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Playing Spanking Catch Up

StGeorgeFirst of all, I would like to wish all my fellow Englishmen and women a happy St George’s Day – our patron saint and national day that is thankfully starting to be celebrated and not ridiculed by some as some sort of racist thing for daring to fly the St George’s Cross as it could offend muslims or some such rot (seriously!!! some barmy local councils in the past decreed that flying our own national flag… in our own country might be offensive – FOR FUCKS SAKE!) Am I getting annoyed yet? (lol) Well, I get annoyed when I see some English people getting drunk on St Patrick’s Day (nothing really wrong with that, any excuse for a party, I say) but what rankles with me is how some are so clueless about their own national identity and the day that we celebrate it… it really should be a national holiday here in England… I think St Andrews Day in Scotland is celebrated, and I’m not sure about St Davids Day in Wales… but they might have a day off too… but in any “normal” country, the national day is a holiday… right? (Take July, for example: The 1st for Canada, 4th for USA and 14th for France and so on…) These are all national holidays… I know there are many English who are now campaigning for 23rd April to be one too! I am one of them 🙂


Slay that Dragon, St George – & I don’t mean Madame Presidente de Kirchener (haw haw)



& on with the catch up spankings that I have missed, and news of one coming up, even if it involves one of those pesky colonials! However, I’m sure you won’t mind as I get all patriotic and show you some of the best stuff coming out at the English sites today!

English-Spankers.com start by having the most patriotic of names and there’s a double visual treat for you as I missed out their AWESOME and I do mean AWESOME self spanking feature of Kiki Devine last week. This caused me all sorts of unwanted trouser bumpage as you can imagine… and the gorgeous thing really did belt her wet glorious behind as hard as she possibly could!


npp40594033 npp40594054

npp40594049 npp40594059

npp40594067 npp40594075


Spank Cat says: It does not get any hotter than this!  It is just about the most amazing and sexy self spanking video you will ever see. Starring the beautiful Kiki Devine beating herself on her beautiful bare bottom till sit is red and she is in tears, you can’t see the tears as she is in the shower whilst doing this and at the same time stripping  off and showing her amazing body! This top British glamour model had never been beaten this hard and yes… she did it all to herself.


You can check out a FREE Clip of Kiki’s amazing self spanking HERE

& if that wasn’t temptation enough… check out who is there THIS WEEK! One of my favourite English spanking models, Leia Ann Woods… she looks stunning as a maid, and of course, even more so in this latest humiliating punishment courtesy of Mr Stern… images below are from the very latest film out today!

npp5001004 npp5001014 npp5001016

npp5001020 npp5001025

npp5001029 npp5001033

npp5001037 npp5001045 npp5001047

This was what Mr Stern had to say about the latest film: The latest recruit to the Sexy Cleaning Company is Leia Ann Woods and right from the start we knew something funny was going on. She chose a very old fashioned maids outfit with big bloomers as her sexy cleaning clothes and then she did need a lot of persuading before she posed in the sexy way required, bare bottom well on show. Still, it did give us a good reason to give her a real hard over the knee spanking with the bloomers opened to reveal her very spankable bottom.


A free preview of Leia Ann’s spanking and the very latest updates can be seen in more detail HERE


I did a special feature for Northern Spanking at one of my other blogs HERE a few days back (that was a stunning film with 3 very naughty girls getting punished!) & I was really happy to see a film from the vast archives that the good folk at Northern have built up over the years bring us this film of a 1980’s parody (my fave decade) as Nicole Reina gets the deserved spanking and punishment coming to her in “Oh Whatever!” *sch-wiiiing!*

NSI089-NX011 NSI089-NX025

NSI089-NX030 NSI089-NX035

NSI089-NX048 NSI089-NX049


What do you mean there’s more to come??? “What-evvvva!”

NSI089-NX055 NSI089-NX066

& a peruse through the archives on this fine day brings me to a set of images I loved and of course, I think Paul did too – there can never be enough nursing staff punished, especially when they wear such cool uniforms and stockings… here is Ingrid Bose getting the “Kennedy” treatment in this dark and chilling image set I know you will get!

NSI076-IX002 NSI076-IX011

NSI076-IX016 NSI076-IX043

NSI076-IX056 NSI076-IX065

NSI076-IX147 NSI076-IX176

NSI076-IX197 NSI076-IX227

NSI076-IX248 NSI076-IX279

Nursing Manager Paul is so annoyed at nurse Ingrid’s constant lateness that, after several phone calls and no appearance, he decides to pay her a visit in the nursing quarters. Its not a visit Ingrid will forget in a hurry as a result of the furious spanking she receives. Deciding she is not fit to wear the uniform, an incensed Paul then roughly strips Ingrid, first to her panties and then losing even that small scrap of protection, she is paddled very hard indeed!

Enjoy one of my fave sites that I visit often… you will too if you’ve got the spanking bug! CLICK HERE


Now talking of dark and troublesome updates… how about this latest from England’s premier Prison Punishment site, you know…. Bars and Stripes which has Officer Zoe Page using one of the inmates, Xela Chaste for her own amusement! These girls have only themselves to blame as they get treated like dirt and are often punished for no reason other than they can be! Xela performs humiliating exercise routines in this latest episode of “Confrontation” until Miss Page can stand it no longer and thrashes her because she can!

Some info on inmate Chaste: and why she is incarcerated (below)

xela_chaste01 xela_chaste02 xela_chaste03

Sentence: 6 Years Imprisonment
Background information:
Chaste is inside for running a bordello, a rather low brow establishment with illegal imports from foreign shores, in collaboration with a foreign ambassador, who happens to be a personal friend of the Governor. The Governor knows nothing of this so Chaste thinks she has a lever to bend the guards with. She has always been threatening to reveal the names of people who have “turned a blind eye” on her release, including the Governor’s friend and the guards have a suspicion that she has spoken to the journalist who has been allowed access to The Prison to do a feature on Prison life.
So the Prison staff embark on a programme of “retraining” to ensure that she is suitably contrite upon leaving and sympathetic to the establishment. She maintains her arrogant attitude from the outset but finds that maybe she will have to adjust to her life inside rather more compliantly or things will become even more uncomfortable for her. She has been given 6 years to think about things after all…

xela2_confrontation - 047 xela2_confrontation - 054

xela2_confrontation - 063 xela2_confrontation - 074

xela2_confrontation - 084 xela2_confrontation - 087

xela2_confrontation - 099

xela2_confrontation - 106 xela2_confrontation - 110

xela2_confrontation - 113 xela2_confrontation - 118

xela2_confrontation - 131

See what is currently happening to other foolish inmates HERE incl. a fantastic movie update with Irelynn Logeen


& finally news of my update coming out tomorrow sometime tomorrow (I’ll be starting on the uploads and images after I write this post). It stars Joelle Barros, Ok, she’s not English, her roots from the old world are Germanic and her Latina good looks come from Brazil… mix that with the brash New York lifestyle and you’ve got quite a heady volatile spanking cocktail which I really warmed to! I still hope to work with her again and while we were waiting for the other girls to arrive at this particular filmshoot (tardiness… hmmm!!!) she, David Pierson and I filmed this great PJ romp. I deliberately gave her the PJs to put on without saying anything to see if she’d commit the heinous crime of putting them on over her delicate white knickers and I quietly scowled and clenched my fists together (Mystery Spanker style) as she put them on over her panties and bra and I knew EXACTLY what needed to be done as she waited for her punishment… what’s more, she confided in me that the heavy hairbrush was one of her most hated implements…

Hmmm, readers, can you guess what implement I used? Bearing in mind this was her 2nd film of the day? I can tell you this spanking punishment hurt loads… and it showed, but both Joelle and I agreed it looked HOT when we played back some of the raw footage whilst waiting for the other girls to turn up and her yelps and reactions were 100% genuine as she suffered for her art early that day! So here it is! “Joelle’s Hairbrush Punishment!” This will get some of you PJ lovers in a real tizz (or is that jizz? lol)… but fear not, I will also get it out on the Clips Store as soon as I can and I will inform you here when it is – this is going to be a best seller, I can feel it in my water, & I have only had one beer so far today! 🙂


Images below are early and not entirely edited, but I think you get the idea of what is coming!!!
Warning… Joelle is f*cking HOT in those PJs!!!


tarousal11 tarousal11

IMG_6037 IMG_6038

IMG_6042 IMG_6043

IMG_6046 IMG_6049


Coming very soon to AAA Spanking AND the AAA Clips Store!


Happy St George’s Day (what is left of it here in England!)


Schoolgirl Spankings

As promised, here is my theme for the day on this blog… what a surprise! Schoolgirl spankings? It’s a good excuse to catch up on some great spankings shown recently at the various sites below which you may have missed elsewhere. So let’s kick off this bumper visual feast with a trip to Spanked-in-Uniform.com where I had seriously neglected the most recent schoolgirl updates from the St Catherine’s section on his great site!

One of my bugbears – girls not able to tie properly – is investigated (below)

After spending time in the corner, the headmaster showed them how to tie a schooltie properly. They had never done it before as their mothers did it for them. It took a few sound leather paddlings and hand spankings to motivate them but finally the girls left with their schoolties tied properly and looking like proper neat St. Catherine’s girls!




The next film update is a popular schoolgirl theme – Bullies!

Junior girl, Rochelle, went to the Headmaster and told him she was bullied out of her lunch money and the Headmaster soon figured out that the bullies were two senior girls, Betty and Julie. He found them during recess and marched them straight to his office. After a strict scolding, he put them over his knee and gave them both a long hard bare bottom spanking followed by some lengthy, humiliating cornertime. Bullies were NOT tolerated at St Catherines school!




& finally (for now) the latest schoolgirl themed update out now to download in full…

The yearly athletic meet between a rival school and St Catherines had just finished and the other school  had won by a small margin. That was due to 2 girls slacking around and not doing their best. They were both told to report to the Headmaster after the track meet.  Following a long stern lecture both girls went over his knee and the Headmaster used a hard nasty rubber gym shoe on their bottoms and both were near to tears by the time he had finished with them!




For more schoolgirl type spankings – check out the tour pages HERE


There’s a full schoolgirl fantasy spanking film now available to download with their usual excellent photo images at Northern Spanking featuring the adorable Aleesha Fox in a pristine schoolgirl uniform. This is primarily based on a grown up theme of a partner playing a schoolgirl and letting the lucky fella live out his spanking fantasies… I wonder if Paul “insisted” on doing this? Gives me some perverse ideas for a forthcoming filmshoot! (oh wait, I have already filmed stuff like this too…. heh heh!) Anyway… I (naturally) loved this film so please do check out some choice images from it (below)




Download this great HD film from the good people of Northern Spanking


Not to be outdone, at Spanking Sarah this week there is a superb schoolgirl dorm strapping and caning film with the beautiful and very flexible Kiki Devine as you’ll see below… don’t forget to check out the amazing free preview at the end of this info update!



Kiki thinks she is alone as she spanks and plays with herself on webcam for her boyfriend. BUT, teacher Sarah returns and catches her and is determined to teach her a real lesson. Naked she is first of all paddled and then made to stand and bend over whilst Sarah delivers a full force caning to her bare bottom. Poor Kiki takes a real hard caning, no mercy shown here


See much more of Kiki’s punishment by the predatory Sarah in this free preview HERE


& finally (for now) a short sharp trip to the Reform Institute of the Headmaster’s wicked world at Spanked Coeds – this is a particularly devastating bathtime punishment that has some powerful breath play as Clarice is made to run the water in the bathtub (not the cleanest tub by the way… which would add to the whole uncomfortable-ness of what was to come, in my opinion) and that was her head being held under the water several times until she got the message… and that was AFTER the horrible wooden ruler thrashing she got across her already very sore bottom!






OK, that’s it… but there are more punishments with Clarice and also with a great new girl to this site called Mila which you can find out more about at this link shown below



& in case you like to see various bathroom themed spankings (I know I do) then *surprise surprise* my very next film is a rare treat… as it co stars Leia Ann Woods AND the retired (but not forgotten) Irelynn Logeen… fans of both girls are in for a delightful treat! Oh… and the bathtub was very clean 🙂


& it goes without saying that I offer my heartfelt congratulations to Hywel & Amelia on their recent Nuptials

Congratulations from me to you both, you make a great couple!!! (click image for her blog post)

Spanking Catch Up!

Well, now that I am safely back in the UK… imagine my surprise when I saw that warm yellow round thing in the sky! Yes, a beautiful warm day and a great September weekend ahead… I’m impressed, especially as my last few days on the eastern side of my American visit included torrential rain, mist, fog and some frightening thunder and lightening in the coastal resorts of the New Jersey shoreline… as you’ll see below in some self indulgence, we went to NYC for the day in case the weather remained bad (it behaved, actually) and did a few things like spend the day at the “Top of the Rock” (Rockerfeller Center) and visit Liberty Island in between my many mohitos and Jack Daniels (yum!)

Ah Ok, here’s a couple of pics that best showcased the weather at the end of my stay “gulp!”



Spot the “ass” pic too? (ahem!) OK, enough… please enjoy what else I have been checking out since my return!


Unfortunately Greg couldn’t make my shoot in the U.S. (next time, eh?) but I have since noticed that there is a new model brat called Stephanie getting the infamous “Bun Beating Fun” treatment as this uppity model gets what is coming to her! I was quite impressed withthis tearful girl as she stoically took a good hard relentless OTK spanking without the usual hissy fits… but towards the end of the film you could see it had got to her! Will she be better behaved in future? I doubt it… and who cares with an awesome jiggly ass like hers, I hope she is naughty again and gets another deserved spanking! Images below are of Stephanie, courtesy of BunBeatingFun.com







Ah… this is what I miss most on Spanked-in-Uniform.com – the airline stewardesses, or flight attendants as they are called nowadays. After my recent trip back from America and a rather hawt British Airways girl serving me my Jack Daniels (repeatedly) until she caught me drooling at the sight of her tight behind… I think she rather enjoyed showing off her booty as she lingered rather too long when bent over… oh, but I digress) “Yes” the stewardess spankings at this site always grab my attention… and when it is Amelia Jane Rutherford… well, I’m hooked every time, as you’ll be too!





See ALL of Amelia’s films in being spanked in the various uniforms HERE


Some great catch up spankings at Firm Hand Spanking starting with the impossibly leggy Adrienne Black in this great caning movie from an update of the entire series that I had never featured (she is currently in the schoolgirl series so another justification to view MORE of Adrienne!).




Likewise it would be only fair to show you one of the very latest films of stunning Belinda Lawson in a classroom I know so well… (I still have unreleased films of Kami from that place!) Check out why she infuriated her teacher, Mr Grey!


Gorgeous Scarlett Johannson lookalike Belinda Lawson is back in an exciting all-new series, School Detention with Earl Grey. There’s unique behind-the scenes commentary from Belinda as she prepares to have her bare, bouncing bottom soundly spanked for disrespect – yikes!



More new girls and great spanking films are showcased exclusively at FirmHandSpanking.com


Being away I had missed this brilliant outdoor series of Paul with Zille Defeu (schwiiiing!) at Northern Spanking – The more I watch Zille’s work, the more I am jealous of those who have had the sheer luck to have worked with her… so here is the next best thing… let’s just gaze upon her beauty and check out some amazing outdoor images where it is obviously NOT this summer in the UK, especially as I know where it was taken, I think they’d need wellington boots and umbrellas this year, lol! 😉

Poor Zille has the misfortune to snag her stocking whilst out walking in the country. Imperfect dress cannot of course be tolerated and Zille must be punished!



There is also new girl Scarlot Rose now featuring (as an added incentive below) –
& I’ll feature more of her very soon! But if you can’t wait to see her movies…


& finally for today, who can resist this cute little minx in her nurse’s uniform? Kiki gives me good reason to feel uncomfortable in the trouser department just looking at these images… the film is awesome if you like seeing good hard girl on girl spanking action! Images courtesy of English Spankers





Once again nurse Devine is in trouble. She has just been spanked and is laying on a bed stroking her bottom when matron walks in on her. This time it will not be a simple spanking but a heavy dose of the short strap that matron always carries with her. She is ordered to get her bottom in the air as matron measures her distance and then gives nurse Devine’s bare bottom the hardest beating she has ever experienced.

See the FREE MOVIE PREVIEW HERE of Nurse Devine’s paddling and starpping punishment


Just before I got, I will be updating my own Clips Store with many more movies and the 1st of those updates is going up about now, it’s the latest full film of Jenna and Zoe wrestling and spanking, it was a naughty little film that I really enjoyed making, I hope you like it too, now available as a one off download (click images below for the full details)