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Spanking Halloween Week pt1

Starting off this spooky week I have possibly one of the loudest screamers ever to have graced a spanker’s lap! I don’t know quite how I’d have reacted (probably taped her mouth up, lol) but Mystery Spanker, Greg, from BunBeatingFun.com didn’t mess with this mouthy model when she complained and bitched about his lingerie photo and film shoot before he had the last word when she said she was leaving, wanted his payment and had it coming to her… she was right about the last bit, haw haw haw! This is a classic from yonder with Czech model, Inka. (first filmed in 2004 then remastered for the website about 4 years ago.


Inka – The screamiest of spanked screamers – from the Czech Republic


To see how she ended up like this… check out more of the storyline and images below:

inka003 inka006

inka008 inka010 inka009

inka004 inka012

This is how Greg described his day with Inka: This one here provides living proof that tarts are the same the world over. An expatriate from the Czech Republic, this self-admitted gold digger tells me how she came here to find herself a rich American husband to support her in the manner to which she would like to become accustomed. “I not come cheap” she announces in her rather charming, thickly accented English.
Of course, Inka is aware that prior to that happy day she’ll need to somehow make a living. But she’s got that figured out to: “Men, they always want to touch me…” Inka sniffs. “They’re such peegs! Let them pay money to see Inka on the television and then they can touch themselves” she adds with a smirk, obviously enjoying her own joke. What this pouty faced little slut didn’t realize was is that I’d just gone through a very expensive divorce and was not in the least bit amused. Moreover, Inka’s bouncing bare butt cheeks were about to pay the price… with interest !

inka016 inka017 inka026

inka028 inka032

inka034 inka035 inka037

inka041 inka046

inka047 inka048 inka050

Below is a screaming clip of Inka… WARNING: turn the sound down!

Clip doesn’t download? CLICK HERE to download the short WMV version – more movies (below)


Continuing with a scary theme… something from the vaults of Sarah Gregory Spanking – this film always made me laugh, I had always wanted to know who the Stalking Masked Spanker was… Sarah told me who it was on pain of death, so I can’t reveal who it is/was… but I do know him, heh heh! He puts up a convincing and scary performance… even though it is all a bit of fun, of course (unlike the owner of the hockey mask below!!!)


The Spanking Masked Stalker – spanking Sarah Gregory & Kat St James


In this fun and playful spanking video, Sarah and Kat are having a slumber party. They are interupted from their own spanking fun when a masked man shows up at their house to spank them. Sarah and Kat both love scary movies. They had so much fun shooting this video together which shows as it’s a great excuse to mix scary and fun which makes Halloween so cool!

0009_masked_stalker_gal1-002 0009_masked_stalker_gal1-004

0009_masked_stalker_gal1-005 0009_masked_stalker_gal1-009 0009_masked_stalker_gal1-016


0009_masked_stalker_gal2-007 0009_masked_stalker_gal2-015 0009_masked_stalker_gal2-020

0009_masked_stalker_gal3-001 0009_masked_stalker_gal3-007


Check out a scene from the film below… there are many more films with Kat & Sarah together HERE

sarah Gregory Spanking


Another Halloween Spanktacular – from Spanking Sorority girls

You would expect no less at this time of the year from this group of sites… and of course, with Veronica Ricci, fun and spanking mayhem at this girl spanking site is never far away!



It’s Halloween and Veronica is upset with pledges Koko and Ludella for not wearing great costumes for the upcoming contest. She believes that spanking them will put them in line and she spanks one, then the other hard, lecturing them all the while. But Koko and Ludella team up to give Veronica a painful spanking, even using a wooden paddle.

02 03

05 06

07 08

09 10 11

12 13


16 20 19

 18 14

Watch the full 25 minute film of Veronica, Ludella and Koko HERE


This site is part of the CLARE FONDA PASS – Access to all the sites for a fraction of the combined cost



If you like cosplay spanking films… (and at this time of year they are in abundance) then please don’t forget that there’s a fabulous trio of this “trio” below at my site – starring Christy Cutie, Alex Reynolds & Maddy Marks – I had a lot of fun with these naughty girls who bratted beautifully and relentlessly… but they got a good spanking alright!

3 Sassy Schoolgirls

sassy001 sassy002

sassy003 sassy004

sassy005 sassy006

Paddled Cheerleaders

chr001 chr002

chr003 chr004

chr005 chr006

Horrid Halloween

hllw001 hllw002

hllw003 hllw004

hllw005 hllw006

You can see these films all exclusive to AAA Spanking



& don’t forget to check out the new look POV Spanking Store (below)


Sensual Spankings – Part 2

Okay, sorry for the delay… I’ll not waffle on. Let’s just get you the naughty and sensual/erotic spankings you want to see… maybe if you like something you will help support those sites with a membership option, most sites here are very reasonable, I wouldn’t promote any site here that I wouldn’t or haven’t joined in the past or present so they all get my seal of approval and need our subs to continue making films. Contrary to what forum and filehosting uploaders would have you believe… the best way of supporting any of our sites is to purchase a membership – everyone counts right now, trust me, I should know!

Here’s a great start with the lovely Sarah Gregory getting a girlfriend spanking a few years ago from Sinn Sage.


Taken from the archives… this film is called “The Cheat” (co-starring Sinn Sage in a girlfriend spanking movie)

0018_the_cheat_gal1-013 0018_the_cheat_gal1-016

0018_the_cheat_gal1-023 0018_the_cheat_gal1-025

0018_the_cheat_gal1-026 0018_the_cheat_gal2-013

0018_the_cheat_gal1-031 0018_the_cheat_gal2-026

0018_the_cheat_gal2-024 0018_the_cheat_gal2-020

Sarah’s strict beautiful girlfriend, Sinn Sage, is very angry when she finds out that Sarah has been cheating on her. Sarah is working, earning money letting guys touch and spank her at clubs and hotel rooms but Sinn doesn’t like that she has to do that behind her back… so when she returned, Sinn makes Sarah strip down and get across her lap for a hard bare bottom spanking with hand, strap, and leather paddle in more than one sexy position that Sinn gets off to, watching Sarah squirm with real shame and embarrassment before the girls both get turned on and make out with Sarah’s bright red burning bottom a reminder that she should be a better girlfriend in future!


This is one of the many HOT films from the archives of Sarah Gregory Spanking

or view as a member of MommaSpankings.com too & save money with the Sarah Gregory Pass (see below)


I found some original screen images from a naughty girl/girl movie at my site AAA Spanking … no one has seen them this size as they are taken from the raw data and the film was originally edited at a very reasonable 1280×720 resolution – all new films at my site are now edited at their original screen size of 1920x1080HD – at a future date I will most probably re edit some older films, so they will be started from scratch (essentially slightly different from another editor’s eye using the same raw data and with some suggestions and input from me with musical scores, credits, split screens/slo-mo shots and more). However, I have to PAY a decent editor to do all that for me… without membership sign ups, that isn’t gonna happen – period … but imagine if this film was one of them, eh? #schwiiing!

Webcam Hustlers – Starring Ashley Graham & Nyssa Nevers


Nyssa’s English uncle had bought her and her best friend, Ashley, matching pyjamas from 2 of the biggest soccer teams in England. The girls were unaware of the animosity between the supporters of these 2 teams which was no doubt part of their wicked Uncle’s plan! They decided to make some extra money again on their webcam so sign in & an English guy sees them in their PJ team tops and quickly paid for a private show! he wanted to see the girls playfight, wrestle and get up to all sorts of lesbian and spanky stuff and see who or what team would come out on top! Who wins and who gets the most money from the webcam show?

Check out the movie and see for yourself who won!

webhustlers002 webhustlers003 webhustlers004

webhustlers005 webhustlers006

webhustlers007 webhustlers008


webhustlers010 webhustlers011

webhustlers012 webhustlers013

webhustlers014 webhustlers015 webhustlers016


These girls had such naughty chemistry… they knew each other outside of spanking and actually travelled up together at the time for that film shoot… so felt more comfortable messing around with each other, which showed. I thought they were great and it’s a great spanky sensual and erotic girl girl spanking fest! I hope you liked the added touch of the football shirts of the 2 Manchester teams (City & Utd) from the English Premier League – they had no idea who or what they were (LOL!)… Nyssa pronounced it “Man-chess-terrr” in her cute (to my ears) American accent. In recent years, Manchester City (in sky blue sported by Ashley) have had the upper hand on titles – in England the teams are often referred to as “Man City or United” but I think that year that Nyssa wore the shirt, the Reds of United had won it.

This is your last chance to grab the trial membership – It goes before the end of the month!



Here’s a reminder of a fantastic sultry Christy Cutie pleading with YOU (playing her daddy in the POV perspective as the spanker… we’re witnessing everything through YOUR eyes!). She’s pleading for you not to give her a spanking! She’s just so adorable, and too cute to spank, she’s telling you that again, but you’re having none of it. Here are some reminder pics of this popular POV style spanking! #cute #adorable #POV


christy002 christy003 christy004

christy005 christy006

christy008 christy009


YOU are Christy’s Daddy and you are far from pleased with her inappropriate attire. She shows you her tight Daisy Duke shorts and pleads for you to let her go out, but those big doe eyes and sexy pout don’t get what she wants this time… oh no! She looks shocked as she watches you remove your belt and gesture for her to take off her shorts AND panties as you bend her over the sofa to take a look at what your baby girl is made of before giving her some reminder strokes with your leather belt who is in charge! Christy’s smouldering looks, and adult babygirl attitude make this an even sexier spanking experience. This is definitely one spanking POV film you should check out as our project continues and we improve each and every time we make these challenging films! This is what real spanking POV should be from YOUR perspective when you imagine spanking a brat… go on, enjoy… we know you want to!

christy010 christy011

christy012 christy013

christy014 christy015 christy017

The Clips are in either WMV or MP4 HD 1280×720 playback – VIEW IT DIRECTLY HERE


All the latest POV spankings, scoldings sub/dom perspectives can be seen HERE



Finally today, a fantastic self spanking reminder from English Spankers with American fetish model, Ludella Hahn. Enjoy watching this self spanking and an interesting intro shown earlier this year.

npp6029008 npp6029011

npp6029014 npp6029023

npp6029029 npp6029032


Top American model Ludella Hahn loves the English way of spanking and punishing girls so much that she wants to try it on herself, so she can spank herself when she is back home. She works her way through our nastiest implements including a large wooden bat, a loopy and some of our thick leather straps. She sets out to really whack her bare bottom till it’s a bright shade of red. Just to make her day Sarah Stern comes along and finishes the job. A good hard whacking film with this beautiful lady taking her very hardest ever punishment.


npp6029051 npp6029056

npp6029057 npp6029060

npp6029066 npp6029068

You can see this film and more of Ludella right here!



HAWT Girl/Girl Spankings

I’m feeling a little strange, I’m back in the south west of England (eventually) after braving the holiday traffic leaving my excellent host, Dodgy Dave’s, early this afternoon. Fortunately it was mainly in the other direction as all the grockles, tourists and muggles from afar were returning back “oop north” (oh, grockles are what we Devonians call the tourists to our part of the country, lol) which amused me as I sped down south west to see traffic jams and very slow holiday traffic crawling up on the other side…. however, whenever I needed to use the service stations (or “rest stops” as Sarah would say) they were overrun with bratty kids and flustered parents with lines of people waiting to be served for food or anything in particular. Still, I’m home, I’ve gone through my mail, talked to Sarah who is also back home now and I have planned not one but TWO new movie updates for my site next week and that is not including the Freaky Friday event which occurs once a month as planned so I am really spoiling you all and to anyone considering joining… stay tuned with news of what is coming to my site NEXT week (tomorrow in the next post here in advance with some revealing video images to whet your spanking appetite). In the meantime, see the review from porn site  reviewers: Rabbits Reviews of my site HERE  –  I got marked down 5 points for not having streaming content… boo! So taking that into consideration I got a very reasonable score – and their description of my latest HD film formats are inaccurate as I now upload most new content in MP4 1920×1080 where possible (if it was filmed and edited from towards end of last year). For example… the 2 new films next week will be in this format and I am also going to start offering the WMV format in HD 1920×1080/8000kbs from now where possible too! (meaning the quality is f*cking awesome!)

However, today… I just wanted to focus on one site, the ever popular spanking soap opera that is My Spanking Room Mate with the latest couple of episodes to keep you up to date with what is going on there… and remember, that site is always part of the top value 5 Site ClareFondaPass network!



Mia Vallis is looking to get away from her roommates, who spank her all the time. She tries her new friend Courtney Shea, who has an extra room, but doesn’t want a roommate. Mia is desperate, and she was spanking to help influence the decision. Which of course ends in punishment over her already spanked bare bottom!

002 004

006 009


011 012

013 014 015


Can Mia spank as well as she can take it? See below!!!

001 005

007 008

012 013

014 016


In episode 166… Life coach Ludelle Hahn spanks Koko!


Life Coach Ludella Hahn gets a visit from Koko Kitten, who wants a new roommate and attempts to recruit Ludella. But Koko proves to be bratty, rude and demanding, so Ludella teaches her a valuable lesson with a good spanking over her knee – using her hand and a paddle. Then she turns her away.

002 003

006 008

009 011

012 013

014 015


You can check out all the very latest HOT spanking episodes from this great site HERE

Access the 5 site network that gives you access to all sites for a fraction of the combined cost!


Yikes… that was hot! 🙂


Sunday Schpannnkings & other news

Things are looking up… the weather is behaving, it’s calm, even bright  and I did see that warming orange thing in the sky at times… the birds are busy chirping and tweeting away (not on Twitter, of course), I shall be packing my bags in anticipation of my Vegas and LA visit later today (which I’m rather excited about, naturally) and it was good to chat to Mike the other day too and he has told me he has been filming again since his hospital visit… so we can expect many more “schpannnkings!” of naughty girls from the man that puts “rotter” into Rotterdam! Take these 2 naughty badminton players (below) … it’s a 2 part film… and they thought they’d got away with the second part – UNTIL Mike got back into the “schwiiing” of things again! (LOL) Below are both full length movie part previews in the SIU Badminton Girls Uniform section at Spanked-in-Uniform.com

Stop Fooling Around – (Part 1 with Betty & Samantha)

With an important match coming soon, Samantha and Betty were expected to practice hard but instead they were giggling and talking about boys. Coach gave them two warnings but they didn’t listen. He had enough and ordered them both into his office. He scolded them and gave Betty a sound OTK spanking and marched her outside and placed her with her bottom bare against the wall… In part two – he will take care of Samantha!

ep4_1 ep4_5


ep4_6 ep4_7

ep4_8 ep4_9


ep4_10 ep4_11

Samantha’s turn – in part 2 (below)

… while Betty remains facing the wall, Samantha is taken over Coach’s knee and given a good bare bottom spanking. After this punishment both girls are told to remove their skirts and panties and continue practicing with their sore, red, well spanked bottoms on display for all the other girls to see. It was a perfect warning to the others to practice hard or have shameful sore bottoms like poor Betty and Samantha.

ep5_2 ep5_4


ep5_6 ep5_7

ep5_8 ep5_10


ep5_11 ep5_12

Check out all the other latest uniform spanking punishments as they happen – HERE


I thought I’d remind you of a stunning model that NorthernSpanking.com were fortunate to film with a few times, I’m not quite sure if she is still in the scene at the mo, as her Fetlife and blog accounts don’t seem to be updated anymore… I really missed out on Zille Defeu when she came over to England, not once, but twice, I believe… it was in the early days of me setting up my own site, so I won’t knock myself out over it, shit happens… and of course the spanking parties that she once attended before I had discovered such delights… luckily, you can check out this wonderful intro on her from 2010 when I believe this was filmed in sunny Cumbria (NW England)… well, judging by the leaf count on the trees, it certainly wasn’t winter, filming outdoors in Cumbria would have been suicide this time of year, lol!

NSI095-VZ016 NSI095-VZ024 NSI095-VZ036

NSI095-VZ037 NSI095-VZ052


NSI095-VZ053 NSI095-VZ071 NSI095-VZ081

Check out many more films with Zille at NorthernSpanking.com


Whilst I am reminiscing… perhaps you’d like a stunning reminder of Jenna Jay’s solitary confinement punishments (I have the 1st 2 days below) of her at Bars-and-Stripes.com – as you’ll see from her very sore red bottom, the prison warders, Zoe Page & Stephen Lewis like to play with their helpless victims in the confines of “Solitary”… where no one can hear their cries!

Jenna’s Solitary Punishment – Day 1


Prison Officer Stephen Lewis asks her if she’s enjoying her first day in solitary – and she nonchalantly tells him it’s all right. The unoccupied chair is put in the centre of the cell and she is told to bend over it. She does exactly as she is told – this makes Officer Lewis suggest that she may be learning to enjoy it. But when he starts hand spanking her – she is soon pleading with him to stop. However, he carries on with the spanking. Cruelly, he tells her to ask him to stop convincingly and nicely. He tells her to say pretty please – and when she does he tells her no and carries on spanking her very hard on her bare bottom.

jenna_solday1-31 jenna_solday1-35 jenna_solday1-42

jenna_solday1-25 jenna_solday1-56

jenna_solday1-55 jenna_solday1-59 jenna_solday1-66

Day 2 – Solitary Punishment

Prisoner Jenna Jay is gently rubbing at her sore bottom – still suffering from the previous day’s spanking. Now it is day two of being in solitary and she has a visitor – Prison Officer Zoe Page. As Officer Page has brought a paddle with her- it’s obvious why she’s there. She orders poor Jenna to stand up and bend over the back of the solitary piece of furniture that the cell has to offer. Jenna obeys and her short tunic rides up her back, revealing a pair of black regulation prison knickers. The tell tale signs of the previous days spanking are two rosy red bruised cheeks.

jenna_solday2-18 jenna_solday2-27 jenna_solday2-31

jenna_solday2-32 jenna_solday2-33

jenna_solday2-38 jenna_solday2-55 jenna_solday2-64

 Officer Page uses the paddle – from one cheek to the other, full strength and non-stop. Jenna is in pain and whimpers but Officer Page hasn’t a merciful bone in her body. Finally Officer page tires of thrashing Jenna and leaves her alone again – free to rub her bottom in an attempt to rub away the soreness.


Check out all the inmates and their severe humiliating punishments at the unique Bars-and-Stripes.com


A couple of stunning updates now coming to the stage as I start to think about wrapping up today’s blog post… these next 2 are from Pandora’s site now… I like “Littles play” (thanks to Sarah Gregory as she is massively into it) and also I get the harder raunchy sexy images that Pandora produced with one of her lovers, D, for Valentine’s Day… as it’s something any lovers in our kink can easily identify with. So take a sneaky glimpse behind that stage curtain and see what Pandora has been up to!


Pandora loves to tease her little cousin Mila, but Mila takes things too far one day when she retaliates by colouring in Pandora’s face in red pen. Pandora runs to tell. Mila is outraged to find herself taken over Paul’s lap and spanked, and vows to get her own back. Mila returns with a slipper and blackmails Pandora into bending over and taking a spanking until her bottom is also coloured as red as felt tip pen! A light-hearted age play scene with Mila at her bratty best. Her protestations of innocence are hilarious and adorable, and you’ll love the way she kicks and wriggles over Paul’s knee!

image003 image002

image004 image005

image006 image007 image008

In the 2nd erotic set… Pandora explains that “We started out shooting couple nudes, but D and I can’t keep our hands off each other. Skin to skin, our bodies tangle as we kiss and the temperature rises. Real love, real lust, and real, spontaneous sex!” Enough said… check out these lower resolution images! #TrouserArousal


d002 d003

d004 d005 d006

d007 d008

Check out more of what Pandora is dreaming about this week – HERE


Finally, I had wanted to get this update out earlier this week, so better late than never… Ludella Hahn looks absolutely scrummy in these images taken from the latest film at English-Spankers.com – I know I’m an old daft git… but what I found more sexy than anything about this was the way her natural womanly bush complimented the burlesque style lingerie she had on… I am a massive fan of burlesque and Bettie Page in particular… so seeing this set the #TrouserArousal gauges soaring… thank you kind E-S peeps for an awesome update!


Top American model Ludella Hahn loves the English way of spanking and punishing girls so much that she wants to try it on herself, so she can spank herself when she is back home. She works her way through our nastiest implements including a large wooden bat, a loopy and some of our thick leather straps. She sets out to really whack her bare bottom till it’s a bright shade of red. Just to make her day Sarah Stern comes along and finishes the job. A good hard whacking film with this beautiful lady taking her very hardest ever punishment.

npp6029013 npp6029014

npp6029022 npp6029033 npp6029035

npp6029042 npp6029043

npp6029050 npp6029056 npp6029057

npp6029060 npp6029066


Check out the FREE HD Spanking preview clip HERE


Enjoy what remains of your weekend everyone!




More Updates for your consideration!

Jeez… I have been sooooo busy that I only just managed to (finally) update the site with a new film so I basically put up the full film instead of breaking it into 2 parts. It features a return for Danielle Hunt in a memorable film I made with her. I believe this actually was our first film of the day and it was pretty cold in that studio as I recall… so with Dani feeling the cold (hmmm, most girls do, eh?) I gave her a darned good thrashing to ensure that at least one part of her anatomy was quite toasty and all warmed up. Her dusky bottom turned a darker shameful shade with a hint of throbbing red that I loved seeing as I spanked her over my knee rather hard then used a hairbrush to finish off her punishment when I didn’t want to ruin my own precious hand on her near indestructible rear! This was a painful punishment with Dani in a naughty cheerleading uniform, which I loved seeing her in. If you click on either image below, it will take you to 2 special free galleries which best showcase my site’s latest new film update! Enjoy!!!

Dani’s Cheerleading Evaluation – The Free Gallery of video screens


Click image below to view the Special Free Gallery
(images reduced in size from Members Area)


You can watch a special OTK hairbrush punishment preview HERE

FYI – this film is already available as an HD-WMV download at the CLIPS STORE

Want to know what is coming before Xmas Day? This was taken from my most recent filmshoot only a few weeks back and stars Sarah Gregory with Joelle Barros, a fantastic duo (only spoiled by some hapless geek like myself who believes he has been given 2 Stepford Wives Style bots – spankbots in fact) who are commanded by a special remote control in his possession which can make them do anything and everything he desires in his wildest punishment fantasies with these lifelike hot spankbots… as you will see, not all goes to plan… it’s a fun, naughty and at times rather hard hitting (remember the carpet beater!) film… with a nice twist at the end I will not reveal (aren’t I a tease?) 🙂

spankbot01 spankbot02

spankbot03 spankbot04

spankbot05 spankbot06

This film goes live early next week at AAAspanking.com


Sticking with a fun element, briefly… I took time out to check all the most recent updates from NorthernSpanking.com and their other updates are featured elsewhere, so I thought I’d bring you these fun images, I remember Paul sending me an image of this, he was really excited about the day’s shoot… (and now you can see why) after he and Zoe Montana had done this little fun set… messing around in the soapy suds of the industrial size kitchen sinks at a unique and fantastic location (sadly no longer available to use!)

NSI107-PZ022 NSI107-PZ035

NSI107-PZ044 NSI107-PZ048


NSI107-PZ081 NSI107-PZ088

NSI107-PZ098 NSI107-PZ100

Check out more naughty spankings c/o NorthernSpanking.com


Wanna see something naughty but nice? Of course you would… the latest recruit at the Sexy Cleaning Company from English-Spankers.com was awesome fetish model, Ludella Hahn, who asked if she had what it took to join their company and they of course welcomed her. She did some amazing flashing shots for the cameras then took a good whacking with a wooden baking spoon and a very hard leather paddle. She even took the paddle and did a very sexy and quite hard self paddling on her lovely bottom. Check out some superb images below… the film is far better! Trust me!

npp6028030 npp6028021

npp6028037 npp6028044

npp6028052 npp6028056

npp6028058 npp6028061

npp6028063 npp6028073

Check out this and the other great films she has starred in exclusive to English-Spankers.com


Exclusive updates come thick and fast at FirmHandSpanking.com as one of their most recent recruits, gorgeous and sassy Stacy Stockton, features in the latest film shown today as she is accosted by young hot shot lawyer, Patrick bateman for wearing highly inappropriate attire in the office environment. I never really like watching American films with canings in them as a rule, as they never seem to get them right… but this one was superb… a dozen hard strokes measured for effect and some fantastic reactions from Stacy… this hurt alright, and i am sure she learnt her lesson… (images below accompany the movie)

secretary_bd001 secretary_bd004

secretary_bd006 secretary_bd010

secretary_bd014 secretary_bd016

secretary_bd023 secretary_bd024

I promise you will not want to miss sexy Stacy’s punishment – See it HERE


I loved seeing this location shoot, and of course Agean from SoundPunishment.com is rather pervy as a frightenly real looking vicar who chastises then spanks one of his more provocatively dressed (or is that undressed?) congregation after the church service… how could Susan James refuse her punishment in the eyes of God from a “man of the cloth” – good job I never accepted the calling… I’d be in every tabloid here in the UK using the good Lord’s name to instruct sassy young girls like Susan to remove their panties and receive unholy paddlings and such on their bare quivering pert bottoms… *sigh* lol! See for yourself some choice images taken from this excellent film!

susanjames02 susanjames03

susanjames05 susanjames06

susanjames07 susanjames08

susanjames10 susanjames11

susanjames15 susanjames18

Check out the very latest spankings including this film by viewing the tour pages and downloading the excellent free clips so you can make up yoru own mind about this English spanking site – SoundPunishment.com


The last site from the UK featured in this post today is Pandora’s DreamsOfSpanking.com as she stars in a delightful (over the top) historical romp called “The New Lieutenant”

Her Majesty’s Hussars are off on campaign. Major Harry Havelock congratulates new Lieutenant Shada on his promotion, and introduces the boy to the privileges of rank: Lieutenant Shada requires introduction to the privileges of an officer and a gentleman: wine, wenching, and whipping! Havelock also takes the opportunity to provide the new Lieutenant with Flash Harry’s patent method for domestic bliss:  a brisk over-the-lap spanking and, if she needs it, a firm thrashing with the riding crop… (image below are part of the 83 image set which accompanies the 18 minute movie)

Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant019 Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant057

Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant059 Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant080

Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant066 Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant083

Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant087 Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant108

Check out the free video preview HERE


As it is very nearly Xmas, I have relented and will let you know about a new update just appearing as I type this… it’s from a very exciteable Sarah Gregory who just LOVES the fun and festivities of the Holidays… perhaps only rivalled by a certain Miss Alex Reynolds… who is the spankee star in this daddy/daughter spanking movie “Not what she expected!”. (Alex looks impossibly cute in her PJ’s!!!)


It’s Christmas morning and naughty little Alex has snuck downstairs early to get a head start on opening her presents. Daddy catches her and is not happy with her behaviour. Alex get something she did not wish for on Christmas morning…. a spanking!


0146_not_what_she_wished_for_gal1-015 0146_not_what_she_wished_for_gal1-022 0146_not_what_she_wished_for_gal1-026

Robert Shore plays Alex’s dad… I like this guy a lot and hope to film with him throughout our meetings at various events next year 🙂


You can check on the progress of this new movie HERE




Redheads & Spanking Updates

Just a few quick updates for you all tonight! I have been busy checking out flights to America again… flying out in early December for a week… I have something booked but can’t say what exactly yet, but I’m soooo excited about it *grin* and it involves spankings of course!!! I am such a tease, aren’t I? OK, what I won’t tease you with are a few updates you can see right now… so check out the images below and  feel free to enjoy, experience uncomfortable trouser arousal or gusset moistening or whatever it is you poor ladies suffer from too when excited by our lovely naughty kink!

Redhead Asya from Russia is a gorgeous twentysomething student/teacher that faces another extraordinaryily humiliating punishment in the basement office of the Principal or Director of Education (in Russia) at SpankingThem.com – as you’ll see below!


I rather like Asya’s humiliating discipline and would love to be the one administering the punishments to this redhead AND be involved with the scenes of masturbation at the end to add to her total submission – quirky, far from brutal, thankfully… but once again… addictive viewing for a perv like myself and I know there are many others that would like to watch this style of erotic humiliation and submission too!


asya004 asya005

asya006 asya007

asya008 asya008a

asya009 asya011 asya013


You can see a special clip of Asya’s unique punishment (below)

You can see the full film and all the other episodes of Asya and her fellow students & co workers HERE



Sarah Bright’s recent filmshoot with Ludella Hahn looked a real winner as you’ll see below with this gorgeous redhead American model getting an old fashioned English strapping at SpankingSarah.com


Top US model Ludella Hahn has just been spanked by me and thinks that her bratty behaviour is forgiven, how wrong can she be? I fetch my heavy leather paddle and tell her to kneel in the chair, bottom raised and I give her a real taste of good firm English leather. I told her that bratty school girls in England get punished till they are very sorry and I made her one sorry girl

npp6027048 npp6027060

npp6027063 npp6027064

npp6027062 npp6027069

See a free HD preview clip of Ludella’s punishment HERE


Check out all of Ludella’s work with Sarah HERE


Finally, I can’t believe I didn’t show this to you earlier… it’s from Sarah Gregory’s site HERE with elder sister Sarah expertly giving very cute slight redhead Orias a good hard spanking on orders from their momma! Aptly titled “Momma’s Little helper”. I also smiled when I saw the dress Sarah was wearing as she bought this at the time of our film shoot we did together in England (over 2 years ago) at a large superstore near to the studio we filmed at (rather like Walmart or Carrefour) called Tesco (who are huge here in the UK where 1 in every 8 Pounds spent here is at this supermarket giant).

Momma’s Little Helper


Orias has been a real brat to mom and she is busy with work so she asks her daughter Sarah to help her by giving sister, Orias, a good hard spanking for her bratty and immature behavior.

0135_mothers_little_helper_gal1-011 0135_mothers_little_helper_gal1-019

0135_mothers_little_helper_gal1-035 0135_mothers_little_helper_gal2-003


0135_mothers_little_helper_gal2-009 0135_mothers_little_helper_gal2-033 0135_mothers_little_helper_gal2-035

0135_mothers_little_helper_gal3-004 0135_mothers_little_helper_gal3-020

0135_mothers_little_helper_gal3-026 0135_mothers_little_helper_gal3-031 0135_mothers_little_helper_gal3-032


See the full HD film HERE 🙂


Good night everyone!