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Fantastic Friday

Yay! The weekend is here and it’s time again to gaze upon beautiful females getting spanked and dishing out some in return! Today’s focus is from America and if you haven’t seen these already, then here are some great images… I have tried to choose images not seen elsewhere so to make it more interesting for you 😉

Gonna have to be quick as I wanna watch my Skyfall DVD with several glasses of red wine tonight! LOL!

PAST PRESENT & FUTURE presentations from the excellent Punishedbrats.com

I saw that David (owner of the site) was reminiscing about the movie they did ages ago with Pixie and Juliet Valentina, a fairytale spanking which his brother Rick wrote and directed, I have this on one of my external spanking hard drives and it’s a blast… I located it and replayed it. The images from this production explain how Pixie has earned a tougher sentence and a dose of the hairbrush for her crime of attempted fairytale homicide – she smashed the spider that sat down beside her *giggle* Now featured as a “Classic” (taken from Snow & Muffat)

muffet1-1 muffet1-2

muffet1-3 muffet1-4

muffet1-5 muffet1-7

Currently there is another awesome girl spanking girl film co starring Joelle Barros as the spanker in this film with Pi feeling the full force of her swift and lethal hand! Is it wrong of me to say that I got seriously turned on watching this girl on girl spanking erotica? This pairing (for me, at least) is a perfect punishment combo… I’d have got Pi in for my American Shoot too alongside Joelle if she was available at the time… so well done to David for having the sense and good taste to film them together instead! 🙂

Current full film – “Unprepared”

unprepared2-1 unprepared2-2

unprepared2-3 unprepared2-4

unprepared2-5 unprepared2-7

Pi shows up to an important meeting with a potential advertiser completely unprepared. Joelle is insensed at her cousin’s continued irresponsibility. Joelle bends Pi over a stepstool for a hard hairbrush spanking. The hairbrush sends a painful message to Pi that it is of the utmost importance to be prepared in her work!

Charlie Skye is back at Punishedbrats and one of her films are already out but there’s a sneak preview of MORE to come (below) this is one Baltimore brat I really should have gotten hold of whilst I was there (but again she was unavailable at the time) otherwise I would have done a separate short film shoot in my hotel room! (ahem!)




See all the very latest films previews and what these talented guys are up to at Punished Brats!


Next from Firm Hand Spanking are 2 recent stunning updates from the American side (yes, I know I have seen the very latest one featuring Leia Ann Woods filmed in the UK alongside Thomas Cameron and directed by Amelia Rutherford by the looks of it… hmmm, if that’s an incentive… more on that soon then, eh?). So, not withstanding that FHS always change the girls names unless it was Danielle Hunt (that soon changed back from Rhianna Parsons as she is everywhere, lol!) – Sorry, was I a little cynical thinking it was some sort of ruse to put off other spanking producers? Personally I respect teh girls and ask them what name they go by as they often want to include you in a portfolio and don’t want yet another alias –  but we get to know who the girls are in the end, heh heh!) Anyway, Sabrina Scott, I mean.. “Valerie Bryant” looks as stunning as ever in her latest film in the “Learning Curve” series!

tlc_bb001 tlc_bb005

tlc_bb007 tlc_bb010

tlc_bb013 tlc_bb017

tlc_bb018 tlc_bb020

tlc_bb021 tlc_bb023

Valerie Bryant” bares her round bottom cheeks to kneel on a chair for a jiggling red, fast 245 swats with a leather paddle. Richard Anderson teaches her about corporal punishment in Learning Curve, covering all over both buttocks and upper thighs. Ouch!


& if that wasn’t stunning enough, the very popular Carina  Thompson – um, also better known as Karina Kay, a voluptuous and versatile porn actress… shines in this latest “Paid in Full” series really and really looking shocked when she gets her latest punishment (gotta admit that turned me on!) … this is one girl genuinely not used to a spanking and it shows but the guys at Firm Hand pull it off and the spankings and strappings are quite hard. She takes what’s given… but HATES every stroke! That is what a punishment is about, my dear!

paid_k001 paid_k003

paid_k006 paid_k008

paid_k013 paid_k016

paid_k018 paid_k021

paid_k022 paid_k024

Buying clothes for cash seems like a plan to heiress Carina Thompson when her credit cards are cut up in Paid in Full. Family lawyer Patrick Bateman takes a firmer line with a leather tawse. Will 21 strokes bare bottom, then stripped nude, teach her new values?

You can see both these great films in full for members – CLICK HERE


Finally today from the Real Spankings Institute – Michael Masterson spends some extra time thrashing these 2 girls for reasons that you’ll see below!

Caught sleeping naked together in their dorm room, Allison and Abigail are marched fully naked downstairs by the Dean for a long and hard handspanking. Allison is punished first as Abigail is made to watch… knowing her turn is next! Then… the girls punishment continues as the Dean requires them to get on all fours on the floor, and one has to bend over and place her hands on the other’s back. This final scene of the 4 part movie series features a long and hard strapping! Images and vid grabs from the movie are below to show you more about this excellent and severe punishment series. I also happen to like seeing these 2 girls punished together 🙂


str01 str02 str03 str04

str05 str06 str07


str08 str09

str10 str11


str12 str13 str14


See all the severe institutional punishments HERE


That’s it from me… the weekend is here so have a great time to those that are fortunate enough NOT to have to work through it… as for me, I’ll be at work tomorrow (sigh) but that’s the way it goes, eh? Now off to watch my Skyfall DVD and drink a horrendous amount of red wine!

Cheers! *hic*

Weekend spanking frolics and fun

OK, this really is a quick update and I have been cheating as I cut clips and stuff from one of my other blogs, but is kind of reflected the mood I was in (festive) and I have to share this first bit with you below… remember I’m in a rush as I am about to leave for the weekend and film lots of spanking goodness, I hope! here to start today’s classics is jadie Reece (OMG… just so so adorable!!!) and one which Paul admits is just hot as hell to spank (she is ALL woman!!!)

Here’s a really clever festive spanking movie as the “Spanking Fairy” visits Paul in his twisted spanko mind as he daydreams whilst bored at work looking at various jazz mags (that’ll happen, or you’ll go blind, as my ol’ mum used to say!) However, the fairy is the gorgeous Jadie Reece and this hopeless lass is supposed to grant Paul his wishes only she’s a rubbish fairy with a defective wand! (that’ll happen if you look at too many jazz mags too, as my ol’ mum used to say yet again!) However, see Paul spank her (OTK first) then get his way in the free clip below as he makes the wish work and he produces another wand better used for whacking silly girlies bottoms… Nice!!!



Right click image below & save file (Media format is MP4 – playable with VLAN or RealPlayer)

Hope you enjoyed this HD clip, there’s plenty more OTK and amusing but hard spanking films from the unique NorthernSpanking.com


It’s been a while since I last got you some news out of the Eastern side of the USA and as you’ll see David, Pixie and co are always very busy so why not share these fave moments with me as I recall some really hot films they have made over the last year!

Pixie looked fantastic in one of her domming roles & she ensured that the delicious uber-brat babe Juliet Valentina got a  good old fashioned spanking across her knee (she’s getting good at spanking girls, isn’t she?)

This film is called: “Sick Day” and the storyline of this is explained below and I have images taken from this full movie too!
Juliet thought she could get her visiting nurse friend Pixie to write her a note excusing her from work, but she is going to get a firm lesson in employee responsibility instead! Pixie agrees to give Juliet a note excusing her from work for the rest of the day since there is no way she’ll be able to sit at her desk (nice one Pixie!)






Also from Punishedbrats.com – I thought you’d like to see this classic with David Pierson, I would assume he is wearing his vitally important protective cast iron underpants for protection against the very lovely wriggling in that Cheer Girl skirt over his lap! Hell, just look at Carissa… absolutely mint!!!

The gorgeous girl over lucky David’s lap is Carissa, and doesn’t she look awesome in her outfit? The title of this movie (now out in full) is called “Joyride”.

Carissa took the team van out for a beer run while away at a competition. Having been caught, she is spanked with a paddle by David and she is then made to stand in the corner with her red bottom on display until the start of the competition!






A spanking movie is a spanking movie and its connection to reality is never that important, to be honest, is it? Nevertheless, there are times when spanking producers base events on some real life occurance such as this which the folks at Lupus-Spanking have produced, called “the Minimalist”. It’s a real story, picture by picture and word by word and when you see what happened, you’ll be shocked and will have a giggle as well as enjoy some fantastic punishments of 2 teen sisters.

The Strange family together…


Katerina (left) & Renata (right) on their Recorders…

It’s the 1970’s at a prudish but otherwsie fairly normal Czech family. The father, mum, 2 daughters and their granny, a jolly, wordly lady all living under the same roof. It’s a regualr boring family with some traditional habits such as the daughters get spanked from time to time, a common thing in those rigid days. This story starts with blonde Renata coming home 4 hours late from her date, the youngest daughter endures a proper beating with a horrible wooden spoon (see below).

1girl101 1girl102 1girl103

1girl104 1girl105 1girl106

With real tears, tis teen’ bottom trembles with the biting blows of the spoon, but worse was to come as in this family if the girls are punished, they must then kneel naked on the grater, how humiliating!!!


In the 2nd part of the film, we see what happens when the elder daughter brings a rather unconventional rocker boyfriend to such an ordered, restricted and prudish family!

boyfriend1 boyfriend2 boyfriend3

Yup, he gets kicked out for his boorish yob behaviour,a total disgrace, and what happens next is that the wrath of the family is taken out on poor 19 yr old Katerina! See the FREE 1 minute Preview clip below, it shows both Katerina’s caning and Renata’s horrible wooden spoon punishment! (best to save the file to your PC or laptop first – then play back the WMV 10 Mb clip)


So poor Katerina gets the cane as you saw in the clip and also has to kneel, sobbing and completely ashamed, onto the cheese grater as her 18 yr old sister had done previously! Check out some more pics below of this girl’s plump bottom getting a good thrashing!!!

girl201 girl202 girl203

girl204 girl205 girl206

This film, called “The Minimalist” is a classic which members can easily download in FULL at Lupus Spanking – along with the 100s of other titles, with swift and severe punishments with realistic settings costumes, very pretty girls and of course, those hard punishments, this site is a MUSt for teen spanking erotica collectors! Check out their extensive TOUR PAGES HERE


OK, before I go away this weekend, I promised you another review and as  was checking out some of my archives from BunBeatingFun and came across Keli Anderson again, oh boy, am I glad I played this back, it’s an awesome film, it’s around 25-30 minutes in length and this model brat gets everything coming her way as she bitches about the Lingerie Shoot, pissing off TMS’s assistant, Terry, that she calls him to bring some order to the proceedings…yup, that means OTK order and this girl is a screamer! What’s worse, in a rare moment of madness, Keli, a rather slutty girl gives our man a Blowjob in the hope that her punishment won’t last, but it seems to only make things worse as he paddles her then takes her over his knee again for a blistering finale as she kicks screams and blubs like a baby – all the while being spanked hard on her bare bum! Seriously, I have to rate this as one of the best movies at this site and I could even put this in my TOP 10 of spanking films I’ve watched…I really loved this, I didn’t fast forward it, I wanted to watch everything that was coming to this “bitch” (I actually never call anyone that but it seemed appropriate in this context as she was really annoying the bejeezus out of TMS!), and I got to see her properly punished! It compliments the excellent OTK spanking movies from BUN BEATING FUN!




Take what he is giving you and don’t gag!

Click on the image below for a FREE Clip of a screaming Keli given a good spanking!

Download Keli’s film & scores more model brats getting what they deserve

You can also download Keli and a few select model bimbos getting their just desserts at NaughtyBottom.com

Download the films you want and that’s it!


Finally, for those who admire the stunning fresh beauty of our ladyfolk (it’s a little off topic, but hell, why not?) See some of THE most spankable girls, check out these amazing galleries below and a chance to just sign up to the Net’s BEST teen model site on the planet (access to this offer is from the gallery page sign ups and you can access MET-Art from just $9.95!!! (if the offer is still available!!)


Click any image of these stunning girls below and it will take you to the latest gallery portals!


Jeez, what a way to go! OK, I am off, I have a weekend of spanking young madams and I don’t intend to be late! I’ll let you all know how it went as soon as I get back! If you don’t hear from me for a few days, please don’t worry!!! Back soon… Chief


PunishedBrats – Old & New!

Hey everyone… we’re still here!!!

After all that apocalyptic mumbo-jumbo I heard about the world ending last night… I guess there are a few red faces and shame as some devout Christians or other have to face going back to work (if they haven’t spent their savings on whatever cult it was etc). I’m sorry, being British, I was SO disinterested in this claptrap that I have skimmed the stories. I, like many other of my fellow Brits, fail to understand how in the USA these “Preachers” on TV and in everyday life can con individuals and hoodwink vulnerable people so much… over here they’d be hunted down or hounded out of communities by a very angry mob of people or just plain derided as a lunatic and shunned… maybe it’s because we’re such a small land mass that it’s getting harder to hide in our over populated, over regulated and overly CCTV controlled society (put that soap box away, Chief…)

So here we are on a bright new day and I thought I’d celebrate with a small mini review I did way back, a little reminder about just how awesome Punishedbrats.com is – hardly surprising, they’ve been going 5 years now and of course you may have noticed that to celebrate this they are offering a special Birthday pricing (I think this is a first time that there has ever been an offer so take advantage of it whilst you can!)

Current Birthday pricing: (Get this before they revert to their normal price structure)

  • $15 for 30 Days (recurring)
  • $19.99 30 Days (non recurring)
  • $41 for 90 days (best value at 13.60/month – non recurring)

First of all, I want to let you know that there is a new girl by the name of Pi who will be appearing at the site very soon (I guess that at PB they are now only taking on girls who have number references, I am of course referring to the gorgeous Ten who I will let you see in her latest film in a mo). They called her Pi as it was easier than “TwentyTwo over Seven” – I’m hoping she will also star with Ten and then we can have some Spanking Equation fun 🙂

Pi… or 22/7 with a very sore bottom – coming soon to Punishedbrats.com!

OK, as promised, below is the very latest episode featuring Ten, and I’m sure you’ve all seen her many times on here before so take a look at ten’s amazing posterior and as I’ve said before, I just LOVE her thick, strong amazonian legs, I bet she could crush a walnut with those thighs, I’d love to see that!!! But guess what…. I digress! 🙂

Ten was pulled over by police officer Mike Smith. She thinks she has the cop wrapped around her finger after she pulls the crying routine and gets off without a ticket, but Officer Smith is going to escort the girl home for a crying routine over his knee instead!

Now I live Lily Anna, she can pout withthe best of them and of course has a marvellous great butt that reddens beautifully! You can see what happens when she pisses off her lawyer Susan below!

Lily Anna recanted her entire statement in the middle of courtroom testimony making a fool out of her lawyer, Susan. Susan doesn’t feel the girl understands the severity of her actions and gives her a well deserved lesson in real life discipline she won’t be forgetting in a hurry!

Finally, the film I really liked recently of a girl I hadn’t seen in a while was of David and Bronte… these images below really capture what went on in the movie as she has a pretty face and of course an amazing bum that David ensures is glowing red by the time he’s finished with her over his knee!

Bronte broke away from her class trip to France and snuck off to Paris on her own. Upon her return to the school, she is informed she must consent to five days of corporal punishment in order not to be expelled! Bronte is well spanked but still a fiery brat. Will she be so sassy after some time reflecting in the corner with her cheeks on fire?

OK, let’s not forget what you can find in the archives of this site, check out the images below from an old post I did and I’m sure you’ll appreciate the site even more again! Enjoy! I certainly did re-reading this all 😉


Punished Brats

OK, to those I doubt many of you will remeber this post I did so enjoy the images of a younger Pixie and blonde Juliet amongst others!

Girls at Punished Brats taking it easy

Wowser! I gotta say that David is a lucky fella getting a chance to punish these brats!  😀

Also, to you TV buffs or perusers of teen sites (ahem) don’t you think that Juliet (below) has a similarity to…

The cheerleader Claire (below left) from TV Series “Heroes” and Teen Minx “Tiffany Teen” (below right)

…and Pixie, well, she’s just adorable and unique, isn’t she? (below)

OK, I am seriously digressing here, first OTK from PunishedBrats naturally goes to Pixie!

She has been caught out texting whilst driving (actually an offfence in the UK now you know!) so is given a torrid time and all privlieges revoked at home! See the pics below for that magnicent derriere splayed over Paul’s knee as he administers the bath brush on her rump!

click here to play this free clip

Check the FREE Spanking images from this movie below

click here for more Pixie

Next up, Aunty Chelsea has had a lot (A LOT) of trouble with bratty Juliet but in this part of the movie we see Juliet broken and beginning to realise aplogies might be a good thing! Some great camera angle work and a seriously spankable arse, these ae a few great pics and free clip! Enjoy!!!

click here to play

Oh boy! Where’s that cold bucket of water? and I’ve got Helen and Violetta to come yet!!!

more hot girls and brats punished here

David Pierson gets to have these brats over his knee, the first is the very latest update OUT NOW.

It stars the simply delectable Helen Lei, who I’m guessing has either Chinese or Singaporian heretage, oh my! Anyone of you here know my feelings about Asian girls (well, women in general I suppose…heh heh)  😉 This gorgeous brat, Helen, finally starts to come to her senses as step dad David removes her knickers and continues to show her who’s boss!

click here to view this FREE Clip

Miss Lei, you may only be 19 years of age, but it appears you are never too old to be taught this lesson!

Loving those yellow panties as well, I hope if you are reading this David, that you get Miss Lei back soon!

more brats punished here

Finally I found this movie and the girl, called Violetta who surprisingly in this day and age had a refreshing tuft of hair between her legs!
Ah, just like the old days, no harsh tatts in sight as well! Bliss! Anyway, I don’t know what it is, but I find this girl very attractive! Lucky David gets to have her cry and squirm over his knee in this workplace scenario as she fails to come up to scratch!

free movie clip of Violetta's punishment

With those boots, her legs look like they go on forever! And what a lovely arse! A joy to watch!

OK, I think you get the idea, right? & as I mentioned earlier… please be aware that there is a special Birthday pricing that means for the short period this offer is available – you can get access to Punishedbrats – IN FULL – for less than at any time over the last 5 years, it’s their way of saying “Thank you” to those that have supported them over the years… so if you liked what you saw above, then this is just the tip of the spanking iceberg. Check it out HERE – ‘cos the Chief said so!  😉

OK, have a good weekend, safe in the knowledge that The Earth and all life on it have survived another day!

Regards, Chief.


Tedious Net Connections & Gorgeous Spankings

Well, here goes nothing as I try to type another post with a crap connection and guess what, as I start typing this… a bunch of nosey kids walk into the area I have found a half respectable internet Hot Spot connection which will only fail every 15 minutes or so (luxury) – oh FFS! I had plans to make a nice post about facial reactions and some lovely images of some seriously thrashed bottoms to match, so I’ll see how it goes… typing on the go *sigh*

(I have restarted this blog after a horrendous afternoon’s skiing in a total white out, joys of vacationing in cold mountain weather, eh?) Oh, I have also had to pay a lousy 10 Euros again to try and get some sort of privacy typing this, no nosey kids but a shit awful connection again)

First up from PunishedBrats.com some amazing recent updates and the 1st below is the conclusion of Joelle’s very 1st appearance on PB and she’s already a BIG hit with members and bloggers like myself… is it any surprise? Just check out that facial reaction, her cute gear she’s wearing and of course that amazing red speckled ass!! Heaven!!!




Joelle is quick to promise to get rid of all of the pot and the growing equipment plus return the investment money if only Miss Chris will stop spanking her… you can see how it went on HERE!

My 2nd feature from PunishedBrats stars the gorgeous Juliet Valentina and she of that amazing bottom and sporting some of the best facial reactions, here you’ll see why as lucky David Pierson really goes to town on her poor bruised reddy derriere…





After having her bottom paddled, Juliet is sure to be a well-behaved, pleasant girl to be around! She is also certain to spend a lot of her time standing…why? Well, just look at those marks! Yikes!!!

See MORE of Juliet, Joelle and all my usual cute favorites at the unique PunishedBrats!


Being around with a crap internet connection and unable to upload simple images at times is frustrating but I’ll be off tomorrow, back home (I’ll let you know exactly where I am right now… later, if you are interested…rivetting, oh lurkers and readers…isn’t it?) In the meantime I hope I can upload some images, I’ve had to reduce some of them so I could get them up but I think you’ll get the message and it concerns one of my fave naughty F/F sites starring the fabulous Sinn Sage… she’s not someone I had featured much, foolishly thinking I could just watch and keep her to myself but Sinn makes some of the hottest F/F spankings around and especially when Chelsea is with her…in this latest series, Chelsea tests Sinn with a varierty of trusted and not so familiar objects like the cane and you can see Sinn’s marvellous naked body and her trademark trim tuft of pubic hair as well as her oh so buff body getting a good thrashing! I make no mistake for placing this at maximum “Trouser Arousal” levels (tm Chief), so be warned!

Ah FFS! The images I had just uploaded have all gone thanks to this F*CKING connection, so once I re upload them that’s it from me today, I had so much more planned… another f*cking waste of 10 sodding Euros! (backward mountain c*nts!)







One of Sinn’s site opening offerings became one of her most popular storylines. So, it’s time for Sinn to get another sexy “midnight spanking”. Chelsea awakens the sleeping, bubble-bottomed beauty with a smack! Chelsea works Sinn from top to bottom and front to back as she is spanked with a hairbrush, cropped, gets more hairbrushings and then is cropped all over her hot naked body! Sinn is so naughty she starts to get turned on and opens up her legs and shows off her toned athletic body for the cameras, but chelsea has other things on her mind, a new test! Time for another cropping as Sinn submits to the pleasure! Then Chelsea takes Sinn into uncharted territory, as she begins to experiment with implements with which Sinn is NOT so familiar.Chelsea approaches with her triple cane while Sinn rubs her hot bottom. Getting her first caning! Followed quickly by her very first switching! Ending with a provocative wheelbarrow position leaving Sinn panting! Sinn claimed to HATE the cane, but Chelsea made her like it AND a SWITCH, too! Seriously, do not miss the sexy wheelbarrow position spanking to finish her off… this is HOT stuff and can now be seen in full only at SpankSinn.com


Well, that’s it, I had so much more planned but the connection is just rubbish and I’ve lost data 3 times and I am supposed to be on holiday so I’m off to get drunk before my early departure. If you think you got it rough, just giggle thinking about my wonderful view and what I skied in earlier… *groan*

My wonderful view (it has since cleared up again as this post has taken so bloody long!)

Review of movies past and present!

I have a treat for you today as I reminisce and check over some gorgeous spanking movies from the past as well as bring you some brand new updates to keep you good people interested!

The full movie of this infamous film is available HERE to download and it stars one of the sexiest snivelling models I have been privilege to review and see work in person, and that is the very lovely Miss Rebekah Jordan: To those that don’t know who she is (have you been living on Mars the last 10 years?) she was a well known fetish and hard core porn actress who started filming as soon as she was 18 until her early retirement after admitting she had pretty much done everything in the porn and fetish industry – then having a child obviously changed all that so it helped her decision to quit while she still had her looks way back in 2005!

Rebekah plays poor Barbara Watford, due to get thrashed by her drunken Uncle!

(I have not heard of her since though I guess she is still happily married and looking after at least one son)…anyhoo, this film was a few in the series she shot with Xerotics around 2003/04 and until it went to FetishFlixx it needed properly re-editing and remastering (to remove the problems of frame rates making it look jagged when Uncle (yes that was me and it was one of my earliest films!) was spanking her cute butt – I still see this now with some spanking producers who haven’t sorted out their frame rates or some such nonsense and it is so annoying!

So yes, I had the privilege of spanking and caning her smooth butt (I can still remember how smooth it was even now!!!) Please ignore the daft title of this film, I can’t remember what it was originally called but I know she was never named “Barbara Watford” – just one of the minor gripes I always had with those that used to sort out these films and their hopeless “naming” of models, but it’s a minor gripe and something I always felt they should have paid more attention to in the past –  but since I haven’t worked for them for about 3 years I guess they can do what the hell they like, right?

Barbara is consoled but told to prepare herself for a spanking & caning by Uncle!

BONUS CLIP – Click HERE to see Barbara’s nerves get the better of her!

Due to the limitations of the film & editing equipment used at that time in 2003 and the fact that when it was first produced and placed online, the internet was much slower in those days, so there was no point in putting up a movie with a high bit playback rate to make large screen viewing like watching a DVD etc as that movie file, 6-7 years ago, would have taken half a day to download! Nowadays, of course, with the increasing speeds globally, a simple short 15 minute movie like this is no problem so sit back , relax, get out a big fat cigar as I have a visual treat for you with some latest images and a good spanking clip of Rebekah playing the snivelling “Barbara Watford!”

Click on thumbnails below for the larger screen grabs



Her soft buttocks were carefully stared at in his drunken state then he aimed his hand into that soft inviting flesh and spanked her plump cheeks until he felt her squirm and cry as Barbara started to complain, making the situation worse as the cane was introduced to tell her who was boss in this punishment!


There’s a special FREE Movie clip that you can view EXCLUSIVE to this blog!

Barbara is a sneaky minx, trying to pretend that the testing tap he gave her with the cane was painful! She is only making things worse with her lies!!!

The FULL Movie is available HERE to download

Access this and 100s more specialist films at FetishFlixx.com


PunishedBrats have an amazing set of movies starring not only Amber Pixie Wells, but the gorgeous Juliet Valentina, Lily Anna and from what I see, Beverly Bacci takes a bottom role (still every now and then)… I guess from old unseen movies they hadn’t used (since she has retired from being a Bottom, or am I mistaken?) – wouldn’t that would be godd news indeed after I thought she had retired from being a submissive over a year ago!

You may remember these cracking films with Juliet (topping and of course baring her bottom as well!) Check out all the full movie reviews on the home tour pages!

This looks interesting as we see Juliet give poor Lily Anna a paddling for stealing her clothes. This brat can’t behave at school nor at home!

This movie, called “Last Day”, has Juliet truly looking the part over Veronica’s knee in a bedroom scene! OMG just look at her red rump! So do you all prefer Juliet’s brunette look or still hanker after her blonde years?

Juliet received an incredibly painful strapping from David for vandalism. Of course David wouldn’t be far away from the action!

& finally in the brunette series Juliet ends up over Pixie’s knee, you’ll see that when doing a company ordered wellness check on Juliet, Pixie determines that she is in need of a red bottom! How delightful, any excuse, and I don’t blame her one little bit, eh? Check out some cracking images taken from movies of Juliet in her classic “Blonde years” as well!!! (Trouser Arousal levels WILL be high!)



Now what has had me in a lather was seeing Beverly Bacci back over Veronica’s knee, I forgot to ask Mr Pierson if he managed to persuade her to sub again, or if it was an old movie, either way, I was really pleased to see another “Bev movie” – I know it’s a tease, but check out some of the images below, I swear Beverly’s legs and ass get better every time I look at them… oh my!

Scenes taken from the movie: “Alarming Business”


The storyline: Beverly made a careless error setting the security alarm when leaving the office. Her boss Veronica had to make an emergency visit to the building in the middle of the night and is about to show her displeasure with her employee. Imagine Beverly squirming and wriggling over your lap, OMG! I need to go get a cold shower now, and that’s without telling you about the movie I just watched again (below) – what is it about us guys and the sight of a girl in a Cheer Leader’s Uniform, For the love of God… PunishedBrats  stop getting me so aroused!

Pixie Amber Wells & Sarah Gregory raise the blood pressure of Chief!
Beverly punished pretty Pixie and Sarah in those uniforms!!!

Sarah and Pixie managed to smuggle alcohol along on a cheer team competition. When the girls are found out, Coach Beverly uses a wooden school paddle to make an impression on the law breaking girls.


Check out the home tour pages of PUNISHED BRATS for more free previews including movie clips from all the above! (& they are STILL one of the most consistently cheapest spanking sites with no gimmicks at $17 for a month, with over 4 years of regularly updated content to gawp at!!!)


One of the very latest updates now out at FirmHandSpanking.com stars the gorgeous Adrienne Black – who Firm Hand are rightly proud of her winning the best newcomer in the recent 2010 Awards held at SpankingSpot and I am also proud of that as I nominated her in the first place!

Adrienne once again defies Earl Grey in the latest installment of her College Discipline series and this is an excellent no nonsense spanking that she gets whilst her “Haze Me” panties are pulled down and she is bent over the chair and given a very hard smacking on her form cheeks for not altering her ridiculously short school uniform and chatting for far too long instead on the phone to her boyfriend! Check out some images of the College Discipline series below and I will get a clip of this spanking up later on Teen Spanking Tube!



Another gorgeous spoiled brat of a slinky girl at FirmHandSpanking is Annabelle Vanderwood, she, like Adrienne, often answer back and don’t take their discipline without moaning and complaining, making it worse for themselves, but I do love the way they answer back and Annabelle is againin no mood to take much crap off Mr Reed, her appointed Life coach that her parents have hired to sort out her applling attitude. Good news, he’s in no mood to take her crap either – “Annabelle – meet The Paddle!”



Annabelle wears a pair of jeans so well, and I can tell you the actual movie she got a right old paddling, that tight bit of denim was no protection at all – of course you can see Annabelle in many other punishments with her jeans down at FirmHandSpanking, panties removed – but I rather liked this punishment with her jeans on, (kind of made it a little more believable) – as we know damn well her next punishment will be without any Denim protection!

Check out all the very latest movies & free previews provided HERE

My Special Focus on all things OTK!

My, another weekend approaches and as I seem to be freed of the fun of some website promotion elsewhere (thankfully) I’ve had a load of family issues to attend to yet again which need my attention so this has helped me no end… (thank God for someone like me for the others to depend on, I say!) Please bear/(bare?) with me as I’m having all sorts of niggling time consuming issues outside of my control recently but I aim to get this and my other blogs updated as often as I can. This is why today you will see this post written at Teen-Spankings blog as well as SpankingBlogg as it still appears some of you don’t want to check out both blogs so this is the sort of content you can expect at either today (in fact, it’s identical this time and hosted from the teen spankings network!) However, I do add extras at both these blogs and many others I write for as you know…including special free previews that no other blog network ever shows.

Anyway, enough of my boring waffle, let’s get down to business and a back to basics as I focus on some interesting and sexy OTK spankings from around the internet!


OK, onto OTK spanking and as I waffled on about the offer above, why not choose a brand new unseen movie from OTKspank.com with a very sexy slinky wife getting a spanking from her pervo husband who enjoys having his wife over his lap! When you see the images and a short clip which is not shown anywhere else, then you’ll understand just why this husband insists on spanking his beautiful missus! Check out her pert bottom, long “lonnnnnnng” legs and I know this girl is very popular and caters to fans of those who love seeing ladies wearing glasses getting a good hard honest thrashing at home! Enjoy – I know you will!

See some video images from the longer full length movie of delicious Pattie’s bared buns getting a home roasting this Yuletide!


The above offer is only available from my group of blogs and free sites, however, the prices for this OTK specialist spanking site WILL ALSO go up in a week or so from my links too – so I urge you to make the most of this site’s many amazing OTK spanking films, if you choose a recurring option or the longer term better value option, you keep this low price until you cancel, can’t say fairer than that! – if that is your kink (and why not?)


Another of my favorite OTK spanking sites has to be PunishedBrats.com – I’d say about 70% of their films feature the poor beauties having their bared butts tanned over someone’s lucky lap (that’s probably a poor conservative guess as it’s probably more like 90% as these girls all end up over someone’s lap usually!) and, like the above site OTKspank, I find these spanking scenes very exciting to watch!

I have got you a very special instant viewing long play video clip of possibly one of the sexiest girls I have ever seen getting a spanking, Miss Juliet Valentina – if you haven’t seen Clare Fonda (who guest starred as Mom in this 2007 classic) with Juliet, then you are in for a treat! See below and some of the HQ images that I have from my hard drive!

Beautiful images and a fantastic film, eh? There’s a ton more films like this with Juliet from the past with her blonde look and of course she made a re appearance earlier this year and is currently being spanked in one of the latest new movies at Punishedbrats right now with her equally ravishing brunette look! I’ve got a few images of this below so you can see for yourselves!

It’s also nice to see Beverly Bacci back again and shows why she is not to be trusted if you go over her knee (as Juliet discovers) in this movie “Home schooling”
Here is the storyline >> Beverly is trying to teach her sister Juliet at home, but the brat is showing her nothing but attitude and disrespect. Pushed to her limits, Beverly takes Juliet over her lap for a thorough hard spanking. Juliet is sure to be a lot more attentive and properly addressed when reporting for homeschool lessons with Beverly after this painful punishment! & you can see more FREE samples from the HOME PAGE HERE as well as all the latest movie release updates in detail! This site is available from just $17 a month! Stunning value from the vast archives!


OK, to end today’s update I got a really clever festive spanking movie as the “Spanking Fairy” visits Paul in his twisted spanko mind as he daydreams whilst bored at work looking at various jazz mags (that’ll happen, or you’ll go blind, as my ol’ mum used to say!) However, the fairy is the gorgeous Jadie Reece and this hopeless lass is supposed to grant Paul his wishes only she’s a rubbish fairy with a defective wand! (that’ll happen if you look at too many jazz mags too, as my ol’ mum used to say yet again!) However, see Paul spank her (OTK first) then get his way in the free clip below as he makes the wish work and he produces another wand better used for whacking silly girlies bottoms… Nice!!!

Right click image below & save file (Media format is MP4 – playable with VLAN or RealPlayer)

Hope you enjoyed this HD clip, there’s plenty more OTK and amusing but hard spanking films from the unique NorthernSpanking.com

Have a good weekend everyone, I have Christmas trees and other such nonsense “er indoors” wants us to search for tomorrow – oh Festive joy! Regards, Chief

Beautiful Girls Spanked – Memories & Returns

Below are 2 girls from either side of the Atlantic who in their time have made all us grown men weep and go weak at the knees at the sight of them getting spanked on their oh so red cute butts! Well, sadly, one girl has retired but she left such a legacy of spanking films that even I miss out on some until I discover more gems and greedily store these on my hard drive for private playback in a darkened room of my choice!  The other girl I thought had retired (sadly) but has returned this year (yay!) and so I will start with her today and then let you in on my other obsession of the very cute retiree!

Step up Juliet Valentina – she had dazzled us in the past on PunishedBrats.com with her spankings and punishments in her cheer girl outfits, uniforms and domestic discipline situations (wearing the sexiest pair of jeans in one movie) Now, as you may recall, her attitude was always cheeky and for a while we were all in heaven seeing this cute teenager getting her much deserved spankings then she disappeared for what seemed an eternity, I think it was around 18 months, maybe a little longer, but this year she has been back several times filming again and there’s plenty of her newer stuff out with her new darker hait, but what remains the same is her cute pert butt gets spanked, her attitude hasn’t changed and you just know she MUST be punished hard on her cute rump until she (kinda) learns her lesson! Please check out Juliet as you may all remember her in her blonde days, the 3 images below lead to a gallery and a special low reslotion clip (members get much higher playback)

Juliet Valentina & Toni Rizzi in the “Politics of Spanking”

Juliet Valentina & Clare Fonda in the movie “Mom’s Manual”

Juliet Valentina & Chelsea Pfeiffer in “Aunt Chelsea gets tough”

Ok, so you get the idea and if you didn’t know who she was, I’m sure you do now! She has some quite stunning films from the past, so I was always hoping she’d be back and earlier this year she did, now in the interests of saving time, I’m sure if you place a search of “Juliet Valentina” into my blog search box somewhere on the righthand side menu (think it’s about hald way down)>>> I’m sure you will see more links and stuff with me lusting/praising/admiring/drooling (* delete or leave as applicable) about thsi beauty as well as her newer stuff, and it doesn’t get any newer than this update released this week with Juliet shaming her boss Veronica in a great film! I have made a special gallery myself and I’m sure you will enkoy this excellent storyline and of course, JULIET! Just click HERE or on the image below which takes you to the special gallery page!

You can see much more of Juliet (and all the other dazzling girls) on the special free tour pages of PunishedBrats.com – well worth a peek if you have the time!!!


Now I really hope you have time to admire my second beauty, the much loved and much missed Rosaleen Young (once again if you enter her name in my search parameters you’ll see I’ve written a whole load of stuff about her in the past… but NEVER about this movie in which she co starrred with Victoria Jones, who I always loved seeing switch between being a submissive to a very strict Domme and in between being a damned hot slut, but I am already digressing and I am really pushed for time as it’s Friday evening here in the UK!!! Now where was I? Ah… Rosaleen, she didn’t take thatr many paddlings, let alone get paddled on her wet bottom in the bathtub… but that is PRECISELY what happens in this film I managed to locate – there’s a really cool free clip if you click the large image below…and while you’re doing that, I will locate some additional screen grabs from my personal collection to show you Rosaleen in all her naked blubbing glory!!!

The above Movie gallery is 1 of DOZENS available to view HERE

Ok, if you’re back after viewing that cracker, check out some more images taken from the movie scenes of her paddling!



& from the same site click on the poster below and you’ll get another classic Rosaleen Young vid … oops, all wet again and looking VERY pissed off! heh heh!

OK, have a good weekend, I will be posting more at some of my other blogs tommorow, but I now need to go eat my curry (yes, I REALLY know how to push out the boat on a Friday night…AND I have chilled Kingfisher beer too! It’s too much, eh?)
Back soon, Chief.

Punishedbrats – Juliet & Lorraine

These are possibly 2 of the naughtiest, horniest brunette brats that wriggle and squirm over David’s lap, I’m not sure if he is wearing cast iron pants protection, as I surely would need such stern apparell unless of course these girls wanted me to explode in other areas and that wouldn’t be a pretty sight!

So here we have a long play movie now out IN FULL from the wonderful Punishedbrats.com where Mom & Dad, David and Beverly can’t even leave these brats alone for a few moments before they have plans to  trash the house with a party!!!

David gets down to business with Lorraine whilst tearful Juliet & mom look on…

The below images are taken from the film “Family Matters” and the description of this movie is provided by David:
“When we left them on their own for the weekend, how were we to know that Lorraine and Juliet would cause so much trouble we had to  return home to deal with them at once. I made sure Lorraine quickly regretted even contemplating throwing a party that could get them in so much trouble. Juliet hoped she wouldn’t get spanked nearly as hard as her sister, but I ensured she was all out of luck!”






The FULL Gorgeous spanking movie can be viewed HERE 😀

Behind the scenes at PunishBrats

I have a very special update and a special preview for you today as I had contacted David regarding his last filmshoot as it starred some stunning girls and a returning Juliet Valentina (who you’ll see is no longer blonde!) The below “behind the scenes” and early preview shots of the movies here will give you an idea of what will be coming very soon on top of all the fantastic movie updates currently showing!

Back row (l to r) – Charlie Skye, Beverly Bacci & David Pierson
Front row – Lorriane & Juliet Valentina

Beverly returns as an accomplished and quite severe Domme, as I have seen from some of the images of the forthcoming movies! The big news of course was the return of Juliet (with her new look brunette look, and STILL looking f*cking HOT, of course!) Add to that Lorraine, who I absolutely adored in her first shoot with PunishedBrats (especially that film “The Pout” – DO NOT MISS!!!!) – the returning Lorraine has a new look bob haircut and of course still looks incredibly beautiful, as does Charlie, who, I have to say, seeing her in that school uniform has got me all weak at the knees!!!! So check out with david and co got up to last week and prepare yourselves for some amazing new films coming very soon!!!

Juliet returns!!!!

After an absence of about 2 years, she’s back, baring her delicous buttocks at Punishedbrats, check out some images from some movies, I can tell you now if I was that lucky spanker…i’d be wearing my cast iron protective pants to prevent any embarrassing incidents and enabling me to continue the required punishment of this most babe-alicious brat!


Check out Juliet over the knee of david and beverly and co starring in a “Double” movie with the equally stunning Lorraine! (I can’t wait for that film to come out!!!)


Check out pouty Lorraine’s new bob look, oh my….

Check out Lorraine with Beverly & David (below)


and of course don’t forget the resident blonde babe brat of the day, the very alluring Charlie Skye who looks absolutely stunning in and out of her school uniform…cast iron pants ahoy!!!


Thanks to David for providing me with these early images to let you good folk know what’s coming from their last shoot! You can of course check out ALL their latest updates HERE at Punishedbrats (with one of the consistently lowest pricings for a premium spanking site around!!!)


Oh, and before I go, I was watching the biggest domestic prize for any football (soccer) club on the planet this afternoon, the Championship Play off final between unfancied and little Blackpool and the overspending and quite tiresome Cardiff City who always seem to get away with not paying what they owe to tothers and their fans are amongst some of the most notorious in the country for being, shall we say…a little over exuberant – Anyway, what a game, what a result…Blackpool rightfully won 3-2 at Wembley and have earned the right to play in the top football league in the world, and it’s worth ÂŁ90M to the club!!!
Congratulations to the players and fans of Blackpool FC!

Chief’s World Cup countdown, I’m also getting excited about this too in South Africa!
Less than 3 weeks to the opening games and England v (don’t laugh) the USA!