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Red Handed Red Bottomed!

cheerThe latest new spanking update released at CheerleaderSpankings.com is a great OTK and heavy leather strapping of a thief in the cheer squad. Check out what happens to Adriana Evans when she foolishly thought she could steal from her own coach (Johnny Lake) whilst the team were on a roadtrip. You just know Coach Johnny will have something special in store for this naughty young lady! Check out the images, screen grabs and GIFs of this latest film out now for members. This video features hard hand spankings, lots of humiliation and a fab heavy reformatory leather strapping at the end.


Red Handed Red Bottomed – starring Adriana Evans & Johnny Lake

cheerleader Adriana Evans

cheerWhilst the team were staying away at a hotel during Championships, cheer coach Johnny Lake had his phone stolen. He used a tracing app using another back up phone and quickly located it in Adriana’s room. Adriana was caught red handed and had no excuses, this was her final strike and coach was beyond disappointed with her. She would take whatever punishment he gave her or kick her off the squad, and her scholarship would be in jeopardy! Adriana complained and didn’t want to take a spanking but that was what she got.

He spanked her over her panties but they didn’t stay up for long as he wanted to make sure she’d remember this discipline session and feel humiliated for daring to steal his property. Adriana still didn’t appear to be that contrite so his heavy leather strap soon ended up striking her reddening bottom. The tears welled up in her eyes as the stinging leather struck her sore cheeks. Finally Adriana was learning her lesson and was reminded this was her final chance! See “Spankee of the Year 2015” show us why she earned that honor with a hard spanking and heavy strapping punishment.

CLS-81-002 CLS-81-004 spanking over her panties red_handed_red_bottomed_023 red_handed_red_bottomed_026 pulling down her panties CLS-81-012 CLS-81-017 adriana evans spanked otk red_handed_red_bottomed_025 red_handed_red_bottomed_036 red_handed_red_bottomed_043 spanking bare bottom spanking cls620 CLS-81-021 red_handed_red_bottomed_054 red_handed_red_bottomed_055 rh3 red_handed_red_bottomed_072 red_handed_red_bottomed_074 red_handed_red_bottomed_079 red_handed_red_bottomed_086 red_handed_red_bottomed_087 strapping the cheerleader red_handed_red_bottomed_104 red_handed_red_bottomed_106 CLS-81-026 red_handed_red_bottomed_107 red_handed_red_bottomed_111 red_handed_red_bottomed_112



cheerWelcome to Cheerleader Spankings where you will see OTK (over the knee) spankings, girls punished at practice, wearing authentic cheer uniforms, spanked by each other, their coaching staff and teachers who need to discipline these often unruly cute girls. We have found girls from all over the world who have been very naughty and loved being in these uniforms often fulfilling their own fantasies of being that bratty cheerleader who needed a good hard spanking.

We feature many sensual as well as severe discipline videos including some mean nasty strapping, paddling and caning punishments of girls to tears. If you are into seeing girl next door types, real lifestylers and those who are just plain naughty who need real discipline then you have come to the right place!


Rosie’s Most Humiliating Spanking

ballgagged and given a spankingFilmed about a year ago, Rosie wanted to appear in a film at AAA Spanking that was both edgy and unexpected… playing a foul mouthed and unruly schoolgirl. So we came up with an idea and something she never dared dream would happen – as the title of this film suggests. “The Ballgagged Schoolgirl”. Add to that a rather hard and humiliating spanking punishment there was also an added twist when a smoking infraction earned her a painful hand punishment she hadn’t thought was possible.
Ever been whacked with a wooden ruler? (we’re talking an old school heavy ruler that stings like a “mother”). Well, she got that too and she took this punishment as best she could. Looking your tormentor in the eye is rather more intimate and added to the whole submissive humiliating suspense of her punishment early on!
So here is the latest schoolgirl film, a detention punishment setting, an austere office and some traditional implements of correction including a heavy double sided leather strap that had all the thud and force of a school paddle. This is a great film, check out the images (they are reduced in size here, of course) which are both taken directly from the film and stills images that members get to download along with the video.

Rosie Ann – The Ballgagged Schoolgirl


Rosie Ann faced her most humiliating detention punishment to date when her potty mouth got her into trouble. Mr Osborne wasn’t going to listen to anymore of her “F Bombs” and shut her up immediately by ballgagging her. This shocked schoolgirl then went through the rest of her punishment muted except for the muffled sounds of her cries of pain. He punished her for the other misdemeanors such as smoking, for which she received a hard and painful wooden ruler first on on her hands then later on her bare bottom! A hard OTK bare bottom spanking and a double thick heavy leather strap ensured this foul mouthed young lady learnt her lesson thoroughly in her after school detention. This was by far Rosie Ann’s most humiliating spanking punishment to date!

rosie_gagged003 spanking rosie_gagged004 rosie_gagged005 rosie_gagged006 rosie_gagged007 rosie_gagged008 rosie_gagged009 rosie_gagged010 spanking wooden ruler spanking rosie_gagged012 rosie_gagged013 rosie_gagged014 spanking and strapping rosie_gagged016 rosie_gagged017 strapping rosie_gagged018 rosie_gagged020 rosie_gagged022 rosie_gagged021 rosie_gagged023


OTK spanking



This film is also available to download at the clips store in full HD HERE

ballgagged and spanked

Mommy Daughter Spanking Update at AAA

moms knowHello everyone, this next spanking film and many more that you will see after this date marks more of a change as well as the regular things you see at AAAspanking.com – However, nothing is changing too much. In fact, even I am in full agreement how the new direction of the site is going (2 heads are better than one). Sarah Gregory’s influence takes hold in this film as you’ll guess from her love of ageplay and mother/daughter style discipline scenarios. Who better to do this than big stars in their own right… Chelsea Pfeiffer and Alex Reynolds. I have to say this film turned out really well. I sometimes shy away from the daddy/mommy/daughter dynamic, but I do get why so many want to watch these type of video roleplays and of course they need to be done well. There’s also something new next week and a few new style spanking films to come which I am sure most if not all of you reading this will enjoy viewing at some point!

However, to today’s blog post and news update – it’s called “All Privileges Revoked” and I have made some special GIFs and I have lots of images for you to check out and of course a link to the update/HD film where you can see a preview clip.

Revoking all privileges at AAAspanking
Alex has good reason to look worried, She is told in no uncertain terms what will happen!

alex_privileges002 alex_privileges003 OTK spanking punishment alex_privileges004 panties come down for her spanking OTK spanking spanked alex_privileges009 alex_privileges007

Daddy’s little girl, Alex Reynolds, had an arrangement at home that if she followed the House Rules and did well at school then she could wear any of her cute clothes and accessories. Her Mother (played by Chelsea Pffeiffer) thought this wasn’t a good idea at the time as it wasn’t her idea. Soon enough, Alex got lazy and thought she had a right to do as she wanted and the final straw was the below expected mid term reports. Mommy was very disappointed with Alex and made her take off all of the privileged items of clothing she had on whilst giving her a humiliating punishment she wouldn’t forget. Alex’s bottom was bared and given a thorough spanking before enduring some of the discipline implements that she hated the most. These were the hard wooden paddle, hairbrush and a leather strap that stung and brought her to tears. Alex didn’t feel very special or cute without her favorite clothing and now she would have to earn that right, in time, to wear her choices again.

hairbrush spanking

alex_privileges010 alex_privileges011 Chelsea spanks Alex alex_privileges013 Chelsea Pfeiffer uses the hairbrush leather paddling for Alex alex_privileges015 alex_privileges016 ass whacked with leather leather strapping tears for Alex Reynolds Alex strapped hard on the couch


Alex’s tearful eyes & red bottom tells her mother that she has learnt today’s lesson!


This film is also available as a one time download from the CLIPS STORE

alex spanking revoked


douche knight 1Next week cometh “The Douche Knight” – a character who we never see on camera. I’m not even sure the camera guys saw him. he just turned up, did his job… and left. Luckily this guy wasn’t wearing a cape, but he from what I’ve seen, he thinks he’s a stand up guy and doing a good job spanking the girls… but will he ever earn their respect? Does he even care? Do WE care? Hell! That wouldn’t be very ethical, would it? It would appear that all he wanted to do was spank them and make up any lame excuse to then spank them some more… Oh boy, what a douche-bag! That is the joy of our friendly “Douche Knight” – I think he also had a bit of a brooding Dark Caped crusader voice thing going on – oy! Like I said, what a douche! Watch out ladies, you better behave, your bottoms aren’t safe in this new *“reasonably consensual” series.

*Disclaimer: I was kidding, of course!

Jadie spanked by the Douche Knight

A Spanking & Strapping Punishment to tears

It’s been some time but I should be getting back to some semblance of normality here and start providing you with more spanking update news. Like I said previously, you can always follow me on Twitter if I don’t post here. So without wasting any more time, I wanted to share with you the latest film update from AAA Spanking and it features a powerful and emotional domestic discipline scene. Harley Havik makes her tearful debut in a raw film about family betrayal and the consequences that this entails. What protective uncle, who took the job of guiding his wayward niece on a family trip, wouldn’t take responsibility for her? In this case, Harley should have known better! Isn’t that just the way with headstrong girls who think they can behave and wear what they want? (despite not acting like a proper young lady!) Check out the film description below with GIFs and images with a FREE movie clip link too! This is an awesome punishment video!

The short title to this film is “Act like a Lady”
aka “Act like a lady, look like a Lady, behave like a Lady”

Harley Havik

Harley is in deep trouble and her raising her eyes won’t help either!

spanking over uncle's lap

“Act like a lady… Look like a lady… behave like a lady!” That was what uncle Johnny repeated time and time again to his tearful niece during this severe punishment session. This video features an unforgettable debut for Harley Havik who took a nasty leather strapping with Johnny’s own personaliized thick, heavy double sided Reformatory Strap. He was so disappointed at the way she had dressed – she had abused his trust on a family vacation to Vegas. It was time to remind her how to act, look and behave like a young lady he knew that she could be! This film features a great OTK spanking scene, a hard leather strapping and some great close up angles of Harley’s very sore red bottom and her tearful reactions to this discipline ordeal!

actlook_behave002 actlook_behave003 actlook_behave004 actlook_behave005 actlook_behave006 actlook_behave007 actlook_behave008 actlook_behave009 actlook_behave010 actlook_behave011 actlook_behave012 actlook_behave014 actlook_behave013 actlook_behave015 actlook_behave018 actlook_behave016 actlook_behave017 strapped to tears actlook_behave019 actlook_behave020


severe leather strapping