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Love our Lurkers Day 10th Anniversary

Come out, come out, wherever you are!
Once again it’s time for all lurkers to declare themselves.


What is a lurker?  Well, basically a lurker is anyone who stops by and reads, but doesn’t comment.  So, if you’ve read here before, but have never said hello, or if this is your first time visiting, this post is for you!

Love Our Lurkers is just a time for those of us who blog to let all our readers know that we so appreciate you and it’s an invitation for you to say hi, comment on something, ask a question, etc.  If you’ve never done so before it may seem scary, but I promise you, it’s really not.  If you do it once, you may find yourself doing it again and again.  And maybe you’ll even start blogging yourself!  No, really, that’s how many of us got started.

Some options if you’re feeling uncomfortable … you can comment anonymously if you like or you can pick a name for yourself and create an email specifically for commenting on blogs or you can send me an email instead (the address is on the left hand side of the page).

I definitely appreciate all those who stop by and read here, whether you comment or not.  But for those of you who haven’t said hello yet, I wish you would, at least in response to this post.  I would love to “meet” you!!!

For more information about LOL Day 10 and a list of all participating blogs, I invite you to visit our good friend Hermione who now sponsors this awesome tradition! Thank you!


Love Our Lurkers day

Apparently it is that day again… if you have never ever commented but would just like to say “Hi!” – I’d appreciate it, thanks! Oh, & I added some images of Bettie Page getting and dishing out a spanking just for the hell of it! Why not? #schwiiing!

The girls from Sistar would also like to say “hello!” to you lurkers, both male and female… don’t be shy, heh heh!







Don’t worry about Lurker Cat… he’s a pussy! 🙂


6th Love our Lurkers Day

The 6th LoL Day is finally here. Six of the best! I like six and so should you! The basic concept of Love Our Lurkers is simple. All those people that read blogs and such but never leave or comment or contribute in another way (henceforth referred to as a “lurker”) are invited to do the totally unexpected – to leave a comment. You don’t even have to send me your real email address when you send in a comment, no need to leave a site address, just click on the comments and say “Hi!” or whatever, I know there are 1000′ s of daily readers so I’d love you guys who hve never left a comment (as well as those who do, which I really appreciate) to leave me a comment. Even if it is to say “I suck and I stink” etc… I can handle it 🙂 Hey, you remember my crazy cat spankings? Well, here below is my reward, I loved this little clip from a French Canadian family who have a cute Siamese kitteh-kat… that loves to be spanked, heh heh!


Below are the links to my other cat spanking inspired posts in case you forgot 🙂

& below is why cats are so clever and cute…

Talking cats… I love them, hope you enjoyed seeing these clips, I shall be posting more spanking updates (of humans, most notably the female of the species next time), so don’t go far now! Chief.

Click on OMG Kitty below for a reminder of more cat spankings! (and some interesting human spanking stuff too!)