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Paypal at AAA Spanking & Happy 4th July!

Hmmm, if King George III were alive today, he’d become even more agitated and deranged than he was when he lost those traitorous colonies that he had taxed to death! Fortunately, most people in Canada (Happy 1st July celebrations, btw!) and those in the USA still talk to us to varying degrees:  at least the NSA doesn’t spy on us as much as the French or Germans, who are shrugging shoulders and promising some sort of heated debate about it in the bloody EU Parliament or some such crap! (whoops) and you still speak English, even if you can’t spell properly, but we forgive you, because out of the ashes of the colonies came a great nation… a nation that is as addicted to spanking naughty ladies as us Brits! You still can’t quite leave us behind… can you? *wink*

So Happy 4th of July, another year free of tyrannous regal interference from the home country!


Bah! If I were alive today… I’d want to use Paypal to view my naughty spanking materials!


hang on… hang on… old George III isn’t *that* mad – yes, we all know that  Paypal forbid us perveyors of filth and debauchery from billing via their services when they put a stop to that nearly 10 years ago… but they have relented and have an agreement via one of my secondary processors, Epoch, who are very pleased to announce this partnership. But, I think it is only for European card and account holders at the moment, I could be wrong. So please take a look at my main JOIN PAGE 1st of all, it should now be targeting your IP address and I’d like feedback from those in the USA if they can see the Paypal symbols on the actual join up pages (not the large logo that I placed there, lol). If you use Epoch as a billing option HERE then this is where the action is at – you should see PAYPAL show up as one of the 4 membership options I placed there that you can use to pay for access! Please let me know if you are able to do this (don’t sign up unless you want to but see if it tells you to access your Paypal page!) Anyway, exciting stuff, I hope this partnership with Epoch proves fruitful and it’s very good news!


& so to my site – please do remember that CCBill are still the main processor, they are completely trusted (as is Epoch) but it’s good to have 2 options open – but enough of that… here is a fantastic F/F spanking update with Zoe Page and Alex Reynolds! I have run out of time to update the site with the HQ image gallery but I will get that up, at the moment you can view the film and the 90 odd screen grabs, so it’s a reasonable start. I loved watching this film, Zoe is so hot bullying Alex, and Alex takes a wicked cropping across her sore bottom… I also loved the ending, I won’t spoil it, but you will LOVE the way Zoe plays everyone: her teachers, and most of all, poor Alex!

This film is the continuation of Alex’s punishment at the hands of  Paul Kennedy
He left her doing corner time and Zoe was in charge to ensure that Alex didn’t rub her sore bottom!
Refresher gallery is HERE


Images below are taken directly from the new F/F film – “Zoe’s Turn”

zoeturn002 zoeturn006

 zoeturn019 zoeturn013

zoeturn022 zoeturn032

zoeturn037 zoeturn042

zoeturn048 zoeturn070

Mr Kennedy had left Zoe Page to look after the remainder of the detention after he had been called away. He was confident that he had given his star prefect some excellent tips on how to punish a naughty girl when appropriate. Alex Reynolds had been warned that if she dared rub her bottom after Mr Kennedy’s punishment during her “cornertime”, then Zoe could punish her as she saw fit! It didn’t take long for this American exchange student to fall foul of this rule & hawk eyed Zoe gleefully spotted her forgetting what she had been told not to do! This gave Zoe “Carte Blanche” to do as she pleased. What a wicked young madam she was too! Poor Alex was subjected to a humiliating, bullying & intimidatory punishment even worse than she had received not 10 minutes previously from Mr Kennedy! Zoe was a clever brat that knew just how to skillfully punish girls & had no real need of Mr Kennedy’s tutillage at all! She just wanted to see girls punished for her own gratification. Now it was her turn to carry out some eagerly awaited punishments of her own. It’s a truly twisted prefect & schoolgirl punishment that you really will not want to miss as nasty Zoe toyed & played with her victim like a cat would a mouse before putting it out of its’ misery!

zoeturn085 zoeturn096



This film can also be viewed in 2 small parts at the CLIPS STORE




Happy 4th July! My American friends 🙂