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New Spanking Updates

Sorry about boring you with my site but there is yet ANOTHER new update released today which is the 1st data from our last film shoot and it stars the very gorgeous Irelynn Logeen & Leia-Ann Woods scrapping and catfighting in their cute Girl Guide Uniforms as they are getting ready for a Fancy Dress Party! Check out some of the original size images below, this in addition to the very popular Kami Robertson update in that gorgeous Flamenco dress at the start of the week ensures I am trying my damnedest to get you guys hooked on AAAspanking.com – LOL!

This full update & all recent movie additions available to view HERE


Clare has been busy with some amazing stuff recently including a hot redheaded chick called Lynn Leona who I absolutely adore already! Clare admitted that this girl didn’t take the hardest of spankings, but the way she cries, moans and pleads for the humiliating spankings to stop are such addictive viewing, you can see a little free clip of what I mean (below), I know a picture speaks more than a 1000 words, well, I always feel seeing the original movie data helps even more – my philosophy, of course: That’s probably why you are here, right? I promise you the sight of Lynn over Clare’s knee is something special, & I can’t wait to see more!!!

As you’ll see: Lynn has a definite girl-next-door vibe and her stories are very vivid. Her whining reactions are rather unique!

Clare noted that Lynn was one of her most sensitive “Sweeties”. She cried so much as the punishments evoked real-life memories. She was spanked mainly by mom and once by dad, and of course we get to see this pretty redhead’s gorgeous bottom fully bared and stinging!

This is the very latest movie update at SpankedSweeties.com


Ok, the next update from Clare’s site should come with a health warning as it is extremely HOT! From GirlSpanksGirl.com this movie update can be found in the Erotic Spanking section (of course!) and the story brings super hot vixen Alexis with a new girl I haven’t seen at Clare’s site, blonde cutie called Ash. The story of the images taken from this movie (below) is as follow: Alexis invites Ash over to her place, where she accuses Ash of sleeping with Carmen,(Alexis’s girlfriend). After Ash denies it, Alexis spanks the truth out of her. Then she makes Ash pleasure her, and even lets her get some spanks on Alexis’s luscious bottom – as I said, this is VERY NAUGHTY – so view with extreme caution (yeah right, lol!)

This is one of the naughtiest scenes I’ve seen with the incredibly cute Alexis and newbie Ash and you can see all this and so much more at one of my fave sites GirlSpanksGirl.com


You may remember me raving about Lindsay Meyers (who you can see a lot of at Clare’s other sites already that I’ve written about) well, in, what I think is her 2nd or 3rd film from memory (without looking) at Spankedcallgirls.com Lindsay in this movie episode is being far too much of a prissy miss with “Momma Clare”. Clare needs to know what dirty deeds went down with Lindsay and her client. Lindsay is attempting not to kiss and tell. We’ll see how tight lipped little Lindsay remains when she is bent over Clare’s knee, bottom fully bared with a hairbrush whacking away at her tight ass! Seriously, I love the messed up stories and fact that Clare can treat her “hooker babe” girls in such a humiliating fashion!

For the hairbrush scenes and more of Lindsay’s oh so cute rump getting a bare bottom thrashing – Click HERE


Remember that these are just some of the sites you can view with Clare’s infamous CLARE FONDA PASS which offers access to the above sites with 3, 4 or 5 site options which are vastly reduced on a monthly or quarterly membership (my choice of membership) the only drawback is that you need external hard drives to contain all this spanking goodness to download and keep! (Well, it’s not much of a downside as external hard drives are now pretty cheap, I just bought another 1 Terrabyte capacity drive for around $100 which isn’t bad!)

Anyway, I’m waffling, check out the site offering snad the costing of becoming a multi site Clare Fonda member, it will surprise you just how little it is in comparison to individual membership fees which are already very fair! CLICK HERE


Finally today another new film from another network and rather bizarrely stars Elizabeth Simpson at SpankingDigital.com (her new stuff is normally shown at her own site SpankMyBottom) but it features their new girl Masie Dee – there’s another film of Elizabeth and Masie at SMB. Now, I like Masie, despite her never getting back to me last year when I tried to recruit her for our site (bah!) but I can see why she is popular as she has that little girl lost look going on – which I know I;d have exploited – but she is getting nowhere with Elizabeth in this movie as Miss Simpson typically berates and humiliates her before pulling Masie’s jeans and pants down for a much needed spanking – I have included a short Masie clip that shows the way she foolishly answers back before Elizabeth loses it and gets her over her lap!

This new movie is available to download from SpankingDigital.com

The sites that Elizabeth features on can also be viewed with one set of codes by signing up to the SpankPass Network

So with pricing for monthly and longer term deals amongst the best value around. Well, it seems they are updating again on a regular basis so I guess I can again recommend this network (I was really getting pissed off with comments I hadn’t published about me being involved with them… so….)

For the last f*cking time – I have had nothing to do with the way they run/update or whatever the hell they do at their sites for well over 2 years – how much more can I say? Yes, I know a lot of their content, especially the older stuff and of course, Elizabeth etc… but that’s it. The fact I have recommended this independently should at least maybe let you check out this site again if you have not been there for a while. But remember there is a great choice nowadays which I aim to cover (including, of course, my little site). I like the fact there are small independent producers out there, without them the big guys get stale as I have noticed over the last few months! OK, I’ve rambled on enough… back soon with more great spanking goodness very soon!

Weekend Spanking Treats!

This quick but action packed spanking-fest is courtesy of Clare Fonda’s group of sites which can be all viewed with her convenient and top rated Clare Fonda Pass (my preferred choice of viewing her sites!) and I have some excellent new clips and images from all her latest offering at just some of her sites… but I hope that what you see gives you a great idea of what is currently available – and I can’t post anymore today otherwise I’ll be giving away too much of her stuff and she’ll be coming round to give me a damned good spanking (probably one of the few women I’d let spank me… lol!) However, as I have been out on a boring trip today doing some Christmas shopping with the missus, she has left me alone with my laptop in my warm study… the door is closed, I’ve lowered the lighting and fired up my laptop, fine wine and cigar at my side – as I bring you this weekend’s fine classic spankings of Miss Alanah Rae (long overdue!) by one of my all time fave spanker/spankees, the fearsome Snow Mercy *swoon* – if that isn’t hot enough, I have a link to one of Clare’s earliest online spankings from the same site (do NOT miss this!!!) – then there is a chance for me to show you both Clare and one of my new fave girls Lindsay Meyers, she with the dental brace (which I find pervingly cute – and who I so wanted to see MORE of in her recent role from EE5) and if that wasn’t enough, I have some first show images taken from another of Clare’s sites starring Britain’s very own most adorable Leia-Ann Woods – good job the door is shut…no interruptions… I hope you guys are settled and for my male readership out there…please, for the love of god…LOOSEN your trouser undergarments, I’d hate for any arousing images to cause severe discomfort in your trouser regions whilst viewing these updates today!!! Please blame Clare Fonda for such spanking lewdness!


I’ve missed Alanah Rae, I’ve missed her heaving bosoms (surely one of the most bosomly proportioned spanking models?) and her delicious whining & snivelling from her pretty face… & of course that ever so spankable bottom that requires any fortunate spanker to punish it more and more (a bit like an addiction, I know I’d be finding more and more excuses to thrash that heiny) so when Snow Mercy recently returned in her “Aunt Bella” role… & she had both Alanah AND Alicia Panetierre to deal with, well, oh my… we are in for a Grade A visual treat!!!

Alicia is welcomed by her Aunt then to show her what happens to naughty girls she bares Alanah’s bottom and gives her a hard spanking in front of a subdued and sombre Alicia, just so she knows what to expect if she misbehaves like Alanah! Check out this short clip, it’s the exact quality of the full length wmv movie, and I have also got some HQ images of this spanking too!

Isn’t Alanah a welcome return? Bouncing heaving bosoms, and a bouncing spanked bottom… my my, I was spluttering over my glass of fine red vino watching this full movie!!! The 2nd featured below has an added dimension where Alicia sneaks a peek at the punishment where Miss Mercy uses the hairbrush across a pleading, sobbing Alanah’s bare bottom, and you get to see her view of the spanking… and also a different angle… what’s more… Alicia gets caught peeking which is highly embarrassing and of course… this will lead to her own humiliating punishment afterwards!!!

… and if you want to see what is going to happen to Alicia! Check out the few images below… members will be able to see this movie unfold as she gets her spanking & hairbrush punishments across her bared backside! Seriously Alicia has an amazing spankable bottom, as you can see!

See MORE of Summer Spankings series with Aunt Bella HERE

Before I move onto another of Clare’s sites, many of you will know that GirlSpanksGirl.com is sub divided into Erotic, Discipline and Sensual Punishments and this old retro punishment, as Clare descibes it, is one of her very first spankings seen online in the “Sensual section”,  just check out Clare’s short hair… and I always love seeing Clare take a good punishment (as you’ll see later) but check the image below this leads to a long play instant streaming clip as she is spanked over Penny’s knee! Nice!

I think you get the idea of what is available currently in these new updates from GirlSpanksGirl.com


At SpankedSweeties.com – there is a brand new feature with Lindsay Meyers – she is interviewed by Clare, and then after the interview is given a spanking over Clare’s lap on the bed – and more interestingly, members will also get to see Clare spanked by Lindsay, who switches! Some of you will know that Clare has sourced some of her excellent girls from LA’s Dominion Club and Lindsay is one such popular girl there, I love the fact that she is currently wearing a dental brace, it just looks cute (you should watch the interview of her as she talks with that on…awww!) & she claims she was such a good girl that she was rarely spanked by her mom, in fact just the once, which she recalls in detail but it’s interesting to see how she developped late and ended up at Dominion! So enough of my waffle, check out some samples of what you can see inside the members area of Spankedsweeties.com

Now remember you may remember Lindsay from Exclusive Education 5?

Such a cutie, and of course seeing her spanked got me drinking yet more vino and puffing on my cigar so imagine what the next few samples of images did when I saw that they swapped places as Clare takes a spanking *drool*


Finally from the spanking soap opera that is MySpankingRoomMate.com – the very latest episode (we are now at number 68!) is called “David’s New Girlfriend” and it stars one of my favorite Brit babes (despite me foolishly and rubbishly ribbing her about her advancing years and the now essential Cod Liver Oil supplements she needs to keep her poor aching joints so supple) – Leia-Ann Woods! Now of course I am kidding, and when you check out some of these first show images now out you’ll now I’m taking the piss as Leia is a stunner and looks amazing – & who wouldn’t want to have her as a girlfriend? (mm mmm!)

Well, hang on… it appears she’s a bit highly strung and high maintenance in this episode as David calls his ex girlfriend, Madison Martin (one of this site’s regular anchor girlies). He calls to ask for advice about Leia’s stroppy diva behavior and Madison suggests that he give Leia a proper spanking! Yay! & that is exactly what he does as you’ll see in some choice images below!!!


Bugger! I’ve been wasting so much time here the missus is banging on the door…LOL! If you want to get lost in these amazing new updates, as I have *ahem* appeared to… then check out the individual sites as I’ve highlighted, or you can check them out as part of the money saving multi site deal (one set of codes at whatever site options you choose on a monthly or longer term membership at vastly reduced prices!) c/o THE CLARE FONDA PASS

Have a spanking good weekend!!!! Chief 😀