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1st Show Spanking of Jenni Cakes

bbf-300x250I have a fantastic EXCLUSIVE early preview and… Once more, the Red Hot Video gentlemen of BunBeatingFun.com do it again with a fantastic no nonsense hard OTK spanking film. I love these guys! I hear that some people don’t get their films, they are a great distraction, poking fun at themselves and at the sort of “Bimbo” models and bratty airheads we so often hear about in the biz… it would seem they have a never ending supply of girls to fill this slot (sadly… or fortunately?) What’s more, at Bunbeatingfun.com many of these girls are first and last time spankees which makes seeing their often hard and unrelenting hand spankings all the more interesting! I had never before seen Jenni Cakes but she could take a spanking… this is one of their longer videos at around 25 minutes and from a couple in it’s spanking all the way! Jenni, like so many others is shocked… I love their reactions which seem that much more pronounced, their shock at a spanking, at being treated like naughty divas getting their comeuppance, I can appreciate that… and so would it seem, do their fans as they have been around for eons!

So, let’s check out the latest uppity model to cross Rick & Greg’s paths this coming week… a fiery number called Jenni Cakes. Red Hot Videos can NOT stand girls being late, it is disrespectful… of course Jenni starts off this way and fails to apologize for numerous other faux pas that she makes before Rick hauls her over his lap for a long and painful lesson in learning to be a proper compliant lady. Check out the numerous 1st show images taken from the long play spanking video and I have also got you a short special preview that is NOT shown anywhere else. You can check out the ferocity of this spanking in between the continual humiliating and embarrassing chastisement that she is receiving!

Bun Beating Fun - Jenni Cakes gets spanked

Jenni Cakes makes her painful debut at Bun Beating Fun

jennicakes002 jennicakes003 jennicakes004 jennicakes005 spanked OTK jennicakes007 jennicakes008 jennicakes009 jennicakes010 Jenni Cakes jennicakes012 jennicakes013 spanking jennicakes015 otk spanking spanked butt jennicakes018 jennicakes019 Jenni Cakes OTK spanking jennicakes021 jennicakes022 jennicakes023 jennicakes024 jennicakes025 jennicakes026

Remember – this is an exclusive early preview so join up, download the other excellent long play videos and hard hitting OTK films then wait for Jenni’s punishment to arrive in full WMV or Real Media options with a full gallery of spanking images.

Click below for the freeview clip I made exclusively for readers of this blog

[jwplayer mediaid=”42757″]