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Wicked weekend spanking news

I won’t drone on about the crappy British weather, as it is…well… just CRAP at the moment. I’m fed up. I’m totally FED UP with the continual wet, rainy windy shit we’re suffering at the moment. All the fields where I live are totally sodden, and with continued severe rainfall, the rain forms torrents on hillside roads as the water has only one place to flow turning roads into rivers causing flash flooding everywhere. I hate it! So as you feel sorry for me in my damp surroundings, let’s just get on with some cracking spanking updates this week to forget all this, shall we?

Talking of sodden, I couldn’t but help notice new girl Sally at Northernspanking.com got into a spot of bother with her dad’s new fiance (and her old school “prefect” who was cruel to her in the past, played by Nimue Allen) and whilst poor Sally waits for her slippering punishment as the girls get re-acquainted… a little “accident” happens inside Sally’s knickers… a perfect start to my mini rant on “sodden” things! Instead of bringing you some images which accompany the movie, I have got you actual screen grabs instead so you can see precisely what is going on… miss this movie at your peril if you like this sort of thing! Images below are from the film “My Prefect Stepmum”






Check out MORE of this very naughty film HERE


Here’s something a little different, not sure if it’s a first in Japan… but at Hand-Spanking.com, beautiful American student, Tiffany, is studying Japanese and has to speak it all times in her House Mother’s place where she is sponsored…. however, blonde Tiffany is bored and talks to her friend in ENGLISH outside on her phone before getting caught… what follows is a humiliating spanking over her House Mother’s knee with her panties removed so she receives a bare bottom spanking whilst being told NOT to speak English and apologize in Japanese (which she does…. eventually!) An interesting diversion… I liked this a lot!






Tiffany did also star in another movie around Halloween time… which you can view at the site (below)



Again, this is something I haven’t featured in a while and it’s a great punishment film with lots of dancing girls at a strict school… when these ballet dancers let off some steam and party, they are found out and punished to tears with the cane… resulting in some very nasty welts to their smooth bottoms! Images courtesy of Lupus Spanking




Click here for a special free 3 minute trailer of this long play spanking and caning movie


Finally, a great new movie and photo update came out late last week which I have just got around to showing you all… starring the long legged Elli Harrison, I had half thought to include her as my Top New Spanking Model in The Spanking Spot Annual Awards but instead gave it to a girl I had starred with (and only I, I might add) – If you want to nominate me, that’s fine, or find out who I nominated …then I’ll let you know in due course – LINK HERE to nominate before the actual voting begins! There is also the British version run by Sarah at her blog SpankingEngland – LINK HERE – although sarah’s version is actual voting, so if you could kindly vote for my blog and site and stuff… I’d be ever so grateful 😉

Oh, I digressed… heeeeeere’s Elli!




Elli Harrison is a naval cadet with a bright future in Military Discipline. She’s even enrolled in retired commander Frank Reed’s programme of corporal punishment and counseling. But when she admits cheating on her boyfriend, she’s shocked to be bent over for 25 with a strap!


See the full movie of Elli, her long legs and a severe strapping she won’t forget – RIGHT HERE!

It’s All About the ASS #64

This is Yuri’s first time ever to pose nude. So she is a bit bashful and doesn’t want to have her face shown to the public. But for members-only she reveals her pretty face and gorgeous body. A caregiver by profession, Yuri finds the maid costume suits her well. Nice ass pic followed by some amazing teasers!

If you want to see more outstanding natural beauties like these from Japan then check them out HERE

Server Upgrade finally complete

Sorry about my absence on here, I couldn’t post anything and the damned transfer of data took longer than expected but I have just got news from the Hosts that it’s all OK (despite this poor blog having a 403 Forbidden error best part of a day… did you think the blog had gone? sheesh! I did!!!)

So, where do I start? I am MASSIVELY behind on everything, I couldn’t update my own site   AAAspanking.com – and am doing so right now (yes, girls… I am multi tasking!!!) This is just a brief post, and I just wanted to let you know… “I’m back.”

I also saw in my mail that there were a few comments received… as the transfer was started on March 30th (I just got news I can update now, so that’s a LONG time!) I will try to find the comments and reply if poss! Those comments are now dust in the wind on t’interwebz… innit?


Check out the new update from CutieSpankee.com

What I love about this site, apart from the uber gorgeous girls of Japan is that even their regulation school gym knickers tightly spread across this amazing girl’s ass is a total picture of erotic imagery!!! See what I mean below… I’m gobsmacked, CutieSpankee do it again with some stunning photography (there’s more of this for members of course!)

OMG! I am in lust!!! Those red knickers are like a rag to a bull… or a raging “Chief”… More stunning imagery & Japanese stunning, erotic and schoolgirl punishment spankings can be found HERE


Sorry it’s a short update, but I will be back later this weekend! have a good one. Chief

Hand-Spanking.com from Japan

Today’s post is a review of Hand-Spanking.com

Ok, I have rather been a “Dodo” about the site Hand-Spanking.com website – I once joined up many years ago only to be a little disappointed. However, now, I took the plunge again last night and, well… I’m blown away! You may all know I have a rather delicate fetish for all things Japanese so to see this site with a clear and easy navigation once inside was a joy! A model index with names which I always think is now essential really makes it worth viewing and the films have all been remastered and all new content is widescreen 16:9 ratio showing us far more clearly on a larger screen all the essential spanking action… and finally, of course, the girls and spankers are a joy to watch, even the English translations are near perfect so it’s hard not to miss ANY of what is going on! This site covers all manner of F/F spanking in all your usual locations of the home, school and at work and there’s a strong theme of Mother/daughter relationships and role reversals which I like… I suppose I could be on here gushing for an age and boring you, so instead, just check out the very latest update below (as of Jan 28th 2011) which I’ve covered (God, this girl is cute). Also,  to show you a taster of what is inside, I’ve got a collection of some beautiful pics which showcase exactly what Hand-Spanking.com is all about!

Cute Kurumi is about to be spanked by her cruel Stepmother

Kurumi spends her high school days in constant fear of the punishment her stepmother could inflict. It’s hard not to see why this 18 year old cutie is a victim of her cruel stepmother who obviously enjoys spanking her tight white bottom!




Crumbs! You can see MUCH MORE of Kurumi’s spanking punishments HERE

OK, I wasn’t going to review this site but it is fast turning into that so here goes…
“What do you get for your money?”

Considering the vast array of spanking films (there are 100’s of films and most seem to average out from what I’ve downloaded so far to around 10-12 minutes which is fair) they only contain F/F action: I knew this in advance and it is obvious from their tour pages this is what to expect. Will you find the girls spanked with other implements? No you won’t as this is strictly “hand spanking” as the title suggests and that, too, is fine by me. It’s a shame I would love to see their menfolk spanking the girls but this is how it appears to be with the 2 big Japanese spanking sites, (edit: maybe I should import some Japanese girls and spank them myself? … as long as I had my cast iron protective undergarments on!). I am guessing that the owner employs English speakers or is fluent him/herself as the the English version is impeccable and the translations in wmv format are pretty much spot on, so I can concentrate on the spanking and dialog without giggling at the English translations that I sometimes see on foreign language spanking sites who want to cater for the vast international English speaking market! Costs are reasonable too. Considering what is available to download, $24.95 per month or the highly reasonable longer term membership options ($60 for 3 months) seem fair and full updates of movies usually come at one full movie and images per week!

Ok, here are some more images which, as they say, speak a 1000 words
and considering my waffle, that’s no good thing!




Ok, I think you get the idea, there are quite extensive tour pages including free intro clips that give you a better idea of what to expect if you’ve never seen this site before and they do show you the quality of their movies which is totally acceptable! The spankings are not the hardest in the world, but then again, I don’t always want to see girls brutalized, this site fulfills a real niche of seeing very pretty women spanked by women in a variety of believable situations and of course, no girl, and I mean no Western girl cries as beautifully as a Japanese girl and hearing them cry out is somewhat addictive! (I’ve noted even in orgasm they seem pained from my, ahem, review of vanilla Japanese stuff, but that is of course another story and another hard drive of naughty materials).


So, finally to recap, do I like the site? Hell, yes! You know I have been raving about Japanese girls for some time on this blog (you only have to enter “Japanese” into my search box in the menu bar and you’ll find a ton of stuff…) well, if you liked what you had seen before, you will love this site too and my highest recommendation is that from now on this site will get a regular updated feature as well as my odd ramblings about their archives, and since the site looks to be updated with a new film and images every week without fail I shall be letting you all know about the latest ones when they come out from now on! In conclusion, those who like asian girls, Japanese girls who cry beautifully and are into F/F punishments and hand spanking will love this site! For those requiring more severity, (some spankings are tougher than I once remembered which is good and there are red bottoms of course) if you’re into wanting to see nasty hard spankings then this isn’t for you.

Want to know more? See what all the fuss is about by clicking the banner below:

Chief (a Hand-Spanking.com convert)

Oh so cute Japanese Girl Spankings

Hope you all had a great weekend! Now that Springtime really is here (all my daffodils are in full bloom on our grass bank finally) it has got me more lively and thinking about what the summer might bring spanking wise! Maybe also some foreign trips (unless the volcanic ash clouds descend on us again!). One thing is for sure, I won’t be travelling as far afield as Japan. What a beautifully mixed up society of people they are, and of course, you all know how I feel about my little Japanese girlies from Cutie-Spankee getting spanked! So today, feast your “minces” (’tis cockney rhying slang “mince pies – eyes” hence the term “minces”) anyhoo, feast your eyes on these teenage beauties getting their delicious rumps paddled for our pleasure!

Warning: I had to watch this update in a darkened room sat in a rough hessian cloth to be able to last the length of the film without fear of ending my viewing “prematurely” so to speak!!


2 Schoolgirls are thrashed in front and next to each other including the Head Prefect! This full movie contains scenes of satisfying squeals and snivelling from both teenagers throughout their nasty paddling on their soft bare behinds!




Of course as well as schoolgirls, you’ll also see the most sexy secretaries getting thrashed, I defy you not to be turned on with these teaser pics from another very recent update below! Click on images for the larger ones – Enjoy!!!

Stunning images from Cutie-Spankee I’m sure you’ll agree…er, I have to go to the bathroom now…laters!

Latest News & Updates at CutieSpankee

WARNING: This is a bumper FREE Image & Movie Update of the cutest Japanese girls thrashed in the most adorable uniforms at home and at school. DO NOT VIEW if easily aroused by the sight of tearful girls in various states of undress being spanked on their bare red bottoms.

I actually had a mail recently asking me why I don’t feature the Japanese girls as much, well, I think I do, but this person was adamant that I was deserting showing cute Japanese girls getting spanked! “Au contraire!” I adore seeing their tight japanese bottom getting thrashed, usually with a hand or, as is quite popular at CutieSpankee – the dreaded paddle!!!

Well, here’s a bumper update that I suggest you view in a darkened private room, for…ahem…better viewing!

Below is the very latest update out now, and just look at their cute little uniforms, here we see an angry friend spanking her badminton partner for not bringing her short skirt so they can’t play the game, I rather feel it’s an excuse to get me all hot and bothered watching 5ft Japanese cuties giving each other a darned good thrashing across their naked butts! Joy!!!



Taken from the ongoing “Head Girl’s Trouble” series of movies

As you will probably know, Cutiespankee covers just about every schoolgirl scenario, but there is also a strong workplace and Home Domestic Discipline section which continues to amaze and baffle the visual senses with fantastic costumes, beautiful photography, and at last all the newer films are encoded at a far higher bit rate giving us all a far clearer playback resolution!

Seriously, if there was an award for best dressed/partially undressed girls then this site would win hands down! (along with the knickers)
See for yourself as I bring you a collection of domestic updates this past year that you may have missed (Mr D of Bracknell, I hope you’re satisfied! heh heh) I’VE ALSO GOT YOU SOME VARIOUS MOVIE CLIPS WHICH MAINLY HAVE A SCHOOLGIRL THEME for those that feel I might be not catering to the best dressed and undressed schoolgirls getting spanked on the Internet!








Don’t forget to check out the HOME PAGE HERE as it contains bonus free content as well as one of the cheapest sign ups to the largest archive of Japanese Spanking anywhere!!! I hope you’re all having a good weekend, I’m about to kick the TV in as my useless football team are facing relegation and oblivion to the third tier of English League Football (the utter shame of it).