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Irelynn Logeen at GBS

Hello… I thought I’d bring you something a little different today. I am sure that I had never written about this film of the much-missed Irelynn Logeen (now retired, of course) in what was one of her first appearances online… at the time of writing, I would estimate about 12 years ago! She has that girl next door quality and the ability to take a hard spanking… something which made her very popular with members at the few websites that she had worked at over the years. Irelynn can be found up by performing a model search in the archives at Girls Boarding School – there are various download options including MP4 and streaming options as well as many high-quality image galleries.



“Irelynn… wake up it’s Sunday morning.” Headmaster Tom has entered her room and he’s there for a purpose. He’s come to see if she has anything to report to him. She has been at Girls Boarding School for a week – surely she should have nothing to report. However, she has written the report up and she starts to read it to him. She was late for the gym on Monday. He tells her that is not too serious – in fact, she’d have got off with a warning… but more was to come. Wearing inappropriate clothing one day. Eating chocolate in bed.

She has broken one of the house rules at GBS: beds are for sleeping in and only for sleeping in, not eating or drinking, not for watching TV and certainly not for studying on. She tells him how she threw a book after a teacher and he is not at all impressed with her. Finally, she accidentally lost her key. All that in just a week.

She must be punished, so it won’t happen again. Putting her over his knee he gives her a hard hand spanking. That is only the beginning of her ordeal. She is asked to make an immediate decision – wooden or leather paddle? She chooses leather. So he brings the leather paddle down from its hook on the wall above her bed. Bending over the end of the bed, with her face in the mattress, her poor sore red bottom is made even redder as the leather paddle makes contact. She then has to apologize for each broken rule and promise not to do it again.

Still determined to really make her suffer, he strips her bedding off the bed. Now she must stay in bed for the next twelve hours. No going to the toilet, or eating. If there is an emergency she must call him. All she can do to pass the next twelve hours is to sleep.

spanking Irelynn Logeen spanking Irelynn Logeen Irelynn Logeen Girls Boarding School - Irelynn Logeen

Irelynn appears in many other films at Girls Boarding School – this was the first shown as a featured new resident appearance. if you have never been to this site in a very long time or are curious about this entire network of spanking sites, there is also the VIP option (see below)


This site is part of the VIP Spanking network, giving you 8 spanking sites for less than the combined cost of them combined. However, a word of warning… if you choose this option, be prepared to invest a lot of time downloading all the content from across this network showcasing some fine classic spankings from years gone by! Enjoy.



Erfalasorput - our flag in Greenland

Spanking on Throwback Thursday

keep-calm-its-time-for-throwback-thursdayI think this should be a regular feature, what I am going to try and do is feature spanking images, GIFs & clips from series/videos from various sites (when I have time) that I know I have never shown here before. This could be anything from over a year ago… far enough gone that you may not have noticed either!

As Mary Poppins & Burt would say: Let’s “Step back in time!”
I’ll be starting this off with a visit to Firm Hand Spanking and a bare bottom paddling for Charlie Brandon by Krista Taylor (do these names ring any bells? It’s from over 8 years ago!)

Bare Bottom Paddling for Charlie Brandon


“I had never been paddled before,” said pretty blonde Charlie Brandon . “So when Krista smacked me with it for the first time, it felt as if I’d sat on a hotplate!” After caning her Pageant Punishment competitor, it was now Charlie’s turn to be disciplined. Ten swats with a wooden paddle for bribery, five of them panties down. This was a satisfying revenge for Krista!

cbc_i001 cbc_i006 cbc_i009 cbc_i010 cbc_i011 wooden paddling cbc_i018 cbc_i019 bare bottom wooden paddling cbc_i023




Lila is Exposed and Spanked (in 2012) – At Real Spankings Institute 

Lila Exposed and spanked

The Dean confronts Lila about her constant uniform infractions. She obviously is seeking attention by not wearing a bra today. So The Dean puts Lila to the test as she is told to strip, and follow his directions to display her body. Betty, Roxie, Ivy and Syrena are invited in to watch the display. Lila is spanked in front of the girls, and then her bottom is inspected by them.

exposed and spanked exposed and spanked exposed and spanked exposed and spanked exposed and spanked exposed and spanked exposed and spanked exposed and spanked exposed and spanked exposed and spanked



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Real Spankings Pass


Back to 2008, this was Irelynn Logeen’s debut on Hallowe’en that year. I’m sure I haven’t ever covered this… which is a shame as this was the first time she appeared in the vast collection of her films at Northern Spanking – Irelynn picked the wrong door to knock on when it was Hallowe’en for her Trick or Treat as Mr Grumpy inside couldn’t see the funny side…


This is what they said about her at the time! – As you can see from her glowing bottom, it’s a VERY WARM welcome to the gorgeous Irelynn Logeen making her spanking model debut. At just 18 years old, she’s cheeky, energetic and a bundle of trouble and fun in equal measures! We’re sure you will all LOVE our new young model as much as we do. We believe Irelynn is a spanking star in the making!

NSI080-IV004 NSI080-IV023 NSI080-IV029 NSI080-IV030 NSI080-IV034 NSI080-IV038 NSI080-IV048 NSI080-IV050 NSI080-IV051 NSI080-IV061

INDEED SHE WAS! Irelynn was one of the first people I had wanted to feature at AAA back in 2010. She has now retired from the scene but has given us all so many memories… and Northern Spanking has more than most of her! CHECK OUT ALL HER FILMS HERE



Remember how that “Retro look” and feel for something is better??? 🙂


Lonestar Spanking party

Multiple Spanking Updates


I had some fun attending the second day of MTV Crashes in Plymouth this week, I have to admit I felt my age bopping with 1000’s of 16-20 year olds and was generally grumpy at some of the dickheads there, I only thought these kids threw bottles of piss at Kanye West… I was wrong. Kanye-West-weeI avoided most of the flying bottles but being there for 5 or so hours, I was bound to get some splash back, lol! Fuckers! The reason I put up with the wasted youth around me was because I was there to watch Steve Aoki’s set… and with this event becoming bigger every year (apparently over 57,000 turned up over the 2 day event on the famous Plymouth Hoe) it was a stunning backdrop and I love how the biggest talent on the DJ-ing circuit want to come to this event! I won’t bore you with any more, I was just psyched about it… images and clips are from my cameraphone… then of course there are the spanking updates you want to see!!!

[jwplayer mediaid=”42163″]

Unseen Leia Ann Woods & Irelynn Logeen at AAAspanking.com

This was updated earlier today, it’s a photoset (not a movie but a great idea for one) – it’s hard to believe but this was taken four and a half years ago… how time flies! I have the storyline and a few of the reduced size images. There might be a return for those that like the odd dedicated image set, I know that there are more with other girls at AAA but it’s a matter of letting Sarah know where to find them from all the raw image data. I’m sure when we are together next week I can help her locate it all for future updates! In the meantime, check out Leia and Irelynn, the only time they filmed together, I think, was for AAA (I could be wrong, and sure if I am will be told!)

No Head for Heights

h001 h002 h003 h004 h005 h006 spanking handprint spanking h009 h010 h011 h012

Irelynn was staying with Leia at her luxury city apartment and both girls had some time to kill before going out to meet friends. They decided to play a game of Dare as they both wanted to see who could stand on the window and look down the longest without feeling queazy. Both girls were deadly afraid of heights so this was not easy for them, but as it was a Dare they both decided to do it. The loser would get a spanking… now they are no strangers to this form of play and it was really just another excuse for the girls to play and get another chance to spank each other! Leia went first and Irelynn seemed impressed at first but Leia started complaining so Irelynn pulled her panties down and gave her some hard smacks to take her mind off the dizzying height below! Irelynn was a little turned on by this and couldn’t wait for it to be her turn. She squealed far too early when she was facing the window… hoping Leia would take the bait and give her some “spanking punishment” for her apparent cowardice. Job done, leia quickly obliged and enjoyed getting one back on her close friend. Both girls passed their ordeal and fell into each others arms to feel safer away from the city view high up in the air.

h013 h014

See this latest update & the many unique films with Leia & Irelynn together HERE



Sarah & I will be meeting Whitney Morgan later this summer and I can’t wait… the girls love working with each other and I have already sent her a few friendly private tweets, she sounds like she is just going to be awesome and she has worked with Sarah at her site before… but if you want to see her first time appearing out west for the Clare Fonda Network of sites… then check out Spanked Sweeties as she gets the usual treatment, her interview and some re-enactments of spankings when she grew up… this girl is seriously into spanking so it’s worth checking out, the images I have below are her teacher /pupil re-enactment with Veronica Ricci playing her scholastic nemesis!

002 003 005 006 007 008 009 010 012 013 014 015

Whitney Morgan was spanked often growing up, including by her mom (Miss Cassie), her teacher with a ruler (Veronica Ricci shown above) and her dad, who spanked her sometimes with a book. Whitney gives an outstanding, candid interview with some excellent re-enactments.

Remember this style is unique to Spanked Sweeties.


From the same network of sites come a new naughty spanking film at Spanking Sorority Girls called “Star & Alyssa’s Anal Adventure” – Okay… I was sold… see why below (this is hot and the film is way more revealing than these images FYI!)

001 002 004 005 006 008 009 011 013 014 015 016

Star needs to practice taking someone’s temperature anally. When Alyssa resists, Star tries to convince her with a sound spanking and paddling. But Alyssa holds out for more. She’ll do it if she can give Star a spanking too. Good scene with anal thermometer, kissing and lots and lots of naked spankings.

See the whole naughty spanking film HERE

Both these sites are part of the Clare Fonda Pass network, giving you up to 5 sites combined for a fraction of the cost… just remember to have enough hard disk space and time to download all that content!



The next brand new update at Sarah Gregory Spanking brings back memories… it was our first time back in Las Vegas since we met and clicked way back in 2013… unfortunately (for me) Sarah had in mind to be a rude, bratty hotel guest and have me dressed in a bellhop costume (um, okay… I thought). The result was that I spanked her harder than she probably imagined as I really got into my part as the pissed off Brit worker who was leaving the hotel so didn’t give a damn about what the guests thought anymore… and then his last job is this brat to “really” make his day… oh my! I let her have it, lol!

The Rude Hotel Guest

001 003 004 005 006 007 009 010 011 014 015 016

Sarah has called the bell hop to bring her fresh towels. When he shows up with one one set, she is upset as she needs more. She is very rude to him and even throws the towels on the floor. When he asks for a tip, she refuses so he gives her something; a spanking to show this rude brat a thing about manners.

See Sarah spanked like the naughty brat that she was HERE

sarah Gregory Spanking

Or check out both her sites for less when purchased with The Sarah Gregory Pass

Sarah Gregory Pass


Finally today… from Spanking Sarah – nurse Ella Hughes is given a near tearful punishment she won’t forget in a hurry by Matron. This is the latest film at this site and it’s called “Nurses Bottom for Hire”

npp7077004 npp7077008 npp7077011 npp7077013 npp7077018 npp7077019 npp7077021 npp7077024 npp7077025 npp7077027 npp7077028 npp7077030

Nurse Ella Hughes has been accused by some of her fellow nurses of letting the doctors at the training school spank her bottom in return for money and for giving her higher grades. Matron also thinks that she is not up to scratch on her ward work and in general is a very bad example of what a nurse should be. Ella confesses to what she has been accused of and so punishment follows. This is a harsh punishment which leaves her close to tears as the leather paddle does its work on her bare bottom.

See this and MORE of Ella’s films with Sarah at her site HERE

Spanking Sarah


I will be back tomorrow and will let you know about a new POV film coming out this weekend starring Adriana Evans as a naughty stripper from our perspective. Teaser images below! 🙂

stripper002 stripper001



Please do pop along to our friends at Ouch.uk.com – seriously among the BEST purveyors of their own handcrafted discipline implements anywhere! This is QUALITY stuff!


OTK Moments at AAA Spanking

Someone recently emailed me asking what were some of my most memorable OTK spanking moments at AAA Spanking – that was a good question and so I decided to try and showcase a few that were special throughout the time… there are so many that even keeping it to a list like this is near impossible as there are so many more and I’d be here all day… and that’s not good since I need to eat and go grocery shopping 🙂


I am thinking of doing this for other sites too and for different scenarios like strapping or even the infamous “wheelbarrow position” – Today, though, is purely OTK spanking positions and in absolutely no order of preference, here are some of the memorable ones picked out via the photo galleries from the Members Area – these are HQ stills that compliment the HD screen grabs and movies…. so this is where some memorable films were missed out here… (maybe next time I’ll do a screen grab memory blog post, lol). I have resized the images and thrown them all up so they will probably go in alphabetical/numerical order and I will just tell you why these shots were memorable to me and some behind the scenes info on them as best as my fading dementia ridden memory can try to remember!

Miss Knows Best – starring Aleesha Fox over the knee of Zoe Page

This was the 1st shoot I had these two girls together, it also happened to be outdoors… and this was one of the last times on film that Aleesha was in a schoolgirl uniform as she confided to me later that as she had become more “switchy” she also didn’t like to play the SG role anymore and felt uncomfortable being asked to play a teen/early twentysomething college girl. it clearly was not what Aleesha wanted to do anymore after this as she couldn’t enjoy the headspace and I understood perfectly the next time we filmed together. It also happened to be a fun thing to film on a glorious summer day’s afternoon since Zoe was totally madcap and a loose cannon when anything was “improv-ed” and so this is a great start to my OTK Collection.

aleeshaotk32 aleeshaotk46 aleeshaotk50 aleeshaotk52 Aleesha Fox OTK spanking otk spanking aleeshaotk72

Alex Reynolds OTK Spanking

There could be many with Alex, but this was a personal favorite of mine. It was a no nonsense good hard spanking film, I cut down on the dialogue and concentrated on spanking Alex’s amazing bum instead! Good decision! Of course, I also love spanking Alex as she always has the most wonderful panties to pull down and finish the spanking in a more contrite bare bottom reddening finale! This was filmed at Alex’s place in Los Angeles, my first visit to LA to see her and Paul Kennedy alongside Sarah who was with me – so lots of other good memories are stored with filming here on a personal level including the awesome road trip from Vegas (I love driving between these 2 cities!!!)

Alex Reynolds alexotk016 alexotk022 alexotk027 otk spanking handprint otk spanking alexotk033

Spanking Angel Lee dressed as a “Little”

This was filmed at the Chicago Crimson Moon Party last year and was memorable for many reasons. A couple of days before this I had suffered my first major asthma attack and was in a bad way, I’m not likely to forget my trip to Chicago for that reason, but I enjoyed the party as best I could but also got to meet some wonderful new people who don’t often go to other national parties. Meeting Angel was fantastic, I know that Sarah had been telling me how cool she was and she could take a spanking… oh my! That was true! Angel also loved dressing up as a “Little” so I hatched a plot to do this in her room… I would be her mentor and not happy that she was stressing out and peaking too early going into “Little mode” so I spanked some sense and calm into her… of course, it meant I got to spank her in that cute outfit as she held her stuffie for dear life!

angel_littles004 angel_littles009 angel_littles015 Angel Lee spanking angel_littles020 bathbrush spanking angel_littles025 hairbrush OTk spanking

Erica Scott – The Bartender Incident

My first meeting with Erica at the Shadowlane Party 2013 (my first ever national spanking party) almost went horribly wrong as we missed each other about the timing of our quick shoot. It was after the infamous Saturday Night Ballroon Dinner and Dance (and time after was precious as it meant everyone started to play in the many suite parties ’til dawn). I still joke with her today about how we were so nearly such “flakes” for missing her and her partner John. There are many reasons to enjoy this memory, I got to film and spank Erica and it was a nice warm up for her to play seriously later… and didn’t we look all smart from our ballroom dinner? It rounded off a day of filming and the party  -it was also my first ever time in Vegas! So many memories… and of course this was where Sarah and I reconnected on an unexpected level at a Sunday party which changed both our lives! I’d say this was a memorable OTK spanking in the mix of it all – I would also consider Erica a good friend in the scene now and have a lot of time for her 🙂

bar009 bar015 Erica scott OTK spanking Erica Scott bar023 bar026 bar032 bar038

Sarah Gregory & I – Halloween Cosplay Spanking

Spanking in a onesie was not my idea, this was the brainchild of Sarah’s… of course this is why I love her as she can see things us fellas would not and I am sure this appealed to women far more – so I do understand. It was fun (kind of) – Sarah was being a real pouty brat and this was another party in Vegas we were at. I got to spank my naughty monkey (lol) and we filmed this so it could be released for Halloween even though it was filmed in February. I could choose lots of Sarah OTK spankings but I decided to choose this one as I played a grumpy guy spanking his gal… and it didn’t take much acting to start with as I was… I didn’t like dressing up in that ridiculous onesie… and poor Sarah got it good! Heh heh!

cheekymonkey007 onesie spankings cheekymonkey015 cheekymonkey017 pouting and spanked cheekymonkey020 cheekymonkey022 Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory spanks her bratty niece Mandie Rae – “Hell No Kitteh”

I love watching Sarah spank other girls, she is one of the most accomplished spankers out there (hence her winning the Female Spankers award 2014). This was a girly pink-fest and stand off between who was using what “Hello Kitty” box or whatever (yawn!) and other “trivial” stuff us guys do not understand. Watching Mandie Rae being spanked in that cute Hello Kitty onesie was more than enough to pique my interest though… but to see her spanked to tears by Sarah over her lap… whilst scolding her superbly… this was why it’s a great F/F spanking film – trust me! It was also the first time I had filmed at Sarah’s place when it wasn’t winter and I enjoyed some warmth that I knew existed in New England! Great memories.

hellnokitteh06 hellnokitteh12 girl girl spankings hellnokitteh15 hellnokitteh16 hellnokitteh19 Mandie Rae tears and spanking spanking

Joelle Barros – 1st OTK Spanking

This was my first ever visit to America to film pretty girls getting spanked, it was some time ago now and came at the end of a family trip. I filmed 4 girls in one day at a studio near Philadelphia and it was humid as hell. However, from the moment I picked up Joelle from Philly’s rail station, I knew this was a cool girl and had made the right decision. We got lost on the way to the studio which was hilarious as I rarely get lost, I also shopped at Trader Joe’s for the first time for our snacks (thank you Joelle). I chose this film as it was our first… it was a dream come true for me at the time as I had admired Joelle’s work and knew she would do wonders for the site (and she did). Joelle and I have met many times since and I love her to bits, one of the nicest people out there in the scene… & I can’t wait to film with her again for the SG Group of sites!

joelle_intro18 joelle_intro19 Joelle Barros spanked joelle_intro27 joelle_intro31 spanking spanking otk joelle_intro43

Nyssa Nevers – Philly Shoot

Another reason this was a memorable day for me was filming Nyssa Nevers. I had long been an admirer of hers and hadn’t seen her in a spanking film despite her being very active in the fetish world. So I was genuinely happy that she agreed to film for AAA at the time. This lingerie spanking was special, Nyssa looked absolutely stunning and wriggled and squirmed just as I had imagined. The images and film were very good despite us being abandoned to film for ourselves… me with 4 girls, 2 cams and a humid studio with a very loud AC unit. I switched it off and after 5 minutes we’d all be sweating buckets! Crazy times… but I filmed Nyssa in some great films (alongside Joelle above as well). A memorable day all round in which I gave up a day’s sightseeing of Philly for… I think I made the right decision 🙂

Nyssa Nevers otk spanking nyssanevers18 hair pulling and spanking nyssanevers21 nyssanevers25 nyssanevers28 nyssanevers36

Amelia Jane Rutherford – pyjama spanking OTK

I love spanking girls in PJs… and so I had to include one such OTK scene. I could also choose many Amelia films but this was probably one I enjoyed as it was a 2 parter… I wanted to film something a little different as Amelia has been in so many films… and so this 1st part was more traditional… lazy Amelia getting spanked on the bed… her long legs flailing, PJ bottoms pulled down… lovely! The 2nd part was the infamous shower scene where I hosed her down in freezing cold water to wake her up… nothing had been filmed of her like that before! Her reactions and the spankings on her wet clothing and bare bottom are priceless… well worth seeing! Also this was filmed at my good buddy Dodgy’s place and those awful curtains saw their last time on film – “hoorah for that!” We told him they had to go and he agreed, they are now a more neutral dark gray/brown color so I fully expect to see these on various websites soon, lol! This was also a time when I had just returned from Paris, France… with Sarah on her 1st memorable trip to England to see me. I choose this film as Sarah will be in England with me again very soon so we can create new memories!

sas05 sas09 otk spanking in PJs sas13 sas15 sas16 sas18 Amelia Jane Rutherford bare bottom spanking

Leia Ann Woods & Irelynn Logeen (from 2011)

This was a great location to film in… I called it the “penthouse Firm Hand-esque” shoot as it reminded me of the times that FHS would film with mezzanines when they filmed content in the UK in 2006-2009. This was early on in the history of AAA and was, I think, the first shoot after the site had opened earlier that year (filmed in February of 2011). It also happened to be 3rd time lucky that I managed to get Irelynn to come… and also the last time that she was filmed for a full day’s shoot anywhere before her online retirement (sadly). I know how well Leia could switch and wanted a good F/F film, I wasn’t disappointed and Irelynn was a super pouty brat getting a good spanking. It was also a great chance to film at various angles… and of course I loved that apartment we stayed in… very central in Birmingham, UK. I thought it an ideal location for everyone to meet since Irelynn was travelling down from the north west and I had cam guys coming down from the east, I was coming from the south west and Leia traveling up from London! It worked perfectly! Filming content just after the site had gone live was also exciting – so for this reason it made it into the list today! Plus these are great pics, right?

sclobber18 Irelynn Logeen spanked by Leia Ann Woods sclobber28 sclobber33 OTK spanking sclobber52 sclobber57 sclobber65

All these films can be viewed at the AAA Spanking membership site

aaa spanking

or check them out individually at the AAA Clips Store

Spanking Bomb Round Up

With the familiar and depressing weather battering Britain from the Atlantic and Day 11 of the repressive Porn Laws sweeping the nation, there are those still under the misunderstanding that the UK is a tolerant and free society. If it wasn’t the depressingly boring dull weather that would push me away then the new amendments/regulations that are set to stifle producers still bravely battling on… afraid that they would get the dreaded letter from ATVOD – the unelected Quango that just want to censor everything to a dull boring gray line where those niche producers of fetishes we so love will face the “comply or die” ultimatum – in fact, such is the niche that they don’t get, complying would be the death of the sites – as other producers outside the UK would easily fill the gap of those killed off. Anyway, I effectively have given my own site to Sarah’s US company… I think I ought to be on my best behavior now, LOL! (Well, I have to try and make light of this ridiculous situation, right?).

This “Weather Bomb” isn’t helping to lift spirits either…


So what is a “Weather bomb”?
You may also notice from looking at the map that there are currently no bigger waves anywhere else in the world as big as those crashing into Britain. The colors denote the height of the waves – with black representing swells of over 48ft and yellow at around 20ft. A weather bomb, also known as an “explosive cyclogenesis”, is classified by a 24 millibar drop in pressure within a 24-hour period. This intense drop in pressure sees dry air from the stratosphere flow into an area of low pressure, which in turn causes air in the depression to rise rapidly, spiral, and create strong storm winds.

Right now, I am so ashamed to be associated with anything British, I am sick of my own country once more… I’m even prepared to put up with one of my most HATED aspects of American society (no wait… 2 aspects).

  1. Their rotten healthcare system that favors only the wealthy and the greedy insurance companies – I know Obama isn’t much liked over his attempt at ongoing healthcare reforms, but he had the right idea… in most European countries we have got the balance (kind of) right… we all accept that we will pay a percentage from our salaries which helps fund a national network, this is pretty much standard in many European countries, but not so in America – because that is left to Insurance Companies – who are ultimately there to serve their shareholders, which means making a vast profit. Personally, I think everyone deserves the right to good basic healthcare, no one should ever worry about seeing a doctor and feel like they are worthless. However, the good ol’ Insurance companies , in their continuing greed to maintain profits for their shareholders, didn’t like this one little bit and have bumped premiums of hard pressed contributors to their healthcare plans and are (rightly) angry as the insurance companies, as I can see it, aren’t willing to give some leeway from their vast fat profits to help those in need or provide basic health plans that actually will give you a good basic cover in case you need medical attention.
  2. My second pet hate is guns! Fucking lethal weapons based on an amendment when The United States was still 13 or so unified colonies on the Eastern seaboard it was one’s right to bear arms… well, wake up, I knwo in Britain we don’t go round abitrarily hanging thieves anymore for stealing loaves of bread, as they once did around the signing of the Declaration of independance circa 1776. Anyway, another disgusting lobby, give a man a gun and he feels empowered, it is a weapon that wants to be used. It settles arguments – quickly, and lethally! It’s not the fucking Wild west… if I can get over these prejudices then I know I will feel fine –  This isn’t America bashing time, far from it, I love being there, I love the country it’s just, no wait… 3 things I most hate!
  3. Fox News. Fucking Fox News – and their ignorant anchors who intervene and I wonder why they bring in so called “experts” on a situation when I have seen them so often talk them down… here’s some news… why not just REPORT it, read it and do not comment on it, that is for us, the discerning viewer to make up our own minds on it. Fucking Fox News…

Anyway, as I was saying, it is not bashing time… I love the USA and for some minor faults, they are far outweighed by the benefits as nothing is perfect, I may come to regret that at some point when I have to endure long New England winters, LOL! Me? I only do snow in ski resorts, where snow has a purpose and is not an annoyance. Now as this is a spanking blog, don’t you think I should get on with reporting on what is new and out there? I will report on all things English (but starting with my American owned site first which has more of an American flavor to it in the newest film, but I think it will annoy the ATVOD prudes anyhow) so let’s start by pissing off my country of birth’s censors should they ever read this. I don’t care!

NEW from AAAspanking.com“Momma’s Sound Advice”… this is a 40 minute film and so consequently the full HD1080 MP4 version is a whopping 2.5Gb so I have uploaded a more manageable 1280 x 720 WMV version in parts first (when I say parts, the 1st section is 20 minutes long so no mean 3 or 5 minute clips waiting for the spanking action). That file alone is still over 400Mb!

This guest stars legendary Dana Specht as Sarah Gregory’s real life “scene Mom” where they have their own unique take on all things spanking at MommaSpankings.com they have a unique chemistry so I was honored when Sarah wanted to introduce me into their dynamic as she felt it right as I am, after all, her real life partner, why not on screen in this relationship too? We filmed this way back on one of our trips to Vegas (back in February I think). It was the first time I had met Dana and I enjoyed her company and amazing ability to iron shirts perfectly (she insisted on ironing my shirts, I can iron but not as quickly or as effectively as Dana!) It was good that I felt an instant rapport with her and so we made this long film (Dana insists and you can’t turn her down on that, lol). Dana likes there to be a good storybook introduction, often with her unique scolding ability used to good effect and then the long drawn out punishment and spanking scenes with aftercare/epilog at the end to close the film off. So this film is basically about the 1st time I met Dana… and being Dana, she couldn’t wait to show me how her little girl gets spanked if she is naughty and insisted I try that out too!

Momma’s Sound Advice


Sarah is in love and is bursting with happiness telling Momma all about her new beau. Momma is delighted she is so happy and asks to meet the boy she wants to marry. John, her new love, is waiting outside to meet his future mother-in-law and Sarah gushes with pride as she makes the introductions. Momma will give John the typical interview then inform him what happens to Sarah when she gets moody, sassy, misbehaves, or anything else that doesn’t sit well with her. She tells him she spanks her and shows him exactly how to do it. John is very curious and wants to try his hand at spanking his fiance, which he does quite well. Momma is happy that her daughter will leave the nest and be well taken care of when necessary. This 40 minute film guest stars Dana Specht as Sarah’s formidable “Scene Mom” with her legendary scolding and hard hitting hand doing all that is necessary.

mommas_sound_advice_026 mommas_sound_advice_040 mommas_sound_advice_054 mommas_sound_advice_061 mommas_sound_advice_068 mommas_sound_advice_074 mommas_sound_advice_080 mommas_sound_advice_088 mommas_sound_advice_091 mommas_sound_advice_094 mommas_sound_advice_123 mommas_sound_advice_134 mommas_sound_advice_142 mommas_sound_advice_146 mommas_sound_advice_148 mommas_sound_advice_152 mommas_sound_advice_157 mommas_sound_advice_162 mommas_sound_advice_170

Check out a free clip from this film with Momma spanking her girl the only way she knows how!!!


The FULL length versions of this are now available at the CLIP STORE too



In other site news… From NorthernSpanking.com check out why Irelynn Logeen & her man, Stephen Lewis take so long to get ready of an evening… she has a spankable rear and he has hands that need spank and caress her bare buttocks!

gettingready004 gettingready018 gettingready023 gettingready030 gettingready034 gettingready036 gettingready041 gettingready051 gettingready057 gettingready061

Check out all the latest films and updates HERE


I’m preparing the nominees for various categories and I can tell you the next young lady featured here WILL be one of those listed when it comes to voting for the new Spankee of the Year, that would be Miss Ella Hughes. Sarah Bright (aka Mrs Stern) was rather pleased that she has become so popular… and here she is in her 1st caning Film.


This is what Sarah had to say about  this next film: It’s the last part of the initial interview with Ella, I have previously spanked her and strapped her and now she is to get the thing she most fears, the cane. She has her doubts about this nasty toy but bends over with her pert bottom in the air. Now it is her first time but she will get the cane in exactly the same way that I always cane, hard!

npp7058007 npp7058010 npp7058011 npp7058015 npp7058017 npp7058018 npp7058020

See all the very latest films out now from SpankingSarah.com


A new series and a new girl from England, Portia Marlowe, appears at Firmhandspanking.com in what looks a good story arc. A posh girl falls foul of her boss getting her first ever spanking, watch her cheeks turn a beautiful speckled red.

tbs_a002 tbs_a005 tbs_a007 tbs_a009 tbs_a013 tbs_a016 tbs_a018 tbs_a020 tbs_a023 tbs_a024

Check out the free clip of Portia’s very first spanking

Flame-haired posh totty Portia Marlowe gets her big break as a reporter for a London tabloid in The Big Story. She fails to get a scoop, so editor Richard Anderson gives her creamy, bouncing cheeks a sound spanking, panties down – Portia’s first ever spanking!



Finally, Pandora Blake has a great new film with Molly Malone  called “Curious Pleasures”

Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures007 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures011 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures016 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures019 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures026 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures035 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures040 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures029

John Beecroft has a delicate matter to discuss with Molly Malone. Having found a bag of spanking implements, and a book discussing erotic spanking, he insists that Molly explain herself. Feigning shock that she’d want to be beaten for carnal pleasure, he bends her over the sofa for ‘punishment’. As she reads aloud from the book – Curious Pleasures – he whacks her firmly with a flogger, then takes her breath away with a hard strapping.

CLICK HERE to view all the latest films from DreamsOfSpanking.com


Finally, the first round of voting on 4 categories will be next!

Excited? Next post will contain who or what is up for voting


Leia Ann Woods & Irelynn Logeen at AAA

I had a chance to update the site earlier today whilst at the custom shoot that Sarah was at… and I decided to get out my new film today rather than the usual mid week spot! So hopefully some of my members will have been surprised to see the new film out early… as I do hope that you will too as it is rather interesting. This is all I will be blogging about today as I want to spend some quality time with Sarah tonight… understandably!

This was the last film collaboration between myself, Leia Ann Woods and Irelynn Logeen (before her online retirement). The full film is also available at the CLIPS STORE already in HD format.

I jokingly called this my “old school Firm Hand” shoot from over 3 years ago… since I had got a good deal on a penthouse apartment reminiscent of the pads they used to hire out in the UK previously… this is the last film, a double schoolgirl punishment where I utilised the electronic curtains/blinds for the final scene… I have to hurry now as sarah is looking at me (she wants to play!!!)

Images are taken directly from the film and are reduced in size… I think you will get the idea!!!

Curtains Closed, Bottoms Bared!

ccbb002 ccbb007


ccbb020 ccbb029


ccbb046 ccbb047


ccbb061 ccbb065


ccbb076 ccbb081


ccbb093 ccbb094 ccbb112


John never liked having his girls round his place during schooltime, his apartment was too small and he was always busy. He didn’t need school hassling him with a long list of their continual poor behaviour and rule infractions so when they brazenly walked past him, giggling & texting whilst already being late for school, he felt he had no further option. John stopped the girls and closed the curtains, creating real privacy to spank some sense into this terrible twosome! They protested but it was far too late for crocodile tears as each girl was spanked in front of the other, first with their panties showing, then a harder more intense spanking on both their bare bottoms. In a final act of planned enbarrassment for the girls, John placed them in front of the open window, bottoms showing for all the world to see just what naughty young madams they had been! This is the last ever film featuring Leia Ann Woods & Irelynn Logeen together!


Check out the FREE CLIP HERE and see for yourselves


This film is also available as a one off download in full HD at the Clips Store


Good night y’all! 🙂

Brit Spankings

As the title suggests… some British themed (& European, if I get the time and they get to today’s stage of events) and I will start today with my friends over at NorthernSpanking.com and a redhead theme I hope you like, starting with the lovely Scarlot Rose (below)

NSI110-DSF029 NSI110-DSF032

NSI110-DSF033 NSI110-DSF036

NSI110-DSF038 NSI110-DSF047

NSI110-DSF050 NSI110-DSF054

A Different take on the Travelling Disciplinarian theme, David was a provider of attitude adjustment in the workplace and Scarlot was his assistant and trainee, being schooled in the arts of thrashing sloppy secretaries. With the help of Scarlot, David helped retrain one such individual, by taking down her tights and panties, thoroughly humiliating her and paddling her bottom but it seemed that Scarlot was a little overcritical in her note taking and David felt it necessary… as her Mentor, to correct her most thoroughly over his lap!

In another recent update featuring Scarlot… here’s an interesting scene. Do you know that feeling that everybody is talking about you? Well Scarlot certainly does in this film as you’ll discover below, I like this outdoor scene because, as the weather is changing and starting to behave, I get to thinking about filming outdoors too!




Another cracking redhead is Irelynn Logeen (if you want your Irelynn fix then this is the site to visit) … Stephen needs to keep an eye on her as she just can not be trusted to make him a decent supper… so she is punished instead (I think it was a deliberate ploy on her part!!!)

 NSI086-SI054 NSI086-SI077

NSI086-SI121 NSI086-SI130

NSI086-SI129 NSI086-SI109

Of course, with Paul now living in America most of the time with Alex… the influence of LA based models is starting to creep in (and I approve… that place is a vast wealth of spanking talent) so check out a new trend developing, Alex discovering her toppy side on film as she introduces Ginger to the members of Northern Spanking, this is what Paul had to say about Ginger:

And at last, we have new spankee to introduce to you! We filmed and photographed pretty little Ginger just yesterday in Los Angeles. Hows that for freshness? Here we see Alex having some fun with our new starlet, prior to two films, (one a caning), and a lovely outdoor stills set. Watch this space for more of Ginger!

NSI124-AG005 NSI124-AG011

NSI124-AG012 NSI124-AG015

NSI124-AG021 NSI124-AG023

You can much more of Ginger and all the other girls featured above in full – CLICK HERE


I love seeing Aleesha Fox getting punished and I have 2 great updates I want to show you from 2 different sites. The first is a slightly different take… away from the cells at Bars-and-Stripes.com as prison officers Page & Dodge sneak into her room in the middle of the night and try to extract some information from her… all will become apparent when you see the images and the plot line (below)

aleesha_nicked-0270 aleesha_nicked-0350 aleesha_nicked-0470

aleesha_nicked-0680 aleesha_nicked-0750

aleesha_nicked-0820 aleesha_nicked-0950

aleesha_nicked-1140 aleesha_nicked-2190

Aleesha is just going to settle down for the night, but before she does she makes an urgent phone call to her boyfriend Billy Smith. She warns him to stay away from her because they’re on to him and are likely to come back to her place. She then gets into bed and settles down. The nightmare begins when her bedroom door is pushed open and two prison officers run in. Prison Officer Zoe Page and Prison Officer Dave Dodge drag her out of bed. They insist they need her to tell them where Billy Smith is. She insists that she does not know. For some reason they don’t believe her. Her wrists are handcuffed together behind her back and she is flung face down on the bed. Officer Dodge brings a paddle out of his pocket and starts spanking her with it. All she has to do is tell him what he wants to know and the spanking will stop. She tells him that she can’t tell him where Billy is, as she doesn’t know. Officer Page is eager to have a go, so he hands the paddle to her. But still Aleesha repeats again and again that she doesn’t know. Therefore, the two prison officers are enjoying spanking her and causing her pain – so they take turns. Poor Aleesha’s bottom is looking very sore. To add to her misery, she has to thank whoever is spanking her after each stroke. But all good things come to an end and when Officers Page and Dodge eventually realize the fun is over, they march her off for further interrogation.


Check out a free preview clip of Aleesha’s punishment (below)



There is a new film with Aleesha Fox just released today and it is HOT! I love the way Aleesha is held over the table in a most revealing and humiliating way… check out these superb images and the plot of this movie from the often under rated Red Stripe Films website – this site shows you a lot of severe stuff as well as some older films shown previously on this network of sites and I recommend you take a look for yourselves and decide!

Strapped for Cooking the Books!

npp6074023 npp6074025

npp6074031 npp6074034

npp6074043 npp6074045

npp6074049 npp6074054 npp6074055

Aleesha Fox works for Strapped For Cash – a loan company – and she is in front of her boss for cooking the books and unlawfully punishing Nicky Montford one of the company’s customers. She is defiant but in view of the complaint made against her the boss decides she will be severely punished. She has to remove her panties and kneel up on the office table. Once in position her bottom is subjected to a long and painful thrashing with a leather strap. Nicky watches on with delight that Aleesha is being made to suffer so much pain.

See the free clip of Aleesha’s punishment and review the other films HERE


I’m not quite sure what to make of Sarah Bright’s latex nun costume… but of course it’s kinky as hell in a return of the “Unladylike Manor” series… it’s good that Sarah shares this with people she knows well to start with as it’s a “bit out there” then again, plugging Casey Calvert with an anal hook whilst she is dressed as a cheergirl isn’t? (lol – my next film coming soon) – so just ride with it… so coming to the stage this week is Suzy Smart, the victim in this takes a hell of a strapping from both Sarah and Katie Didit… as you will see below:

npp6078019 npp6078036

npp6078044 npp6078047

npp6078050 npp6078068

npp6078074 npp6078078

This is what Sarah had to say about the return of this series: My Unladylike Manor series proved to be so popular that I have decided to continue with the story. The new series ‘Return To The Manor’ The poverty Years follows the family into some new and exciting adventures starting with the enrolment of Lady Suzanne into the household staff. This turns out to be a very painful return for Suzanne, it may in face prove to be the very hardest beating I have ever given out. See what you think.

It’s also best if you see a clip of this (featured below) and it will become clear!



An old school classic is shown at SoundPunishment.com – there are some real gems here from time to time and this old classic deserves a mention… Student Emily Jayne has been caught by the caretaker reading pornography during the break when she should have been outside wiith the other pupils. Rather than risk the cane from the headmistress she accepts a roasted bare bottom spanking from the caretaker.

P8017787 P8017793 P8017813

P8017824 P8017832

P8017834 P8017841

P8017853 P8017859

Don’t miss the full film available to download HERE



Finally today… a “First date” spanking film from Pandora Blake’s Dreams of Spanking website in this nice and very “couple-ly” sort of film that has its own special intimacy… with Nimue Allen and first time spanker, Andrew Shada… who is normally a bottom at this site.


Dating can be nervewracking when you’re kinky. When do you tell your date that you like spanking – and how? Seasoned spankee Nimue doesn’t waste time, and as soon as they’re back to her house she takes the plunge. Andrew is surprised, but not horrified… and as she introduces him to the pleasures of reddening her lovely round bottom, he soon gets the hang of it.

Dreams-of-Spanking_date043 Dreams-of-Spanking_date018 Dreams-of-Spanking_date024

Dreams-of-Spanking_date028 Dreams-of-Spanking_date033

Dreams-of-Spanking_date036 Dreams-of-Spanking_date039

Check out this movie along with a great free clip and all the most recent films that  Pandora has uploaded



At the risk of boring you further, I have decided to stop today, that has somewhat got me caught up, a little… from the Brit’s perspective… if I have time later, please do go check my other blogs as I intend to update these both next and I know that there will be some excellent spanking content and news updates coming your way!

Multi Spanking Site Updates in no more than 6 Pics!

I wanna get through a lot of sites today in an attempt to catch up and I hope these tasty teasers whet your spanking appetites as you feast your eyes on these gorgeous updates and a few that I have missed as well as some things I have been catching up on or watching recently… So no waffle from me today… let’s just get on with the spanking site updates with 6 images (MAX) or less per site (this is gonna be hard for me, lol)

I start today in no particular order, or preference or date of release… let’s just enjoy and if you like what you see,why not check out the sites a little more, their tour pages always offer more insight or how you might wanna become a member if you liked what you saw here – remember, the films themselves are often so much more interesting than mere images here can convey… but my bandwidth permitting, I couldn’t always provide you with detailed clips (I often do unlike many others, as you know) but the following sites often have preview clips which you can look at, ok?

FirmHandSpanking.com presents the finale of Valerie Bryant’s caning – topless… & provocative (I swear this is really HOT!)

tlc_bj002 tlc_bj010

tlc_bj012 tlc_bj019

tlc_bj021 tlc_bj023

It’s worth the wait! Valerie Bryant (the 36C Sabrina Scott!) goes topless for her grand finale: an 18-stroke caning from Richard Anderson. She requests a “refresher” from her Learning Curve tutor, but provokes him into taking things further, bare bottom and hard! You can see more of this HERE


From the naughty Russian spanking site SpankingThem.com comes this delightfully humiliating punishment of a hapless secretary, young Maria. She looks nervous and so she should be… doesn’t she know her boss is better known for his various Gyno and Examination videos that he makes? This has a cracking mixture of spanking, strapping and flogging of Maria’s pert bottom whilst also pandering to some anal insertion fetish play and pussy spankings which leave nothing to the imagination… the 6 images below try to do this film some naughty justice! It’s HOT!

maria001 maria002

maria003 maria004

maria005 maria006

See the whole of Maria’s fascinating ordeal HERE


Now here is something I was viewing earlier today courtesy of NorthernSpanking.com – I have always loved their work with both these girls, so when they worked together (with Stephen Lewis) then I just had to remind you of this – Ladies and gents, I present to you Zille Defeu and Irelynn Logeen beautifully thrashed in time for bed!

NSI095-ZSI022 NSI095-ZSI032

NSI095-ZSI052 NSI095-ZSI061

NSI095-ZSI119 NSI095-ZSI146

Check out more of redheads Irelynn & Zille’s many movies at NorthernSpanking.com


The final installment to the long play movie “Governess Reigns” (with Syren De Mer as the cruel governess) comes to an end with a double diapering and spanking of Kay Richards and Veronica Ricci – not everyone is into this sort of age play or even the diapering element, but I got off to watching it, the roleplays and humiliation with some decent hard spankings in between to keep these girls under control! & it’s got Veronica and Kay butt nekkid, godammit… heh heh!

governessrules001 governessrules002

governessrules003 governessrules004

governessrules005 governessrules006

Syren De Mer returns as the Governess in the third sequence of the Governess series. Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) and Veronica Ricci are under the care of Syren, who ups the humiliation factor this time, adding diapers to the girls punishment, as well as giving them hard hand spankings, and also introducing them to a large wooden paddle after she caught them drinking alcohol in their room. You can see how this played out in full – HERE


The next update from this 5 site Network features a welcome return for Pheonix Askani (now with blonde hair) in the hilarious scenario of undercutting other girls tricks for just charging an additional $5 for Anal (when can i come round? lol) This has understandably pissed off the other girls… so Veronica Ricci pays Phoenix a visit to spank some sense into her, turning her bottom bright red and speckled. Using her hand and a heavy  wooden bath brush.

003 004

007 009

014 015

Check out MORE of this recent update at Spankedcallgirls.com

Both sites are massive in their own right but also make up the top value 5 Site Fonda Pass

clare fonda pass - click here for more info


& then there is also the conclusion to “Misbehaving Sisters” starring Sarah Gregory and (the now sadly retired) Kat St James… spanked by Momma Dana Specht and they both get a good hard tearful strapping and leathering as you’ll see at MommaSpankings.com

momma-64-001 momma-64-007

momma-64-023 momma-64-025

momma-64-032 momma-64-034

Mommy notices that some of her money is missing. The culprits could only be her two daughters, played by Sarah Gregory and Katherine St. James, who both deny the theft. Getting to the bottom of the situation, literally, results in hard, bare bottom spanking for both girls with hand, hairbrush and strap, as well as corner time. When the truth is finally uncovered, both girls are left with blazing red bottoms.

MommaSpankings.com & SarahGregorySpanking.com are part of a special combined Pass



Coming to the stage now is another uniform classic spanking with one of my fave nurses, the very naughty Leandra James and her fellow cohort, Scarlett (I love seeing these 2 together, they always get up to mischief!), this was hard, but I managed to get their double spanking update compressed to just 6 images… but you really have to see the 2 films to appreciate these ladies and of course spanked in those nursing uniforms!

ep45_7 ep45_8

ep45_12 ep46_6

ep46_9 ep46_10

Mrs Rice was discharged from the hospital but nurses Leandra and Scarlett gave her half her medications. Dr Johnson found out and both nurses were soon in his office staring at his carpet as their bottoms were soundly spanked over his knee. Part 1 involves nurse Leandra getting her bottom soundly spanked & in part 2, it is nurse Scarlett’s turn to feel Dr Johnson’s hard hand on her rounded bottom. When their bottoms were nicely red, sore and stinging, both nurses had to spend some time in the corner and then had to give Mrs Rice her meds and show her their sore, well spanked red bottoms!

View sexy Leandra and Scarlett in this & many more films HERE


Finally for today… another classic and a girl much missed (you can only see all of gorgeous tearful Lisa’s fantastic spanking punishments at this site) can be viewed below as I found some stunning images of her belt punishment… I hope you like these… Lisa was one of those girls so easy on the eye and a bottom that cried out to be punished! Images below courtesy of the excellent archives from Girls Boarding School

pic05 pic02

pic11 pic07

pic06 pic15

Click HERE for MORE of Lisa’s hard tearful punishment films


Before I go… the full 1920×1080 film of girl next door, Katie Brown’s Au Pair interview, is available to download as a one off at my clips store HERE … along with some other recent stunning HD remasters recently… if you just want to check out the odd film, then this is the place to go! have a great weekend y’all!!! Stay safe in the snow storms and freezing temperatures in the NE Americas… we here in Britain remain mild but soggy & flooded from yet MORE excessive rainfalls *sigh*



Weekend Spankings – Pt2

It’s a little catch up on some sites and what is available there that you may not have seen this week: I am woefully behind so have to find something for you a little more interesting that you may not yert have seen elsewhere 🙂

The 1st this weekend is from new site SpankingThem.com and a cracking redhead student called Asya… (you know how I like redheads!) as I said previously the spankings at this Russian language site are far from brutal (thankfully) there’s no paramilitary uniforms and the girls are new and unseen, although I suspect some of them have featured at their humiliation and examination sites I have already mentioned previously. This punishment of Asya follows the same routine where she is stripped, flogged, spanked, strapped and groped by the lecherous tutor who knows how to keep his girls from failing their exams! I liked the ending where Asya enjoyed her “forced” toy play… she seemed all too grateful to get some enjoyment out of this… even if it was a little humiliating overall… that’s the equation of pain v pleasure… nothing is ever free in life! Images of Asya c/o SpankingThem.com


asya002 asya003

asya004 asya005


asya007 asya008

asya009 asya010


asya012 asya013


See more of Asya’s punishment and the other naughty girls featured at SpankingThem.com



At Spanked-in-Uniform.com there has been yet more naughty shenannigans at my fave part of the site, the airline stewardesses (or is it flight attendants?) section: I love those pink uniforms and the clever effects that Mike adds withthe help of green screens… also seeing Fae and Tiina thrashed together… with a horrible 3 tailed strap should also not be missed!

Tipsy on the Plane


europe_ep30_7 europe_ep30_8

europe_ep30_10 europe_ep30_11

europe_ep30_12 europe_ep30_14

europe_ep30_16 europe_ep30_17

europe_ep30_18 europe_ep30_19


On a recent flight to Boston stewardesses Fae Corbin and Tiina K. decided to get a bit tipsy after the passengers had their evening meals and drinks. This of course didn’t go unnoticed and soon they were in the Europe Airlines office facing an angry Mr. Johnson with his paddle. He paddled their bottoms soundly and finished off with a dose of his new heavy three tailed tawse.nothing sobers up a girl quicker then a hot, sore stinging bottom!


2 retirees from the scene are next in the final part to the lazy Sunday Afternoon series (well… someone had to do this!!!) Check out (lucky) Stephen Lewis spanking Irelynn Logeen & Lottie Kinsade… tough job!!!


NSI086-XLIV199 NSI086-XLIV200

NSI086-XLIV201 NSI086-XLIV209

NSI086-XLIV213 NSI086-XLIV214

NSI086-XLIV228 NSI086-XLIV227

Quite why Stephen agreed to supervise two teenage brats on a Sunday afternoon is now quite beyond him. Completely gone is any hope of watching the game on TV, instead his task will be spanking these two repeatedly! Every cloud and silver linings… eh? Click HERE to see this HD movie in full.



Back soon… I have a 1001 things to do so I better get on with my chores *sigh*


Snows Storms Chinese New Year & Schpaankings!

It’s a busy weekend, what with my horsemeat & the risible socialist threats from the (un)democratic European Union rant  – to the terrible weather on the eastern side of the United States & Canada… I had almost forgotten that this was a spanking blog and that I’d better get my act together and post some spanking updates. So I have been rather comfy today, relaxing indoors, well  away from our usual depressing windy wet rainy grey weather outside to peruse some rather good spanking material to show you what has been updated most recently at some of my fave sites!


To those who have power in the United States & Canada… welcome back to the SpankingBlogg! Get indoors, warm up and check out the latest offerings!

It also happens to be Chinese New Year, this is the “Year of the Snake” (I believe I was born in that one too)… what does it mean? I have no idea but will no doubt look it up online later to satisfy my curiosity… I have no actual Chinese girl spanking images (there is one such named site and the bottoms you see in the small images are from that place but it’s a rather odd pay per download site and I won’t bother listing it here). My blog is also (along with my site) mainly BLOCKED to Chinese traffic after I got fed up seeing the site copied and downloaded so many times (God knows what they were planning on doing with the content as it is mainly promotional in nature) but I could do without the massive bandwidth drain and also on my main paysite, most Chinese, Russian and several other rogue nation piracy IPs are blocked anyway as I use the same server for this blog at AAAspanking.com.. which is why my traffic stats appear lower than what they might be… but I do not care for that as I only want to target the traffic and readership that appreciate this blog and my own paysite etc… it just makes ripping off my networks a little more of a pain in the arse to use a VPN or whatever IP altering address network they use (anyhoo… I’m waffling again, eh?)

To the decent (& gorgeous) Chinese ex pats I see in the casino and those that can read this blog in English

Happy New Year!


& here are some Chinese girls showing off their delicious shaped bottoms & such you’d WANT to spank them (& more!)
I hope they are and NOT Japanese this time as I have tried to filter my searches!!!


chinese01 chinese02

CNS087G03s CNS087G07s CNS087G09s


chinese04 chinese05

CNS046G05s CNS046G06s CNS046G08s


By the way, if there are any Chinese or Asian girls based in the UK who would like to appear at AAAspanking.com



& so to the spanking updates (finally) Starting at Northern Spanking with the next part of their fantastic film saga “the chosen” – an all day event where those involved didn’t know whether the cams were turned on or not and there are 2 scenes filmed simultaneously as we see here… Lucy continues to have her wicked way with a compliant and very subdued Jadie Reece whilst Stephen’s excellent domination of a blind folded tearful and very obedient Sasha was also compelling viewing. Images taken below are from the latest long play episode!

5chosen01 5chosen02

5chosen03 5chosen04

5chosen05 5chosen06

5chosen07 5chosen08

5chosen09 5chosen10

View the previous episodes from this production HERE


2 great recent film updates from Mike’s Spanked-in-Uniform.com are next. A great pairing of Aleesha Fox and Danielle Hunt, no strangers to my site, appearing together for the 1st time… below, they are in the Rockford School of Dance section:

Superstar and diva Danielle Hunt is going on her second world tour and she needs to get back in shape so she booked another session at the Rockford School Of Dance under the strict training of coach Johnson. This time she brought one of her backing singers, Aleesha Fox, with her. Aleesha was quite horrified when coach Johnson used his new heavy 3 tailed tawse to good effect on the bottoms of the two young madams during training.

ep21_5 rockford21_2

ep21_6 ep21_11

ep21_13 rockford21_1

ep21_14 ep21_15

Click here to view this film in full

A military uniform spanking movie is up next as the cadets from the Montgomery Academy get an ear bashing and an old school thrashing!

ep14_3 montgomery14_1

ep14_6 ep14_9

ep14_10  ep14_14

ep14_16 ep14_17

montgomery14_2 ep14_13

Cadets Milena and Scarlett were awarded a weekend pass after good conduct. Dressed in their smart formal uniforms they were warned by their commanding officer to be on their best behaviour that weekend. Both of them ended up at The Lion’s Head (a local pub) and they got drunk and behaved very badly. Of course it was reported to the Academy and both cadets were back in front of their commanding officer on Monday morning. They were both severely scolded and they got a long hard spanking. And both girls got two months extra duties!

Check out this film and ALL the latest uniform section updates HERE


I loved seeing this, bad girl irelynn Logeen makes a return to our favourite female prison at bars-and-stripes.com

irelynn_logeen01 irelynn_logeen02 irelynn_logeen03

You think she had learnt her lesson from the humiliating punishments she had endured previously! A brief reminder is below for what she was in for (before her early release)

Logeen hailed from the Scandinavian part of the world but was raised and educated in various other parts. This gave her the opinion that, even though still a teenager at the time, she was worldly wise and knew what was best for society. It was this opinion of herself that made her an idealist, assuming she could change the world and put us all on the “right track”. Whilst studying sociology and psychology at university, she had fallen in with a ring of women who, for various reasons, had committed banking fraud through the internet. Logeen, because she wanted to teach the fat cats of financial institutions a costly lesson, hit them where it hurt.
Known as the “FRATERNITY”, three of them had been caught and imprisoned at the rehabilitation centre, but their punishment had only just begun. They all had information concerning the whereabouts of the stolen money and the account details associated with it. Logeen at that time was the first to suffer at the hands of The Prison officers in their efforts to extract the knowledge that she had.

Now we see the return of Miss Logeen… will she never learn?

irelynn2_backagain - 007 irelynn2_backagain - 016

irelynn2_backagain - 028 irelynn2_backagain - 033

irelynn2_backagain - 042

irelynn2_backagain - 045 irelynn2_backagain - 055

irelynn2_backagain - 068 irelynn2_backagain - 076

Irelynn Logeen’s punishments at Bars and Stripes are amongst my favourite featured there…

You can see why and check out the site’s excellent films HERE


Have a good end of weekend… I know Monday is coming…but  just think about this poor fella below
(Hassled by a Jehova’s Hippo!) tee hee!

excuse me

Spanking Catch Up!

Today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year… Boffins have worked out a formula to prove this and of course when they factor in such things as breaking new year’s Resolutions, credit card and debt payments from the Xmas hangover and other related bills and in the northern hemisphere, the weather also plays a crucial part in our wellbeing too… which makes this day especially depressing… I can imagine in America, too, the gun toting free and far right are equally depressed at the 2nd inauguration of Obama as glib liberals say what a great day it is. My extended family in America also have something to cheer and I have really come to follow the mad bad purple Ravens as they bid for superbowl glory….


GO RAVENS! heh heh!

I can feel yet MORE depression to some of my fellow bloggers as they wonder how the hell they missed out on a Superbowl Final… oh well… GO RAVENS! My extended family in Baltimore are going CR-AZZZZZY!



OK, after I have just pissed off most of New England, shall we just get on with some spankings from OLD England as I attempt to catch up on what I have missed while I had been away? okey-dokey… brace yourselves for some naughty spanking stuff – 1st up after my renewed membership at Northern Spanking – I am rewarded with some outstanding new updates and girls in a variety of delightfully mucky and naughty stories… don’t miss any of these! Click images for full size fun!


Kami Robertson “Hampers the Handyman” – Kami keeps finding problems for her Landlord to fix. He of course sends his extremely handy handyman, which is actually the cause of all the problems Kami reports in the first place. This time she has gone too far however and finds out just how handy he is… at punishing her! The stunning pictures of Kami below compliment the movie updates…

NSI069-KB108 NSI069-KB112 NSI069-KB114

NSI069-KB116 NSI069-KB122

NSI069-KB126 NSI069-KB130 NSI069-KB134

Next is a striking new movie and image set of Masie Dee alongside Jenna Jay in a film called “2 Terrible Girls”


NSI110-DMK009 NSI110-DMK015 NSI110-DMK018


At her wits end and nowhere else to turn regarding the behaviour of her teenage daughters, Mrs Allen consults her neighbour. Having heard the retired teacher is a firm disciplinarian, she is eager for him to help her get her girls back on the right track before its too late.

NSI110-DMK026 NSI110-DMK030

NSI110-DMK032 NSI110-DMK035 NSI110-DMK036

NSI110-DMK043 NSI110-DMK045


and lest we forget… there are still some great updates of that pairing of Irelynn Logeen and her mentor/dementor Stephen Lewis…


“Time to be Punished!” Poor Irelynn has to wait outside in the cold before being allowed admission to his house. She wonders which is worse; the cold outside or the burning, stinging heat that awaits her, or more precisely, her young bottom, once she is summoned indoors.

NSI082-IVB076 NSI082-IVB079 NSI082-IVB083

NSI082-IVB087 NSI082-IVB097 NSI082-IVB099

NSI082-IVB095 NSI082-IVB103

Need I say more? Check out more of these stunning new updates from Northern Spanking HERE


Jessica Jensen has a big following in the UK online porn scene and I should know the effect she had with a recent naughty film I had at my own site so it was great  to see her starring in Mr Stern’s site English Spankers and she plays a very naughty girl (surprise!) see below and check out the images and a great link to a free film preview

npp5014005 npp5014012

npp5014015 npp5014023


npp5014033 npp5014035

npp5014047 npp5014050

SEXY CLEANING COMPANY Episode 4 : This film is part of the new series about the girls of the Sexy Cleaning Company and has a good sexy element to it featuring porno star Jessica Jensen who decided she wanted to try out for The Sexy Cleaning Company and was soon up to her naughty tricks. After doing some cleaning where you can see right up her short skirt she produced a vibrator and started to play with her pussy. A good hard spanking was called for and that’s what she got. Over the knee, bottom bare and a very hard hand soon had her crying out and then knelt in the chair… the spanking continued! Check out the awesome free movie clip HERE


The final feature today is from Sarah’s site and you certainly don’t want to be pissing off Sarah as Darcy discovered – also fans of girls with a curvy figure and full rounded bottom will LOVE this film, I certainly did, Darcy looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights… but don’t feel too sorry for this thief as you’ll discover!


Sarah is none to happy to get home and find that her flat mate has opened a present of perfume and used it. She denies it at first but after some pretty rough questioning from Sarah admits she did try to steel it. Sarah is mad and lifting her skirt begins to give Darcy a hell of a hard spanking. Not satisfied she gets a nasty cooking spatula and starts on Darcy’s large firm bottom beating it red.

npp4096014 npp4096016

npp4096020 npp4096023

npp4096024 npp4096027

npp4096030 npp4096043

There is also the chance to view this film preview here


Hope you liked it, I’ll be back with more news and behind the scenes news of my next film coming later this week at my own site (it’s a cracker and does NOT co star me, fortunately… for the 3rd week in a row!!!)

Crazy K-Pop Girls & AAA Spanking Updates this week

Here’s a video I have been addicted to watching recently… check out these sexy Korean ladies dancing to the latest South East Asian craze…. gotta love these girls… heh heh! Gangham Style!

& if you love Asian chicks then just check out a typical K-POP video – O… M… G! Is this shit even legal?
It should be outlawed for causing unwanted & serious Trouser Arousal in elder gentlemen like myself!

OK… let’s get onto the serious business of why we are here… for more spanking updates. Right?


& I’m going to start with what’s happening at my site as there are some great updates this week!  Yesterday, members got to see a full HQ gallery of our 1st intro film of stunning leggy Joelle Barros. Joelle is part Brazilian and part German (but all American) currently residing in the NYC area so I picked her up from Philadelphia 30th St Station in my hire car and promptly got ourselves completely lost on the way to the studio which was about 25 miles away (oops!) God knows what she must have thought, but Joelle was a genuinely sweet girl, serious about her kink and also rather pleased that I had bothered to choose to film with her (well, along with 3 more girls later). I think when you see these images below, you’ll see her long legs which I have noticed before… and she has a killer body made for spanking! Anyway, enough of the superlatives… check out the 1st OTK spanking film… and I have to say I got her bottom nicely red in this no nonsense warm up film! The film is out NEXT week… but members have the HQ images (like the ones you can see below)



Oh, and on the way back to dropping her off at the station, I got lost again, not as bad… and she taught me it was OK to overtake and undertake without mercy on the freeways… we here in Britain do drive faster, but we always overtake towards the central reservation, no undertaking, that’s illegal and really pisses off other drivers here in the UK if you do that, Anyways, from my observations, seemed pretty much anyone could do what they want so I just hit the gas and got us to the station a little quicker than when we tried to find the studio earlier that day! You see, that’s what I like about America, just do what you gotta do 🙂


What’s NEW at AAA Spanking this week?


Now out later this week a great new double girl punishment film – in fact a  very rare chance to see Irelynn Logeen and Leia Ann Woods together in this never before released film of 2 girls wasting time getting ready in the bathroom… come on girls, you know the score when you take FAR TOO LONG preparing for the night out… here we see my frustrations blow over as both girls dare to justify the excessive delay… so I decide that a helping hand is needed to speed them up. It’s also a great excuse to see 2 wet bottoms spanked a nice red, the images below are actual video screen grabs!




Check out MORE of this new video production at the usual link HERE


& nearing it’s conclusion, the long play submissive maid series – The Birched Maid starring Kami Robertson takes a darker turn as she is stripped of her clothing and submits for her birching as the master of the house takes advantage of his new servant for his own selfish desires! You won’t want to miss this!




See the FREE Clip of a very tearful submissive Kami Robertson HERE