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Sunday Spanking Updates

Time flies when you’re busy, I’m planning on my next trip back to the USA soon where I have lots of things planned with Sarah Gregory. I’m looking forward to visiting Fetishcon again (I missed it last year) and of course our trip to the west coast to see friends and meet new ones at the annual Shadowlane Party in Vegas (it will be my 4th anniversay since my very first party that I had attended!) – so like I say, time flies. Just as me waffling here won’t get you your updated information on what I have seen this past week… so as I had intended to show you what was released earlier this week at AAA Spanking in another post, I will get that out first and then show you what else is “trending” for me these past few days!

Spanked in her Jodhpursstarring Rosie Ann & Jadie Reece

Rosie helps out at the horse stables of her mother’s best friend, Jadie Reece. She has a reputation for being a strict disciplinarian. Rosie secretly fantasizes that she would get punished by her and decides to see if Jadie’s reputation is real or not! Instead of preparing Jadie’s favorite pony she still has the saddle indoors and pretends that she is riding a pony! It’s not long before an irritated Jadie catches Rosie in the act. Not only is the saddle not ready but she took her favorite riding crop and hat that she had been looking for. Jadie’s tone changes, “this is it!” Rosie thinks… she can barely speak, her throat is dry and her heart racing as Jadie scolds her, promising discipline there and then. Rosie is spanked still “riding” the saddle, her tight jodhpurs stretched allowing Jadie’s hard hand to smack her throbbing bottom! Rosie’s head races with mixed emotions; fear, excitement, trepidation… her head is buzzing and barely hears the order to pull down her jodhpurs for a bare bottom spanking. She fumbles with the buttons… and trembling, does as she is told! With her bottom in the air, Rosie complies silently offering up her bared cheeks to the riding crop and a stinging leather paddle that Jadie kept for the stable boys! Now this paddle has a new victim. Rosie’s bottom is red and visibly swollen at the end of this punishment. Jadie leaves her to compose herself and reflect on what had just happened, reminding the young girl that she still had a job to do. Get the pony ready for the morning ride!

This is a veritable visual treat of a beautiful teen girl (Rosie Ann) in (and out of) tight jodhpurs getting spanked by her mother’s rather well endowed, buxom, strict and sexy friend (Jadie Reece)  – check out the link below to see the amazing free clip


This film can also be viewed in full as a special download from the AAA Clips Store

Annabelle gets a Spankingstarring Anabelle Lily & Paul Kennedy

A traditional bedtime story! One where Anabelle has been a very rude and disrespectful young lady. Sent to bed to await a stern punishment and a telling off. A good smacked bottom should drive the lesson home.


Ash Hollywood (another found film) – starring Ash Hollywood, Alexis Grace & Clare Fonda

It’s been a number of years since a young Ash Hollywood did her first ever spanking scene for this Sweeties site, with Clare as her mom. At the time we filmed another scene with Clare as mom and Alexis Grace as her friend who also gets spanked. We are posting this blast from the past now.



Extravagant, wilful, sassy and sexy, Katya Nostrovia is soundly spanked

She’s so good at spending money, Katya’s Sugar Daddy decides a spanking is the only way to curb her extravangance. She tries to bribe him with a blow-job, but John Friday is getting to the bottom of the problem, smacking her swiftly bared jiggling cheeks crimson, ignoring her protests. Slow-motion bun bouncing replay – delicious!



Thursday is Spanking Catch Up Day

I was going to do a “Throwback Thursday” spanking post but then realized that there are still far too many site updates that I wanted to cover for you all… so here is a little catch up post instead with some gorgeous imagery I know you love with links to free clips and the sites themselves so you can check them out in more detail. If I have time later I will get you another post for the #TT at the Teen Discipline Blog – So check out the following NEW spanking films, all updated at the sites within the last few days and no older than that! In no particular order of preference, here are the latest batch of interwebz spankful goodness to appear on your screens!


The Disappointing Disciplined Secretary – NEW from Sarah Gregory Spanking


Behind the scenes info: One of my main motivations for being in Atlantic City not too long ago was the proximity to which we could both meet the wonderful Audrey Sugarsmak. Sarah was growing tired of me saying how cool Audrey was and how we should spank her magnificent booty together… as it turned out, Sarah trusted me and we were more than impressed with Audrey. when she turned up. I love this lady! Anyway, this is her first appearance at the SG sites and you *know* that she will be appearing at the rest very soon. Just check out how amazing Audrey looks, the clarity and imagery that does her justice in this video… oh my, this is just the start of how you should see Audrey spanked by a stern boss lady… and of course the bonus is getting spanked and scolded by Sarah which makes it an addictive “MUST SEE” video!

Image grabs of the video…

0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_grabs-006 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_grabs-012 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_grabs-015 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_grabs-040 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_grabs-062 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_grabs-065 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_grabs-079 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_grabs-097 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_grabs-113 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_grabs-119

Sarah has called her secretary, Audrey, into her office. Audrey has not done the assignments given to her and Sarah is very disappointed. She trusted her to get the work done as asked and now the clients and business will be affected for her laziness and inability to follow instructions. Sarah offers her a choice, get fired, or take the discipline the way Sarah sees fit. Audrey needs her job so she reluctantly goes across Miss Sarah’s lap for her punishment. She is spanked, and strapped and hairbrushed like the naughty little girl she has acted like.

Stills from the photo gallery – both sets of images are reduced in size (members get to view the larger ones)

0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_gal-001 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_gal-005 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_gal-003 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_gal-007 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_gal-011 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_gal-013


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Next up is a new video production release from a film shoot I was present at in early January this year. It was the last ever big UK production for Northern Spanking so it had a special cast… it was also the scene of Alex (who had come over from Los Angeles to brave the British winter) getting formally engaged to Paul with a gorgeous ring… so this was made all the more memorable! “Northern fans” might recognize the location… Paul admitted to me that this huge house was one of his favorite filming locations and I can see why, it had something like 8 bedrooms in it and some fantastic retro furnishings and an early 20th century feel to it.

Family Meeting – NEW from Northern Spanking

Family Meeting at Northern Spanking Family Meeting at Northern Spanking Family Meeting at Northern Spanking Family Meeting at Northern Spanking Family Meeting at Northern Spanking Family Meeting at Northern Spanking Family Meeting at Northern Spanking Family Meeting at Northern Spanking Family Meeting at Northern Spanking Family Meeting at Northern Spanking Family Meeting at Northern Spanking

Schoolgirl Zabrina faces the unexpected wrath of her parents having been brought home by the police, for shoplifting! Such behaviour in this family is quite unprecedented and a family meeting is called, whereupon it it is decided that there is no alternative but for her mother to give Zabrina a spanking. Her big sister, Alex, also has to watch. Her behavior has never sunk so low but while she is under this roof, she needs to see what could happen. Alex visibly shivers as Zabrina’s knickers are taken down and her bottom given a good smacking.

Family Meeting at Northern Spanking



Another new girl for the RSN Group of sites and another beautiful black girl getting spanked and punished the RS way. This is Rylee’s introduction to the “Institute” and it is a fabulous hard uncompromising punishment that she receives.

A Bra is not Optional – From Real Spankings Institute

Rylee gets a spanking for no bra

The Dean decides to take matters into his own hands and punish all the ladies who refuse to wear a bra. Rylee happens to be one of them and she is bent over, with her breasts exposed, and strapped hard on her bare bottom.

13490_007 panties down spanking 13490_019 13490_023 13490_030 13490_035 13490_040 spanked and strapped 13490_057 13490_058


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realspankings pass


Belinda Lawson makes another wonderful film for Firmhand Spanking dressed in this military uniform that doesn’t stay on for long. I have really liked this series and rate it as one of her best so with that endorsement – do go check out the clip and of course the exclusive early preview images I have for you (below)

Stripped nude and bent over, Belinda Lawson’s bottom burns from the paddle

Belinda Lawson - Military Discipline CG01

Spectacularly nude, Belinda Lawson strips off her non-uniform jumpsuit and bends over a vault horse after testing Colonel Grey’s patience in Military Discipline. He uses her own riding crop on skin-tight pants before she has to get nude for a stinging wooden paddle. That is one very sore pair of bottom cheeks!

Belinda Lawson - Military Discipline CG03 Belinda Lawson - Military Discipline CG07 Belinda Lawson - Military Discipline CG10 Belinda Lawson - Military Discipline CG11 Belinda Lawson - Military Discipline CG12 Belinda Lawson - Military Discipline CG15 Belinda Lawson - Military Discipline CG17 Belinda Lawson - Military Discipline CG19 Belinda Lawson - Military Discipline spanking Belinda Lawson - Military Discipline CG23





Douche Knight spanks Jadie Reece


“Who or what the hell is “The Douche Knight” and what has that got to do with spanking?”
Good question, indeed! This character was formed from a bit of horseplay at a filmshoot I was helping Paul and Alex of northernspanking.com not too long ago… and I don’t know why but as my voice was going (we were there for 4 days), it was kind of raspy and it sounded a little like the contrived voice of Christian Bale’s “Batman – The Dark Knight” (okay, okay, very loosely… but I thought why not call the character The Douche Knight?) He represents everything a girl would HATE to be punished by: He’s mean, unemotional, he doesn’t care if they protest, they are there for their discipline session and he is their Ass Destruction. He doesn’t say much, except to tell them their punishment starts, continues or perhaps there’s more than they expected (oy!) and so on… he’s a Douche Bag, basically. Of course some idiots who think they know it all (but so don’t, LOL) seem unable to grasp the concept of humor when it runs both ways… *guffaw* tee hee!

“Oh, no acting required on your part, then John?” I hear some poor brutes complaining… “LOL, bothered? If you say so…” Anyway, Jadie Reece was a real sport as were the other “victims” and the video even has an appropriate soundtrack (this one was found royalty free and it’s awesome and similar to the Dark Knight theme so it starts off the video!) It’s out now, in full, as it is basically a short, sharp shock 8-9 minute HD video (all new fully released films always come with an additional streaming option as standard too, that was introduced last May, 2015.)

doucheTo add to the forboding, the film has been edited with a dark vignette surrounding the scene so I think it focuses the action and intensity on the subject, in this case – Jadie’s reactions and her amazing, oh so spankable bum!

To those who are members, I hope you enjoy this, Sarah had it edited late last week and she told me that “The Douche Knight” should make the odd appearance from time to time to keep the girls on their toes! I agree 🙂
Basically, this gives ANYONE the chance to be The Douche Knight – that is what I would want – rather like the Batman franchise of films, each caped crusader changed actors (virtually) from film to film (just don’t compare me to Clooney’s portrayal of Batman, okay? LOL) – so without further ado, here is the latest video release from AAAspanking.com

Jadie Reece gets a spanking from The Douche Knight


In a new series of short, sharp shocking films, Jadie Reece makes her debut at AAA with this no nonsense spanking film. Our mystery spanker is a man of few words but we thought he definitely lived up to his name of the “Douche Knight”, with his gruff voice and mean approach to punishment. You never get to see him but you see what he does. This guy will change the rules when he sees fit! It’s actually a great spanking, he spanks Jadie’s jiggling bubble butt hard and firm. Of that there is no doubt but poor Jadie takes her punishment as best she can, not knowing what will happen next and if he’ll keep his promises of how much more punishment he think she deserves! The final strapping scenes are equally mean and uncompromising, following through with an effective and very stinging leather strap that has her gasping in pain. Jadie would make sure to avoid the “Douche Knight” again if she could.

spanking Jadie Reece

dk_jadie001 dk_jadie002 dk_jadie003 dk_jadie004 dk_jadie006 jadie's bottom close up getting spanked looks like she gets more spanks than she wanted spanking aftermath


The Douche Knight is waiting…

The Douche Knight

A dark film, bordering on non consensual punishment…

dk_jadie016 dk_jadie022 pulling down her panties dk_jadie030 the Douche knicght spanks Jadie Reece OTK spanking dk_jadie059 dk_jadie060 severe strapping dk_jadie083 dk_jadie089 dk_jadie092


Jadie Reece spanked and strapped

More videos starring the lovely Jadie Reece in various scenarios, including an awesome long play 1970’s themed film, will be coming soon to members of AAAspanking.com



<<< Lone Star Spanking Party Updates >>>


Don’t Forget – those in America who want to attend THE BIGGEST Spanking Party event – it’s located in Houston (Texas) – where else? Everything is BIGGER in Texas! Right? Seriously though, this hotel is NOT the same as last year, the rooms are better, there are many MORE events and the hotel staff can’t wait to welcome everyone… I think the 7th and 8th floors are just about booked already… this is going to be AWESOME! Party goers, if you attend parties in America and you are NOT going to this one, then you will be missing out – BIG TIME!

Check it out HERE – See how to register and book your rooms
& there’s still more things we are adding!


Teasing Thursday Tempters

Howdy! Hi Y’all… being in the States so long I have now started talking like y’all… hell even other English companies are filming over here in North America as well as your own fine spanking talent on show… so today here’s a quick tempting line up of what is HOT out there, some courtesy of my fellow English producers here in America as well as your own fantastic home grown talent and websites! I will try to limit images to approx 6 or so to get this update out for you’s all! *Yo! Forgeddaboutit!*

Northern Spanking has helped co found an American School for delinquents!

NSI124-GP005 NSI124-GP019

Please step up one of its first pupils, the unlucky Ginger sparks who discovers how we English LOVE to use the cane to get the message across when all else fails! & “boy” does it ever work… check out more images from this film below:

NSI124-GP023 NSI124-GP028 NSI124-GP038


I also had to feature this amazing pantyhose spanking and caning feature of Nurse Caroline Grey also just recently added and now showing at NorthernSpanking.com – Paul has a rather well developed fetish for all things nursey… which I heartily approve of and this has the added and rare bonus of appealing to pantyhose fetishists! It’s something I will be filming more of myself as I have really got into it, but only like filming this in the UK (I will be doing this early October with any luck!)

NSI101-CXP005 NSI101-CXP006 NSI101-CXP010

NSI101-CXP012 NSI101-CXP020 NSI101-CXP021

Check out MORE of the very latest updates coming out right now HERE


A few recent updates now appearing in FULL from Punishedbrats.com are next with a diapering and fetish theme courtesy of Adriana Evans (the Diaper Queen) and Veronica Bound. I believe Adriana is filming with PB again this weekend… I love this girl, she is a pleasure to work with and has amazing tolerance for most butt related punishments! here Adriana is attempting to hide her shame whilst getting spanked in and out of her diapers!


act21 diapergirl12 diapergirl22


diapergirl42 diapergirl52 diapergirl62

& of course more age play spankings with the delightful & tearful Mandie Rae in this “Good Girl” spanking (actually madie told me this hurt like hell) from her “mom” Amber Pixie Wells… Amber was very disappointed in her daughter, who is usually such a good girl and rarely shows any signs of meanness. She spanked her daughter hard and with love. After her spanking was over, Mandie was required to place her bare bottom immediately upon the wooden chair upon which she was spanked. She whimpered as her red bottom touched the wood beneath her. Her mother placed the hairbrush in her hands to think about her behavior. While sitting upon her sore bottom Mandie felt humiliated and also sorry for letting her mother down.


good1-64 good1-84 good1-94

good1-105 good2-62 good2-112




I met Briella Jaden at the recent Fetishcon event in Tampa… and she looked amazing, she normally has her make up a little wilder and ends up playing very naughty young ladies but I almost didn’t recognise her at the event as she looked more like a girl next door (makes mental note to perhaps try her as an innocent looking girl next door getting punished) – However, Briella is perfect at playing very bad girls… as you will see below with her upset daddy, Paul Rogers – now showing in full at SarahGregorySpanking.com

002 005

001 (1) 007 011

008 012


More naughty girls getting the punishments they deserve in full HD from SarahGregorySpanking.com


2 recent updates from the excellent SpankingSarah.com website from the UK has Amelia Jane Rutherford getting a licking over her shorts and bare bottom from Aunty Katie at the House of Correction and in the previous full film update, Sarah catches Jadie Reece smoking pot which leads to a very severe leather strapping punishment.

npp5097020 npp5097044

npp5097051 npp5097058

npp5097060 npp5097064

Amelia Jane and Sophie are at the house of correction and have been tasked with cleaning the house. Sophie refuses to do any of the cleaning and it is left to Amelia to do all the work. Aunty Katie returns and Sophie days that she has done all the work and that Amelia has broken one of Katie’s favourite ornaments. Amelia is despite her protestations to be punished. She gets the strap on her denim shorts then her bare bottom, Sophie watches and gloats

npp7032009 npp7032025

npp7032035 npp7032040

npp7032059 npp7032066

Jadie is at home smoking her shish pipe when Sarah returns. A swift examination reveals that it is an illegal substance being smoked, Sarah is far from happy with this and decides that Jadie has to be punished. She finds her heaviest leather paddle and goes to work on the bare bottom of this young lady giving her one of the hardest paddling’s she has ever handed out.

Check out the HD Spanking Clips of the above HERE


Finally today… Jodi Biltmore’s punishment from the Reform Academy series was my stand out moment from FirmHandSpanking.com this past week. She’s got that perfect girl next door look and receives a good hard spanking leaving her bottom a dark shade of shameful red!

academy_e002 academy_e003

academy_e005 academy_e007

academy_e009 academy_e010

academy_e015 academy_e017

academy_e022 academy_e024

Laid over Mr Strickman’s knee, ripe cheeks bare under his hand, Jodi Biltmore has rebellion spanked out of her 230 times at Reform Academy Cussing out a teacher has painful results and a cherry red butt! (Shot solo Reaction Cam).



Next up is a sample of my images from Fetishcon (at last) teaser below


well, maybe not! hehe

Holiday Spankings!

I hope you are all having a great holiday… no work on Monday for the majority of you, how nice! Of course, here in the UK… bank Holidays mean only one thing… bad weather, and so far today in the London area that is living up to expectations with heavy rainfalls… Sarah and I might just try and do a spot of sightseeing in our nation’s great capital later today, we shall see (since yet another of her “sessions” has apparently made a no show).

A few site updates for you today from some recent films showing at these sites featured below today.


Breaking into someone’s home results in a tough punishment for new girl Abi!

burglars_d002 burglars_d005


burglars_d010 burglars_d011


burglars_d017 burglars_d022

Bent over next to her friend Camilla, Abi Simmons grits her teeth as her butt is turned a mottled crimson by Earl Grey’s leather paddle. They broke into his home and have a lot of housework to do! If it’s not done right, their bottoms pay big-time in “Busted Burglars”

CLICK HERE for the free preview



An epic film with Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht (playing both teacher and momma) is out at MommaSpankings.com – I saw this when Sarah placed it up on her site an age ago and loved it… it is what every schoolgirl and strict female authoritarian spanking lover will enjoy viewing… “Spanked at School, Spanked at Home”.


momma-87-050 momma-88-022


momma-88-055 momma-90-002


momma-90-031 momma-90-035


momma-90-055 momma-93-005

momma-93-021 momma-93-033

momma-93-036 momma-93-040

Did you grow up in the era when, if you were spanked at school you got spanked at home? Well Dana Specht did and when Sarah and Dana do a school-girl themed video this is how it is played out. Dana takes the role of Sarah’s teacher who finally has had enough of her bad behavior and turns her over her knee for a spanking. When she gets home and faces Momma (also played by Dana) she gets another spanking.


CLICK HERE to see all the excellent Momma/Daughter style  full length spanking films


From SpankingSarah.com comes a great F/F spanking film with the return of Jadie Reece… in her first appearance at this site she makes a memorable debut with Sarah – who slippers her girlfriend! & doesn’t Sarah look great??? This is a hot film!


npp7031005 npp7031009


npp7031015 npp7031017


npp7031020 npp7031021


npp7031038 npp7031041


This is what Sarah had to say about this latest film update: Jadie has been spanked by me, her jealous girlfriend and thinks she forgiven but those who know me know I do not let things go unpunished and I think she may have liked the spanking. This morning I woke her from her sleep and made her bend over the end of the bed, I was a little distracted by her big tits which kept coming out of her night dress but that did not stop me from giving her big firm bottom a good slippering!



Finally… The Nurse & Air Stewardess are back at GirlSpanksGirl.com in a raunchy girl on girl revenge spanking fest from the Fonda Group of spanking sites! The images and description of the oh so sexy Australian supermodel, Gigi Allens… and the delicious Cheyenne Jewel make this an addictive F/F spanking viewing experience!


IMG_1280l2 IMG_1291l2


IMG_1297l1 IMG_1299l1

IMG_1300l1 IMG_1301l1 IMG_1311l1

IMG_1317l1 IMG_1332l1

IMG_1339l1 IMG_1344l1


Gigi Allens is back as the sexy flight attendant who this time has found Cheyenne as a passenger on her plane. But Cheyenne claims she has amnesia. Gigi makes out with her, gets her off with a vibrator and then spanks her to help her jog Cheyenne’s memory. But with her memory restored, Cheyenne gives Gigi a spanking of her own, even using a wooden spoon. The full length film is over 25 minutes.



This is also available as part of the excellent value 5 site Clare Fonda Pass



dvdHave a great weekend… and I will be bringing you news that I shall be selling DVDs via American Shipping (as it is never adviseable from or in the UK which has always put me off) – there will be at least 6 great titles to start with and a series of films such as “Wheelbarrow spankings” or a feature on a particular popular model like Kami Robertson or Mishka Devlin etc… these proved very popular at the BBW vendors fair not too long ago… so I shall be making them available very soon 🙂

3 Reasons to be British & Proud!

Great-Britain-FlagAs I type this, news of HRH The Duchess Of Cambridge is in labour with the future heir to the throne – at long last, the royal sprog has finally seen sense and can no longer chill out inside mummy… a bank of paparazzi  are awaiting the royal couple plus one and the circus is under way… now I don’t much care for those that wish our country to be a boring republic… I often find those that live in such republics often miss the pomp and splendour of the past which gives any country a unique edge… anyhoo, reason number 2… another fantastic performance in the Tour de France cycle race means even though the current holder of this race (Sir) Bradley Wiggins was injured and couldn’t take part, Chris Froome (who finished 2nd last year) won the 100th Tour in style… froomeI’m sure my lovely French readership (that are now fast disappearing, lol) will congratulate him wholeheartedly on another superb performance and how our boys are starting to dominate the world of cycling… I certainly see it on our roads as more and more people take to them and avoid my wheels of death on their racing bikes … and if I couldn’t piss off our wonderful colonial cousins from down under yet again…

reason 3: England’s awesome cricketers romp to a 2-0 lead in the Ashes Series, needing only a draw to retain them in the best of 5 series (we look so good that the rare phenomenon of a 5-0 drubbing is on the cards). For once the Australians are hoping our usually crap weather might fragment the 5 days tests and halt our lads from winning as easily as they did in the last test at Lords… as only the weather might stop them if we have thunder storms in between the intense lovely heatwave we are experiencing. hot-weatherBritain is a great place to be right now! It is as if God had blessed our small nation… and so to celebrate our awesomeness (lol, please, for the love of “God” do take this as tongue in cheek, I know there are those that find irony difficult to grasp at times), then why not check in on some equally great English spanking sites, including my own of course – with news of what is out and what will be coming this week!

Coming out later this week at AAAspanking.com – a truly English rose that is Amelia Jane Rutherford… spanked OTK and stripped naked for our viewing pleasure. Those who know Amelia will understand that she has a fantastic body and is not afraid to show it off, she insisted on a 2nd naked punishment spanking over my lap, I didn’t argue one little bit! The below images are 1st view screen shots taken from the film and will not be seen anywhere else yet at the time of writing, so please enjoy this special little early preview for yourselves! I hope my members approve at what they are about to see 🙂

Amelia’s Naked OTK

amotk011 amotk021

amotk024 amotk042

amotk050 amotk061

amotk075 amotk080

amotk082 amotk087

amotk090 amotk093

The gist of this story was that Amelia had shamed and embarrassed me the previous night with her drunken behaviour… after making me a hot cup of early morning apology coffee, a hungover Amelia waited nervously for her inevitable scolding, with recollections of embarrassing events and a humiliating OTK spanking which resulted in her receiving one fully nude that she wouldn’t forget this start to her day in a hurry! (sigh, any excuse to get her kit off, eh?)

amotk098 amotk103

This will be available later this week HERE but it will be aired EARLY (no later than tomorrow, below)
Showing at the CLIPS STORE

There is an extra incentive at the clips store as I am uploading a revamped HD version of a classic we filmed with Jasmine Lau – one of my fave films – “Nothing Sexual”. It’s now also inside the members area (upgraded free, of course) in HD-MP4 at 1280×720 instead of the original 960×540 WMV version. I’m also looking at removing many of the smaller WMV files to clear up disk space on my server as I don’t think these offer anything  to anyone now as most people would prefer to download the full files, am I right?

A quick reminder of Jasmine & myself (click image for gallery) in “Nothing Sexual” (below)



From NorthernSpanking.com I have 2 variants of excellence for you today! From the featured long play film, part 13 of “The Chosen” – this should and must win the film of the year… it was a massive project that only they could carry out with the help and 100% trust of the 2 subs involved, Sasha Harvey & Jadie Reece, who, as I am sure you will all recall are subjected to unknown and wicked punishments filmed throughout an entire day at the hands and various implements of Lucy Maclean & Stephen Lewis. They inflict much psychological torment and punishments on their 2 chosen victims! It was a spontaneous film and the images below are taken from the latest episode featured… if you want to know more scroll back over my archives and type in “The Chosen” as a search parameter, I’m sure you’ll be able to see more of this long play epic!

As you’ll see there is an epic twist with the unexpected punishment of cruel Lucy!

chosen01 chosen02

chosen03 chosen04

chosen05 chosen06

chosen07 chosen08

chosen09 chosen10

chosen11 chosen12

chosen13 chosen14

All parts to this amazing full length movie are now up at Northernspanking.com

If you are interested, their very latest film also stars one Miss Amelia Jane Rutherford 🙂



Finally something a little different from an English site you don’t always hear about… but maybe you should as some of the films in it are excellent and they have been making movies in 1280×720 HD versions for yonks… that site is SpankedCheeks.com and I really love the F/F films they make when Mistress Lina is in control… take this collection of films which I know were made over 18 months or so ago but have been appearing at the site most recently when Sarah Bright worked with them. I loved this film and wanted to show you how she got her humiliating comeuppance as a stroppy hotel receptionist who gave such poor service to her customers that her boss (Lina) marched her into another room and gave her a thrashing then showed the hotel guest how they treated poorly behaved ladies with their bare bottoms on show! I’m off on company business later today (though I will take my laptop and phone so I am contactable most of the time) and I wouldn’t mind if this was their policy if I got treated badly… but as it’s a big chain, I highly doubt that, lol! Still, as you’ll see below, it’s a nice idea and one I thought appropriate to end on since I have to start packing in a mo! 🙂

“Staff Problems… the Receptionist”

receptionist01 receptionist02

receptionist04 receptionist05

receptionist03 receptionist06

receptionist07 receptionist08

receptionist09 receptionist11

receptionist10 receptionist12

receptionist13 receptionist14

If you liked seeing a real grown woman get a proper spanking then check out MORE in this latest film below!



OK, still no sign of the Royal baby just yet… so I shall not wait a moment longer 🙂

Hope you are all having a great start to the week!


Summer Solstice Spankings

As we celebrate the longest day here in the northern hemisphere… it seems so long ago that I was writing about the shortest darkest most miserable day in December last year where I’d get up to work in pitch black and return hoem in the cold damp depressing gloom… a thoroughly awful set of events. So it is rather pleasant to think that here in the UK today, the sun rose at around 4.50am and will set tonight just around 9.30pm or thereabouts, depending on whether one is living in the far south west which is further south or in Scotland which is far more northern and the sun will then set a little later!


Stonehenge – The famous 5000 years old World Heritage Stone Circle Site in Wiltshire, England – erected for solstice rituals.

Until recently, the stone cicles were always off limits to the public, especially on solstice ceremonies, with only druids and those in need of a darned good wash and a spanking attended! However, this year, over 20,000 revelers were allowed a unique chance to spend time overnight and watch the sunset and sunrise at Stonehenge. Judging from the images below, some of my members snuck off and joined in… if I’d have known that the circles were public access this time, I’d have gone with a “Triple A” banner as I reckon I only live about a 90 minutes drive away! *makes mental note to write this down in my diary!*


Praise be Chief, oh Sun God of Osborne for bringing us spanking enlightenment & delightful mumbo jumbo…


I don’t like the cut of some of today’s feral youth’s jib…
Hmmm, just some of the wayward souls that the Chief knows are in need of a bare bottom spanking to bring them into line!

Despite the gloomy start, I was thinking this as I got up just before 6am this morning, the sun was very high in the sky by 6.30am when I was driving to work and had burnt off any residual mist where I lived, it has been a glorious summer’s day here in the south west countryside and I have come inside after arriving home from work to write up this quick blog post! Happy Summer’s Solstice, everyone!

Summer Solstice-Stonehenge

& now onto some spankings, red bottoms and very hot girls that make me inanely grin like a Cheshire Cat – I hope these images make you see sense and check out the sites in question as they are all worth every darned penny of their respective membership fees – which, like mine, depend on good people like yourselves (and all the others who continue to support our sites) so we can all keep on producing content for you all!

Joelle Barros & David Pierson at Punishedbrats.com


“The Clean Out” – Joelle takes an even more direct approach to changing David’s poor health habits. She throws out his Cuban cigars, tosses his dry aged steaks, and pours nearly all of his liquor down the drain. Joelle’s clean living campaign is costing her bottom dearly! 

clean1-2 clean1-4

clean1-5 clean1-6

clean1-7 clean2-1

clean2-2 clean2-3

clean2-5 clean2-6

clean2-7 clean2-8

Check out the free preview clips of this fantastic film now available in full only from Punishedbrats.com


A couple of recent updates from 2 girls, one a stalwart and a long time favourite that I don’t always post as she is always seen elsewhere, but I thought “to hell with that… she looks stunning and deserves some blog love from me too” – it’s not her fault I’m late ‘n’ lazy getting posts out… and the other is brand new girl, Sasha Harding (her 3rd film is coming out later this week!) Who am I referring to? The 2 girls below at Firmhandspanking.com

Alison Miller – Dance Captain punishments

Flame-haired Dance Captain Alison Miller kneels on a sofa, hands on the floor, bared butt high in the air, for a stinging 175 swats with Frank Reed’s punishment strap. She’s been driving her dancers too hard and berating them: now her cheeks pay the price!

dance_o001 dance_o003


dance_o005 dance_o017


dance_o019 dance_o024

A FREE preview of Allison’s punishment can be seen HERE

A $10,000 dollar credit card charge earns Sasha Harding a tough strapping

Rich Brat Sasha Harding knows how to spend her dad’s money. After she charges $10,000 to his credit cards, she offers to have her bottom strapped. Patrick Bateman makes sure she counts the swats, but will there be tears of contrition by number 21?

richbrat_b003 richbrat_b005

richbrat_b007 richbrat_b012

richbrat_b013 richbrat_b015

richbrat_b019 richbrat_b022

richbrat_b023 richbrat_b024

Check out the rich brat’s humiliating punishments FREE CLIP HERE – 3rd part coming out later this week!


There’s a couple of very recent updates from NorthernSpanking.com you should all be aware of, featuring some of my fave UK spanking stars… as you’ll now see below!

Amelia’s Wake up Whipping (with Stephen Lewis) is now showing…
Amelia Jane Rutherford as stunning as ever!


A studio set from some time ago where Amelia got to play in some pretty new underwear & Stephen got to play with her!

NSI084C-AV023 NSI084C-AV037

NSI084C-AV040 NSI084C-AV043


It’s amazing what one small mistake on a spreadsheet can do. You know that recession we now find ourselves in? Well, Aleesha Fox caused it and her boss has punished her for it. Do you feel better now? thsi is the very latest update out NOW and if you want to see much more than I’m teasing you with below with the lovely Aleesha (I “LOVE” working with her and will HAVE to again, lol) and the gorgeous buxom vixen, Jadie Reece…


NSI098-AJ011 NSI098-AJ015

NSI098-AJ014 NSI098-AJ016 NSI098-AJ018

You can see this without restriction inside the members area of NorthernSpanking.com 🙂


…and finally from this blog today… a fantastic look at the ongoing spanking soap opera from My Spanking Room Mate – part of the Fonda group of sites so you can view this as part of the ClareFondapass network (the best way to view 5 of their top sites!) – This is a HAWT new film with beautiful Asian American, Koko Kitten and blonde Missy Rhodes… don’t worry, as you’ll see from this selction of images complementing the film… both girls get to spank each other and it’s a double bare bottom whammy – please do nbe careful… as this Solstice Spanking viewing could play havoc with your stout hessian undergarments that I hope you devout followers are always wearing (what do you mean, you go “Commando” – what the hell is that?)

scenes from “Missy’s new room mate”


msr-p139-007 msr-p139-012

msr-p139-020 msr-p139-032


msr-p139-043 msr-p139-048

msr-p139-053 msr-p139-054 msr-p139-055

Missy has been going through roommates quickly, but still has standards. Koko Kitten is her new one, and she is super bratty. But since Missy is desperate, she accepts Koko, but must train her with a spanking. Will Koko tolerate this, or spank Missy right back?


Available at MySpankingRoomMate.com – or via the Top value 5 Site Pass


OK, one more… I couldn’t resist, it’s still bright as hell outside and it cheers me up 🙂

Let’s take a quick look at Spanked-in-Uniform.com and see what Mike has been up to with all his various “sch-pannnkings” of the naughty girls in their different uniforms. 2 Films for you to look at which are both quite recent… the first stars a new Dutch girl I love seeing, another girl who, I believe has done some porno stuff (tut tut, lol) and looks gorgeous with such a fine spankable ass… say “hello” again to Scarlett dressed up as the sexy maid in the 2nd part of this new section… seriously, she’s stunning!

ep2_1 ep2_2

ep2_4 ep2_5

ep2_7 ep2_8


In part two, Scarlett goes across Mr. Johnson’s knee for a sound spanking, for not cleaning the kitchen properly and watching Soaps on the TV.  After the spanking and while the two girls are nursing very sore bottoms, he calls the client and tells him of the punishments they both received. They both agree that the girls go back to him and clean the kitchen again with their bare bottoms on display and the client is allowed to spank them if it is needed! VIEW THIS FILM HERE

& from the Rockford School of Dance comes this double “sch-paaanking” update of Fae & Tiina!

ep24_1 ep24_2 ep24_3

ep24_4 ep24_5

ep24_7 ep24_8

ep24_10 ep24_12

ep24_18 ep24_20 ep24_21

Cheerleader Fae Corbin is over Coach’s knee getting her bottom soundly spanked for being late for practice a few times. Tiina is listening to the spanking on the other side of the door wondering what it might feel like. After 12 with the paddle, Fae comes out and Tiina told her that she has never been spanked before. Fae manipulates the miss goody two shoes into accepting a spanking from her so she will know what it feels like. Fae doesn’t hold back and spanks and paddles her rather hard… enjoying it a all just little too much!

You can see this latest film and all the other uniform niches at Spanked-in-Uniform.com


Ok, I had some recent car trouble… well, it failed the MOT and got fixed £275 later (groan)
Anyhoo… it’s all sorted now but I’m not sure if this crew could have helped me, lol!


TTT – Thursday’s Tempting Treats


I have a day off from my main place of work and have showered (how nice, I actually do daily, of course but feel especially fresh at the moment with damp hair as I type this), I have a hot cup of my favourite caffeine hit (a large mug of steaming, strong Costa Rican coffee) and am excited at the prospect of uploading some damned hot images from some great sites. Before I continue, my early preview of the final installment of the fantasy series spanking with Mishka is available for members at AAAspanking.com and the front of the site is updated with the full storyline and a free clip.


You can also download this film in full HD MP4 at the Clips Store HERE


If you’ve seen my Tumblr pages, they’re not only related to spanking images and pictures of fine derrieres… I just love beautiful images of erotica, but you will see that I focus in on natural girls, girl next door types, Japanese girls, redheads and stunning all natural images of woman of all shapes and form… I just appreciate the female form. I could start other blogs on these niches but prefer to post as I do, it shows the mood I’m in that particular day. For example, this morning I reblogggd a few images of some stunning women who were all natural “down there” –  and no doubt I’ll upload some images myself that I have stored on my laptop… I’m just uploading a spanking video clip from my members site at the moment whilst I write this post 🙂

… perv on over to the Spankingblogg Tumblr page and “Follow me” for the latest updates 😉



Ok, my addiction to Tumblr is worrying… so I’ll post here instead and show you some fantastic updates currently out and about that you really ought to see more of! Here’s a site I don’t always show but as it’s part of the English Spankers and Spanking Sarah stable (more on their sites coming up) so know that the films they show here, especially the newer ones filmed are… well, awesome! Here is a lady I would absolutely LOVE to spank and she is a proper lady, mature and knows what she wants…. in this case, it’s a punishment. Now Suzi can take quite a punishment as you will have seen at the other group of sites… but this one is my favourite, Mr Stern really does the job on her behind and she got far more than she had bargained for! From the excellent and sometimes overlooked (by me) Red Stripe Films

npp5074014 npp5074018

npp5074024 npp5074032

npp5074047 npp5074054

This is what I loved about Suzanne… a real grown woman with a proper lady garden below!!!
So refreshing to see nowadays when every girl I see appears shaven &/or covered with mismatching tatts
This is just my taste… but where can I express it other than on MY blog?

npp5074062 npp5074073

npp5074089 npp5074090

Oh, and she got a real grown up whacking too as you’ll have seen from these images!
Check out the FREE Movie Clip of this spanking Milf exclusively HERE


The Unladylike manor series at Spanking Sarah continues – this time with stunning Amelia Jane Rutherford (born to be continually spanked and placed in uniform for all us fetish freaks out there, lol!) – This is a rather good OTK spanking film which sees Amelia punished by Sarah (and check out that nursing uniform… oh my!!!) Images and storyline with a FREE preview clip – all below 🙂

npp5034010 npp5034014

npp5034029 npp5034034

npp5034047 npp5034048

npp5034050 npp5034053

The latest story in the Unladylike Manor series is called The Plot and this first episode has Nurse Amelia Jane Rutherford falling foul of the Lady of the Manor. Amelia Jane soon finds herself over the knee of nasty Lady Sarah, her uniform skirt raised and her panties around her ankles. Sarah then gives Amelia’s beautiful bottom a good hard spanking, covering every inch and producing just the right reaction from the nurse. But the punishment is not over that quickly. Members will get to see the next developments very soon!

Check out the FREE Movie preview of this latest film HERE


When the title of a film is called “Punished & in Pain” – you have to wonder what got the unfortunate girl into such a mess… until I saw the latest  discipline film from English Spankers and saw that it was sassy schoolgirl Bow (who has an incredible ass, by the way!!!)… and she happened to rub Auntie Sarah up the wrong way! All makes sense now! For your reference, images and a link to see the HD spanking clip are below:

npp5043007 npp5043023

npp5043044 npp5043051

npp5043056 npp5043061

npp5043065 npp5043069

Once again young schoolgirl Bow is in trouble with her Auntie, after giving her a good spanking she is caught drinking strong alcohol, luckily the French teacher has just visited the house and brought a selection of punishment instruments and now Auntie is going to try them all out on Bows tiny bottom. The strap, a paddle and the martinet are all used and this young lady gets a real hard punishment and discipline session which leaves her bottom sore and well marked.

FREE link to see this film and the very latest spanking movies – CLICK HERE


A rather interesting update from Northern Spanking – these are reduced size images I have made myself, so I hope Paul & Lucy don’t mind… this episode see the  pyschological torment in part 7 of “The Chosen” … Lucy and Stephen swap places and pay the victims, Sasha and Jadie, a visit. However, as both girls are still bound and blindfolded, one can only imagine the dread and fear as there are new dynamics… Stephen with his rough handling of Jadie on the bed, throwing things around within earshot… then cutting her free of the ropes – and of course Lucy’s monolgue which has Sasha petrified as she occasionally promises what is to come if she doesn’t obey. This is scary… and I have to say I am impressed with Lucy’s box of tricks! Memo to self: Do NOT piss off Miss Maclean!

chosen01 chosen02

chosen03 chosen04

chosen05 chosen06

chosen07 chosen08

chosen09 chosen10

See all parts of this movie uploaded so far… it’s a special movie and compliments the usual daily updates that are going on, but since other folk have covered other updates and I have been rather tardy it would be rather pointless of me, I guess. So I just wanted to remind you all just how cool this film is – it already has prime slot for “Spanking Film of the Year” written all over it!

View more of this film by accessing Northern spanking HERE


Finally today, another top film starring Aleesha Fox alongside Dutch girl Monique as she switches inside Mike’s Diner (no horsemeat served as beef here, I hope!) at Spanked in Uniform. You’ll see her take Monique over her lap and give her a hearty OTK spanking before Mike is offered the chance to carry out a spanking on Aleesha’s beautiful behind! Full plot and images from the film are below in this very latest full file update for members to enjoy!

The latest update “A Family Affair”

ep11_2 ep11_5


ep11_7 ep11_10


ep11_15 ep11_16

ep11_17 ep11_18

A mother with her sulky teenage daughter came in for lunch at the diner. The mother was quite sick of her daughter’s attitude and she promised her a spanking when they got home. Chef Mike overheard the conversation and suggested that a spanking right there and then is much more effective. To the daughter’s dismay she was pulled over her mother’s knee and right there in the restaurant, she got a sound spanking. After the spanking she was told to wait in the car. After spanking her daughter, and hearing Chef’s way of how he deals with naughty females,  the mother realised she missed a firm hand on her own bottom so she asked Chef if he would give her a good spanking also which he gladly carried out!

This is one of many specialized uniform spanking series – check out all the latest offerings HERE


That’s it today at this blog, I shall be updating other blogs too
I will post links to those when I am next online here 🙂

Have a good one… and here’s my top tip of the day.
Don’t piss off the cats – NEVER piss off the cats! “tee hee”


Snows Storms Chinese New Year & Schpaankings!

It’s a busy weekend, what with my horsemeat & the risible socialist threats from the (un)democratic European Union rant  – to the terrible weather on the eastern side of the United States & Canada… I had almost forgotten that this was a spanking blog and that I’d better get my act together and post some spanking updates. So I have been rather comfy today, relaxing indoors, well  away from our usual depressing windy wet rainy grey weather outside to peruse some rather good spanking material to show you what has been updated most recently at some of my fave sites!


To those who have power in the United States & Canada… welcome back to the SpankingBlogg! Get indoors, warm up and check out the latest offerings!

It also happens to be Chinese New Year, this is the “Year of the Snake” (I believe I was born in that one too)… what does it mean? I have no idea but will no doubt look it up online later to satisfy my curiosity… I have no actual Chinese girl spanking images (there is one such named site and the bottoms you see in the small images are from that place but it’s a rather odd pay per download site and I won’t bother listing it here). My blog is also (along with my site) mainly BLOCKED to Chinese traffic after I got fed up seeing the site copied and downloaded so many times (God knows what they were planning on doing with the content as it is mainly promotional in nature) but I could do without the massive bandwidth drain and also on my main paysite, most Chinese, Russian and several other rogue nation piracy IPs are blocked anyway as I use the same server for this blog at AAAspanking.com.. which is why my traffic stats appear lower than what they might be… but I do not care for that as I only want to target the traffic and readership that appreciate this blog and my own paysite etc… it just makes ripping off my networks a little more of a pain in the arse to use a VPN or whatever IP altering address network they use (anyhoo… I’m waffling again, eh?)

To the decent (& gorgeous) Chinese ex pats I see in the casino and those that can read this blog in English

Happy New Year!


& here are some Chinese girls showing off their delicious shaped bottoms & such you’d WANT to spank them (& more!)
I hope they are and NOT Japanese this time as I have tried to filter my searches!!!


chinese01 chinese02

CNS087G03s CNS087G07s CNS087G09s


chinese04 chinese05

CNS046G05s CNS046G06s CNS046G08s


By the way, if there are any Chinese or Asian girls based in the UK who would like to appear at AAAspanking.com



& so to the spanking updates (finally) Starting at Northern Spanking with the next part of their fantastic film saga “the chosen” – an all day event where those involved didn’t know whether the cams were turned on or not and there are 2 scenes filmed simultaneously as we see here… Lucy continues to have her wicked way with a compliant and very subdued Jadie Reece whilst Stephen’s excellent domination of a blind folded tearful and very obedient Sasha was also compelling viewing. Images taken below are from the latest long play episode!

5chosen01 5chosen02

5chosen03 5chosen04

5chosen05 5chosen06

5chosen07 5chosen08

5chosen09 5chosen10

View the previous episodes from this production HERE


2 great recent film updates from Mike’s Spanked-in-Uniform.com are next. A great pairing of Aleesha Fox and Danielle Hunt, no strangers to my site, appearing together for the 1st time… below, they are in the Rockford School of Dance section:

Superstar and diva Danielle Hunt is going on her second world tour and she needs to get back in shape so she booked another session at the Rockford School Of Dance under the strict training of coach Johnson. This time she brought one of her backing singers, Aleesha Fox, with her. Aleesha was quite horrified when coach Johnson used his new heavy 3 tailed tawse to good effect on the bottoms of the two young madams during training.

ep21_5 rockford21_2

ep21_6 ep21_11

ep21_13 rockford21_1

ep21_14 ep21_15

Click here to view this film in full

A military uniform spanking movie is up next as the cadets from the Montgomery Academy get an ear bashing and an old school thrashing!

ep14_3 montgomery14_1

ep14_6 ep14_9

ep14_10  ep14_14

ep14_16 ep14_17

montgomery14_2 ep14_13

Cadets Milena and Scarlett were awarded a weekend pass after good conduct. Dressed in their smart formal uniforms they were warned by their commanding officer to be on their best behaviour that weekend. Both of them ended up at The Lion’s Head (a local pub) and they got drunk and behaved very badly. Of course it was reported to the Academy and both cadets were back in front of their commanding officer on Monday morning. They were both severely scolded and they got a long hard spanking. And both girls got two months extra duties!

Check out this film and ALL the latest uniform section updates HERE


I loved seeing this, bad girl irelynn Logeen makes a return to our favourite female prison at bars-and-stripes.com

irelynn_logeen01 irelynn_logeen02 irelynn_logeen03

You think she had learnt her lesson from the humiliating punishments she had endured previously! A brief reminder is below for what she was in for (before her early release)

Logeen hailed from the Scandinavian part of the world but was raised and educated in various other parts. This gave her the opinion that, even though still a teenager at the time, she was worldly wise and knew what was best for society. It was this opinion of herself that made her an idealist, assuming she could change the world and put us all on the “right track”. Whilst studying sociology and psychology at university, she had fallen in with a ring of women who, for various reasons, had committed banking fraud through the internet. Logeen, because she wanted to teach the fat cats of financial institutions a costly lesson, hit them where it hurt.
Known as the “FRATERNITY”, three of them had been caught and imprisoned at the rehabilitation centre, but their punishment had only just begun. They all had information concerning the whereabouts of the stolen money and the account details associated with it. Logeen at that time was the first to suffer at the hands of The Prison officers in their efforts to extract the knowledge that she had.

Now we see the return of Miss Logeen… will she never learn?

irelynn2_backagain - 007 irelynn2_backagain - 016

irelynn2_backagain - 028 irelynn2_backagain - 033

irelynn2_backagain - 042

irelynn2_backagain - 045 irelynn2_backagain - 055

irelynn2_backagain - 068 irelynn2_backagain - 076

Irelynn Logeen’s punishments at Bars and Stripes are amongst my favourite featured there…

You can see why and check out the site’s excellent films HERE


Have a good end of weekend… I know Monday is coming…but  just think about this poor fella below
(Hassled by a Jehova’s Hippo!) tee hee!

excuse me

The Light… & the Dark!

It’s been really difficult to stay online at the moment and bring you updates, I hate being away from the blog or my site for longer than a day or 2 and I must apologize in advance as I don’t intend to, but if you knew the crap that is going on behind the scenes in my personal life then you’d probably understand. OK, now that I’ve made that feeble excuse, let’s not waffle on anymore and just get you some essential spanking site updates and a great round up of what I have managed to watch (albeit not much) these last few days!


Starting with Triple A Spanking – there is a brand new “Uncle knows best” film with Dodgy Dave up to his pervy best as the kindly put upon uncle who has let his girls run riot far too often… he had to punish them recently in the kitchen when they ignored his rules… and this time the girls (played brilliantly by Aleesha Fox and Jenna Jay) show little respect for him as they prefer to laze about watching TV after coming home from school instead of doing their household chores and homework… this film is called “No Respect” and it’s about time these 2 learnt to respect their elders… click on the image below which leads to a full 20 image gallery which showcases the film.


There aren’t many images with ol’ Uncle David wielding a leather strap but half way through the film he is exasperated and uses it on both girls who are giggling at first until the strap starts to bite into their reddening bottoms and they finally begin to listen to him. However, this is a series of 4 films and I can tell you the last 2 are given by one of their other uncles who isn’t so nice and gives them both a punishment they won’t forget in a hurry… I won’t spoil it just yet, , and the first will be with Aleesha… you’ll love her pout and how much punishment she can take… but until then, see for yourself a FREE CLIP HERE of the girls winding up Uncle David as he unleashes the strap!

Don’t forget that you can see the whole film OUT NOW (just updated) at the CLIPS STORE
(that’s if you just want to download the odd movie!)



As Paul from NorthernSpanking.com recently told me, this is an evil film, a dark film, played out over a day and I will leave you the explataion below but I have managed to pull a few screen grabs and a very short clip of Stephen Lewis telling Sasha exactly how disappointed he is with her… it’s quite chilling. I also had a far darker film I had shot with Jenna Jay which I said I would leave until probably end of February (it’s a kidnap/ransom type film and Jenna is thrashed really hard on a spanking bench, blindfolded and gagged… but that’s another story) Right now, feast your eyes on the clip and also the images of just how nasty and filthy Lucy Maclean got at the same time in another room with gorgeous Jadie Reece (using her for her own pleasure whilst using some orgasm denial techniques and slapping the insides of Jadie’s thighs rather hard… I got “wood” watching some of these scenes, they were really rather awesome… see for yourselves how this got a maximum “Trouser Arousal” rating from me!

Northern’s darkest feature yet – “The Chosen”

As you’ll see, both Stephen AND Lucy live up to their word! Below is the forward from Paul and some exclusive images from the latest scenes members can view right now!

Two women. Unsuspecting. Unknowing. About to be thrown head-first into a world of hell. 2013. Northern Spanking Gets Evil. 

This film was born out of an idea from Stephen Lewis. What would happen if we made a film where the girls involved did not know what was going to happen to them? What would happen if we filmed it live? So excited by this as a project we set out to make it happen. 

We spoke to a few girls about this project and we were surprised by quite how many were receptive to the idea, and even more than were downright excited by it. Jadie practically begged us to be involved, and Sascha was incredibly keen too. As we know both girls intimately, as they are friends as well as models, we decided they would be the best two for the experiment. We love them, they trust us. But it was not quite that simple. 

In order to make this film, we asked both girls to supply us a detailed and definitive list of their hard limits, understanding that out side that list, anything goes. From there, Stephen and Lucy made a rough framework of how they were going to play it out, but as they did not know how the girls would react and would have to continually assess the situation, even they did not really know what would happen in the scenes. 
There was no scripting, no rehearsal and no blocking. Not even proper lighting. The girls had to be completely lost in the moment and the headspace. They had no idea when they were being filmed and when they were not. The camera operators, Paul and Leia-Ann had no idea what would happen or when. It was filmed entirely live and at the same time. What you see happening to Jadie and Sacha is happening AT THE SAME TIME. They are in different buildings, but it IS all realtime action. This is what really happened, as it happened and there is no acting. Only the opening scenes were staged to give the film a story, which were filmed after the event of the actual film. 

Of course it could have gone wonderfully pear-shaped, but as it turned out, it was simply wonderfully hot for everyone involved. The result is THE CHOSEN. We hope you enjoy this journey with us.

chosen01 chosen02

chosen03 chosen04

chosen05 chosen07

chosen08 chosen09

chosen10 chosen11

chosen12 chosen13

You can see all the parts shown so far of this epic film alongside the daily updates you can expect at:

NorthernSpanking.com – do check their site out, there’s some really innovative stuff filmed there!


OK, back soon with more contrasting spanking updates! Have a good weekend, here in the UK it’s best we stay indoors as the weather is truly SHIT outside… contrast that to the great people of Australia who are celebrating, or have by now… their national day at the height of the southern hemisphere summer (jealous? me? nah!).



Have a few “tinnies” on me, my colonial cousins! Much love… Chief 🙂

Summer Spanking Fun!

Hello everyone, first up, I have some great news, so click on the banner below and help celebrate our fantastic best ever British summer (not) – I decided to bring this back as I was feeling so f*cking miserable, our useless summer just gets worse and worse with washout after washout and bigger flood events with severe gale warnings and the awful month’s worth rain downpours falling overnight that some folk in my country have had to endure… WTF happened to global warming? It is sooooooo depressing, so I felt like cheering those who purchased an Annual Pass to AAAspanking last year (which most will start to be expiring pretty much about now) and thought I’d extend this offer for those who wanted to continue enjoying my site for the knock down equivalent price of just $8.50 per month with a one off purchase (no rebills, obviously) – just click the banner below for the proof it’s currently on offer! Enjoy… as it may get pulled anytime this “summer” 🙂

I first found out from this offer from this newspaper clipping (ahem) – well, OK, that’s a little white lie but a fun one all the same 🙂

& to help you decide – here is what is coming out THIS WEEK as Mishka turns up the heat as a filthy cheerleader try out who just can’t keep her fingers (or anything that will fit into her tight hole for that matter) when easily distracted waiting for her Cheergirl Trial. Click on either image and they will leader to a full and complete gallery of the movie that is about to hit the site! I much prefer Mishka’s use of the Pom Poms! 🙂

CLICK HERE for more of Mishka and the 100 or so other films now available!


& so to the rest of today’s great spanking updates starting with one of my fave sites FirmHandSpanking.com who have really put out some excellent films recently… like the 2 below!

Kelly Morgan as a cheerleader? Yup, this series continues and fits nicely in with the start of today’s update, don’t you think? Check out Kyle’s latest punishment of this beautiful girl as  a prank goes wrong costing her a 31-swat bottom spanking to tears (below)




Kelly Morgan fesses up to changing the music for another cheerleader’s routine in Cheerleader Captain. To have any hope of getting back her place on squad, she asks to be spanked by Mr Johnson. 31 swats with a leather paddle, 10 bare, bring tears of genuine sorrow and a sore butt.

In the next series finale, Director Amelia Rutherford (you’ll see her behind the scenes) creates a wonderfully hot scene for Au Pair Trouble with Aleesha Fox and Earl Grey. Aleesha wants to be caned but is shocked by 18 strokes as she counts them out. Then she’s strapped with his belt, almost nude…





See a FREE Movie clip of the above scenes HERE


The next brand new update is from when Sarah and her daddy, Paul Rogers visited England last year and this was filmed in London with leia Ann Woods – it’s really good and promises much more for members… check out “Uncle” Paul giving Leia a good thrashing (you’ll see why in the explanation below)

Leia’s in Hot Water

Leia is just about to get into the shower when she gets an important call that she must go into work right away. When Uncle Paul gets home, he is not too happy to find a flooded house. He waits for his niece so he can properly punish her for her irresponsible behaviour.





Check out more of daddy Paul Rogers and Sarah Gregory’s collaborations which include real gems like this spanking punishment of Leia Ann Woods! CLICK HERE for their latest offerings which do NOT disappoint!


There is a girl you can see at SpankingServer.com that is featured nowhere else, and she is stunning! She’s called Miela… and, well, I rather have the trouser rumblings for her as you’ll see below in a typical scene of her getting a good hard OTK spanking and caning punishment from a very fortunate but stern Peter Schober… who does his job of thrashing this beauty with utmost professionalism *cough*

Miela wonders how the hell she arrived in this position… again!

This is how it happened (below)




See far more of the addictive viewing that is Miela – Click HERE


Finally today, a very good film starring 2 of the curviest, shapeliest figures and bottoms in Spankoland… Sasha Harvey and Jadie Reece, team together in a Glamour Shoot that ends up very quickly being, well…. a rather nice SPANKING shoot (yay!)

“Hang on… this doesn’t feel like a Glamour Shoot!





I love this last image of Jadie as it looks back past Stephen and to Sasha in the background!

Need I say more than this is from the folks at Northern Spanking – bravo!


& please do NOT forget my British Summer Offer *smile*

Spankings to start off the week

A new week and I have been battling damned piracy (yet again!)
Bend over while I think about THRASHING YOUR PERT BEHIND!

The following paragraph contains expletives and nasty swear words, sorry to bring this heavy shit on you, but it is an emotive subject for me and I hate the fact I have to try and protect all this otherwise my little site goes down the tubes… So here’s a brief announcement to the wanker that is using stolen credit card information to try and sign up to my site – CCBill are on your case, you fucker… no matter what IP address you use, they are using their software to slowly track you down and I send them your downloading Ip address… each and every attempt brings them and a company I have approached to help me… and, my… you have been busy with your attempts and various crappy email addresses, haven’t you? Twice you got through, twice you got immediately blocked!  I have to say “thanks” to the billing agent that has recognised this problem and are willing to help in what could be a landmark case against these idiots that think they can just anonymously do what the fuck they want! The internet is growing up, and fast, already internet trolls on sites like Facebook or twitter are now getting caught… I suppose it is human nature that if we always think we can get away with or won’t get caught then it brings out the very worst in us! We are a pretty horrid species when I think about it… and so I’d rather not right now!

By the way, all legit sign ups (of which 99.9% of you are – I thank you all profoundly) – you folk are the decent ones and have nothing to fear, it is those using hiding software and for purposes of piracy that I have an issue with, if you use hidden proxies on AAA, you WILL find yourself kicked out sharpish as there is no need and even these companies that promise you’ll never be found will be forced to give up their data for those who have a complaint, no matter what they say eventually… the internet is growing up! So behave, and you have nothing to fear… it’s a good motto and one to bear in mind online in the future!

Oops, that was 2 paragraphs. OK, I want to celebrate the niche that you are all here for and there is a series of nice galleries and a nice write up on a most recent film from NorthernSpanking.com which is where I’ll start today!

Check out this tearful clip of the amazing Caroline Grey, I love seeing this damsel in distress punished, and her tears are genuine, it fulfilled a fantasy of hers and is all the more poignant!


You can see the FULL HD Film of Caroline’s perfect tearful hairbrush punishment HERE


& if that is not your thing then perhaps seeing Jadie Reece (in red below) invite and dominate Amelia Jane Rutherford AND Aleesha Fox in the very latest new film which has just been released and I have a couple of teaser images for you!

Amelia Jane and Aleesha find themselves spending another painful afternoon with Mistress Jadie, the credit card therapist. Sent by their husbands, the theory is that, by means of corporal punishment, some kind of aversion therapy is implanted whereby the recollection of pain and humiliation enables the girls to resist abusing their husbands generosity.

Funny how they keep coming back though! (You might remember Paul having the same issue recently with Leia at my site!)

 See MORE of what happens to these girls HERE


A special gallery feature from AAA Spanking – just click on any image below and you will see some of the most recent reminders of why those pesky pirates want to rip apart my poor site. Of course if you want to see MORE of this thing then I can only do it by those willing to support our cause so I can bring in more girls as I genuinely just about break even and actually if I worked out the time I spent on the site and had to even pay myself the minimum wage… oh dear, it would be failing Lord Sugar’s stern test and I’d be fired for a poor business model… but as with many websites like ours, we are a labour of love, not some huge faceless corporation making a ton of dough for the hell of it!

Mishka is currently in the wheelbarrow position at AAA Spanking as you may have already seen (below)


There is a really interesting review of a Lupus Spanking film currently out and it starred Mishka in her native Prague as a wide eyed 18 year old… but don’t let that fool you, she may have been new to the online scene but she was certainly not shy (nor has been since!)

Check out the review HERE (it’s well worth a read) and there are lots of pretty pics and clips to keep you occupied if you find my prose rather tedious 🙂

You can see how Mishka ended up with such a sore bottom!