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Kickin’ Off Halloween Week in style!

To those outside of the southern part of the UK… you may or may not have heard we just had some of our windiest stormy October weather for over 25 years… it was brief but with winds gusting at over 100mph in some places, damage to the trees, which were pretty much still in full leaf (our falls take forever to happen here!!!) It was an eventful night as around 3.30- 4am it really started. We were all warned, overly warned in fact that the response on social media this morning after the event was an overwhelming “MEH!” as the previous day had been a beautiful day with an eerie calm… then all hell broke loose overnight as the winds and rain came with a vengeance. This morning, our shitty neighbour’s 80ft fir tree (which he had refused to cut down as it would cost him money) partially came down over one of our nice and equally put upon neighbours roof who he was in dispute with over said tree… oh the irony. Fortunately there was not too much damage to their roof. But he and his builder lackeys wasted their entire day trying furiously to rectify this mishap… knowing our good neighbours are probably gonna sue – oh my how I laughed out loud… we are popping around to see them with a magnum of champagne that I had saved! Seriously, I have told you about this guy before, he is such a dick… I love Karma! Now for some other guys for Karma to reach them (those tedious toads I used to work for) and I will be most happy!

So with a big smile on my face… I feel it appropriate to get you a couple of Halloween updates to kick start this week and the first is from gorgeous Sarah Gregory, who looks so so cute in her Dorothy outfit as she enacts a not so good meeting with the wicked witch of the east (or is that the West coast) played by Chelsea Pfeiffer who really looks the part… don’t you think?

Bloody hell, Sarah… do you realize the filthy naughty spanky and murky thoughts going through my mind as I watch you in this outfit? tee hee! Oh my… *sigh*


0138_spankings_in_oz_gal1-005 0138_spankings_in_oz_gal1-007

0138_spankings_in_oz_gal1-012 0138_spankings_in_oz_gal1-021


0138_spankings_in_oz_gal1-026 0138_spankings_in_oz_gal1-030


There’s not much to say about this film… as it’s a fantasy spanking video from one of the most famous movies (the Wizard of Oz). You’ll see the Wicked Witch get her revenge on Dorothy. (oh noes!) … however, i should tell you there is a happy ending for our heroine… but you’ll have to see the film. This is the Halloween offering from Sarah Gregory’s wonderful site.


0138_spankings_in_oz_gal2-003 0138_spankings_in_oz_gal2-007


0138_spankings_in_oz_gal2-020 0138_spankings_in_oz_gal2-025 0138_spankings_in_oz_gal2-027

CLICK HERE to see the full film only from Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Momma Spankings - click here



There is also a special Halloween offering from My Spanking Room Mate – with stunning Missy Rhodes and a fantastic return from Madison Martin, who i have missed at this site! See the shenanigans these 2 girls get up to…

msr-p150-005 msr-p150-012

msr-p150-019 msr-p150-021

msr-p150-025 msr-p150-033

msr-p150-036 msr-p150-037

msr-p150-039 msr-p150-041

Missy Rhodes and Madison Martin get in trouble while dressed in their Halloween costumes as a cheerleader and schoolgirl. So what else can they do but spank each other. Missy goes over Madison’s knee for a painful hand spanking. And then Missy bends Madison over and pins her down for some with hand, crop and hairbrush. Tricks AND Treats!!!

Check it out right HERE…

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Finally you will possibly be aware that later this week… (Wednesday to be exact) my very first Halloween film comes out… it’s not something I normally do, but when I was in America not so long ago… how could I resist dressing up Chisty Cutie, Maddy Marks and Alex Reynolds in costumes for their girly Halloween night out? It’s a great film and one I’ve been dying to get out… so now will be the time and it WILL be worth the wait, I promise you! A teaser image is below!