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Old Fashioned Historic Spanking

This is the title of the latest film released at AAA Spanking this week with Ava Nicole and Miss Bernadette. We filmed this in Toronto in the fall of last year. It was my first visit to Ontario and I loved it. Canada is definitely a country I intend to visit again. Anyway, we had this awesome apartment that we rented in downtown Toronto and space and lighting were amazing, this is one of the films we made when Ava came to film with us that day.

Triple A Spanking

I’m so glad that this film has received great feedback already, especially about our 2 ladies, Ava Nicole & Miss Bernadette … they are among our favorite people to work with and it is Miss B’s home city, so we got to spend time with her later as well! Anyway, I digress… filming people we get along with is part of this job. Today’s blog post is dedicated to this update and I have included some animated GIFs as well as an extensive collection of amazing vid grabs from that scene as well as a playable clip… of course, there are two options to see this full-length version of the film… via the membership site at AAA Spanking or via the Clips Store – I will show you how to access both options below.

Old Fashioned Historic Spanking
Starring: Miss Bernadette & Ava Nicole

Old Fashioned Historic Spanking - download at the AAA Clip Store
View this film – in full – at the Clip Store HERE

Ava has been sent to a private tutor, after school, by her parents in a bid to improve her grades in History. She hates reading about the past, finds it boring, and doesn’t relate to it. That sort of attitude won’t go far with her new tutor, Miss Bernadette, who has a reputation for strict discipline. Ava soon learns what this means when she hands over her most recent assignment on a famous historical figure. Her efforts cover barely a paragraph and it is a pitiful, half-hearted attempt. Miss Bernadette is appalled, this was a heroine who wrote a journal in fear for her life, recording events in a dark time of 20th-century wartime history.

spanking by mom

Ava’s lack of respect and unwillingness to understand means she now faces a long and painful punishment at the hands of Miss Bernadette. She is spanked over her revealing, shorts which offer little resistance to the hard hand of her tutor, and she faces the embarrassment of having to pull them down. Ava wriggles and squirms as her bottom quickly reddens until her cheeks are given a thorough hand spanking on the bare.

impact spanking shots otk spanking hairbrush spanking

It isn’t over at all, Ava must fetch the Mason & Pearson hairbrush from the shelf and is leg-locked in a hard-hitting spanking with this stinging implement that has her yelping and promising to do better! There are some fantastic angles captured with impact shots of both the hand and hairbrush on Ava’s magnificent bottom. The leg locking scene is something special to watch too, this is an amazing F/F punishment film.

spanked otk with a hairbrush leg lock spanking

View the free spanking preview clip (below)

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aaa spanking

Bratty Stepdaughter gets a Spanking

I thought this latest update from AAA Spanking deserved its own post here, since it an awesome movie. It stars Lily Swan and Miss Bernadette. I think Lily goes by the name Swan with Sass on Fetlife (I don’t spend much time on there lately), and is a good friend of Sarah and I. Every film I’ve made with her has been outstanding, no matter what site we filmed for… she has also helped us make 2 amazing custom films, again on the harder side as she can take a fair bit of pain. This film we made with Bernadette upped the levels on taking pain again, this time a back of the thighs sustained leather paddling. I must point out that the paddle is stiff, thick… and really stings rather than thud. Like a nasty hairbrush, in fact. So the scenes of Lily taking her paddling are quite amazing to watch… I loved the red marks starting to almost appear immediately… since that area of her anatomy is rarely spanked, slapped or beaten! The other thing worth noting is just how sassy she was, what a brat! For Miss Bernadette to appear calm and in control despite all this happening, then to give her that amazing OTK spanking and paddling… well, it’s what really makes this film stand out for me! Go check out the screen grabs below, some special GIFs that I made and there’s a provided link to the home page for a free shortened preview trailer at the end as well.

Bratty stepdaughter Punished

Starring Lily Swan & Miss BernadetteAAAspanking.com

Welcome to another in the “Stepmother knows best” series with an awesome pairing of super bratty Lily Swan giving as good as she gets from her step mom, played by Miss Bernadette. We love this type of dynamic: A new stepmother exporing her relationship with a hostile daughter, the mixed and confusing emotions, the confrontation, negotiation and in many cases the punishments that ensue. So it is with Lily, who resents her new step mom, making it difficult for them to be under the same roof together. Bernadette has tried to be nice but it is seen as a sign of weakness by Lily. She had suspected that Lily was behaving like a slut, much to her father’s distress… and confirms this when she discovers Lily is about to go out not wearing any panties underneath her short skirt. Shey is, feisty, obnoxious and rude when confronted. This step daughter fights all the way as her new mother finally gains the upper hand – using that hard hand! However, Lily isn’t just getting a hand spanking across her bare bottom, which is now looking red and quite sore, oh no… this brat is about to discover one of her step mother’s family heirlooms – The Family Paddle! It is a hard, thick leather paddle, passed down from generation to generation in Bernadette’s family. Now Lily is about to discover just how effective this implement is. Lily’s thighs and bare bottom are whacked hard and without mercy and the red bruising easily shows up on her legs. Thus endeth the lesson for Lily: Do not to wear such provocative clothing, be better behaved, and definitely go find some panties!

  brat spanking    spanking and paddling thigh spanking hard hand spanking fitness girl spanking bare bottom spanking aftermath


This latest film is also available to download in full HD at the AAA Clip Store
Click the image below to access the MP4 HD1080 version

Full AAA Store clips archive HERE

Latest Spanking Updates from the SG Network

Some fantastic videos are now showing across the SG Network and you will not be disappointed… check out the latest videos which are showing, a very varied collection of films.

If you love mommy daughter spanking films then you will love this latest offering from Sarah Gregory as only she knows how!

Disrespectful Daughter Disciplined

Sarah is being SUCH a disrespectful brat to Mommy! It is late in the morning and she should first of all be up and dressed, and second of all be downstairs socializing with the family. When Mommy comes into Sarah’s room to ask her to get dressed and come and spend some time with the family, Sarah is rude, defiant, and tells her no. She tells Mom, “You can’t make me!” and, of course, Mommy CAN make her naughty daughter listen and be a good girl by taking her over her lap for some good old-fashioned discipline. Sarah is spanked over her PJs, panties and then on the bare bottom with Mom’s hand before she is made to ask for the hairbrush. Asking for it is very embarrassing and Mother knows that. Sarah needs to learn some humility as well. Sarah is spanked hard with Mommy’s hairbrush until she is one sorry and contrite little girl.



If you like tears then you are in for a treat with this domestic discipline film with real crybaby, Elle Bea, spanked and strapped with daddy’s belt…


Elle knows she is in trouble and waits in her room for daddy. He comes in and there is not much talk before her spanking begins. Daddy spanks her relentlessly over her pajamas, panties, and then on the bare bottom. Her spanking ends with his thick belt to really teach his naughty daughter a lesson. It isn’t until she is crying real tears that he knows she has learned her lesson.

otk spanking


Get access to both sites for less than the combined cost of them with the Sarah Gregory Pass – giving you a chance to view all the films from the Strictmoor series and 100’s of exclusive movies.

At AAA Spanking here is something a little special, featuring famous porn starlets Jill Kassidy & Britney Light – this couple are hot as hell… check out the images below. This movie was with thanks to Worst Behavior Productions and this film is totally exclusive to Triple A!

Punished for Improper Play

This is a very special debut film made for Triple A in collaboration with Worst Behavior Productions starring two of the hottest girls in the adult industry right now, Jill Kassidy & newcomer, Britney Light. A special mention should also go out to ATP Dave for being the “Daddy” in this hot spanking video. Jill invites Britney over to her place and this video starts straight in with the girls fondling, groping and caressing each others naked bodies as they take turns to spank each other on the sofa. There’s lots of hot sexy impact play to watch before they are caught by Jill’s daddy. If they enjoy improper play like this then he will teach them both a lesson and takes each girl over his lap giving them a sensual spanking with a firm hand. Both girls are already so turned on that they can’t help but get off to this spanking as his hands soothe and sting their bare, exposed bottoms whilst gently scolding them both. Poor Daddy!

britney light spanking sensual spanking spanking jill kassidy


If you want to view this amazing video as a one time download you can do this HERE

Seeing Madame Samantha B and Violet October together – I know that you will love this extra special Vegas pairing!

Dispensing a Spanking

Violet discovers that breaking rules and missing practice during an important build up to the Cheerleading Championship has dire consequences. Her mother’s friend, Samantha, had agreed to be guardian for her on this long trip away and is really upset when she discovers that Violet has been vaping. In Nevada it is legal to smoke marijuana and Violet had been to a Dispensary. Back East this is not allowed and Samantha has strict views on this sort of behavior. Violet’s excuse is that was stressed from the upcoming championships and that is why she snuck off and got high! If she was back home, her mother would have spanked Violet hard, but in her absence, Samantha has that duty. She wastes no time reminding Violet what will happen as she “dispenses” something extra special for her – a spanking! Violet is spanked over her guardian’s lap, first on the panties then on her bare quivering bottom when her high behavior becomes really annoying. Spanking some sense into Violet at last takes place with a hairbrush that kills the buzz of Violet’s high as the painful swats grab her attention.This is a painful lesson which the other girls will see as she is sent back to practice with a sore red, throbbing bottom which can be seen underneath her tight panties and short skirt! Now that is dispensing justice!

cheerleder spanking violet october spanking


If you want to view this amazing video as a one time download you can do this HERE


Adriana Week at MommaSpankings.com

As you probably know, it is “Adriana Evans Week” across the entire SG Network (incl. AAA, of course). So here is the first of those updates as promised, courtesy of Momma Spankings. This is not the first mother/daughter role that Adriana will be in this week either (!!!) – seems she does play a naughty daughter rather too well, right?

Adriana Evans week

All the images you see above are from all 4 featured films, so I’ll let you guess what the others are before they are released! You’ll find (below) some stills and screen grabs, including a few animated GIFs which showcase this film. I have also provided you with a link to the free preview clip at the end. Please be aware that Momma Spankings (massive in its own right) is part of the SG Pass network giving you more content for less than the combined cost of joining up to Sarah’s 2 main sites… the pass also gives you access to the entire Strictmoor Academy series.

Momma Spankings Sarah Gregory Pass

We have also been asked whether the SG Pass might someday include our other current sites… I can tell you that this won’t happen via CCBill or any other billing agent, but we are also working on other site projects which might be included at a later date. In any case, you would be the first to know HERE or via our various Twitter accounts if something was to change or be added at a future date!

So to Adriana Evans and a special debut appearance from Miss Bernadette (who hails from Canada) and plays a rather stern maternal figure all too well (yikes!)

Missed Curfew, Real Tears!

Real Tears Punishment of Adriana Evans

It is 11:30am and curfew for Adriana was at 11:30pm. Mom has sat up all night worrying and is very angry. As long as Adriana is living under her roof, she will follow the rules set by mom. After a scolding, Adriana knows how they handle things and she is very sorry even before going over mommy’s knee. Mom spanks her hard over her dress, panties, and then quickly gets to the bare bottom. After her bottom is sufficiently hand spanked, it is time for the hairbrush. Adriana is made to ask for the hairbrush from mom, which she hates doing. This is to further add to the punishment. When mom starts with the hairbrush, real tears flow as Adriana kicks and sobs. She has learned a very hard lesson.

Adriana Evans and Miss Bernadette spankings mommy spanks on the bare bottom bare bottom OTK spanking Adriana Evans spanked by mom Adriana gets a hairbrush on her bare bottom hairbrush spanking OTK spanking Adriana cries during her spanking tears and spanking real tears spankings spanked by mommy


Momma Spankings SG Pass

The next “Adriana” update and preview here will be from AAA Spanking (watch out for this one, it’s a very hard hand spanking!!!) COMING VERY SOON

Introducing More Spanking Tops

Getting new talent, usually new spankees, is always exciting, but I know that one must get in awesome new “Tops” from time to time as well… and this is often more difficult but equally very rewarding when we find the right people! This is precisely what Sarah has been doing recently for her Momma  Spankings website as there are always new maternal figures out there waiting to be discovered. Here is another new lady, Miss Bernadette, who we know within the scene and have met several times at parties (in this case, most recently at the Lone Star Spanking Party – so Sarah managed to get her to make a film and – as you’ll see, I think we have another winner! The title of the film and some screen images from it are available (below):

Irresponsible Steviestarring Stevie Rose & Miss Bernadette

Stevie promised mom that she would help with the cleaning and decorating for the party, but she forgets and decides to go shopping instead. Mom doesn’t ask much from her daughter and is very upset that Stevie can’t even bother to remember to do what little she is asked to do. When Stevie wanders in 10 minutes before the company is due to arrive mother knows the discipline has to be short and sharp to get the message through to her irresponsible daughter.

Stevie is taken over mom’s knee for a spanking over her tight shorts, sheer panties, and then on the bare bottom. She is then made to ask for the wooden hairbrush, how embarrassing! After a very hard hairbrush spanking, mom sends Stevie to put something less slutty on and get ready for the party.


Momma Spankings is part of the Sarah Gregory Pass – giving you much more for less costs than the combined site memberships and access to the sites is with one set of codes. Check it out HERE – this also gives you full access to the ongoing “Strictmoor Academy series which is spread out between the sites!

Also NEW at AAA Spanking is the introduction of Samantha Baker who recently filmed with us on the latest “Strictmoor” series (which we filmed only a few weeks ago). We’ve both known Sam for a while and both sarah & I had been bugging Samantha to make an appearance online so she eventually caved in and this is the result… I now jokingly call her Sarah’s “Vegas Mommy” though this scene is really an Aunt/Niece film, it has all the maternal hallmarks that sarah approves of (she should know, as she is playing the niece!). Check out Sam’s first appearance at AAA Spanking (below) in an excellent OTK hand and paddle punishment! Also check out the stunning Vegas strip backdrop… filmed from  one of our favorite hotels! 🙂

Spanked by Sarah’s Vegas Momstarring Sarah Gregory & Samantha Baker

Sarah was on vacation with her favorite Aunt (introducing Samantha Baker) who was like a good loving mother to her when she travelled to see her in Las Vegas! As we all know, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” as the saying goes, so when Sarah took advantage of her Aunt Samantha’s generosity and lack of a curfew she had no idea what sort of price she would pay for breaking that trust! Samantha had been up all night sick with worry, her niece hadn’t answered any of her texts and she gets home at 6am! The sun is already up and so is her Aunt… waiting, and angry! Sarah had no decent explanation, it was obvious she had been out partying and drinking and accepting gifts from strangers!

Aunt Samantha shows Sarah, first hand, exactly what used to happen to her cousins when they misbehaved (she thought these stories of spankings were just rumors!) – Sarah has a choice, she takes a punishment as her Aunt sees fit or her folks back home find out! Sarah takes the “What happens in Vegas” option and she is told to go over Aunty’s lap and she is hand spanked over her tight leggings, but of course, along with the scolding this isn’t going to teach Sarah much! So she is spanked over her crimson panties and soon her bottom is reddening in unison. Aunty has the final word on the matter and pulls down an embarassed Sarah’s panties, which was humiliating enough with the continued hard, relentless hand spankings. Aunty also had a leather paddle which she used on her niece’s sore bottom which really got the lesson home to behave more responsibibly in future!

otk spanking and paddling  


AAA Spanking now has over 360 full HD films to download as well as all recent films from the past few years having HD1080 MP4 files, clips in both wmv and mp4 (for slower connections) as well as in browser playable files to stream on screen.

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