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Best of British Spankings this week

I had already updated my site earlier this week with a new film ahead of my schedule, it’s proving popular and for a good reason since it was the last ever double collaboration with Irelynn Logeen & Leia Ann Woods. That is an end of an area for my site… I doubt I will ever work with either girl again so it was rather sad to see the last of their work from over 3 years ago finally up on my site. Still, if there are enough email requests for future work with Leia then I shall consider it… but I spend so much time in America nowadays my direction is moving towards that country, even if it has a distinctly English kink to it (which it would appear is popular) I won’t stop hiring English girls as I love the way they act and take on the roles… but I appear to have found a good niche of American girls who do EXACTLY what the girls I’ve worked with in the UK do so well… so I am happy either way. What I don’t like doing is working with girls who feel they need to – just for the money or don’t get our niche… it makes me feel bad when they get upset that the spanking is hurting or something (well… it IS a spanking after all!) – Fortunately this is rare as I try to warn all new girls that I have hired in the recent past exactly what they will let themselves in for…just as I know Sarah & Mr Stern do at their group of sites. They tend to go for new girls, many untried, sometimes it works, other times the girls decide it’s not for them… but in every case the girls get a very sore red bottom… as Vickie, the naughty maid, finds out to her cost with a double caning from Aunty Katie and Sarah at English-Spankers.com – this is one of my favourite English spanking style websites and is well worth a visit…

The Maid & a Double Caning


Aunty Katie and Sarah are rather enjoying celebrating Katie’s birthday, a few glasses of wine and a nice bottom to punish, what more could you want? They have now decided that the last present that Katie will receive should be put to good use. Two new canes. Poor maid Vickie has to bend over again and despite having a very sore bottom the two celebrants cane her hard.

npp7002006 npp7002009


npp7002013 npp7002015


npp7002022 npp7002027




& in case you missed it, in another maid themed severe punishment… Sarah Bright takes it out on her maid, Imogen, at her own excellent site SpankingSarah.com in another “House of Correction” film now available in full to view and download.


The second visit by Sarah to the house of correction and she has a very nasty surprise for the newest inmate Imogen. This young lady has already suffered a very hard paddling at Sarah’s hands but now she has much worse planed. Suzanne the maid has to watch and even assist by holding Imogen down while Sarah beats her bare bottom with two leather riding whips. This is a hard beating and brings young Imogen close to tears.

npp7000027 npp7000028


npp7000041 npp7000047


npp7000051 npp7000054




One of those most English of Institutions was “Borstal” – a place where young delinquents would spend their formative years in harsh and often very strict prison like conditions, since they were unable to behave or function in society. Like anything nowadays, this has been watered down to appease the beardy Politically Correct Greens and European tree huggers who prefer to “talk or reason” with their bratty offspring who quickly learn this is an excuse to get away with even more poor behaviour… but I digress. here is a nice update from Northernspanking.com reminding us of bygone years of a girl (Zoe Montana) caught with illicit reading materials and the punishment she would get for this “crime”.


NSI107-MZX006 NSI107-MZX027


NSI107-MZX038 NSI107-MZX052


NSI107-MZX055 NSI107-MZX064


Borstal girl Zoe is caught with a very naughty magazine in her room. If she likes spanking so much, thinks the Warder, lets see how much she enjoys a severe strapping!

You can view this and the many authentic British punishments from NorthernSpanking.com



Staying with strict and authoritarian for a moment… please do go check out Pandora’s site DreamsofSpankings.com with a great cold caning film just released…


This office scenario will appeal to fans of traditional cold caning. Pandora Blake makes a mistake on a report, and strict boss Paul Kennedy needs to teach her a lesson. He makes her strip from the waist down and bend over to touch her toes, displaying her naked bottom and black stockings as he flexes the cane. The caning makes Pandora wince and gasp in pain. But her boss insists she must stay still, and take every single hard stroke. By the end her bare bottom is decorated with bright red stripes. After this harsh punishment she won’t make the same mistake again.

Dreams-of-Spanking_office-caning005 Dreams-of-Spanking_office-caning010

Dreams-of-Spanking_office-caning014 Dreams-of-Spanking_office-caning017

Dreams-of-Spanking_office-caning023 Dreams-of-Spanking_office-caning025




Finally today, although these guys are Dutch (they speak perfect English, of course)… we kind of consider them close enough and similar enough to our style of discipline to count at “Brits!” so I will include what is happening at another disciplinary institution which is taking shape in a new section of Spanked-in-Uniform.com – the “Masonfield Prison for Women”… below are the latest episodes from the two-parter which you can review in glorious HD playback… like any of the other sites I have featured here today!



ep3_12 ep3_13


Inmates Jolene and Amy were on Toilet Duty and when the Warden inspected their work, He found them laughing and joking instead of cleaning. He took them both into the open area of the prison and He spanked them both soundly where every inmate could see. He then told them to clean the toilets properly or it’s another sore bottom before lights out! – Warden Johnson inspected the toilet but it was not clean. He told inmates Jolene and Amy to be in punishment position two 15 minutes before lights out. This meant they had to lay over the edge of the top bunk in their cell, bottoms bare. The warden showed up on time and gave them both a good paddling. They both slept on their stomachs that night.


ep4_4 ep4_11





In other news, I’m just off to the airport to take Sarah there so she can fly back to America… it’s rather sad… and I’m being told off now by her for writing this “Commando” as I had to go buy a 3 set of Boxer underwear from Sainsburys (or sains-bear-rees as she pronounces it in her cute American accent) as I had none clean to wear today… to my worldwide readership, and not just that from the UK… Sainsburys (pronounced sains-burries, by the way) is one of our larger supermarket/grocery chains here. Oh… & I rather liked this “Going commando” malarkey… hehe! Anyways… be back soon! 😉


Brand Spanking New!

Happy May Day everyone… the 1st of May is the real start of Spring for me and many of us in the northern hemisphere… so I hope the weather where you are is reflecting this. I am away at the moment, I’ll let you know more on that later but not today… I had an awesome day’s skiing, something I haven’t done in May for a very very long time and hope to do so tomorrow too… right, less chit chat and on with some updates as I want to get this done ASAP as it’s already late here and I’m on battery power on the laptop… eek!

All updates below feature some of the latest updates or films now showing at the respective sites! If anything else, then please just enjoy the images from these fine sites!

Interrogation Training for Leia Ann Woods with the bathbrush at Firm Hand Spanking

training_d001 training_d003

training_d006 training_d008

training_d009 training_d010

training_d013 training_d015

training_d016 training_d020

Thomas Cameron has a tough approach to interrogation training, including humiliation. Cadet Leia-Ann Woods is bent over, bare bottom ready for 130 stinging smacks with a wooden hairbrush. Click here to see the astonishing free preview clips


A superb all female spanking (by Katie Didit) on perky teen Bow Jangles at Spanking Sarah

npp5079009 npp5079020

npp5079024 npp5079032

npp5079037 npp5079045

npp5079048 npp5079050

npp5079056 npp5079064


The second of this new series starring Katie Didit, the beautiful young Bow Jangles was sent along to serve her time in the House Of Correction. To say she was unhappy about this was an understatement. She had to strip off whilst still in the kitchen and then bend over for an intimate examination before she got her welcome spanking from Miss Katie Didit, who had an extremely strong right arm and knew how to hurt a tender young bottom. Despite her protestations Bow had to take the first of a series of harsh punishments which you can view in full right now – see the FREE Preview HERE


& again we see Miss Leia Ann Woods in her 2nd installment at English Spankers

npp5002002 npp5002009


npp5002016 npp5002017

npp5002020 npp5002024


Leia Ann Woods has just auditioned for the Sexy Cleaning Company but the company boss spots that she is in fact a reporter from the gutter press. After some painful questioning she comes clean and has to accept punishment from the most fearsome thick leather paddle ever seen. Her poor bare bottom is really battered and bruised by the time this terrible thrashing is over – you can see an exclusive FREE preview of this HERE


Finally today… the headline of the next film always reminds me of Diego Maradona’s handball cheating goal against England in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico (which he later made up for with a brilliant solo goal) however, this picture always brings it back…


CHEATS NEVER PROSPER! (some just get fat)


The update below shows a great collaboration with Sarah Bright working with Northern Spanking as you’ll see her slipper gorgeous tennis cheat, Sally (aka Satine) Spark – red bottoms and pretty tennis dress and knickers a guarantee! mmm 🙂

NSI109-SSX001 NSI109-SSX005

NSI109-SSX022 NSI109-SSX024

NSI109-SSX027 NSI109-SSX030 NSI109-SSX041

You can see much more of Sally at Northern Spanking – Click HERE


OK, that’s it from me… just about got there before the battery power faded!!! *phew*

& of course just a reminder that my latest film with Danielle Hunt at AAA Spanking is now out and you can see a free preview on the tour pages as well as you will be and you will be able to view this at the CLIPS STORE too!

Yoinks! Spankings that hurt!

This is a recap from a post I made last year, but I thought you’d like it anyways! It features all manner of ladies, milfs and model brats gettings what they so often richly deserve… a good old fashioned … SPANKING!

I had recently been watching some older ladies getting spanked (as I often do anyway) but what got me was the way that they so deserved their punishment and took it… well, quite tearfully! I also have some brand new updates and of course that’s where I’m going to start today with a fantastic feature length movie from BunBeatingFun.com as my good man, Greg (aka TMS-The Mystery Spanker) gives this bratty, potty mouthed model, Charity, something she should have received a lonnnnng lonnnnng time ago!

Below are some images and a contrasting spanking scene where her already very sore bottom had been spanked for well over 20 minutes and was soothed by some ice cubes… but of course that means a moist wet bottom is also ripe for a final spanking, right? & you can check out what Greg had to say about this latest girl as well!


In the course of our initial conversation with this naughty minx, she made mention of suffering from a rather nasty sunburn and then went on to tell us that she would be unavailable for at least a week. Charity, you see, is a Florida girl and on the beaches down there the summer sun can wreak true havoc on a young lady’s skin. Not nearly so much as the flat of a man’s hard swung palm on that of her bouncing bare bottom however. Charity, we’ve little doubt, was “unavailable” for a rather longer spell after her visit with us and, given both her poor attitude and her potty mouth, we can only regard that as a good thing.  A very good thing!



Don’t miss more of naughty Charity getting what she deserved HERE


I’m really starting to like the feel and look of RedStripeFilms.com as they continue to show real women of all ages shapes and ability to take a punishment… and the first is a favotite of mine, Katie Didit who I have to admit I have a thing for! She’s great, both as a dominating mother or aunt figure and as a great sub that can really take a good thrashing! This role below shows just what she can take! Ouch!

Police woman Sarah has punished bad driver Katie in an unofficial capacity. Not content with the punishment administered she starts to use a selection of heavy paddles on poor Katie’s bottom. She is soon marked and feeling the pain of the beating then Sarah picks up the cane and bends her over for a long hard caning. Now it may be that Sarah is not really a police woman, perish the thought, but she looks the part, strict and nasty and oh, so dominant! (and Katie oh so submissive!)

Joanne wants to be spanked by her boyfriend; he is not sure what to do so contacts RedStripe for help. He soon has her over his knee and after some initial reluctance and some kicking from his lady he sets about her bottom like an expert. This girl ends up with one of the hardest spankings we have seen administered to any first timer! Indeed it would be hard by anyone’s standard. A great real sexy spanking scene, high heels stockings and kicking legs!


& of course I couldn’t go without showing you what Sarah Bright from SpankingSarah.com was up to… this time ensuring that a very naughty nurse Clover who she caught about to hop into bed with her supposedly “ill” man gets not just one dose of a paddle… but a DOUBLE dose! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!!! This was one of my fave movies released last year!

Nurse Clover is having a real bad day, not only has she been punished for seducing her patient, it now turns out that she has been stealing from him as well. Sarah is not about to put up with that and the patient suddenly seems to get a new lease of life when it is decided that Clover should be punished by both of them. Two stout paddles are found and clover is placed over the bed, her uniform is taken off and this double paddling gets underway!

Of course, Sarah just doesn’t carry out the punishments… oh no, she is a self confessed naughty minx that also needs correction , often for lewd conduct… and can take a thrashing unlike many other girls! Some choice images below you won’t find on the outside of her site, will… I think prove my point!




OK, you get the idea, right? If you haven’t already, please do check out Sarah’s excellent tour pages HERE that show off HD quality preview clips including the very latest of the double paddling of poor Clover (it’s a cracker!)


& so to a cracking punishment I had watched again recently courtesy of DallasSpanksHard.com and this was a unique long play film which I hope Dallas won’t  mind me taking a sliver of a clip from to show you guys as it’s an awesome piece with a mother of one of his earliest models, Cienna… getting it… yup, her mother, Ann. In case you’d forgotten about this, it was very popular at the time as he had receiv ed requests for more matures… (I hadn’t forgotten and as I’m posting a few more mature things today… I thought I’d finally include it in this relevant post!) To be honest, seeing Ann take her punishment, a grown woman, a very attractive older lady, in fact… brought to tears.. well… wow! I’ll let you see a short clip of Ann receiving the razor strap (one of many various punishments she got including, of course a good hard warm up OTK spanking we all know and love from Dallas!)



This is what Dallas had to say about this amazing & unusual punishment request (below):

We have never encountered a daughter requesting her mother come to me for discipline… until this happened! Seems one of our first models – Cienna – had a problem with her mom and her mom’s mid-life crisis. Cienna felt her mom Ann was going way overboard with some of her actions when it came to her newly discovered nightlife. When Ann started with a slew of one night stands and late nights, Cienna felt she needed to step in and ask for my help. Cienna laid the hammer down to mom, either slow down… or we are done as mom and daughter. A little drastic perhaps, but Ann did decide to come to me for the motivation to help her achieve this bridge.
I had Ann report to me and sit her down to discuss what was going on. She was kind of pissed that her daughter was pulling the power play. I covered the agreement she made with Cienna before standing her against the mantle to await my punishments. After the hand spankings had left her bottom on fire, I had her lay down on the ottoman where I REALLY TURNED UP THE HEAT! I got out my implements and one at a time BLISTERED her bare bottom. She tried to hold back and bare the pain but I forced her to let go as the TEARS started and her sobbing makes her whole body quake! If you love the thought of a mature woman being spanked until the tears pour down her face, THIS ONE WILL BE ONE YOU WATCH TIME AND AGAIN!

& with that, I totally concur! If you want to see MORE of Ann’s punishment & similar


OK, I have to bring this to a close, I just don’t have enough time at the moment which is really frustrating so here’s something which I am glad I started on at AAAspanking.com – producing galleries to promote the films to make it easier for people to see and appreciate what we have, this is just a small collection below of the early stuff and I’m sure you’ll be seeing plenty more soon all over t’Internet! Enjoy!





Don’t forget that there’s a whole load of HD free clips on the deliberately extensive tour pages!

Please check out the latest brand new film with Cheerleader Mishka in the 30 minute film now released, so be sure to check that out or pop back here when I bring you first news of another great film next week which is a double schoolgirl special!

OTK Spanking Day!

Today’s post is dedicated to everything OTK! Out of all my spanking preferences, I still find this the most satisfying position as a spanker and I absolutely love seeing others, male or female carrying out this disciplinary action… so excuse me whilst I get a little self indulgent and check out some sites I may not have reviewed here for a while or rummage through my own archived data… I’ll also find some new stuff just released at various sites too, in case you may have seen what I’m about to show you from the past (though I doubt you’ll have seen all of what I’m about to share with you!).

Aunt Reina and her niece Laura are first up from the famous Japanese girl on girl dicipline site Hand-Spanking.com – and this movie was a little bit bonkers (but aren’t many of the storylines?) The story is that aunty and her niece recall the spankings they both got in the past from Reina’s sister (making that cute Laura’s mother, of course). They get excited about the times they both got disciplined and spanked and decide to take turns with each other over their laps to recall the way it felt! (I told you it was a bonkers storyline!)

Laura goes first over her aunt’s lap and her bare bottom is quickly uncovered for a firm spanking!




Niece Laura doesn’t need much encouragement to spank her aunt quite hard either!
She even grunts like a Russian tennis player as she slams her hand down onto her aunt’s sore bare backside!




all the films at Hand-Spanking.com come with a decent English subtitled translation and all the newer films are now shot on HD Definition widescreen cameras giving even better playback quality! If seeing girls spanked in the OTK position is your thing, this site mainly caters to that niche as you’ll have seen above!


Now for something new from FirmHandSpanking.com and it’s a classic domestic OTK hand spanking of (brightly) red haired Alison Miller with her tight jeans pulled down and given an old fashioned no nonsense spanking by Eric Strickman (remember I recently showed you what he is capable of with Kat St James?) This film is no different, it’s a good hard spanking and Alison has one of the best wiggly-wobbly bubble butts that reacts to a solid spanking, just check out some amazing HQ stills from this new series of Alison now available to download HERE!





Alison was quite sneaky as she had guessed uncle Eric would spank her and she had padded out her bottom with several pairs of pants underneath her tight jeans! However this backfired on her when he found out and pulled down all her protection including the jeans and gave her a damned hard man spanking across his lap!

I have cut a special freeview clip including a “slo-mo” scene which is in the film showing off Alison’s amazing bubble butt – CLICK HERE to view this exclusive free clip from this movie!


Now you know I love seeing girls punished in PJ’s, with their trouser bottoms dragged down, preferably around their ankles and over someone’s lap… also (yes, I’m fussy) I usually like to see the scene in the girl’s bedroom as this is her sanctuary… so the spanking, which can end in tears… is the ultimate humiliation if it takes place in the “Holy of Holies” as far as I’m concerned! There is no hiding place when you’ve been a bad girl! So, it was good to see that a recent HD film (with a HQ Stills set that I am showing some reduced size images of) had Aunty Katie spanking her niece, Honey, in such a circumstance… see below! Images are courtesy of English-Spankers.com





This is what the owners of the site had to say about this great film: “Honey is a real naughty teenager and she needs to be taught a lesson. Aunty Katie is the one to do it and in the good old fashioned way, a good stout slipper applied to a tender young bottom. Bent over the knee first of all spanked on her pyjamas and then see them pulled down for the bare bottomed slippering. The very first punishment for this new young spankee!”

See the FREE Preview clip of Honey’s home punishment!


Rather than show what is out right now at Clare Fonda’s sites (images and such are uploaded and the movies are playing out, so I’d be repeating myself at the mo) I thought I’d go back and check out some classic stuff from the past, all with the OTK theme of today, which wasn’t difficult as these girls are nearly always spanked at some point or for a prolonged period in this position (ah, that’s why I love these sites, lol!) – So let me start with a delve back in time to when Clare had redheads Madison Young and a sweet innocent looking (though she was anything but) Paris Kennedy. This is taken from the archives of Spankedcallgirls.com and features OTK spanking, diapering, humiliation and even temperature taking by Clare… this was so hot and I enjoyed checking it out again!





Check out more humiliating punishments of the very naughtiest hooker babes and slutty girls – Fonda stylee!


SpankedSweeties.com is the site Clare introduces many new models and spanking 1st timers or the girl next door types to her network but she also brings in more experienced fetish and spanking models too. They talk about their fantasies and past life being spanked and chastised growing up then re enact them for us! It’s a great site, often missed by some individually (it’s a massive site on its own now!) but should always be one of the sites you choose as part of the 3, 4 or 5 site options of the Clare Fonda Pass

Check out one such model I just watched again called Candle Boxx (I love her stage name!!!) – she took some quite hard man spankings and had one of the most beautiful red speckled derrieres by the time her spanking was finished as you’ll see below in one of her OTK spankings!





Do not miss the interviews spankings and everyone of Clare’s newbies shown here first!

Or check out any of Clare’s sites & choose your option as part of her amazing value CLARE FONDA PASS


I had remembered that I hadn’t shown Caroline Grey at Spanked-in-Uniform.com getting a good hard OTK thrashing in her cheer girl outfit, just check out the images below as coach Johnson takes a no nonsense approach to her poor attitude at his prestigious Dance School Academy…





Caroline is an American girl who joined the cheerleading class and she thinks she can be as sassy here as in America but coach Johnson will have none of it! While practising, he noticed that she was wearing frilly purple panties instead of the regulation white ones so he called her into his office and gave her a sound spanking. Then she was told to put on the white panties but her attitude was still leaving a lot to be desired so he put her over his knee again and gave her another long, hard painful tear jerking spanking which left her bottom crimson with shame and very sore.

See all the latest OTK spankings and further humiliation these girls like Caroline suffer – Click Here


Finally, as it’s an OTK spanking I couldn’t leave out a site which says it is dedicated to this, the aptly named OTKspank.com – I wouldn’t normally recommend this but I am today as the outside of the site hasn’t really been updated or changed since Xerotics was sold at the beginning of the year but inside the member area they have been updating the site like before and this movie which is the current one, I have never seen before, though I recognize the location and of course, Hannah Martin… so it’s a nice surprise to see this film (shot on location probably over 6 years ago in Denmark) finally makes it to the light of day.

Hannah was subjected to a rather humiliating inspection and OTK spanking when her continuing failing grades gave her Uncle all the excuse he needed to thrash her bare behind! See some images taken from this film below, hopefully I’m right in saying this is totally unseen, at least in this Hi Res format, or my memory might not be what is was! 🙂





OTKspank.com is basically a massive archive of OTK related spanking films all together in one place, some are exclusively remastered for this site whilst some are shown elsewhere on the Xerotics group of sites. So I won’t labor the point or moan about that (they’ve always done it that way which isn’t the best, of course) as today I’m only recommending this site (but only if you haven’t ever viewed this site or haven’t seen anything from this outfit for ages then it’s really a nice site to start with if you like seeing many pretty girls spanked traditionally over someone’s lap). You got the Chief’s seal of approval to check it out – the member area is pretty easy to navigate around, divided into sections for movies, HQ stills and screen images (which are conveniently zipped) and they do have some good longer term membership offers too, compared to the monthly price.

CLICK HERE to view more on the tour pages
(Use it as a guide as you won’t see this movie advertised there even though it’s the latest one!)


* Disclaimer: Regards this network, many of you will know I had some real issues with them especially around the time of their sale earlier this year and am still suffering as a result of that… however, being now fully independent I can say what the hell I like (although I usually just don’t bother publicly) so if I think any of these sites are not worth looking at… then I’ll say! You may have noticed that I just haven’t bothered, there’s reasons for this as affiliates or promoters like myself won’t usually bother but I’m not going to debate that right now.

However, I’d actually like some feedback to those who are members of any of the sites in question, should I look at these sites again? I know there are those that purchased a ridiculously cheap annual pass last year, so to be fair, they can’t complain… even though it’s pretty obvious the old site owners knew they were selling the sites so I’d guess they just wanted as much income as possible (naturally)… that’s my speculation, of course. If the new owners were to offer anything so daft this year I’d be concerned about their sanity as this just doesn’t make any sense at all (unless they’re selling it on as well, lol).
I prefer to not write anything damning, the lack of anything positive is usually better, don’t you think? Anyway, as I say… “each to their own and all that” and what I say here you should take with a big pinch of salt as if you’ve never viewed any site I might be unhappy with (not confined to this network), then the archives of that particular site could be fantastic and well worth signing up to (if you had not seen the site for a long time, or ever) … but I look at how the sites continue to update as well as that’s an indicator of the integrity and policy of any company, I think.
It’s hard out there, people want to know that they are valued as a member, there’s lots of choice nowadays… that’s my take of attracting loyal members and those that will come back again and again… don’t you agree?

Anyway, as I said, give me feedback and let me know whether I should look into any of the sites, or any other from anywhere that I might have the time to investigate – perhaps do a “warts and all” proper review of a site (it can be any site from any network) that you’d like me to check on before you part with your hard earned cash?

I have been thinking of doing some English based ones, perhaps one from Northern SpankingEnglish SpankersSound Punishment or another you might consider? (cripes, those site have a lot of content… lol!)

OK, over to you all… hope you liked my take on all things OTK today, Regards, Chief. 🙂