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Just Spankings… No cats or other animals harmed in this update

No cats today, just glorious red bared bottoms spanked and punished the way they should be and I have some delightful movies for you including one from us which is due out tomorrow – I had only just viewed the full movie (only an hour ago) and I love that feeling, like a member not knowing what is coming next and I was pretty much stoked at how poor Sara Winter’s bottom got so red… I was filming in another part of the building when this was shot so had no idea what Paul Down had got up to… but I needn’t have worried, it’s a classic pajama spanking punishment with plenty of OTK and relentless spankings… and no real introduction… just spanking action throughout! There was no need for any lengthy plot as you’ll discover, Sara, was late out of bed… repeatedly! & each time her spankings got harder and harder, check out the images from this movie and you’ll understand what I mean (look at her sore bottom… yikes!)

The film starts with her being dragged out of bed very quickly whilst her enraged Uncle Paul immediately places her over his lap and starts spanking her whilst shouting at her telling Sara what a lazy girl she is for failing to get out of bed for their long journey! After her bare bottom is spanked he leaves and tells her to “Hurry Up!” – the film returns to her still not getting ready and she is again thrashed over his lap, the spanking is quite relentless, along with the withering verbal lashing she receives and you can quite clearly see Sara’s bottom turning redder and redder! (An awesome sight) She is left again to get ready and a 3rd and final time she is spanked stood up over the wash basin as an exasperated Uncle Paul is unhappy that his lazy niece is still in her pajamas… a great cam angle shows the full extent of the battering that Sara’s sore bottom takes and I have to say this film really surprised me (pleasantly) – A good old fashioned spanking of a cracking girl on her pajamas, I fail to see how anyone will not enjoy this short sharp shock of a film! Images direct from the movie are below for your exclusive first showing here (these images are not warmed up so they are the raw data as I have to check these out later – they are that new!) ūüôā





This is the next NEW Movie update for members of AAAspanking.com – out tomorrow!


The latest spanking soap opera episode from My Spanking Room Mate is a double headed affair with neighbor Clare interfering with the way her colleague Alicia disciplines the girls at the school they both work at… Clare suggested that Alicia get the girls to spank each other and this is what happens (yes, you’ll be aware that this is the same school and classroom of naughty girls as the infamous EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION series which are all available from GirlSpanksGirl.com – and though I digress, the filming for the 6th series starts soon on Aug 7th!) The upshot is that Alicia loses her job for allowing the girls to do this to each other… check out some images taken in conjunction with the actual 1st part of the movie below:




As you can see this turned into quite a spankfest and quickly got out of hand which is why Alicia got fired! As she blames Clare for the poor advice, she confronts her at the apartment complex and in the 2nd part of this film, we see yummy cougar, Clare, get her comeuppance with a humiliating and painful bare bottom spanking by her younger counterpart and just check out Clare’s red bum! This particular episode is NOT to be missed!!! More images of the 2nd part are below:




You can see more of the role reversal fortunes of Clare & Alicia with the added bonus of schoolgirl discipline scenes at this week’s latest episode from MySpankingRoomMate.com – and of course if you have forgotten the last EE5 series, then check out the site that hosts it and the select galleries that show you just some of what the girls got up to!



Don’t forget you can access both these sites as part of the flexible Clare Fonda Pass¬†(choose 3, 4 or 5 sites)


¬†Something a little sinister comes from the nasty Principal at Spanked Coeds and this time it is the ongoing confusing situation for Angelina as she struggles to understand the concept of correct footwear on top of her other violations. this time she is stripped and as well as her bottom getting thrashed with a very stinging Yard Stick, her feet and tops of her thighs are given the same treatment, this is something she won’t forget in a hurry, images below are taken directly from this interesting and cruel movie!






You can check out all the nasty punishments inflicted on the Coeds with free previews etc  РCLICK HERE


¬†& finally today from RealSpankings.com this classic of Kailee Robinson is advertised on the front tour pages of the site so I thought I’d show you here so you van see what the site offers (it’s vast, of course as it has been around online for an absolute age!) This is a particularly severe leather belting across Kailee’s quite sore cheeks as you’ll see from the 5 minute clip below and the images which show just what is happening if you can’t wait that long!

Kailee had been using her mobile cell phone inappropriately, texting whilst driving, sending rude images of herself to boys and her friends so Michael decides to give her a humiliating belting bringing her close to tears and then takes some images on her phone before ensuring that her friends can see what had happened to her!




You can see much more of Kailee Robinson HERE – who was punished regularly at RealSpankings.com


& before I go, over at our Clips Store a new casting movie has just been uploaded. As it wasn’t featured on the front of our main site (partly because I ran out of time and was a little busy, but inside the site it is there, of course). So regular members can view this in full in glorious HD-MP4 but now there is an alternative as you can just download this movie on its own (if you so wish) and it is uploaded in Wmv format and you can see if I had a good time in this spank casting of Miss Lucy Jones… or not ūüôā (Click image below for more)

& now for something (not) quite completely different

As I start this post I just see on the news that Osama Bin Laden had been shot dead earlier today by US Special Forces where he was hiding out in his luxury apartment in Pakistan.

I won’t get out my soapbox or witter on for long on this subject but feel I have to have my 2 Cents anyway as this is, of course, a spanking blog but it would be rude of me not to comment as it’s such a big piece of global news after all… First of all, watch out for the possible backlash & reprisals from those upset that this murdering piece of trash got what was coming to him after 9/11 – I still remember watching that 2nd plane crash into the World Trade Center live on TV nearly 10 years ago slaughtering people of every faith and denomination. So what do I personally feel? I don’t feel at all bad in seeing this monster no longer able to draw breath and experience the miracle that is life… If there really is an afterlife or another plane of existence and there is judgement on what we had done after being “self aware” then I am sure this excuse of a human being , like so many other hate mongers and despots before him, might just face some sort of eternal damnation, preferably with metaphorical hot pokers up their existential arses! & so onto lighter matters…. my spanking round up (yay!)


Here’s a site I don’t often highlight, but I really should as they are producing better stuff and of course their girls are unique to their network, so from Spanking Experience check out a couple of recent films that I liked, I hope you do too!

Erica was caught drinking yet again and this time her punishment would be severe and humiliating as she was first spanked over the bed, then as her bottom was stinging she was cuffed to the posts and given a strapping and cropping as she struggled and cried into the sheets!

These girls are watching porn on the laptop and have thought about making some cash from webcam sex too… that is until they are caught and both of them face a rather embarrassing naked show in front of each other as their pert bottoms are given a good hard thrashing to teach them an important moral lesson! These movies are taken from Spanking-Experience.com and there is an very extensive tour page section where you can review these movies. This site is also available from just $12.95 – so WELL worth checking it out for that¬†interesting money saving option ūüôā


Back in the USA, Clare’s spanking soap opera website continues to earn rave reviews and the last couple of episodes at My Spanking Roommate show a back to basics with some of the most popular stars of this website! In the latest episode, we see the welcome return of Madison Martin!¬†Madison decides to skip work and stay in a nearby hotel room. But Mr Phillips, Harmony’s boss, shows up to the room with a note from Harmony (who is Madison’s boss). Madison reads how she will either be spanked by Mr. Phillips, or fired. LOL… what a choice! She chooses the spanking… & it’s a hard one! Yeowch!

The previous episode stars the fantastic duo of Kailee Robinson & Chloe Elise
(images and description are below)

Chloe catches Kailee sneaking through her desk and snaps a photo of her. She threatens to show the photo to everyone unless Kailee agrees to submit to a very painful hairbrush spanking over her knee. Reluctantly, Kailee agrees… & from the images above you’ll see what happened. This is a great F/F movie (as viewed by Chief).

Finally I thought I’d feature a rare classic from the episode archives of this wonderful site and it starred Audrey Knight… a girl i can never get enough of seeing over anyone’s knee with her bare bottom getting a good hard spanking, we all know she loves to dish it out, but of course she proves that she can take it too! *MMM*

Lawyer Audrey Knight pays a visit to Mr. Ford to get money from him for his spanking of Alanah Rae. Unfortunately for her, she has a clause to waive all claims – and she is spanked by Mr. Ford until she signs the clause! To see Audrey, Chloe, Kailee, Madison and umpteen other girls in this spanking soap opera, CLICK HERE to view every episode update and see for yourself!


Clare has also been busy getting the ever so delightful Lindsay Meyers in another great film at Spanked Callgirls – Lindsay is leaving the callgirl ring and going back to college. She knows this is costing Clare a lot of money. She asks Clare if she can have a bare bottom spanking to make her feel less guilty about what she is doing to her boss. Poor Lindsay is paddled as well but she knows she deserves it!

Personally, I love seeing Lindsay spanked, a really spankable bottom and she has that wonderful squinting look without her glasses on… I’d have played tricks on her hiding paddles and hairbrushes from view until it was too late if she was over my knee and take advantage of her poor eyesight… but I’m a cruel person… lol! However, unlike her YOU can see some of Lindsay’s best spanking films at SpankedCallgirls.com

TOP TIP: As you know, Clare has her infamous CLARE FONDA PASS which includes both sites featured above – a great way to view your monthly or quarterly membership options at a fraction of the price of single site memberships!


Remember I said something a little different? How’s about this beautiful 19 year old Russian bride (called Dior) who was given the Dallas Spanking treatment in front of her hubby… her English wasn’t the best but I guess she quickly understood what was happening!!! She was simply stunning as you’ll see from the promo images below and I have a short spanking clip which shows you a very small part of Dallas getting to grips with this young woman’s amazing butt! It includes some nice cam angles of this gorgeous thing too… as it would be a shame not to capture her reactions! Don’t worry… Dallas didn’t – images and clip taken courtesy of the archives from DallasSpanksHard.com



I also have a treat for those that enjoy just the odd download rather than a membership, I see there are a couple of new movies added at NaughtyBottom.com, I’ll show you some images and where to download a free preview clip with the full description of the movie along with the original site should you want to download MORE or all of their movies instead!



The latest full list of movies available for download are located HERE

The above download films are taken from BunBeatingFun.com – if you want to download ALL their 80 plus fantastic movies with one membership fee option!

Have a great May Bank Holiday!
Back tomorrow with more NEW movie updates for you!

It’s Valentine’s Day…yeah, so?

I hate all this organized crap, being told what to do like sheep… “Pay for this, do that… don’t miss out or else” nonsense and hate being told I “should” get a Valentine’s card for “Er Indoors” when it’s obvious it’s from me, I thought we were supposed to give them as a secret admirer? So me and the other half haven’t bothered, we will still have a nice meal, but at home in front of a roaring fire… bollocks to all that commercial crap!

…& bollocks to Amy Winehouse too! That utter waste of space is at it again messing up her lines, squandering what talent she has left but getting paid an absolute fortune for ruining her gig recently in Dubaii – getting booed by the crowd who turned hostile, but I don’t feel sorry for the mainly bankers and ex pats paying little tax… just don’t go having sex or spanking sessions on the beach, alright? Check Miss Wino’s abysmal rendition of “Rehab” (how apt) below:



Grrrr, just looking at Wino-house makes me madder than a mad McVitie bonkers biscuit at the Tea Party held outside in the rain and under the watchful eyes of smiling Puffins at the quiet hospital retreat for the criminally insane on Lundy Island. *gasp*

So before I continue, here are some tears from the beautiful Kailee Robinson, this punishment I remember oh so well and of course you can check out all her whackings similar to this at RealSpankings.com


OK, I have 2 brand new updates for you today, the first is from my own humble site AAAspanking so I will get you a crafty additional sneak preview clip (including WMV!) and some insider gossip on the film! F/F lovers are in for a treat, as it stars Leia-Ann Woods and Pandora Blake who get thrashed by Miss Bradley in the bathroom! See the images below which are taken from the film:



What you don’t see is a toilet to the left of the girls, I very nearly fell over on that as I filmed them (you can see the cam angle goes higher in images 2 and 3) as I clambered up onto the toilet seat I nearly fell over, not sure if Leia caught that or not but I’d have knocked her flying if I had gone… fortunately, no accidents and both girls got a good hard bare bottom spanking as you’d expect from Miss B. The below instant play clip is not found anywhere else (well, except MY Teen spankings Tube HERE where I hosted it) and it’s a good bit of banter as Miss B berates the girls when they dare to start answering back (I have to say these 2 naughty girls together are incorrigible… producers take note! heh heh). This was filmed late in the day, I think this might have been before the final Hot Tub scene… it’s not the longest of films but you will see both girls bottoms turning instantly red when they are starting to be spanked, a sure sign that they had been busy that day!!!

If you want you can download the Wmv version of this HERE

If you liked that clip then you will also find the latest description and preview clip for this movie on the main tour page now! You might see that it advertises that the site has a current introductory offer, I was so forgetful! I hadn’t posted this when we set up the site, I can’t say how long it will be available for, but I doubt it will be around for much longer, it’s just a nice way of getting people to notice the site but of course blog readers HERE can get my own unique intro offer and that can’t be beaten, again, I’m not sure how long this will be around, maybe a week or so, so if you guys really want cheap access to some real EXCLUSIVE stuff then click on the banner below that leads to the cheap sign up page with permenant low rebills (if you want to remain a member for longer) … and I aim to ensure at least 1 film a week appears as well as image updates and other goodies so it shouldn’t be too bad once you’ve got round to viewing the site content and we are planning new ideas all the time like even higher HD format files (probably in MP4 as it blows away other formats for us)¬†and a Bonus features section coming soon.


My second new film preview to start off the week comes from NorthernSpanking and features the amazing Amelia Jane Rutherford with her legs clad in the longest stocking onthe planet… seemingly! I actually felt for Paul and Stephen (well, not really… bastards!) as Amelia’s leggy kicking and struggling in her stockings could have kncoked out their teeth if she had connected at some point! There’s some nice restraining moves and struggling going on as she is gagged… repeatedly! Then¬†subdued and interrogated… what in the blazes is going on?

See the images below and the description underneath and all will start to become clear! ūüôā



Russian beauty Yelena Markova (play by Amelia) is resting in her hotel room when she is ambushed by British Security agents who want to know all about a certain gentleman she has regular meetings with. It is only when the agents mention a certain Alexei Markovich that Yelena begins to pay attention, and takes their physical threats very seriously indeed!

See this new movie update and loads more starring AJR at NorthernSpanking.com


Finally, I wanted to share this old gallery I made in honor of the gorgeous Amber Dawn from AmberSpanks and SpankAmber infamy… see how she taught this really adorable 19 year old pot-head brat Marie the joys of being a submisive web slut! Trouser-rousal-riffic!

A simply stunning movie which I again watched earlier today that made me grin like a big fat Chesire Cat! Amber has a knack of doing that to me ūüôā Enjoy the F/F spankings!

SEE MORE OF AMBER at the following sites below:
(Amber also has a deal on her 2 sites allowing joint sign up & paying $10 less!)

Amber Spanks ‚Äď Spank Amber ‚Äď Erotic Spanking

Sex & Spanking with Kailee Robinson

Hi everyone, I have just re-edited this post I did in March on my spanking blog, not realising that I had messed up on my links, and it’s such a cracking event of a movie, I thought I’d give you the correct links and also a FREE Movie Clip (which I didn’t before) – the clip is in a lower resolution than you can download so imagine this in full screen glory!!! It’s included in the post below:
OK, read on and enjoy possibly one of the horniest young spanking couples doing what they do in private, on film for possibly the ONLY time! Viva Kailee Robinson!!! (I’ve deleted the old post and put it here, there will be more updates as usual later as it’s Friday!!)


I just “HAVE” to let you all know about this, now I am aware that there have been other reviews previously, but after watching this movie myself, I was completely blown away, I’ve wanted to see this movie for some time and gave in and joined on my own package which you can see this movie HERE! Now the reason it’s worth reading on is because I have gotten a 15 free minute deal on per per view and streaming content, you can pick and choose any movies from all the top producers and watch it all or part of the movie and movie on, the freedom of choice and the amount of content available is blinding!

The most reasonable package is the $19.95 for 200 minutes and remember signing up to my deal you get 15 minutes for free, I think you could even choose part of this movie for free and if you’ve ever wanted to see emo babe kailee, for years so well known for her gorgeous ass and ability to take a damned good spanking, well you’ll be blown away withthis hardcore debut courtesy of Shadowlane who produced by Eve Howard in Vegas late last year! Kailee stars with her real life boyfriend Seth, and I promise you’ll get to see her perform sexual acts you’ve only ever dreamt of her seeing, and of course getting a good spanking and leathering before during and after she is fucked long and hard!

Here is the storyline below along with some free images: Seth is annoyed with his beautiful girlfriend Kailee for flirting with other boys at the party they have just returned home from. He accuses her of disrespecting him and tells her that she needs a good spanking. Protesting her innocence, Kailee is swept across Seth’s lap in her smart cocktail dress and immediately feels the impact of her sweetheart’s severe hand on her bottom through the satin of her skirt. That skirt is soon pushed up to reveal Kailee’s luscious backside, clad in a pair of black panties. Seth scolds and spanks Kailee hard, fully expressing his indignation at her flighty behaviour.

Next Kailee’s panties come down to expose her lush seat, tapering down to long shapely legs and elegant feet in sexy high heels. The tall, slim, stunning brunette is a leg and bottom man’s dream with the face of a young Venus, a delicately sculpted, budding bosom and ravishingly ample behind.

Kailee takes her spanking sullenly, with pouts and frowns and then with squeals and cries. Seth is unmoved by her excuses and plays the jealous boyfriend to the hilt, thrashing her bottom smartly until she understands that she needs to give in and admit she was wrong before she can be forgiven. After a¬†relentless hand spanking and leather paddling with a very solid paddle, Kailee finally apologizes for her slutty behaviour and promises to be a good girl, her bottom much the rosier. Now what happens you can see below, of course this tops the Chief’s Trouser Arousal Scales, watching this movie must be done privately in a darkened room!!!



Their reconciliation is both romantic and erotic as hugs and kisses lead to oral sex and passionate love making. Kailee gets down on her knees to blow her guy and his meaty member feels the good of her skillful sucking and feathering tongue. (Now if you’ve ever wondered how kaille might blow her guy, imagined it as I had in the past, you can now see it, like most American girls I have known, they seem to be blowjob demons and kailee doesn’t disappoint…Seth is a lucky guy!) Several classic positions of penetration follow, including doggy style and then with Kailee sitting on her lover’s “wood”¬†and riding it like a carousel pony (LOL). The hard cock in tight pussy action is explicit and you’ll get to see all of Kailee¬†fully nude from her perky breasts to her pinkened cheeks throughout the love scene, which concludes in mutual satisfaction!

!!! Click image below for a naughty FREE Movie Clip !!!

Kailee’s red paddled bottom rides Seth’s cock, milking him for all he’s got!


Finally, to assert his ultimate control over his girl, Seth administers an additional, major, fully-nude spanking to Kailee, post orgasm.

As you know – Kailee is one of the most popular spanking models in the world. She wanted to make her hardcore sex and spanking debut for Shadow Lane with her real life boyfriend and that appealed to Tony & Eve who run the company and have produced other sex and spanking titles before. As Eve mentioned, “It also surprised us, because Kailee has traditionally been a fairly modest performer, the butt-plug scene in ‚ÄúAshley Pratt Is A Brat‚ÄĚ being as far as she had ever gone before.”

Kailee and Seth proposed they become our ‚Äúalt.‚ÄĚ (alternative) spanking couple, as opposed to our traditional romance of discipline couple, to give their scene a different twist and one that was uniquely their own. The current generation of young spanking enthusiasts may look a little different than the baby boomers, (Seth’s goth eear ring is a little odd, but hey…kids, eh? – I sound liek¬† arambling old man…but¬†the attitude is basically the same, boyfriend knows best and girlfriend gets spanked. (Though Seth does divert to take Kailee by the hair, which is pretty hot.)

As they are described on the Shadow Lane introduction of this movie – “At 24 and 23, Kailee and Seth are the consummate young fetish couple, who play at B&D because they’re into it. The loving making in this video is warm and real, with genuine hugs and kisses to sweetly counterbalance the hardcore pistoning, expressing its passion through physical means; spanking fits right into its radical mystique as does hard-hitting sex.”

This serious discipline drama contains full nudity, hard, bare-bottom spanking, leather paddling, oral sex, explicit intercourse in classic sexual positions and a rousing hand spanking finale.

Sex & Spanking with Kailee and Seth
Running time: 33 minutes.

This was taken from the excellent SHADOWLANE SECTION of films run by Tony Elka and Eve Howard – makers of fine quality spanking (and sex) films for yonks!!! Check out their section at¬†my Spanking Theatre HERE and sign up, & you’ll get 15 Minutes free, that’s HALF this awesome movie (for example) for nothing!
Enjoy, it’s impossible NOT to! (and don’t forget to check out the other producers and films all listed in my favourites section!)