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Aftermath of Easter Spankings

Before I start today, this post was originally started on Saturday before I went away and got so horribly drunk most evenings, writing a post was the LAST thing on my mind! It’s now Tuesday, so I better get my act together and get you a  post, most of this will now most prob be out of date (whoopsy!) 🙁


(written Saturday afternoon) : I’m in a great mood! Hooray! Why is that, you ask? My useless football (soccer) team actually are starting to put some results together and actually beat our bitter rivals today! I shan’t bore you with the details, some of you will remember who I support (we are crap, by the way) and it is to protect the useless scum that lost to us today… haw haw haw! “Thank you , Exeter!” (oops, sorry, *titter!*)

So let’s investigate what is HAWT out there at the moment… and one of my fave spanking stars is out in anew spanking movie at Firm Hand Spanking, the very lovely and beautiful long legged 6 footer, Adrienne Black (oh my!) – “Schhhh-moking!”


Adrienne Black – in “High Fliers” as a naughty punished flight attendant!

highfliers_g001 highfliers_g005

highfliers_g007 highfliers_g009

highfliers_g014 highfliers_g015

highfliers_g018 highfliers_g020

Gorgeous flight attendant Adrienne Black hates dogs! The tall blonde is in trouble when a wealthy client tries to sue the company for losing her Chihuahua dogs at the airport. A spanking and 23-stroke strapping is the bottom-roasting penalty in High Fliers


See ALL of leggy Adrienne’s many spanking films exclusively from FirmhandSpanking.com


btw: Our team played again yesterday and put in their WORST performance of the season… so I am once again depressed over the useless pile of shite that pretends to represent my once proud football team! *sigh*

& on with the updates that I can find for you today!

This next one shows the full amazing film between Julie Simone (who is a real bitch spanking her girls!)~ and Gianna… who took one of the heaviest F/F hairbrush punishments I have seen… it’s an awesome film – DO NOT MISS IT!

room1-1 room1-2

room1-3 room1-5


room1-7 room2-1 room2-2


Ms. Simone finds cookies and racy magazines in Gianna’s dorm room during a routine room inspection. Neither snacks nor inappropriate media are allowed in the girls’ room. Gianna, still dressed in her PJs, is dragged into Ms. Simone’s office for a hairbrush spanking. The heavy wooden hairbrush leaves Gianna’s bottom sore and well marked. As if that weren’t enough punishment, she’s made to kneel in the corner and watch helplessly as Ms. Simone samples her cookies!

room2-6 room2-7


Behind the scenes goss: Julie spanked the living hell out of Gianna with that large hairbrush. The cookies in question in the story were Christmas Cookies sent by G’s mother. David Pierson (webmaster at PB) admitted that Julie surprised them all, mostly Gianna… when she sat on her to quell her writhing. After the spanking he had Julie put little G in the corner. But what surprised them all most was when Julie ate Gianna’s Christmas cookies! It was a moving scene and of course it got to be a part of the film!

Don’t miss this amazing film and do your best to support sites like David’s (and mine)
Times really are difficult and our sites are genuinely struggling at the moment!

CLICK HERE for the extensive tour pages of Punishedbrats.com


Another great F/F punishment coming up, this time from English-Spankers.com as Mr Stern’s other half, Sarah Bright, takes this role quite seriously when she dishes out a 2nd punishment to a very upset and distraught , tearful Darcy Grey – I liked this film, I am sure you all will too!!!

npp5077008 npp5077027


npp5077033 npp5077045 npp5077050

npp5077052 npp5077061

Darcy thought that the spanking she has just received was going to be the end of the matter concerning her immoral behaviour with some local lads but she reckoned without Aunt Sarah. Now after a good telling off, she has to bare all for a very hard and well applied beating with a nasty looking leather implement. This brings the required amount of contrition from this naughty young girl.


Be sure to check out the cracking free preview clip on the home pages HERE


Here’s something a little different… I have always admired Lady Sonia, one of my favourite British Milfs… not only is she ever so kinky, she still has got when it comes to dominating, teasing, cuckolding (poor Charles her put upon husband) and of course she is one of the best at POV style films, talking to the camera and involving her audience (admittedly mainly men like me, lol!). She does such a good job of this that I’m not ashamed to say I’d love to have a chance with her, she is my Milftastic dream! But she does all this so well… she is a real cougar that hires fantastic looking tyounger men, often with huge cocks for her and her friends to milk, play upon and do whatever the hell she wants. Anyway, here’s a recent update that has something else, she has worked with many spanking models, and the screen grabs in this nurse fetish film with the gorgeous Leia Ann Woods shows us just how versatile her site has always been…


4 5


7 8


10 13


and of course, I have also got you some of the real filth she so enjoys doing after that too… but you can see MORE of that at her site’s fantastic tour pages HERE or click on the images below!!!

13 (1) 12 (1)

7 (1) 7 (2) 9 (2)

11 (1) 11 14 (1)

15 (1)


& finally for today… a trip to Holland for some “schpaaankings” of some very naughty girls.

2 of the latest updates are shown below:
The 1st taken of Alex Reynolds spanking lovely Leandra in the Rockford School of Dance series!


Coach Johnson interviewed and hired Alex Reynolds as assistant coach. She said that she was a cheerleading expert and could show his team some competition winning routines. Coach Johnson also explained to her that she must not hesitate to spank any of the girls – as that was the way discipline was enforced at the Rockford School Of Dance. The very next day she had reason to put Leandra across her knee and soundly spank her!

ep22_6 ep22_7

ep22_9 ep22_10

ep22_12 ep22_14

See Leandra getting the “hand sch-paaanking” she deserved HERE

Nurses… what’s there NOT to like about seeing them spanked in those oh so very sexy uniforms? Check out the latest film starring Aleesha Fox and Danielle Hunt (below)

ep40_4 ep40_5

ep40_8 ep40_12

ep40_13 ep40_15

ep40_16 ep40_20

Nurse Aleesha forgot to feed one of the most difficult patients Mrs. Johnson – so nurse Danielle scolded her for it. Instead of reporting it to Dr. Johnson, she decided to spank Aleesha with her hand and shoe. Dr. Johnson caught them and Aleesha was soundly birched on her bare bottom for forgetting to feed Mrs. Johnson and Danielle then got a harder spanking with her own shoe and caned for daring to take matters into her own hands!


Don’t miss all the naughty girls getting their sound spankings – check out the extensive tour pages HERE



Finally for today, just some update news on some clips and unseen footage
Where you can go download right now at my Clips Store!

The infamous Wheelbarrow spankings take pride of place at the moment with both Joelle Barros and Carissa Montgomery (sch-wiing sch-wiing!) assuming the intimate and embarrassing position… as well as full feature updates of the recent movies like the popular “Naughty Mr Bear” and “Ashley’s wriggling OTK”. Something for everyone that only like to download the odd clip every now and then! (click images below to take you to the download and review pages)

barroswheelbarrow carissa-wheelb

naughtybear ashley-otk


& Coming this week to AAA Spanking! (check back tomorrow for news on this!)

A Schoolgirl Dormitory Punishment Film!!! (yay!)


& A Spanky Good Afternoon! Pt2

Here’s part 2 of today’s update, and I promise that I have some hot and naughty spanking films, some sexual scenes and some good hard honest punishments that make you want to see more! So no more waffling, I’m delving straight into the first update of the day from a site I don’t often promote here, but should really do more of as it’s part of a great little network, I’m sure you will know it well… it’s called Spanked Cheeks and I just loved this most recent full film update (yup, I’m a member of it… heh heh) so you will also recognise one of my older fantasy ladies, Red XXX – a very womanly redhead cougar Milf that has appeared at many fetish sites, after I provide the links to this great F/F spanking film (with a naughty twist) I’ll let you know where you can find Red getting up to no good on her own site and elsewhere!

Red plays a horny rent officer who first of all arranges an alternative method of payment for this hapless tenant (who just happens to be an incredibly sexy MILF (and YES… I would really love to!). She’s not used to being spanked and punished as you see her cheeks turning red very quickly… but if this helps her keep a roof over her head, so be it!




Red feels kind of sorry for her client, but she is also incredibly turned on and so makes another proposition, hoping that this hard up sexy lady will eagerly take up her offer of something far more sexual… you can see how that turned out (below)



You can see much more of this red hot spanking & sexually stimulating movie series HERE


As I said, you can find Red at her own site below, one of Britain’s naughtiest ladies who thankfully doesn’t know any better. I have been thinking about older ladies for my own site and she’d be right up there, let me know what you think as I found the sight of these 2 featured at SpankedCheeks.com very, very erotic!



& Click images below for some special galleries of this very sexual cougar, Red.



You might also want to check her and some other of the very sexiest fetishistas in the UK at Lady-Sonia

I might start promoting more of Lady Sonia too as she has worked with many prominent spanking models and has made some excellent films alongside her dominatrix style and cuckoldrix films that I find rather addictive (I have signed up to her site several times over the past years… and felt quite sorry for her hubby, Charles) there’s also some spanking punishments as I said but her niche covers much more… you’d have to go check out this site for yourselves! 🙂


OK, as I featured something a little different, I wanted to show you what Amber has been up to most recently on her website AmberSpanks.com – it’s now part of her 3 sites you get as one complete package (I think there is STILL a Trial option but you’d be amazed at just how much content there is and she offers some of the best sign up deals for a month and more in the biz – so to be honest I’d take that as you’d be really pissed off if you couldn’t get what you wanted on a trial offer and might have to sign up again? Bollocks to that!

Amber films her latest clutch of naughty girls!

My favourite American redhead spanko doesn’t disappoint as she plays with her fellow web cam girls on a jaunt to LA (I think that’s what it is, I’m sure she’ll let us know if it’s not) … but I’ve shown you some of what she got up to, lots of spanking and very naughty sexual foreplay before with slinky blonde Aly (see above muff diving Pixie in the foreground)…. this time Amber is joined by MORE girls as she directs them to lick each other out and also get to spank them one by one… as you’ll see from the images below, my underwear went totally nuclear with “fallout” everywhere (ahem)… see why as we get to see bespectacled brunette Pixie and buxom Ely to join in the fun!

WARNING: Yet MORE Trouser Arousal images appear below!







I will get back to you and let you know about a great punishment that Amber’s Daddy carried out on her recently for being drunk and messy around the house, bringing her to tears! However, if you sign up to AmberSpanks.com – then you can see that at her original site, SpankAmber.com (sign up at either as you get BOTH these sites AND her bonus nude site for free too with lots of webcam data which I urge you not to miss!)


Finally today, as I seem to be on some sort of redhead theme… why not stick with it and you can see one of the latest girls at the Clare Fonda group of sites (or is it the Big C sites now?) – In any case, check out SpankedSweeties.com as gorgeous porn and fetish model Phoenix Askani goes over the lap of the Big C as she re enacts a growing up spanking memory…

A tall red-headed beauty, adult model Phoenix Askani has many interesting stories about how she was spanked by her mother and father while growing up. Her porcelain skin turned bright red and speckled while she took very hard re-enactment spankings from mom (Clare Fonda’s last scene playing the mom) and from dad as you will see below.





Check out more of Phoenix’s burning butt from her intro spankings at SpankedSweeties.com

Remember that new site Spanking Sorority Girls is now part of the CLAREFONDAPASS so with this site above it makes a hell of a multi site network pass to have at a vastly reduced price, good… innit?