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Recent Spanking Updates at the SG Network

As some of you may know, I am now back in the USA. Sarah & I have been traveling extensively since I got back. This has meant that writing up posts on this site has taken a back seat, unfortunately. Our time to update our membership and Clip Store sites had to take priority so I hope you understand.

We had recently been at a private spanking party in Las Vegas… as well as chilling out and taking in the sights of The Strip, of course. Our filming schedule has been rather hectic – this is all down to Sarah, naturally… (I’m just an old guy who has creaky bones but can still hit bottoms as and when required, LOL). We then got to rent a car and take the relatively short road trip to Los Angeles where we are at the moment of writing this blog post. The filming has been rather relentless here too. As Sarah points out, “we don’t always get to see the girls based out here as often as we’d like”, so we take our chances when we can. I have to say, so far on this trip, the content filmed has been some of the best we have ever produced… it just keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait to showcase some of the new girls we have filmed with. I really should do a separate blog post about upcoming models we have worked with, right? PLEASE REMIND ME!

Anyway, as I have found time now, I will let you in on some of the most recent film updates showing across the network.

Sarah Gregory Spanking


Anastasia Spanked and Strapped

taken from "Step Mother Teaches A Lesson" at MommaSpankings.comPreviously on “Momma Spankings“, Anastasia was disciplined by her new stepmother for being rude and disobedient to her. (see image to the left) – Now she has been rude and disrespectful to daddy. He is not happy about his daughter’s attitude and continued misbehavior so he decides to teach her a lesson with a well earned hard hand spanking and leather strapping. Anastasia’s reactions to her spanking are priceless as she struggles to cope with his hard hand across her bared bottom. Her cheeks start to turn a shameful dark crimson before they really speckle and reveal marks of shame with his trusted leather strap. She is laid out on the bed as her bottom takes this mean punishment as she struggles and cries out in pain. By the end, she is one very sorry, disciplined girl who now understands a valuable lesson in respecting her parents.



Stevie learns respect

Stevie has been very disrespectful to her new stepfather and this ongoing behavior is wholly unacceptable. Mother sits Stevie down alongside her husband to work this out and she still shows her stepdad contempt. He has been nothing but kind and helpful to Stevie, knowing this is a difficult time for her, and she has thrown it all back in his face. Mom has heard enough and tells Stevie she will be getting a spanking, the good old fashioned way. Mom takes her rude daughter over her lap as she is spanked over her tight jeans but they don’t stay up for long. Stevie is told to remove them as the spanking continues over her tight revealing panties. It is not long until the hairbrush is also used to silence this insolent madam. The hairbrush spanking is hard and relentless over her bared cheeks as her stepdad looks on… how embarrassing! Next, Dave (stepdad) is told to spank Stevie. She finds this really humiliating but it’s far too late for her to be worried about that now! After her over the knee spanking, she is told she will receive a caning from Dave. In his country, this is common practice for naughty young ladies. She is given a “Baker’s Dozen” of 13 hard, mean strokes. By the end of this punishment, she is one sorry contrite girl who learns that showing disrespect to those that care has very real consequences.


Both these sites are part of the Sarah Gregory Pass – giving you combined access for less than signing up to the 2 sites. Convenient and includes full access to both sites.
Includes 1st 3 full seasons of Strictmoor Academy plus the many mini-series within that period!


Angelica Vee: Spanking Positions

Please welcome a stunning new girl, Angelica Vee, who is local to us (so you will be seeing more of her in the near future). Angelica has THE most amazing girl next door look, with such a fresh face as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Don’t let her angelic looks fool you, she is naughty through and through… and as you will see, she can take a good spanking. We chose 3 classic positions to showcase her amazing talent. Position One: Classic OTK, a naked Angelica is spanked over Sarah’s lap… watch her bottom turning red before your eyes. Position Two: Bent over receiving a leather strap. Some great angles show Angelica’s cute reactive face and her bare bottom expertly strapped by Sarah. Position Three: The Wheelbarrow. Angelica was made for this and Sarah knows exactly how to spank her in this embarrassing and most revealing of positions! As usual, we capture all the action in multiple angles for your viewing pleasure.



Ashley Spanked & Soaped

Ashley skips by her parents on the way out, looking happy with herself in her cheerleader uniform. Normally her mom and dad would not be bothered as they knew she’d be on her way to practice. However, the practice has been canceled and where could Ashley be off to? They know she is up to something as Ashley’s email notification on the family PC has shown she has read the practice cancellation! Their daughter is lying and their suspicions are confirmed… she wants to meet up with the bad group of friends who like to smoke illicit substances and behave like jerks. Ashley the liar is told she will get a spanking from them both, and mom will also use the Family Strap across Ashley’s bare bottom. She goes over mom’s lap and is spanked while dad looks on and chastises her for her lies. Her poor bottom is turning quite red by the time dad takes his turn and her bare cheeks are a shameful red as mom prepares her for the leather strap. The painful strapping brings out yet more bad behavior from Ashley and mom tells her she will get a mouth soaping to clean that filthy mouth of hers. In the bathroom, her bottom still aching and sore, Ashely’s mouth is thoroughly cleansed with the soapy suds as mom repeatedly washes out her daughter’s dirty mouth. Ashley is one very sorry spanked, strapped and mouth soaped little girl by the time this humiliating punishment is over!



Don’t forget that Sarah & I will be helping to host the Lone Star Spanking Party
Details of this are below in the banner link!

Lone Star Spanking party

Lone Star Spanking Party 2019

It’s nearly here and the Lone Star Spanking Party – held in Houston, TX is the biggest spanking party of its kind! It’s not too late to join up, book your hotel room and join in the fun. Check out the SCHEDULE and see for yourselves.

The largest collections of spanking models will be in attendance, including many producers as well as special guests from both sides of the Atlantic. Not to mention a great Saturday evening ball and LOTS of chances to play with like minded spankos at all the organized events and suite parties. This party is also well known for introducing newbies who are shy etc… come join up this year, prices go up May 1st so take advantage NOW

Post Party Spanking Updates

It’s been nearly a week since the Lone Star Spanking Party finished… in my opinion, the best of the four that we have hosted. I would like to thank all the awesome attendees that made this such a fun party to help host, and also the biggest. I will be writing more about it soon, with background info, images and what went on but for now, since I am trying to combat Party Drop (still… it was that good) – I am travelling back to Houston to meet up with Sarah tomorrow. I have been away on a fun filled roadtrip with fellow Brit, Dodgy Dave – the highlight being a booze fuelled time in New Orleans. Of course, there are other times to be reflective (at the Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana (Vacherie province) … or the fuckwittery of playing with candy toys (Wacky Monkey I love you!) in a candy store in Scott, LA. Anyway, more on all that at a later date as I just wanted to remind you about the very latest film now showing at AAA Spanking

So here is the latest film, it is selling like crazy at the C4S store (I wonder why with that title, what a dirty bunch of pervs some people are!) and of course, members at AAA Spanking can now see this and 412 more films as part of their membership along with the 1000s and 1000s of images too. Please welcome back Luci Lovett and Madame Samantha B in this latest all female production.

Probed and Punished

Luci Lovett is one of the worst behaved girls at school and is constantly getting spanked in class or during detention. So when she approached the school nurse (who was relaxing in the common room during lunchbreak) claiming to have tummy-ache, and wanting to go home; this request was met with much derision. The school nurse (Madame Samantha B) decided to take Luci’s temperature the old fashioned way, by placing the thermometer up her bottom! The nurse knew full well that there was an important examination later that day in Luci’s Year so decided to teach this faker a lesson. She made Luci wipe her own bottom before sticking the lubed thermometer where the sun never shines, and lo and behold, her temperature was normal! With her bottom already stuck out, nurse Samantha spanked the girl, scolding her for telling lies to get out of a test! Then Luci was placed over the nurse’s lap and the spankings continued with her hard hand and a leather paddle which really stung, making Luci’s bottom a very shameful red! The nurse informed Luci that she then had to go take that test and she would pass… or else! Luci learnt a valuable lesson in not using the school nurse to get out of a test that she had not prepared properly for.

wiping her bottom taking her temperature the old fashioned way inserting the rectal thermometer temperature taking rectal temp taking schoolgirl spanking wobblesome bottom spanked otk spanking sore bottom spanking jiggling buttocks given a hand spanking shamed and spanked by nurse scolding


As usual, you can also download this new title via the Clips store (below)

probed and punished

Sorry this is just a short post but I wanted to at least write here to let you know I haven’t forgotten about this blog! I promise to be back soon with all the gossip and news from the amazing Lone Star Spanking Party and of course plenty more spanking updates that I really think you should be checking out!!!

Bye Y’all!

Weekend Ahoy! Spanking News Galore!

Hope you are all enjoying the start of the weekend, I had written this earlier but it went out on a timer as I was out watching the latest Avengers film (again!!!) – In other news, for anyone who is a great procrastinator, like myself, if you are thinking about signing up ONLINE to the Lone Star Spanking Party – my God DO IT RIGHT NOW! These really are your last few hours. Sarah will be away and unable to process applications, the Fetlife Group and Twitter feeds from us all have warned any potential latecomers this really is it. After that it is pay on the day and I believe, as of now, the Hotel we are hosting at is completely full with our allocation (increased 3 or 4 times to the maximum) so thanks to our party and the usual bookings the hotel already had in advance, it’s a full house in Houston! I can’t wait, I’m really excited about this year, it’s our 4th party in this great city and we have so many people coming, many returnees, more newcomers which we really cater to, special guests and the Evening Ball this year is going to be a blast! (more on that in a moment).

Now on top of all the great demo events, Dungeon Party events, suite parties and other things that you can participate in there’s the famous Spanko Vendors Fair which is the largest of its kind anywhere in the spanking scene. This really is the place to get your leather, your floggers and whips, straps, wooden implements, clothing and so on – try them out before you buy plus there’s always a willing person able to take a swat to see if you like your new toy! You can meet models, fellow guests who are all kinky like yourself, shopping and take part in other fund raising events. Wow, on top of that, the suite parties late in the evening and the Saturday Evening Ball which this year will be back in the largest ballroom (last year there was a school prom opposite which was interesting. Nothing like that this year… LOL! Don’t forget the services of Bob the DJ, our good friend Mario, from Houston, who will be compèring the Awards (he is really good!) and Clare Fonda has agreed to do a short stand up routine – OMG… she is a professional comedienne and I have watched her many times, she really is that awkward, creepy cougar next door… very funny… he he!

As usual, I haven’t packed a darned thing so I am stressed to f**k but it is a good stressful feeling. I need my stress, I embrace it… LOL. The next few months for Sarah and myself will be hectic. I’m only in the States for a few weeks then we both come over to the glorious UK and we’re touring Italy and Spain soon after that in June before she goes back home and we prepare for Fetishcon in Florida. Then to Las I am some alias out to get them and such… it just makes me smile to know I honestly couldn’t give a flying toss what they get up to, it’s hilarious. I have been so busy with other stuff that all that crap takes a very distant back seat. They are at the bottom of the food chain, it’s not their fault, but I respect their freetard existence. Moi? You only live once, life really is way too short and I think there will be other announcements later this year because of that. Seize the day, people… seize it before it’s all really too late!

With that, here are some choice spanking updates for you all to peruse over. Enjoy!


Spanking the Greedy Realtor

Please welcome another super gorgeous newcomer to Triple A – this week it is the turn of stunning Kate Kenzie. She is John’s realtor and she has done a lot of real estate business with him, this is the latest viewing that she is personally accompanying him on. However, Kate is far more interested in the fat commission that this overpriced apartment will get her if he takes it and John knows what she is trying to do! She is reminded of the last time she tried to behave this way, she got a spanking and he reminds her that if she wants his continued business then she will take another spanking! She doesn’t put up much of a fight… hell, Kate isn’t even wearing panties underneath that tight, black sexy figure hugging dress! She is such a hot thing one wonders if she deliberately wanted a spanking. Kate has such a beautiful pert spankable bottom that it is just begging for a male hand to turn it a stunning shade of shameful red! Kate Kenzie is sure to become another favorite at our site and watching her get a spanking we know you will love her too!

spanking hand print spanking


Or you can download the full video via the Clip Store at the link below (includes free preview too!)


Sage Pillar’s Sexy Spanking

We are so excited to welcome the super cute and sexy Sage Pillar to the site in a special film produced by Worst Behavior Productions. In this film, Sage is made to spread her legs and get on the coffee table for a rather hard hand spanking which clearly turns her on very much. Watch her cute tight ass that is spread wide get spanked and strapped. Then, she is put on the bed on all fours for more spanking, paddling, and the famous penalty swats which make her so wet she just needs to touch herself. She knows she is a naughty girl and likes it. Throughout the film we flash to her in the bathtub clearly fantasizing and remembering her erotic spanking punishments! Don’t miss this extremely erotic spanking film!

bare exposed anus spanking strapped anus penalty swat spanking


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Exclusive Education: Day 4

Now available at Girl Spanks Girl – in the Disciplinary Section

Lana Miller is now the Dean of the school. Two naughty school girls, Dria and Misty Stone, missed the field trip, but they won’t miss the punishment. Lana spanks each girl over her knee, VERY hard. Then she paddles Dria because she was the one mostly responsible. Both girls end up with sore, red bottoms, rubbing in the corner.

otk ebony spanking


This site is part of the Clare Fonda Pass network – CLICK HERE for more info



“That looks a little intense!” Lilian White says, wide-eyed, as John Friday shows her a school paddle in Asking For It. She wants to test her limits with a range of implements, so reluctantly bends over to be soundly spanked. The noisy crack of wood on her swiftly bared jiggling bottom, in glorious bouncing slow-mo, is loud. “That’s tough!” she admits.




Exclusive Swiss finishing schools often send their prize students into the mountains to manage chalets for the wealthy skiers that flock there every season. The highest standards of housekeeping and cuisine are expected from the chalet girls and failure can have a major impact on their final grades. Even given these high expectations, Maddy is quite unprepared for the expectations of Mr Kennedy, and his exceptionally shocking treatment and punishment of the poor girl when she fails to meet them.


Have a good weekend and don’t forget! LONE STAR! Don’t procrastinate!

Post April Fools’ Day Spankings

April Fools’ Day (sometimes called All Fools’ Day) is an annual celebration in some European and Western countries commemorated on April 1 by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. The jokes and their victims are called April fools. People playing April Fool jokes often expose their prank by shouting “April fool” at the unfortunate victim(s). Some newspapers, magazines and other published media report fake stories, which are usually explained the next day or below the news section in smaller letters. Although popular since the 19th century, the day is not a public holiday in any country.

Phew… I made it past one of my most hated days of the year (apologies to those who had birthdays on April 1st). April Fools’ Day takes on extra annoyance ever since the onset of a certain “gentleman” bemoaning Fake News and creating lies, rumors and conjecture forcing people to fact check (if they care)… unless they don’t care and accept certain news sources as gospel… so now every day in the news world is like f*cking April Fools day and I am sick of explaining myself to some people about what is and isn’t true etc. If you can’t work that out then you are always going to be gullible to pranksters on April Fools’ Day and everyday if you are unable to determine what is real news or fake news – (hint: fake news is spread by Social Media/Twitter bots and little known news web sources and sites, not generally your usual large news organisations/media outlets that have been reporting for years, despite what some idiots might believe!)

What isn’t fake today are the latest updates I bring you from a few sites of interest. So let’s get on with them…

Daizy Cooper is a beautiful, feisty young girl we filmed with last year for our group of sites. Here in this first appearance at AAA Spanking she is getting spanked by Harley Havik, an excellent switch, as you’ll see… Harley has a very hard hand. It’s actually very hot to watch her scold this ebony brat and the smiles and laughter soon disappear! Please welcome Daizy to the site, we adored working with her with more films to come out later this year across the network!

A Spanking for Cheating Daizy – AAA SPANKING

Another cute new brat makes her debut this week at Triple A Spanking so please welcome Daizy Cooper. This feisty, ebony beauty makes for a terrible roomie as Harley Havik soon discovers in this all girl spanking video. One thing Daizy forgets is NOT to cross Harley, she has a terrible temper and a very hard hand… as this naughty brat soon finds out. Harley confronts her roommate about cheating with her lousy boyfriend and Daizy shows little remorse, laughing at Harley’s obvious anguish. In no time at all, Harley pulls giggling Daizy over her lap and attempts to spank the smirk from her face. The message finally gets across when Harley spanks her harder and harder on her bare and evidently sore bottom. This is a hot all girl spanking film which features the mean hand of Harley and the jiggling, round cheeks of Daizy’s booty! Foot lovers will also enjoy the spanking scenes as you will get to see plenty of Harley’s bare soles and toes with lots of leg kicking from Daizy showing off her sexy tight black socks!


You can also view this film in full (in the format of your choice) at the AAA Clip Store

Tough training for Fitness Fanatic Lyra Bryant, with a strap and tawse

Firm Hand Spanking

There’s no way out for athlete Lyra Bryant when she breaks training rules by working out with an unauthorised trainer. Bent over a sofa, a leather strap cracks across her tight shorts before John Friday decides that a tawse on her bare bottom will be more effective. Reaction Cam replays capture every dramatic moment as Lyra feels the burn.


Kiki: Spanked with Spoon & Breadboard – Real Spankings Institute

Kiki is spanked with a wooden spoon and a breadboard for not finishing her kitchen chores.



Finally today, check out this recent stunning debut from Delta Hauser getting a double discipline of a hairbrush spanking and a caning at Cheerleader Spankings – do not miss this one!!!

Delta’s Double Discipline – Cheerleader Spankings

otk spanking

Delta Hauser premiers in a special double punishment at the hands of her mom, Miss Elizabeth, and her coach, Johnny Lake. Delta had been caught by her coach stealing money and his cellphone… he is, understandably, very upset and escorts her home. Her mother explains she deals with things like this in her house with spanking punishments. Delta receives a hard OTK bare bottom spanking over her lap as coach looks on. To add to her shame, Delta is given a very painful hairbrush spanking too. Her punishment is far from over as coach is allowed to also cane Delta in front of her mother. These strokes of the cane are severe and make Delta wince (check out her reactions) as she regrets ever trying to steal again. She learns an important lesson as you will discover in this latest debut feature with gorgeous rock chick, Delta Hauser.

 spanking and caning caning

Click here for the full length video

This film can also be viewed at the Cheerleader Spankings Clip Store HERE in the format of your choice.

Many of the girls and tops featured here will also be attending the largest spanking party in the world! This is held in Houston, TX and there will be many models, producers and of course, the best of all… LOTS of ordinary fun loving spanko folk from all over who want to be in one place enjoying each other’s company. The Saturday Ball is worth it too as we have the same high quality meal options as last year, this proved VERY popular.

The full schedule of events is now online and if you are an active member of Fetlife then you can see all the latest threads in the Group Discussion page HERE

If you intend to come, get your spank on as time is running out, flights into IAH (Houston’s George Bush Intl.) are the most convenient as a free shuttle bus is provided to the hotel venue. Anyway… all details are located HERE

Lone Star Spanking Party 2018

It’s nearly here and the Lone Star Spanking Party – held in Houston, TX is the biggest spanking party of its kind! It’s not too late to join up, book your hotel room and join in the fun. Check out our SCHEDULE and see for yourselves.

Lots of spanking models will be there including many producers as well as special guests from both sides of the Atlantic. Not to mention a great Saturday evening ball and LOTS of chances to play with like minded spankos at organized events and suite parties. We are also well known for introducing newbies wjo are shy etc… come join us this year, prices go up May 1st so take advantage NOW!

Lone Star Spanking Party 2017 recap

Ever been to a spanking party? I am guessing some of you that read this blog have in the USA, they are completely different to what I once experienced in the UK and are worlds apart. Thanks to restrictive laws and a salacious Press in the UK, a spanking party hosted in a hotel with upwards of 300-350 guests could never happen without incident or “scandal”, sadly… but in Houston (Texas) last month, this is EXACTLY what happened… and these parties occur throughout the year in the USA! No wonder more and more European guests (we also had Australians present again this year!) are coming to our parties… the Lone Star Party is one in which I help run it and intend to become even more involved for the event in 2018. This is just a taster of what I went through, behind the scenes… all images here are courtesy of our official photographer, Justin (J_Doggg) and all people in these (some are well known as you’ll see) gave us permission to use these.

Writing a post about the most recent spanking party that I helped run is always difficult to recap afterwards since it was a hectic period. I can show a few things from my perspective as one of the organizers, though. There is also a Fetlife group for such things although you need to be a member on Fetlife and then just look up groups for Lone Star Spanking Party – naturally. The website for the past party’s schedule of events and companies/models and other disciplinarians attending can be found at the main website HERE but this is a personal account of the build up to the biggest party held for the 3rd year running in the great city of Houston, Texas.

This was the 2nd year that we had kept the same hotel, which is a good thing, and we hope to retain the hotel again next year (if everything goes to plan, but of course, nothing is ever written in stone until the contract is signed!). The hotel is a very close distance to Houston’s main international airport north of the city area, George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) – with a useful free shuttle service provided direct to the party hotel. The hotel itself has great rooms which we got for a very reasonable rate (remember weekend rates are much more expensive so we kept them all at well under $100 per night for a King or 2 Double Room. With the exception of the Vendor’s Fair and the Ballroom Evening Dinner event (both held on Saturday) all the events, and party business were located on the 2nd floor or in suite rooms on the designated floors (which we had a minimum of 3 floors).

Having the same hotel meant that we could address some issues, this year I thought the registration process was far better run with volunteers, who were awesome, giving up some of their time to help out others. Having a larger space to process arrivals worked well and of course we had some nice touches to the party packs which could be kept as well as a great app for those checking what was on and where… We also had outside catering for both Thursday (a fantastic local pizza delivery company) and Friday with a buffet of Italian food, salads and desserts. This proved popular if somewhat problematic with the long line of hungry people… these 2 meals are included in the event price, but of course you could also choose to dine out in the hotel’s bar/restaurant or eat out locally. Next year we will definitely look at speeding up the line now that we know how the rooms on the 2nd floor worked. (That is the advantage of keeping the same hotel).

Other rooms on the 2nd floor over the party event were designated for various events such as my British Discipline (held in the boardroom), Michael Masterson’s Principal and demo as well as other demonstration and classes including the must see Newbie/Shybie introduction chaired by Alex Reynolds. The full schedule this past year can be viewed HERE and these also included other various meet and greet events and popular party themes to get people involved with the “Spankie Hawkins” or “Naughty Boys” & “Littles” parties (the latter with an awesome decoration, one of the best I’ve seen). We work on these and I am sure these will be even more slick and popular than this year…


A SPANKING PRIMER with Michael Masterson


& of course there was the party themed night with many people dressing up in Twenties garb for the “Spanking in the 1920’s” theme night. I think the only hitch to this (which I found amusing) was that in the opposite ballroom that night, there was a high school prom which could have proved awkward. (This is something we talked to the hotel about and that will NOT be happening again, LOL!) – it actually went off without a hitch, thankfully!

Some of us in 1920’s dress for the Dinner/Dance on saturday evening.

A picture of the attendees who won various categories from the Annual Spanking Blogg (2016) Awards… receiving decorative paddles and certificates.

However, the highlight was the amazing food selection which everyone agreed was probably the best anyone had ever seen at any spanking party! The hotel and catering staff had outdone themselves with my favorite being the delicious roast beef option (there was also a chicken and vegetarian option). The desserts were scrumptious and all in all, from all the feedback I got, this meal really helped start kick off a great evening. The Spankingblogg Awards were quickly hosted by myself aided by Bob the DJ helping to make this run smoothly. (Thank you Bob!) Of course, I have to thank Bob for being DJ, how many spankos do you know that are good DJ’s?I would also like to thank the party attendees for making the effort to dress up for the party night… after this we all retired to various suite parties and events run on the 2nd and 8th floors (officially). many friends who have known each other for some time over attending parties also had a chance to play and catch up.

The Vendors Fair… I only posted myself and Sarah as I was unsure who else would want to appear… plus I had no additional images. As we expected, this Fair was good news for sellers and buyers, with so many vendors, this is THE vending event of the year if you’re into all things spanking! There were lots of spanking games and booths plus the silent auction all raising money for The American Cancer Society – Special shout outs to Sarah Dise & Euphoria Bunny for making the games and auction fun to participate in. I did have to count up the totals but off hand I do know it was a ball park figure of $3000 or so (a terrific amount indeed).

The Littles Party is a place to escape and act the age you want to 🙂
A lot of effort went into the theme and decoration and it was a wonderful play place!

There has been a very long feedback thread on Fetlife entitled “Party Cliques” – this party is certainly not any more “cliquey ” than any other… I know that Sarah, myself and Tubaman go out of our way to make this a friendly party for newbies and those who are shy by organizing a party with so many events geared to including people if they want to participate in without needing much of an excuse to actually talk. If you are painfully shy, then what good would it be entering someone’s suite party and just staring or watching? Remember that if the door is closed and it says “private party” then that is their choice, the rooms are only so big, I think people should remember and respect that many of us only ever get to meet our friends here at various parties and so want to catch up at some point. We had the main suite room where quite often, Sarah, myself or Tubaman were present along with other better known attendees to the scene and at times there was a lot of play happening as well as an open event such as the “midnight flogging”.

I think, from the feedback on the so called Cliques thread, the issue is, if you are not coming across as a creeper, look presentable and bother to take a shower (I can not strtess how important cleanliness really is!!!), be polite and willing to engage in conversation… then you will find people far more amicable! Seriously, I had many people say hello to me and I didn’t ignore one person despite the fact in my head I was attending to a small crisis somewhere, LOL!

I didn’t get to spank Sarah once at the party, although I got to spank plenty of other people… Look… I even had time to fool around with Miss Elizabeth who had me over her lap… oh my! I still didn’t get to play with as many as I had hoped due to helping the party run smoothly behind the scenes!

Of course Sarah DID get to be spanked by Elizabeth as you can see below (that’s better) hehe! 🙂

I want to say “thank you” to those who I have no images for here but who ran demos that I have not mentioned, and ALL were incredibly popular.

  • SUBSPACE AND AFTERCARE – by Charles and Naughty
  • DANA SPECHT’S SCOLDING EXPERIENCE (thank you Dana, awesome as always!)
  • EROTIC SPANKING FOR COUPLES by Bill from Sensual Paddles
  • NAUGHTY BOYS PARTY hosted by Dana Specht
  • BRITISH DISCIPLINE EXPERIENCE (which was awesome this year for me too!)
  • PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE with Michael Masterson
  • LIVE VIDEO SHOOT (This went well, apparently!!!)
  • SPANKING COURT  Hosted by Piper and Tasha Hastings

I may have missed some out… of course I got to play with friends, make new friends and also got in some quality playtime and “sticks” practice, naturally! On Sunday, Sarah and I finally had some time to film a few of the wonderful ladies there, with a chance to create some great new content for all our sites. We got some amazing content which I know we both can’t wait to showvase from the party… I think Sarah might be showing something at MommaSpankings.com already!

More images of friends and colleague who helped make it a great party… of course there are so many more people who are not able to be shown, or perhaps do not wish to be mentioned… but they know who they are if they are reading this! “Thank you, guys… for helping to make this the best party ever!”

Photo (top left): back row L to R – Dana Specht, Miss Elizabeth, Ava Nicole, Alex Reynolds, Ten Amorette & Mackenzie Reed. Front row L to R – Sarah Gregory, Adriana Evans & Devon aka Euphoria Bunny

Photo (top right): back row L to R – Tubaman, Miss Anna, Dana Specht, Paul Kennedy, Michael Masterson, Miss Elizabeth, Mr Rob. Front row L to R – Sarah Gregory, Adriana Evans, Alex Reynolds, Ava Nicole, Ten Amorette, Euphoria Bunny, Mackenziie Reed.

Photo below: back row L to R – Tubaman, Miss Anna, Dana Specht, paul Kennedy, me & Miss Elizabeth. Front row L to R – Sarah Gregory, Alex Reynolds, Ava Nicole, Mackenzie reed & Adriana Evans.

I also have a selection of images that I took with my phone including a wonderful “thigh turkey” given to Ava Nicole (thank you, it was an honor to add my hand print!) as well as other images you’ll understand.

  spanking party

It’s late but I at least wanted to get this up… if spanking is your thing and you honestly want to meet like minded spankos and maybe meet a few people you recognize or are a fan of, then attending an event like this party would be a step in the right direction. Have a great weekend everyone!


Lone Star Spanking Party

The 3rd Annual Lonestar Spanking Party is almost upon us. To get your Registration and pay for it, you will then receive a link withthe current booking code for the hotel.

Everything is explained on the website!

When I say that this year’s party is filling up fast, this isn’t a lame marketing ploy, it is FACT – and I don’t want to hear anyone bleating that they couldn’t get the room they wanted at the hotel etc. due to any long lasting procrastination! After all, I am the Master of Procrastination and am well aware of how annoying this awful habit is!

This year’s SCHEDULE is also up!
See you all there on May 18th in Houston!

This year’s Party Theme is “Spanking in the 1920’s”

Coming to the Spanking Stage – Tindra Frost

Today’s little featurette on the spanking stage is courtesy of English Spankers when a girl I have seen online and on Twitter appeared recently at this website starring alongside Sarah Stern in some quite excellent introductory spanking roles showing so far! I’m not sure how much Tindra could actually take but as you’ll see from the images and GIFs (below) I would say she took it pretty hard and her killer curves and gorgeous booty make this most compelling viewing!

Say “Hello” to Tindra Frost… a gorgeous Scandinavian heritage, London based adult and fetish model with an hourglass figure, discreet tattoos… perfect for that girl next door look (yay!) and large natural breasts (yay again!) – This was her description on her own site TindraFrost.com – in case you’re thinking that I’m some obsessed guy about shapely ass n’tits (which, I guess I am… being into spanking n’all and being with Sarah Gregory who also has these *ahem* lovely attributes! oops!) – those who love following models and such on various social feeds will easily find her via her own website shown above and of course she tweets on her account HERE


Tindra Frost at English Spankers

Tindra meets Sarah for her first spanking… see what happens (below)

Tindra self spanking otk spanking  bare bottom hand spanking

This is what Sarah had to say about Tindra’s first appearance: “She is another girl very new to the spanking scene, she had however at one time tried self spanking and she did it in front of her web cam. We liked this idea so after we had interviewed her we got her to show just what she did. We thought it was great but we just had to give her an extra spanking and this, I can tell you was much harder.”

This was soon followed by the next film at the same site (below)


“A leather paddle? Whatever could this be used for?” Tindra wonders…

 Tindra Frost strips for a spanking Tindra Frost naked bare bottom spanking Tindra Frost bared and spanked bare bottom paddling  Tindra Frost leather paddling

This is the beginning of what is hoped will be a continuing career in spanking for Tindra. Having just taken her first spanking she is now ready to go further. She is given a paddle and starts to paddle her own bottom, Mrs. Stern is not happy with the result and takes over and after making this young lovely strip naked… the resulting paddling is much harder!

If you’d like to see more of Tindra’s spanking then CLICK HERE

english spankers

In other news… The Lone Star Spanking Party (Houston, TX. tbh May 18-22 2017)

As you may know, Sarah Gregory, Paul “Tubaman” Rogers & myself run the Lone Star Spanking Party – we will be getting the full schedule of events for this on the website very soon  – I honestly say this without prejudice (as I have attended many parties across America) but I feel this one is really going to be a bit special and an amazing fun filled, busy event.
There will be a perfect mix for those used to going to National Parties and wanting to do a lot (e.g. -Demos and experiences or the best Vendors Fair of any party: Period!). Space for those who wish to play privately, meet scene friends, try out the “Dark Party” and of course, we’re especially known for being most welcoming to newbies and first time party attendees! However, more importantly, if you don’t register and pay you won;t even be able to go get your rooms at the special discount rate (you receive the booking link and party codes from us once registration is filled out and payment received). You won’t be able to fully experience the event, will you?

I know other parties might often say they are nearly full when it would appear they were not come time of the event: (Now this annoys the crap out of me as it’s a “Cry Wolf” thing that affects at least one other party I know of when they really are filling up) – but we have had unprecedented demand recently and we are continually hounding the hotel to free up more block space (which we agree to pay for in advance… it’s how it works) and of course there is only so much space they are able to free up. So if you have any issues booking, don’t worry, write to me, Sarah or Paul and we will try to answer your queries as soon as we can and resolve any issue. The party starts on May 18th and there is going to be a cut off point for the cheaper priced Registrations end of April and no online bookings taken for registration after, I think, about May 15th…

“My advice is to never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time.” – Charles Dickens

Lone Star Spanking party

This year’s theme for those that like to dress up is the Roaring Spanking Twenties – now it doesn’t have to be all gangsters and flappers for the guys & gals, the Twenties was a rather unique decade and very prominent for fashion in both North America and Europe. We decided on this immediately after our 1950’s theme last year. There are only so many themes one can do for these parties that like to have a theme for a Saturday Night Ball but we have something planned for next year that we hope will be different. Of course, we’re not telling now (LOL) until after the event and if it is the same anywhere else, well, so be it… but we will announce the following theme soon after (& that is all we can do).

Spanking in the 1920s

Spanking Updates

A few more recent new video updates from some of the sites closest to me and a few faves that never fail to please… I don’t have time to make any GIFs today so I have chosen some excellent images (8 images per site) with the description of the film update for you all to check out!

AAA SpankingTen Amorette’s Spanking party Punishment

Ten promised to get the suite ready for a spanking party that she was co-hosting but all the essentials like liquid refreshments, beverages, snacks and tidying for a large gathering hadn’t been done and the first partygoers were due soon! John was really unimpressed and Ten had no excuses but bratted him anyway! She had also been playing way too hard and up until the wee hours which he hadn’t failed to notice. John wasn’t putting up with ten’s precocious behavior and was just going to spank her and help her get the place ready but she pushed many of the implements resting on the counter to the floor and he told her that everything she had pushed off the counter would be used on her bare bottom. Poor Ten’s choice meant all the nastiest heaviest and most stinging leather straps got picked up and used including his AAA Canadian Prison & 3 Tailed Straps! The countertop was used to humiliate Ten further with an “on all fours” position, panties down whilst she got strapped relentlessly and then the final stinging swats were given with her clutching the side of the counter, bottom stuck right out, as the meanest straps reddened her bottom a beautiful color just in time for the first guests to admire!

Click here to see the free spanking preview

Momma Spankings – Naughty Aysel

Aysel has been told to get ready for bed and she is instead playing with her stuffed bears. When mom comes in to check on her, she is rude and disobedient. This only earns her a scolding and a trip over a very upset mommy’s lap for a spanking.


From Real Spankings – Nuna’s Strapping

Nuna is given a bare bottom leather strapping at the hands of Mr M. (this was an older update from February but I only just around to bringing you this “latest” post from my update schedule. Nuna has appeared in many films at this network since.


Punished Brats – Sneaking In

Kitty was supposed to have been studying for a test the following day but instead went to a club. When she returned home, she found her father waiting for her. He removed Kitty’s innocent looking skirt to reveal a leather party dress underneath. This was not Kitty’s first such offense. She was promised a severe spanking upon her next offence. She believed these were hollow threats, clearly she was too old for a bare bottom spanking. Soon Kitty found herself over her father’s lap with tears streaming down her face as each hard spank found its mark. Once Kitty’s hard, over the knee, spanking was over, she was made to stand for further punishment. The tearful girl was then sent to bed naked from the waist down. No matter how hard she tried, she could not rub away the fiery pain from her bottom.


 Spanking Sorority Girls – Who’s the Toughest Bad Girl? (Part 1)

Briella Jaden claims to be the toughest girl in the sorority. But new girl Savannah Fox says she’s tougher. So the contest begins, who is tougher, but seeing who can take a harder spanking. In part 1, Briella is the first to take a spanking, going over Savannah’s knee. At first, Briella laughs, but as the spanking gets harder and longer, she fights, kicks and protests as her butt turns red.


My Spanking Room Mate – Clare Spanks Madison and Kay

Clare Fonda is posing as the church counselor who gets Madison Martin and Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) to agree to go to a religious retreat. But first they must have their sins cleansed with a hard hand spanking that turns their bottoms bright red, speckled and causes them to cry. When Clare is finished, the girls can’t sit down. They repent.

More updates coming out very soon , but in the meantime, do NOT forget this: If you are at all interested in attending a National Spanking Party that caters to newbies more than any other and also happens to be the largest in the USA – the Lone Star Spanking Party – is held in Houston , Texas. All I ask is that you REGISTER, pay your fee and get your special code for the Hotel as rooms are selling out fast! This isn’t some lame tactic to get you to come or sign up like I’ve seen in the past with other party mailers… it’s genuine and I really do want those who are interested in coming – including those models who I know haven’t paid their registration or booked their rooms yet *cough cough, ladies*DO IT NOW before it’s too late and of course – prices do go up on May 1st so those who procrastinate will find their choice of rooms more limited… there, I said my bit 🙂

Post Party Spanking Blues

lonestar300Since I got back, it’s been nothing but work work work… catching up with so much stuff. I have had to help Sarah with many of the sites and neglected the affiliate side of AAA Spanking – which I have just updated for those that promote the site elsewhere with 3 awesome new galleries etc. Anyway, I must sit down and collect the images and write about “The Party” before I forget… so this week’s update (a little late) was from LAST year’s inaugural party and something I had filmed with an awesome lady called Elizabella… she was there again this year but only stayed for a few days (she is local to the Houston area) to hang out and play in the evening as she had to work… but it was really nice to see her and catch up on what had been going on in her life.

Which leads me to the film we made last year… it is sometimes typical of party play that this is NOT a punishment film… it is impact and sensation play. Elizabella was a pretty hard player and could take quite a lot but all too often, the closed minds of many automatically assume that is all that should happen. Spanking parties are fantastic social affairs, and a great place to meet and catch up on news, have fun and play differently. There was no roleplay in this film and it kind of represented what we had done previously… Elizabella was a very sexual person and you could see from her impish, wicked grin that she liked all kinds of impact/pleasure play. The only thing she was scared of was the cane… as myself and Johnny (FLAPaddler) have said many many times at parties… “Don’t fear the cane, fear who wields it”. The cane on its own doesn’t have to be a tool of ass destruction. Good Lord no… many girls use a light cane (Sarah included) and call it the “cum cane” – working lightly at first… with the aid of something to distract them… like a huge throbbing Hitachi. Believe me, when a lady cums, that cane is getting harder and whippier and it is the least of her worries. It also makes for an interesting film as you’ll see – we played around with a few implements but the finale was all about the climax, control of Elizabella’s orgasm and with harder strokes of the cane that she had originally feared!

aaa spanking

I’ve waffled enough, it makes for an interesting film and isn’t something you see that often on any spanking site but I thought it would be interesting to view (as it provides an insight to some party play that goes on) so do take a look at the images and the FREE Clip link that you can find at the bottom of this post!

Elizabella ready for her film

Elizabella – The Player: Out now at AAAspanking.com

ebella002 ebella003 ebella004 spanking wedgies ebella006 cuffed and spanked ebella008 ebella009 ebella010 paddling on her bare bottom ebella012 ebella013 caning ebella015 ebella016 ebella017 cum caning ebella019

This is a unique film to AAA as we discovered a genuine amateur spanko who took the plunge and came to last year’s Lone Star Spanking Party in Houston. She arrived with the intention of playing for the full weekend. By the time she had agreed to film one such typical session that she had enjoyed, she was already beautifully marked and slightly bruised. Girls girls like Elizabella would be on a high from the many spankings they had received and this was no exception. This film covers some intimate and close up spanking action & canings including extensive time with her Hitachi vibrator as she took both pleasure and pain to an explosive finale with it all shown in detail on camera for her first ever screen appearance! This hot Texan gal has a perfect naughty and spankable booty, see what happens in this full length HD video!

spanking and caning aftermath



This video is also available to download in full HD
(if you prefer this method of viewing films) at the AAA Clips Store



My advice for the day… 🙂
Have a great Holiday weekend!


Hello again! Spanking Parties are hard work!

lonestar300When I have time later this week to collect my thoughts I will provide you with a full update of how the Lone Star Spanking Party went (it was a humungous success with more attendees than we could have possibly imagined!) – however, I am totally burnt out at the moment and this is one of the reasons I hadn’t updated here as I was so pre-occupied with the party and ensuring that it ran as smoothly as it could at a new venue.

Anyway, we filmed just once at the event but it was a fantastic chance to fulfill both a personal and professional fantasy of having multiple girls in one shoot, especially cheerleaders with matching uniforms (we had 5 v 4 cheer girls at the start!) I will just provide some brief images taken from my phone so you get an idea of what’s coming soon! I will also let you know what else happened throughout the party over the weekend as I need to go through many of the official images we took. The ones below are with my camera and capture the moment 🙂

Coming soon to CheerleaderSpankings.com

cheer1 cheer2 cheer3 cheer4

& this was rather impressive, a 10 girl bumfest in Michael Masterson’s suite (LOL!)
See what you have missed, eh? Oh boy…



Anyway… here is just a reminder of what went up at Sarah’s site this week as it co stars one of my fave ladies, Lily Swan – who is exclusive to her group of fine sites and is VERY popular… she is also a wonderful painslut who doesn’t need to film but does so because she and Sarah are very good friends! We are so lucky… and thank you Lily for helping to make yet another hard spanking film for us both!

Sarah is a rather accomplished caner, one of the best females in the biz wielding her favorite “stick” – the cane from Quality Control in the UK (we will be visiting them in person next month to make some more purchases!!!)

spanking females

Lily’s Mistake – now showing at Sarah Gregory Spanking

0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-026 0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-028 spanking on her panties 0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-044 0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-049 leather strap on the bare ass 0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-062 0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-067 girl girl canings exposed bottom caned hard 0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-076 0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-077 sore exposed bottom humiliating punishments

Lily has really messed up this time; she has shipped the cane and paddle order to the wrong address. The lovely BDSM couple ordered a huge box of spanking implements, but Lily made a mistake when shipping it out and put the wrong address on the package; THE CHURCH. How humiliating this was to have this order being sent to the town church. Sarah cannot have her employees making mistakes like this. Lily will now get to experience how much a spanking can really hurt when used to teach her a lesson in making mistakes. Sarah spanks Lily over her skirt, then on her bare bottom with her hand before using a thick leather strap on her and finishing up with the cane.


Please do check out the amazing free clip of Lily’s punishment below!


sarah Gregory Spanking

This site is part of the Sarah Gregory Pass giving you access to her sites for less than the combined cost with the same set of codes for your added convenience!

Sarah Gregory Pass


Oh… while I am still here on this subject of hard discipline… I just had chance to download and view the latest film featuring the lovely Belinda Lawson in the last of her current Military Discipline series… a rather good caning punishment and a fitting end to one of her best, in my opinion! Images and film clip link are from the excellent Firm Hand Spanking

Grand finale 24-stroke military caning for Belinda Lawson, panties down


Belinda Lawson proves her super-stardom after 18 strokes of the cane on her bare bottom in Military Discipline. She’s disrespectful to Colonel Grey and earns herself an extra six of the best, a total of 24 strokes! Slow-motion replay and Reaction Cam show every moment of this epic buttock striping finale. Belinda tells us what she thinks, too.

military_cj004 military_cj005 military_cj007 caning on the bare bottom military_cj014 bare bottom caning military_cj017 military_cj019 sore spanked bottom military_cj022 military_cj023

There is a free clip of this awesome finale which you can view below…


Firm Hand Spanking