking internet! You might also want to check my other blog HERE as I updated that earlier with some cool stuff… and the first update here is a continuation of that cool stuff elsewhere so if you like this, definitely check out the other blog as it contains a free clip and the previous spanking that beautiful maid, Corrine Gonzalez, gets at the hands of Allaura Shane who just can’t stop spanking this cute girl… I don’t blame her!

See MORE of Corrine & the hot new girls spanked exclusively at FirmHandSpanking


Next up is from the archives of SpankedCallgirls.com and although there isn’t a lot of spanking in this scene I’m about to show, the movie does have this and the overwhelming theme of humiliation – as only Clare Fonda knows how. In this old classic with hot redhead, Vixen, she gives the girl an air enema and this makes her fart, this was when Clare played her evil alter ego “Aunt Gwen” and you can see part of this scene below and the obvious tampon Vixen is wearing too… which Clare playfully tugs at! (OMG!) With the spankings this girl gets, this is why a visit to the archives of this site is a MUST SEE!

If you thought that was hot check the archives again and you’ll come across another old classic from a model we all know so well who gets more similar humiliating treatment with bottom inspections/temperature takings and such – poor Amber Pixie Wells! Oh my!!!

Check out what is in the archives at spankedcallgirls.com HERE

This site is part of Clare’s infamous & top value CLARE FONDA PASS


You can never go wrong with schoolgirl spankings, their cute uniforms, the almost inexhaustible excuse to punish the girls in and out of their panties and all those institutional instruments of correction… it’s a spanko’s dream come true!!! So it is for Mr Johnson at St Catherine’s School for Girls where Stacey, Patricia & Sammie were getting an extra history lesson because they were quite lazy in class. That became quite obvious as their answers to the questions on WW2 were quite ludicrous! They got their bottoms spanked a few times and they earned themselves 18 demerits which got them a sound paddling AND a bare bottom birching before the lesson was over. They left with very sore bottoms under those school skirts – all this wonderment can be found at the most delightful Spanked-in-Uniform.com


Finally today from Russia (without much love) the unfortunate girls who experience severe spankings and harsh punishments for the first time often ends in tears… as it is here and no amount of stunning beauty can deter these guys from going easy on the girls! Some amazing images are below that accompany these movies, one of which I have watched several times recently… for, er… educational reasons on the cultural teachings of old Mother Russia (and such!)

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Tears, Severity & Pyjama Spankings

Hey, sorry for the long winded post yesterday… I probably pissed most of you off with it – you didn’t expect that, eh? But I still felt it needed saying, even with the help of some “vino” – and no cake, sadly… I have decided to see what happens and have taken the upgrade version for now which means I get a super-duper high end dedicated server very soon (I may have to stop posting for a day or 2 after this when the transfer of data takes place). But that Tube will have to try and at least earn it’s way for my considerable time and extra money that I will and have spent on it and to pay to host it or I will kill it off… but I will probably be on various webmaster forums soon enough asking for advice on better software, who can help, who are the best value to help and such 🙂

OK, I have a couple of various updates for you today… so I’ll start with a site I haven’t featured in a while but I really do love their stuff, especially as they now include far better images alongside their movies and you’ll see from these chosen images just what I mean. I am rather discerning with my sign ups, as it appears everyone else is so I would like to show you some hot stuff I had viewed with a membership I purchased last month (it’s just ended) & I am referring to HerFirstPunishment.com – the site that takes pretty unsuspecting girls in Russia and disciplines them mercilessly, some of these girls are eye wateringly pretty and believe you me, they do get it… bound up (which I am liking more and more) or mentally disciplined – it’s not all about the physical side of their ordeal at this site… the translations are still a bit ropey at times but they really do help when the girls are pleading or being thrashed you can understand pretty much everything so it’s appreciated they do bother to cater to the vast English speaking market!

OK, I have 3 films and superb images of what I have been talking about… prepare yourselves for an awesome rush that is HerFirstPunishment.com

A first time punishment for this stunning teenager as she is subjected to a humiliating punishment, played upon with sex toys and when she is tearful, bound and given a stinging switch punishment across her soft once flawless cheeks!

You can check out more of Alenka’s first time punishment (above) – CLICK HERE

Told to hurry up, this poor thing felt the cold of the room when she was completely in the buff, shivering slightly, she placed herself on the punishment bench where she was tied down, her bottom arched up and given her very first cold caning – “in old Soviet Russia… Motherland spanks YOU!”

“Old skool” Soviet style discipline of girls never spanked before can be seen HERE

Oksana had no idea of what to expect but she was told her behavior had earned her this frightening and hard punishment as she would be tightly bound on the old style Soviet punishment bench… this is a classic “before and after“, you’ll get to see her absolutely flawless teen bottom beforehand and of course the angry red marks dished out by her cruel punishment master’s cane! Hardly surprising then that tears flowed!

All these punishments now come with great image sets like these samples I’ve got for you, accompanying the movies, if you haven’t visited this site in a while, I suggest you go take a look as it has improved vastly since my last long term visit! Needless to say I will be covering more punishments from this site soon but members can of course download all these authentic looking severe Russian style disciplines with some of the prettiest girls I’ve seen from the old Soviet bloc!


& on a slightly lighter note I have the very latest much awaited pyjama punishment movie out now at Triple A Spanking – AAAspanking.com which, as I said previously, was a fun film for the spankers… I’m not so sure about the poor girls though… stood there in their jim-jams (no knickers on underneath, of course) looking rather lost… we deliberately left them in the dark and they were not given much warning of what was to happen except that they could see the “Naughty Chairs” in front of them! & so the psychological torment of what was to come (before bedtime as well) begun as they were placed over both mine and Jean Bradley’s knee… we knew what they were going to get, they didn’t… Of course, it was a hairbrush and bathbrush thrashing after we had warmed up their bottoms… (that bathbrush really wasn’t very “friendly”) and we’d take turns spanking these naughty madams bottoms until we were satisfied that they were red and sore enough for them to remember this punishment all night long!

If you click on this promotional image below, there is a free clip now available on the home page!

As you would expect I have a couple of very exclusive images no one else will have and these are reduced in size but will compliment the movie (these aren’t available for members but I think you’ll get the idea!) just click on the thumbnails below!

These images were taken by me at the end of the film, the girls were larking about so I hope this caught the spirit of the moment! Yes, their poor bottoms did look very red afterwards, didn’t they? I think, from memory, this might have been the last film we shot that day… so that could also explain the smiles as the girls thought “yay!” no more spanking and excessive bottom rubbing from that old geezer over there!

“What?” Hmm, it was a fun shoot actually and we made some good films, so here is my chance to say “thank you” to all concerned who helped make this a great shoot and just so you can see, I have a few images from the movie itself below, these are available to members right now along with the first parts of the movie and it’s not stuffed full of dialog…”Oh no, Sir….” I think within 30 seconds these girls were over our knees and the spanking pajamera had begun! Hope those who are members and prospective wannabes enjoy this latest offering from AAAspanking.com! Regards, Chief.