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“Welcome back Jasmine!”

Warning: The Chief  “has wood” typing this as he recalls this movie he made recently with Jasmine

Ok, I have been busy getting our next film ready for release which stars the very lovely Jasmine, back by (very) popular demand and this film was a sort of recreation of her very first movie she ever did with us… a self spanking and sexy tease, as we interview her on the bed before getting her to show us all what she really gets up to at home…

Jasmine is back and looking as amazing as the first time we filmed her! Yum!

Jasmine is as hot and naughty as she appears in her films… it didn’t help that we were filming in a stuffy room one one of the hottest days of the year at the time (with no air con… we had to close the windows in this room for fear of alerting the neighbors… oops!) However, I couldn’t resist joining in, with such a sight presented to us, I just had to finish the movie as a “stunt hand” and ensure Jasmine’s ever so pretty bottom got a real red “welcome back” – and “boy” did it turn red on her first spanking… she later admitted she hadn’t been spanked hard for a while, except doing it to herself. It was just what she needed…

The images below are totally exclusive to my blogs as they haven’t been released yet (these are reduced size images and I’ll get you more info when the film actually goes up in full this weekend, but members will be able to download this really hot full image set tomorrow in full size and I promise they are amongst the best I’ve taken!




The full HD film will be released in one go by Monday next week at AAAspanking… but if you really can’t wait that long, there is the FULL film already out at our specialist clips site which makes it a popular choice for those that just want to download the odd movie of ours, as I know that there are those that prefer that, even though our membership site is amongst the best priced and most competive out there (I’ve checked!)

Check out her movie (below) – I promise you Jasmine is “smoking hot”

Welcome back, Jasmine! The pleasure is all ours!

Check out other clips (there’s over 80 now) including some unseen stuff at our specialist Clips Store

Beautiful Japanese Spankings

Well, it’s been a while… and this blog is still known for providing you with a decent Japanese spanking fix so I thought I’d better sort that out right now and give you some red hot spanking updates across a range of the usual fayre that you can find uploaded most recently at CutieSpankee.com – So that will be high school students being bullied by the younger girls? Yup! Um… exchange students thrashed at new institutions by their cruel mistresses? Of course! Oh, what about in the workplace… the cold hard reality that when they leave school and college, they face predatory female bosses that can’t wait to punish these girls on a whim? Yes, yes and yes!

So without further ado, I bring you my Japanese spanking extravaganza! *drumroll*

Click large images to playback a wmv free clip, if you’ve missed any then this is the place to catch up and see what’s happening at this site 🙂



OK, as I said, the workplace seems to be a continuation of what goes in in Japan… spanking is rife everywhere, even for students that move schools, bullying by younger pupils can go on, especially when the older girl was caught masturbating in the dorm room… ah that old sweet chestnut! Check out the clip below and some great images from this movie!


& finally seeing girls in cute uniforms that only the Japanese seem to be able to bring off perfectly… Sailor suits… oh, my favorite! Well, there’s no excuse, just enjoy the amazing pictures, these are the sort of images that accompany their movies, beautiful, aren’t they?






Before I go, I know this is a spanking blog and I may be offline for a few days so if I don’t get a chance to come back online, I am in no way being disrespectful if I didn’t mention the victims of 9-11 with the upcoming horrific 10th anniversary! This was an event that touched us all and rather then pre-empt anything, I want to express my continued support for those affected by this human tragedy and those who fight the cause of blind terror that I am 100% behind them, as are the decent majority! OK, without putting a bummer on things (literally?) please do have a good weekend and remember those who had no choice in the events that unfolded 10 years ago. God rest their souls.

Flirtacious Sinn gets it good!

Remember I promised to let you know more about the amazing F/F spankings at Chelsea Pffeifer’s well run sites? Well, today, I am quickly updating something as I have to pop out for a birthday lunch… but will be back later with another regular Monday update covering all manner of spanking mayhem… but if you are into extremely sexy girl on girl discipline and making out as they get genuinely turned on during the filming… then please read on!

Sinn tries to talk her way out of being caught in Dia Zerva’s closet… rummaging through her stuff, trying on her panties and being very interested in a strap on cock she saw hanging on a hook! Dia (OMG, she is so beautiful and it’s great to see her back with Sinn again!!!) is having none of it and quickly takes Sinn over her knee and we get to see Sinn’s amazing bubble butt jiggle and bounce as it is spanked, first under her skirt, then with the offending black panties removed and Sinn is actually getting turned on and can feel Dia is too… cue some mischievous behavior as Sinn makes out with Dia, and dia fingers Sinn off while she spanks her… I have included a clip of a double handed spanking of Sinn’s very red bottom as well as actually cut some images directly from the film so you can see some of the action sequences… unfortunately my editing “software” is crap so the images aren’t quite as good as I’d have hoped for but they do show the movie as intended and the Flash movie, I had some sound sync issues with too… If it’s too off putting you can download the WMV version which is flawless (underneath the instant play clip!)

The original clip can be downloaded in this WMV version – CLICK HERE

Go check out what is available on the extensive tour pages of SpankSinn.com
(check out the new movie where Sinn gives some back to Dia!)