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Spanked for Twerking at Yoga Class!

Hello, I have a quick update and news of what we are doing across our network during these annoying and worrying times for many of you. I hope, wherever you are, that you are staying safe and helping to adhere to the guidelines that your country has made. Obviously, that depends on what country you are in. I know in the USA it is a little confusing as there is not much real direction from the president on this subject, sadly (I won’t get political as we are above this). However, all I will say is please do try to wear those masks, they really do help… I feel daft even saying this as it is “common sense” but there are those out there who feel otherwise. That is unhelpful and selfish, I just can’t understand that mindset and am horrified that in the USA they are thinking about sending kids back to school when the 1st wave hasn’t even peaked while most of Europe and Canada (for example) have taken super precautions overall to reduce the amount of new daily cases. The sooner we reduce virus transmission rates the sooner we can all enjoy a more normal way of life. 2020 has been difficult, so I say, look up reputable news sources, mainstream media of most European countries and even that of the USA (despite what you are told by some, or believe are far more reliable than some shady internet-only website or those where you watch something sent on Facebook (sigh) with those computer-style voices… no, avoid those… and FACT check, FACT check, FACT check – always.

In other news, due to the increase in new COVID cases in the sunbelt regions of the USA, including Texas, it comes as no surprise that we have now completely canceled any hope of holding the Lone Star Spanking Party in November (I had my doubts from the start but we have to try and be hopeful, right?) The hotel has been so understanding and the party dates for 2020 are void but we aim to have this running in the usual month of May next year, so by then we are all hopeful a viable vaccine will have been made available and the COVID-19 pandemic a thing of the past…
So set your diaries or calendars (depending on where you’re from) for May 13th – 17th 2021. (I am personally much more hopeful about this date!)


Okay, so today, I have a real treat for you all bringing this awesome pairing of Miss Anna (in the maternal role) and beautiful Chrissy Marie as the bratty daughter who upset her mother. As you probably know, we have so much content filmed that Sarah & I could probably open 2 or 3 more clip stores but actually, during the COVID Pandemic, it is hard for most producers to film new content (understandably) unless they are in their own socially responsible group. So it is actually nice (for me) not to always film… but Sarah HATES that. That’s only because I have to lug all the equipment up and down the stairs and so on… I’m getting on in my years (I know, no sympathy from you lot, right?)

aaa spanking

Anyway, this means we have an extensive library of content over many years (I just found a film for AAA filmed in 2011 never released so watch out for that over the coming months). This policy means we are giving you great variety across all our sites which is what we always try to strive for and the relentless new film updates go on unimpeded, you’ll be all glad to know! I know many others are remastering films and I know we will at some point too, re-editing the old films in the best quality possible with effects and scores to soundtracks, etc. (Kami Robertson and Leandra James at AAA immediately spring to mind) but these will only ever be IN ADDITION to the usual update schedules, so members really will see the benefits for remaining loyal. We aim to keep you interested and occupied and have not raised membership prices for at least 3 years despite the sites growing in size considerably in that time! I can’t tell you how much a membership keeps us going. I recently had to upgrade the dedicated servers for a few sites and this is not as cheap as it once was!

So, for example: Here’s something we filmed in Los Angeles (March 2017 if I remember correctly). This film had never been far from my mind as I knew it was good, but when the data was edited recently, I was blown away by just *how* good Miss Anna was at disciplining Chrissy in a maternal role. I miss Anna, she has (sadly) retired from the online scene and I and all who know her wish her well… I do miss her a lot! So enjoy this update today, it is now showing for members and clip store customers.

Links and how to view this film are provided. I have made available some exclusive 1st-show edited images from the film. You won’t find them anywhere else like this, at the time of writing, anywhere! Enjoy.

Spanked for Twerking at Yoga Class

This film can be downloaded at the AAA Clips Store HERE
(or click image below for download page)
spanked for twerking at yoga class
For the full library of Clips Store movies – CLICK HERE

Chrissy Marie had been begging her mom (Miss Anna) if she could go with her to the Yoga Class at an expensive, top-end fitness studio. Mom takes pity on her and adds her as a “Plus One” but soon regrets the decision when Chrissy saw some attractive guys in the class. She went to the front, twerking and showing off her tight booty in those hot, sexy leggings. It seems she just couldn’t help herself and this nonsense will have some painful consequences! The film starts with the pair of them at home as Chrissy is scolded severely for being an attention-seeking hussy who had embarrassed her mother in front of her friends and the instructor. This time, Chrissy has gone too far so she is pulled over Mom’s lap for a spanking right then and there. Her tight, sheer leggings offer little protection and her mom can not even see any panty lines so pulls down her leggings to reveal just a tiny thong. Chrissy has no shame, but her bottom has already turned red from the spanking over her leggings and this continues with and without that silly thong that she is wearing. By now, her bare bottom reddens even more but mom has not finished with her girl just yet. Chrissy is told to stand up holding the mantle, with her bottom stuck out like she was a twerking hoe as she is given many licks of the leather strap which only marks her poor swollen cheeks even more. By now, Chrissy is one sorry looking young lady as she is told to go to her room and reflect on her earlier shameful behavior!

spanking chrissy marie spanked by mom spanked spanked by mom spanked and strapped by mom


[jwplayer mediaid=”62544″]

You can download this film as part of a membership to AAA Spanking HERE

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Miss Anna – A Very Hard and Sexy Spanking

Hard and sexy? is that possible? Well, Anna and I wanted to film something a little different (well, she did, actually). To those who don’t know, I am considered her mentor and when we do get to meet personally, I look forward to our meetings as she is a good friend AMD a valued play partner. Anna never makes it easy (LOL) – but apart from private play (which I love) Anna is an intelligent and amazing lady who I love filming with too – whether it is for AAA or one of the other SG sites! Our films always end up with me literally thrashing her, so this time she said she wanted to do something a little different (but with the thrashings thrown in, of course).

Thrashing… I’m sorry if that doesn’t make sense to my American readership, we Brits like to use that word and I have been quite aware to avoid using it in video descriptions… but for me, that was what it was in the end, a good old fashioned thrashing!!!

  1. an act of physically beating someone; a beating.
    “a sound thrashing might teach the individual to refrain from complaining”
  2. a heavy defeat of a sporting opponent.
    “the thrashings administered by Plymouth Argyle to Exeter City”


So… below are some video images and I have also added the free preview clip for your perusal.

Secrets Get You Spanked

[jwplayer mediaid=”57087″]

It had been some time since Anna and John had spent some quality time together so when it came to their playtime, John was upset to discover that Anna had been keeping a secret from him. “You’ve been seeing him again, haven’t you?” He could see the marks of a recent beating. Anna was so apologetic but John was incensed that she was keeping secrets like this. So he quickly dragged her over his lap and started to give her a hard hand spanking. Anna was already in her sexy lingerie and her long legs kicked as she struggled to take his angry spanking. This was just the start as he loved to use his favorite leather implements, a Reformatory Strap and thick, stiff gunbelt. However, there was to be no sensual spankings, just heavy licks of leather, reddening and marking her full round cheeks. John also knew that a hard discipline session turned them both on so by now he was past caring how he felt about her secrets and he used the heaviest, meanest bath brush at his disposal. This was a mean session with the brush that had her fighting back tears but John saved his best to last! Anna, was ordered to remove her bra, now naked… her full round breasts glistened as the adrenalin coursed through her body as it was time for her caning! Anna positioned herself over the bed for some of the meanest strokes she had ever received. With this over, John wanted to comfort Anna and provide the aftercare she needed. This was such a hot, mean spanking session so he used lots of soothing Arnica lotion, gently rubbing into her sore skin, with equally soothing words in her ear, tender cuddles, hugs and gentle kisses to remind her how much she meant to him. Don’t miss this long play, very grown up domestic spanking video between real life play partners!

hard spanking spanking otk spanking reformatory strap thrashing leather strapping belting bare bottom belting caning aftercare


aaa spanking

You can also view this film as a special one time download (to keep and playback as often as you wish on your devices). Go to the AAA Clip Store or click on the direct link (image) below.

If you missed this other blog post, it covers all the other most recent updates from AAA Spanking and include lots of free exclusive images and clips – CLICK HERE – and have a great weekend!

Spanked and Mouthsoaped by Mommy

This is a very special featured film which came out at AAA Spanking this past week! Members can currently view this new video starring Ten Amorette and Miss Anna. It’s a fantastic maternal discipline film and when we were making this I was unsure as to how it would end up – but seeing it now, I think we made the right choice! The spankings are hard and mean with Miss Anna scolding Ten constantly (who has no answers to her questions). Of course, the mouthsoaping scenes in the bathroom are also very memorable! I’ll let you decide with a look at these images taken from the film including some exclusive animated GIFS… I am having to watermark them clearly now as some sad individuals use these to promote piracy of our content (sigh). These dullards will steal anything nowadays to promote their damaging content theft. Anyway, if you like what you see, then a membership really doesn’t cost very much for access to 400 movies and 1000’s of images to download. Support like this is what keeps us going. This film is also available as a full length clip at the AAA Clips Store too!

Ten is Spanked by Mommy…


Warning: This is an intense “Mommy/Daughter” hard hand and hairbrush spanking with a finale only foul mouthed young ladies deserve. Ten Amorette is on the receiving end of a long, tearful and brutal mouthsoaping that she will not forget in a hurry. Mom (played by Miss Anna) takes her daughter over her lap for an overdue spanking with the continual disrespect and poor attitude capped by that filthy mouth of hers. When Ten swears and cusses further, Mommy takes her to the bathroom for another spanking whilst reminding her to take a look in the mirror at herself during the punishment. Ten shows no remorse and swears some more forcing Mommy to take the bar of soap, froth it up and make her daughter taste that awful sudsy, cleansing soap bar deep inside her mouth whilst being scolded. Ten finally learns her lesson after several cleansing sessions, her face and mouth a soapy, shameful mess. She will think twice about swearing in front of her mother in the future!

otk spanking   spanked in the bathroom 

& Mouthsoaped by Mommy!

 mouthsoaping      mommy mouthsoaping her daughter



aaa spanking

You can also view this film in full – at the Clips Store – Direct link HERE

spanked and mouthsoaped by mommy

Please also be aware that voting for the first 2 categories will come to an end this Tuesday (see below) and the results for these will be shown soon after. There is also one more category for you to vote on – PRODUCER’s CHOICE – which should come out as soon as I hear back  from those interested in having their films showcased and put up for the vote.

Last chance to vote in these categories!




Adriana Week at AAA Spanking

Yes, by now you will know “Adriana Evans Week” is well under way across the SG Network (incl. AAA, today, of course). So here is the second of those updates now showing, courtesy of AAA Spanking. This co stars the wonder Miss Anna , who I have to say, has a very hard, mean hand. This is a strictly traditional, OTK hand spanking, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s a light spanking…. ohhhhh no! Adriana admitted this was one of the hardest, most painful spankings she had received by another woman… that says a lot!!!

Adriana Evans week

All the images you see above are from all 4 featured films, so I’ll let you guess what the other two could possibly be before they are released! You’ll find (below) some stills and screen grabs, including three wonderful animated GIFs which best showcase this film. I have also provided you with a link to the free preview clip at the end. Did you know that AAA Spanking now has over 375 full HD films for members, that is a heck of a lot of content all with extensive zipped video stills galleries and lots of image galleries to choose from. The site has been updating with a minimum of one new film each and every week since its’ inception in early 2011 and the project began at the beginning of this month in 2010 to film exclusive content! Seven years… where does all that time go???

You get a lot for your money and some of the best films showcased at AAA feature Adriana! The strapline for this site has been proudly shown on the join and members pages “Run by Spankos for Spankos!” since day one, unlike other charlatan outfits that like to steal other companies mottos as their own! Beware of badly lit, cheaply run, shoddy imitations! (You won’t find them advertised here, ever!)

Adriana’s Attitude Adjustment

Adriana's Attitude Adjustment at AAA Spanking

Adriana was allowed to accompany her mother on a business trip. Her mom thought that her daughter deserved to enjoy a nice break in a hotel suite provided by the company she was consulting for. However, Adriana repaid that trust and kindness by creating a scene at the pool, sunbathing naked. She was sent to the suite immediately by the hotel staff and her mother had been informed by the manager of her daughter’s unacceptable behavior. There will be dire consequences and what you see is a good old fashioned mother/daughter scolding followed by the spanking punishment. Once the OTK spanking begins, it is a relentless assault on Adriana’s bare bottom that has her quickly squirming, struggling and in very real pain. Miss Anna (playing her mom) really does have one of the hardest female hands and this is a fantastic punishment film that aficionados of severe maternal discipline will really appreciate, played by two of our favorite people. Adriana admitted (after we made this film) that it was one of the hardest hand spankings she had received in a very long time. That should tell you all you need to know!

Mother spanks her daughter mom spanks Adriana Evans thick thighs and thick spankable bottom spanking her daughter hard down come her bikini bottoms for the spanking mother spanking her naughty daughter peachy round bottom Triple A Spanking updates painful spanking round bottom spanking Miss Anna spanking her daughter very hard! Adriana Evans spanked by Miss Anna Miss Anna takes no answering back from Adriana Evans panties down spanking mother spanks hard spank! pert buttocks given a sound spanking Adriana Evans spanking week Adriana Evans spanked by mother painful spankings Adriana Evans spanked by mom scolding and spanking otk spanking


You can catch up on what Adriana is doing via her Twitter feed HERE – we have filmed a lot of content with her and will be releasing more films very soon but in the meantime – check out her archives HERE

AAA Spanking

This film is now also available as a one time download at the Clips Store – it is sure to be a big hit there 🙂 (click on image below to access the direct page)

Adrioana Evans at AAA C4S

Coming very soon in Adriana Evans Week – she will be appearing at Sarah Gregory Spanking – so Don’t miss my review 😉

Anna’s Severe Discipline Punishment

Hello, sorry I didn’t get back here sooner, I have been so busy away from the online world these past few days and this really is the first time I have had to blog or write online apart from the odd tweet here and there! Anyway, if you haven’t seen my Twitter feed or seen AAA Spanking recently – then you will notice that there is an awesome new 36 minute very severe spanking and corporal discipline style film currently showing for members.

This is a very personal thing to share for myself and Miss Anna. Call it a glimpse into what we do when we catch up… Miss Anna & I have a real life mentoring relationship and I genuinely try and look out for her. She is very special to me and genuinely craves reinforcement discipline sessions and of course I try and help her as far as I can in her personal life (if there are any problems we all face from time to time). Anyway, for her to agree to the filming of this and put it up on a large profile site like AAA Spanking made me proud of her. From the positive feedback on the tweets I made, I know that many other people love her work online too! Check out these video screen images, the official description of the film, and also where the film can be downloaded if you don’t want to sign up to a membership site (etc)

There is also a link to a free long play clip, it doesn’t do the whole film justice, but I think when you see how she takes a hard strapping, wooden bathbrush or a severe caning… you will see just how remarkable Anna is!


Some of the implements used in this discipline film

This is a special long play film that features Anna and John, who have a real life mentoring relationship. John cares very much for Anna and she needs hard discipline when she doubts herself or puts herself down. They have never filmed anything publicly like this, until now. This is typical of some of the sessions they have worked through in private. Anna is an incredible woman, she often doesn’t know it and although she has a great tolerance for more severe style punishments she feels every slap. swat and stroke. The reasons for her punishments are discussed briefly throughout but the focus is on “how” she is punished. There are a variety of wicked and nasty implements which she dreads and is familiar with.

So John starts with a warm up hand spanking, he wants her to reach her threshold with each style he uses. The over the knee spanking is more personal before she is placed on the ottoman, bottom up, for the various leather straps. Some are very stinging, others heavy and thuddy and the tempo is upped until she can take no more of each until he uses the long heavy duty “Hanks gunbelt”. Anna needs to be warmed up thoroughly as the next part involves a large bathbrush and stinging paddle which cause her to yelp out. Check out her facial reactions! This really hurts and the message is getting through about the issues they have discussed.

otk spanking

The finale features the anticipated caning. Two different Dragon Canes are used with varying tempo and severity. These strokes are some of the hardest we have filmed and they are applied to an already very sore red bottom! This will appeal to lovers of severe corporal discipline with over 30 minutes of action scenes, it really is one not to miss!

leather belt strapping   bathbrush spanking and discipline discipline punishment severe caning DISCIPLINE AFTERMATH

Anna appears in many films at AAA Spanking & you can see this amazing “switch” (she’s a great top too!) in full HD1080 as a member of the website, it’s that easy!


You can also view this film as a one time download to keep and play back as often as you want from the AAA Clips Store – CLICK HERE for the full listings of all the latest films added on a regular schedule.


AAA Spanking Catch Up

Just a brief spanking post today to cover the very latest film and some of those that are missed because of the end of year hack which  wiped 6 months off the old blog posts. The uploaded content is still there so I am attempting to re link some of them (when I have time) with the GIFs and images as well as any links to the free clips I can find. Seems a pity to waste all my hard work. I’ll start with 2 unseen films from AAAspanking.com – the latest which is called “Pokemon Punishment” and a previous epic now showing in full at the site called “Severe Judicial Singapore Canings”.

Pokemon Punishment – starring Bianca Rose & Audrey Sugarsmak

This is a bit of fun but also rather sinister as Bianca is humiliated by the very thing she loves… her Pokemon plushies and the game itself in this “roomie” all girl spanking fest.

Bianca was a poor roommate. Audrey had put up with her as she usually paid her share of the rent on time but recently she had been pre-occupied with a game that had been a global phenonemon. Audrey didn’t understand what all the fuss was about, after all, she thought, “wasn’t it supposed to be for kids and not grown ups?” Bianca was addicted to playing Pokémon Go on her phone… anywhere, anytime she could. She had even started wearing clothing from the game and buying cute plushy characters which were littering the apartment. This infuriated Audrey when she returned home early from work to find Bianca lounging on the sofa, playing the game, surrounded by yet more plushies… wearing a Pikachu dress! Enough was enough! Audrey told her how she dealt with people who annoyed her or didn’t do what they were told, a good old fashioned spanking! If Bianca wanted to behave like a brat then she’d punish her like one too! See this hot, sexy OTK spanking of fiery redhead, Bianca, by beautiful Audrey. What follows is a bare bottom leather strapping with plenty more naked humiliation in store for Bianca watched by her many Pokémon plushies!


The Xmas release late last year was a very special custom film with a very hard judicial caning of Elle Bea and Lily Swan. Check out the screen images from this movie and a link to an awesome free clip showcasing this special 45 minute film.


Lily and Elle have been caught selling firearms in Singapore. Normally women would receive a lengthy prison sentence. Lily’s mother is a senior member of the American government and the authorities are keen to avoid an international incident. They are to be secretly caned and then be deported. Elle, as the accomplice will receive 12 strokes and Lily will receive 24 for being the ringleader. Ahead of the severe physical punishment, a psycholgical deterrant of a humiliating medical examination, stripped bare and shivering, only makes them even more nervous and worried! Elle is first and taken to the Punishment Room. She is tied and restrained to the caning bench, then with a heavy rattan cane she is slowly and deliberately given each painful stroke. Welts quickly appear and you will see both the rear and facial angles as tears flow freely. She is returned to the medical room where Lily sees Elle a blubbering mess then the defiant girl takes the same harsh punishment with 24 strokes! In the epilogue, the girls are given lotion on a medical table to preapre them on a long and uncomfortable flight back to the USA later that evening! This is a special feature that observers of hard, calculated discipline will appreciate.


Finally for now, members were witness to another severe punishment video starring the wonderful Miss Anna. She took a hard hand spanking, a heavy leather belting followed by a relentless bath brush punishment that left some seriously beautiful deep impact bruising… as you’ll see from the images below: A fantastic domestic discipline video that is over 30 minutes in length!

Anna Never Learns – starring Miss Anna & John Osborne


Anna has been caught out lying to John over a missed payment to a company that they had agreed terms with for a specialist new vacuum cleaner for their carpets and rugs. They had been impressed by the demonstration which cleaned one particularly dirty rug so they agreed a payment plan. However, Anna pocketed the cash John had provided and spent it on lingerie and personal grooming products instead and kept this a secret for quite some time until they contacted him directly! He presented the evidence of a lack of new vacuum cleaner and irate calls from the company but she continued to deny any wrongdoing! He was angry and tried to give Anna a chance to own up but she had continued to lie and once again was not learning lessons about this sort of behavior. Only a severe punishment would work, he thought, so he presented his thick leather belt and heavy bathbrush he knew Anna hated. he spanked her first, scolding her and reminding her of what was to come across her bare bottom. The leather belt was relentless and stroke after stroke hit the target ready for the final tearful severe bathbrush spanking that you have to see to believe! Anna’s poor bottom took one hell of a lengthy punishment!

 spanking and strapping  


All the above films are also available in smaller and full length clips of these films at the AAA CLIPS STORE – check it out and you’ll see a vast library of content easily accessible if you prefer this method! Download the clips you want to view and keep to play back as often as you want in a format of your choice.

P.S. Please bear with me regarding the Spanking Awards – Sarah Gregory is with me here in England and we are both having “Alone Time” so I will get back to you all ASAP on that matter! Thanks!

Latest Updates from Triple A Spanking

The concluding parts to the long play “Spanking Daddy’s Little Princess” will be out later this week, which involves the new wife, Anna, getting punished for spanking her step daughter, by her angry husband! There are some great scenes in this… plenty of strappings and canings too. It’s a fitting end to this domestic discipline movie. Also released yesterday was the latest film with a new girl to AAAspanking.comKajira Bound. She is awesome and both Sarah and I had a great time meeting her with her cool husband Ulf at a recent party in Las Vegas. Kajira can normally be seen at either realspankings.com or their collegiate discipline site realspankingsinstitute.com as she is based out of Denver. because of that she said she gets to work with them about once a month, which is really cool. However, in all our films we made with her across the 4 sites that Sarah owns, we thought we would do something different for her and I think we did a pretty good job. This one was a simple introduction, it was our first film with her (we only did a few as they got much harder by the end). That’s not to say this isn’t… it’s a classic warm up getting harder as it progresses… you’ll see her flawless tight cheeks turning red as she takes a spanking and leather strapping in 3 positions of her choice.

But first – the concluding parts to Daddy’s Little Princess – starring Miss Anna


This is the 2nd part of the “Spanking Daddy’s Princess” long play movie. This entire scene is devoted to how Stevie’s daddy finds out that his precious little princess got an unfair spanking punishment from her step mother, his new wife! He is far from pleased and really upset. He decided to carry out some severe discipline of his own on her, spanking her hard and mean before using a Compliance Discipline Strap and a heavy 12mm cane. This punishment leaves visible welts and markings as well as real tears from Anna. His new wife quickly learned that spanking daddy’s princess was NOT an option.

spankings princess028 paddling princess032 princess033 AAA leather strap princess036 princess037 caning princess040 princess044

Click below for a Special Free Preview

[jwplayer mediaid=”48417″]


& so to this week’s new film which stars Kajira Bound in a new style series where the girls are asked to name their 3 fave positions and we film them getting spanked. Most go for OTK spanking, which is understandable, it’s one of my favorite positions too! It’s kind of more intimate between spanker and spankee and is such a versatile position too! Anyway, here areth eimages and a Free Clip of all 3 positions! I hope you like this as much as we did making it!

Kajira: Spanking Positions


This is a stunning debut from Kajira Bound in a new series of films where all the girls were asked what 3 positions they’d most want to be spanked in. Kajira also wanted to be spanked naked but for a pair of argyle patterned socks which made the whole viewing experience that little bit naughtier and kinky! She looked amazing and before filming told us that she wanted to be spanked in the traditional OTK position. This was the first film of the day so you will see her bottom redden after only a few minutes. This film is all about the subject, in this case the beautiful Kajira… and she had wanted to try something AAA was known for: The Wheelbarrow Spanking Position. You’ll see how she got on in that revealing ass up face down spanking as well as a little taster of what was to come, taking a leather strap in a very submissive “On all fours” position on the spanking bench! A fitting finale and a fantastic montage of spankings to introduce our latest spanking star.

k003 k004 OTK spanking Kajira Bound k007 wheelbarrow spanking k011 k012 spanking k014 k015 k016 k017 k020 k019

Click below to view this Free Clip

[jwplayer mediaid=”48434″]




lonestar spanking

Kajira will be attending the Lone Star Spanking Party 

Direct link is below on how to register & book your stay at the fab hotel in Houston, TX.


Midweek Spanking Updates

It’s that time when I attempt to catch up with some of the best spanking updates I’ve seen from the SG Group of sites in one go! That’s 4 websites for you to look at and there are some amazing spanking scenes and stories to tell. I hope you like the images and GIFS that I have made for you here… if you see these GIFs elsewhere, just remember that you saw them here first 😉

midweek spankings

I’ll start with AAA Spanking and a long play film in 2 clear parts: I have covered the first part here (below) which is wholly F/F and is a Mommy/Daughter spanking scenario (that’s the Sarah Gregory influence, which I think is a good thing!). She wanted more of these type of scenes played out so with the AAA twist, the second part sees the (step) mother of Stevie punished by the distraught husband in a hard domestic discipline with “heavy leather straps and sticks” who never gave his new wife permisssion to spank his precious little daughter!

This films stars Stevie Rose & Miss Anna (the wicked step mom)
Spanking Daddy’s Princess (part 1)

spanking daddy's princess

Stevie is confronted by her new step mother before bedtime in another unfair “discipline session” that went too far this time with Stevie getting her PJ bottoms pulled down and given a hard bare bottom spanking, leather paddling and hairbrush punishment to tears. (just wait til daddy finds out – in part 2)

daddys_princess002 daddys_princess003 daddys_princess004 spanking mommy spanks her daughter daughter punished by mommy paddled otk daddys_princess010 daddys_princess011 daddys_princess012 hairbrush and otk spanking daddys_princess014 otk spanking daddys_princess016 hairbrush spanking daddys_princess018 daddys_princess019 01daddysprincess

Stevie Rose had a new stepmom and they didn’t like each other one little bit! Anna made sure that her new bratty daughter got no favoritism from her when Stevie’s Daddy (John) was away on business. He trusted Anna to look after her as she was his Special Little Princess. His wife found fault with Stevie’s behavior and often spanked her hard until this time she went too far and spanked Stevie on her bare bottom with a leather paddle and a hairbrush!

daddys princess rubbing her sore bottom



The full film is now available at the Clip Store HERE


1149308_oCheerleader Spankings delievers on its promise of sexy films and real hard discipline films – although, personally I’d find this new one in the “both” category this week. Angel Lee (who we rarely see online), as far as I can see, has only appeared at the SG network of all sites featured here today… so it is my pleasure to showcase this excellent cheergirl discipline film. Angel took not only a Reformatory Strap but the 5ft+ Workout Strap which I also believe is the first time it has ever been shown on film… Johnny (FLAPaddler) was the coach who wielded this wicked piece of heavy leather. Take a look at her sore bottom and tell me this punishment didn’t get the message across!


Coach had called for one of his best cheerleaders, Angel Lee, to see him when he found out she had been late for practice again. She had potential but her attitude and workrate recently had started to let down the team. He ignored her weak excuses and took her over his lap for a hard bare bottom spanking that had her gasping in disbelief. This punishment took a turn for the worse when Angel swore at her coach in frustration when he made her repeat “Practice makes Precision”. No girl on his squad would dare show such disrespect so he gave her 2 further painful lessons bent over a bench, her bare bottom high in the air, quivering and exposed. First, the reformatory strap did its job then the dreaded 5ft long heavy workout strap crashed onto her sore, red cheeks for a total of 10 furious licks of mean leather no girl should ever have to take! Warning: This is a severe punishment film that not many girls can take… See how much Angel was able to withstand in this authentic style cheergirl discipline drama.

CLS-54-020 panties down spanking spanking her hard otk spanking CLS-54-039 CLS-54-043 CLS-54-058 CLS-54-069 panties down spanking and strapping strapping the cheerleader CLS-55-015 02practice CLS-55-021 CLS-55-023 ANGEL LEE - SORE RED CHEERLEADER BOTTOM


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At Sarah Gregory Spanking Johnny Lake is again featured giving the amazing Harley Havik her most tearful and very real discipline film with “Straps and sticks!” As I recall, Harley was only filmed twice as both films were severe and there was no way after this one she could continue… in fact, sarah and I caught up with her later the following week in LA and made some more hard, but beautiful punishment films). On thsi particular day, we were at a private spanking party this was the last film we shot (well, we only did 2 and they were both severe) You can see her other tearful film already showing at AAA Spanking HERE (<<free gallery)

Real Tears, Real Apologiesfeaturing Harley Havik

0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-014 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-016 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-018 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-028 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-029 leather strapping 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-035 caning harley to tears 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-054 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-060 03harley 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-063 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-066 caning 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-080

Harley has really fucked up this time. She was caught on camera kissing, dancing, and being spanked by another man. She knows the rules, woman only. Johnny is not happy with her to say the least, in fact he is disappointed beyond belief. His girlfriend and submissive will not disobey him like this. There are only two things he uses to teach her a lesson, Straps and Sticks. He takes his thickest meanest strap to poor Harley’s bottom and then his thickest cane. By the time the first stroke of the cane comes down she is crying real tears and begging for forgiveness. This is Harley’s first ever time crying real tears in a film.


sarah gregory spanking - real tears


Finally for today, another Mother spanking daughter video, also with Miss Anna… from Momma Spankings – only this time the spankees are sisters played by the adorable pairing of Alex Reynolds and Adriana Evans… oh my, look at them all!

Adriana Evans - Mommy Miss Anna & Alex Reynolds

Sister Trouble – with Adriana Evans, Alex Reynolds & Miss Anna (their mom)

Alex and her sister Adriana are non-stop arguing and fighting and mommy has had just about enough of their behavior. Mommy takes each of her naughty daughters over the knee for bare bottom spankings. This elicits real tears from Alex as she apologizes and cries. Adriana continues to sass mom and earns herself another trip over mom’s lap for the hairbrush. Alex makes snarky remarks from the corner and also earns the hairbrush on her already sore spanked bottom. These are two very sorry sisters.

told off and scolded by mommy momma-213-010 momma-213-012 spankings momma-214-049 Adriana spanked by mommy momma-214-032 momma-214-090 momma-214-102 04sisters hard spanking action momma-213-040 momma-213-042 Alex is spanked and given the hairbrush on her bare bottom momma-214-172 very sorry sisters



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lone star spanking partyI love drama in the films but NOT at meetings or public gatherings – which is why, for a large national spanking party, you will get to enjoy meeting other like minded spankos on your level… this is at the LONE STAR SPANKING PARTY – There’s absolutely no pressure to join in any organized stuff but it helps for some of you who might be alone to break the ice (such as newbie orientation, the Spankee Hawkins events and so on…) but there are some great classes (such as Amelia Jane Rutherford’s and a special presentation from Michael Masterson too!). Then, of course, there are all the suite parties where lots of the nocturnal shenanigans happen. If the doors are open you’re welcome to go take a looksee and maybe join in too! The main suite will be open so anyone is welcome there and people often take off to various rooms for smaller parties within a party.

Last year’s party was a big hit with the relaxed atmosphere that people appreciated and this year will be even better – a new, better, very kink friendly hotel that can’t wait to welcome us all… I know Sarah, Tubaman & I are excited about it this year. So if you are in the Houston (Texas) area on May 19-23 then come book a room at the hotel for a discounted group price, pay your registration and enjoy all the fun.
It’s even cheaper this year if you don’t want to partake in the Evening Ball/Dining on Friday and Saturday (as that costs more) so there are options for everyone’s tastes/time and wallet. There is also the Dark Party (which got quite raunchy where there was a little more BDSM play involved). Oh my… there is so much to do including an excursion to the coast and the bus we have hired will have tinyed windows and a driver that will expect LOTS of spanking noises going on behind him! LOL – just go take a looksee at the website and check out the full schedule!


Welcome to Houston! 🙂