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Big Beautiful Bouncing Buttocks!

Bugger! I was going to post about 3 update items which I see are exactly identical to some other notable bloggers so rather than probably dish out the same stuff today, I had a re think and then a dramatic U-Turn when I saw this new update appear thanks to the poster that came into my mail box earlier. Then of course I managed to get hold of some movie images and I have also got you guys an additional OTK spanking scene courtesy of StrictSpanking which is unique to this blog so this post might be short n’ sweet today but it describes something I was shocked at, then starangely fascinated by… and then found the whole thing compelling and addictive viewing as I found myself really turned on seeing a big fleshy wobblesome bottom getting a proper spanking and caning. What’s more, the delightful girl kay (owner of said magnificent bottom) was punished in an audition type scenario by the infamous Miss Valkerie… didn’t someone WARN her? Click image below and it takes you to the Home Page where there is a decent Free Caning preview!

Yikes! Wait ’til you see the OTK scene at the bottom, imagine having all that flesh to choose from… mm mmm! Please check out some movie images below taken from this latest remastered classic which I hope you all find interesting (I am the master of understatement!)



Check the exclusive spanking clip below, taken from when Kay wants to learn how to appreciate being a better Domme by understanding what it is like to be a sub… this was a genuine first time for Kay over anyone’s knee and of all the people… it’s Miss Valkerie!!! (shocked open mouth smiley thing!)


Valkerie Spanking & Caning Previews

Not that this spanking blog condones the use of SEVERE Spanking and caning Discipline (cough cough!), if only the poor girls shivering with fear, bottoms bared here today were Icelandic blonde bimbos, but alas, they are not…
So, as our great country is brought to a stop by a hovering volcanic cloud ready to cause havoc to us Brits….here’s the very latest update coming out at CanedSchoolgirls and it’s a joy to announce the sadistic Miss Valkerie has been lovingly remastered with tons of new video images and HQ pics as well as the actual movie, this is the best film by far I have watched for cruelty and the severity of the cane inflicted on poor Sarah’s buttocks below!

First, enjoy the amazing HQ images I’ve hosted in a new gallery…

I’ve watched the whole remastered movie and it’s a Back to SEVERE Basics in this marvellous film! Sarah is a unique girl that can take a hell of a punishment and not many girls could take this sort of caning without breaking down in tears, check these exclusive first show images from the movie:

Just check out the concentration and pure joy that Miss Valkerie relishes when wielding the cane, she is surely one of the most fearsome and most beautiful Dommes ever to have been filmed giving such severe punishments? I had often fantasized about seeing her stripped and gagged then humiliated with a bare bottom caning, but als, she is no switch or sub so this would never happen…but it doesn’t stop me from thinking about it 😉

Below you will see part of the ferocious caning, this scene is milder than many in the film, I think members of CanedSchoolgirls deserve to see it in full for themselves!


As it is Valkerie Appreciation Day, in case you haven’t seen this Free Gallery (another set of beautiful images) I had this made earlier, not knowing that the above update was coming out…SpankingOnline has a load of her movies in their archives, so if you were thinking of checking out this site, there’s another incentive and also, there’s a great deal advertised on the HOME PAGE HERE

This poor girl suffered with the strap by Miss Valkerie
(she didn’t do mild or patty cake spankings!)

This is Chief, hunkering down under the blanket of volcanic ash 😀