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All Girl Spanking of Dani Daniels

Check out this amazing F/F sexy OTK spanking film just released at FirmhandSpanking.com

They’re back! Sexiest sorority sisters Dani Daniels and Melanie Taylor spankfest!


You have lots of attitude, you need to get the shit spanked out of you! This was what Melanie told Dani Daniels. Firm Hand’s hottest spanko duo return in a new series of “Sorority Sisters”. Melanie takes a while to get going on Dani’s “nice little freshman juicy ass” then delivers some teeth-gritting spankings as a taste of sorority initiation. Features some amazing slow-motion ass bounce replays at the end.

sisters_cg004 otk spanking sisters_cg007 sisters_cg010 sisters_cg014 sisters_cg016 sisters_cg018 sisters_cg019 sisters_cg020 sisters_cg022 sisters_cg024

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Firm Hand Spanking



Don’t forget that the 2nd Annual Lone Star Spanking Party
takes place this May! Full Details HERE

lonestar spanking party

Multiple Organized events
1950’s Themed Saturday Ball
Models & Producers in attendance
One of THE largest national parties in the US!
New very kink friendly Hotel with easy access to George Bush Intl Airport
Kick ass rooms, reasonable rates & years of experience from the organizers
The BEST Vendor’s Fare by far of any spanking party: FACT!
Over 300 people attended last year’s party, we expect MORE this year!

Hot Catch Up Spankings!

Traveling around nearly everyday is taking its toll on my updates schedule and I had to let a couple of memberships lapse as I wasn’t able to view them. Add to that I have been helping Sarah film content for her sites too and I haven’t been here much, lately. One such site I haven’t kept you updated with is Firm Hand Spanking – one of my fave sites out there, mainly because they keep you entertained with regular new updates and whole films with some of the hottest girls out there. Take a look at a few I may have neglected to show you recently! & this is one site I have kept my membership going… as it is what I love seeing! I am sure those of you into spanking beautiful girls will be too!

Crawling topless to her room, stunning Katherine Askew is whipped all the way

realtor_cb002 realtor_cb003 riding crop spanking realtor_cb007 realtor_cb009 realtor_cb018 ass for spanking realtor_cb024

Walking around naked is normal for hot-as-hell Katherine Askew, but boss Patrick Bateman expects higher standards in Realtor Retribution. He has her crawl to her room to dress, using a riding crop on her bare bottom all the way. Hot stairway spanking!


Below is a killer new series starring Dani Daniels spanking and mentoring Belinda Lawson on a trip to the UK! Hot sorority spanking as Dani Daniels fires up Belinda Lawson’s bare bottom.

conduct_c002 conduct_c005 spanked with a paddle pulling down her panties conduct_c014 girl girl spanking conduct_c020 conduct_c021 hot spanking of a schoolgirl

Cutting track practice is a serious sorority offense for Belinda Lawson. Hot senior Dani Daniels knows how to improve her commitment: spank her bare ass with a ping pong paddle! Inappropriate Conduct turns hotter as Dani turns down Belinda’s come-on…


& finally from this site… Dani Daniels completed a really hot Sorority series in the USA also with beautiful returnee, Melanie Taylor (see below)


Revenge is sweet, especially when Dani Daniels lays a strap across Melanie’s ass

sisters_cf003 sisters_cf006 strapping sisters_cf009 hot sorority girl strapping hot sorority girl spanking sisters_cf017 sisters_cf023

Melanie’s bottom is still burning from the spankings Dani Daniels gave her in Sorority Sisters. There’s one last ass strapping before Dani returns the cellphone that started her punishments, on denim shorts, panties and bare! “That strap stings,” she complained.

Melanie Taylor spanked and strapped

Check out MORE updates I’ve missed here – there are many & I could be here all day… so check the site for all the regulars and their favorites that make this site a worthy membership option (it is one of the few I have, currently on my travels as I need my fix of spankings with the ladies like this!)


Spankings to start the week

I’m still waiting for a few images as we are updating the Houston Lone Star Spanking Party website and have just announced exciting plans for next year as it is at a bigger and better venue (perfect for those flying into Houston’s IAH George Bush Intl as it’s on JFK Bvd which is the main exit road to Houston’s infamous Beltway 8 which circles this great city – but this will be revealed soon along with much more that is being planned (now that we all know the people of Houston/Texas want this and made hosting the 1st Lone Star event such a success for an inaugural large national party… Those who missed it sure missed a treat 🙂 – It’s exciting times for the Lone Star State – being lucky to have 2 parties located inside its (large) borders… anyway, I will bring you news behind the scenes including some filming we did there for the various websites with some awesome new girls. But today, I want to bring you up to date with a few choice websites I like and trust that you will too! These are pretty much all their latest updates in this “industry news” showcaser:

Mya_at_BunBeatingFunNew girl Mya shows us exactly what naughty, pouty, bratty models shouldn’t do when taking on an assignment for Florida’s Red Hot Video Production Company – aka “Mystery Spankers” Greg & Rick from BunBeatingFun.com – whoops!

Model Name: Mya
Age: 29
Occupation: Glamour Model
Offense: Her mouth ran up a tab that her sweet ass couldn’t pay, except that it did… in spades.


Check out the trailer clip and some images of Mya’s punishment (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”41197″]

Seems that Mya here got a little too greedy for her own good and Wooo-Weee! You should have seen how she hollered and carried on once our man got her bottom a-bouncing and a-jiggling!

mya_gets_spanked_otk002 mya_gets_spanked_otk003 mya_gets_spanked_otk004 mya_gets_spanked_otk005 mya_gets_spanked_otk006 mya_gets_spanked_otk007 mya_gets_spanked_otk008 mya_gets_spanked_otk009 mya_gets_spanked_otk010 mya_gets_spanked_otk011 mya_gets_spanked_otk012 mya_gets_spanked_otk013

See this great spanking movie in addition to all the other hot brats getting hard OTK punishments from the mystery men who do not put up with tantrums, divas, poor behavior and anything else not becoming a good model girl! CLICK HERE

Bun Beating Fun


The next update is one I missed whilst helping to host the spanking party and it’s rather good for 2 reasons… Alex Reynolds & Maddy Marks. Bonus points are that it is one of the latest films from SarahGregorySpanking.com and it was my first time I had seen Alex switch – and she is rather good and spanked Maddy hard with her hands, hairbrush and a slipper that she managed to find (slippering is rare and perhaps Paul Kennedy’s influence, either way, I approve!) – Sarah and I were on cameras for this and it’s available in kick ass HD1080, naturally… which we filmed when we were all in Vegas earlier this year. Seeing this again brought back some fond memories! It’s a “typical” Vegas hotel plot too… which I quite liked 🙂

spanking otk

Spanked for Stealing – I took the screen grab images since the quality was that good along with a free video clip I have made (they are reduced in resolution but still great quality to view here) – members get to see full size images, screen grabs and HD1080 quality playback in MP4 or Wmv.

0205_spanked_for_stealing_grabs-005 0205_spanked_for_stealing_grabs-010 0205_spanked_for_stealing_grabs-011 0205_spanked_for_stealing_grabs-015 0205_spanked_for_stealing_grabs-018 0205_spanked_for_stealing_grabs-021 Alex spanks Maddy 0205_spanked_for_stealing_grabs-036 0205_spanked_for_stealing_grabs-039 0205_spanked_for_stealing_grabs-053 0205_spanked_for_stealing_grabs-057 0205_spanked_for_stealing_grabs-067 ass pinching hairbrush spanking

Maddy and Alex are best friends and vacationing in Vegas together. Alex can’t find the money she put in the safe. Maddy is anxiously waiting for Alex as they have plans to meet friends in the casino. Alex suspects Maddy has taken the money and confronts her. Maddy tries to lie and Alex hears the money rustling beneath Maddy’s short skirt. After finding the money she spanks her friend to teach her a lesson about stealing and honesty.

[jwplayer mediaid=”41214″]

Sarah Gregory Spanking

This site is also part of the Sarah Gregory Pass giving access to 2 sites for LESS!

Sarah Gregory Pass


I have another stunning girl/girl punishment update with the return of Dani Daniels spanking Melanie Taylor at FirmHandSpanking.com – I may have missed showcasing the first film on my blogs as I was away and busy (remember?) However, you can see the continuation of this sexy sorority series here below… and then view all the latest free clips on the tour pages and decide for yourselves the current excellent variety that is showing at this site at the moment!

sisters_cb001 sisters_cb002 sisters_cb004 sisters_cb006 sisters_cb008 sisters_cb010 sisters_cb011 sisters_cb012 sisters_cb013 sisters_cb015 sisters_cb019 sisters_cb020 sisters_cb021 sisters_cb024

Melanie Taylor’s bare bottom bounces from a revenge spanking by Dani Daniels: Sexting Sorority Sisters boyfriends deserves a good spanking, and college hottie, Melanie Taylor, knows Dani won’t go easy on her jiggling bare bottom!

Check out all the latest free clip previews including these sexy girls HERE

Firm hand spanking


Next up is a no nonsense spanking with a flip flop on pretty Chloe’s bare bottom as she tried to go down to the beach while still grounded! Oops… if she wants to go down and try to sneak out now she’ll have obvious red bare bottom spanking marks which are no doubt a great deterrent! This is out now to download from BiSpanking.comit’s part of a 4 site deal – join any of these core specialist RSN sites listed and get access to the others for free in that network! Details of other sites are included below the images and clip I have exclusively for you.

911_003 911_011 911_019 911_027 911_039 911_041 911_043 911_061 911_062 911_065  911_075 911_094 911_066 911_098

This site uses 2 angles, members get to see the bare bottom angle too (not shown here)

[jwplayer mediaid=”41244″]

Bi Spanking

Other RSN sites included in this pass are:

Spanking Teen JessicaSpanking Teen BrandiSpanking Bailey

or access 8 sites in this network with the Real Spankings Pass

Real Spankings Pass


Finally… from my good friends at Northern Spanking – some first show images from their delightful new girl called Dorothy Burnett in her first ever spanking on film!

Dorothy Burnett Dorothy is shown a strap

Below is what Paul & Alex have to say about their latest girl…

We have another brand new spanking model to introduce to you today! This is Dorothy Burnett in her very first spanking shoot. In fact, she got her first proper spanking on film for us. Dorothy is petite, adorable and very spunky. We will definitely be working with her more in future. Today, Dorothy is a young girl who has had enough, packed up her suitcase and run away from home. She quickly finds that living on her own is a lot of hassle, though. She is eager to accept Mr Kennedy’s rather forceful offer to help her out, and he leads… well, drags her back to his place.

When she gets there, though, she discovers that an object lesson in the dangers of being unsupervised awaits her, as Mr Kennedy turns her over his lap, pinning her legs in place so she has no chance of getting away while he smacks her bottom, hard. Dorothy isn’t sure if this is a warning for what could happen, or what she was warned about, but she certainly learns a lesson about not running off, either way. It gets especially driven home when Mr Kennedy straps her tiny bottom harshly. Dorothy will be heading straight home and following her parents instructions from now on… that is, once her dress is untied from the chair!

spanking punishment  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     

See more of new girl Dorothy HERE


This spanking news update was brought to you in partnership with
The Lard Information Council of Great Britain


Spanking Overload!

If, like me, you enjoy seeing a beautiful girl given a good hard spanking, preferably over the knee of her “non specific authoritarian figure” (I love using that phrase, heh heh!) then you are in for a treat today… I also think that today in the northern hemisphere, at least, is the longest daylight period as the summer equinox is here… it’s all downhill after this as we speed towards darker gloomier days, but wait! As I take a peek outdoors, where I am in Britain, it is unseasonally cold, grey, overcast and has just started raining – ah, the great British summer, it never lets us down, does it? And I promise not to let you down with today’s fantastic updates starting with AAA Spanking and the latest OTK spanking film with the ever reliably cute Kami Robertson arriving home drunk and her “non specific authority figure” (let’s just call him Uncle Harry) in no mood to let her get away with behaving like that in his house!

Kami had already been warned about her attitude and the way she treated Uncle Harry’s place like some cheap hotel when she stayed at his so when she returned home drunk and had lied to him about not staying out late, Harry took the drunken brat across his knee for a lesson she might just well remember until the next morning! Why? Because he sent her to bed with a very sore, burning bottom after giving her a short sharp shocking OTK spanking reminder of what would happen when she broke his strict House Rules! Kami’s bottom was just made for spanking and you will not be disappointed one little bit to see her struggle, squirm and complain as that beautiful butt wiggled and turned a shameful bright red over his lap!

Check out some choice images from the movie (below)






I rather like these short sharp shock type movies, it’s a pretty standard excuse to get Kami over his knee, she plays the stroppy young madam a little too well at times and invites trouble. This is one of a few films Harry and Kami did together, and I think you’ll be liking what you see over the next few months as there is a heavy birching film (very atmospheric and one you do NOT want to miss!) and a great solo maid film which kind of was the precursor to the birching movie… we had a great set in front of an Edwardian fireplace and Kami had the perfect costume… this will be on top of what is already a great homage to Kami’s filmwork with Triple A! I have loved working with her and will no doubt do so again soon. Just writing about it makes me smile *mental note – MUST ask Kami back yet again!!! 🙂

For more info and how to see this FULL movie – CLICK HERE

Those who just want to see the odd movie will be pleased that this film has also been uploaded to the Clips Store and I see that there has been a few downloads already so I know there are those that do like this alternative method too!



Another girl who has featured a lot at our site (and actually worked alongside Kami) is Danielle Hunt – she is currently working out in America so you are going to see her at a lot of American websites soon and I see that some intro films have already arrived at RealSpankings.com

I don’t have a lot of her stuff just yet as I need to renew my membership at RealSpankings.com – but if you don’t want to wait, I know damned well her films are going to be HOT! CLICK HERE to see more of Danielle at thsi site!


Danielle has worked all over so you won’t have to go far in her bid to globally show off her most spankable ass… closer to home a brand new film from the Hidden camera series at Red Stripe Films has a rather lush Dani given a severe leather hand and bottom strapping by Sarah Bright (see the images and the full storyline below – I’ll provide a link where you can view a great HD preview clip of this too!





Danielle Hunt has to return to the court appointed therapist for the second part of her ‘therapy’, little does she know what awaits her. She has first to hold out her hand for a good hard leather paddling, this stings! Next, bent over the punishment stool she gets the paddle on her bare bottom. Just when she thinks it’s all over she feels the first stroke of the cane, it is laid onto her bare bottom stroke after stroke.



OK, anyone remember the classic Tex Avery wolf in the Droopy cartoons of the 1940’s? His reactions, especially the eyes always cracked me up when he fancied the singers (always a redhead, btw… I think Tex had a thing for them – good man!). It’s still funny today even after 70 odd years… anyway, in a reaction to my next lady… here is what ol’ Chiefy was doing when watching the spanking & paddling of stunning Melanie Taylor in the “Dealer” series of spanking films from FirmHandSpanking.com – You will see below from this cartoon clip (the best bit is the beginning so you can stop it and continue reading after you’ve seen it if you wish, but DO see it, it’s the original, and still the best! 🙂

This is the affect that Melanie Taylor can induce on some as she is bent over and spanked!





A special paddle with holes drilled through it increases the sting on the already-reddened cheeks of Melanie Taylor. The burn is so intense that 18 swats brings tears. Failing to complete on time a report on casino fraud has serious consequences from Earl Grey: a very sore bottom!

To see the full series of spanking films with Melanie Taylor – check out more HERE


 Yankee Stripes is one of the many films now starring Sarah Gregory at Bars-and-Stripes.com and is well worth a peek as it covered a part of her life as the brat that had gone too far as she was detained in the UK on suspicion of Arms Smuggling… here is the build up story to why she was detained:


Sarah Gregory is an all American girl with an independent and fairly decisive outlook, characteristics that have stood her in good stead as she has progressed through life to become a trusted representative of a government agency. Not all is well though as, during a trip to the UK, she is discovered smuggling firearms in to the country and not wishing to reveal too much about her activities, is forced to defend herself without the benefit of diplomacy.

While she waits for her trial she has been incarcerated at The Prison and feels, because of her agency links, she will get away with at least being taken back to the States to stand trial, somewhere she thinks will be much more lenient toward her. But what she didn’t know was that one of the firearms was used in a murder and the realisation that she has been set up begins to emerge. She must somehow convince The Prison authorities that she needs some special treatment…






Sarah’s punishments can be viewed exclusively with a ton of amazing image sets and high quality videos from the only female prison specialist site on The Net… Bars-and-Stripes.com


Finally today… as if there wasn’t enough eye bulging and wolf whistling from me… the latest episode to feature Audrey Tate (Veronica Ricci) at spankedcallgirls.com is a 2 parter where she meets a hot French chick, her masseuse… and all manner of naughtiness breaks out as you’ll see below, I have also included the full storyline (if you’re interested!)

Masseuse – pt 1




Audrey Tate (Veronica Ricci) visits a super hot masseuse (played by Sharon Lee). Sharon is French and the two are challenged to communicate with each other. But Audrey likes the girls and makes some moves on Sharon, groping her repeatedly. Sharon threatens to call the police, so Audrey suggests instead that she take a spanking like she gets from her madams when she does something wrong. But Sharon spanks Audrey harder than she anticipated. So Audrey then overpowers the smaller girl and gives her a spanking. Audrey then rubs oil all over Sharon’s legs and bottom and tells her over and over that she is getting a shiny hiney. And Audrey spanks that shiny hiney until she runs out so that Sharon doesn’t call the police on her. A very sensual scene with touches of ass worship and Audrey’s bottom got very red from the spanking and the language barrier is both sexy and entertaining.

Masseuse – pt2





Remember that you can see the gorgeous Veronica at her showpiece site Spanking Sororitygirls where she is featured in approximately half of all the films! Go check out her spanking exploits and see the latest episodes on the tour pages then decide for yourselves – CLICK HERE


Both the above sites are of course available as part of the best value CLARE FONDA PASS

Cracking Weekend Spankings

Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t been at this blog and my others as often as I had wanted recently, but I was absolutely shattered yesterday after a stressful week at my dayjob and so tired yesterday that I practically fell asleep at my desk thinking up what to write (honestly… “Er indoors” caught me in a trance-like state and told me to get some sleep, so I slept solidly afterwards!) Sleep is great, eh? Must remember to do that more often! I will never ever under rate sleep again 🙂

Above image taken from the brilliant series taken from the archives of NorthernSpanking.com starring Erica Scott & Stephen Lewis – I have featured this before in ny blog, just type in “Erica Scott” in the search box and I’m sure you will find it 🙂

OK, as I mentioned NorthernSpanking (oops, done it again!) – I feel I should start there as I haven’t featured much from their site recently so I will treat you with a quick look at their extensive daily updates instead… so you can see what you are missing out on! Hope this whets your spanking desires! “Bon Appetit!”

Do as you are told!

Nicole has the use of her Aunts lovely flat in Central London while attending uni. However, news of late night parties, loud music and lack of attendance at lectures has reached Aunt Leia and she is not pleased. An unexpected visit reinforces the message that such things are not allowed!


Very curvacious Kate is drifting off to sleep and this kinky minx  has a lucid dream about being spanked and played upon so it’s a pleasant surprise for her when she wakes up to find her kinky daydreams have become reality as her beautiful rump is spanked and cropped by a grinning Paul!


Here is the excellent presentation of how to punish an imperfect schoolgirl! Played by (the perfect) Amelia Jane Rutherford who, as always, looks stunning in her uniform and takes a spanking and caning across that impeccible rump of hers which does not fail to disappoint fans of AJR!


You can see all the very latest naughty goings on at this wonderful site – CLICK HERE


Below contains the latest Trouser Arousing (™ Chief) scenes from Amber’s 3 site network!

I love what Amber Dawn has done to her site network, it was bound to happen in the end, she has 3 distinctive sites, the original SpankAmber.com which recently celebrated 5 wonderful years online, followed by  (what I think has become one of the best F/F sites out there) AmberSpanks.com – a very naughty and original female discipline site which contains very raunchy scenes and a few years ago Amber stared up a more model and webcam focussed site but she has decded to add that as a bonus site you can use withyour codes when you purchase any membership tot he other 2 sites and you now get all 3 as standard for the same price!!! How cool is that? The bonus site contains extra images and films of Amber and friends, there’s less spanking but it also has lots of recorded webcam shows (hot!!!) and shows us stunning girls like Anna shown here who has a perfect round bottom! & of course, as I said, the bonus is that you can get access to all 3 sites with one membership now – CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS (see join up page for access to all 3 sites – and check out those prices!)



& of course at AmberSpanks.com (see below) you will be amazed, as I was, by the coninuing sexually explicit punishment of Amber’s beautiful dusky playmate, the 19 year old online spanko virgin, Zahara Haze, who is spanked, groped, her butt oiled and massaged including a hot fucking with Amber’s strap on after being pleasured… all hot stuff including the much expected spankings too!





See the unique AmberSpanks.com website and decide for yourself!

Also take advantage of Amber’s special pricings which allow a trial membership or her really popular low priced 6 month deal! Click on Amber’s image below and you’ll see exactly what this redhead spanking goddess is offering you! I daren’t show you anything today of Amber being spanked… I want to keep my keyboard clean… but YOu can check her out (below)


I’m not doing my trousers any favours today, am I? The next recent update from Firm Hand stars Melanie Taylor who I absolutely have a thing for… she has become incredibly popular in a short space of time and this latest film, the engaging angles and that sublime butt ensures FirmHandSpanking.com are onto a winner with this beautiful brat!

Beautiful casino worker Melanie Taylor strips down to her bra and lays out like a delicious dessert on a kitchen counter! Earl Grey is punishing her for theft in The Dealer: the leather paddle cracks beautifully 31 times across her bare bottom. Reaction Cam replays show she suffers! Yikes!




See all of stunning Melanie’s films only from FirmHandSpanking.com


Whilst on the subject of brats, it would be rude of me not to pay you a visit to one of  the original and best brat busting sites out there, the aptly named and much loved Punishedbrats.com – of course! The below feature 2 really HOT girls getting what they deserve and news of what members can expect very soon with a new teen girl which you can see at the end of this post!

Pi has been letting her homework pile up in favor of watching endless marathons of trash television. David paddles Pi’s bottom until it is so sore and bruised that she’ll have trouble sitting to do her assignments. * Chief’s note: See the tattoo of the Greek letter P (symbol for Pi or 22/7… nice touch!) Oh… and what an ass this girl has… this is addictive viewing, especially the scnees where she gets the paddle as Pi admitted this really did get to her!



I think Pi’s homework should have been along the lines of understanding her mathematical properties!

Pi is a numerical constant that represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter on a flat plane surface.The value is the same regardless of the size of the circle. The decimal expansion of pi is a nonterminating, nonrepeating sequence of digits. For most calculations, the value can be taken as 3.14159. This means, for example, that a circle with a diameter of 10 inches, as measured on a flat surface, has a circumference of approximately 31.4159 inches.

OK, moving swiftly on… one girl at this site who appeared, I think, early last year has one of the best spankable asses, in my opinion, ands in that authentic looking (English) school uniform, David has got this just right! Ladies and gents, I present to you, Miss Joelle Barros over the lap of Beverly Bacci!




Joelle committed a terrible prank, Photoshopping the faces of the school’s professors into compromising sex positions. She thought it was funny, her friends thought it was hysterical, but school disciplinarian Beverly Bacci is not amused at all. A bare bottom hand spanking is going to be only the very beginning of Joelle’s long, painful punishment from Ms. Bacci in this film “5 Day Detention”.

& finally as I had promised, here are some sneak preview images of their latest newbie, called Tara from their most recent unpublished film shoot… which David described below.


“Despite her youth, Tara was a total pro. Pixie had to miss this one  due to her health problems.  So my son and I pressed on… Pixieless. Let me tell you, having Pixie onset (whether on or off camera) makes my life a lot easier. She has the organizational skill to herd cats – Well, she will be editing both video and photographs soon enough. Tara was adorable and cried through each scene!

I can’t wait… and I’m sure if you are a member you will be viewing this VERY SOON!


Have a pleasant weekend everyone! I will try to post one more time here before my next film shoot on Monday (which I am 100% looking forward to, the girls are confirmed, the location is set and I promise you much raunchiness and mayhem as we have never filmed before!)

Excitedly, Chief.

“I drink too much” & other astounding Spanking News!

Yup! Last night went well, getting blasted again, I am typing this with yet another favourite tipple of mine, no wine this evening… but something a little less alcoholic but exceedingly tasty…. one of the best German beers around called “Warsteiner” – I developed a taste for this many years ago on a (rather expensive) skiing trip to Zermatt in Switzerland. So as this was on a 3 for 2 offer at a rather well known supermarket here in the UK, I took advantage of that offer as it rarely does so now have cases of the damned stuff waiting to be quaffed! It’s far too good for our guests 😉

Mmmm… time for another beer, and before I start… I was going to have a moan about someone who obviously hates what I do as he never once mentions anything, not even my site launch earlier this year… *sigh* It’s not *that* important to be honest, but I’d just like to know WTF it is I’ve ever done to piss him off. Anyway, moving swiftly on as the beer kicks in – I just watched the 1st amazing part of Sarah Gregory’s latest movie out which has just about my dream spanking combo… Sarah, Ten Amorette and Jenni Mack spanked by none other than Chelsea Pfeiffer! This is F/F spanking heaven… and 1st up in this film to get spanked is the rather precocious (& “damn… I’m falling in love with her) flame haired Jenni Mack! *yum*

Just check out Jenni’s reaction below… priceless!

From what I have seen of this movie… this is the storyline as best I can make it for you: The fed up parents of Sarah, Ten & Jenni have instructed this “Etiquette Tutor” , Miss Chelsea Pfeiffer, to bring these unruly girls back into line. At first the girls are arrogant, rude and dismissive of this hired help… until Jenni makes the mistake of smart mouthing once too often and is quickly dragged over Chelsea’s knee and spanked without warning! The girls are shocked and this is just the start as Jenni’s panties are quickly removed and what follows is a relentless spanking which has to be seen to be believed, there are some images below and it is easliy one of my fave F/F movies I’ve seen in a long time… and we have Ten and Sarah to come! “Red bottomed Joy!”





Simply Awesome! Please go check it out in more detail if you like RIGHT HERE


I’ve missed a few updates at FirmHandspanking so please check out my “catch up” images as I cover the last 3 films, including the first below of my new lustful eye, that of Valerie Bryant who gets her first hard stinging leather strapping draped over a sofa with her cute buns fully exposed and her long legs on full display! Yes, ladies and gentleman… I feel I should re introduce the Chief’s trusted and patented “Trouser Arousal” alerts as the following images from Firm Hand’s latest films are stunning!

Valerie Bryant in the latest part of the series “Reform School”




Sunning herself by the faculty pool when she’s already in trouble at Reform School costs Valerie Bryant a sound bare bottom strapping from Mr Reed. “I was just trying to have fun,” she protests. “I told you, these punishments are not gonna work!” Her bottom tells another story.

It must be Xmas – you get Sam Woodley AND Alison Miller in those sexy outfits!!!




Booked as an elf in a department store Santa’s Grotto, Alison Miller pushes the limits and dresses raunchily in Christmas Treat. With her partner Samantha Woodley, she’s strapped 52 times with a tawse, panties down, by Earl Grey. See her cheeks bounce in a holiday treat!

Melanie Taylor – from “The Dealer” series





A panties-off 30 swats with a leather paddle leaves Melanie Taylor’s jutting rear a rosy red! Caught stealing from the casino, she chooses corporal punishment rather than court. But she misses her appointment and is found sunbathing poolside. Her bottom pays: hear those yelps!

Check out the free movie previews of these cracking girls only from FirmHandSpanking.com


OK, as we approach the last day of 2011, I shall be posting some special stuff tomorrow (and I’m not working in my other job… “yay!”) so don’t go far! Chief. xx

My Final update before I go away :)

As promised, here is my final update as I take a look around spanking t’internet after sorting out my site yesterday. I have also updated another blog with some nice goodies and I’ll let you know about that at the end so you have enough from me to last you a little while, I hope 🙂


So in no particular order today, here is the very lovely Sarah Gregory first up in her 2 latest films getting the bejeezus whacked off her magnificant behind (I should know… ahem!)

A not so happy Spanksgiving (in preparation early for that family get together in America later this month (& I realize it happens in Canada too, although that was last month, eh?) < Oh and that “eh?” wasn’t making fun of your accents, my Cannuck chums… we love you colonials and your Maple leaves 🙂




Sarah is pouting and acting very ungrateful. When Sarah’s mother confronts her and asks her for some help preparing Thanksgiving Dinner, Sarah back talks her enough to earn herself a hard slap across the face. If that isn’t enough she gets a hard bare bottom spanking from mom, from dad, then from both for acting like a spoiled ungrateful brat on Thanksgiving.

There is also this movie out right now in full called “Right answer to the wrong solutions” and has Jenni Mack topping Sarah as only she knows how – HOT! HOT! HOT! I love seeing Jenni and Sarah together, they look so damned good together, don’t you think? (see below)

Jenni Mack is very pissed at fellow student, Sarah Gregory… when she finds out that Sarah has sold her the wrong test answers. She comes to Sarah’s apartment to give her the right answer… a humiliating bare bottom spanking!




Wow! I look forward to seeing more of these 2 together and also when Sarah “has her revenge”
You can check out Sarah’s great model driven site – CLICK HERE


OK, next up I was going to post the very latest updates from NorthernSpanking.com (I still am… but I knew I had seen Jenni Mack somewhere… and here she is, my… my… Paul & Lucy were very lucky, I’d *love* to film Jenni one day 🙂

Jenni Mack spanked by Lucy Maclean (fulfilling a personal fantasy)


This is what Paul and Lucy had to say about Jenni at the time: This was a period piece set in the 1950’s. A personal fantasy of Lucy, who wanted to play a 50’s housewife, with a daughter who is ordinarily a good girl but disobeys her parents. The part of the daughter played by Jenni Mack is wonderfully believable. She is awfully pretty, with the most delicious bottom!

Indeed she is! & next I wanted to showcase Pandora Blake’s ongoing feature there, as she mentioned herself she had forgotten some of the filming until the scenes below, and I can see why she wouldn’t forget these scenes! A table tennis table, that ping pong bat… and the images taken below look amazing. Pandora Blake and Michael Stamp … he’s the dusty old tutor, in his dusty old rooms of his house giving it to his private pupil as only he knows how from a bygone era… oh, and check out the dusty old garage! We have dumped our table tennis table there too, the spiders love it! 🙂  He looks the part, though he isn’t really *that* old, is he? (lol)



& of course there is the latest SSS (Short Sharp Shock) movie, shot outdoors with the lovely (now retired and I got to ask her to film for me just a little too late… damn!) Lottie Kinsade… Paul admitted he had problems with wind noise in this movie, the bane of outdoor filming on our cams, but they have done some re editing to bring you the movie, the stills, are of course amazing (a couple of sunny warm images are below).



Check out all the very latest offerings from NorthernSpanking.com


Japanese girls are NEVER EVER far from my mind when it comes to spankings and in this latest schoolgirl update below, you’ll see why as one of the prettiest girls they have on there, Yuka Asagi, in this glorious school uniform that has me sighing with disbelief everytime I view these girls getting punished… *sigh*

Oh my goodness! Will these beautiful spanking scenes never end???




Finally… I am running out of time and “Er indoors” is once again glaring so here is my last upfate for now… I couldn’t leave you all without a mention of a stunning new girl at Firmhandspanking.com

Meet beautiful Melanie Taylor in her Firm Hand debut: hot, HOT HOT! Caught in a casino scam, she opts for a series of spankings from owner Earl Grey. 150 smacks on her jiggling bare booty is just the start. As usual, you will be able to view the facial “Reaction Cam” and the slow-mo replays of her wobblesome butt at the end so you don’t miss a single moment!




It’s not just new girls now appearing, if this wasn’t enough, Samantha Woodley and Michaela McGowen also appear in a new series of films – yup… for me at least that means maximum trouser upheaval (oh, not again FFS!) and a loud sigh of “O-M-G!!!”

CLICK HERE to see the free preview clips and the movies these girls are now appearing in!


Yikes, that’s it for now, I have missed so much, but I have also updated my (lesser known) blog but it is ALWAYS worth visiting and book marking as when I do ass to it, it has some quality stuff there… go check it out HERE

& if you like more retro spanking stuff, then I have been updating BareBottom.biz as well and I am starting to like the feel of that l’il ol’ site now 🙂

It goes without saying that if you want a fix of what is hot in spanking then go to my Spanking Tube which has just had some amazing clips added which you will all love to bits!


Oops! I almost forgot… please do take a look at the Triple A Clips Site – there are some hidden and not so hidden gems amongst the 80 plus clips and will suit those who don’t like memberships as well as a few hidden extras that not even members can view yet! Like the clip below released yesterday of Emma Brown… check it out!

There is also a free preview, the only place you’ll see this is HERE right now 🙂

That’s it, it’s gonna be wierd not having a laptop or internet connection… so I hope you enjoy reading what I’ve placed here and you can always check out my rather large archives if you get bored, I do sometimes and it’s amazing what stuff there is from a few years back! Adios! Chief.