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Badly Behaved Girls Get a Spanking!

asswhoopingWell, here’s a surprise from this blog… a post about naughty young ladies in dire need of spanking! These awesome updates today feature some of my favorite ladies plus a new girl from the UK that I am sure will be a big hit over there & online globally. I’ll also bring you news on the Spanking Awards 2015 – & advise on what is coming! So without further ado, check out one of my fave girls I’ve worked with a lot – Miss Lily Swan. She is featured as the new film update at SarahGregorySpanking.com¬†& plays a badly behaved stripper causing her boss a lot of grief until he deals with her the best way he knows how!

coolhwipNow I asked Sarah if the title of this film was correct as to my poor ignorant English eyes it seemed incorrect… so we consulted the urban disctionaries and it would appear, although strange to me, that asswhooping or ass whooping is indeed the correct term (I would have chosen “whupping” … but it isn’t as severe and more casually used, you learn something everyday, right?) So it reminded me of these funny sketches on how to pronouce Cool Whip or other words starting “WH…” *giggle* Cool H-wip!

Go to 1.24 for a “whipping” scene ūüôā


Attitude Ass Whooping – starring Lily Swan & Robert Shore

sexy stripper spanking

Lily is being a complete bitch to everyone in the club. Girls are complaining about her as well as the customers and even the DJ. Her boss calls this sassy stripper into his office to teach her a lesson and show her what will happen if she continues to have an attitude. She can’t believe she has to take a spanking. It’s either that or lose her job.

spanking asswhooping spanking 0234_attitude_ass_whooping_grabs-019 0234_attitude_ass_whooping_grabs-024 0234_attitude_ass_whooping_grabs-033 0234_attitude_ass_whooping_grabs-034 0234_attitude_ass_whooping_grabs-037 0234_attitude_ass_whooping_grabs-039 0234_attitude_ass_whooping_grabs-042 0234_attitude_ass_whooping_grabs-043 0234_attitude_ass_whooping_grabs-044 0234_attitude_ass_whooping_grabs-049


This site is part of the Sarah Gregory Pass which includes MommaSpankings.com

Sarah Gregory Pass


From English-Spankers.com comes a great leather paddling scene with new girl, Rascal!


This is the second part of Rascal’s interview and she was to be paddled. We were a little surprised that she agreed to make this film as she had found the spanking she received to be much harder than she expected, this was her very first experience. She said though that it was something she thought she could do and that she was determined to take whatever she was given. It started over her tight white knickers but then onto her bare bottom. She did take a good hard spanking.

npp7240011 panty fetish npp7240013 npp7240026 leather paddle for a naughty rascal npp7240027 npp7240029 npp7240034 npp7240037



You might also want to see the concluidng part to “Getting Dressed” at NorthernSpanking.com is out now featuring Lottie Kinsade and Leia Ann Woods. These are a collection of images from throughout this 6 part series.


When her little sister will not get dressed for her party, Leia Ann decides the ungrateful little minx needs a good smacked bottom. With a sore bottom but finally compliant, the now-dressed party girl cannot help herself but be cheeky. After a taste of a leather paddle and many stern words, its finally off to the party. But not for Lottie!

NSI115801-039 bare bottom spanking NSI115803-021 NSI115804-019 NSI115805-028 NSI115806-011 NSI115806-022 leather paddling NSI115806-030 NSI115806-032



Yasmeena gets a spanking & caning punishment over the table from Peter next, now showing at SpankingServer.com – I loved watching her reactions to this caning and the way her butt gave way to that awful whippy (Hwippy? lol) cane. It was a no nonsense short, sharp shock punishment… and I have to say she looked very alluring in that black lingerie! Check out these images taken from the video itself.


Yasmeena waits for her latest punishment…




Finally today… this hot new spanking film co-starring Snow Mercy and Jenny Sativa is up at SpankingSororityGirls.com and is called “Caught in the Act”


Miss Snow Mercy catches Jenna Sativa drinking alcohol that she hid in her lab experiment. So she puts the young curvy bottomed girl over her knee for a spanking. But then Jenna catches a sneak video of Snow drinking the same booze. Jenna blackmails Snow into taking a longer, harder spanking that includes a large wooden paddle.

003 004 005 006 007 008 011 spanking paddling Snow Mercy spanking and paddling 016


Spanking Sorority Girls is massive in its own right now, but it is also part of the 5 Site Clare Fonda Pass – giving you access to Terrabytes of spanking content across the entire network for a fraction of the combined cost of all their sites… CLICK HERE for more info or click on the banner below.




spankingawards2015In my last post I had asked you all to submit nominations for best clips store – it is all explained on that post… this is a free for all, any spanking store, any genre… I will see how this goes as I have had so much indifference on this and then a few bleating that I am unfair (boo hoo!) – so let’s just see what happens! Vote for ANY clip store (including those close to me like AAA or POV) just do it. If there is no interest I will try to remind you all to nominate, there are literally 1000’s of Clip Stores that deal in spanking nowadays, let’s see if we can get them to a fair and open honest vote. I’m aiming for a Top 15 to vote on… I won’t put stores up if there are too many that are on a same low point scoring system that is why I have changed how they will get nominated, I have said enough… just GO TO THE POST HERE and all is explained clearly.

In other news, THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO VOTE for BEST FEMALE & MALE SPANKERS – the results will be announced before the New Year, so if you haven’t voted, do it HERE as you’re running out of time!

NEXT VOTING CATEGORY: BEST FEMALE SPANKEE – that is coming up after this blog post so don’t go too far! The remaining categories are Most Improved and Best Spanking Site followed by The Producer’s own film/series of the year (and then… if these nominations are successful) the Clip Store vote. Exciting stuff! Stay tuned!


LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS (There are 2 on this page)

Showcasing British Ladies Spanking

philaeAs I start to write today’s update, the exciting news that the Rosetta mission probe, Philae has (it appears) successfully landed on the Comet P67. Why is this amazing news? Try a soft remote landing 100s of millions of miles away on an unknown surface with little gravity travelling at 40,000 mph and that’s what they did today – it’s about self discovery of comets, many who believe are the life givers of M Class planets like our Earth. Bringing water and building block minerals and molecules to enable life to start in the 1st place! Also, of course, we’ll need to understand the nature of comets in case one heads Earth’s way… collisions with rocky iceballs this size never turn out well for life on Earth. I’m gonna watch Armageddon again after this post (one of my fave good feel films) – as Bruce Willis and co battle an extinction event comet approaching Earth ūüôā


Right, as the title of this post suggests today, I would like to showcase our lovely British ladies featuring this week at various sites… and a few others I had watched not too long ago from archives you really ought to view! Hmm, where to start? Let’s start with Satine Spark at SpankingSarah.com in a brand new film I absolutely loved… I’ve been a long time fan of Satine for ages, she has appeared at a few British sites and I would dearly love to film with her, being in America so much at the moment scuppers that, I have another shoot in the UK later this week which promises to be awesome & totally British… but I think the reason I liked Satine’s appearance so much was her bushy natural debut for Mr Stern’s “Hairy Photo Shoot” which goes horribly wrong for Satine as you’ll discover!

The hairy Photo Shoot (images and freeplay clip)

npp7093003 npp7093010 npp7093011 npp7093018 npp7093024 npp7093028 npp7093029 npp7093035 npp7093042 npp7093043 npp7093044 npp7093047

Check out the free clip below – if you can’t see it CLICK HERE to download it

Young model Satine Spark has come to do a hairy pussy photo shoot for Mr Stern. All is going well until he comes to take pictures of her bottom, he then discovers that she is marked from a previous spanking shoot. He is not happy and tells her the only thing he can do now is to turn the photo shoot into a spanking video, mainly to punish her. She has to agree to this and she gets a real hard spanking, with a surprise ending.


Next is a couple of catch ups from Pandora’s DreamsOfspanking.com website – As you may or may not have known, Pandora had attended the World Spanking party in Spain not too long ago and this was one of many interesting times she had with one of the organizers, Ian (Mr London tanner, to you). A public strapping using his own leather strops and straps? Well, why not?

Dreams-of-Spanking_spain002 Dreams-of-Spanking_spain003

This was taken at the World Spain Party 2014. This unique party takes place every two years!

Dreams-of-Spanking_spain004 Dreams-of-Spanking_spain006 Dreams-of-Spanking_spain010 Dreams-of-Spanking_spain018 Dreams-of-Spanking_spain021 Dreams-of-Spanking_spain022 Dreams-of-Spanking_spain024 Dreams-of-Spanking_spain026

Find out what went down at the party in this candid video diary, in which Pandora tells you in detail all about the various spankings, canings and other corporal punishment she enjoyed – including her first ever real taste of the bullwhip! She also has some photos and video to share from the memorable last scene of the weekend – an al fresco strapping from the London Tanner with his razor strop, on the balcony of the villa surrounded by party guests, while the sun went down over the hills. A beautiful, iconic close to a wonderful spanking party. Pandora offered thanks to the London Tanner, to Only Real Princess and Mr Stern for the photos and video, and to the rest of the organising team for putting on an amazing event.

& of course, no “British” girl update could be complete without an appearance from Amelia Jane Rutherford! The images below are taken from a new F/F film called “Teaching Experience”

Dreams-of-Spanking_teaching-experience007  Dreams-of-Spanking_teaching-experience018 Dreams-of-Spanking_teaching-experience023 Dreams-of-Spanking_teaching-experience013  Dreams-of-Spanking_teaching-experience029 Dreams-of-Spanking_teaching-experience048 Dreams-of-Spanking_teaching-experience026 Dreams-of-Spanking_teaching-experience054

New teacher Amelia-Jane Rutherford is anxious about having to administer corporal punishment. She asks her friend Caroline Grey to demonstrate the technique, with smacks over the skirt leading to a bare-bottom slippering. Gradually, Amelia starts to appreciate the embarrassment and humiliation of having to bend over and lower your knickers for corporal punishment. Her integrity compels her to learn what it feels like before dishing it out, and she insists on the full experience: from harder swats over her sheer knickers, to a final flurry directly on her bare bottom.

Want to see more? Check out all the very latest films exclusive to DreamsOfspanking.com


A recent spanking newcomer (I’ll let you know now that she has been nominated by email so she will be up for the vote next month – and I have to say, I’d definitely consider her if I was allowed to vote!) is Miss Ella Hughes. She has appeared at Sarah’s site and features again at her partner’s, Mr Stern, fine site English-Spankers.com in the latest Sexy Cleaning Company series – I have to say, dressed up as a schoolgirl to do the cleaning is a rather delightful distraction ūüôā

npp7075003 npp7075013 npp7075019 npp7075033 npp7075035 npp7075039 npp7075049 npp7075054 npp7075058 npp7075061 npp7075066 npp7076001

Another member for the Sexy Cleaning Company and what  a delight. Young Ella Hughes came along in her old school uniform to titillate us all and boy did she succeed. She did loads of up skirt flashing and bending over before she had to bend over Mr. Sterns knee. He gave her one of his very famous, extra hard spankings first on her school knickers and then on her lovely bare bottom. We think she rather liked it we certainly do!

If you cannot view this freeplay clip – CLICK HERE to download it on the tour pages
(& view all the recent updates too!)


I have been told off for my procrastination many times (by Miss Gregory!)… and this was one prime example! I had met Lottie a few times a long waaaaay back in 2006 and 2007. I was present on a couple of shoots she was in and was a wonder to work with, I remember feeling impressed by this young lady and always had it in my mind to film her for my own site. I only started filming in The Fall of 2010 but by then it was already too late as Lottie had “retired” from filming as a spankee sub to concentrate on her studies. I guess that wasn’t entirely my fault… but if I had got my finger out earlier and started my site in 2009 or 2010 then I might have had Lottie appearing at my site too! Check out this image set from NorthernSpanking.com – it’s not a film but there are MANY films of Lottie there in the archives and I really liked this photo story… something Paul at Northern always does so well!


She has been sent to her room. She knows why: she is going to get a good hiding. Not just a smacking this time. She has become quite used to the heat and the stinging soreness in her freshly smacked bottom. In fact, she has come to like it. Just as well, it happens every other day. The tingling spreads between her legs. It makes her knickers wet. Afterwards, she touches herself. She comes in her knickers, swelling on the sensation of his hard hand on her soft little bottom as he holds her firmly over his lap. The hardness she can feel there, pressing into her tummy. Does he know that she presses herself into that hardness? Does he know she masturbates in her knickers after he has punished her?

NSI089-ML015 NSI089-ML034 NSI089-ML046 NSI089-ML053 NSI089-ML061 NSI089-ML072 NSI089-ML069 NSI089-ML082 NSI089-ML089 NSI089-ML106 NSI089-ML114 NSI089-ML117 NSI089-ML118  NSI089-ML103 NSI089-ML128

This time she is going to get a leathering, he has told her. She has no choice, while she is living under his roof, he says as he makes her take her dress off. He has never done that before…




A wonderful archive from my site featuring British girls is easy with someone like Katie Brown is a delightful girl to work with and I absolutely loved making this film of her as an Au Pair coming along for an interview with a difference (as it was me!). I test her out to see if she can take various spanking implements as I tell her she will no doubt get punished at some point… if she takes the job, she gets paid far more than normal Au Pairs… so she’s willing to see if she has what it takes. I have to say ¬†I love spanking girls in pantyhose and will definitely be filming something along those lines later this week (hopefully) ūüôā

au_pair006 au_pair012 au_pair017 au_pair023 au_pair028 au_pair045 au_pair062 au_pair067 au_pair085 au_pair086 au_pair088 au_pair100

Katie appears to have got the job, if she wants it, of a very well paid Au Pair for the Osborne Family. However, the price she must pay if she does accept the job is an introduction to what happens if she displeases her eccentric employer… and he has rather old fashioned and traditional punishment methods that he still employs in his household. Katie is asked to take a test spanking and punishment and she agrees… as a refusal would mean she’d lose the chance of earning 4 times the going rate for a similar position! Witness a nervous and a little naive Katie accept the challenge to take on Mr Osborne’s wandering hands and various spanking implements as she takes her test punishment over her pantyhose, panties and finally on her beautiful sore red bare bottom!

Check out the free clip and the latest previews from the tour pages HERE


Finally today, beautiful British girl, Belinda Lawson at FirmHandSpanking.com is strapped on her bare bottom for letting her boss down! Her boss is Richard Anderson, I have met him in person at a couple of spanking parties… and he’s a likeable and authorative figure. I liked him more when he said he knew about my own site and liked what we did too! ūüôā These two make a great pairing online!

Her memory is shocking, her note-taking non-existent. After a series of foul-ups at work, blonde Belinda Lawson bends over a chair for 25 lashes with a tawse from her irritated boss, Richard Anderson. The sharp burn of leather on bare skin is a salutary lesson!

perfect_d001 perfect_d002 perfect_d010 perfect_d013 perfect_d016 perfect_d018 perfect_d020 perfect_d022 perfect_d005 perfect_d021

Check out the latest movies and the vast archive of spanking films with Belinda Lawson HERE


Weekend Spankings – Pt2

It’s a little catch up on some sites and what is available there that you may not have seen this week: I am woefully behind so have to find something for you a little more interesting that you may not yert have seen elsewhere ūüôā

The 1st this weekend is from new site SpankingThem.com and a cracking redhead student called Asya… (you know how I like redheads!) as I said previously the spankings at this Russian language site are far from brutal (thankfully) there’s no paramilitary uniforms and the girls are new and unseen, although I suspect some of them have featured at their humiliation and examination sites I have already mentioned previously. This punishment of Asya follows the same routine where she is stripped, flogged, spanked, strapped and groped by the lecherous tutor who knows how to keep his girls from failing their exams! I liked the ending where Asya enjoyed her “forced” toy play… she seemed all too grateful to get some enjoyment out of this… even if it was a little humiliating overall… that’s the equation of pain v pleasure… nothing is ever free in life! Images of Asya c/o SpankingThem.com


asya002 asya003

asya004 asya005


asya007 asya008

asya009 asya010


asya012 asya013


See more of Asya’s punishment and the other naughty girls featured at SpankingThem.com



At Spanked-in-Uniform.com there has been yet more naughty shenannigans at my fave part of the site, the airline stewardesses (or is it flight attendants?) section: I love those pink uniforms and the clever effects that Mike adds withthe help of green screens… also seeing Fae and Tiina thrashed together… with a horrible 3 tailed strap should also not be missed!

Tipsy on the Plane


europe_ep30_7 europe_ep30_8

europe_ep30_10 europe_ep30_11

europe_ep30_12 europe_ep30_14

europe_ep30_16 europe_ep30_17

europe_ep30_18 europe_ep30_19


On a recent flight to Boston stewardesses Fae Corbin and Tiina K. decided to get a bit tipsy after the passengers had their evening meals and drinks. This of course didn’t go unnoticed and soon they were in the Europe Airlines office facing an angry Mr. Johnson with his paddle. He paddled their bottoms soundly and finished off with a dose of his new heavy three tailed tawse.nothing sobers up a girl quicker then a hot, sore stinging bottom!


2 retirees from the scene are next in the final part to the lazy Sunday Afternoon series (well… someone had to do this!!!) Check out (lucky) Stephen Lewis spanking Irelynn Logeen & Lottie Kinsade… tough job!!!


NSI086-XLIV199 NSI086-XLIV200

NSI086-XLIV201 NSI086-XLIV209

NSI086-XLIV213 NSI086-XLIV214

NSI086-XLIV228 NSI086-XLIV227

Quite why Stephen agreed to supervise two teenage brats on a Sunday afternoon is now quite beyond him. Completely gone is any hope of watching the game on TV, instead his task will be spanking these two repeatedly! Every cloud and silver linings… eh? Click HERE to see this HD movie in full.



Back soon… I have a 1001 things to do so I better get on with my chores *sigh*


My Early Weekend Spanking Round-up

Sorry I haven’t been as prolific as some recently, there are only so many hours in a day that I can work, update the site AND attend to this blog. Right now, I just don’t have the time to do much as I am also attending various courses at my workplace and they take up even more of my time, so apologies in advance! I hate not being here and updating as often I I want but I will ensure this blog and my others get the attention they deserve, when I can!

So no more waffling, it’s straight onto the updates and I’m starting with Mike’s excellent Spanked-in-Uniform.com and the latest episode of the 50’s Diner series sees waitress Dani Hunt get what’s coming to her in the continuation after we last saw her spank a schoolgirl for not being able to pay before Mike returned and caught her at it… oops! Images and latest storyline are below:

After both girls got a good scolding, Monique was bent over the table and got a quick hard spanking with Mike’s spatula and she was sent back to school. Then Mike took Danielle, the cheeky waitress, over his knee and gave her a hard spanking and he also used the spatula on her bare bottom. Later that day Monique returned with a school strap and she told Mike that the headmaster wanted Mike to give her 6 of the best with it on her bare bottom. She got just that and left with a very sore bottom.





Check out what happens in the full length film RIGHT HERE


At NorthernSpanking.com – they have made me really jealous as I just missed out on filming with Lottie Kinsade (after meeting her previously at another filmshoot) and I had originally wanted her to appear in my first ever filmshoot (which, ironically, would also have been with Paul!) anyway, she had already retired by then, so I had missed out… so here is a fantastic short sharp shock film, their 81st and it’s all about Lottie “snaffling” (or underhandedly stealing) chocolate – time for a thrashing, methinks!




See MORE of Lottie’s excellent punishment spanking HERE

I couldn’t help but notice that Irelynn Logeen and Zille Defeu were also featured in one of their many regular updates at this site this week… I absolutely love this maid’s outfit, a real retro piece and Zille looks so damned good as the doe eyed maid getting a beating off the little rich girl played by Irelynn – seriously, what is there not to like about this? Stunning!



Click Here to see more from this naughty girl on girl punishment


I couldn’t help but notice (as you have no doubt seen by now as I’m probably the last to tell you, due to the fact I couldn;’t update my blog as often as I had wanted to) that Zille Defeu and Pandora Blake made an unforgettable film as you’ll see from the images below: Another period costume spanking, this time from the Jazz Age of the flappers and the Roaring Twenties…



A hard-hitting tale about the culture clash between two free-spirited young flappers and their repressive Victorian guardian. Rebelling against authority by drinking, dancing and smoking, the girls are thrashed with belt and tawse. Emotionally edgy and physically intense, with violent whippings delivered in anger, shouting, struggling and crying.

But these liberated young women find a way to turn the tables on Uncle Thomas, indulging in an extensive girl-on-girl comforting and petting scene and soothing each other’s red and welted bottoms.

Click on the image below to take you to an excellent free HD movie preview of this latest film

Film (running time 19:32) with gallery of 113 high quality photographs in the style above!


That’s all I have time for now, I shall be back tomorrow, for sure, so stay tuned as I have so much catching up to do!!! Have a great start to the weekend everyone! Chief.

So, what have I been watching lately?

Hello everyone, I’ve been a busy bee flitting about but in between all this I have found time to watch, catch up and play back some old, brand new and classic stuff now stored on my PC and I thought I’d let you all in on what I’ve been watching a lot of lately, I’m going to make this as varied as possible so hopefully that will make up for any absence. You can also check out this update which I am doubling up at the Teen Spankings Blog too, you might want to check out what I have been updating there over the past few months if you haven’t already!!!

So I hope you are all fine and dandy, please do sit down, relax and take a good look into my world of spanking today ūüėÄ

Here is something I haven’t covered in a while, and I should be as this is one of the most overlooked¬†spanking sites of the moment, I reckon, and that is the original Bars-and-Stripes.com – the female punishment site that covers the correctional institute for wayward madams, whether it’s in their cells, in the Warden or Govenor’s Office, hell, even in their speiclist punishment dungeon for the naughtiest brats there and of course just about every well known gorgeous UK spanking star has “Done Time” there witht he officers and Matron… like Amelia Jane Rutherford, for example. The clip I have for you below is a little different, as she struggles to get to sleep in her punishment cage after her latest thrashing, we see her dream… or is it a nightmare unfold? I love the dream sequence in this film, it gives the editor something to get arty about and of course it doesn’t detract from the fact that we are seeing one very toned and lithe butt naked Ms Rutherford spanked too! Click image below for the free clip and I have also cut you some image grabs throughout the full movie!

The FULL movie of Amelia in her dream along with her many other unique punishment films at this website can be seen HERE and I highly recommend it, but if you are still not convinced just how good this site actually is, then you might want to check out something a little more traditional from Bars-and-Stripes.com – Hmmm, how about a verbal lashing from Prison Officer Lewis for a very uppity sascha harvey who thought being assigned Laundry Duty was too demaning for her! Oh dear! Click on image below which leads to a long play streaming clip of her OTK spanking!

More movies of naughty girls at this prison reformatory can be seen HERE


Anyone for a couple of teenager’s wobbling bottoms? OTKspank.com has a NEW movie update out now! These 2 girls got a rather humiliating OTK spanking then were made to stand up next to each other during their walltime so they could properly reflect on their punishment! It’s an old movie now available in superb playback format and I of course got to download it and enjoy the spanking as intended! There is also a free clip available from the home page so you will be able to see the quality of the playback as well as the other excellent OTK spankings that feature at this specialist site (you might also want to check out their prices, I hadn’t realized that this site is now available for UNDER $15!!!) and their longer term memberships work out even cheaper – OK, enough of my hard sell etc, check out the latest update and some images I have for you!

Soft wobblesome buttocks given a proper pasting, mm mmm!


The following film is one I’ve always liked but before I continue I must say that this film, for some reason… does NOT contain any caning despite being on the website CANEDSCHOOLGIRLS.com – something of a minor quibble but if you’re a stickler for seeing girls caned then you’d have to settle for a severe strapping instead – anyway, from what I’m aware there are still oodles of caning films but this one seemed to be a non caning film (odd, eh?) that notwithstanding, when you check out the screen grabs from this movie you’ll appreciate that this movie is still worth a peek as 3 girls in their Blue Gingham Dresses are spanked and strapped by Miss Smith. Images below will give red blooded gentlemen “wood” – so please be warned! ūüėÄ

See the screen grabs from the movie and the final large pic is a sample HQ Stills image which members will also be able to download too!

As you can see this movie has the girls showing no shame which is why Miss Smith had to thrash them all that much harder! I can tell you viewing this wasn’t the only thing that ended up “hard” so be warned, it may not contain caning scenes, but I forgot all about that when I watched it again… there were many other naughty distractions!!!

If you’re interested you can see¬†the FULL Movie HERE

Click image below for actual size HQ image still


Following some positive mails (thanks guys) I received regarding my recent “Sex and Spanking” feature with Sarah and pals from SpankingSarah.com – I have again checked out many more movies there and you can see some more wonderful previews of the full length movies that I can highly recommend: Even the really naughty ones where teachers are getting spanked and fucked by the school gardiner… mmm, such a naughty twist and it’s quite refreshing to see some good old fashioned cock sucking as the naughty ladies greedily gobble that lucky bastard’s¬†cock (sorry just jealous, heh heh)¬†before and after being given a proper spanking as well which makes this damned site another growing addiction of mine, damn them – LOL!

Click images below for the FREE previews
Warning: WILL cause severe arousal!



Still in the UK, one of my fave sites NorthernSpanking.com have been busy with some movies going up, like the ongoing spankumentary “Hot Fuzz” which I recently featured, but there are also new HD movies added since then and some excellent stories which you can see part of below starring “snotty Lottie”! ūüėÄ

When Lottie’s dinner arrives in her lap she begins to realise that her attitude towards Lucy the waitress may have serious consequences! The customer, it seems, is in fact not always right as a disappointed Lucy is transformed into a very, very irate Lucy with a hard hand to spank Lottie’s bottom and, when that becomes too sore, there is always her footwear!!! Yikes!


and finally in this update today, from Punishedbrats, I have just watched the full red bottom spanking and hairbrush punishment movie of Amber Pixie Wells! OMG!!! Pixie only from Punishedbrats who gets a proper thrashing for daring to show off her new tiny tattoo!

Hmmm, indeed, young lady, perhaps if ye readeth Leviticus 19:28 it says “Defileth ye not thine body with tattoos lest ye bringeth the wrath of¬†the Lord God upon ye!”

Check out part of the cracking set of images that accompany the full movie that I and loads of other happy members of Punishedbrats.com have downloaded!!!

Even though Veronica has a tattoo of her own, she forbid her daughter Pixie to ever get one. Pixie disobeyed and things really heat up when she tries to point out Veronica’s hypocrisy. Now Veronica can’t make Pixie remove the tattoo, not even using sandpaper will get rid of it and laser treatment is an expense she can ill afford – but¬†she can sure make her regret ever getting one!!! I think I am getting to be a dirty old man (hmmm) as I really enjoyed seeing Pixie back to her bratty best in this movie, thanks guys (ahem).

Check out tons more content from the brattiest brats from Bratsville, Spankingham County. PA
Click HERE for all the¬†latest updates & news direct from Pixie’s Previews!

Lottie Kinsade’s NEW movie

Hmmm, there is something about Miss Kinsade, isn’t there? Maybe because she’s relatively new to the online filming scene, like a breath of “fresh spanking air” – I’ve seen reports where she looks bored in films, I can assure you Lottie in person is anything but boring, she may be a little self aware and is still getting used to being in front of the cameras and the acting is progressing (I think it’s because Lottie has an incredible tolerance for pain). I think only a very heavy wooden paddle or severe thrashing with a Dragon Cane might make her “slightly” wince when most other girls would be screaming and suing the producers, lol! But that’s what she has – an amazing rounded derriere that can take virtually any severe punishment that comes her way! Being a mere “babber” as folk round my way might say, this young spanking actress has nonetheless succeeded in beguiling many an admirer, myself included, as she has a certain beauty and innocence on camera, and of course the best reference for Miss Kinsade is that virtually¬†every producer and spanking model worth their salt in the UK and Europe have worked with¬†her recently and filmed some excellent content and of course I’ve been very pleased to showcase some excellent films in which Lottie has been the star or co-starred in.

So here we are today with a brand new movie update at THEBAREBOTTOM – and I can tell you it’s a peach of a domestic discipline scenario as poor Lottie gets caught out by her own foolishness and lies! Imagine having a young wife like Lottie (I best not, lol) I think she would be HIGH maintenance, as this unfortunate Hubby discovers to his cost! If you haven’t already click the above image, then CLICK HERE and you will get to see a FREE movie clip currently advertised on the Home page of TheBareBottom.com

Click on the thumbs below for the 1st show video grab images taken from this movie including some impact shots with special SLO-MO film footage on the final 3 images!

This FULL Movie along with many MORE Exclusive Lottie Kinsade thrashings can be viewed only at THEBAREBOTTOM.com – no content here is found anywhere else!

Flight Attendant Spankings

Bank Holidays at the Airport: Don’t you just love them? I was thinking of going away for a couple of days then remembered this … those insufferable delays at the airport, long queues, paying excess fares on your cheap airline ticket,¬†bratty kids you see queuing up with parents too tired to deal with them, a vague hope¬†your cheapo economy seat will not get you stuck next to them or even worse, the big fat guy you’ve just seen, sweating profusely and you know he’ll steal your arm rest room and invade your personal privacy if you are sat next to him … Ah, the joys of Economy flying in Cattle Class! So I decided to stay home instead, we’re off to our local town to watch a moat boat race at the ancient city of Wells in England (when I say city, it’s the smallest in England as it has a kick ass cathedral, it’s a beautiful day here so I better hurry up and quit my¬†drivel and get you your spanking fix!

Where was I? Ah, bemoaning airlines and those surly stewardesses – well, check out the latest updates I haven’t covered recently from Spanked-In-Uniform.com they are awesome and star some well known faces as well as 2 stunning new girls from the latest episode, although fans of Real-Life-spanking will recognize the dusky beauty Stacey as she has featured alot there recently!

Both these girls are stunning and if was the lucky pilot these girls were fighting over, I’d do my best to have my cake and eat it and have both, wouldn’t you? Check out some vid scenes below and decide for yourself!!!


Leandra and Stacey are best friends and they share the same flights frequently. They are also both seeing the same pilot and that leads to a loud disagreement on one of the flights. One of the passengers complained so both girls were told to go and see Mr Johnson. He ordered the girls to paddle each other and if the smacks weren’t hard enough, he would give them himself and they’d be much harder! As they failed,¬†he paddled them both soundly. The girls left embarrassed and¬†punished but a few days later they were at it again in the flight galley. So as soon as they landed,¬† they were sent to Mr Johnson again and this time had to kneel¬†on a chair in his office getting a nasty bare bottom strapping and had to lift their skirts and allow him to intimately inspect their red sore cheeks and have the indignity of exposing their private parts as part of their humiliation!





My 2nd episode feature stars the wonderful Kami Robertson and she is disciplined for being rude and surly to passengers…uh oh…a short sharp trip to Mr Johnson, I fear!

Mr Johnson got a letter from a businessman who was very unsatisfied with Kami’s performance on the flight to Berlin. He pressed his buzzer quite a few times and Kami ignored him after a while. Kami was summoned to the office and the little madam had quite an attitude with the result that she got a hard long OTK spanking. She was then banned from flying a few days and had to work downstairs at the check-in desks. The next day Kami showed up 15 minutes late and Mr Johnson gave her a real hard¬†strapping over his desk which left her in real floods of tears which you will see in this fantastic full length episode.



Now don’t ask my why, but the image below as part of Kami’s early punishment made me laugh, whether it was the vulnerable position, or the way Mr Johnson is obviously relishing his role with this minx wriggling over his lap, either way it was an image I wanted you to see seperately! (see below)

You can see the full tearful punishment of Kami HERE

Finally from the Airline section of Spanked-In-Uniform.com today is a firm fave of mine, Miss Lottie Kinsade, who ruins her position of being chosen to attend to businessmen on a private Lear jet and also her chance to impress Mr Johnson who decides to take the flight personally – she forgets to load the plane with champagne !!!

This is full storyline and you can see some images I have chosen from the movie as well!
As I said, a¬†group of businessmen hired a private jet from Europe Airlines to fly to Paris and¬†and Mr Johnson, being a good pilot himself, decided to fly the jet. Halfway to Paris, and to his horror, Lottie had forgotten the champagne so he gave her a good spanking in front of the businessmen who enjoyed it tremendously. Once back at the airport Lottie was taken back to his office and she got another humiliating¬†OTK spanking and a hard dose of the special punishment hairbrush! This girl can take quite a thrashing, as you’ll see!!!



Click here to see Lottie & all the other girls at Europe Air punished in FULL

Don’t forget to check out the other sections, you should know by now that Spanked-In-Uniform has a specialist French Maid/Hotel skivvy¬†section, a police and naturally a schoolgirl uniform section as well as featuring nurses in uniform getting their just desserts from the stressed out Docs! Go check it out if you haven’t already ūüôā

Back later and I might even bore you with some pics of my day out!
Happy Holidays. Chief

Ladies in Authority – Spanked!

‘Ello ‘Ello¬†‘Ello…what ‘ave we ‘ere then? It’s been a while since I last checked in at the South West Police Station but it appears Chief Superindendent Johnson has been very busy “booking” the derrieres of his female PC underlings as their shoddy time keeping, paperwork, arrest rates, abuse of power¬†and lack of following procedure leads to yet more bare bottom punishments. Seriously, if you were to be arrested…you’d want to end up at this Spanko Police Station…right? You might just catch one of the PC’s doing public cornertime (if only…lol).

So I have a mega update from Spanked In Uniform today featuring 3 of my fave spanking stars in the last 3 episodes with varying storylines but all with the same shocking bare bottom results! I’ll start with the most recent update which went up yesterday and work back, stand by for some judicial and penal (yes I said penal) spankings!

This episode stars the very gorgeous & extremely spankable Kami Robertson!

18 year old Kami, fresh out of the police academy, was delighted when she got a letter from the South West Police Station saying she has got the job as new constable. She got quite a shock when Chief Johnson told her that she has to undergo an initiation spanking and all the other constables will smack her bottom too! She had no choice so over the knee she went. A few days later she was called back to the office and apparently she had arrested a woman who was fighting without finding out what was going on and the woman agreed not to press charges but she wanted Kami caned soundly so Chief Johnson gave Kami 12 hard cane strokes on her bare bottom!

Check out some images from this latest delightfully crackers movie! ūüėÄ


See MORE of Kami Robertson being spanked in uniform HERE

Episode 9 stars pretty blonde Lottie Kinsade & her rounded rump

You may remember¬†Chief Johnson took Leia to be spanked for not answering the phones a few¬†episodes back… well, he told Lottie to take over the phones, which she didn’t. The Chief (Johnson…not me, though I wish I did) gave Lottie a sound strapping and she had to stand next to Leia in reception, her well strapped bottom on display. Later that afternoon Johnson¬†got a phonecall from Bill in traffic telling him that Lottie was seen speeding again through the high street with no emergency! She was called back to the station and she got a sound OTK birching and hard spanking followed by some more humiliating cornertime.



Watch the full¬†movie of Lottie’s perfect jiggling butt thrashed¬†HERE

Today’s final policewoman update stars the ever amazing Pandora Blake

During the last riot PC Blake and 2 other constables lost their name tags and they didn’t retreat back to the van. Chief Johnson identified¬†Blake but not the other 2 girls. Pandora was called to his office and she got a sound leather strapping for not wearing her name tag. After a while standing bare bottomed in the reception area (imagine turning up at this police station and seeing her bottom on full display, lol!), she was called back and she had to give the names of the other 2 constables. Pandora refused so Chief Johnson laid her over his desk and caned her severely until she blubbed and gave up the names –¬†she was sent back to the reception¬†to show off¬† her red cane striped bottom to everyone!



This full movie of PC¬†Blake’s suffering can be viewed HERE

This is just one section of the Spanked-in-Uniform website I have briefly covered today, but be sure to check out all the other sections which cover all our fave fetish niches with spanking such as seeing Nurses, French maids, Schoolgirls and Airline attendants thrashed in and out of their various perky uniforms.You’ll also notice in the tour pages some of the UK’s best known spanking actresses and of course the lovely Dutch girls that are not found anywhere else unless you’re visiting REAL LIFE Spankings

I’m a big fan of both sites and if you want to take a quick look, I have collected some of my fave updates from Real Life Spankings that I have done over the last year or so! Each image leads to my full review at the time…if anything, it’s a great distraction if you’ve seen these girls before, so stand by for “schummm schpannnkings!”

Hope you enjoyed some of my fave glimpses into these very sexy Dutch ladies getting the much deserved “schpannnkings” that these delicious brats¬†so need! Check out the very latest tour pages and updates from Real-Life-Spankings HERE


Spanking Movie Theater Updates – My latest most viewed!


Midweek Spanking Mayhem pt2

As promised here is part 2 (if you’ve just signed on, you’re in for a treat as if you scroll down you’ll see part 1 from earlier today!!! OK, enough of my waffle, I have a tedious night ahead of me so i want to get this done befor e I ensure it (see my previous post and you’ll understand!)

What about Lottie Kinsade? She appears to be that model that is everywhere but for good reason, watching her get thrashed right now at the various sites is quite addictive! I shall choose SpankingOnline in this post as my destination for Lottie as it currently has a really hard caning movie where she is humiliated into “thanking” Him for the cane strokes after each one lands on her very sore bottom! Check the images I have for you below and also the free movie clip which is only available at THIS Blog! (where you can see her doing the embarrassing “thank you” scene) – what you will also note is that her red bottom has started turning white from the cane strokes, the skin is welting, basically… try it on your loved ones and cane continually on the same spot and if you’re good enough, without breaking the skin, this is what will happen! It’s a particular skill and you can be assured that the swift strokes of rattan against Lottie’s fabulous derriere are hitting the mark!!!

Click the image above to download my free clip of lottie’s caning!

You can see the FULL caning movie of Lottie at SpankingOnline


OK, who wants to see Kami Robertson thrashed wearing a uniform? Do bears shit in the woods? Of course you would and at Spanked-in-Uniform that is precisely what you’ll see in one of their latest and very hot movie updates! I must admit I have a thing for seeing Kami get disciplined, and so it seems do a lot of other spankos as this girl has become very popular, I wonder why??? ūüėÄ

Nurse Kami Robertson is one of the latest girls to appear at St Elizabeth’s Hospital – check out her episode below!

A famous movie star Jim Blond visited St. Elizabeth for a regular check up and nurse Kami was told to keep any paparazzi and screaming teens out of his room. Naughty Kami decided to secretly take a few pics of him herself so she could send them to the tabloids and make a bit of money. Dr Johnson caught her in the act and let Jim Blond give her a good spanking first! Later Dr Johnson spanked Kami with his hand and a nasty looking hairbrush¬†and in a humiliating twist took some pictures of her sore red bottom and sent them to the tabloids which made front page news: “Jim Blond spanks paparazzi nurse!”

Don’t miss Kami in her nurse’s uniform getting humiliated with a bare bottom spanking! & you just know she will be appearing at more sections of Spanked-in-Uniform very soon too!!!

Have a good evening, especially if you check out any of these movies/sites I’ve featured today. OK, I have to get ready to go out now…sigh ūüôĀ

Midweek Spanking Mayhem pt1

Hi everyone, this is a 2 part special update and the first features a site I haven’t reminded you of recently – NORTHERN SPANKING

When you see some of what is on offer from some of my fave girls on that site then¬†you’ll understand why I was delayed with, ahem, updating this – that bloody site, like so many that I review now, are so damned addictive viewing! Okey-dokey, gotta hurry as tonight I have to endure a visit to The Theater and watch the musical “Les Miserables” – it’s a present to “er indoors” to get her “outdoors” and I admit I’m a bit of a philistine when it comes to musicals and suchlike, but this seems a safe bet, I just hope I don’t yawn too much (heh heh!)

“Spank me for being¬†miserable!”

As I said, it’s Northern Spanking today in part 1 and I have a selection of bumper updates featuring girls we all know very well and love seeing with their knickers down, bottoms bared for their punishment, girls like Lottie Kinsade and Irelynn Logeen, these 2 together should come with a public spanking health warning! Check out the FREE gallery below and movie explanation which explains this story, they’re wearing French Maid costumes….enough said!!! *pant pant*

If you liked that, check out more of these girls below, they have starred in many a production at Northern spanking themselves, I’ve featured them before and enjoy these topical updates below.

Irelynn Logeen & Paul Kennedy – “”It’s all Dutch to me!”

Irelynn has moved to England from Holland to stay with her Uncle so that she can attend an exclusive English school and improve her studies. In addition to the expensive day school, her uncle also employs an evening tutor, Mr Kennedy, to teach Irelynn about English Literature. An area in which her education to date seems sadly lacking. Even sadder however, is Irelynn’s declaration that the English classics are stupid, claims to not understand them and she refuses to study. Mr Kennedy is left with no alternative but to provide the young Dutch girl with a little motivation!!!

Lottie looks Hot in her skimpy bikini, and I don’t know why she thinks there’s anything to laugh and joke about our usual crap summer here in England… squirting water on Paul isn’t the wisest of decisions!!! Don’t be fooled by those blue skies, it doesn’t last long here, and neither does Lottie’s bikini bottoms as they are removed for a quick spanking!

Finally from NorthernSpanking it would be rude of me NOT to mention that the very latest update features very popular and very busty Jadie Reece, so here’s my final excuse to find some images of her amazing cleavage and buttock cleft as she’s spanked over Stephen’s knee, imagine Jadie wriggling over your lap…hmm, best not to, I think! ūüėÄ

This is the storyline behind the latest movie update:
Jadie was not cut out to be a museum guide. All this old, dusty stuff is just boring! Not dusty and boring however is the Curator, Mr Lewis, who is the main reason Jadie is still sat on her hard wooden chair in this old relic of a house! Still, flirting with Mr Lewis should keep her sane.
Mr Lewis however is very intersted in dusty old stuff, as well as pretty Jadie! Which is why he has let her sit there for days on end, reading her book and not talking to the, admittedly few, visitors.
Aware of her attentions, Mr Lewis has the perfect solution for punishing the lazy, inattentive girl. Plus he gets his hands on her lovely bottom! (Chief’s edit: I do hope he has some protective steel undergarments or all hell will break loose!)

You can see much more of Jadie as her knickers are removed and her gorgeous alluring bottom is given a very naughty spanking HERE!

Spankings for your weekend

Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about, my eyes would be popping out on their stalks too if I was lucky enough to catch the sight of a girl like that! I was out the other day and took a snap of a beauty in her jeans, it’s not quite in the same league and the image is pretty crap as my phone camera is poor…

Below is a very special preview which have 2 long play clips – you may have seen some part or all of this classic, but I’m willing to bet there are many readers here today that haven’t and it’s well worth downloading both clips which are excellent and quite severe!

Above movie advertised is available at SpankingOnline.com



Clare Fonda has unearthed a gorgeous new teenage spanking honey in the form of Brynn Tyler! I am guessing this is her very first online shoot that she did at SpankedSweeties as I’ve never seen her before. SpankedSweeties is basically Clare’s specialist intro site for newbies who explain a little about themselves and explore their own fantasies and previous spankings and act it out for all us lucky folk to enjoy!
The site isn’t all about first timers though, there are plenty of regular spankees who come here and act out their wildest spanking stories amking this an addictive one to keep tans on, I prefer to do this via the Clare Fonda Pass network which costs¬†a little more per month but when you see what you get for all that spanking goodness, it makes total sense!!!

Brynn Tyler yesterday ūüôā

However, today I’m focussing on the very luscious Brynn (above), who really has a fresh new look and what’s more, when I started watching the first parts to her first¬†movie now being shown¬†earlier today, I spluttered my cornflakes over my keyboard (serves me right for multitasking) when she got spanked by Clare over her tight “Daisy Duke” denim shorts – oh boy….that wasn’t the only mess I was clearing up afterwards … ahem! Well, you’ll see that Clare spanked and paddled Brynn over her shorts then of course spanked her bare bubble butt OTK!

This movie, Brynn pretends to eat her food and is caught out lying to Clare. She may be 18 years old, but she’s not too old for a thrashing for being such a brat! This is what Clare had to say about her new girl in this movie: Brynn is not a heavy player but has a cute little bottom and as her model friend Mia Lelani said – “does not mind a good spanking!”¬†She is a pretty model who is highly reactive when spanked. Enjoy her spanking stories and scenes. (Chief: “we will!”)

You can see the FULL movie here at spankedSweeties.com

or you can view this site as part of the Clare Fonda Pass network


One young lady¬†who you know I absolutely adore is Snow Mercy, an amazing “switch” who can take quite a punishment as well as dish it out! I hear she’s back from her humanitarian work in Haiti and for those lucky enough to be living in LA she’ll be hosting the Dormitory room at this party spanking girls for fun HERE

Well, below, as further proof was required how hard she can take a spanking, a classic from DallasSpanksHard from my personal collection. This was filmed a while back and she takes some heavy swats with the bath brush! This was Snow’s 1st time with Dallas and afterwards she’s interviewed and shows you her bruised bottom a day or 2 later! I have some images from this movie and a special facial cam angle for those that like that kind of thing as her bottom is whacked hard….for the full film (and of course the butt blistering scenes)¬†you can view it along with tons more cracking movies that Dallas has made HERE

You can download the FULL Film HERE at DallasSpanksHard.com


Finally today, check out some other sites I have been meaning to advise you of with some kick ass (literally) hot new updates! I’ll start with NorthernSpanking and 2 favourites. Kami Robertson is something else and I see Paul Kennedy was in much need of my protective steel undergarments from having that wriggling wench over his knee, you’ll notice from these beautiful high res images below that Paul has conveniently sat himself on the edge of the sofa after first spanking her over his knee then removing her tight panties revealing the full beauty of her rosy red butt for his paddle! (Lucky git!)

If you want to see much more of Kami – she is available HERE

Another hottie is “that there” Lottie and I have to say the photography from their infamous SSS (Short Sharp Shock) series is phenomenal, this really captures thsi naughty girl beautifully! She’s late for assembly so the Housemaster decides to take her away privately and thrash her gorgeous reddening behind! However, after Paul’s “trouser faux pas” I see Marcus Black here doesn’t dare take “Lottie the hottie” over his knee…there’d be all sorts of innapropriate trouser mishaps, I’m sure! I have included a special free preview clip below, click on the large image to play this and the smaller images for some stunning photography! Well done to Northern Spanking – they have really upped the quality of their films recently!!!

Lottie and co can be viewed in full HERE


The very latest slippering movie from HDspank stars the lovely Jasmine Lau and she really does get a good hard slippering at the hands of her Headmaster who almost lets her go then decides to thrash her when he realises that her nail varnish issues have been highlighted by various teacjers over the week – cue the door to his office being shut firmly in her face and her tight teenage bottom bared for a quite nasty slippering she won’t forget in a hurry! Click on the image below and you’ll get some high res image grabs from this film which has just been released in HD Format!

For a FREE HD Clip of Jasmine’s punishment – CLICK HERE

I’m being told off by the Missus for still being here so I’ll leave you all be and wish you folk a good weekend! She better have my supper ready or I feel a slippering is in order!!! (I’ll engineer some feeble excuse, as she’s overdue a thrashing, LOL!)

Schhpaaankings from Holland…& Japan!

As promised, if Japan won (and how easily they did too) last night, I’d bring you a celebration of Japanese girls and the latest 2 updates are featured below from Cutiespankee – and they’re awesome…and of course I won’t ignore the Dutch, since they breezed into the next round (one of my favourites for the Cup) and also this really cool uniform update from Mike and his spanked in Uniform site. (it was also an excuse to say “schhhpannnnkings!”)

Here is a classic double update from Cutiespankee, and it features a wicked and very hot looking step mom, this is one serious spanko, and you’ll see her spank Shizuku in her classic school uniform (below) whilst we get to see this lady getting off on punishing the crying schoolgirl! In the 2nd update (the latest!) Step mother spanks herself in private with a hairbrush, and if all Japanese women look as hot as her in their 30’s…well…excuse me, I have “wood” again *sigh*

Schoolgirl Shizuku is unable to hide the poor school report, meaning her new hated guardian gives her a damned good bare bottom spanking, images and free preview available, mmm!

Now if you thought seeing this teenager thrashed by her evil guardian was hot…just wait til you see Step Mom, alone in her bedroom, her black lingerie, black stockings and suspenders showing off her beautiful legs with those¬†delicious black panties barely able to hide her swollen pussy as she gets off on the previous punishment by whacking herself, and she uses a hairbrush and she doesn’t hold back! There’s also an added twist, I think you’ll know what I mean from the free preview clip below!!!¬†I could watch this¬†“momma” all day long!

More images from this unmissable movie are below!

You can see these and all the most recent updates HERE only from Cutiespankee


Meanwhile in Amsterdam’s spankophile St Elizabeth’s Hospital, nurse Lottie Kinsade is up for her weekly evaluation at the “hands” of Dr Johnson. However, as you’ll see below, and I can confirm this, Lottie has a bad habit of smoking and she is once again outside the hospital taking yet another break…hmmm, wonder if anyone noticed?

This is the storyline of this latest addition to the Doctors and Nurses themed section (at St Elizabeth’s Hospital) from Spanked in Uniform

It is weekly evaluation time for nurse Lottie and she did pretty well but she did take an unauthorised smoke break and she listened to Matron Melanie getting spanked in the corridor outside Dr Johnson’s office. For the smoking break Dr Johnson gave her a sound OTK spanking …. and for listening to Melanie getting spanked, Lottie¬†was laid over the bed and her sore red bottom got a nasty strapping.

Seriously, Lottie looks HOT in that uniform, especially when it is dishevelled and her knickers are yanked down below that maginficent rear of hers as she is given the spanking!

Then she got the dreaded sign “I have been a very naughty nurse and I have just had a sound spanking” pinned onto the back of her uniform and, as do most of the shamed nurses at St Elizabeth’s –¬†she had to stand in the corridor so everyone could see her sore glowing red bottom. Seriously, if you’re gonna fall ill, at least this would be a place you could go out with “bang”! ūüėÄ

Lottie does some wall time in the corridor for everyone to see!

You can see this and ALL the latest exclusive uniform punishments HERE

Right, back to the Portugal v Brazil football match…and “No!”, I won’t show the Brazilian girls movies¬†again, you can find that at NaughtyBottom!!! there’s all the info and some free previews there!!!

Enjoy! ūüėȬ†Chief