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Ladies are having all the fun!

I’m out tonight helping a good friend in a fund raising event for his partner who has terminal cancer… he lost his 1st wife to it about 10 years ago and this wonderful lady helped him out of the pits of despair only for her to beat 2 cases of the dreaded “C” before this one will finish her off. She wants to spend time in Vegas to watch her boy get married… they also love Vegas (I understand that) and want it to be their final farewell for her. It is so desperately sad as she is remarkably upbeat and lights up a room with her presence… it helps she is extremely kinky too and I love having conversations with her when half the “vanillas” don’t know! Anyway… better not put this on a downer. I received so many nice comments in mails and feedback from the Clip Store after putting up an old movie never placed there before that I had made with Jean Bradley & Paul Kennedy so I thought it would deserve a little mention here today all on its own. I’ll get back to other regular updates tomorrow!

confessionsIt was an homage to the fun kinky and slapstick films made in the 1970’s in Britain with Robin Asquith in the “Confessions of…” series of films. Obvious ones like a window cleaner getting into all sorts of sexy romps with housewives etc… so we did a kinky one instead. Paul was the Robin Asquith character which was very amusing… and Jean was one of his many horny housewives he’d come across… only this one liked to be spanked too! As Paul remarked on Jean… peering through the window and talking to the cam … Jean was “a right kinky one!” (LOL)

This was also the last series of films that I know of in which Jean Bradley switched and played the sub role… she could take a hell of a thrashing, I’d seen her take a multiple cold caning without breaking a sweat at one of her infamous parties… she’s retired now, of course… somewhere nice in the Spanish Isles. So here’s to Jean and Paul for making a really enjoyable film with some great spanking action in it too! It’s all rather grown up which I kind of like!

I have some short clips from this 25 minute film and some images so you can follow the story… it is available to download at The Clips Store HERE … or in remastered formats at AAAspanking.com 


[jwplayer mediaid=”40551″]

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window5aThis is a kinky long play movie at over 25 minutes of good hard fun grown up spanking punishment with a twist! It’s part of a rare & sought after exclusive series of films starring Jean Bradley in one of her last ever submissive roles and you’ll see how this lady loves to switch! In an homage to the cheeky “Confessions of a…” series from the British 1970’s TV & movie series comes our take on that genre that has a chirpy window cleaner (played by Paul Kennedy) talking to the camera about one of his kinky customers he sometimes “has to service” with a good hard spanking as poor Jean can’t get enough of this at home! We’ll see him spy on her, we’ll see Jean getting turned on, spanking herself after watching one of the many downloaded films on her laptop – & then we’ll see Paul get a very happy Jean over his knee for some good old fashioned spanking and playtime with some of her favorite wooden implements! This is a delightfully grown up spanking movie containing authentic, hot, erotic spanking scenes between 2 very consenting adults & lots of bottom rubbing and grinding between naughty playtime kinksters! This is a “Must View!” spanking erotica video with great acting & fantastic spankings as the Brits only know how to do in situations like this!

View the full film here as a one time download

… or check out a reasonable membership option below from the main website

AAA trial membership options


Remember if you’re in Texas at the end of this month… then grab yourself a place at this awesome inaugural spanking event!


New AAA Spanking Preview

I was up late last night getting together my latest film release and although it was late, I did what I had promised and got it out on Wednesday (as advertised) despite me having a full day elsewhere and being completely shattered… so I hope those of you who are already members at AAA Spanking will appreciate the effort these things require. I particularly liked this film as it had 2 characters comfortable with each other able to ad lib and play out a good bickering, argumentative couple for a good old fashioned over the knee domestic discipline spanking! I hadn’t seen this film for ages and playing it back to ensure all was OK, I had to chuckle at some of the things Leia had bought on poor Paul’s credit card… as well as other things which would induce further rage from him like getting their one and only car resprayed a horrible girly colour… and so on. The spanking punishment Leia got for this was entirely appropriate (and justified if this had happened to me, I’d have placed my missus in stocks and would expect the divorce lawyers to come knocking later… heh heh!)

This film was one of the last from my very first film shoot (I think there may be one more to come) that I ever produced… I still can not thank Leia (and Pandora for that matter) for coming in at such late notice as I had intended to hire them at a later date once I was a little more comfortable with the producing side of things, however, when I had originally planned a whole week’s filming for virtually every girl NOT to turn up… it was a big learning curve that week… and of course also a massive “thank you” again to Paul Kennedy and Jean Bradley from that very first shoot for helping to retrieve something from what would have been an absolute disaster. I have come a long way from those innocent days… so as I show one of the final films, I hope you enjoy what was an impromptu and unscripted lighter moment that actually turned out to be a really good OTK spanking film! I hadn’t filmed this personally as I was upstairs filming Pandora getting spanked by Jean – CLICK HERE FOR THAT REMINDER – So when I viewed the final edit, it would be the same as you guys as I had no idea at the time what had been filmed apart from when I got downstairs, they were all giggling, smiling and buzzing from “a good little film” they had made! I hope you like this as much as I did when I first saw it! 🙂








Check out the FREE HD Preview Clip CLICK HERE

You’ll get to see Leia, Pandora and many other naughty ladies get a rather deserved punishment or 5!


Back later with the other site updates and news… I’m off out to get my hair cut – such excitement, eh?

News Views and all things Spanko!

This is a cut down version of a post I was about to make… “thank God,” I hear you say… “no moaning or waffle from the Chief, today!” However, I’d hate to disappoint you really… so you’ll have to put up with this tiresome monologue before we get on with the spanking updates and news as I will be busy updating my own site for the new long play movie I’m launching tomorrow which roughly celebrates our 1st year as a fledgling newbie site. We opened on 15th January last year, I can’t believe how much the site has grown from around 20 odd films (which wasn’t very much but all we could manage to start with as we had some very cheap pricing (we still do, actually!) to around 70 full films now… proving that the site’s aim to bring you at least 1 new uploaded full film every darn week on top of everything else has gone to plan… I know for a fact that this is MORE than the amount of films that had been uploaded by a certain “multi site network” I don’t promote anymore… especially as a load of those films were re edits (for goodness sake) or content bought in from other producers (I had thought about it when asked by them, but why compromise? I’m far from keen to see other decent producers help out in this way, well, they’re not a charity and I suppose every Buck counts but that’s their decision and I respect that 100% but I can still say here I’m far from happy about it as it shows what the new owners of that network are like (incdentally, they purchsed it about a year ago too… mucking me about royally and shafting me sideways up the arse)… but whatever you say about the old owners (and “boy” I have barely scratched the surface with those 2) at least they bothered to go through the stress & expense of finding a shoot location, the girls, planning, filming, editing and uploading of the content themselves. However, that is the only psoitive thing I’ll say as I’m starting to feel nauseous… so let’s move on, shall we?

Our new film coming out tomorrow stars Donna, Wynter & Jean Bradley (with me making a departing guest appearance) as the title of the film is “While the Boss is away” – I just viewed the HD MP4 edit and it’s fantastic, so much better than the Wmv version… I can’t wait to get it uplaoded for the members to enjoy!

“While the Boss is away!” – Coming out Wednesday 11th January 2012

Anyway- I won’t pretend it’s been all a bed of roses, it certainly hasn’t… we had a fantastic start which tailed off (as we had expected) and then a wierd summer with lower than expected sales and on top of that, we have to put up with piracy and the thieving scumbags that pirate out our stuff from stolen cards. Make no mistake about it, they had been making a lot more money this past summer than, we, the original and legitimate copyright owners and holders, the producers of this stuff, were making. Some think we swan about in Limos or own high peformance sports cars and drink champagne for fun or something… FFS! They have no fucking idea! It makes me angry, which is why I try to ensure we protect our stuff as best we can and will continue to do so.  So think again to those that persist in using these avenues to get their spanking kicks, you are killing the sites you want to see, you really are! I know times are hard, but we do offer incredible deals and don’t try and rip off our customers and there will never be any untoward malware or other risks you take downloading links that you have no idea is inside of them…. ultimately, infecting your computer for the sake of a few Quid… it isn’t worth the hassle!

& as a site, the only issues we have had are with stolen credit cards being returned unless I spot a fraudulent transaction (which I often do and can void), so I think that says it all about our customer service and what we try to offer our members… and this coming year, we have a whole load new and interesting spanking stuff lined up with what I hope will be an extra section at long last once the new content has been filmed and fully edited! I can’t wait to show you that…


So, to another new site (it really is, it’s less than a month old, and opened on or around December 23rd last year, I think…) and I’m sure you’ve heard all about Pandora’s new site, DreamsOfSpanking.com – well, I still haven’t had time to do a full site review, but I shall soon, but for now, see what promises to be a great new site for 2012 (I’d like to think our site was the one for 2011, lol)

So… in case you have been living on Mars these last 5-6 years… Pandora Blake is this amazing young woman exploring her kink and fascination of all things spanking which has encompassed her life from an early age. You will know that she has been quite political & forthright in her long established blog/s. I’ll admit that sometimes it could be heavy reading, I’m sure Pandora knows that, and that is fine. I personally don’t look for that even though I have a tendency to spout on myself as I am doing here right now… as I read a lot of blogs and time is precious, right? However, I do enjoy seeing and understanding Pandora’s views and opinions as they are well worth reading and she deservedly has a well devoted readership (regardless of me). So whereas I would be considered “trashy” and even childish at times (sorry it’s just my humor) with my own unique outlook on my view of spanking on t’internet… (well, it is MY blog, after all)… Pandora’s blog prose always seemed so much more grown up and I felt like a little chastised child reading it in the semi dark with dried tears on my cheeks (Chief… is there something you’re not telling us?).

Now, the only thing about the new site that vaguely worried me (but only to start with, I hasten to add as I probably over reacted, but I’ll let you decide if I was out of line) was this notion of  “Fair Trade Spanking” which first made me smile as I thought of coffee or chocolate… sorry! (Am I being trashy again?) but then I felt a little offended at the time as it alluded that there were producers, say, like me… who were out there to take advantage of others, (OK, there may be some, but it’s not that widespread in the spanking industry, especially in the UK, or am I being naive?) So as a fellow producer (dedicated and passionate about my cause, I might add) to think that anything we might do could be construed by the public or fellow spankos as unfair in regards to our actors and those that have contributed to the site upset me a little…  then I thought, “stop over reacting you big girls blouse” … ” storm in a teacup” … right?

“Chief”, I hear you say, “you aren’t selling the site to us!”
Well, that’s not strictly true, as if you take a look, the site naturally sells itself… it’s a nice friendly design with lots of added features and widgets that help with the search experience and browsing for precisely what you want to view. It shows you exactly what you will get and believe you me, I am looking forward to viewing this when I have more time which has kind of disappointed me but I want to save it up as I love new site start ups – I won’t bore you with detail as to why I can’t do it now,  suffice to say, I will be away for a few days at a time the next week or so.

So check out some cracking images of the main star of the site… Pandora Blake!


Since she was a little girl, Pandora has dreamed of spanking. Her earliest memories are of dreams she had before she was old enough to go to school – intense, secret dreams about captivity, helplessness, pain and discipline. These strange, compelling dreams stayed with her during her waking hours for years before she realised she could make them a reality.

As an adult, rarely a day goes by without spanking being on her mind. She knows she needs to be taken firmly in hand on a regular basis, or her mood starts to suffer. Pandora dreams about being pulled roughly over a knee by strong hands: one big palm pressing down the small of her back; the other walloping her bottom with great, fleshy smacks that make her cry out.

When she is being spanked, Pandora is more awake than at any other time in her life. There is no escaping the crisp, immediate pain of it, rising flutters of panic mingled with the reassuring certainty that her spanker is someone she can trust.

But whenever Pandora is not being spanked, chances are, she is probably dreaming of it.

OK, it’s good, isn’t it? I know Pandora spent ages editing the images… and it shows.

Then I have some more images from what I remember Pandora blogging about , oh… seems like years ago (it probably was) but this stuck out in my mind so I’m glad this made it to the site as it features one of her partners, D, and herself in rather intimate spanking poses that she really wouldn’t be able to do at the time with other producers, which is why I like this so much as it’s even more unique… and I’m sure you will get this too! An explanation of this follows the images you are about to see.



He starts gently. She never knows what pace he will set; he likes to surprise her. After the violence she knows he’s capable of, soft glances and tender kisses make her heart melt. She is completely in lust with him: with his fierce intelligence and smooth skin, his quirky smile and dazzling green eyes. Even when he’s at his gentlest, she luxuriates in the sensation of feeling owned by him, of being wrapped up in his possessiveness.

Wordlessly D guides her to where he wants. Bent over on the bed, Pandora willingly offers herself to him. She tries to arrange herself pleasingly, to arch her back in the way she knows he likes. She is rewarded with stinging smacks to her presented buttocks that make her gasp. She wants this; she wants more. But he likes to make her wait.

Eventually, after watching her adore his toes with her tongue, after leaving long scratches down her back and digging his nails into the curve of her bottom, after fastening his collar around her neck and leather cuffs on her ankles and wrists, he gives her what she wants. Bound hand and foot, hips lifted by two pillows, she submits. And with a leather tawse D demonstrates his love.

So I suggest to you to really take a good look at Pandora’s site and check it out for yourself, I promise to do a much fuller look… or “gaze” when I can assign the time it deserves, nothing irritates me more than a half arsed “review” so I promise you all that I will get you a full review as soon as I can, but until then, I think I can safely recommend this site as one NOT to miss and there are some fair pricing entries too – Please do go take a look here for more information!

Multiple updates at AAAspanking

OK, I’m running out of time, I have been updating and uploading a ton of stuff with a painfully slow connection today which is making me go “GRRRR!” But it is now up and there are 2 new movies added which will cover everyone while I am away! I suppose if your membership runs out tomorrow and you see this you’d better get busy, eh? (lol) “Oh… and why are you leaving me?” *sniff*

So here they are, I’ll start with what you can see on the front page of the site as I haven’t updated both films there… the one you can see is with Kami Robertson getting a rather hard OTK spanking across some rather inappropriate night wear… tsk! Time for a thrashing, methinks!

Check out the images below of Kami’s OTK punishment. *swoon*

You can see a good hard spanking clip of Kami from this film – CLICK HERE

& in the other film, as I said, it stars Jean Bradley as a naughty grown up nurse who should know better… it was one of our 1st ever films we made and those who will view it will see we had some fun making it, as well as getting Jean’s bum EXTREMELY sore!!! (Thank you, Mr Kennedy!) An image set taken from the film can be seen below:

As well as these 2 new films which are out at the same time (because I am going away next week) members will be able to see the complete parts to one of my fave films I did with Leia, the “Cakeboy” film.


Unfortunately that is all I can post right now, my internet connection… for what it is, is completely shagged, it has been playing up all day, I am hopeful of getting you one last mega industry update tommorow before I leave on Monday so until then, as I hope this is only a temporary glitch, come back on Sunday for more global spanking goss and biz!


Just to note: Yes, I’m going away for a well earned rest, no laptop, computer, decent phone connection… just me and Er Indoors, off to the remote French Alps to see family, their internet connection is crap (Skype is difficult at best of times) so I am treating this as a complete break from a screen as I need to or I’ll become deranged! Hope you understand, I doubt I will be able to view my gmail account either, though I may try to… I have also been planning a big film shoot for the end of the month, new faces hopefully and some 1st timers… so I will be looking forward to that!

Back tomorrow (as I said) hopefully.

Hot Tub Spankings

OK, as I promised you yesterday… here is the latest film to be released at AAAspanking.com and it’s one I’ve had in line for sometime, I was going to delay it a little longer but I’m impatient so wanted to let the members share in the fun with Pandora Blake & Leia-Ann Woods. & what’s more… the bonus is I’m not in it (“yay”, I hear you cry!) and it has Paul Kennedy & Jean Bradley dishing out the discipline instead and together they are a formidable pair… there’s a full explanation and 2 video formats to view (the HD-MP4 file is far better, a clearer resolution & members can download this full movie file) on the HOME PAGE HERE (or click on the image below)

OK, you’ll see there is a full explanation of the movie on the home page, but of course you’ll get to see some movie images here first, along with some behind the scenes memories and additional images you won’t find anywhere else! This was the last movie that Pandora filmed with us and the girls had been eyeing up this Hot Tub from the moment they had arrived earlier in the day! I had mentioned that there was a Hot Tub so hoped that they’d find it fun to do a scene in it… I wasn’t disappointed… Anyone will tell you that it’s a great way to relax and unwind… bubbles are soothing,  which was just as well because having your wet bottom spanked can be super ouchy! Thankfully I spared the girls (and yourselves) the full horror of Chief disrobing and enjoying a dip… I did that later without any cameras. So take a peek at some images and I’ll continue with a behind the scenes memories.

Leia got a tongue lashing & spanking off Jean Bradley in her own inimitable way as Pandora looked on… just as we started filming, it started to rain heavily overhead, the hot tub area was covered but it didn’t stop me and one of the cam guys getting a bit of a soaking, I had to hide nearby and direct the film as the lighting seriously changed and we were actually running out of time as the girls had trains to catch back to London later that evening. I hadn’t bargained on the skies darkening so heavily and we only had one “daylight” from one direction and couldn’t use any others unless one of us fancied a spot of electrocution in the wet… but despite the severe constraints (the actual filming area was really tight) I have to heap praise on our editor, Neil, for the MP4 version which he played around with recently and that version is so much better despite the poor lighting. What members WILL see though is Pandora getting a real stinging spanking off both Jean & then Paul… and whether she was acting or not, I don’t know as she seemed to be really wincing, either way, I think it was the latter and that must have hurt after a full day’s filming. I’d once again like to say thanks to Pandora for making those scenes look convincing, I don’t think much acting was required for that as anyone having their wet bottom thrashed will testify to the fact it hurts like hell!

I haven’t mentioned Paul or Jean’s excellent contribution to not only this film but the entire film shoot, this was our first ever time filming and after my disastrous very first day where we had a complete no show from 3 models (unbelievable… you live and learn, though) it ended on a high, thankfully… and although I am sure we’d have done many things differently now, I am still proud of the way we coped that week and this was a feel good film that had a slightly different feel to it and of course after we stopped filming the girls got back in the tub finished their wine and got themselves ready for the trip back to London!

Below are some extra images that will not be found anywhere else as they are for this blog… I took a few images of the girls enjoying themselves after we wrapped up the day’s filming 🙂

See the many exclusive films that are shown at AAAspanking.com of both Pandora & Leia!

This week at AAAspanking

Sorry for not posting sooner, but I had been as busy as Ceiling Cat (below) watching others so I thought this post today would just focus on Triple A Spanking with what’s just out, what’s about to be finished and what’s coming out at the end of this week… it’s all go as usual and there are some 1st previews here, as you’d expect & it’s a pretty exciting week, update wise.

Ceiling Cat is watching what you see on the interwebs…

Yesterday there was a brand new naughty story with stubborn Irelynn and a determined Leia who ensured that this naughty minx would learn a valuable lesson in kitchen hygiene as Irelynn thought it amusing to play with grapes in “Grapes of Wrath”… no not the famous John Steinbeck novel about the Great Depression & those poor folk who trudged from Oklahoma to California for work in the 1930s… just a light hearted look at the consequences of Miss Logeen defying a very stern Leia… images below are reduced in size, but these are a small sample of what to expect right now for members.

Irelynn plays the brat so well, don’t you think? You should see her when she doesn’t get her own way… or miss out on Pizza!!! These images are reduced size (below) but members can easily download the full zipped files now out and peruse through them at their… leisure!

Pouty Irelynn is told to remove her jeans so she can receive a proper spanking!

You can see MORE of Irelynn & Leia in their latest update HERE

Meanwhile, the popular “grown up” feel of the “Lazy Wife” starring a lazy Jean Bradley, getting a much deserved hard hand spanking and slippering off irate hubby Paul, concludes tomorrow with the full file HD-MP4 movie file alongside the regular Wmv file which is out in all parts… We’ve had some nice feedback on the support mails about the quality of the new style MP4 films and as I promised previously we are backdating all the older films so that they get this treatment too. Please bare/bear (I never quite get this one, bare… brr and bear grrr!) with us as anyone who knows about rendering movie data, it can take an age (or overnight) just to get the data sorted so it can be edited… but all new movies will come out in this additional format and have been since the beginning of March (and we have since started upping the bit rates on the Wmv files too as they started looking far more inferior against the MP4 files… so all the new stuff is looking clearer than ever…

Jean thrashed on the bed by irate hubby Paul! Movie out in FULL on Wednesday.

& finally at the end of this week (Good Friday) – and it WILL be with this new film. Check out this sneak preview of a short sharp shock film, it all comes out with full size screen grabs, & the full MP4-HD file as well… of “Leia versus… the bath Brush”. Actually it’s called “Rude awakening” and there can only be one winner… and this really nasty instrument we’ve got in our arsenal now is something the girls have come to dread… and for good reason, it stings like buggery, so I am led to believe (ahem!)

So plenty of goodness for you all to enjoy! I’m off out in the sun for a little bit, I need my Vitamin D supplement as nature intended – this fine Spring weather we’re experiencing over here in England is most unbecoming… so I’m going to make the most of it – as it certainly won’t last!!! 🙂

Proper womanly punishments!

I hope you have been taking part in the poll, some quite interesting trends so far… please do take part as it all helps in the decision process.

You might also want to know that I have recently regained control of barebottom.biz and have some exciting plans for that with that site I want to focus primarily on older/retro images and sites that show spankings filmed, say 4 or 5 years ago or more. I will try to focus on magazines/images and stuff from the 1980s when I can too making it a rather more interesting place to visit! This will be a lengthy work in progress and will have me waffling less and less on there as I have promised (with any luck!) as I’ll need the extra time to change the site appearance/banners/content.

Likewise here, apart from the odd rant, I have decided that boring you all with my superb rapier like wit and jovial banter should change, less procrastination, less waffle… but more focus on the site updates and sites that I like to feature or write about! Of course I’m going to have wobblies and go off on one every now and then… only seems fair so I’m not totally predictable, eh? Today’s post has obviously FAILED epicly as I drivel on… but I shall try and change that next time, lol!

Now here is something we filmed a while ago and it is just released at AAAspanking – it’s one of those rare chances to see those uppity, butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth madams like Jean Bradley get their come-uppances after dishing it out oh so many times to others! She agreed to film some specials with us a while back and she can take one hell of a thrashing as well as give it out as you’ll have seen! Jean played the perfect lazy, hungover housewife in this movie (I didn’t delve too deeply as to how she played this part so well!!!) I’m not going to show a clip here but members can of course see this excellent spanking movie for themselves, I have some promo images, of course.

I love domestic discipline scenes with Husband and wife as these can be quite severe!!!
This movie was precisely that – a grown woman getting a much needed red bottom thrashing!


Full explanation & more info on the latest movies like this one are on the tour pages…

I have decided to start reducing images that I show in size, unless I feel it’s necessary to showcase something in particular, DON’T WORRY, you probably won’t notice. I want to give members of sites the chance that they are getting something else the rest of you won’t be as we all know the only way to fully appreciate a website is to check it out inside… I can only do so much to assist. However, I will never promote anything I wouldn’t sign up to myself 🙂


Have a good evening, enjoy this fine Polish cake I found whilst arsing about again on the internets! Delicious “Bum Bum” cake… I’m sold!

Brand new Schoolgirl spanking at AAAspanking

I just uploaded a new 13 minute HD schoolgirl spanking movie to AAAspanking earlier today, and haven’t had chance to write about it or the behind the scenes gossip and tidbits you’d get here about this film. I wasn’t actually behind the cam for this one, in fact, if you listen very carefully to the preview clip (I’ll show you where to look later), you might just hear in the background, some yelping and that was because I was dishing it out to bad girl Cindy (or Donna as some of you might know her) downstairs… she has a voice like a bloody foghorn… bless her…LOL! Saying that… luckily Miss Bradley’s booming voice-overs and “smack smack smackings” of poor Sara Winter drowned out anything you could really hear… (sorry about that serious lack of professionalism… we will find more sound proofing and quieter models next time… heh heh!) But seriously, I really liked this nasty short sharp shock for Miss Winter that was given because I hadn’t seen the full movie until yesterday so had the chance to view it like a member and was quite impressed with the punishment when I downloaded it after it had been fully edited, I had only seen her poor bottom, all swollen and an angry speckled red afterwards… “never underestimate the power of a good leather strapping!” Some image scenes are shown here for the 1st time…

What I really liked about this movie was the fact that the burgundy uniform and regulation knickers really looked the part… Sara enjoyed wearing these too and felt “naughty” just being in them… so we were really happy to provide an excuse to punish her in her favorite uniform. Sadly we were confined to trying to shoot everything within the area of a sofa in that area of the studio and anyone with 16:9 ratio HD cams would know that the pesky widescreen can present a real challenge at times, I do hate the fact that some studio extra scenes appear but as this was to be set in a stowaway part of the school complex… a place at lunchtime where girls “knew” they’d get thrashed when they were told to meet in the school storeroom for their appraisals and “reviews”… I rather liked the idea of the fact it was a sort of strange background… now just pretend you hadn’t heard from me thrashing Cindy downstairs (the soundproof door was actually shut!!!) and imagine it’s girls larking about outside during lunch break when poor Sara below is facing a serious spanking and strapping!!! When you see the full movie… it does work! 🙂

Check out the free preview clip of Miss Bradley dishing out her unique brand of spanking below!

Of course you can see many more movies with Sara (shown above) in more uniforms and pajamas and I’d like to remind you that she has one of the most spankable bums I have ever had (the pleasure… or privilege?) to spank personally. Her tight buns look every inch as spankable on film as they are in real life! To those who are members, enjoy the the new movie and to possible members (what are you waiting for?) remember that all the content from AAAspanking really is totally exclusive and won’t be found on any other membership site! Right, I have to sign off, I have rather overdone it on the ol’ vino this afternoon… celebrating a rather pleasant Spring Day in my part of the ever beautiful & increasingly green part of England again (I love this time of year… hoorah!)

More movies with Sara & plenty of other Triple A rated spankables featured below


I have also added some new movies at Teen Spanking Tube today – hope you like ’em! 😉

Behind the movie “Wakey Wakey”

As I promised, I will be letting you know how films are sometimes made and the little tricks we employ as well as any interesting points or images that you may not normally see! The below film scene has been shortened a little but it is still over 4 minutes in length and plays instantly so you can check it out if you are not a member of Triple A Spanking (why not?) then here is a chance to see one of the shorter films with Pandora Blake spanked by Miss Bradley. Go take a look at it (I have tried to make the quality as best as I can for Flash but the HD video format I use doesn’t compress that well, it’s still quite clear but nowhere near the quality that members can download 🙂

Firstly, I must say, as you will have seen from the above movie, what an amazing spankable bottom Pandora has! It was a nice scene to film, in fact, I was the cameraman as the 2nd cam was being used downstairs for an OTK spanking film with Leia-Ann Woods (but that is for another time and another post). Miss Bradley has a rather large booming voice as I’m sure you are aware, so we had to ensure that she couldn’t be heard downstairs (lol!). All connecting doors were shut and so we began… as I said, it was an easy scenario, a simple spanking film with a believable reason for further punishment… a lazy girl preferring to stay in bed rather than get up. (Pandora was happy to snuggle under the bed covers as it was a huge snuggly comfy bed). Now I know that Pandora is a very visual actress, she reacts beautifully when spanked and of course is able to ad lib and go with any given situation with ease. (Meaning she is a pleasure to work with!) Now… having just one cam, I wanted to ensure that I could capture both Pandora’s facial reactions with her banging her fists onto the bed which I noticed and also the action of her kicking legs and bared red bottom getting a hard spanking from behind. So I decided to film from behind and to the side during the movie, making sure not to shake the cam too much and then when it was over, I moved around so that I could capture a long spanking scene with Pandora’s facial reactions (yup, she got spanked twice to make this scene…)

You’ll notice this handy trick where we avoided dialog and had Pandora spanked… it was then easy to edit and include as one seamless spanking scene! I liked the result and of course it was my last excuse to see Pandora spanked in her jim-jams… as both she and Leia were looking forward to the Hot Tub where we filmed our last film with them together… but as that movie isn’t out just yet, I will let you know when that comes up and of course you will all be the 1st to know nice and early HERE at the SpankingBlogg or my other blog TEEN-Spankings

In case I hadn’t already, check out a few scenes from the film and bear in mind what I explained to you above, maybe you’d like to watch the film again 🙂



You might also be interested in the fact I took some HQ images too and this one I thought caught the moment, pandora curled up and her sore warmed bottom fully exposed – you can almost feel the heat coming off it… now that would be a neat internet invention!!!

Click on the thumbnail – full size image is actual size that members get to view

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Focus on Triple A Spanking – AAAspanking

At the time of writing, I hadn’t seen the below girl featured so I decided to research a little bit to find out who she is and also what the next film is that is coming out that should please those who like to see real grown women getting a good hard spanking! But first, my focus is on a girl named Krystal Delight… & indeed, delightful she is! A happy buxom girl hailing from the rural countryside of South Gloucestershire, to those that don’t know this is the westcountry of England… this area is not renowned for producing an excess of spanking and fetish models online but the producers, some of who are based in that region are looking to change all that so any girls who come from the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset… take note! There’s a new spanking website on your doorstep! Of course, Triple A aren’t confining themselves to westcountry milk maids… oh no, any 1st timers in particular are welcome as they plan to expand the auditions and 1st timer features soon and have already filmed all over the UK filming some of the best known spanking models in keeping with their AAA Rated tradition of providing high quality HD spanking films! I’ll provide a mail address later if any of you fine ladies are interested – but once again am already waffling… “so where was I? Ah, delightful Krystal!”

Krystal played this role rather too well, loafing about whilst thinking she could flutter her eyelids and get herself out of trouble when confronted. However, her choice of seeking older worldly wise men to keep her on the straight and narrow means that thsi rarely works and in this case her older man is none other than renowned English cane and fetish implement maker, Chopper! It’s nice to see him back on film and looking as mean as ever! I understand that Triple A Spanking hope to take you behind the scenes of how your canes are made and will provide excellent advice and an opportunity for those who want to purchase equipment, but this is a project in the making, I heard. So back to Krystal, she’s dragged out of her slumber by a pretty pissed off Chopper who berates her for the state of the place and proceeds to spank her in a variety of positions, quickly reddening her big spankable bum that you can tell he couldn’t keep his hands off (edit: I know I wouldn’t be able to either and would hope I could find such an easy excuse to spank her!) Needless to say, Chopper’s heavy hands leave suitable chastising red marks on Krystal’s cheeks as she is taught a sore lesson! Expect intimate positons of spanking and Krystal’s complete submission by the end! HQ images are below from the members area of AAAspanking.com

I have a special early preview of what is coming up tomorrow or saturday, I think, at AAAspanking, a new movie with the legendary Jean Bradley getting a proper “man spanking” in this role reversal of fortune at the hands of Paul Kennedy. they were keen to point out that you don’t get much of seeing jean getting her come uppance nowadays, she usually puts the fear of God into unsuspecting foolish girls or will happily thrash naughty boys so the folks at Triple A are quite honored to get some long play (and this movie is around half an hour at least) – It’s called the P.E. Mistress (P.E. is Physical Education in case you didn’t know) and Jean is thoroughly humiliated and properly spanked and caned as you’ll see in these exclusive first show images that no one else has yet! (Not even members at this time of writing it’s that new, so I feel “quite chuffed” to be showing this!!!

THE STORY IN BRIEF: Headmaster questions why the school has done so badly in sports competitions and why the girls have lost respect for Miss Bradley! He knows just what she needs and it’s a humiliating shocking spanking and caning punishment and she is later made to wear the P.E. uniform and feel what it’s like to be a silly girl! Miss Bradley really does get it good in this long play movie of a proper grown up spanking story! See her shocking chastisement clip below and more free images:

Ouch! That spanking was quite severe (even Paul Kennedy had to take a break!)

This new movie will only be available along with more exclusive grown up punishment at AAAspanking.com

Thrashing of Penelope Parker

I just had to let you all know about this latest movie now out at StrictSpanking.com as it stars Pandora Blake in what I reckon must be one of her earliest internet spanking roles! The movie is called The Thrashing of Penelope Parker and was one of a few catholic schoolgirl discipline movies that she shot at this particular location with her “tomentor/teacher”, Miss Jean Bradley who reprised her role as Miss Baxter in this film.

Now it’s a good length movie, it’s been restored and re-edited for the best possible playback from the cameras of the time and now we can all see it as intended. I hope you don’t mind me indulging in this today on this most cold and chilly Sunday (brr!) as I really liked the film when it came out a few years back and I have to be honest – I haven’t watched this in an age… so seeing it in the new format… well, hmm, what a winter warmer surprise!!!… Ok, it contains the usual schoolgirl punishment cliches (I actually expect that and have no problem seeing a schoolgirl lower her knickers for her spanking) … but that’s what we like seeing, eh? I also liked the fact that this schoolgirl clearly is doing her lines (you get to see her writing down “I will not misbehave in Class”).

So for your perusal, I have got you an exclusive long play clip only found at THIS blog and some images from the full length movie as well as links to yet another free clip! I guarantee that they are well worth viewing!!!


As you’ll have seen from the movie clip above… (and I hope Pandora doesn’t mind me saying this as I know she could get, understandbly, upset if I was to say something about her bottom in a derogatory way) but what a most delicous spankable bottom!!!! Oh my goodness, in that clip you get to see the glory as Miss Baxter assesses this wonderful sight, I could never say anything horrid about Pandora’s bottom, how could anyone? Please check out some exclusive 1st show images from this video below:




As I said, there is a second clip and it is much later in the movie, you saw her unmarked bottom earlier as she had to remove her regulation knickers (under protest) and get over Miss Baxter’s knee… well, in the scene below found currently on the front page of STRICTSPANKING you will see her bottom strapped a burning red – and what a sight it is!!! Another 1 minute clip, and if you haven’t seen it, click HERE or on the image below!

This movie is one of many excellent remasters and classics that members of this site can view right now

Let me know what you think of this movie, feedback… as always is most appreciated! However, if you’ve never seen sites like StrictSpanking before, then perhaps it is worth taking a look! Have a good remaining weekend, everyone!