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Spanking Misty Morocco

Can I let you into a little secret? I have recently been admiring some cougar action, both in the vanilla sense… and in my spanking movies I have been watching! I am talking about real beautiful women, in their thirties or forties who are still drop dead gorgeous… but with that beauty always comes the arrogance of years of thinking they are better than others (Naomi Campbell springs to mind and that is one brat I’d love seen thrashed to real tears!). Maybe it’s just me and my old age… but I enjoy seeing a woman of a certain maturity getting what she so richly deserves – I just find that scenario so hot! Each to their own, I guess, so if this isn’t your thing, I understand: So I only have one post from one site today and that is of a real model brat I don’t think has ever been fully featured outside of the member area before until now, and that’s a crying shame, as this magazine and glamour model gets a damned good spanking… at the hands of Greg, the infamous Mystery Spanker.

& like a fly to the spider she came… heh heh! Say hello to Misty Morroco

Misty makes a very nice living modeling for car magazines and serving as eye candy at auto shows. The good people of Bun Beating Fun decided to contact Miss Morocco and suggest that she broaden her horizons, as it were, by starring in one of their movies.


“What are your movies about, and how much do I get paid?” the lady asked, cutting straight to the chase, whereupon they cheerfully provided sufficently vague answers to both her questions. She showed up right on time too. Problem was, the egoistical wench was more keen on bragging about her recently acquired lifestyle than in doing the job for which she was hired.


Clearly there were some major delusions of grandeur going on here and for her own good, if for no other reason, this lady needed to be brought back down to reality in a big way. Of course, nothing works quite so quickly as a good old fashioned ass spanking for accomplishing as much.  And… this particular ass was a most interesting specimen indeed.



Though unquestionably trim and exquisitely sculpted, Miss Morocco’s bottom showed itself to be surprisingly soft and malleable when properly addressed. And addressed it was! For nearly twenty minutes The Mystery Spanker’s hand would rise and fall with crisp report causing Misty’s sweet mounds of hot rubbery butt flesh to shake, wobble and jiggle like traumatized Jell-O.

No doubt this empty headed space cadet’s trip back to planet Earth would not be an easy one. Her pilot, as it were, seemed sure handed enough though. Indeed it was without pause or respite that he continued to put his hands to good use with truly dramatic effect. Misty’s frenzied cries echoed off the walls with startling urgency but we remained focused all but exclusively on those steaming hot butt cheeks dancing and juddering ever more obscenely under the man’s hard swung hand.


Of course Misty’s entertaining facial contortions as well as the sight of her bared breasts flapping in the breeze provided the crew with some amusing diversion from time to time. Not so the main man, though… He, it bears noting, remained exclusively, one might even suggest obsessively, focused on the young woman’s bouncing red glutes throughout!



 You have to respect that sort of single minded concentration….

& you can see MORE of this butt blistering extravaganza, fully remastered HERE

“Welcome back Jasmine!”

Warning: The Chief  “has wood” typing this as he recalls this movie he made recently with Jasmine

Ok, I have been busy getting our next film ready for release which stars the very lovely Jasmine, back by (very) popular demand and this film was a sort of recreation of her very first movie she ever did with us… a self spanking and sexy tease, as we interview her on the bed before getting her to show us all what she really gets up to at home…

Jasmine is back and looking as amazing as the first time we filmed her! Yum!

Jasmine is as hot and naughty as she appears in her films… it didn’t help that we were filming in a stuffy room one one of the hottest days of the year at the time (with no air con… we had to close the windows in this room for fear of alerting the neighbors… oops!) However, I couldn’t resist joining in, with such a sight presented to us, I just had to finish the movie as a “stunt hand” and ensure Jasmine’s ever so pretty bottom got a real red “welcome back” – and “boy” did it turn red on her first spanking… she later admitted she hadn’t been spanked hard for a while, except doing it to herself. It was just what she needed…

The images below are totally exclusive to my blogs as they haven’t been released yet (these are reduced size images and I’ll get you more info when the film actually goes up in full this weekend, but members will be able to download this really hot full image set tomorrow in full size and I promise they are amongst the best I’ve taken!




The full HD film will be released in one go by Monday next week at AAAspanking… but if you really can’t wait that long, there is the FULL film already out at our specialist clips site which makes it a popular choice for those that just want to download the odd movie of ours, as I know that there are those that prefer that, even though our membership site is amongst the best priced and most competive out there (I’ve checked!)

Check out her movie (below) – I promise you Jasmine is “smoking hot”

Welcome back, Jasmine! The pleasure is all ours!

Check out other clips (there’s over 80 now) including some unseen stuff at our specialist Clips Store

Up late & a little drunk!

Hi everyone! I’m just off to bed, had a great shoot today despite my worries about the owners next door… seemed we got away with it, so as I use their internet connection I have got you a few images of our shoot today with popular returnee, Jasmine, and a brand new girl to spanking, Sophie (not filmed anywhere else!) … who had the look of Michelle Pfeiffer about her… and for a new spankee, I seriously put her through her paces and she came up trumps! I can’t wait to start getting these films up, below are some images from just a few of the films we made today as I got some sets on my camera so can get this to you now! Hope you like what will be coming soon!

Drunkingly, Chief.


New girl Sophie makes her debut in spanking and Jasmine shows us what we’ve missed!

It was incredibly hot here in England, the hottest October day on record… so of course we were all woefully unprepared stuck inside and had to keep the windows shut as both Jasmine and Sophie yelled out loud when I whacked them just a little too hard! So we all endured it inside without air con… the things we do to make films, eh?


I haven’t adjusted any of these images at all, they are just reduced in size and nothing more (I’m far too tipsy for anything like that right now) and I just loved the way Jasmine investigated Sophie’s delightfully speckled bottom! In fact, both girls asses really turned red almost straight away… my hand has become quite stingy… as Jasmine remarked… bitterly! heh heh!


Jasmine did a good job of getting her own back on Sophie…. I have to say Sophie had the most amazing eyes…. you could get lost looking into them, oh and her bottom speckled beautifully as you’ll have seen already!


Oh, and Sophie got her chance too in a schoolgirl set, damn they look good together, eh?

I couldn’t help myself, Jasmine played the naughty Girl Guide oh so well….
OMG! Just look at her for goodness sake!

& finally below, in what was one of my fave films of the day, I already know the title of this film, it’ll be called “Who wet the bed?” as I ask this question repeatedly of the girls and make them spank each other when they really don’t want to be doing this and they just don’t tell me who did the dirty deed so I end up diapering them before they leave the house to add to their shame! We had some fun making this one…. I’m sure you’ll love the humor and the wicked spankings that took place in this and many of the films!


Yes! They’re diapers… and Jasmine inspects the damage on Sophie’s magnificent behind! I’m so glad we didn’t get caught today otherwise I couldn’t bring you this post and let you in on a small part of what will be coming soon to AAAspanking! Remember you can view all these updates and a shed load more stuff starting from just $8.50 a month if you take the special option…. and I guarantee everything you see here will be available to you on that extended special deal…

OK, I’m waffling, have a good ‘un… here’s to another sweltering day and maybe tomorrow I can enjoy some of the last hot sunshine we’re gonna get here in England this year! Yay!