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Random Nonsense and Spanking Updates…

The Interwebz… don’t you just love how random some shit can be out there? I was preparing my post for you all today, and got (predictably) delayed looking at some zany randomness and instead of bringing you some LOLcats (or even obese or singing cats that I had been watching – don’t ask me why, it just felt right at the time…) I checked out something from the past that I came across by accident and 2 variations of a Punjabi hit music video – “WTF?” You might ask? Well, check out the number of hits on this Youtube vid below, it’s pretty well known, absolutely and delightfully cheesy, the special effects are hilarious but the tune is strangely addictive… just the smile and lift I needed after a pretty lame day back at work!

Then check out what I love about the fabled internet as you can then check out a hilarious parody of this loveable geezer as a rendition of Rick Astley’s famous hit is shown below: Enjoy… you lovers of all things 80’s!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

“Never gonna give you up”…. ok, now that I’m in a jovial mood, lets see what’s out there for all you lovers and seekers of everything we love about spanking!

Kelly Wilson is one such girl that makes me smile, a cute thing, a cute accent and an ever so spankable bottom… no wonder when she was giving a lapdance to a client that he couldn’t keep his hands to himself as you’ll see below!




When Kelly Wilson goes to see George Butcher for a private lapdance session she expected him to keep his hands to himself. When he touches her and Kelly slaps his face she discovers George would prefer to put his hands repeatedly onto her pert bottom!

You might want to know that there’s MUCH MORE of Kelly at many exclusive spanking films from Sound Punishment like this free gallery below shows you (click image) which reveals her as a rather naughty schoolgirl getting her just desserts! Yum, I’m full just watching! 🙂


Danielle Hunt is another girl that is a real sweetie, I know she has been rather busy recently and is also going to be starring at my site soon as I’m filming her after this weekend, but first, she is back filming with Mike and you can see one of her last excellent uniform films as she looks convincing as a Dutch Nato recruit who doesn’t know how to shine shoes properly!





Cadet Danielle Hunt has a problem keeping her boots clean and polished. Her officer called her for a personal inspection during which she got a special duty caning. She was then told to clean her boots and report to his office in 15 minutes. When she was inspected again, her boots were not clean enough so he put her over his knee and gave her a long, hard paddling with the Academy’s special, steel enforced, heavy leather paddle.

Check out more of Danielle’s spanking films HERE

Before I leave this site, you might want to know that Caroline Grey (yes, another of my spanking crushes) is back as a nurse in trouble and you can see a few images from this latest film and judge for yourself!



Nurse Caroline was scheduled to assist Dr. Johnson in surgery but she didn’t show up. He found her in the nurses station and dragged her by her ear to his office and put her bare bottomed in the corner untill he finished the surgery. When her returned, he found her not in the corner and she got a sound OTK spanking for missing the surgery and a sound strapping for not staying in the corner.. Then she had to spend 2 hours in the corner

See why Spanked-in-Uniform.com has some of the best niche uniform spankings around!


Now I thought you might want to know some of my nominations at the annual Awards which you can first of all nominate HERE

Ahem, if any of you (I see iwasrobert has kindly nominated my site as best improved, so “thank you, Sir”  – which I am really chuffed about) please do get in your nominations… I know I am stretching things a bit trying to get my blog nominated in the awards too, as it is basically a promotional/industry type blog but there is a lot of personal and my own behind the scenes stuff with plenty of special clips and other stuff which takes a bloody long time to set up and which no other bloggers really do (I can see bloody why!!!) and sense of humor most don’t probably get (heh!) so do understand that and yes I know, I should really change the damned design of this blog, it’s something I am definitely going to be doing for 2012 – 100%!


Here is Veronica Ricci – shown at SpankedCallgirls (one of my fave sites of Clare Fonda) getting a good hard embarrassing spanking with her beautiful blistered butt and splayed legs looking at us viewers provocatively… *mmm*




MORE Films of hooker babe Veronica looking so so sexy can be seen HERE

There is a free gallery showcasing another of Veronica’s films at one of Clare’s other class sites – Spankedsweeties.com (the home of all her Exclusive 1st show girls, newbies, interviews and of course… spankings!) Click image below for a cool free gallery:

See MORE of what is available at SpankedSweeties HERE

The beauty of Veronica can also be clearly seen when she is dressed as a schoolgirl in the infamous Exclusive Education Series… click images below for the special reminder galleries!


Exclusive Education 6 is available in FULL only from GirlSpanksGirl.com


As I have said a 1000 times, you can view all of Clare’s sites featured here as part of the CLARE FONDA PASS offering amazing value and highly recommended!


Again, I have been busy today so can only bring you this but I have a fantastic new film I am uplaoding and preparing for my members of AAAspanking.com tomorrow – I’ll tease you by saying the title of the film is called “Who wet the bed?” We had a lot of fun making this film and I can’t wait to let you know more tomorrow!!! Til then… cheers. Chief

Very Naughty Spankings

Warning: the below punishments are very naughty!!! 😀

Beautiful blonde schoolgirl Kelly has been a revelation at SoundPunishment and this naughty punishment sees her not in uniform this time, but in a raunchy outfit as she dared to sneak out and try to come back un noticed at 6am – but young drunken girls think they know it all and they make noises trying to “tip toe” in – we’ve all been there… and Kelly discovers she’s in for a proper thrashing for this latest outrage! There are 2 options to view this special free clip:


Or click on the image below and download/view the WMV high resolution clip

“What do you get out of this? You wierdo!” sobs Kelly…

Kelly would try the patience of a saint. But as he is no saint she finds that she is tried, sentenced and condemned to a bare bottom OTK spanking and then a sustained dose of his heavy leather paddle. She is soon sobbing and red raw and wishing she had obeyed the house rules. Check out some sexy screen grabs of Kelly and her long lithe legs and bare bottom spanked before her harder paddling punishment!




Seriously, doesn’t Kelly look fantastic? & the way she answers back to Him as he’s spanking her… accusing him of getting off on punishing her, I’m hardly surprised, I know I would be!!! You can see tons MORE movies and free previews like the above of Kelly and lots of other naughty girls EXCLUSIVE only to SoundPunishment.com

Now check out the very latest punishment story with UK porn star Masie Dee and she is one very naughty lady! I also liked the fact that maisee has decided to buck the trend and show us what a real woman she is with her full hairy bush unashamedly on display, she’s been trimmed, shaven and now she’s in her “natural look” and I have to say that it’s damned refreshing to see girls with a full compliment of their lady hair! Very retro… lol! Check out this hirsuite madame below!

The storyline: Masie is a UK porn star and she has been booked to do a femjoy shoot. Unfortunately she is not in the best of spirits because her boyfriend is off to Afghanistan to fight for Queen and country that morning. She has not been able to ‘make up’ the argument she had with him before he left that morning because he did not have time to spank her. This guilt makes her break down in the middle of the shoot and our “kindly filmaker” persuades Masie that he could do the spanking as proxy for her boyfriend! Masie agrees and after a hot bottom has been received she soon is back to her randy porno self!




Now it’s a fairly common fantasy of most spanko males that enjoy seeing their ladies dress up in school uniform and although they then might look all innocent as if butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths or on their unpunished bottoms… in reality, we all hope these girls then act like wanton whores still in their unfiroms so we have an excuse to “punish” them and have our wicked way whilst in the uniform.. well it is for me at least! At Spanking-University.com that is precisely what these ladies get up to… imgine having your girlfriend dressed up then played upon sexually whilst spanking her… imagine no more…check out dusky Lorraine and from my SU archives another cutie to give you an idea of what these pretty but very slutty girls are capable of receiving!

Lorraine’s ass and slippery pussy is given a good feel!





Check out more naughty girls dressed up for spanking & sex at Spanking University


One of the naughtiest females involved with spanking out there in the UK is Sarah, from her own SpankingSarah.com website – often featuring sexual themes, masturbation, blow jobs, punishments both sexy and harsh that are always guaranteed and here we see Sarah switch as she turns on her maid, Holly and gives her a thoroughly humiliating paddling as she gropes the poor quivering girl’s soft flesh! See images from this movie below and a direct link to a special preview clip!






Check out all the latest & very naughty spanking previews HERE