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Coming to the Spanking Stage this weekend

This post is about MORE spanking updates, some of which I have not covered for a while so these are all “Coming to The Stage” for you this weekend. Go check them out… as usual, there are some hidden nuggets of exceptional spankings that I feel you should see!


“Too Marked for Spanking” – from English Spankers

HC302001 HC302003 HC302009 HC302014 HC302016 HC302022 HC302024 HC302033 HC302043 HC302049

Rascal and her lover Lucy are booked in to do a spanking film shoot but when they arrive it is obvious that they have been practicing on each other. The producers are none too happy about this and tell them that they will have to go straight into one of the harder parts of the film without a warm up spanking. They do not like the idea of this but have little option. Rascal is the first to bare her bottom for a damn hard over the knee session and then straight into a nasty riding crop.




Next is a girl I worked with at the beginning of the year for Northern Spanking (she hasn’t appeared there yet but we made some really good films and she has the most amazing body, she works out and has an amazing pair of buns of steel too!) – I will be making sure she will be appearing at the SG Network later this year as I really liked her… in the meantime, you can check out her film here at Spanking Sarah

Amy & the Spankers Cookbook

HC326005 HC326009 HC326011 HC326012 HC326015 HC326022 HC326024 HC326025 HC326028 HC326030 HC326032 HC326034

Mr Stern is trying to make another episode of his film of the spanking cook book in production.  This time he is assured that the young lady he has hired is a good cook and knows all about everything to do with the kitchen. What she did not say however was that she was vegetarian and today they are supposed to be cooking steak Trouble is brewing and she will be on the receiving end of his wrath and his hard hand.




I haven’t featured anything from Spanked in Uniform in a while so best update you with this excellent spanking, strapping, slippering and birching video. The uniform niche is “secretary” (from the Whippingsham Secretarial College section) and the naughty Dutch girl here is called Sidney, who has appeared at their site network previously! This double feature is called – “No Smoking in College”

ep18_3 ep18_7 ep18_4   ep18_11 ep18_8 ep18_9

Sidney was ordered to type up a contract but half way through she decided to take a break and light up a cigarette right there. Unfortunately for her 19 year old bottom, Mr. Johnson caught her and bent her over the desk. He took out his trusty old leather paddle that he always carried with him for just such ocassions as this!

ep19_4 ep19_5 ep19_2   ep19_12 ep19_6 ep19_8

When Mr. Johnson went to check up again on her progress, he was amazed to find the little brat Sidney casually smoking yet another cigarette indoors! He dragged her into his office and gave her a hard slippering followed by 6 of the best with his painful birch on her bare bottom just to drive the lesson home!




Finally, another site I don’t often promote as I am sometimes unsure about their “exclusivity” claim on the front page as I see content produced (often by Kyle Johnson) elsewhere. It’s no secret that the company that owns MarkedButts.com also owns the Xerotics sites such as Spanking Online (point in case… Kyle Johnson producing more content for their “American” series which will show at those sites now) – however one site most spankos identify with is Spanking Tube – the source of amateur and more professional clips and such etc… they also now own Good Spanking from Chelsea Pfeiffer (again, I don’t think that is much of a secret as the join up page is always the giveaway) – and that is where this old clip comes in as it’s Chelsea Pfeiffer spanking Annabelle Lee…

The reason I am promoting this site today is because it really does have a lot of content, much of it is very amateur in production values but I often think that is the appeal. The spankings are great though, just as with this and also it’s a great site to catch up on much varied and interesting content! Also the price: it is still a ridiculously low $18.95/month to start with and  works out cheaper on longer term memberships. This site has religiously updated with new films without fail week in week out so I give it that recommendation too!

Check out this recent update, the Annabelle Lee Stories – from Marked Butts

 annabelle_lee001 annabelle_lee002 anabellelee01 annabelle_lee003 annabelle_lee004 annabelle_lee005 annabelle_lee006 annabelle_lee007 annabelle_lee008 annabelle_lee009 annabelle_lee010 anabellelee02 annabelle_lee011 annabelle_lee012

In Madame Zola’s Dance Academy, ballerina Annabelle risks being taken out of the recital because of missed rehearsals. Or, when she does attend, she’s late. Madame Zola’s dance academy is run by the very strict dance instructor, Madame Zola herself, who makes sure that ALL her dancers are properly disciplined!





Have a great weekend y’all!

Spankings for the weekend!

Well… that came round quickly! Far too quickly, in my opinion… or perhaps my life has been one hectic blur this week, I suppose with the film shoot earlier (the one featuring Leandra) and a 500 mile round trip for me in my car… I guess that took up pretty much most of what I had been concerned with earlier this week. My new passport has also just arrived (I had to get it renewed as my trip to America later this year was put on hold as the old passport expired less than 6 months from the start of the short vacation… so I had to wait… and watch the air fares rise, which was massively frustrating: So I will book that flight this weekend to secure a seat on the plane(!!!) and ensure that I am going to do what I had planned to do – The Shadowlane Party in Vegas… that’s just a few days over the Labor Day Weekend, and I have some vacation ideas and a proper studio shoot idea planned with girls I would never usually have a chance to film with… I’ve been told that it’s not a massive chance to show off your wares as a vendor, so am unsure what I could possibly do… I’m not a pretty toppy or subby model, I don’t have t-shirts or pictures to sign or panties to sell. It would be just DVDs or blu rays – which would be a mundane vendor’s stand at best… so I may pass on that one (I will consult with a few that have been before I make my final decision on that) but will probably book a Suite for a few days for any interested parties to come and share in the fun with a few of us Triple A misfits that may turn up along with a few others I know! That will be exciting (and costly if I lose heavily in the casinos!) *stick to Black Jack*

I also dare anyone to try and drink me under the table… you will lose! *hic*

& back to today! I would have liked to have said that the offer I made, which is THE BEST for any independent small producer (I have checked everyone else!) started well enough and I got some encouraging sign ups, but that… and more worryingly… overall sales the past few days, have dried up, I don’t know whether it’s CCBill once again scrubbing too hard and preventing sales, I have seen a few refused sign ups (along with the dodgy ones) which suggests that they are being ultra cautious yet again (sigh) – it’s bad enough I am being charged a $100 a week extra to pay off the needless and exhorbitant annual fee from Mastercard, so that… coupled with a drop in sales makes it a tough time for me currently! In case you’re wondering, does $500 over a month make a big deal to me? Answer: yes it bloody does! So before I show you what else away from my sites is out there… please do check out my own site HERE and if you can support what I do, please help it with a membership sign up…currently every penny earned just goes back into production and day to day site costs, there is absolutely no profit at the moment (which is a concern for me, thank you Master-bloody-Card) – it would be rather nice to make a little something for all my hard work!

But enough of my bleating… sign up how you wish… but remember I will remove the offer NEVER to repeat it – it will not come back in this form ever again! & that’s a promise! I will just ignore any mails in future from anyone asking about it, I have stated here it only came back now because I needed the additional income short term, looks like my poor credit card will get hammered instead, disappointing… but I half expected it, to be honest 🙁

Current members who read this who have an annual deal from last year, I would honour an extension of their current deal (see inside member’s area something I have posted for you all) … as I will not be doing any future annual memberships like this, it’s up to you guys… mail me or write into the support desk at the site if you have any questions about it.


& on with some great updates and news from other sites I have seen earlier today 🙂

Amber Dawn – co owner with her daddy of AmberSpanks.com and SpankAmber.com (join either site and you get a 3 site pass with access to the others) Now features Crystal Cat, a petite college girl pocket rocket with a bangin’ body. First, curious Crystal is filmed teasing and stripping for the camera. On the next visit, Amber puts her bubble butt over her knee and gives her a first time spanking! Turns out she likes it, and Amber proceeded to give her a second whipping, followed by a solo masturbating with a Hitachi. Crystal is also spanked OTK in public over Amber’s knee as her cries are echoed off the buildings in San Francisco! All this contains over 90 minutes of new video footage with the beautiful Crystal Cat! Images and teasers are below for your enjoyment and preview for yourself!

CrystalCat1a CrystalCat1b

CrystalCat1d CrystalCat2b

AmberSpanksCrystal1a AmberSpanksCrystal1c

CrystalCat2c CrystalCat3c

CrystalCat3d CrystalCat4a CrystalCat4b

AmberSpanksCrystal2c AmberSpanksCrystal2e

AmberSpanksCrystal2f AmberSpanksCrystal2i

CrystalCat4d CrystalCat5a

CrystalCat5b CrystalCat6c

CrystalCat6f CrystalCat6g


AmberSpanksCrystalPublic1a AmberSpanksCrystalPublic1b

AmberSpanksCrystalPublic1c AmberSpanksCrystalPublic1d

See more at SpankAmber.com or Amberspanks.com (join either site and get the other FREE!)

Trial membership starts from under$5 & recurring memberships at just $24.95 with 800+ films in the archives!


I’ve noticed that some people give Kyle Johnson a hard time over his spankings of girls… maybe they are jealous… I don’t like all his films, but I wouldn’t cite him as being so bad that I’d not visit a site because of him… here is a website I haven’t promoted in a while and it has grown massively. OK, Kyle haters, there are quite a few of his films there, but there are also the usual suspects including what I used to affectionately call “Hovel Man” usually spanking Kisa & a couple of other girls (probably had them captive for a few months) in his redneck shack somewhere out west! But I rather liked the Kyle film below, which has just been released and he has bigger moobs (man boobs, lol) than me (which makes me very happy!!!) – the spanking is good and I like the domestic boyfriend/girlfriend scenario… and Sam’s ass turns a very angry red!!!

665_0001 665_0004

665_0006 665_0010

665_0014 665_0019

665_0022 665_0030

What Women Want: Girlfriend given hard nude spanking for unspecific nagging!

Sam and Kyle are making out nude in bed, trying to set the mood for the night, when Sam turns around and says goodnight. Kyle is confused and asks whats wrong, to which Sam says “You are not giving me what I want or need”. Kyle tries to reason with her, only to get the same confusing response, and getting irritated, decides to get up in his boxers and pull his already nude girlfriend over his knee for a long and very hard spanking to get to the root of this problem…
See the FREE previews and more movies in the “Amateur Niche” at Markedbutts.com


I love seeing Sarah Gregory getting a good old fashioned OTK spanking… and I’m glad she got it off Aunt Tasha, who we haven’t seen for a while on the site, I have a sneaking feeling this is a rather old film just released… but it’s rather good and as they say… “all good things come to those who wait!”


Not only is staying over at a boy’s house a no no, but trying to lie about it on top of that will get Sarah Punished for sure. Sarah is staying with Aunt Tasha and being spanked is not something that happens with mommy. Auntie won’t have her niece lying and trying to cover it up. She uses good old fashioned bare bottom spanking to teach her naughty little niece a lesson she will never forget.


015 015a

015b 015c

015d 015e


See MORE of this rude sassy brat getting the spankings she deserves HERE


What happens to noisy giggling girls who disturb others on sleepovers? Please do read on…


Alex and Pandora have been bad girls, staying up too late talking and laughing loudly under the covers. Poor Tom was kept awake half the night, even though he came in and told them twice to be quiet. So the next morning, before breakfast, he orders both girls to lower their jeans and come over his knee for a long, thorough spanking on their upturned bottoms and even the sensitive backs of their thighs. Pandora begs him not to spank Alex – she’s her guest! – but Tom is adamant that they had fair warning to be quiet, and both of them are old enough to know better.

Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover037 Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover062

Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover061 Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover080

Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover088 Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover090


Once they have been soundly spanked, the girls must lie down side by side on the bed…
then lower their knickers for a whopping total of 80 strokes of the long leather strap!

See the FREE preview of this most recent film from Dreams Of Spanking


That’s it for now… I shall be back over the weekend, so have a good one, wherever you are 🙂

Bumper Spanking Updates

Sorry I haven’t been back sooner other than to find an amazing ass pic and upload it yesterday (hope you liked it, by the way… it just blew me away so I *had* to share that one with you all when I stumbled across it, mainly by accident – a rather pleasant mistake, I’m sure you will agree!

Anyway, I have also been engrossed in all manner of loafing about in front of the TV watching the sport… there’s loads for me to lie down and get fat eating nachos and dips and quaffing beer to look at right now… there was a stunning victory for Lewis Hamilton in the Canadian Grand Prix yesterday and the Euro 2012 Football (soccer) Championships have started which means my missus is annoyed but I’m in heaven and tonight England play their first game against France. We haven’t a cat in hell’s chance of winning the tournament as the team are in transition, but I hope they try and do us proud… we’ll probably get stiffed tonight, but one can always hope, I guess! I’m also in transition at my site and have some exciting developments which you will see throughout the year including the purchase of some new state of the art HD cam equipment which I am currently testing and it is an improvement on what I had been using before, not that it was no good (far from it), but sometimes, I just like to have a camera that can also be powered indoors if needed by another source rather than just batteries as I once got caught out and missed some action when filming and have vowed never to make that mistake again! Anyway, I can’t wait to get this going at the next film shoot as I am close to bringing in a girl I have been after for an age and a fantastic new filming location for me which I can’t wait to visit again! Well enough of my piffle, if members go to my site right now they will be able to download the full movie of Kami’s long punishment, the HD MP4 version is over 700Mb!

Click on Kami’s bottom for the 24 image gallery reminder

The official blurb on the storyline is below:

Secretary Kami Robertson was aware that something was up as her boss had left a pile of spanking implements lying on her desk when she arrived at work. She soon discovered why as he had pointed out that the bank transfer she was asked to make to a Trust had been made in error due to her carelessness in transferring out 10 times the amount by adding an extra zero. John had been contacted by his bank & had managed to sort the mess out in time but he wasted no time in telling her that she was going to get one hell of a punishment thrashing for her monster mistake! He was going to use all the implements laid out on the desk: the leather strap, a horrible bathbrush (which he promised he was going to whack very hard for her error), a horrible stinging paddle & a whippy cane which he knew would leave yet more marks on her very sore bottom. This long play movie includes gratuitous use of Kami’s favourite butter cream which was rubbed into her sore, swollen cheeks at the end after receiving one of her hardest punishments on film! John & Kami admitted afterwards that this was one of their best films they had made together & we hope that you will see why! See how much Kami could take as she entered her own private world of pain!

I had included some extra close up shots of the implements used to great effect on Kami’s ever glowing and increasingly sore red bottom as the punishment progressed through each phase. For each punishment schedule in this storyline, this was how her boss moved onto the next implement: He gave her some additonal whacks, for transferring out 50,000 Pounds instead of 5,000… and for each addional 10,000 that she put the company into the red, he gave her some extra hard whacks, so 5 nasty strokes of the strap, bathbrush, paddle and finally the cane were carried out ON TOP OF the angry strokes and swats that he had already meted out to her for this “Monster mistake!”

The Leather Strap:

The dreaded bath brush:

The stinging composite paddle:

A thin whippy kooboo cane:

& after her ordeal was over, some soothing butter cream was rubbed into her sore red cheeks…

Check out part of her punishment in this 1 minute 45 second preview (the full film is about 25 minutes long)


& coming later this week to AAAspanking, you will be able to see part 2 of the wheelbarrow spanking fantasy as I get to spank Mishka up close and personal with her wearing nothing but some stripey socks – looking super sexy… oh my! & of course I had “wood” filming this!!! How could I not? It’s not very long but as it starts with her in this intimate position with just a pair of socks on… I don’t think you’ll mind and you’ll get both versions (WMV & MP4) and a complete image gallery too so I’ll feature this more when this short film comes out very soon – and at the end of the week there will be the concluding part to  the Leia-Ann Woods film which is a cracker!!! (so lots of stuff coming out this week!) 🙂

Mishka in stripey socks and little else in the wheelbarrow position!



& as I mentioned this week finishes off with the concluding part of
“You bought WHAT on my credit card?” with Leia-Ann Woods & Paul Kennedy


Here is a feature of what’s good and well worth a look at the moment starting with Pandora’s site Dreams of Spanking with some clever use of a placard she used a few years back in a demonstration against our country’s ridiculous new law brought in at the time, and to which… to a lesser degree, still affects us today, though not as badly as I had originally thought (as the law… in this case, is quite literally “an arse” as we say over here). Anyway check out the images taken from the latest movie below:




and a more detailed description of the film can be found with a free preview HERE


I’m not sure if this really is a proper sisterly spanking or not but the “sister” of Kat St James does look similar to her, she’s called Sam… and she gives Kat a realk good spanking hard on her bare bottom in an OTK position, using both her hand and a hairbrush! This is taken from the amateur spanking website markedbutts.com – I don’t always get this site as amateurs can do a hell of a lot better at producing cleaer content than some of this stuff, I’d call it an excuse to give you low grade fuzzy or dark films and not care much… but there is a lot of content here at this site and it’s worth a peek as it does contain many web stars we are familiar with, like kat st James, for example! Images taken from this latest film are below:




actually… Seeing Kat spanked by her sis is worth the low cost entrance fee alone 🙂

CLICK HERE for a free preview and a look at the extensive tour pages.


Now here is another amateur film showcased by my friends at Northern Spanking – some, I guess, would have thought Hannah martin was indeed back on the scenes, als she has long retired, or I’d have snapped her up as I remember her well from my days (many years ago) when I used to work for “you know who” …

This is how to make an amateur film dramatic, have Hannah and her friend Kimberly come home from school in their uniforms, play with each other in her bedroom after they made each other up withsome really horny girl on girl action then of course… get caught by a furious ” non specific authoritarian figure” (well, most probably Dad… lol) and see some genuinely good CP punishment… check out the stills below, it’s a 1st effort and deserves a good mention, don’t you think?






& to prove a point when the guys produce their own stuff, you get quality as well at NorthernSpanking like this very sexy spanking update of a beautiful voluptuous returnee… Roxy Valentynne. below she is tempting a very lucky Mr Lewis to see if her Bunnygirl costume has any effect on him… oh it has alright… but not, as I think… Roxy had intended! 🙂




Does this very sexy set look familair? I remember when Roxy was introduced to us all a few years back… and that time it was Paul who was the “fortunate” spanker!!! A couple of reminder images are below (warning… Roxy is HOT!)



Sch-wiiiiiiiing! Do not miss any of these updates from NorthernSpanking.com


OK, back later, I’m off to watch the England v France match!


Spanking Armageddon

Seems my soapbox rant did the trick… finally it appears American politicians have realized that they MUST sort out some sort of deal, put aside their differences and deal/compromise/accept something which will stop the country defaulting on its bills…  and it appears there could be something tangible in agreement. Far be it from me to continue ranting about it, but of course if America DID default and was unable to pay the bills, interest rates on mortgages and credit cards would rise sharply as the Triple A (AAA) credit rating would disappear below that of Greece (which is, well, frankly embarrassing ) and we’d all suffer the double dip recession… especially here in Britain as we rely heavily on trade between ourselves and the USA so it doesn’t bear thinking about.

I am of course wanting this to be resolved, I want people to have more money in their pockets, so they can buy luxuries once more like spanking site memberships, I want them to particularly buy MY site’s memberships so we can continue making more films – I have already told you we were precariously close to the edge, like many producers feeling the pinch… I have no shame in admitting that… so have worked my socks off behind the scenes to address our issues to avoid that catastrophe and it benefits those who now want to sign up to the site. I have tried to encourage those to join up with our BEST ever deals for both non recurring one off payments and longer term membershps which, for the content we now got… is pretty damned good! So will we avoid our own Spanking Armageddon? I would have said a 100% “No” if America defaults tomorrow… but as that is looking unlikely now, and 70% of my market is American… with the cheaper prices available, I implore all my hard working affiliates and those who are just reading this blog, maybe for the 1st time… please do go check out AAAspanking (yup, we still got Triple A rated girls… but they come at AAA rated prices) but without our wonderful membership’s support, things will obviously look quite bleak for the future… so we thank each and every member that joins, you are helping us to commit to producing yet more content and I have my next schoolgirl filmshoot booked and confirmed for around 2 weeks time, I won’t say who it is just yet, but she is VERY popular, a girl we have filmed with in the past and I have so many things I want to film: We have a great school location lined up… I’m looking forward to this… and I know that when we edit and upload our kick ass HD-MP4 movies courtesy of my hard working and undersung Editor geezer who really does miracles with our stuff… I know you will appreciate it too!

Or if you prefer, our ever increasingly popular Clips4sale Store goes from strength to strength and you can order as many or as few clips to download and keep if you don’t want to sign up to our new cheaper membership options. See below for the latest films added there today!

Incidentally, if you have any schoolgirl scenarios, here are some of the props/location we will be using so please do send in suggestions for stories and ideas! We will be filming in an authentic looking classroom with desks, we will have use of an old fashioned Gym Horse (I love those things) so Gym wear, school uniform and of course PJs for Dorm Detentions will be the norm… We also have use of an office, I won’t be focussing on bedroom scenes at this film shoot, but as I said, that doesn’t stop me punishing the girls in their PJs!!!


& onto my first spankings elsewhere that I have had a quick look at so far… and as producers worldwide continue to ignore what is happening financially throughout the world, it means no let up in the ass thrashing departments, as one very sluttily attired Miss Francesca Le discovers when the (noticeably buxom) Miss Law confronts her over messing around with the students at BadTushy.com … she takes a thrashing off her or gets fired by the Dean, the choice is simple! Fortunately, Francesca chose to take the former and we get to see a great F/F teacher on teacher discipline film… Beware, Francesca’s bubble butt is rated “TA” (will cause Trouser Arousal). I have images and a snippet for your perusal!





You can see MORE of this hot sexy faculty punishment movie right HERE


I haven’t shown you anything of Amelia Jane Rutherford for quite a while so it is with some relief that I finally get to show you the very latest movie update of her in this TV style spoof documentary with Dr Zaegler in the continuing series at Firmhandspanking.com called “The Definitive Guide to CP”. This week Amelia experiences the cane and these are quite hard and powerful strokes that scared her… but she took them and the film is unedited to include the reaction and facial shots which reveal the intensity of the strokes!





Fans of Miss AJR will NOT be disappointed with this at all! Out now from FirmHandSpanking.com


I saw there was a very watchable movie starring naughty Kisa recently who was running away from home… I would too if it meant I was being spanked by the infamous and stern Lily Starr! You can see what happens below in this footage taken from the amateur spanking specialists MarkedButts.com from when she’s caught and I will show you where to find a free preview clip of this new film:





“Runaway Gets the Hairbrush” – Frustrated Lily drags Kisa back into the house after having to go fetch her from the police following her third attempt to run away this year. Kisa’s attitude is terribly snotty and rude. She insists that she will just keep running away because she hates it at home and doesn’t want to follow any rules. Even though she has never been spanked before, Lily decides that it’s the only way she can think of now to deal with her and much to the girl’s horror pulls her right across her lap for a much needed bare bottom spanking followed by the hairbrush that has Kisa howling in pain!

You can see a free preview clip of this film HERE


I have to admit I do love seeing girls dressed up as cheerleaders and such… so when I delved into the archives of Spanking Teen Jessica I knew that she would be wearing this trademark uniform, so tight and trim in it… it almost seemed criminal to see her paddled severely… but of course I wasn’t finished with thinking about that, I knew there was a double cheer girl movie (in fact, there are plenty actually) with her other sometime co-spanking star, Brandi… so here is a double paddling special of both Jessica and Brandi together, for failing and cheating their Test Papers! Enjoy!






Finally, since I was feeling nostalgic, one of my fave all time Rosaleen films is available to download for just $5, no hassle or sweat, just the price of a good cup of coffee and this uber brat is yours to see thrashed again and again in a rather humiliating film in and out of her uniform courtesy of her nemesis, Elizabeth Simpson. Click on any image below and it will lead you to the special preview and download page (there’s a decent freeview clip too!)


See one movie that made Rosaleen Young’s many punishments so addictive & evocative to watch! This is a schoolgirl classic co-starring Elizabeth Simpson who shows Rosaleen no mercy as her pert bottom is thrashed severely with the cane. Note the added humiliating twist with posture training courtesy of the bell that has consequences for sounding it through unwanted movement! the caning scenes are heavy and given hard across Rosaleen’s soft ample buttocks! Download & keep for just $5!





Oh, before I go, I haven’t asked anyone to do this, but if you don’t mind and you already have a Google account activated whilst browsing this… would you mind just clicking on the +1 button at the bottom of this post? I’m not sure what this is supposed to do, exactly… but as this blog has mysteriously always been a little touch and go with the Google rankings, maybe this will help… I don’t know. I have used the WordPress SEO optimizer, but I actually think that is a hindrance rather than a help and is probably penalizing this site… if anyone knows, I’d sure appreciate it. I just find the random rankings bizarre, sometimes I can be right up there, even number one on the (odd) occasion if you typed in “spanking” or “spanking blog” on Google, and then other times, like now… nowhere to be seen… it sucks! Anyhoo… have a good ‘un. Back tomorrow, Chief.

Awesome Spankings & Other Eye Popping Punishments!

Well, after the OMG Cat had a right eyeful of Amelia yesterday… now I feel it is YOUR turn to have your eyes out on their stalks as I have been busy replacing mine after viewing some of the raunchiest, sexiest and damned interesting spanking movies out in a while and I know I promised you I’d be reviewing some of Clare’s sites today… and that would definitely include some of her stuff but I hadn’t checked out her sites so apologies if you were hoping for some Fonda fondling, groping, humiliation and bare assed spankings, it’s coming… but just not today! So what made the Chief’s undergarments rumble in anticipation of fine spanking interwebual content? Please read on… I have to warn you some of this is, as the title suggests…. simply awesome! & I have free clips and am not afraid to dazzle you with them! 🙂

So let’s start with Samantha Woodley – one of the best, brattiest, beautiful spankees out there and in that blue “Firm Hand” Uniform, she is simply stunning… this time she tried to escape the Reform School but Mr Strickman carries her in on his shoulders… up to her room and throws her on the bed for a sensational OTK spanking, trapping her flaying legs with his, pulling down her white panties and giving her “what for” A special Free clip and HQ Images are below – NOW *that* is what I call a spanking! *swoon*





Check out ALL of Samantha’s fantastic movies & the very latest new updates HERE


I thought to myself, “how do I follow that?” Well, it’s simple as I spent most of this morning getting my fill of my favorite redhead Amber getting yet another sensational and highly erotic spanking… this time, not by her partner, her Daddy… (although I hope they feature her soon getting a proper “Man Spanking” again) but there’s a great role reversal after the FemDom extravaganza I showed you last week of Amber topping redhead Jolene – so if you missed it, you can see this HERE (and I recommend you DO NOT miss it). What you’ll see below is from a collection of films of Amber in her familiar webcam role being spanked, humiliated and punished by Jolene under the orders of one of Amber’s regular online clients as they perform a private show and I have to say he has some fine taste in what he’d like to see happen to Amber… as you’ll see below! Images and clips are all courtesy of AmberSpanks.com

The web client tells Jolene to blindfold Amber so she can’t see what he wants Jolene to do… and that is to play with Amber’s pert titties, slapping them, lightly spanking her teats and then using the nasty clamps and ice cubes on her hard aching nipples whilst spanking her kneeling up… a good start if I say so myself! 🙂




There are a lot of exploratory themes of various feelings of pain and pleasure, combining the two, allowing Amber to experience them both and so on (like the nipple treatment earlier) and the various hand spankings, paddlings and soothing treatments of  Amber’s increasingly aching red bottom too! Whether it’s to prolong her punishment… I can only guess, but of course this is about pain and pleasure and the final part is something to behold… Jolene plays with Amber’s excited kitty-kat using her favorite big vibrator and eventually brings her off to a shuddering, smouldering climax which viewers of the movie will get to see clearly! I’m not going to show the moment Amber cums (that’s unfair to those that supported her and paid for a site membership – and “fucking hell”, does she cum!!!) members will see her writhing and jerking herself off in a long drawn out satisfying orgasm that can not fail to arouse the tiredest of tiny trouser snakes! Again, there is the pleasure and pain thing too, I’m guessing that Jolene was told to keep pressing that vibro on Amber’s aching throbbing clit as her amazing orgasm finished…. and ladies, you *know* just how excruciating that can be, eh? So was it a ruined orgasm? (which would be so naughty and unfair) It’s hard to say unless I asked Amber personally… but after what she went through and to get her pent up release, I’m gonna guess that she might have preferred to have been caned rather than take that afterwards as that must have been pleasure overload which would be really uncomfortable! Yikes!



Either way, I have an additional clip of Jolene briefly playing with Amber below so you get the idea and the build up of what’s “cumming” but members of SpankAmber.com can watch the full Wmv or HD Quicktime movie in full and witness something special! “I have Wood” is a massive understatement today! 🙂


See Amber getting it good at her original site & her Special Offer for both spanking sites at SpankAmber.com


I do love seeing girls in the buff getting spanked, preferably in a vulnerable OTK position – and that is precisely what the good folk at PunishedBrats.com have come up with in their first upgraded Wmv and MP4 format film “Dancing Naked” with a very trim, toned Angelina who I must admit I had never viewed with such lustful eyes before until now…. and my poor peepers are indeed strained and bloodshot after what they have recently witnessed so all I can say is check out this tomed beauty and what is, I think, a PB debut for Mistress Azul who is spanking the naked Angelina over her lap! I likened her locks to that of Medusa’s, but I meant no disrespect other than she is a rightfully a frightening character and this is a great visual feast which I hope you’ll agree with. I have also got you a special free preview which you can see just how Angelina wriggles and squirms over Azul’s lap! Mmm!




See MORE of Angelina getting a hard embarrassing spanking HERE


Remember “Hovel Man”? He is the one that deals with poor Sami in his “Deliverance style” woodshack or woodland cabin as he sees fit… & this time the poor girl has only gone and gotten all the food eaten by pesky racoons… so it’s an outdoor punishment in the woodland gloom where no doubt no one will hear her rather loud shrieks of pain… bent over the old pick up truck which so eerily reminds me of those beat up wagaons I’d expect to see in horror flicks like “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” or “The Hills Have Eyes” and so on… Sami really ought to choose her friends more carefully, methinks! Check out this excellent belting though… and there’s a fantastic free clip which I implore you to check out as it highlights just how pissed off “Hovel Man” really was (or hungry… or both!)







Staying outdoors and with Mr Masterson’s RNS Network briefly… I am starting to appreciate just what a solid punishment his girls get, whether they are foolish enough to try and sneak in some sunshine on his garden patio… or face a severe and humiliating full bottom exposure at the Institute… because he thought they deserved such a punishment… well read on and be prepared for more eye popping moments!

OK, it’s warm and sunny and the last thing you’d expect would be Mr M and a strap to appear and thrash the living daylights out of you… what a bummer, but this is precisely what happened to poor Frankie who thought a spot of sunbathing might help soothe the pain of her last thrashing… but as you’ll see from the movie stills, she was in no position to resist, naked as the day she was born and so vulnerable laying there… an easy target with a very cute butt that Mr M could not resist punishing once more!





See MORE of Frankie’s addictive punishments at RealSpankings.com


& finally today, as I had mentioned, ever present, Lila (who I highly rate as one of the best sub spankees out there!)… and her partner in crime this time, Ivy – have a rather unusual and cruel punishment where the Dean, Mr M, had the girls waiting and undressed, stood up facing away from him doing their cornertime with their cheeks held wide apart for him to be able to see what they were made of. This is a rather humiliating start to the punishment for their continual dresscode violations… and it only got worse as both girls had to precariously balance on 2 chairs, kneeling awkwardly on them, bottoms stuck out whilst they received a rather intimate spanking with them knowing his eyes were burning into the view that their exposed bottoms and privates gave him! To add to the shame both girls could see the other being punished and at the end they were made to pull apart their cheeks for a final inspection… girls at this Institute would do well to avoid the wrath of Mr M! Images below are taken directly from the film!






You can see so much more of this recent addition to The Institute HERE (don’t miss it!)

Both the above sites can also be viewed at the excellent value 8 site RealSpankings Pass


Finally today, I’d just like to mention a blog I have just seen and it stars a real life amateur spanko (I hope, and it’s not someone pretending to be one…) so I’d like you all to pop over to her little blog when you have time and check her out for yourselves. She’s a real stunner I’m sure you will agree, her blog details her spankings, her thoughts and of course a few nice images of her too! Check out “I Get Spanked” HERE

Yup, even the OMG Cat had a look! Me-owww! Bad kitteh!

Trouser Arousal Spankings

WARNING: Today’s update may cause some unwanted bumpage in your Trouser Department! Please proceed with caution when viewing this latest spanking post as there could be some seriously arousing spanking images of some hot new girls and other naughty punishment news!

OK, now that disclaimer is out of the way, I have some seriously disturbing new updates (well for your underpants and groinal cloth) from Clare Fonda as she introduces us to her newest girl, Shay Golden… and as always, her newbies are first filmed, interviewed and their real life spanking fantasties and incidents whilst growing up are enacted at Spanked Sweeties (personally I think it’s just an excuse for Clare to get her rocks off being “Mommie” to a whole load of beautiful barely twenty-somethings… but hey, I’m not arguing… I love this shit too! LOL!)


So what I have here for you are a series of images taken from the various films that introduce us to Shay and her spanking stories growing up at home whilst also taking some rather decent “Man Spankings” – as Clare would say!

Shay is spanked in her “Daisy Dukes” (OMG!) before Clare pulls them off for a bare bottom spanking!




Shay’s 1st “Man Spanking”  (or should that be “Grandpa Paddling” in this movie which there are some scenes below and I have to say I love the randomness of how some girls get found… Shay was discovered by Clare whilst on the set of an R rated horror movie and it turned out she had done some hardcore adult work and been spanked growing up! Music to Clare’s ears… so check out what else they got up to below:



Shay is quite the drama queen but with an ass as beautiful and tender as hers no one is complaining! Now that Shay had been suitably warmed up the following re enactment by Clare showed off yet more delicious tanned tushy as you’ll see below! You can see why clare has been raving about her latest “find”!



Finally another man spanking and by the time they filmed this you could see Shay’s poor bottom was glowing red! This tall striking blonde girl has been an absolute pleasure of a discovery and I look forward to seeing some more of her work across the rest of Clare’s sites very soon!




You can be among the 1st to view Shay’s content at SpankedSweeties.com

& remember that she will be appearing at Clare’s other sites within the excellent Clare Fonda Pass network


After recently filming with sarah Gregory, myself, I have come to appreciate her relationship she has with many fellow spanking starlets and one girl she positively gushed about was Kat St James (and Kat’s partner Kyle) – we got talking about all sorts of adventures they have had including some other girls that she knew that had been in some strange spanking contracts but I won’t delve into that too much as that was gossip between me and Sarah….anyways, I’m digressing so what I will show are the spankings that Kyle and Kat did, either together or separate before they sold their content to the amateur film specialists MarkedButts.com – and of course here are 2 contrasting films, one with Kat & Sarah shown waaaay waaaay back when the site started last year – and one just released with Kyle giving a tearful but very striking black girl, Jaila… her 1st ever punishment spanking! It’s what makes up the variety on this site and is why I am happily promoting it today!




Fairy Tale Series: Gretel vs. Little Red: In this warped version of the classic fairy tale characters, Gretel (played by Kat) is searching for her lost brother Hansel and Little Red (played by Sarah) is on her way to her Grandma’s house… bump into each other at the center of the Fairy Tale Universe! These two little brats are not going to let the other take the spotlight off of them, so after a shoving match, Little Red takes Gretel over her knee for a VERY HARD bare bottom spanking in the woods, before Gretel turns it around and puts Little Red over her lap for what I still think is a rare chance to see Kat St James “top” as I think she is still quite a genuine sub!!!




Jaila’s 1st Spanking: Beautiful 24 year old Jaila contacted Kyle about some guilt she has been feeling for a couple years and wanted to see if his discipline accountability coaching was for real or staged. She told him about her childhood, where various abuse took place, and about how her trust issues messed up her past relationships and was on the brink of messing up her current one. After a good lecture, Kyle takes Jaila over his knee just like her grandmother used to, and spanks her past tears before holding her sobbing body tight to comfort her and help her release all that pent up emotion…

You can see some free previews of these movies and far more on the tour pages of MarkedButts.com and take a look and decide for yourself.


Finally today from the Masterson Empire of Spanking at my 2 fave sites of his, he has been busy indoors and outdoors, no where is safe from his hand or his implements of doom as the following girls will testify! First from RealSpankings.com a nice outdoor scene and since it’s summer up here in the northern hemisphere, why not show some outdoor spankings?




Jade and Riley are each given a paddling as one girl was made to watch the other then they were both paddled together by Mr M in the glorious outdoors of his garden retreat! You can see many a typical movie like this with some very effective punishments (amongst the best in the biz IMHO) at RealSpankings.com


& at my other fave RSN site RealSpankingsInstitute.com – we have a great double punishment scene for a classic schoolgirl error, not wearing any panties! Now I’m not always keen on seeing girls who play schoolgirls covered in a mountain of tattoos (as Jade is here) but I’ll forgive this scene as Jade is an incredibly attractive girl with a butt that can take a hell of a thrashing… and alongside Real Spankings stalwart, Monica… AND punished by none other than Danny Crighton, well, it’s a great movie all the same which is why I’m showing it to you now! The movie has some excellent put downs from Mr C and the girls privates are shamefully exposed and both girls have great bodies that are shown off at various angles as they are given a naked punishment! Check out the images below from this recent movie update below and you’ll see what I mean…






You can see much more of this and all the latest institutional punishments like Monica & Jade’s HERE!


OK, that’s it from me, before I go, I’d just like to mention that the response to our New Clips4Sale store has been fantastic, it seems that there are those that want to purchase just the odd clip… and for that, another movie and shorter scenes from that is going up at around 5PM US East coast time… the image below should be a good reminder of what it is about! Yay! Pajamas and bath/hair brushes! My favorites! Hope you like it when it goes live in a few hours time (click image below for more info)

Amazing spankings to fill your day!

This is a rare chance to see a full film of one of the cutest girls to be spanked from japan, she is called Kurumi, and I have gone back through my own personal archives and found this one which is one of her earliest films where she explains to us what happens to her if she’s naughty and tells lies to mother… I think you can guess… and even as she explains to us in her native tongue… she sounds so adorably cute… just wait until you see and hear her being spanked! Check out some images and the instant free play movie that she starred in from Hand-Spanking.com

If you want to see MORE of this cute girl getting thrashed at home & in her school uniform – CLICK HERE

Hand-Spanking.com isn’t just about Kurumi, of course, below are some images taken from some of their most recent movies, all films come with full image sets as standard and the translations into English, like you will have seen already from the movie I had shown for you, are almost perfect…. thanks to the fluent English of the webmaster!


There’s nothing quite like the sight of a schoolgirl punished, but what’s even better is when the teacher didn’t have the authorization to carry out the punishment and so both she and (in this case) Emma Brown are brought to book in front of the Headmaster & Deputy Head who teach them both a stern lesson in good old fashioned British justice! This latest release in HD 16:9 format is from English-Spankers.com

Schoolgirl Emma thinks she will get her own back on her nasty mistress by reporting her to the head master. He is not too impressed and orders them both to be punished. He enlists the help of the deputy headmaster as they spank and cane the two girls. Hard severe canings are administered to their bare bottoms.



I remember reading from another blog (my memory of the exact one isn’t clear… but it did make me laugh at the time) with the reference to the “hovel” that some of the poor girls at Markedbutts.com sometimes got spanked in. I did feel sorry for them, to my untrained English eyes, this is the sort of redneck, shack type spankings I both find amusing but strangely addictive viewing (like watching “My name is Earl” on the TV) at this amateur site… and once again, it is Kisa bearing the brunt of quite a hard OTK thrashing as her big wobblesome buttocks are given a thorough workout. Apologies if that’s the “hovel” that the webmaster of Markedbutts.com lives in… I’m sure it’s just a set or films sent in by some hardy amateur… but it adds to the spanking theme at this site though and of course recommend it 🙂 Check out the latest images taken from this movie and where you can see a free clip and look up yet more “hovel spankings!” (heh heh)

Kisa has been texting like crazy and is way over her limit. Her cell phone bill is double what it is normally. Since she has a bratty attitude about the situation it is time for a hard otk hand spanking on her big bare bottom!

Marked Butts Amateur Spanking Website


Finally today Pixie’s Previews reveal the new girl I was recently raving about called Pi (or is that the numerical 22 over 7?) This new brunette  is a welcome addition to the Punishedbrats stable and of course she gets some hard punishments off Veronica and it’s great to see Beverly Bacci still dishing it out to tearful girls! (yay!) Check out the special previews below showcasing new girl Pi and then take a look at some stunning new images taken from her newest and latest film!

Sassy little Pi is pulled straight from the shower and right over Veronica’s lap for a nude spanking! Her damp bottom becomes very sore in no time at all and reddens beautifully as Aunt Veronica takes it out on this brat’s amazing derriere! Don’t forget that there is still the chance to help celebrate the 5 year birthday of this site by grabbing their first ever special offer!!!! But it wont be around for long!


Beautiful Girls Spanked & Punished

Hi everyone, I have been away a couple of days so have mercifully given you a break from the LOL cats, the informative spanking updates and my poor sense of humor, but sadly these things never last, eh? … So I’m back, even though I have a splitting headache today for some reason, I think it’s the excessive caffeine I require in my copious cups of coffee that I need to just get up in the mornings! I am typing quietly and have just had to reach for the Paracetamol as I had just edited and cut a great paddling scene of my first update from the Corporal Air series of gorgeous Kat St James at FirmHandSpanking.com – I’m aware that this series has been out awhile but I’ve placed her last 2 appearances together with a great short clip of her bottom whacked with that huge wooden paddle! I’ve had to turn the volume down… “shhhh!”

This paddling, receiving 12 hard swats followed Kat’s strapping on the Pool Table!

Images below are taken from the Corporal Air series where Kat is punished for stealing food and beverages on the flight! Kat can take quite a sound punishment as you all know so this was carefully thought out by Eric to ensure that her bottom stung like hell, first strapping her, spanking her hard then once her bottom was burning, the paddle was applied and by the end she had no choice but to hold her sore cheeks and rub them hoping the burning shame would disappear quickly! (it didn’t, fortunately)

You can see many more of Kat’s films HERE at Firmhandspanking.com


Sticking with the lovely Miss St James, I thought I’d feature a recent new film uploaded in full and in a better quality from the amateur specialist site, MarkedButts.com which covered a good hard F/F domestic discipline scene where she is spanked by her sister for stealing from Lily’s purse and is punished just like Mom & Dad would do, with the hairbrush and leather strap! A nice nasty twist!

The below freeplay clip is a lower quality version of what members can see!

Of course, Kat features quite a lot at this site – You can see MORE of her films with Lily and also across the lap of her real life boyfriend Kyle HERE at MarkedButts.com


Clare Fonda continues to grab some attention seeking girls, and as has been reported by me and others… one of her recent additions was the gorgeous former Penthouse Pet of some note… the simply uber delicious Veronica Ricci who makes me want to up sticks and move out to L.A. to stalk this beauty … NOW! 🙂 I have some amazing galleries below taken from Clare’s site SpankedSweeties that describe more about her latest additions including blonde bombshell Ash Hollywood, another stunner who has an ass to die for and I have no qualms in issuing the TROUSER AROUSAL Alert for these girls below, be careful… you have been warned, click on the images below for the girls galleries!

Remember that this site concentrates on the girls upbringing, real life events, interviews, and re enacts their stories & fantasies as well as showcasing such fantastic new beauties to the spanking scene as these 2 beauties featured above!

& in case you’ve been living on Mars then the links below also highlight some other recent new additions that started here at this site!

Lynn LeonaAlexis GraceMary Jane

Spanked sweeties is part of Clare Fonda’s Multi Site Pass


My next update is a special feature of another relative newcomer to the spanking scene in the USA and comes courtesy of Sarah Gregory’s great site HERE. Do you remember Emma Harper? (pictured left) Here’s a brief reminder of this pajama bedtime  film that I really liked:

Both girls were over at Sarah’s for a sleepover but they kept on disturbing Sarah’s dad with their noisy antics until on the 3rd time he had enough… spanking his naughty daughter in front of Emma then spanking her before having BOTH girls side by side, shamefully thrashed together! It was a really hot movie (some extra scenes below… so it was really great to see at Sarah’s site there’s a NEW movie featuring Emma completely in the buff spanked by Sarah… AWESOME!

So as I said, there’s a new film (out in full) which has Sarah spanking Emma and once again, the sight of Emma’s very red bum is worth the site membership fee alone as a bonus to the equally gorgeous Sarah, who of course, is the main star of this site (naturally!)

What should girlfriend Sarah do with a naughty flirt like Emma who had ruined their night out? Emma looks very sorry but it’s a little too late for that as Sarah has other plans for Emma… “if she wants to play with fire, then fine…” what you’ll see is Sarah get her girl over her knee for some warm up punishment spanking before Sarah can’t wait to gently pull down Emma’s panties revealing her already red throbbing bottom as she continues to tan this naughty missie’s tushy! Sarah by now is turned on at the sight of Emma’s “red distressed cheeks” and orders Emma to completely strip off as she feels her girl wriggle once again in the buff over over lap before deciding to strap Emma on the sofa, knees parted, legs apart… her bottom stuck high in the air leaving Sarah in no doubt as to the wonderful sight of Emma’s exposed privates and rosy red cheeks of shame! See for yourself the very trim Emma’s punishment and sarah looking fantastic as the pissed off girlfriend in her little black dress. This is a great film and comes with a whole load of images of which the ones below are a tiny part! Enjoy!!

You can see MORE of this great film and all of Sarah’s other naughty spanking episodes HERE


Hope you enjoyed this update and don’t go too far as I have news of a NEW Exclusive Kami Robertson film coming very soon to my own little site…. all I will say is that she is caned totally naked for calling me a pervert! (How dare she tell such fibs!)

HOT Spankings from My Hard Drive

I was looking for something DIFFERENT to review and let you all be aware of, whether it is from the present or the archives of a website… and as I was checking out the latest movies updated at Clare Fonda’s SpankedCallgirls.com and I got some gems from the past but first, if you haven’t seen this already shown or advertised anywhere else, Clare has a great submissive pairing with her girls Ten and Alicia as “Momma Clare” once again “takes no crap off her hoes” and sorts them out in the seedy hotel room in front of each other! Both girls have alluring, curvacious but very well toned bodies and I remember Ten remarking either on one of her tweets or blog that she loved the strength of her thick thighs… Wowsers! I totally agree!!! I actually find Ten’s figure and butt extremely attractive and seeing her alongside the equally built Alicia is a great visual treat for me… as I hope this is for you too!

This movie can now be downloaded HERE for your viewing pleasure

Now I told you I was rummaging around in the archives of this site and to be honest it’s not something I have often, but after a few absolute gems that include subjects like humiliation control and punishment by mouth soaping, anal temperature takings, intimate inspections, bottom wipings and the gratuitous use of wearing tampons that I had noticed… you can bet I will be checking out more of this in future… members of course have this whole section to explore at will! I had no idea that Clare was such a delightful pervert! LOL!

One of Amber Pixie Wells earliest films and humiating punishments with Clare was punishment and control by bottom wipings and temperature takings as well as receiving her spanking! Check out a few images taken directly from the old wmv movies below for more proof!

Awww, doesn’t she look so innocent in her pigtails as well? 😀 You can see MORE here

Delving into the archives deeper I noticed a gorgeous redhead called Vixen with a beautiful tuft of red fuzz “down there” which immediately got me interested and I downloaded every film and image I could find of her after this 1st series! Why? Well, Clare got Vixen to take a dry enema, of sorts… pushing air up her well greased, prepared asshole then making her fart… poor Vixen was mortified… you may also see that she was wearing a tampon as well, placed there earlier in a further humiliating control exercise. There is spanking too… but I thought some of you might like to see this interesting diversion… with Vixen splayed and shamed… how the hell did I ever miss this?

That’s not to mention the movie clip of Vixen made to spank Kacy by Clare… and when Clare disappears for a bit the girls make out… I don’t know… there’s something about Californian chicks – are they all inherently bi-sexual? I just love their queer-play! So it’s another lovely girl/girl scene until Clare comes back!!! I’ll go into this in more detail another time as I’ve done enough of Spankedcallgirls.com today! Just see what else you might be missing below! Yikes!


So from the beautiful “make believe” Californian chicks to the real world of amateur spankings and this is all courtesy of MarkedButts.com as I show you 2 excellent realistic and damned hard spanking films that leave these well built ladies with very sore red bottoms! The quality of the movies vary as amateurs, I guess, send in their movies (this is the appeal of this site, however), but as you’ll see, I actually have a couple of movie links which are totally EXCLUSIVE to this blog and they are both about 25 seconds long and feature some real whackings – SO BE PREPARED!!!

The first movie I’m featuring is below:
This is part of the room mate series. Sami, and Kisa are room mates, and instead of having huge blown out fights they sit down and decide that if one of them gets out of line, the other will adminster a bare bottom spanking for their discipline. In this part, Sami receives a hard hairbrushing OTK punishment totally naked and screaming thanks to Kisa’s enthusiastic thrashings! I’ve included a WMV download link for a free clip after the images… WARNING! It’s a severe naked butt blistering punishment!


the 2nd movie from MarkedButts that I am featuring here today is another butt jiggling paddling of a girl fresh out of the shower as her still wet bottom is thrashed! See the images and read the description of this and of course, I have that free clip for you to watch and decide too… it features some great facials and a very sore red paddled bottom!

Lily has found out through a friend that Mya has been appearing nude at a local strip club. Appalled that Mya would get involved with such behavior she comes home, finds Mya in the shower and pulls her straight out of the bathroom and into the bedroom for a serious scolding and spanking bent over the bed while she is still fully naked and wet from her shower. Mya may be embarrassed to be spanked without her clothes but Lily feels it is a fitting punishment since she’s been taking her clothes off for strangers already! Then she goes to get the wooden paddle and really blisters her butt!


See the extensive tour pages showing the latest movie updates & free trailer previews at MarkedButts.com


Finally a few archived moments I’m sure you’ll let me indulge in again until tomorrow! First up, a classic from Japanese girl girl spanking site CutieSpankee

In the movie clip and the sample images it’s a great scene where younger sister, Yuka, stole and ate her older sibling’s cake. Listen and watch Yuka cry and plead (rather pointlessly) as she blubs over her angry sister’s knee!!!  :D

click here to play
Check our my free images from this naughty FF dscipline movie!

CLICK HERE to see this FULL Movie and 100s more at CUTIE SPANKEE


Next indulgence is one girl I haven’t featured much of recently, lovely redhead Jessica who has an amazing archive of data spanning back nearly 10 years… I guess Mr Masterston really did film a hell of a lot of data of her, eh? Spanking Teen Jessica – the red headed girl next door we’d ALL love to spank (when no one’s looking!)

click here for Teen Jessica

I have found some classic paddling pic, probably one of the girls best known for taking such a red butt thrashing!

There’s plenty more free pics and clips of teen Jessica at her own site – CLICK HERE


Finally how could I  forget this lovely red headed beauty since I have once again gone Red-mental tonight!!! Amber Dawn from California! Star and partner with hard working co webmaster Daddy of SpankAmber.com and AmberSpanks.com
There’s not much to be said that I haven’t already so take a look below at this stunning spanking sensation as she spanks, get spanked by great looking girls and of course spanked, fucked and dominated as loving couple can by her partner, her lucky man “Daddy”. Spankalicious!!!

Marked Butts – movie previews

I still haven’t fully checked out this site MarkedButts.com, mainly because, as I mentioned yesterday I have been, um… busy sorting out other things in my life recently so although my schedule appears out please check out these little updates from full movies that I have seen which I liked starring Kyle (a deep voice for a young man!) he – who is Kat St James real life partner… and these 2 movies show him taking both girls shown below over his knee and in one he takes great delight in humiliating one girl with a completely naked embarrassing spanking that has her in tears!

Tracy is the tearful girl that he spanks completely starkers and you can check out the images I’ve cut from the movie below. In the middle of this post there are 2 instant play clips which I’ve hosted at my Teen Spankings Tube – Enjoy!

Tracy comes over to hang out with Kat and admits to Kyle that she cheated on her last boyfriend. Kyle takes exception to this as he has been cheated on in the past by ex’s and decides to embarrass Tracy like she embarrassed her ex by stripping her naked and spanking her until she’s kicking out in pain and full of tears with his hand before making her bend over fully exposed and strapping her bared sore bottom as well!

The 2nd film (the clip above right) stars adult porn star Kendra Kaine when she visited Kyle in the LA area – this is part of the Real Discipline Series where in this case she is spanked for drinking too much! The story is that this 22 year old porn star got in touch through mutual friends to see if his “discipline therapy” was real and was all it was cracked up to be. Though very well known and popular in the porn industry, this is just a regular small town girl who has problems, and one of her biggest is drinking!!! Kyle’s manner and the OTK spanking he dishes out ensures she thinks twice before guzzling down the demon drink and getting blitzed – I know I’d enjoy sorting her out as a drunken girl that age is not a pretty sight!!!

Check the site out for yourself HERE and enjoy Kyle’s work as well as their low site start up options!

Merry Spanking Christmas!

Merry Christmas from me at SpankingBlogg – I hope that over this festive period you all enjoy yourselves with family and friends. I intend to drink and eat too much as I normally do and am hopeful of a new pair of slippers which I doubt I’ll be using much to walk in… if you know what I mean! In a slight effort to be festive here, I have a few galleries and updates that reflect the season, but as the northern hemisphere is gripped in cold, let’s not forget our chums in the south where it is positively baking and I have got an outdoor treat for you from a new site MarkedButts.com for you all to check out! & so I’ll start here first since new sites are always interesting and this one looks great!

Now as I’m busy, I’m sure I and my fellow spanko enthusiasts will be reviewing this site very soon, but from what I’ve seen so far, I think this is the site that Kyle and his spanko partner, the lovely Kat St James are running. It looks like it – as there is an awful lot of stuff with Kyle on it… anyway, there’s a decent tour page with streaming clips for you to check out – but inside you get WMV files to download and I have cut a clip of Kyle and Kat with him spanking her in the big outdoors on the beach! She had thrown her Flip Flops (beach sandals) over the cliff edge, a present that Kyle had given her because she didn’t like them… so he spanks her on the sand, constantly looking out to see if there is anyone else watching… perhaps he should have looked around a little closer – as you’ll see! (Oh and if he did that anywhere in England on Xmas Eve both he and Kat would be in A&E suffering from hypothermia… heh heh!)


So check out the stunning scenery of the Californian coast and Kat’s spanked bare bottom from the movie “Outside adventure – sealing her fate” with the emphasis, I should hope… on “seal” LOL! Anyway, I enjoyed this unintentionally funny part with Kat concerned that a previously well camoflaged seal is watching her getting spanked on the bare, since Kyle has his back to the animal, he doesn’t believe her and continues, his reaction to the seal when he finally susses out Kat isn’t lying is priceless! (I have a clip of this and you can actually see the real quality of the type of WMV films to download) – I like the first impressions of this site, with focusses on new girls, amateurs and good old fashioned hard domestic spankings… hope this warms y’all up (more pics from the above movie are below)





Click here to view more of this new site (and check out their very fair pricing!)


Check out this festive treat below just out today in time for Xmas from NorthernSpanking.com

Yup, what is it with Paul and his fairies??? This time the Xmas tree fairy comes to life in the shapely form of Sam Johnson and rifles through his presents until he puts a stop to it! However, this is another magic wand fun filled spanking again… very funny and an excellent film to let you all know about out now! Enjoy! I’m off to get very merry now!!! Back soon 😀

Any excuse to show the lovely lithe Samantha Johnson, eh? 😀



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