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Cheerleaders & More Spankings!


I might have bored you with my recent new found ill health, well, today I had my long awaited Doc’s appointment here at home and he wanted to ensure that I do not have COPD instead of Asthma… (COPD is a term for, among others, emphysema and chronic bronchitis which are often interlinked making it a nasty condition!) I didn’t quite know what it was or even imagine I might possibly have this terrible condition in it’s early stages until I got home and looked it up… needless to say, I think I’ll wait until I take my “Spirometry Test” which has been booked after I take a course of new meds which should help diagnose exactly what I have. In the meantime I am going to be still here boring you with my blog ramblings and site updates for the foreseeable future at least! I will announce my own exciting special new girl update tomorrow (the first of about 6 over the coming weeks!!!) & I am excited about her introduction as we made some really good films together at the recent Crimson Moon Party… as you’ll see tomorrow from her unique introduction.

Tomorrow, real lifestyle player Melody makes her unique OTK & intimate spanking intro at AAAspanking.com !!


But in the meantime, let’s check out some other fabulous new updates and the first today is a stunning reworking of a classic that had me gasping for air! No! Fear not… not the asthma  but the sheer stunning beauty of Sarah Gregory getting spanked by “momma” Chelsea Pfeiffer in her latest long play production at MommaSpankings.com – and just “wow!” – this has everything you could want… mommy/daughter roleplay, cheergirl uniform and both Sarah and Chelsea at their best… it also happened to be a good hard spanking film.
WARNING: Images below caused me severe #TrouserArousalwatch out for damage to your undergarments if viewing the following images as I can not be held responsible for stretched stitching or spoiled gussets, thank you 😉

Cheer Lies – the new film starring Sarah Gregory & Chelsea Pfeiffer


momma-115-002 momma-115-005 momma-115-008


momma-115-018 momma-115-019

momma-115-021 momma-115-025

momma-115-027 momma-115-032

This video is from Sarah’s archives. The wonderful Chelsea Pfeiffer portrays Sarah’s mom in this classic. This video just HAD to come to Momma Spankings and be brought to people’s attention as it is one of Sarah’s harder spankings from the classic Sarah days when she began her career. You don’t want to miss this one. Even though not done originally in 1920 HD format, it is still an amazing spanking video which has been remastered to the best qquality possible making this an absolute “Must See” addition to the “Momma style spankings” Collectors Library.


See the FULL film HERE at the unique Momma Spankings website


At Sarah’s own namesake site… SarahGregorySpanking.com – I helped her out when she asked me to spank Alex Reynolds for letting her down. I love helping out with real life requests… so this movie was fun (for me) to help bring to life… and I remember this well as we were both staying in LA in February with Paul & Alex & I had just spanked her in a very hard OTK spanking film earlier for my own site (this went up a few weeks back HERE in case you had forgotten… an awesome OTK film, by the way) – & then had to do it all over again (sigh, it’s a hard life, eh?) but fortunately I had use of a leather paddle too as my poor hands were starting to feel the burn of some excessive spankings I had been dishing out… seriously, I gave poor Alex some pretty mean spankings in this (& my own) film… check out the images below which are both screen shots and stills which members can view along with the new film in full at Sarah’s site now!


Alex Reynolds & I in the film – “Spanked for Sarah”

0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs1-004 0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs1-034

0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-009 0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-013

0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs1-037 0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs2-004 0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs2-016


Sarah has sent her boyfriend John to spank Alex. They had plans to room together in Vegas and the room was under Alex’s name so Sarah and John couldn’t get in without her there. Upon arriving they found Alex not there and they had to wait for her for a long time. Alex didn’t even call to say she would be late. John gave her such a thrashing for her tardy behavior upon Sarah’s request.

0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-022 0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-024 0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-025

0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs2-029 0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs2-032


You can see the Full Film – HERE at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Both sites above are awesome in their own right but you can also get access via the discounted double site offer
& that is via The Sarah Gregory Pass CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS


A few missed updates on my part with a couple of new intros I was well aware of since I helped with this final filmshoot for Paul’s final “big” shoot in the UK at  NorthernSpanking.com – This was a fantastic location which Paul had been eager to film at for some time… we all had a blast and I felt privileged to be a part of this closing chapter as Paul now concentrates his efforts for his site on the US West Coast… (which I am somewhat jealous of since there is a willing supply of fetish models in LA!) I know he will still continue to film here in the UK too (as will I… and I am later this month) but they will be smaller and more specific model related shoots, which I understand fully.

Firstly… Seeing Zoe Page punish Satine and Masie (again) was a joy to watch… I wonder if you can guess why? (below):


NSI110-ZMS009 NSI110-ZMS026 NSI110-ZMS033

NSI110-ZMS052 NSI110-ZMS059 NSI110-ZMS062

Miss Page corners two uninvited guests in on of the many outbuildings on her estate. Trespassing is an offence and the girls are going to be stripped, humiliated and thrashed.

The 2nd is a retro feel with Amber West’s intro… I watched Paul set this up, a master at work as he paid attention to detail… even the BMW was a classic car that fitted in with his 80’s style shoot… Amber’s uniform rounded this off nicely.

 NSI128-AP002 NSI128-AP009

NSI128-AP018 NSI128-AP027

NSI128-AP039 NSI128-AP042

Here’s what Paul had to say about Amber’s intro to the site:
Another fairly swift introduction of a new face at Northern Spanking. And what a pretty new face too! We were really pleased to shoot with Amber, a well-known UK fetish and glamour model quite recently.
This scene is another of my recreations of my youthful exposure to corporal punishment imagery. And whoever says it should be in black & white will now leave the room! Amber looks super-sexy and super-scared in anticipation of her visit to a professional disciplinarian as directed by her ladies academy. She fears what awaits within and rightly so. What waits within is a world of pain and humiliation for poor Amber.

The 3rd features Rosie Ann – who we have both filmed with (just before I left for the USA a few months back) – & I intend to again very soon! I love this girl! She debuted at my site recently and she will be a very busy young lady over the next few months in both spanking and bondage which she genuinely loves… some of her images made “Kinky & Popular” on Fetlife which were amazing! What a trooper… hehe!

A few teaser images of Rosie Ann’s 1st appearance along with Miss Jessica who also made a memorable debut as the nasty female top (who I had a lot of fun with and hope to meet again at some point as well!) “Thank you ladies for a fun few days!!!”


Paul had this to say about his next new girl!
A very warm-bottomed welcome to Rosie Ann, our latest subbie starlet! Just 18 when we shot with her, Rosie is a true lifestyle submissive, with far more experience than she has any right to! This is a double debut as this is the first thing featuring Jessica West, or Miss Jessica, whichever SHE prefers! She may be small but crossing her is distinctly unwise! This gentle introduction for Rosy Ann sees her receiving spanking and a taste of the slipper, just as many young girls did in the privacy of their own, or their big sisters bedrooms in 1986!

NSI128-CJ012 NSI128-CJ014 NSI128-CJ016

NSI128-CJ017 NSI128-CJ018

You can see these full updates and much much more at NorthernSpanking.com



Here’s also a stunning reminder of Rosie Ann’s first appearance at my own site a few weeks ago… click on her images to view the full screen video images (I’ve reduced them to 1280×720 here but members get them at full HD size, the same as the film at 1920 x 1080) which have never before been shown anywhere first outside the members area except here – I just “loved” that “cosplay” Japanese schoolgirl uniform and my twisted storyline… She will be featuring again soon but I have so many new debuts coming, it is frightening… I need another site to get it all out, lol!!! (hmmm, that gives me an idea! More on that in a moment)

caughtshort003 caughtshort011

caughtshort012 caughtshort016 caughtshort026

caughtshort029 caughtshort037

caughtshort041 caughtshort046 caughtshort058

caughtshort054 caughtshort062

Rosie Ann was the last girl in her detention session on the school trip before they all had to catch the bus home and she begged to go to the bathroom early as she was aching to go. She is just 18 years old and should know better but she was caught short and made a bit of a mess in the bathroom, wetting her panties and the floor. Her teacher caught her trying to clear up the mess and punished her further with a humiliating bare bottom spanking followed by forced pantie washing and wearing of the wet cotton undergarments underneath her short skirt as a shameful reminder before she was sent on her way to the waiting school bus to take her and the rest of her classmates home from the weekend retreat!



That idea I had is this… my poor PPV site naughtybottom.com has been vastly underused and it is about time that was put to rest… I know many people love to download the odd film instead of a membership… so here is my deal, I think I will also put up some films in advance at naughtybottom.com to give it some more exposure whilst I also get to make sure this site offers better value, WAY BETTER VALUE than, say, Clips4sale – I have control over that – whereas when I upload films to the Clips Store it usually works out at around a Dollar a minute… it’s fixed like that… so in this case the full 30 minute film… which has not been offered in this format until now… can be viewed for just $12.95 and not the $25-30 or so it would cost at C4S!

The film? Check out the link below… and I have a few reminder images too… there is also a free clip in MP4 (there are 2 versions, both in 1280 x 720 of WMV and MP4 which has not been shown before of this classic that started my Wheelbarrow Quest with a vengeance… Ladies & Gents, I give you the full uninterrupted Mishka Devlin Wheelbarrow Spanking “Quintology” – yes, all famous 5 segments joined as one seemless film as it was once intended! Divided into the various fantasy wheelbarrow style spanking sections of:

  1. The innocent looking girl next door
  2. Naked girl with just sexy stripey socks
  3. Dropseat PJs
  4. Schoolgirl in a short revealing gingham dress uniform
  5. Sexy naughty Girl Guide uniform spanking

Mishka Devlin’s Wheelbarrow Spanking Quintology


Mishka Devlin only ever worked with one English Spanking Company – but the films she made with them were outstanding and she soon retired from The Scene which was a great loss as she had the perfect girl next door look without ever being shy. This enabled this fantasy series to be born and spawn a whole series of further intimate spanking re-enactments with other girls. But this producer will always remember the first time this collaberation took place. You will see 5 different scenarios of Mishka in the now infamous “Wheelbarrow Position” as she was spanked as the girl next door, in her dropseats PJs, in a girl guides uniform, as a schoolgirl and in some very sexy stripey socks and wearing nothing else! 2 cam angles show the spankings in intimate detail from the spanker’s view and also as a general view so we see how she is spanked intimately!

This is your chance to download the complete 30 minute HD film for the very first time!

2 5

6 8

Click image below to view the free MP4 HD Clip of Mishka’s wheelbarrow spanking




Finally today, a beautiful image set that accompanies the new spanking film out at English-Spankers.com with another new couple… I haven’t seen this girl with a cracking name before, she is called “Honesty” – talk about setting herself up for a fall… this is one site that consistently has amazing photography that I admire… along with their films, it’s hard to beat generally. See what I mean in this self spanking film, which goes a bit wrong for Honesty when she is caught doing things to herself a young lady would rather not get caught for… all will become clear! I have also got a free HD clip for you to view as well! Enjoy!

npp7060006 npp7060013

npp7060017 npp7060023

npp7060032 npp7060035

npp7060038 npp7060040

npp7060042 npp7060048

Honesty is going through her bosses cupboards and finds some spanking paddles. She soon has her skirt raised and with her black stockings on display is giving herself a good hard paddling. Her boss is watching from another room and after a while he offers to take over and really lays the paddle on her bare bottom, a lot harder than she really wanted but he does not care, a good full strength paddling not only by herself but from her strong armed boss.

You can view the FULL  film HERE



Back later with my site updates & other spanking news with clips & POV offerings you won’t wanna miss!


Mishka Devlin’s last ever spanking film

I received rather a lot of mail responses about Mishka, and it is just sad that she won’t ever do any filming of any sort again. I really enjoyed working with her a few years ago… and if you can remember, Mishka is the girl that started off my fascination with the “Wheelbarrow” spanking position and she did a series of 5 films which have always been popular on top of her other films we did together. This one is the last, it is rather good and we had a lot of fun playing a rather twisted sort of family where I get to play the put upon step dad who spanks and punishes her in a variety of ever more humiliating ways. This latest involved a good old fashioned rectal temperature reading before she got a whacking for pretending to be ill and trying to get off school! It’s been done a 1000 times but NOT with sexy Mishka who looks amazing in this film… now out called “Caught Faking It”


You can see a long play clip of Mishka and the images from her latest film right here… and I will bring you news of just what is released this week… seems I had some troll recently moan on a review site I placed my site on (probably some dickhead I had removed using a stolen credit card as it was around that time that I had loads of stupid fake sign ups) accusing me that I didn’t update much. What a piece of work…. well, for the sum of a recurring membership price of $23.95 (long term memberships are FAR CHEAPER than that but that’s the basic monthly and most “expensive” recurring fee) I find this offensive – as you’ll see just what you’d get to view this week alone. Also remember that as I’m primarily European based, the weak Dollar is really hurting me and I really should up the prices but am trying to keep them as low as I can. Also later this week, it’s the special “Freaky Friday” event, which REWARDS my valued members with an additional full film and gallery at no extra cost… I don’t announce which Friday it will happen each month, as that is part of the fun of it…. and before anyone says “what a crock…” I don’t *have* to do it…. ok? Right, onto some stunning images of Mishka’s temperature taking punishment, eh?


f010 f012

f014 f022


This is to be Mishka’s last ever appearance anywhere on the internet so we saved this humiliation special which featured a twisted home domestic discipline style film with a difference. Mishka was caught out faking an illness once too often so the only way to be sure she was telling the truth was to inform her she’d get a rather humiliating rectal temperature taking if anyone thought she was making things up but of course she would deny this and try to avoid being caught out but the Digital Thermometer never lied with the numerous normal readings. Again, Mishka was given the option this time of owning up and just getting out of bed but she refused and failed the honesty test once more and assumed the position she was accustomed to, on all fours, bottom out for a spanking and strapping across her bared cheeks first thing in the morning! One could almost imagine that it was her intention that she be treated in this way. Such a naughty young lady, we shall miss showing her off so please wish Mishka a “fond farewell” in this naughty rude explicit “Spanking Finale”.

f024 f034

f036 f043 f048


Some more images taken from the film are below
followed by the long play clip courtesy of AAAspanking.com

faking041 faking060 faking069

faking027 faking120

faking134 faking137 faking177

Attn: American viewers and those who only use Farenheit temperature measurements, when I said 37.2 degrees in this clip was “normal”… it is – if it’s in Celcius… this is the equivalent of being 98.8f (which for body temperature, as you know… IS quite normal!) Just in case it appeared odd to anyone… *wink*

You can still view this via the Trial Offers & Low Pricing Deals I have HERE (do check them out!)


The final Mishka film is naturally available at the AAA Clips Store if you want to download it that way



I once got asked if she had ever appeared elsewhere, this is what I remember from her telling me and I remember blogging about it… you can see the full details of the films she appeared in, when she was just 18 years old. This was the only other time she had done any spanking work, the rest of her work, limited as it was… remained in the online hardcore porn and glamour industry… it is worth noting that Mishka was a far more “worldly” 19 years of age (LOL) at the time she filmed with me.

There is a really interesting review of a Lupus Spanking Film which co-starred Mishka in her native Prague as a wide eyed 18 year old… but don’t let that fool you, she may have been new to the online scene but she was certainly not shy (nor has been since!)

Check out the review from my other blog HERE (it’s well worth a read) and there are lots of pretty pics and clips to keep you occupied if you find my prose rather tedious :)

You can see how Mishka ended up with such a sore bottom!


& what else is being shown for AAA members THIS WEEK?

The full true 1080HD 1.15Gb file in WMV or MP4 (my preferred format) was made available Monday of “The Music Teacher’s Detention” with awesome Amelia Jane Rutherford and Sarah Gregory… it was beautifully set and there is so much happening in this film… an image gallery of this, if you needed reminding, is below:


Then today we had the new film with Mishka, a HQ Photo Stills gallery with 52 images uploaded and the video screen image gallery with a whopping 189 to view. So, Mr Troll, I don’t update much currently, eh? Well, there’s more, you spiteful idiot… on Friday the conclusion to a wonderful hard OTK spanking of Adriana Evans as the mad bad Brazilian Au Pair… swearing loudly in Portuguese concludes with a very red bottom punishment on all fours with her delightful jiggling bottom getting a thrashing with the hairbrush and leather paddle… there are of course a ton of images already showing this, see the sample from this gallery. the new movies are in a very high spec and 20 minutes will often now be in excess of 1Gb if these were filmed AFTER my Shadowlane trip last year…


& the Freaky Friday event sees gorgeous Jessica Jensen in the bath tub getting a very soapy and painful spanking (the poor girl couldn’t take much more and this shows but it is a great little movie and she requested that we film in the bath… little did she know the wet hand spanking would hurt too… oops! It’s over 8 minutes in full with about 100 images too… I won’t release the gallery images until Friday here… but I think you get the idea below, right?




It will also be available at the AAA Clips Store this weekend! How’s that for an eventful week? & you could join right now from the princely sum of LESS THAN $15.00 – so please, no more about the site being poor value… there are now 207 films on it, with the HD1080 versions growing weekly… there, I felt better for saying that. I don’t ask much, but if you like your spankings, and I guess you do (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading my blog) do try to help support what I do, it’s a site with alot of content which is wonderfully varied, just check out the tour pages and you can see what you will get… there’s nothing to hide from the 7 page tour! I also try to give the best customer service experience where possible, I do try and look after my members as I appreciate the help a membership gives to keep me doing this. Thank you for reading 🙂


In other news… Russian authorities have banned their female police force from looking “too sexy” – skirts and shiorts are NOT to be shortened – which is such a shame, another reason I detest Putin (along with a certain female Argentine president)… so in the interests of blatently pissing off Putin (and giving me ideas to film naughty ladies in similar such uniform in future), I give you some images he would rather the world would not look at regarding the lovely lady police officers and recruits…



Russia Parade Rehearsal

I have seen comments on various sites where people have said they’d want to be arrested by the girls… I think in practice, you wouldn’t want to spend one second in a Russian jail…


Hmmm, that saying, I do appreciate the sentiment and can understand our foolish lack of reasoning seeing these lovely beauties strolling around…lol! OK, have a good one!

British Spanking Updates

Union Jack - the British flag showing off a nation of spankos!

I’ve just had a very pleasant lunch with “Er Indoors” down one of our local countryside pubs… she has now retired for her afternoon kip whilst I type this a little worse for wear having had just a few drinks which is enough to make me feel sleepy. Good job, then… that I updated the site with the new film starring the luscious Mishka before I foolishly partook of some ale and fine food. So I think you’ll find this post today, celebrating all that is quaintly iconic and British when it comes to spanking…. strict – stern – fun – tongue in cheek – harsh – sexy – quirky and above all focussed on the punishment of pert female bottoms! Let’s start with what I have been updating recently… then I’ll show you some other fantastic new films from the other British sites that I have access to!

Mishka is back in a very sexy roleplay as a naughty  –  VERY naughty schoolgirl!


Mishka, the new Exchange Student, was a very naughty little thing! She rubbed herself off & got excited reading about the ways in which bad girls were disciplined with a corporal punishment spanking! She imagined herself getting that treatment too & dipped her fingers into her glistening pussy to relieve that feeling of severe arousal! However, she hadn’t turned up for Supper as she was so engrossed in her illicit finger pie business, she got caught masturbating! A shocked Mr Osborne gave her a spanking (which was what she got off on) – but he noticed this & then turned the tables on her, making her read the paragraphs that she had found so interesting from the Female Disciplinary Manual then whacked her bare reddening cheeks with the hairbrush! Her growing humiliation was only matched by the increasingly beautiful red colour of her tight buns! Gaze upon the glowing cheeks of shame which contrasted beautifully with her light blue gingham school dress!

If you haven’t already clicked the image above… it leads to a special free gallery of her from this film!

Do you remember the Female Disciplinary Manual?

Well, young Mishka was reading this manual in it’s softback version as described earlier… and completely forgot to attend supper that she got turned on and was soon engrossed in some serious self defilement before getting caught – how embarrassing! Ok, it’s a naughty fantasy of mine to imagine a girl dressed like this getting off on something that should be about correction… but it made for some great scenes and Mishka did me proud by trying to read the English text (remember she’s not a native English speaker) whilst getting spanked and given the hairbrush across her very tight pert sore bare bottom! There are some screen images from the movie below which will best show you what actually happened too… some of these images are not shown elsewhere and these are the full size 1280×720 resolution 🙂

wordplay003 wordplay021

wordplay024 wordplay031

wordplay038 wordplay051

wordplay068 wordplay088

wordplay095 wordplay110

wordplay133 wordplay135

Check out a FREE Clip and preview from this new film HERE

& of course this film is available IN FULL already at the Clips store HERE

Mishka Devlin caught playing with herself and spanked on her bare bottom


get over my knee! with Leandra James

Meanwhile at POV Spanking there is an interesting POV style film (in HD-MP4 1280×720 format) – no actual spanking as such… as those of you (female or male) reading this who are submissive in nature might be interested to see that you have a chance to get over lovely Leandra’s knee as she scolds you for peeping at her whilst she was asleep! She’s not happy and switches rather too easily for my liking!!! She angry with you but seizes a chance to punish you… calling you a “dirty pervert”… the cam angles show what you’d see as she makes you get over her lap then, she realises she needs to spank you on your bare bottom so she makes you stand up and remove your trousered protection before assuming the position again as she tells you off – smacking your bare bottom as she does so, you try to look back but she isn’t happy with this and then you’re made to do some reflective cornertime whilst she looks at your burning bared bottom” The shame of it!”

IMG_7812 IMG_7815

IMG_7816 IMG_7819

Images below from your POV perspective… we are filming more of these and they will be coming soon to the site

overmyknee001 overmyknee002

overmyknee003 overmyknee004

overmyknee005 overmyknee006

In future we shall also sign and grade all clips so you know exactly what they are beforehand:  eg) I shall place a key on the site with images and text such as WB for wheelbarrow position or POV-1 meaning YOUR POV experience as a spankee or POV-2 as the Spanker and so on… it will all become clear at some point, lol! (I did say this was an ongoing learning project we are doing but we are getting there as it is filmed in a totally different and alien way to how we normally do it).



Let’s now see what else is out there currently from my English compatriots!

2 Very contrasting films from Pandora Blake’s site Dreams of Spanking … the first is a traditional M/F domestic spanking role with voluptuous Mila Kohl and Paul Kennedy (yes, I’m still jealous FFS!) as you’ll see from these great images below as Paul nonchalantly canes Mila across her full bare bottom…


Mila is “Caned before Dinner”

Dreams-of-Spanking_dinner022 Dreams-of-Spanking_dinner028 Dreams-of-Spanking_dinner031

Dreams-of-Spanking_dinner034 Dreams-of-Spanking_dinner036 Dreams-of-Spanking_dinner038


After her behaviour at the last Rotary Club dinner, Mila’s father decides to punish her before this one as a pre-emptive measure. 12 sore cane stripes on her bottom will remind her to behave…. CLICK HERE to see Mila’s punishment in full –  Then take a look at what is a great period set in a “who’s who” of British spanking where in this film Pandora gets to punish all the conspirators (as you’ll soon discover) including Will, the Footman (who has a great ass to bare, btw!)


Caroline and Amelia enlist Will the footman to deliver some counterfeit invitations to a forthcoming dinner party. Governess Miss Blake finds out the plot, and disciplines all three conspirators with the cane!

Dreams-of-Spanking_invites027 Dreams-of-Spanking_invites031

Dreams-of-Spanking_invites046 Dreams-of-Spanking_invites051 Dreams-of-Spanking_invites055

Dreams-of-Spanking_invites061 Dreams-of-Spanking_invites066

Check out what else Pandora dreams about HERE


& now for something completely different, as they used to say on Monty Python sketches  (well… for the moment, at least) as Miss Lola Marie… or  Lola “Pee Pee” Marie as I like to affectionately call her now, has an issue regarding bladder control as you’ll see when she wets her knickers in this latest film from SpankingSarah.com

NPP6024018 NPP6024020

NPP6024030 NPP6024048 NPP6024043

NPP6024045 NPP6024051

NPP6024058 NPP6024067


NPP6024073 NPP6024081

Punishment exercise has been ordered for naught pupil Lola Marie and the nasty mistress really does put her through it with the liberal use of the school punishment strap on her hands and her legs. Lola wants to go to the toilet but her request is denied so when the mistress is not looking Lola goes behind a bush and has a big pee. As you can guess she is caught out and then her punishment really starts. She is made to bend over and take the strap on her wet bottom and knickers, a real hard punishment for Lola!



I’m not sure if this image series (now available in full as it was over 3 parts) has been shown elsewhere but at NorthernSpanking.com I liked this unique look at the aftermath… it is something I have been dwelling on more in my own films and also know how influential the old style magazines are on us all… as Paul admitted when he made this beautiful collaboration with Alex Reynolds (see below):


This is what Paul had to say about this project: “This is a bit of an experiment, not a Top-saving exercise! Spanking magazines from the 1980s which as I think everyone knows is my primary influence, often used to feature picture sets like this, where the girl had clearly been soundly punished and left to contemplate what has happened to her and looking at the marks left on her bottom. I like this one rather a lot, especially as I was able to make it with Alex, who very much shares my outlook on spanking and the kind of aftermath depicted here. I hope you like it!”

NSI116-Z013 NSI116-Z014

NSI116-Z027 NSI116-Z043

NSI116-Z053 NSI116-Z056

NSI116-Z064 NSI116-Z067 NSI116-Z071


Check out this and the other original image set and the vast movie archive that is NorthernSpanking.com


Finally today… from English-Spankers.com a fantastic Sexy Maid Cleaning Company debut for Aleesha Fox, with *THAT* cleavage, heaving breasts and of course one of the most spankable bums any of us could have the pleasure of getting to grips with!!!

npp6006003 - Copy npp6006018 - Copy

npp6006059 npp6006025 - Copy npp6006030 - Copy

The boobiful and very lovely Aleesha Fox has at last joined the Sexy Cleaning Company. Our newest recruit knows just how to show off her assets and just how to tease our customers. Despite her leg and boob show she still has to undergo the same rigorous test as all our other ladies and so it is she ends up being spanked and taking a good hard thrashing with a wicked leather paddle. Boy did she get spanked and wait ’til you see this amazing film. Spankingly good!

npp6006037 - Copy

npp6006038 - Copy npp6006043 - Copy

npp6006046 npp6006047

npp6006054 npp6006055 - Copy


You can check out a sneak preview of Aleesha’s tryout HERE


If you don’t want to view just British stuff today… I have written up on a famous American site (that has a lot of British influences…) but they are very unique… who am I on about? Well, check out my other blog post HERE and you’ll soon find out (WARNING: contains a ton more images to damage your eyesight with!!!)

& if you’re still hanging around online, may I suggest the completely useless but very funny Stuff on my Rabbit website featuring Vinnie – a very calm rabbit that has had just about everything balanced on his head… he’s AWESOME!!! Click image for the direct link to their website 🙂


Fantasy Spanking with Mishka


This is the concluding part to the Fantasy Spanking series that I (ahem) rather enjoyed making with the beautiful and slinky Mishka… sadly there will be no more wheelbarrow spankings of her but I did save the best til last as I got her in my favourite girl guide uniform, spanked her over my lap then got her to assume the position with her red ass cheeks positively glowing by now (the entire series of films are about 30 minutes of edited footage so I would hope so after all that!!!) This was a first for Mishka too as she admitted that she had never been spanked in such an intimate position before this… and since this was my first time on film… I will always remember these series of films with some affection. You can probably see the very smug grin on my face, sorry about that 😉

Images below are taken from the last film which goes up in full tomorrow in both WMV and MP4 formats and it’s around 8 minutes long. This preview is ahead of anywhere else and of course members will get to view the film and download about 100 images from the last installment too! Image below are reduced in size but I think you get the idea… hope you like and to those members taking a preview peek here as often advised in my members area … you got this coming later – enjoy!


Mishka was made for this fantasy film… you can see why (below)

f002 f009

f011 f016

f025 f028

f032 f045

f051 f055

f057 f059

f068 f076

f077 f089

f091 f095

f101 f109

All 5 fantasy series starring Mishka in the revealing wheelbarrow position can only be seen at
AAA Spanking


tarousal11WARNING! Contains lots of gratuitous bottom rubbing, groping, cream rubbed into sore cheeks and a very revealing spanking position which may cause the Chief’s patented Trouser Arousal – be careful out there!!!

Let’s hope this helps beat the mid week blues! 🙂

Come back tomorrow, I have a lot of catching up to do… heh heh!

Spanking Updates

As promised, here are the updates I’ve missed this past week and some new ones I had planned to do today, so it’s a bumper post that I hope you enjoy! Without further ado, let’s just get on with what you are all really here for, the industry news and gossip, revealing images… and if you’re lucky and I have time, some exclusive free videos to this blog too!

Eli Harrison from Firm Hand Spanking is one of the new breed of models I have really enjoyed watching get spanked… below are a few reasons why I think you’ll agree too!

In the ongoing “Miltary Discipline” series






Beautiful naval cadet Elli Harrison waits in front of a mirror, butt out and hands on her head for Military Discipline. She admits to Mr Reed she did not study for her last exam, and that means only one thing: a sore ass. First a humiliating OTK spanking and then a leather strap is used across her bare sore bottom. So will this improve her academic work? Unsurprisingly, the FHS folk are NOT convinced which means yet more punishments are guaranteed for this stunning girl!

Check out the stunning free movie previews of Elli HERE


It would appear that schoolgirls, wherever they are, will try and cheat in their exams if they think they can get away with it. I, for one, would not try to cheat in Russia, known for their severity, this unfortunate girl, called Masha, is caught by the house mistress and sent to her form master for a good old fashioned tearful thrashing at what is one of the more severe and long play spanking specialists – Russian Discipline – with a gorgeous doe eyed girl like this, how could anyone not like seeing what happens to a cheater like her? Images below compliment the HD film Russian Discipline members are able to watch!




… the aftermath of this snivelling schoolgirl is just amazing, the images don’t do the film justice!


Continuing the schoolgirl theme for a bit… “Caned at St Justs” is the latest full film from my compatriots at English-Spankers.com who have another great film starring Lucy Manning, with teacher Nick Nightingale & Matron Sarah Bright (of spankingsarah fame, more on that site in a mo)

After Lucy had tried to seduce her teacher which also resulted in him almost losing his job… she has to report to Matron. There she is informed that she will be punished by her teacher AND by Matron. She is placed over a gym horse where she is spanked and paddled by them both and then her teacher removes his belt and gives her tight young bottom a real leathering. He then chooses a long whippy cane and delivers a stinging lesson to her already sore rear end, a fitting punishment for this naughty schoolgirl! Images below compliment the HD spanking film.




Click HERE for a special free HD spanking preview of this film


& there is a stunning intro for Jessica Jensen, who I had the pleasure of working with 6 months ago (gosh, seems an age ago now) … however, she is a very popular porn actress here in the UK, young and up for it… and has now also dabbled in a few spanking films, I recall her telling me she was naturally submissive before she got hired… seems Sarah and co found out what she was capable of producing too as well as me. Hmmm, Jess loves being filmed in the bath tub as I did one too, which I shall naturally leave for a while as you wouldn’t want the same girl in bath tub scenes all at once, would you?… No matter how darned cute she looks… be like waiting for a bus, either none arrive or 3 turn up at once… heh heh! Anyhoo… please do go check out this lovely new film at Sarah’s site where “bubbly” Jess infuriates David de Wolfe!

Images below are from the film “Badly behaved girl”





See a free HD spanking clip presentation of Jessica’s 1st punishment at SpankingSarah.com

Jessica Jensen works hard all day as a naughty porno model and when she gets home she loves nothing better than having a soak in the bath with a cigarette and a glass of wine. This is not the sort of behaviour favoured by her guardian who makes his displeasure felt in the most painful way. He gives this glamorous young lady a real hard spanking on her still wet bottom and despite her protestations he continues until her tender bottom is well and truly beaten.


Staying in England… and of course to one of my next victims.. um, I mean models, finally I get to shoot with Amelia Jane Rutherford on Tuesday (alongside Molly Malone, a pairing no one has done until now, so I’m really excited about that as well as both girls who are genuinely pleased about working together – and we have lots planned) – BUT I DIGRESS (lol), now where was I? Oh yes… Michael Stamp playing the part of the “Night Master” (haven’t we all done that? heh heh) at a school where Amelia can’t play with herself quietly after lights out. This is a disaster for her in the making, isn’t it?

Every night he is on duty someone gets punished. More often than not it is Amelia Jane having her lovely bottom smacked in his room. She cannot help what she does in her bed at night, when the lights are out and the other girls are sleeping. She is lonely, far from home and the warm feeling of ecstasy spreading from what her fingers are doing takes her to a much happier place. Unfortunately for her bottom, Amelia Jane is a little noisy when she comes. And he always hears…

Ahem… “right up my street!”





Another cutie I love seeing punished is young madame Kelly Wilson at SoundPunishment.com – and this time she faces a testing interview with Miss Strickland for a position as an escort, which is highly prized… but of course, there are consequences which Kelly must take on board as she discovers… across Miss S’s lap!



Her cocky attitude and slutty dress do not make a good impression as nubile young Kelly has to prove to Miss Stricktland that she has the ability to absorb severe spankings from some of her clients and so she submits to the spanking of her life… Kelly Wilson feels the power of Miss Stricktland’s hard hand in this new film!



You can see a free video of this film below…

For this and all the other great films starring blonde Kelly Wilson – Click HERE


Stateside again, and this time for the very latest update coming from Spanking Sorority Girls and I liked this film because there is a great OTK spanking scene, some great use of the hairbrush and that nasty looking sorority house paddle, not to mention the long walk of shame upstairs with the cam catching every movement of some sore red cheeks jiggling as Christy went to her room! Check out the images and you’ll see what I mean! This is “Hawt!”





Christy snuck out for a Halloween party even though Sarah warned her not to. So Christy is in for some extra hard discipline from sorority president Roxy Jezel. Roxy starts with an over-the-knee hand spanking, then uses a wooden hairbrush and finishes over with 10 hard whacks with the large wooden pledge paddle.

Check out the full list of long play films now available HERE in this ongoing sorority spanking special!

Christy does the walk of shame (below)


The next update from this great network features one of my fave stars they use, Kay Richards, one of THE original roomies HERE, still getting up to no good all these years later… this is one naughty gal and she is so good at spanking other girls… as you’ll see!





Anita was drugged, gagged and dragged into Kay’s apartment. Kay puts her over her knee and spanks information out of her as she continues her quest to find er ex girlfriend’s new date Sarah. Anita gets her curvy bottom smacked hard over and over as she swears she doesn’t know Sarah.


Check out MORE of Kay’s adventures in the naughtiest apartment on the West Coast!

You can also view the 2 sites within this network as part of the fantastic value CLARE FONDA PASS


Still in America… and this is a great sassy film with the lovely Kat St James, looking oh so spankable in that very short skirt and with her freshly dyed blonde hair looking the part of that very naughty girl next door that I love so much… and of course, Uncle Paul here has the perfect excuse to tan that pert tushy as you’ll discover, the images below compliment the HD film which is available at Sarah Gregory’s wonderful site HERE





Kat is complaining to daddy that her computer is broken and won’t work. She admits to spilling soda on the keyboard. Daddy is very upset that she has not taken care of her belongings. She is spanked hard on her bare bottom, then with a hair brush…


Don’t miss this film which you can download in HD formats of your choice – HERE


& finally, in case you didn’t know, my next film is with the adorable, but alas, already retired “Spanking” actress… Mishka Devlin. & it’s the continuation of the “Spanking Fantasy” series of mine where this coming week, members will be able to download the full HD film of her dressed as a girl next door gingham dress wearing schoolie… and she gets the bath brush across that pert behind of hers and some lingering and loving dollops of cream rubbed into her bottom whilst her dress is hiked up, her parts fully splayed and all with a big beautiful grin on her face *sigh*

Some teaser images are below… and if you can’t wait, see what film is currently, or is about to be my best seller at the CLIPS STORE this week… oh , yeah, it’s this one… Already available a as special one off cheap download! Yay!

For the full list of films available as one off downloads – go to this link or click on the banner below

Fantasy Spankings!

The series with Mishka continues tomorrow… I’ll just leave you with these teaser images… gotta go as I’m late for work *sigh*

Tomorrow’s updates comes with this full image set, the video images and of course the full film in both WMv and MP4 playback! All this spanking goodness coming your way tomorrow in this Wheelbarrow Position Dropseat Spanking Special!!

Can’t wait? Grab yourself a ringseat and enjoy the 100th film we are uploading!

Can’t wait? All the 1st 3 parts of the fantasy series are at our Clips Store

(scroll through and you’ll easily find them!)

London 2012 (oh and other spanking news)

OK, I admit I was completely indifferent to the Olympic Games… after all, any country hosting it nowadays knows that it’s gonna cost an arm and a leg, and thanks to the scuzzy bankers these past few years and the countries in the Eurozone living well beyond their means and lying to the rest of the union about their ability to repay loans… then hosting this with Financial Armageddon round the corner isn’t exactly ideal… but hey, WE’RE BRITISH! We put up with this shit and get on with it! I am so incredibly proud that in a few hours one of the greatest opening ceremonies will herald the start of the 2012 Olympic Games… I hope the legacy that the games leaves behind on London and the rest of our beloved country will be worth it! Go Team GB!

Oh… and here are some spanking updates to entertain you before and after you view the spectacle tonight!


Here’s a great update to keep you all amused from my archives, I have a thing for japanese schoolgirl spankings, and I loved this old classic so much, just check out the reading materials… KANE Magazine – awesome! You can of course view the ONLINE Version nowadays!!!

But imagine sneaking off to the library, reading such illicit materials that got this naughty schoolgirl horny and the girl she spanked earlier spies on her fingering her moist muffin inside her white cotton panties and gives her a spanking AND a caning for being such a wanton spanko slut! & of course… check out those uniforms – oh my!!! I have also included a special (low res) version of this movie too but members will see it in WMV and of course the FULL image gallery (and there’s tons more content just like this!!!)






Check out a special Free full length preview (in a lower spec as it’s for promotional purposes) below:



Part 7 of the Rhiannon Parsons (yes, of course it’s Danielle Hunt!) Detention series continues…





Bringing alcohol into school was stupid and Rhianna Parsons (played by Danielle Hunt) knows it. But she’s not expecting Mr Anderson to find a wine bottle in her desk! Bent over a vault, buttocks bare, she takes a full 12 with the cane. Covering her bottom earns her two extra strokes!

This full series of films with Dani looking great in this school uniform can only be seen at


In other news… coming out tomorrow at Girl Spanks Girl is the long awaited Exclusive Education 7 (or EE7) – sadly the 1st one without Clare Fonda but don’t let that stop you from checking the site out later as there are 2 very capable teaching tops, Ms Snow Mercy and Sarah Gregory as her teaching assitant who dish out punishments to 8 girls in new uniforms in the 1st installment!

You should know the format by now… lots of girls, lots of double spankings and all looking darned hot in those uniforms! I can’t wait to see this and will report more when it is officially released on Saturday!

However, not all ties to the past were severed, the one constant in all the films from series 1 has been “Principal Lana Miller” and she makes a welcome return with some films, so I am told, in her office… and alongside a rather smart looking Kay Richards, who helps dish out more punishment, as thankfully (for me at least) also baring her great tushy for a few beatings herself! Excited? Almost as waiting to watch the Olympic Opening ceremony! LOL!

& yes… that IS Veronica Ricci making an additional appearance in the office over Ms Snow’s knee… so all in all, you and I know damn well, EE7 is going to be a cracker! get your pass and get ready at Girl Spanks Girl

Or you can join up via the Clare Fonda Pass and grab yourself access to 3, 4 or 5 sites (including this one) of your choice at a vastly reduced monthly cost!


Those that just want to download the odd film or 2 will be pleasantly surprised at my own Clips Store as I have just uploaded an early exclusive preview of Mishka’s 3rd Fantasy wheelbarrow spanking installment – you can choose either WMV or MP4 HD formats to view the full films for just $4.99! Just so you know… members at AAA Spanking won’t see this for about 3 weeks yet!!!

Click any image below for the download pages! Enjoy!




Summer Spanking Fun!

Hello everyone, first up, I have some great news, so click on the banner below and help celebrate our fantastic best ever British summer (not) – I decided to bring this back as I was feeling so f*cking miserable, our useless summer just gets worse and worse with washout after washout and bigger flood events with severe gale warnings and the awful month’s worth rain downpours falling overnight that some folk in my country have had to endure… WTF happened to global warming? It is sooooooo depressing, so I felt like cheering those who purchased an Annual Pass to AAAspanking last year (which most will start to be expiring pretty much about now) and thought I’d extend this offer for those who wanted to continue enjoying my site for the knock down equivalent price of just $8.50 per month with a one off purchase (no rebills, obviously) – just click the banner below for the proof it’s currently on offer! Enjoy… as it may get pulled anytime this “summer” 🙂

I first found out from this offer from this newspaper clipping (ahem) – well, OK, that’s a little white lie but a fun one all the same 🙂

& to help you decide – here is what is coming out THIS WEEK as Mishka turns up the heat as a filthy cheerleader try out who just can’t keep her fingers (or anything that will fit into her tight hole for that matter) when easily distracted waiting for her Cheergirl Trial. Click on either image and they will leader to a full and complete gallery of the movie that is about to hit the site! I much prefer Mishka’s use of the Pom Poms! 🙂

CLICK HERE for more of Mishka and the 100 or so other films now available!


& so to the rest of today’s great spanking updates starting with one of my fave sites FirmHandSpanking.com who have really put out some excellent films recently… like the 2 below!

Kelly Morgan as a cheerleader? Yup, this series continues and fits nicely in with the start of today’s update, don’t you think? Check out Kyle’s latest punishment of this beautiful girl as  a prank goes wrong costing her a 31-swat bottom spanking to tears (below)




Kelly Morgan fesses up to changing the music for another cheerleader’s routine in Cheerleader Captain. To have any hope of getting back her place on squad, she asks to be spanked by Mr Johnson. 31 swats with a leather paddle, 10 bare, bring tears of genuine sorrow and a sore butt.

In the next series finale, Director Amelia Rutherford (you’ll see her behind the scenes) creates a wonderfully hot scene for Au Pair Trouble with Aleesha Fox and Earl Grey. Aleesha wants to be caned but is shocked by 18 strokes as she counts them out. Then she’s strapped with his belt, almost nude…





See a FREE Movie clip of the above scenes HERE


The next brand new update is from when Sarah and her daddy, Paul Rogers visited England last year and this was filmed in London with leia Ann Woods – it’s really good and promises much more for members… check out “Uncle” Paul giving Leia a good thrashing (you’ll see why in the explanation below)

Leia’s in Hot Water

Leia is just about to get into the shower when she gets an important call that she must go into work right away. When Uncle Paul gets home, he is not too happy to find a flooded house. He waits for his niece so he can properly punish her for her irresponsible behaviour.





Check out more of daddy Paul Rogers and Sarah Gregory’s collaborations which include real gems like this spanking punishment of Leia Ann Woods! CLICK HERE for their latest offerings which do NOT disappoint!


There is a girl you can see at SpankingServer.com that is featured nowhere else, and she is stunning! She’s called Miela… and, well, I rather have the trouser rumblings for her as you’ll see below in a typical scene of her getting a good hard OTK spanking and caning punishment from a very fortunate but stern Peter Schober… who does his job of thrashing this beauty with utmost professionalism *cough*

Miela wonders how the hell she arrived in this position… again!

This is how it happened (below)




See far more of the addictive viewing that is Miela – Click HERE


Finally today, a very good film starring 2 of the curviest, shapeliest figures and bottoms in Spankoland… Sasha Harvey and Jadie Reece, team together in a Glamour Shoot that ends up very quickly being, well…. a rather nice SPANKING shoot (yay!)

“Hang on… this doesn’t feel like a Glamour Shoot!





I love this last image of Jadie as it looks back past Stephen and to Sasha in the background!

Need I say more than this is from the folks at Northern Spanking – bravo!


& please do NOT forget my British Summer Offer *smile*

Spankings to start off the week

A new week and I have been battling damned piracy (yet again!)
Bend over while I think about THRASHING YOUR PERT BEHIND!

The following paragraph contains expletives and nasty swear words, sorry to bring this heavy shit on you, but it is an emotive subject for me and I hate the fact I have to try and protect all this otherwise my little site goes down the tubes… So here’s a brief announcement to the wanker that is using stolen credit card information to try and sign up to my site – CCBill are on your case, you fucker… no matter what IP address you use, they are using their software to slowly track you down and I send them your downloading Ip address… each and every attempt brings them and a company I have approached to help me… and, my… you have been busy with your attempts and various crappy email addresses, haven’t you? Twice you got through, twice you got immediately blocked!  I have to say “thanks” to the billing agent that has recognised this problem and are willing to help in what could be a landmark case against these idiots that think they can just anonymously do what the fuck they want! The internet is growing up, and fast, already internet trolls on sites like Facebook or twitter are now getting caught… I suppose it is human nature that if we always think we can get away with or won’t get caught then it brings out the very worst in us! We are a pretty horrid species when I think about it… and so I’d rather not right now!

By the way, all legit sign ups (of which 99.9% of you are – I thank you all profoundly) – you folk are the decent ones and have nothing to fear, it is those using hiding software and for purposes of piracy that I have an issue with, if you use hidden proxies on AAA, you WILL find yourself kicked out sharpish as there is no need and even these companies that promise you’ll never be found will be forced to give up their data for those who have a complaint, no matter what they say eventually… the internet is growing up! So behave, and you have nothing to fear… it’s a good motto and one to bear in mind online in the future!

Oops, that was 2 paragraphs. OK, I want to celebrate the niche that you are all here for and there is a series of nice galleries and a nice write up on a most recent film from NorthernSpanking.com which is where I’ll start today!

Check out this tearful clip of the amazing Caroline Grey, I love seeing this damsel in distress punished, and her tears are genuine, it fulfilled a fantasy of hers and is all the more poignant!


You can see the FULL HD Film of Caroline’s perfect tearful hairbrush punishment HERE


& if that is not your thing then perhaps seeing Jadie Reece (in red below) invite and dominate Amelia Jane Rutherford AND Aleesha Fox in the very latest new film which has just been released and I have a couple of teaser images for you!

Amelia Jane and Aleesha find themselves spending another painful afternoon with Mistress Jadie, the credit card therapist. Sent by their husbands, the theory is that, by means of corporal punishment, some kind of aversion therapy is implanted whereby the recollection of pain and humiliation enables the girls to resist abusing their husbands generosity.

Funny how they keep coming back though! (You might remember Paul having the same issue recently with Leia at my site!)

 See MORE of what happens to these girls HERE


A special gallery feature from AAA Spanking – just click on any image below and you will see some of the most recent reminders of why those pesky pirates want to rip apart my poor site. Of course if you want to see MORE of this thing then I can only do it by those willing to support our cause so I can bring in more girls as I genuinely just about break even and actually if I worked out the time I spent on the site and had to even pay myself the minimum wage… oh dear, it would be failing Lord Sugar’s stern test and I’d be fired for a poor business model… but as with many websites like ours, we are a labour of love, not some huge faceless corporation making a ton of dough for the hell of it!

Mishka is currently in the wheelbarrow position at AAA Spanking as you may have already seen (below)


There is a really interesting review of a Lupus Spanking film currently out and it starred Mishka in her native Prague as a wide eyed 18 year old… but don’t let that fool you, she may have been new to the online scene but she was certainly not shy (nor has been since!)

Check out the review HERE (it’s well worth a read) and there are lots of pretty pics and clips to keep you occupied if you find my prose rather tedious 🙂

You can see how Mishka ended up with such a sore bottom!

Spankings and Anniversaries

Before I start with my spanking updates… it is worth remembering today is the 30th anniversary of the ending of the Falklands War. In just 74 days the illegal Argentine occupation of The Falklands came to an end with the surrender of their forces in the capital Port Stanley… 74 days and such tragic loss of life! In all, 255 British and 648 Argentine servicemen as well as 3 Falkland islanders so of course we see once again the rhetoric and ridiculous Brit-baiting by the aggressive self serving Argentine president, Cristina Kirchner, as she once again bleats to the UN about our atrocious behaviour in not allowing them to take the islands from UK protection… or of course ask the islanders themselves what they want to do. (Heaven forbid, Madame Presidente!)

This is one lady in dire need of a continual & relentless birching in my humble opinion!
Oh, and click on her image for an interesting read on what is wrong with Argentina from a neutral American observer visiting this beautiful but flawed country that some of  us had already known…

“Chief… you got me!”

Well, at least there will be a referendum, but I somehow doubt right now that the islanders would want to become a dependency or part of Argentina right now… perhaps one day they will become fully independent (if the oil reserves that are rumoured to be there are true then this area will become fabulously wealthy – (read the article and it’ll become clear why Madame Presidente is so desperate to get her hands on these islands as the Argentine economy is a total basket case!) or even a part of Argentina… that is for them to decide, NOT the British nation or indeed Argentina. I am guessing, from the images below of the Falklands today that they will want to remain part of the UK for now (but that can change and probably will in due time, but not because Cristina Kirchner says so).




OK, enough of that… now onto the updates and I shall briefly start with my own site and some exclusive images here for the very latest and naughty spanking film 🙂


It’s been well received (what a surprise!) so thank you to the members who wrote in personally to my webmaster address, I always respond to feedback (good or bad). These are exclusive images you won’t find anywhere else (yet) as I just released them here but I think they describe what happens to slinky Mishka, don’t you? There’s also a special free clip below if you haven’t already seen it so you get what happens…

This film is available in HD (both Wmv and MP4 formats at AAAspanking.com


You can also download this movie cheaply as a one off at the Clips Store if you so wish (click on the banner below for this movie and a view at what else is available)


Now, no doubt our man putting the “rotter” into Rotterdam, Mike… the Dutch “schpannking legend” will be feeling rather miserable this morning after watching Holland lose to arch rivals Germany in last night’s thrilling game in the Euro 2012 tournament – so I shall give him the honour of 1st update today to help atone for his team’s woeful 1st half performance which lost them the game (and “damn”… those Germans are looking good!) *groan* “not again!”

IMPORTANT: Here’s a lesson to all aspiring secretaries – “DO NOT GO TO THE WHIPPINGSHAM SECRETARIAL COLLEGE” unless you enjoy your bare bottom getting thrashed on a regular basis… the latest 2 parter is now available IN FULL and stars 2 lovely Dutch girls, one in particular I know well as she is featured a lot at Mike’s sites, the very naughty Angel with an unbelievably cute accent when she “schhhpeaks English” 🙂





The Dutch lesson – part 1: Betty and Angel are taking the advanced Dutch class to prepare them to work for any Dutch company. When their teacher dictated a simple document to them, they made numerous mistakes with the result that they both felt his “little friends” across their bottoms a few times. A heavy leather paddle and a very stingy little Egyptian rattan cane. When they had to correct the mistakes, they didn’t do it properly either… so Betty was first to lay over the desk for a sound bare bottom paddling!





In part two Angel is bent over the desk and she gets a sound bare bottom paddling. Then both girls are ordered to correct their mistakes which they do very well. They have earned a 15 minute break. During the break Mr. Johnson smelled smoke in the corridor and he caught both girls secretly smoking a cigarette. He told them to go back to the classroom immediately and they both went over his knee for a painful, hard, spanking bringing both girls close to tears!

You can see these secretarial shenanigans and the other uniform spanking updates HERE


 I loved watching Sarah Gregory’s latest film which was filmed at last year’s SL Party in Vegas. Chelsea plays her girlfriend in a good old fashioned cougar spanking her bratty diva sub OTK in the bathroom… spanked on a wet bottom… I know that stings! Yikes!




Sarah and her girlfriend Chelsea are on vacation in Vegas. Sarah is enjoying a bath when Chelsea asks her to start getting ready so they can go out. When Chelsea comes back, Sarah is still taking her grand old time in the bath. Chelsea is very unhappy about this and pulls Sarah out and gives her a hard spanking on her bare wet bottom for being so selfish.

You can also see many unique films of Sarah at Chelsea’s very own site RIGHT HERE too!


Now whilst on the subject of Sarah and something unique, this doesn’t appeal to everyone, but this is what Clare Fonda loves and has been working on with her new projects and I am liking the adult baby girls… they’re often diapered, sent to bed in the jim jams and the crib as well as pouting with pacifiers and of course the odd spanking or 3 that crops up delightfully… all this with killer drop dead gorgeous girls and well known spanking models like Sarah! I have to say… this film of Sarah suckling from Clare’s teats… oh my! Who wouldn’t want to be breast fed from Momma Clare?

Images (below) and storylines taken exclusively from Naughty Diaper Girls






Sarah fools Clare. Clare has been left to watch Sarah while her mommie is out. Sarah tells her a sob story of how she is never fed breast milk. Clare thinks Sarah is a real baby girl and feeds her some brest milk from her own tits. It feels good for both of them. She then finds out Sarah is really a naughty grown up girl so she takes her over her lap and spanks her.

Below is a selection of the drop dead gorgeous AB Girls that Clare is now working with!





Momma Clare, the brothel madame and seedy sex worker entrepreneur has been spanking and keeping her “hoes” in line for over 4 years at Spankedcallgirls.com – now has come the time for Clare to pass on this mantle as she pursues other directions and so it is a rather good excuse to get in Snow Mercy (who I absolutely LOVE seeing spank and get spanked) and the equally lush Fonda stalwart over the years, husky voiced Kay Richards – with breasts and a speckled bottom I can’t resist gazing at incessantly (mmm!)

Feast your eyes on this great film to end Clare’s fearsome reign over her girls!
“Goodbye, Momma Clare!”





In Clare Fonda’s last appearance spanking on this site, she teaches Snow all about being her new madam. Clare starts by showing Snow what she does when Kay is late – she spanks Kay in front of Snow. Then it is Snow’s turn over Clare’s knee for a hand and hair brush spanking. Snow kicks her long legs and is embarrassed to be spanked in front of one of the girls. Finally, Snow puts Kay over her knee for several hard whacks with the hair brush. Kay and Snow are red, speckled and sore, but have learned valuable lessons.


An unmissable film and of course members have full access to 4 years worth of excellent archives already!

CLICK HERE to see the latest site updates

This site is part of the CLARE FONDA PASS network (5 sites at a fraction of the full price!)


OK, that’s it from me, I shall be off now to drink lots of beer and watch yet more footie 🙂

Bumper Spanking Updates

Sorry I haven’t been back sooner other than to find an amazing ass pic and upload it yesterday (hope you liked it, by the way… it just blew me away so I *had* to share that one with you all when I stumbled across it, mainly by accident – a rather pleasant mistake, I’m sure you will agree!

Anyway, I have also been engrossed in all manner of loafing about in front of the TV watching the sport… there’s loads for me to lie down and get fat eating nachos and dips and quaffing beer to look at right now… there was a stunning victory for Lewis Hamilton in the Canadian Grand Prix yesterday and the Euro 2012 Football (soccer) Championships have started which means my missus is annoyed but I’m in heaven and tonight England play their first game against France. We haven’t a cat in hell’s chance of winning the tournament as the team are in transition, but I hope they try and do us proud… we’ll probably get stiffed tonight, but one can always hope, I guess! I’m also in transition at my site and have some exciting developments which you will see throughout the year including the purchase of some new state of the art HD cam equipment which I am currently testing and it is an improvement on what I had been using before, not that it was no good (far from it), but sometimes, I just like to have a camera that can also be powered indoors if needed by another source rather than just batteries as I once got caught out and missed some action when filming and have vowed never to make that mistake again! Anyway, I can’t wait to get this going at the next film shoot as I am close to bringing in a girl I have been after for an age and a fantastic new filming location for me which I can’t wait to visit again! Well enough of my piffle, if members go to my site right now they will be able to download the full movie of Kami’s long punishment, the HD MP4 version is over 700Mb!

Click on Kami’s bottom for the 24 image gallery reminder

The official blurb on the storyline is below:

Secretary Kami Robertson was aware that something was up as her boss had left a pile of spanking implements lying on her desk when she arrived at work. She soon discovered why as he had pointed out that the bank transfer she was asked to make to a Trust had been made in error due to her carelessness in transferring out 10 times the amount by adding an extra zero. John had been contacted by his bank & had managed to sort the mess out in time but he wasted no time in telling her that she was going to get one hell of a punishment thrashing for her monster mistake! He was going to use all the implements laid out on the desk: the leather strap, a horrible bathbrush (which he promised he was going to whack very hard for her error), a horrible stinging paddle & a whippy cane which he knew would leave yet more marks on her very sore bottom. This long play movie includes gratuitous use of Kami’s favourite butter cream which was rubbed into her sore, swollen cheeks at the end after receiving one of her hardest punishments on film! John & Kami admitted afterwards that this was one of their best films they had made together & we hope that you will see why! See how much Kami could take as she entered her own private world of pain!

I had included some extra close up shots of the implements used to great effect on Kami’s ever glowing and increasingly sore red bottom as the punishment progressed through each phase. For each punishment schedule in this storyline, this was how her boss moved onto the next implement: He gave her some additonal whacks, for transferring out 50,000 Pounds instead of 5,000… and for each addional 10,000 that she put the company into the red, he gave her some extra hard whacks, so 5 nasty strokes of the strap, bathbrush, paddle and finally the cane were carried out ON TOP OF the angry strokes and swats that he had already meted out to her for this “Monster mistake!”

The Leather Strap:

The dreaded bath brush:

The stinging composite paddle:

A thin whippy kooboo cane:

& after her ordeal was over, some soothing butter cream was rubbed into her sore red cheeks…

Check out part of her punishment in this 1 minute 45 second preview (the full film is about 25 minutes long)


& coming later this week to AAAspanking, you will be able to see part 2 of the wheelbarrow spanking fantasy as I get to spank Mishka up close and personal with her wearing nothing but some stripey socks – looking super sexy… oh my! & of course I had “wood” filming this!!! How could I not? It’s not very long but as it starts with her in this intimate position with just a pair of socks on… I don’t think you’ll mind and you’ll get both versions (WMV & MP4) and a complete image gallery too so I’ll feature this more when this short film comes out very soon – and at the end of the week there will be the concluding part to  the Leia-Ann Woods film which is a cracker!!! (so lots of stuff coming out this week!) 🙂

Mishka in stripey socks and little else in the wheelbarrow position!



& as I mentioned this week finishes off with the concluding part of
“You bought WHAT on my credit card?” with Leia-Ann Woods & Paul Kennedy


Here is a feature of what’s good and well worth a look at the moment starting with Pandora’s site Dreams of Spanking with some clever use of a placard she used a few years back in a demonstration against our country’s ridiculous new law brought in at the time, and to which… to a lesser degree, still affects us today, though not as badly as I had originally thought (as the law… in this case, is quite literally “an arse” as we say over here). Anyway check out the images taken from the latest movie below:




and a more detailed description of the film can be found with a free preview HERE


I’m not sure if this really is a proper sisterly spanking or not but the “sister” of Kat St James does look similar to her, she’s called Sam… and she gives Kat a realk good spanking hard on her bare bottom in an OTK position, using both her hand and a hairbrush! This is taken from the amateur spanking website markedbutts.com – I don’t always get this site as amateurs can do a hell of a lot better at producing cleaer content than some of this stuff, I’d call it an excuse to give you low grade fuzzy or dark films and not care much… but there is a lot of content here at this site and it’s worth a peek as it does contain many web stars we are familiar with, like kat st James, for example! Images taken from this latest film are below:




actually… Seeing Kat spanked by her sis is worth the low cost entrance fee alone 🙂

CLICK HERE for a free preview and a look at the extensive tour pages.


Now here is another amateur film showcased by my friends at Northern Spanking – some, I guess, would have thought Hannah martin was indeed back on the scenes, als she has long retired, or I’d have snapped her up as I remember her well from my days (many years ago) when I used to work for “you know who” …

This is how to make an amateur film dramatic, have Hannah and her friend Kimberly come home from school in their uniforms, play with each other in her bedroom after they made each other up withsome really horny girl on girl action then of course… get caught by a furious ” non specific authoritarian figure” (well, most probably Dad… lol) and see some genuinely good CP punishment… check out the stills below, it’s a 1st effort and deserves a good mention, don’t you think?






& to prove a point when the guys produce their own stuff, you get quality as well at NorthernSpanking like this very sexy spanking update of a beautiful voluptuous returnee… Roxy Valentynne. below she is tempting a very lucky Mr Lewis to see if her Bunnygirl costume has any effect on him… oh it has alright… but not, as I think… Roxy had intended! 🙂




Does this very sexy set look familair? I remember when Roxy was introduced to us all a few years back… and that time it was Paul who was the “fortunate” spanker!!! A couple of reminder images are below (warning… Roxy is HOT!)



Sch-wiiiiiiiing! Do not miss any of these updates from NorthernSpanking.com


OK, back later, I’m off to watch the England v France match!


What’s new and what’s coming soon!

Questions we all like answered from time to time, like the kids in the back of the car shouting “are we there yet?” – well, today, I bring you news of what is new and coming soon to a few select sites and it is my privilege to bring you news first of the brand new BunBeatingFun.com extravaganza that is the very naughty return of Summer! (the girl, not our damp squid weather here in the UK). But as I’m in a good mood, check out this great party anthem from last year, to get you in the mood for some tunes, dancing… even some shuffling “Party Spock is in da house!”

I understand if you hate this sort of music, but I’m a sucker for this rubbish from LMFAO!
Party Rock!!! Everybody Shuffling… 431 Million views!!!!

Oh and it’s worth watching for Jesus “”Shuffling” and also for legendary Tony Bennett’s daughter, Lauren – who is uber gorgeous as she is featured as guest vocals and looking lush in gear designed to make grown men go weak at the knees! “Put your hands up!”

*sigh* OK, as I was saying… (if this blog got that number of views I’d die and go to spanko heaven) – Anyway, Summer had appeared once before at Bun Beating Fun after mouthing off and you think she would have learnt her lesson after that screaming across Greg’s lap! Oh no! She is bitching and complaining about lack of money (what else?) to one of Greg’s associates unaware they are affiliated and in this humorous intro below, you will get the idea of what is coming. I love films  with a bit of humour, BBF films always have this, as well as some serious ass whackings. I won’t spoil it all, but from the images you will see below, let me tell you, Summer does indeed get one hell of a thrashing… if you saw the end of the clip and the look of genuine fear on her face when confronted with our mystery man… you will understand!

Images below of Summer’s Punishment! Yikes!







OK, so you get the idea? Lots of tears, regrets, cursing and a very sore red spanked bottom!

This will be available at BunBeatingFun for members today! Enjoy!


Remember I told you about a fantasy spanking I had filmed? Well, the 1st part of that is due out later this week at AAA Spanking and it involves me with slinky Mishka helping me to fulfill one of those little fantasties we all have from time to time… I have always wanted to film a wheelbarrow position spanking, a rather rude one at that… no humiliation, just a very naughty position that I know couples get off on… I’ve done this at home with “Er Indoors”, but I just wanted to go through a few roles such as “The girl next door” type, which is what this film is about… I’ve filmed others too, like PJ spankings, Girl Guide (yes the uniform again, lol), girl with long stripey socks and so on.

Enjoy my fine wine and cigar moment spanking… I certainly did!
(video images need to be rezzed, which is my next job before publication – but you get the idea!)





This is the next film due out later this week at AAA Spanking – this is the 1st sneak preview anywhere!


& Finally, as I am running out of time, I have just seen the latest audition spanking of the delightful Kiki at English Spankers – and she is simply scrummy! Click the image below which will take you to a dedicated spanking gallery!

If you want to see a FREE HD Preview Clip of the lovely Kiki – Click HERE


Back soon with more updates and news from around the world of spanking… there is much to tell! Have a good ‘un… and keep on “Shuffling”. Chief.