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Tuesday Teasers

My oh my… it’s been a hectic few weeks, I have this week to unwind, which isn’t going to happen… as I have the whirlwind that is Sarah Gregory coming over to the UK next week. There is a joint shoot planned with the amazing Amelia Jane Rutherford while she is over here so I am looking forward to that. Anyway, back to today’s updates from various sites, I thought you would like to see what is currently being viewed and downloaded at the various paysites of extreme interest!

It’s good to see Leandra James getting her bottom spanked again in her native Holland… if you can’t wait for some amazing films with her at my site (coming soon, I promise they are achingly good) then check out Real-Life-Spankings.com that has a fantastic catalog of her films with that delicious derriere getting a good solid spanking courtesy of Mike… this latest film sees her spanked for smoking in his office, which happened to be a non smoking zone… she was too lazy to go and use the correct room – oops! Cue the punishments!

leandra_no_smoking_IMG_0177 leandra_no_smoking_IMG_0178


leandra_no_smoking_IMG_0179 leandra_no_smoking_IMG_0184

leandra_no_smoking_IMG_0186 leandra_no_smoking_IMG_0189

leandra_no_smoking_IMG_0190 leandra_no_smoking_IMG_0191


What happens to naughty daughters that are easily found out by their irate dads? Well, foolish Stevie Rose should have known better than to try and pull the wool over her daddy in this latest film from Sarah Gregory Spanking – it’s a good hard OTK spanking film with some great scolding, chastisement and tears from Stevie! Stills images below are reduced in size as they are now uploaded at 1500 pix wide and screen grabs are a whopping 1920 pix wide as the films are HD1080.

0160_the_disobedient_daughter_gal1-007 0160_the_disobedient_daughter_gal1-011 0160_the_disobedient_daughter_gal1-013

0160_the_disobedient_daughter_gal1-018 0160_the_disobedient_daughter_gal1-024


0160_the_disobedient_daughter_gal1-020 0160_the_disobedient_daughter_gal1-028

Daddy is not happy when his daughter Stevie arrives home on the back of a motorcycle. He is waiting on the couch looking out the window when she pulls up and he knows that she shouldn’t be riding on the back of such dangerous contraptions. Daddy gives Stevie a chance to tell the truth as she doesn’t know that he has installed a new video security system. Of course Stevie lies and daddy is very disappointed. He gives her a hard over the knee spanking bringing her close to tears.


A new long play film (a feature of this next site) is well under way and the next parts are due (I have seen the full film and it is classic Dana Specht/Sarah Gregory) as you would expect from MommaSpankings.com – Dana plays a very strict school teacher… one of the best scolders alongside one of the best “bottoms” in the spanking biz, how could this ever go wrong? Check out the teaser images of this film “Spanked at school, Spanked at Home” early on…

momma-87-010 momma-87-032

momma-87-043 momma-88-020

momma-88-026 momma-88-037

momma-88-051 momma-88-055

Did you grow up in the era when, if you were spanked at school you got spanked at home? Well Dana Specht did and when Sarah and Dana do a school-girl themed video this is how it is played out. Dana takes the role of Sarah’s teacher who finally has had enough of her bad behaviour and turns her over her knee for a spanking. When she gets home and faces Momma (also played by Dana) she gets another spanking.

Join up to see the full bare bottom correction of Sarah Gregory by Miss Specht HERE


Staying on the schoolgirl theme, Dean Masterson at Real Spankings Institute takes no nonsense in his detention punishments as both Monica and Jordyn discover to their cost! These images are taken from the film so you get to see what actually happens… look at their bottoms turning red before your eyes!


strapping002 strapping003 strapping004

strapping005 strapping006

strapping007 strapping008

strapping009 strapping010 strapping011


Monica and Jordyn  have endured a long and embarrassing cornertime… now they both have to receive a severe 50 swat leather strapping each in front of the other, each girl takes her turn as the other girl is made to see the punishment unfold and watch her reactions as their bottoms turn angry and red from the strapping.



& to strappings of a different kind which the following site is infamous for… check out Spanking Server and you will see many girls getting a pussy strapping in the Gyno chair… I love the quick build up as each girl is placed in the chair and their legs partsed in the stirrups… it is quite embarrassing to be filmed in such a way… and even more so knowing that your pussy is about to be strapped! The nerves and hesitation on the girls faces are what helps make this a good viewing… it also helps that Peter who administers the short sharp shock strappings has brought in some fabulous looking girls, take a look at 2 recent examples of what I mean…

New girl Marianna takes her 1st Pussy Strapping

pussystrapping001 pussystrapping002

pussystrapping003 pussystrapping004

pussystrapping005 pussystrapping006

Then Tess takes her 1st punishment in this unique style…

pussystrapping007 pussystrapping008

pussystrapping009 pussystrapping010

pussystrapping011 pussystrapping012

Check out MORE unique punishments like this only from Spanking Server



Finally today from My Spanking Room Mate an office discipline special with a couple of my fave girls from this site who are featured often over the course of this long running spank sopa opera…  Madison Martin and Veronica Ricci (who I swear has an even bigger and more spankable bubble butt – must be all that spanking she receives, I guess) with a very welcome re appearance of the lovely Mary Jane!


Madison Martin and Veronica Ricci team up to spank Mary Jane’s big round bottom at the office, with hand and paddle. Mary Jane struggles, but it is two against one, and they make her bottom really, really hot and sore. But Madison and Mary Jane decide Veronica is also due, and she goes OTK for a hard hand and paddle spanking until  her amazing bubble butt is bright red too!

msr-p170-003 msr-p170-008

msr-p170-015 msr-p170-029 msr-p170-031

msr-p170-039 msr-p170-042

msr-p170-046 msr-p170-047 msr-p170-053

msr-p170-058 msr-p170-060


See MORE at this site HERE or join it as part of the top value CLARE FONDA PASS Network



Back soon with more updates, my recounting of my time at BB-Dubz later this week and my very latest new film coming out tomorrow which stars the awesome Joelle Barros as possibly one of the sexiest spanked maids I have ever had the privilege to take over my knee!



Welcome back to a Spanking Update

Well, here we go again… time to bring some updates with an improving connection as I get together plans for the remaining spanking shoots this year which takes time to organise, I see once again, at least one selfish member at my site has decided to share my latest films including the one with Joelle, she and those girls cost me an absolute fortune as it was a 4 girl film shoot. I loved making the films, but I didn’t spend all that money to have someone undermime how I should approach updates and deciding on what to put up on the site worrying about damage to the site they cause when pirates just want to profit from this too… I, like many producers suffer horribly when this happens and I question why I bother.Unfortunately their selfishness will bring and end to what they feed on… production of new spanking material from the sites they are ripping off. If you like what you see and wish to see more then the way to do it is to support us, whatever site it is you prefer, support them and don’t choose the stolen and pirated content as this will ultimately be self defeating. We really do not make a fortune off this, I break even with filming and have to work elsewhere to survive… not what I want to do, but that is the reality of it! So if you are that person who has been sharing my content, please think about your actions, it really could kill the site and I won’t want to let anyone know what is coming… sadly it looks as if it is a Brit doing this and rest assured I will have no choice but to spend time on it and investigate it… which is time consuming and I’d rather be promoting my site and other sites that I like…

Shall I get off that soapbox now? Let’s start with 2 great films recently updated at Spanked in Uniform as one of my fave Dutch girls Leandra looks absolutely stunning as the latest foolish waitress at Mike’s 50s Diner.





With the new girls, every Friday after dinner, Chef Mike evaluates their week’s performance. In this episode we see Leandra’s evaluation and she had quite a few mistakes her bottom will pay the price for.The first item on the list was the fact that twice that week, she was late,  so Chef took her across his knee and gave her a good spanking. In part two the birch, slipper and strap will be used. Stay tuned!



You’d think the girls living in this apartment complex would be bailing by now… At My Spanking Room Mate the latest episode has Lilia Spinoza and Mary Jane scrapping and spanking each other…




Mary Jane and Lilia argue over who is supposed to do the chores. In this apartment complex this can only mean one thing – it will escalate into a spanking for each girl, over the knee in the kitchen with hand and hairbrush. Both of these girls juicy round bottoms turn bright red!




See all 118 episodes from this spanking soap opera – CLICK HERE

Or you can view this site as one of the 5 chosen sites from the CLARE FONDA PASS


A couple of different films that I enjoyed watching again recently are shown below! Zoe Page shows us her nasty side when she assists in a private humiliating cell interrogation of the female inmates… courtesy of Bars and Stripes




There’s another chance to see what happens on the intake of new prisoners at Bars and Stripes

& below, Pandora Blake once experienced the shame of being a new prisoner put through her paces by Officer Bradley!





Clare Fonda Spanking Updates

Hi there… as I type this with one eye on the volcanic dust that is starting to invade our airspace… wondering if “Er indoors”, currently away “Outdoors” will get back (then she’s due to fly out again Sunday) I thought it would be easier for me to choose one time during a week to cover all of Clare’s amazing content in one post, making it easier for you guys to see what is available then adding any others or archived data when I have time or it feels appropriate. Clare’s sites have been busy and some of the girls are eye wateringly beautiful as you’ll see, and the very latest spanking soap opera episode that is at MySpankingRoommate.com again stars Kay Richards (yay!!!) in another role with cute Rosario Stone (I think it’s their 3rd catfight/spat/spanking together – Rosario is the put upon maid and this film has a classic good old fashioned girl tustle and wrestling with plenty of spankings which you’ll see below, which is, well… awesome! 🙂

Kay & Maid Wrestle & Spank Each Other
Kay and her maid (Rosario Stone) argue over whether Kay paid her or not as the spanking soap opera continues. They get so angry that they wrestle and spank each other. Over the knee, bent over, hand and wooden spoon. Finally, the maid finds the undelivered check, so she bends Kay over for some hard whacks with a large, studded belt which leave the roomie whimpering on the floor!

All the previews of the 80 current soap opera episodes can be reviewed & downloaded HERE


When Momma Clare isn’t sorting our her little Hoes when they act up… they can often turn on each other and this is precisely what happens in Clare’s absence in this latest movie that is out at one of my favorite sites, Spankedcallgirls.com – seeing these slutty girls getting rude nude and lewd with each other usually means there are plenty of red bottoms, tears, making out and other naughtiness and of course this site has the old archives with plenty of temperature takings, ass and pussy inspections and other humiliating behavior that makes these bad girls properly submissive! The latest film stars bad girl Nikki Rouge and Nena

Nikki Rouge is a goddess of a girl and she handles naughty Nena who is vulnerable and hilarious in this scene! In the bizarre world of sex for money, the little hookers sometimes turn on each other. It is particularly effective when Nikki gets new model Nena’s pert butt and she blurts out a stream of expletives! It’s the naughty slut switch spanking of the week!!


In the Erotic (naughty) Spanking section of GirlSpanksGirl.com there is a continuation of the “Other girl” series with Alexis, you may remember below she was playing with and got pleasured by new hot blonde Ash (reminder below)

If you thought that seeing this couple (above) together was hot, with lots of switching fun and punishment spankings and making out, then be prepared for yet more delicious nonsense as Mary Jane , the girlfriend of Alexis finds out and all hell breaks out as you’ll see below. Basically, it’s more of an excuse to show 2 VERY naughty young ladies spank each other, make out and frig each other off whilst of course letting us see all the action and their frshly tanned bottoms! Do I have “Wood”? I have a whole f*cking forest FFS!

Check out the girls in this new movie EXCLUSIVE to GirlSpanksGirl.com

Alexis confronts her girlfriend Mary Jane about her sleeping with Ash. She spanks Mary Jane to teach her lesson. After the spanking, she admits that she already spanked Ash to punish her, too, but then she made Ash pleasure her. So now it is Mary Jane’s turn to spank Alexis. And when they finish, they make out with yet more naughty playtime fun for us all to enjoy!


Finally today from Clare’s newbie, first timer and model fantasies and interview site – SpankedSweeties.com – I’m sure you will remember that I had introduced you recently to blonde newcomer, Ash Hollywood, another great find by Clare… so in case you aren’t impressed with the images below of her spanking over “Momma Clare’s” lap (I can’t remember if I had showed you that) – then check out the scolding and her tears as she takes her spanking – re-enacting an event in her life as she is spanked by Mom for being a terrible unruly brat, mean to her brother and hell to babysitters… you know the type, eh?… Well for all those real pain in the arse gals you’ve had the misfortune to deal with… see this typical brat-like girl get what’s coming to her!


& here’s something a little different from me (which means I ought to update my Girl Thrashing Boys blog) but if you are unaware of have been living on Mars then most of Clare’s girls take part in some seriously sexy and fun Fem Dom action with hunky young guys. I have to admit I have been getting into this scene recently and fully appreciate it and why guys will switch! Anyway, take a look at some recent updates from ClareSpanksmen.com and you’ll see – of course if you’re not into this, no worries, it’s just a small part of this Clare Fonda update today… but seeing the girls empowered over men is an erotic sight anyway!

See what I mean? Here is Ash Hollywood, looking damned hot and as you’ll see in these images there’s a great POV (point of view) aspect where you can imagine being the naughty guy going over her lap! I’m not going to show any clips here, but I may do at my other blog which I shall update afterwards HERE) Clare maintained that she is a naturally dominant lady who can rock a fem dom look and is a talented athlete with a good swing on her… and “mint” with a paddle!

& of course there are more point of view movies, one recently released with Clare (even I would be tempted to take a chance if I was naughty over her lap!) and as I said before, many of the regular girls love to switch and take control of young men like the very popular male model Kade, seen below with Mary Jane giving him a hard bare bottom hairbrush spanking!

More men spankings by hot girls can be found HERE


Now the reason I covered the last site in Clare’s group is that it’s become an important part of her network and you have the choice of choosing the number of sites that you want, like 3, 4 or 5 sites in her CLARE FONDA PASS – full details of this fanstastic money saving membership is available HERE and don’t forget the longer term deals which works out even cheaper!!! OK, enough of the hard sell, but I do hope that you also enjoyed the fantastic variety that Clare offers across her network!

Ho! Ho! HOE! From Spankedcallgirls.com

There’s a brand new update just released at SpankedCallgirls.com that not only has beautiful exclusive new girl, Mary Jane, looking incredibly cute as usual… but for the very first time, Miss Madison Martin is now one of Momma Clare’s working girls – and this cruel twist of a punishment is to remind both girls just who is the boss!

Clare says the following about her new movie ” Christmas Presents Punishment” :-
“It was time to get My Spanking Roommate star, Madison Martin, onto Spanked Call Girls. She and Mary Jane look the part and it is easy to see why men would pay for them and anyone would want to spank two big and juicy bottoms!”

“Well, I heartily concur, Clare, I can’t believe you hadn’t got Madison in earlier, and she is looking HOT *sizzle!* with her new hairstyle and slutty callgirl clothing, wow… and to top it you have her AND your new babette Mary Jane!!! But to cruelly teach these girls a lesson with presents tricking them into thinking you were being kind, only to reveal that you KNOW about their sideline with their regulars… well, pure genius!” Please click on the link below that gives you all a special free intro to this wonderful film that highlights why I love checking out Spankedcallgirls (as I’m sure you will enjoy checking out the images from the movie after that!)


Madison is first up for her punishment…



Then it’s Mary Jane’s turn over Clare’s knee!



Both girls are feeling rather foolish and tricked by Momma Clare – as they learn that taking “extras” from their clients is stealing from their employer… will they ever learn? I hope not!

Check out this movie HERE with 2 very HOT naughty chicas!

Oh, before I go, I thought I’d show you a quick bonus spanking movie clip of Mary Jane in her recent film now out at this site as well as she is given a good “man spanking” by Double Dan – “the spanking man”, one of Clare’s best clients and friends! If you check a few previous posts you’ll see some very sexy shots of Mary Jane in her slutty clothes! here she is fooling around with dan until he decides it’s time to really start spanking her cute bubble butt! (and CUTE it is!!!)


Don’t forget that this site is part of Clare’s famed multi site pass options: YOU choose whether you want to have 3, 4 or 5 sites with one set of codes at a vastly reduced monthly or quarterly price! See HERE or the banner below. Have a good ‘un!