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Weekend Spanking News Part1

This is the first of 2 parts to get you updated with what is out there currently with some hot spanking movie news, past and present, from some of the best sites out there! So without any further waffle let’s visit northernspanking.com for their very latest movie update called “A Good Friend” starring Cupcake SinClair over the lap of Alex Reynolds.

Alex likes to look out for her little sister, so when she finds out that her best friend, Cupcake, has been seeing her boyfriend behind her back, she is very upset. Confronting Cupcake on her behavior, Alex knows there is only one solution, a very sore bottom indeed for her little sister’s bad friend.

Alex spanks Cupcake Alex spanks Cupcake Alex spanks Cupcake Alex spanks Cupcake Alex spanks Cupcake Alex spanks Cupcake Alex spanks Cupcake Alex spanks Cupcake Alex spanks Cupcake Alex spanks Cupcake Alex spanks Cupcake Alex spanks Cupcake




Coming to the stage tonight… I had the pleasure of meeting April at the beginning of the year when I helped out with a filmshoot for  (the above site) and was impressed by how nimble and agile she was. She can also take a thorough spanking and paddling punishment… as you can see here when she last met Mr Stern at English Spankers

No visit to Mr Stern will result in just a spanking, no matter how cute you may be or how much you may appeal to his better nature, he does not have one. This is most noticeable when he is dealing with young ladies who have cheated on their boyfriends… as has April. Now comes the time for a serious and very hard paddling on her bare bottom. She kneels in the chair, bottom well raised for the practiced swings of one of Stern’s heavier paddles.

npp7196002 npp7196003 npp7196009 npp7196010 npp7196012 npp7196014 npp7196015 npp7196019 npp7196021 npp7196027


English Spankers


What happens when you get 7 (yes, SEVEN) parking tickets? Why, you go to get your “schp-aaanking” punishment from Mike… but to be fair, I’d find any excuse to spank the lovely Scarlett too! This is the latest domestic discipline spanking now showing at the only site from The Netherlands (now home to Europe’s most disappointing national soccer team!) Real-Life-Spankings.com

scarlett_7p_DSC01048This is how Mike described the punishment: “Scarlett managed to get seven parking tickets in the same street! Time for me to take action. I started with a nice warm-up hand spanking followed by a sound strapping and then on her knees in the corner for 77 minutes. After the cornertime she was told to kneel on the bed and I gave her a sound bare bottom belting. To finish this punishment I ordered her into the diaper position and with my small wooden paddle, I made sure she learned her lesson.”

scarlett_7p_DSC01055 scarlett_7p_DSC01060 scarlett_7p_DSC01062 scarlett_7p_DSC01063 scar_7p5 scar_7p7 scar_7p10 scar_7p9




Just released today is the 3rd installment from the Celebrity Brat series starring gorgeous Lily White getting a harder punishment from Patrick this time as he uses the hairbrush on her bare bottom for the first time! Out now in full at firmhandspanking.com

Driving without a license?
That’s a bare ass hairbrush spanking for bratty Lily!

Bare bottom swiftly reddened with a wooden hairbrush, “Celebrity Brat” Lilian White learns the hard way that driving without a license means a sound spanking from tutor Mr Bateman – and he means business! “I’ve done it lots of times, I’m a really good driver!” she wails. But the law is the law as Patrick spanks her bouncing cheeks.

celebrity_c001 celebrity_c002 celebrity_c003 celebrity_c008 celebrity_c010 celebrity_c011 celebrity_c016 celebrity_c017 celebrity_c021 celebrity_c024


Firm Hand Spanking


Finally, I just noticed that the film I did with Koko Kitten last year is now showing at Spanked Sweeties and I have to say I remember this scene rather well… Koko was a lovely girl but she sure could take a punishment so I did enjoy spanking her lovely ass and being allowed to cane it too! Check out the intro story below with some choice images from this series now showing…

Koko Kitten – introduced at Spanked Sweeties

Koko Kitten was not spanked growing up, but she embraces all things spanking as a grown-up. She has worked at a dungeon and talks about that and many other spanking experiences and we re-enact a role-play with Koko and as a bad student. The teacher is played by John Osborne.

001 002 003 004 005 008 009 014 015 016



This site is massive in its own right – and is also part of the Clare Fonda Pass giving you a choice of up to 5 sites with one set of codes for a fraction of the combined cost! See below for more details on what you can get.


have a good weekend!


Sunday Spanking Updates

In between the Spanking Awards that are taking place I thought I’d bring you a quick update (in 8 images or less today) of a few choice sites that I always enjoy viewing! No messing about today…. these are some of the latest updates to appear at the following sites and they are pretty hot whether you like hard discipline or the more traditional or even the hot sexy stuff… it’s all featured here today!

Let’s start with a period piece from a not too distant past – courtesy of Northernspanking.com

fancy a tart?

Aleesha is very protective of her husband or, more accurately, her husband’s generous salary as a travelling salesman for a prestigeous pharmaceutical firm. It is 1980 and very recently a new sales assistant, Ella, has joined the firm and promptly turned all the salesmens heads. Indeed there is fierce competition to have her along as assistant on long business trips. There is concern among the wives. This concern is about just how those long motorway miles in the Ford Cortina (with its brushed nylon back seat) and those dull nights in the Trusthouse Forte (with their double-wide beds) are alleviated by having young, sexy, redhead Ella along for the ride.
As the senior wife, Aleesha determines to confront the little strumpet and invites her round to her executive home for coffee and tarts. This is what happens…

little strumpet spanked little strumpet panties strumpet spanking otk spanking spanked over her lap spanking spanked and shamed



Some interesting updates this week from The Strand Group starting off with an instructional video for men and women on how to spank poor April May at English-Spankers.com

NPP7181004 NPP7181011 NPP7181023 NPP7181024 NPP7181031 NPP7181034 NPP7181039 NPP7181042

Kodders is a regular member of the Strand production team and now he wants to learn to spank ladies bottoms. We thought the best thing to do would be to get him alongside Sarah with a new model who was not used to being punished and then to train him. Well he did soon get into the swing of things. Once he watched Sarah rip open April’s pantyhose and start to paddle her bottom he was eager for a try himself. He did quite well and so he went onto a more complicated lesson, spanking a lady in the diaper position. Wow, April certainly took to that and so did our two spankers. Good hard paddling in this film and it’s quite rude to.



There is a new installment of Unladylike Manor
Out now at Spankingsarah.com featuring old fave Suzanne Smart

npp7213008 npp7213021 npp7213032 npp7213033 npp7213040 npp7213041 npp7213043 npp7213046

Another episode of Unladylike Manor after renting her maid out as a spanking model Lady Stern is annoyed that she did not get the money off the client and is determined to teach the maid a lesson. She makes her strip from her maids uniform to her undies then bends her over and paddles her bar e bottom till it is red and very painful. She is insulting and scathing as she beats the poor maid who in reality is more of a lady than Lady Stern.



There’s a new update featuring the stunning Ashley Luvbug spanked as a daughter growing up!
Images are courtesy of SpankedSweeties.com

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

Ashley Luvbug was spanked pretty often growing up, by both her mom (played by Lana Miller) and her dad. She has come to enjoy spanking and shares her stories and takes some hard re-enactment.



I remember the next new film being released at Spanking Sorority Girls – This featured Sarah Gregory & Koko Kitten, this was when we last visited L.A. (good times!) Check this new spanking film (below)

002 003 004 006 007 011 013 015

Long time members Koko Kitten and Sarah Gregory square off in the kitchen as they each get a chance to spank each other with hand and a painful spatula. Who will win this power exchange? Which of the two disciplinarians can spank harder? Check it out to get the answers


This site and Spanked Sweeties are part of the best value Clare Fonda Pass – giving you up to 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost! Check it out for yourself HERE



& Please do NOT forget to check back often as the top of the main blog will contain links (like below) to all the Spanking Awards Voting.

Chocolate & Spankings for Easter

choceggsI am feeling rather ill having stuffed a few chocolate eggs earlier today… I’m terrible like that. I can feel my poor pancreas working overtime to produce insulin, *groan* – is there such a thing as a chocolate hangover? So while my blood sugar levels spike to syrupy levels… here’s a few updates you really should be checking out for yourselves, including a rather amusing and ALWAYS entertaining film from Greg & Rick at one of my fave sites – BunBeatingFun.com

They are delightfully un-PC – they find all those troublesome models most of us wouldn’t ever dream work with as they’re… well, such “bitches” (I know, people hate using that word but in some cases the girls are such high falluting Divas that this would appear to be the only word to describe them).

Bun Beating Fun

 OK… I’m kidding, of course without shattering your illusions, they tell the girls to play up, of course! But it is rather interesting to see just how bitchy, mercenary and lazy they can become – and it’s really ugly… I like to think of watching movies from the BBF guys as a public service announcement on how badly behaved girls will get treated and given a good hard spanking at Red Hot Studios!

The latest new vid stars model Dee Dee (so naughty they named her twice)

New model Dee Dee at Bun Beating Fun

This is what Greg had to say about Dee Dee: Chilly as February breeze this frosty platinum princess was and whatever manners her mommy and daddy may once have taught her were nowhere in evidence when she made our acquaintance. Dee Dee here was indeed sparing in her dispensation of human warmth.   But had she deigned to notice the evil smile that swiftly spread from ear to ear across our man’s face she might well of sensed the perilous position upon which she thereby placed her patrician bottom. Silly girl.

deedee001 deedee002 deedee003 spanking dee dee at BBF spanked otk ouchy otk spanking red bottom spanked hard getting a spanking she deserves hard hand spanking face of pain dee dee from bun beating fun bad model gets spanked

Click here to view the new free Spanking preview Clip of Dee Dee

Dee Dee at BunBeatingFun.com


When I was a child, Mother always taught me NOT to play with my food… so much so that it’s a pet peeve of mine nowadays. So imagine my recent surprise when a new full length film called “Food spankings” was released at Spanking Sorority Girls – however, knowing hot redhead, Veronica Ricci, I am guessing she was the major instigator of this mad ‘n’ bad video. This playful minx loves to act as bratty as she can… it’s a naughty messy bit of fun though… just don’t go eating any sushi whilst watching this bit of spanking fun!

Veronica Ricci Koko spanks Veronica Sorority girl spankings brat ass grabbing spank handprint 08

Veronica Ricci had asked cutie  Koko Kitten to help her monitor how much she eats. Koko catches Veronica eating junk food in the kitchen so she must punish her with a bare bottom over the knees spanking at once. Koko puts Veronica over her knee and spanks her butt while lecturing her about not eating too much. But Veronica decides Koko must be spanked, too, and she even spanks some food right into Koko’s bottom, leaving it red, sore, and messy. YUM!

10 11 12 spanking Koko Kitten Koko Kitten OTK spanking Veronica Ricci shows off her ass

Check out the latest film from Spanking Sorority Girls – It’s messy, sticky and HOT!

Hot girls spanking

This site is part of the Clare Fonda Pass Network – giving you access up to 5 sites at a fraction of the combined costs of the sites together. But teh beauty of these sites is that they are all MASSIVE in their own right so if you only need one membership, this is still a reasonably priced option, of course! More info on this (below)

Clare Fonda Pass - 5 sites for less!


If you sign up to Spanking Server then the chances of coming across this beauty, called Bella… are high – since she appears regularly. She and Caprice are amongst my two favorite girls currently showing … well, there are many more, but they both stand out as stunning girls taking various and sometimes more unusual punishments (like anus canings) – however I have opted for the more traditional (and staggeringly sexy) OTK spanking of a schoolgirl (scenario). I’m sure you’ll agree… you can see much more of her HERE

Bella at SpankingServer

Bella is called up for her spanking punishment over Peter’s lap

schoolgirl spanking upskirt beautiful butt hand spanks knickers down shame schoolgirl punishment spanked OTK spanking Bella OTK spanking walltime after the spanking

Walltime reflection after a spanking never looked so good at Spanking Server

spanked arse


I rather liked this recent update at Firmhandspanking.com and wanted to show you as her next film has just been released… (I need to catch up!) so better late than never – this is one of the new girls at the site called Kelsey Baker – getting a good solid hand spanking from a male top that I like there, Patrick Bateman.

new girl Kelsey Baker at FHS receiving her spanking spanked on the bum hot spanking punishment Kelsey Baker gets spanked sitter_e015

Pretty newcomer Kelsey Baker’s new job as The House-sitter gets off to a red bottomed start as Patrick Bateman spanks her bouncing bottom cheeks 380 times for tardiness.

buttocks spanked in the hallway spanked stood up clutching her sore red bottom

Click here to see her latest new film clip as well as all the other new updates


Finally for today… from POVspanking.com is a brand new film from YOUR perspective as the spanker with new girl Angel Lee in her very first POV style experience captured on film. I was rather impressed with the way she coped adapting to this style, making it far more believable for us (the viewers immersed in this) than some girls who always find it odd staring and talking directly to a camera lens. Angel is no professional either, just a red hot blooded spanko that enjoyed the chance to make something interesting… oh, and she actually got a pretty good short sharp shock at YOUR hands too… and the hairbrush (you are so mean!)

Images below are taken from the video – the playback is in HD1080.
Angel Lee’s 1st POV spanking

Angel Lee at POVspanking.com

Angel Lee is your babygirl in this relationship and she is submissive to her Daddy. However, you told her that this spanking punishment was coming… she knows it too but still tries to reason and plead with you until she gives in as you give her a frown that says “Enough!” – She complies and turns around even pulling down her panties for you to spank her on the bed with her bare exposed bottom up in the air! You also use a hairbrush on her behind which reddens her bottom up in no time! Experience the spanking as the “Dominant” from your perspective in this video release with Angel Lee starring in her first ever POV style spanking film.

presenting her bottom spanking Angel Lee Angel ass hairbrush spanking you spank Angel POV style buttocks and red cheeks on display whacked with the hairbrush hairbrush for Angel Lee pov spanking of Angel Angel's punishment Angel promises to be good


Consoling Angel Lee

POV Spanking



However, it’s not as cold or isolated & is home to the BEST spanking parties you can imagine!


the Lone Star Spanking Party - Houston

Summer Solstice Spankings

As we celebrate the longest day here in the northern hemisphere… it seems so long ago that I was writing about the shortest darkest most miserable day in December last year where I’d get up to work in pitch black and return hoem in the cold damp depressing gloom… a thoroughly awful set of events. So it is rather pleasant to think that here in the UK today, the sun rose at around 4.50am and will set tonight just around 9.30pm or thereabouts, depending on whether one is living in the far south west which is further south or in Scotland which is far more northern and the sun will then set a little later!


Stonehenge – The famous 5000 years old World Heritage Stone Circle Site in Wiltshire, England – erected for solstice rituals.

Until recently, the stone cicles were always off limits to the public, especially on solstice ceremonies, with only druids and those in need of a darned good wash and a spanking attended! However, this year, over 20,000 revelers were allowed a unique chance to spend time overnight and watch the sunset and sunrise at Stonehenge. Judging from the images below, some of my members snuck off and joined in… if I’d have known that the circles were public access this time, I’d have gone with a “Triple A” banner as I reckon I only live about a 90 minutes drive away! *makes mental note to write this down in my diary!*


Praise be Chief, oh Sun God of Osborne for bringing us spanking enlightenment & delightful mumbo jumbo…


I don’t like the cut of some of today’s feral youth’s jib…
Hmmm, just some of the wayward souls that the Chief knows are in need of a bare bottom spanking to bring them into line!

Despite the gloomy start, I was thinking this as I got up just before 6am this morning, the sun was very high in the sky by 6.30am when I was driving to work and had burnt off any residual mist where I lived, it has been a glorious summer’s day here in the south west countryside and I have come inside after arriving home from work to write up this quick blog post! Happy Summer’s Solstice, everyone!

Summer Solstice-Stonehenge

& now onto some spankings, red bottoms and very hot girls that make me inanely grin like a Cheshire Cat – I hope these images make you see sense and check out the sites in question as they are all worth every darned penny of their respective membership fees – which, like mine, depend on good people like yourselves (and all the others who continue to support our sites) so we can all keep on producing content for you all!

Joelle Barros & David Pierson at Punishedbrats.com


“The Clean Out” – Joelle takes an even more direct approach to changing David’s poor health habits. She throws out his Cuban cigars, tosses his dry aged steaks, and pours nearly all of his liquor down the drain. Joelle’s clean living campaign is costing her bottom dearly! 

clean1-2 clean1-4

clean1-5 clean1-6

clean1-7 clean2-1

clean2-2 clean2-3

clean2-5 clean2-6

clean2-7 clean2-8

Check out the free preview clips of this fantastic film now available in full only from Punishedbrats.com


A couple of recent updates from 2 girls, one a stalwart and a long time favourite that I don’t always post as she is always seen elsewhere, but I thought “to hell with that… she looks stunning and deserves some blog love from me too” – it’s not her fault I’m late ‘n’ lazy getting posts out… and the other is brand new girl, Sasha Harding (her 3rd film is coming out later this week!) Who am I referring to? The 2 girls below at Firmhandspanking.com

Alison Miller – Dance Captain punishments

Flame-haired Dance Captain Alison Miller kneels on a sofa, hands on the floor, bared butt high in the air, for a stinging 175 swats with Frank Reed’s punishment strap. She’s been driving her dancers too hard and berating them: now her cheeks pay the price!

dance_o001 dance_o003


dance_o005 dance_o017


dance_o019 dance_o024

A FREE preview of Allison’s punishment can be seen HERE

A $10,000 dollar credit card charge earns Sasha Harding a tough strapping

Rich Brat Sasha Harding knows how to spend her dad’s money. After she charges $10,000 to his credit cards, she offers to have her bottom strapped. Patrick Bateman makes sure she counts the swats, but will there be tears of contrition by number 21?

richbrat_b003 richbrat_b005

richbrat_b007 richbrat_b012

richbrat_b013 richbrat_b015

richbrat_b019 richbrat_b022

richbrat_b023 richbrat_b024

Check out the rich brat’s humiliating punishments FREE CLIP HERE – 3rd part coming out later this week!


There’s a couple of very recent updates from NorthernSpanking.com you should all be aware of, featuring some of my fave UK spanking stars… as you’ll now see below!

Amelia’s Wake up Whipping (with Stephen Lewis) is now showing…
Amelia Jane Rutherford as stunning as ever!


A studio set from some time ago where Amelia got to play in some pretty new underwear & Stephen got to play with her!

NSI084C-AV023 NSI084C-AV037

NSI084C-AV040 NSI084C-AV043


It’s amazing what one small mistake on a spreadsheet can do. You know that recession we now find ourselves in? Well, Aleesha Fox caused it and her boss has punished her for it. Do you feel better now? thsi is the very latest update out NOW and if you want to see much more than I’m teasing you with below with the lovely Aleesha (I “LOVE” working with her and will HAVE to again, lol) and the gorgeous buxom vixen, Jadie Reece…


NSI098-AJ011 NSI098-AJ015

NSI098-AJ014 NSI098-AJ016 NSI098-AJ018

You can see this without restriction inside the members area of NorthernSpanking.com 🙂


…and finally from this blog today… a fantastic look at the ongoing spanking soap opera from My Spanking Room Mate – part of the Fonda group of sites so you can view this as part of the ClareFondapass network (the best way to view 5 of their top sites!) – This is a HAWT new film with beautiful Asian American, Koko Kitten and blonde Missy Rhodes… don’t worry, as you’ll see from this selction of images complementing the film… both girls get to spank each other and it’s a double bare bottom whammy – please do nbe careful… as this Solstice Spanking viewing could play havoc with your stout hessian undergarments that I hope you devout followers are always wearing (what do you mean, you go “Commando” – what the hell is that?)

scenes from “Missy’s new room mate”


msr-p139-007 msr-p139-012

msr-p139-020 msr-p139-032


msr-p139-043 msr-p139-048

msr-p139-053 msr-p139-054 msr-p139-055

Missy has been going through roommates quickly, but still has standards. Koko Kitten is her new one, and she is super bratty. But since Missy is desperate, she accepts Koko, but must train her with a spanking. Will Koko tolerate this, or spank Missy right back?


Available at MySpankingRoomMate.com – or via the Top value 5 Site Pass


OK, one more… I couldn’t resist, it’s still bright as hell outside and it cheers me up 🙂

Let’s take a quick look at Spanked-in-Uniform.com and see what Mike has been up to with all his various “sch-pannnkings” of the naughty girls in their different uniforms. 2 Films for you to look at which are both quite recent… the first stars a new Dutch girl I love seeing, another girl who, I believe has done some porno stuff (tut tut, lol) and looks gorgeous with such a fine spankable ass… say “hello” again to Scarlett dressed up as the sexy maid in the 2nd part of this new section… seriously, she’s stunning!

ep2_1 ep2_2

ep2_4 ep2_5

ep2_7 ep2_8


In part two, Scarlett goes across Mr. Johnson’s knee for a sound spanking, for not cleaning the kitchen properly and watching Soaps on the TV.  After the spanking and while the two girls are nursing very sore bottoms, he calls the client and tells him of the punishments they both received. They both agree that the girls go back to him and clean the kitchen again with their bare bottoms on display and the client is allowed to spank them if it is needed! VIEW THIS FILM HERE

& from the Rockford School of Dance comes this double “sch-paaanking” update of Fae & Tiina!

ep24_1 ep24_2 ep24_3

ep24_4 ep24_5

ep24_7 ep24_8

ep24_10 ep24_12

ep24_18 ep24_20 ep24_21

Cheerleader Fae Corbin is over Coach’s knee getting her bottom soundly spanked for being late for practice a few times. Tiina is listening to the spanking on the other side of the door wondering what it might feel like. After 12 with the paddle, Fae comes out and Tiina told her that she has never been spanked before. Fae manipulates the miss goody two shoes into accepting a spanking from her so she will know what it feels like. Fae doesn’t hold back and spanks and paddles her rather hard… enjoying it a all just little too much!

You can see this latest film and all the other uniform niches at Spanked-in-Uniform.com


Ok, I had some recent car trouble… well, it failed the MOT and got fixed £275 later (groan)
Anyhoo… it’s all sorted now but I’m not sure if this crew could have helped me, lol!