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Scorching Spanking Updates

A collection of some sites I haven’t covered for at least a week… so let’s catch up with what is being updated today! Hot off the spanking presses from RSI – Real Spankings Institute the concluding part to Kiki’s humiliating punishment by Dean Masterson is available to download…. below is the entire story of her shameful punishment which ends up with her stripped and strapped in the nude!

Kiki Punished by The Dean – at REAL SPANKINGS INSTITUTE

13179_001 13179_007 13179_016 13179_021 13179_037 bent over for her hand spanking 13179_041 13179_053 13179_061 spanking

Kiki is placed in time out, exposed, waiting for her spanking. The Dean places her on her knees on a stool, hands on the floor, and delivers a very hard hand spanking that leaves Kiki in tears. Then the Dean stands Kiki up on the bench, fully nude, and straps her bottom with the leather tawse.

13179_080 13179_086 stripped for spanking 13180_009 naked and spanked 13180_019 bare bottom strapping 13180_032 schoolgirl strapping 13180_037



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One of the selected films you can view at Spanking Server features another hot regular called Tyron – I thought this name unusual, seeing as I associate it with being a boy’s name (a form of Tyrone) – so I looked it up and this is what I found… The meaning of Tyron has more than one different etymology. It has the same or different meanings in other countries and languages. The different meanings of the name Tyron are:

  • Celtic – Gaelic meaning: Land of the noble
  • English meaning: Land of the noble

Anyway, what I do know is this Tyron is about to get her bottom well and truly cropped… and it is rather HOT! (see more below)

tyron001 tyron002 tyron003 tyron004 spanked and cropped bare bottom cropping tyron007 spanking and cropping tyron009 tyron010 tyron011 tyron012 spanking aftermath tyron014


spanking server


Finally from Spanked Sweeties comes the continuing story of Celeste Star – in this fantastic role reversal spanking, Celeste recalls how she wished she could have spanked a mean teacher… We are fortunate to have Clare Fonda help act this out… a rare sight seeing Clare getting a bare bottom OTK spanking – this is worth it alright!!!

001 otk spanking 003 004 Clare spanked OTK 006 007 otk panties spanking otk panties pulled sown 010 011 012 OTK paddling OTK spanking punishment painful spanking Clare Fonda spanked

Stunning Celeste Star was swatted by her mom growing up. We reenact those swats, plus show her what a more lengthy and painful spanking from her mom would’ve been like. Celeste talks candidly about her memories of spanking, and mentions a mean teacher she wished she could spank. Wish granted.


spanked sweeties

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Special Spanking Updates

privacyToday’s choice updates are all the latest or very recent films and image sets that you can find on the various sites listed here today! I apologize if this post seems somewhat impersonal, but I have been rather busy outside of the blogging-sphere and wanted to get this update out rather than explain what I am doing right now. Suffice to say that Sarah & I are together again and in between our own personal play (of course) we are planning our next shoots and helping each other with various commitments made such as our trip to Fetishcon in a few weeks time as well as catching up with family & friends… there’s a few national spanking parties that we will also attend meeting up with yet more awesome people we consider good friends… seriously, you have no idea (if you’ve never been to one) just how good these parties are. There’s a great sense of escapism, to meet like minded people and let your hair down (what little I have left) and to play, joke and have fun with others who won’t judge you for what you do in private or as part of your mainstream life. I pity those who think they know me or Sarah and judge us. “Haters gonna hate”, as they say.. instead they should attend a national party and see for themselves… I need these parties to escape the ignorance of others and it is so refreshing! Plus one of these events will be an excuse to stay in Vegas… (who wouldn’t turn that down?) OK… on with the updates today and these are some of my preferences I liked viewing this past week!

Sarah wanted to remaster this film as the original never did it justice… it is with Dana Specht and one of her classics that she loved making… see just how good this is in HD1080! From MommaSpankings.com – this film is called “Teacher Learns a Lesson – remastered”

momma-173-001 momma-173-006 momma-173-007 momma-173-008 momma-173-012 momma-173-013 momma-173-018 momma-173-022 momma-173-026 momma-173-029 momma-173-031 momma-173-034 momma-173-039 momma-173-040

See Sarah and Dana in this fantasy role play. Miss Gregory, a high school teacher, shows up at Mrs. Specht’s house to talk to her about her son’s behavior. Miss Gregory is suspending Mrs. Specht’s son for “making a pass” at her and flirting. Mrs. Specht thinks that this is Miss Gregory’s fault and blames it on her saying she dresses too provocatively. Mrs. Specht knows that the only way a proper lesson will be taught to her son’s teacher is through a hard bare bottom spanking.

Momma Spankings


Sarah also has a brand new film out at SarahGregorySpanking.com and I helped film this not too long ago… I can tell you this is probably one of her hardest films this year by far… Lily Swan can take a hell of a spanking punishment (she starred in 2 more severe films for AAA too HEREHERE!). Poor Lily got a real painful butt wriggling spanking and strapping at the hands and implements of Robert Shore and both Sarah and I working on the cams looked at each other open mouthed knowing we were seeing one hell of a film unfold beyond either of our expectations. This is good… it is beyond good… it is a must see film!

0214_lilys_painful_lesson_grabs-007 0214_lilys_painful_lesson_grabs-012 0214_lilys_painful_lesson_grabs-016 0214_lilys_painful_lesson_grabs-017 0214_lilys_painful_lesson_grabs-019 0214_lilys_painful_lesson_grabs-022 bare bottom spanking otk spanking 0214_lilys_painful_lesson_grabs-034 0214_lilys_painful_lesson_grabs-036 0214_lilys_painful_lesson_grabs-037 0214_lilys_painful_lesson_grabs-042 0214_lilys_painful_lesson_grabs-045

Lily isn’t very happy to get a hard bare bottom spanking and strapping when Dad discovers she comes back after curfew. Not only is she late, but she is dressed like a slut and has no panties on. Lily is a fighter and dad has to leg lock her down. After a hard hand spanking, daddy takes his leather strap to his now contrite daughter.

sarah Gregory Spanking

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I haven’t caught up with this site in full again to blog about, but when I had time to – this punishment caught my eye from their recent film updates. I have always liked the way Kiki took her punishments, especially off Michael Masterson and I think this 2 part film (now out to view in full) sees her at her most submissive… it is well worth checking out! I have been viewing this site with their special 3 month deal which works out at just $15/month! Not bad at all!

Kiki’s Exposed Spanking – from Real Spankings Institute

13079_014 Kiki at RSI spanking 13079_036 13079_043 13079_051 spanking 13080_018 13080_023 13080_035 13080_039 spanking bench spanked hard

Kiki was placed straddled over a stool and was hand spanked by The Dean (Michael Masterson). Since she was spanked in class, she was then to receive a spanking from him. She was left in “time out” to contemplate her actions, while he went to find a proper tool to continue the punishment. The Dean returned with a ruler, and applied it to Kiki’s already sore bottom. She was left with a bruised bottom, in tears and then had to complete her “Time out.”



A brand new young thing who looks the perfect girl next door (with an equally “monthy” name I’d cringe at being given) is introduced to the lucky members of this site… sadly for April May, it is at the hands of Sarah Stern who only knows how to spank girls hard (oops! unlucky!)

April May… “Deserving of a Punishment” – from English Spankers

npp7179002 npp7179003 npp7179009 npp7179010 npp7179012 npp7179013 female spanking npp7179021 npp7179025 spanked at home by mom npp7179028 bare bottom spanking npp7179032

This is what the guys from ES had to say about their latest new film! : We have a great new spankee this week. April May really is an amazing young lady as you will see in this story she wanted to make. Never spanked before she jumped in at the deep end and requested that she be punished for keeping some hamsters in her rented room. No trouble she soon found herself over the knee being spanked on her trousers then on the bare bottom. A very good long hard first spanking.

English Spankers


OK, not strictly recent (it was added to the site on June 26th… but I thought I had already shown this and hadn’t!) It’s a fantastic set and deserves to be shown here! – What could go wrong when a schoolgirl decides to take very naughty “Selfies” ?? Let Pandora Blake show you in one of her superb fantasy shoots that defines DreamsOfspanking.com

01 02 03 04 07 0908 10 14 15 13 18

In a secluded stairwell, schoolgirl Pandora Blake whips out her phone to take a few sexy selfies. At first glance she looks prim and well-behaved: neat school uniform, knee-high socks and patent heels – every inch the good young lady. But when no one’s looking, she spreads her legs and lifts her skirt to take some intimate upskirt photos. Her sheer panties don’t leave much to the imagination, and she’s so busy admiring the pictures that she doesn’t notice her teacher, D, sneaking up behind her.

Outraged to catch her so flagrantly exposing herself, he punishes Pandora right there and then. But is D relishing the opportunity a little too much? He makes the naughty girl stand in the corner with her hands on her head, before he lifts her skirt and administers a humiliating punishment. It begins with a brisk hand spanking over her knickers, and after her bottom has begun to blush red, her hot teacher produces a long, thin cane to drive the lesson home. Pandora grimaces through crack after crack, and the cane leaves a series of red stripes so bright that you can see them through her knickers. But D can’t help noticing that she pushes her bottom out further for each stroke, and keeps glancing back at him over her shoulder…

When the caning is over, a chastised Pandora is ordered to slip off her panties, completing her embarrassment. She removes them slowly, making sure her teacher gets a good look at her sore bare bottom. He then confiscates her underwear, leaving her to spend the rest of the school day with no knickers on – and taking home his own personal reminder of this temptingly naughty student.

Cutie Spankee


Finally, from Spanking Server this week there is yet another wonderful clip from the new 10 they feature every week (on top of the archives) that shows stunning Caprice receiving a leather belting outdoors in nothing more than her bikini (and her bottoms are pulled down). I love filming outdoors so really love seeing others doing it too! Images below are taken directly from the film and is a no nonsense short sharp shock belting film of a beautiful but naughty girl next door type!

caprice001 caprice002 caprice003 caprice004 caprice005 caprice006 caprice007 caprice008 caprice009 caprice010 caprice011 caprice012 caprice013

<< See all the films starring Caprice HERE >>



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Gym Girls Spanking & Punishment

real spankings institute

To end the weekend: A special feature from RealSpankingsInstitute.com in a no nonsense punishment discipline session of two college girls sent to the Dean’s Office, these are just some of the 100’s of images that compliment this HD film series now out to view in full. I had been waiting until this film series was complete before showcasing it for you all… it was well worth the wait!

Syrena & Kiki’s Punishment by Dean Masterson

13011_013 13011_030 13011_035 13011_046 bared and bent over for spankings 13011_060 Kiki bends over for more spanking 13011_074 13011_064

The girls are sent out of gym class in to see The Dean. They are both told to stand on the line and bend over. Both girls are then strapped over their leggings and on their bare bottoms with the leather strap.

13012_001 lunge position spanking 13012_028 leather strap for Kiki baring schoolgirl titties 13012_051 breasts bared during spanking Syrena bared breasts Kiki bared breasts

Both girls are then told to lean forward and hold the “Lunge Position” while they are strapped on the bare bottom with the leather strap with holes. They are left, standing and exposed, until The Dean takes them in to continue.

13013_003 13013_014 13013_026 13013_035 13013_038 13013_040 Spanking Kiki spanking Syrena spanking 13013_078

Syrena and Kiki are placed on all fours facing each other on the boardroom table. Each girl is then hand spanked on her bare bottom by The Dean.

strapping leather strap 13014_019 13014_029 Kiki bares her big ass college girls face more humiliation 13014_046 13014_054

Finally… The Dean then spanks both Syrena and Kiki with a leather strap on the bare bottom. The are then left in time out with their legs in the air and bottoms exposed until the timer runs out 3 minutes later.

Syrena & Kiki legs up in the air spanked and punished

This amazing Humiliation Series Punishment of Syrena & Kiki is now available to download


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