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Spanked and Fucked

This is the title of the latest full-length 28 mins film being released at Intimate Spanking today and here is a very special review of it with exclusive 1st show images you won’t find anywhere else at the time of writing.

When Sarah & I came up with the concept of making our own erotic and intimate spanking videos, we always wanted to film something a little special, something that appeals to either sex, even if we were to depict sex and spanking. Since this is solely an F/F spanking concept (no old or ugly guys like myself) or random male hands interfering with the women… this is a girl on girl clip store with the emphasis on sexy/sexual/erotic and intimate spanking play and punishments. So who better than to have 2 hot redheads (who know and work with each other) be the first to make a strap on spanking and fucking film for us?

So please welcome Amber Dawn and Luna Lain. We filmed this in the Sonoma region in the SF Bay area a couple of years ago at a wonderful location… so we just had to film this super hot erotic spanking movie! Check out the images and the free clip (c/o spanking tube) and remember the only place to see this film in full is at the Intimate Spanking clip store. You won’t find these films on Russian owned piracy sites or freeloader boards…¬† be the first to enjoy this amazingly hot, sexy as hell, spanking and fucking film for those who really adore this type of genre.

spanked n fucked

Spanked & Fucked
Starring: Luna Lain & Amber Dawn

Luna Lain and Amber Dawn are 2 smoking hot redhead¬†girlfriends who want to inject some kinky play into their sex life and decide on spanking which excites them both. Amber and Luna take turns fondling and caressing each other’s round bottoms, slapping them, and using a sexy riding crop that they had recently purchased. Things get steamier quickly as Amber uses a vibrator on Luna, spanking her cheeks from behind, spreading her legs to make sure the vibrator edges her close to orgasm. Amber also gets fucked with a vibrator as she is spanked next, and asks Luna to spank her harder. This film moves up a gear as Amber brings her girlfriend to a shuddering climax with her varied spanking rhythms and the strong vibrator. Once Luna’s contractions subside, Amber knows that her young GF likes to take charge with her strap-on… wanting to fuck her with that big fat cock. Amber is so wet that Luna’s strap-on easily slides into her welcoming pussy and Amber moans as she begs to be spanked harder and harder while she rides on that thick cock to a loud orgasm! It seems these 2 ladies have discovered the passion of sex and spanking… this intimate spanking film is every bit as hot and smoldering as these 2 redheads!

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[jwplayer mediaid=”62337″]

This clip is lower quality – Full Downloads in MP4 & MOV formats are HD1080

For the full archive of intimate spanking content – CLICK HERE

spanked and fucked

Schoolgirl Spanking Regulation Knickers & White Gussets!

There is something about those old fashioned school regulation knickers (panties) with those white gussets that I find oh so interesting. What I mean is that it is a super fetish turn on for me, and I know many other people too that will be reading this particular blog post. I hadn’t realized, until now, that I had back to back schoolgirl punishment scenarios and both ladies featured were wearing said gussets! As I hadn’t updated the movies in a post on here, I have collected some fine video grabs which showcase the actual quality of the HD films and the action in them both. So please find below the 2 most recent films at AAA Spanking starting with the latest film starring Pandora Blake and Dave Dodge.

Punished for Plagiarism

Pandora Blake makes a most welcome return to Triple A Spanking in what is a long two part spanking drama: The first part is at school and will be followed with the consequences of this punishment at home at a later date. In this episode, Blake is summoned to the Headmaster’s Office as it has come to his attention that she has plagiarised content in an important examination. She is a bright pupil but this laziness in taking content and passing it off as her own work is not in character at all. Headmaster has a solution that he feels will make her see the error of her ways. An old fashioned, over the knee spanking is administered, but there is more as the seriousness of her plagiarism means that this will be a bare bottom spanking too! Blake protests, it is embarrassing but worse is to follow as Headmaster feels she is not learning her lesson so gives the complaining schoolgirl at least a dozen, sound mean strokes with the school’s leather paddle for the worst offenders.

gussets and spankings spanking otk spanking leather strapping


Or you can also view this movie in full at the AAA Clip Store – click image below for the exact MP4 video link – this movie is downloadable to keep.

Then there was the previous update, an F/F spanking film featuring a rare chance to see Amber Dawn spanking Luna Lain. Amber pulled off the home tutor perfectly and Luna the bratty daughter forced to take extra assignments at home for dropping grades. It also happens to be an incredibly hot video with two of my favorite redheads together! *swoon* (and Luna’s navy knickers with white gusset are… adorbs!)

Luna’s Painful ASSignment

Luna has been falling behind at school in some subjects and her parents hired a personal tutor to help with the assignments that needed attention. Luna is far from impressed and shows her tutor, Miss Amber Dawn, huge disrespect, not caring about anything being taught that day. Amber takes off her glasses, looking at this sullen schoolgirl, reminding her that Luna’s parents have given her permission to discipline her if needed. Luna really isn’t interested until her ear is pulled and she is dragged over Miss Amber’s lap for something she should have got a long time ago, an old fashioned, over the knee spanking! As Luna protests and struggles, Amber pulls down the schoolgirl’s regulation navy panties and continues to smack her bare bottom harder. Luna is embarrassed and this humiliating session starts to get through to her. The lesson concludes with Luna, still over her tutor’s lap, used as a rest for the big heavy Geography book as Miss continues to spank the naughty schoolgirl’s bared, exposed bottom.

wedgies and spanking otk spanking


Or you can also view this movie in full at the AAA Clip Store – click image below for the exact MP4 video link – this movie is downloadable to keep – as are all the movies dopwnloaded at this store.

Luna Disobeys Mommy at Momma Spankings

How did I miss bringing this amazing Mommy/Daughter spanking film with a difference? Well, better late than never, what’s more it is a special redhead-fest as you’ll discover at Momma Spankings this week starring a first appearance at this site for both Amber Dawn and Luna Lain. We filmed this in a great location at what I now consider a good spanko friend’s place (thank you, Eric) when we enjoyed our stay in San Francisco a few months back. Filming Amber and Luna was one of the highlights of our little tour out west. Check out these ladies excellent first appearance at Momma Spankings – I promise that you will not be disappointed, how can you looking at these images?

Luna Disobeys Mommy – at Momma Spankings
Featuring: Luna Lain & Amber Dawn

Luna and Amber

Mommy only asked one thing of her daughter Luna and that was to be gone and not in the house ash she had an important business meeting there. Mom comes home to find Luna just chillin’ on the couch. Mommy is very upset and Luna doesn’t seem to care. This naughty girl needs to be taught a lesson when it comes to obeying mom. It is over the knee for a good spanking to teach this defiant girl a lesson!

mommy spanking her daughter spanking otk spanking

spanking her daughter


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