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It’s that time of the year again when we all think towards Xmas and what naughty Spanko Santa has hidden in his huge sack for us this year! Well, as all our supermarkets are going crazy for the festive season, I thought I’d join in and bring a little Xmas cheer of my own. Not only is there the Loyalty Membership (more on that in a moment) but for those who want to purchase DVDs – now is your chance to at a limited fantastic price with lower shipping costs too, (this is an experiment of mine as I WILL put the prices back up and I’m doubting I will repeat this too often in the future!) – So I’d get these in quickly to avoid disappointment before Xmas as they are dependent on all our overstretched postal services bringing you your naughty movie discs on time before you have a Joyful Noel! I have some FAQs on these as well.


I won’t go into detail on the DVDs as you can check out the DVD page HERE – however, there are interesting sets to collect, including 2 Schoolgirl Volumes, and other themes like Cheergirls, the Spanking Bench & Wheelbarrow Positions (both the current best sellers as there are a couple of films on there not seen yet!) and also by actress such as Amelia Jane Rutherford, Kami Robertson or Mishka Devlin….


Then there are a few additional membership options which are great deals… the Loyalty Membership options are best shown on the join up page – CLICK HERE and you will see what is available. The best mid to long term recurring deal is the $32.95 first month sign up followed by the same amount then recurring every THREE months meaning membership after this costs just $11/Month until you cancel… the longer you stay the more you save as the site gets bigger and bigger. It’s the last time this offer is made at this price and you can get locked in if you sign up BEFORE Xmas!

Don’t like that? Then there’s also a Non Recurring ANNUAL Deal from my secondary billing agent too – CLICK HERE (works out at $12.50/month)



& to show you what is coming in addition to this week’s updates (click on images for the latest free galleries below)

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The following week there’s another fantastic “Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival” meaning you get 3 full films next week as well as the conclusion to the long play Zoe Montana Cold Caning Film… that’s an impressive amount of content coming your way (well over 1.5 – 2Gb of data next week alone!) – I am going to give you 4 images of each film so you can see for yourselves!


Sarah Gregory

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Lily Swan

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Rosie Ann

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& just so you know what should be coming up over the following weeks…
Check out the images taken from these films!

In no particular order what you can expect, just a few of the films, there are many more with new girls stunning Candle Boxx & Isobel Wren I filmed at Fetishcon in Tampa… Angel Lee  in Chicago & Stevie Rose in Las Vegas which will see us through to the New Year in style plus the Xmas Film I will be making with Sarah Gregory for this site too!

comingsoon001 comingsoon002 comingsoon003 comingsoon004 comingsoon005 comingsoon006 comingsoon007 comingsoon008 comingsoon009 comingsoon010 comingsoon011 comingsoon012 comingsoon013 comingsoon014 comingsoon015 comingsoon016 comingsoon017