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Post Party Spanking Updates

It’s been nearly a week since the Lone Star Spanking Party finished… in my opinion, the best of the four that we have hosted. I would like to thank all the awesome attendees that made this such a fun party to help host, and also the biggest. I will be writing more about it soon, with background info, images and what went on but for now, since I am trying to combat Party Drop (still… it was that good) – I am travelling back to Houston to meet up with Sarah tomorrow. I have been away on a fun filled roadtrip with fellow Brit, Dodgy Dave – the highlight being a booze fuelled time in New Orleans. Of course, there are other times to be reflective (at the Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana (Vacherie province) … or the fuckwittery of playing with candy toys (Wacky Monkey I love you!) in a candy store in Scott, LA. Anyway, more on all that at a later date as I just wanted to remind you about the very latest film now showing at AAA Spanking

So here is the latest film, it is selling like crazy at the C4S store (I wonder why with that title, what a dirty bunch of pervs some people are!) and of course, members at AAA Spanking can now see this and 412 more films as part of their membership along with the 1000s and 1000s of images too. Please welcome back Luci Lovett and Madame Samantha B in this latest all female production.

Probed and Punished

Luci Lovett is one of the worst behaved girls at school and is constantly getting spanked in class or during detention. So when she approached the school nurse (who was relaxing in the common room during lunchbreak) claiming to have tummy-ache, and wanting to go home; this request was met with much derision. The school nurse (Madame Samantha B) decided to take Luci’s temperature the old fashioned way, by placing the thermometer up her bottom! The nurse knew full well that there was an important examination later that day in Luci’s Year so decided to teach this faker a lesson. She made Luci wipe her own bottom before sticking the lubed thermometer where the sun never shines, and lo and behold, her temperature was normal! With her bottom already stuck out, nurse Samantha spanked the girl, scolding her for telling lies to get out of a test! Then Luci was placed over the nurse’s lap and the spankings continued with her hard hand and a leather paddle which really stung, making Luci’s bottom a very shameful red! The nurse informed Luci that she then had to go take that test and she would pass… or else! Luci learnt a valuable lesson in not using the school nurse to get out of a test that she had not prepared properly for.

wiping her bottom taking her temperature the old fashioned way inserting the rectal thermometer temperature taking rectal temp taking schoolgirl spanking wobblesome bottom spanked otk spanking sore bottom spanking jiggling buttocks given a hand spanking shamed and spanked by nurse scolding


As usual, you can also download this new title via the Clips store (below)

probed and punished

Sorry this is just a short post but I wanted to at least write here to let you know I haven’t forgotten about this blog! I promise to be back soon with all the gossip and news from the amazing Lone Star Spanking Party and of course plenty more spanking updates that I really think you should be checking out!!!

Bye Y’all!