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Spanking Crystal Clark’s Buns

Hello everyone… here is a quick spanking image update to brighten up your holiday Sunday featuring a new girl by the name of Crystal Clark coming out any day now from those no nonsense bimbo spankers extraordinaire at Bunbeatingfun.com – I was given a quick sneak preview of this butt jiggling spanking and this tearful girl gets what’s coming to her in their finest tradition of hard no nonsense OTK hand spankings mixed in with some added humiliation, snivelling and timely ass grabbing… Crystal was made for this part… and this perky girl with a very spankable butt is very addictive and must see viewing!

Crystal Clark – the new model spanked at Bunbeatingfun.com

Crystal Clark is a very rude girl

This is what the good folk at Bunbeatingfun had to say about their latest model: She calls herself Sexy Crystal Clark and sexy she most assuredly is. But naughty too she was, as in very, very naughty. She was late, she spoke ill of our facilities and she even insulted the photographer’s dog! But that’s okay… problems are opportunities. And this was one opportunity that was far, far too sweet up pass up!

c01 c02 c03 tight bubble butt naughty girl ear pulled c06 c07 hard hand spanking c09 c10 bare bottom spanking c12 OTK spanking c14 c15 c16 c17 tearful spankings c19 spanking painful spanking wooden paddle spanking c23 c24 c25 c26 c27


sore bare butt

These are the girls that your mommy warned you about. Wicked, wicked temptresses each and every one and not a one here who has saved herself for the marriage bed (her own that is). These are bad, bad girls, the sort who are not only quick to say the “F” word, but do it!  You may rest assured, ladies and gentlemen, that tardy though these spankings may have been in coming, each was administered with the pitiless ferocity appropriate for truly shameless miscreants such as these.

You are invited to peruse these samples of their work HERE knowing that you will appreciate the passion with which it was executed.

Bun Beating Fun

Would you Spank these Models?

One spanking site I know just LOVES to spank those naughty bimbos, brats and just plain stuck up greedy models you just love to hate… that’s right, I’m showing you a special preview from the archives of BunBeatingFun.com and I checked that I haven’t shown these ladies before. So settle down and see what happens when a girl complains about the shoot location, or tries to hold the producers to ransom demanding more money and so on (with the hilarious and predictable results of very sore red bottoms from their often hard OTK spanking sessions!) – Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Taylor Knight


This is what Red Hot Video had to say about Taylor Knight:
Without a doubt this sultry southern belle was very easy on the eyes.  The lady chose not to treat our ears as kindly however. Indeed, upon arriving at the Red Hot Video studio – such as it was – Miss Knight’s verbalizations could best be described as having a distinctly tart edge.  A sweet Georgia peach she was not. Luckily for our company, we’ve had no small amount of experience in dealing with tart tongued tarts and best of all… her bottom proved every bit as sweet as her tongue was not!

taylorknight003 taylorknight005 taylorknight006 spanking taylorknight008 taylorknight009 taylorknight010 taylorknight011 taylorknight012 taylorknight013 taylorknight014 taylorknight015

[jwplayer mediaid=”44905″]



Jill Cannon


This is Red Hot Video’s account of their time with Jill:
The first thing we noticed when this stunning fox arrived was that she looked every bit as good as her publicity photos led us to expect. Then, when she spoke it only got better.  Her voice, soft and sweet like a robin’s song.  It was only after we took note of the actual words lilting off her tongue, that our expectations sank… like a lead weight.
“It’s hot”… “This place is a dump”… “I want more money”… and so on.
To her credit, it should be noted that Jill did show up on time and – best of all – clearly displayed under her tight dress was irrefutable evidence of why the young lady had just recently won the “Best Ass in Texas” contest. Who wouldn’t want to spank dat ass?

jillcannon002 jillcannon003 jillcannon004 jillcannon005 spank jillcannon007 jillcannon008 jillcannon009 jillcannon010 jillcannon011 jillcannon012 jillcannon013

[jwplayer mediaid=”44919″]



Natalia Ashe


Red Hot Video described their double encounter with first Natlia… then her so called friend, Azura!
We could smell the whiskey the moment the door opened for Miss Ashe was quite tipsy indeed and… it wasn’t even night time yet! Clearly this liquored up miss was in need of a good licking. Natalia may be as loose as a goose but, not so her bottom.  Her tightly molded butt cheeks are the sort that require a hard swung palm spank to get a proper response.  Indeed the harder our boy slapped her bottom the better it felt – to him. Having found his rhythm, he then gleefully whaled away for the next ten minutes, no doubt the longest ten minutes in this slut’s life.

nataliaashe002 nataliaashe003 nataliaashe004 nataliaashe005 nataliaashe006 nataliaashe007 nataliaashe008 nataliaashe009 nataliaashe010 nataliaashe011 nataliaashe012 nataliaashe013

[jwplayer mediaid=”44933″]





In the long session, this is an account of what happened to Azuray:
Here we have a blue eyed blonde beauty with pearly white skin and a mouth watering pair of natural jugs. Though fit and trim, her body is of the softer type, as evidenced by how her tasty rump jiggles in a most provocative manner when the first loud spank slap lands. Clearly captivated by this spectacle, our man ignores Azuray’s outraged screams and paces his stinging blows so as to ensure that her bouncing buns are not afforded any opportunity to stop jiggling throughout the festivities.

azura002 azura004 azura005 azura006 azura007 azura008 azura009 azura010 azura011 azura012 azura013 azura014

[jwplayer mediaid=”44947″]


If you like to spank girls or see them spanked, check out how these are disciplined!

Bun Beating Fun


Bun Beating Janelle

bunbeatingfunI love these guys! many people don’t get their films, they are a great distraction, poking fun at themselves and at the sort of “Bimbo” models and airheads we hear about in the biz… it would seem they have a never ending supply of girls to fill this slot. What’s more, at Bunbeatingfun.com many of these girls are first and last time spankees which makes seeing their often hard and unrelenting hand spankings all the more interesting! Their reactions are that much more pronounced, their shock at a spanking, at being treated like naughty divas getting their comeuppance, I can appreciate that… and so would it seem, do their fans as they have been around for eons!

So, let’s check out the latest uppity model to cross Rick & Greg’s paths this week… a fiery number called Ganelle Angel (classy name!) She is everything you’d expect from the moment she introduces herself, with that big fake blonde wig (well, maybe it isn’t… oops) and her equally oversized fake titties, you *know* she is going to be trouble and Rick overhears her muttering about how shitty the place they’ve hired looks and how unprofessional they appear – uh oh… let the lesson to be learnt begin in earnest!

Meet Ganelle Angel – she is in for a shock at “Red Hot Video”


Another girl with few manners remaining that her mommy and daddy may once have taught her were nowhere in evidence when she made Red Hot Video’s acquaintance. It wasn’t long before she was complaining about teh shoot, the location, had called her agent and requested MORE money to complete the assignment! As you may know, this is a like a red flag to a bull for Rick who had showed remarkable restraint – until now!

ganelle002 ganelle003 ganelle004 ganelle005

You know what is going to happen and it isn’t going to end well for Ganelle… but it does for us who are viewing this wonderful spectacle. She has the most remarkable jiggling bottom that invites Rick’s hands onto her bouncing derriere… it is quite the sight! Her loud protestations are too late as far as he is concerned, this brat needs to learn her lesson and this is the only way he knows how… and it ALWAYS works in the end. She is stripped of what remaining lingerie she was wearing and spanked OTK in the nude over his lap kicking screaming and yelling as his hand blistered her delicious bared behind! Check out the results of yet another remarkable spanking (below)

about to be spanked bye bye lingerie protection hand spanked shocked from her spanking restrained and spanked OTK Ganelle OTK spanking bare bum spanking spanking beautiful red ass ganelle015 ganelle016 ass grabbing spanked again pawed groped and spanked hand spanking ass after her spanking shamed and contrite Ganelle leaves with her ass on fire

Download this new film HERE

Bun Beating Fun - spanking site

Vote for Spankings

Well, over $2Bn later or whatever the news sources say this presidential campaign has cost, it comes down to who is left in America to vote and a very fine line in some states as to whether Obama gets his 2nd term in office or the prospect of Romney achieving his goal. I think you all know how I feel and I would be upset if Obama didn’t get a 2nd term, but it’s just my opinion. I could be wrong, maybe he’s a stand up guy in real life but from what I’ve seen and read, I don’t like Romney, never have… I don’t think he really knows what “ordinary” people are suffering through these last 4-5 years. Like the ignorant bankers who continue to stick their fingers up at us mere mortals struggling to keep a roof over our heads… Perhaps these guys just want to get it over so they can get back to reading some of their favourite spanking blogs? Sorry Mitt and the great (Republican) state of Texas that I seem to have pissed off right now… I can take it on the chin, I guess! Who really cares? All I know is do I care enough? Probably not, it’s not my country, but I did take offence to Romney’s ignorant accusations about the British ability to organise The Olympics before the games started this summer and in fact we pulled it off with style and in these hard pressed economic times, that’s saying something! So swivel on that one, Romney! & of course… if Mitt does happen to win, I’d be happy to be proved wrong and that he’s not such a bad guy after all… but let’s get on with the spanking updates, shall we?

Let’s start with a cracking film COMING SOON to BunBeatingFun that stars a Penthouse Model from the September 2012 issue

Please welcome Miss Sara Liz – another uppity model that is going to get what’s coming to her!

The above image and the homage below is courtesy of Penthouse Online magazine

Sara seems my sort of gal! If you want to see her in this gentlemen’s magazine, I understand… however, if you want her to be spanked like the brat she showed she was, playing up at the film shoot, complaining and bitching before she got the ear pulling over the mystery spanker’s lap (it’s Greg’s other helping hand… who spanks just as hard!) then please do read on in this exclusive 1st show preview anywhere on the internet!

The below images are the 1st anywhere seen online and this film will become available for members any day now.






Yup, Sara Liz even got the paddle and in a particularly humiliating scene she was told to go fetch it, strip off and asked to be spanked with it! Now that’s teaching some manners in a young good looking lady… and I’d also like to say she was one of the jiggliest girls in a quite a while… Greg, the site owner, has a knack of finding these girls with soft bouncy butts and breasts that wobble in all the right places! Bravo! Here is the official blurb on what they say about the very alluring Sara Liz!

From the pages of Playboy and Penthouse magazines this mouth a watering sex kitten did cometh… and with her she did bringeth her high ‘falutin at-titty-tude and her uppity mannerisms. And when finally she did depart, it was with tear moistened cheeks in front and mottled and crimson cheeks behind. ‘Twas a fine, fine day indeed!



…the end of the film has some intimate moments as a rather relieved Sara has her bottom smothered in soothing gel!

Check out a short humiliating and typical scene of  Sara yelping her way through this long relentless punishment

Click here to view the complete movie

Getting it good!

I haven’t much time, as I want to watch the football and have several cold beers waiting for me. However, after yesterday’s post, I sure wish Madame Presidente Kirchner had wrongfully paid a visit to the mystery spanker instead of adressing a bunch of fawning delegates at the U.N. as I know damn well he wouldn’t put up with her attitude and give her a damned good hiding (I’d seriously LOVE to cane and birch her too, is that wrong? I’m a little worried about my feelings on this matter, lol!) So not settling for the Argentine president, we have the very latest bratty model to come into the clutches of Red Hot Video productions… aka Bun Beating Fun and this aptly named cute bundle of bosomly joy, called, wait for it… Jacky Joy!

Jacky Joy (I love this name) is primarily a very naughty girl – if you Google her name you’ll soon see 🙂

Yup! This is Jacky Joy and she is the next victim girl to turn up knocking on the seedy motel room door for her next assignment… only it of course ends up with her getting far more than she bargained for, as these brats always do… and she is soon left with a very sore red bottom, snivelling and wishing she had never made the short journey to New Jersey for some perceived easy ca$h! Aah, they never learn, do they?

Get to see some early exclusive free preview shots here on this blog of Jacky’s raucous OTK encounter which starts off with her acting the diva, getting the dreaded ear pull treatment which meant only one thing… this bad girl would indeed be going over his knee for an intense corrective brat therapy session! bring … it… on!





Jacky’s bum has a fantastic jiggle & this buxom porn actress is brought close to tears as she can’t take anymore!






I will be back with more updates tomorrow morning! Have a good evening, folks!
Preparing new for tonight’s game… so I have just one thing to say



Spanking Misty Morocco

Can I let you into a little secret? I have recently been admiring some cougar action, both in the vanilla sense… and in my spanking movies I have been watching! I am talking about real beautiful women, in their thirties or forties who are still drop dead gorgeous… but with that beauty always comes the arrogance of years of thinking they are better than others (Naomi Campbell springs to mind and that is one brat I’d love seen thrashed to real tears!). Maybe it’s just me and my old age… but I enjoy seeing a woman of a certain maturity getting what she so richly deserves – I just find that scenario so hot! Each to their own, I guess, so if this isn’t your thing, I understand: So I only have one post from one site today and that is of a real model brat I don’t think has ever been fully featured outside of the member area before until now, and that’s a crying shame, as this magazine and glamour model gets a damned good spanking… at the hands of Greg, the infamous Mystery Spanker.

& like a fly to the spider she came… heh heh! Say hello to Misty Morroco

Misty makes a very nice living modeling for car magazines and serving as eye candy at auto shows. The good people of Bun Beating Fun decided to contact Miss Morocco and suggest that she broaden her horizons, as it were, by starring in one of their movies.


“What are your movies about, and how much do I get paid?” the lady asked, cutting straight to the chase, whereupon they cheerfully provided sufficently vague answers to both her questions. She showed up right on time too. Problem was, the egoistical wench was more keen on bragging about her recently acquired lifestyle than in doing the job for which she was hired.


Clearly there were some major delusions of grandeur going on here and for her own good, if for no other reason, this lady needed to be brought back down to reality in a big way. Of course, nothing works quite so quickly as a good old fashioned ass spanking for accomplishing as much.  And… this particular ass was a most interesting specimen indeed.



Though unquestionably trim and exquisitely sculpted, Miss Morocco’s bottom showed itself to be surprisingly soft and malleable when properly addressed. And addressed it was! For nearly twenty minutes The Mystery Spanker’s hand would rise and fall with crisp report causing Misty’s sweet mounds of hot rubbery butt flesh to shake, wobble and jiggle like traumatized Jell-O.

No doubt this empty headed space cadet’s trip back to planet Earth would not be an easy one. Her pilot, as it were, seemed sure handed enough though. Indeed it was without pause or respite that he continued to put his hands to good use with truly dramatic effect. Misty’s frenzied cries echoed off the walls with startling urgency but we remained focused all but exclusively on those steaming hot butt cheeks dancing and juddering ever more obscenely under the man’s hard swung hand.


Of course Misty’s entertaining facial contortions as well as the sight of her bared breasts flapping in the breeze provided the crew with some amusing diversion from time to time. Not so the main man, though… He, it bears noting, remained exclusively, one might even suggest obsessively, focused on the young woman’s bouncing red glutes throughout!



 You have to respect that sort of single minded concentration….

& you can see MORE of this butt blistering extravaganza, fully remastered HERE

Rebecca – movie review

There is a brand new way to view this long play spanking movie, either as a one off unique download in the best format available from NaughtyBottom.com with their latest film… or as part of a membership to the site it belongs to, the original and often amusing Bun Beating Fun!

Now for all those that don’t know by now (people, where have you been?) The Mystery Spanker (actually he’s called Greg and doesn’t mind us naming him… just wishes to remain a visual mystery) is none too impressed with this naughty girl as she attempts rather foolishly to steal his hard earned cash whilst on set! The First option I have for you below, and a chance to see a free movie clip preview of Rebecca is via NaughtyBottom HERE – they are currently offering this film at the reasonable price of $6.95 to  download and keep it, it’s in Wmv format, you don’t have to stream it… it’s a download and keep option! Check out the free preview HERE

So basically, this is a gorgeous model who decides to be a bit more greedy and seizes a chance when she spotted the cash lying around and our hero stepped out of the room. Now perhaps the cynical of us might have thought he set her up… for it’s a lot of cash to leave lying about… either way, Rebecca hardly has any time to stuff a wad of 100 Dollar bills down her cleavage when he comes back and it’s not long before he sees the bills poking out from her bra… oops, imagine the shame and embarrassment of Rebecca, and the fury of our man! No further excuse is needed for this thieving wench and she’s given the Bun Beating treatment reserved for the brattiest of brats! Now if any of you have seen these movies before, you’ll know that most of Greg’s models are just that… glamour models, many cry off or genuinely cry during their punishment… but some do it for the kudos of saying they have done a spanking movie… one thing, as all we producers know so well… it’s harder to fake a “severe” spanking than to give one… and Greg doesn’t care, once he’s in the zone, the girls are over his knee and gonna get it good! Images below are taken from Bunbeatingfun.com for illustrative purposes!

The “This should have happened to you a long time ago…” or the “Baaaad girl” are an all too familiar put down as the girls cry, scream, kick out, swear like whores and cuss like nothing heard on earth… but one thing is constant… their asses are his for the next half an hour and he demonstrates this with his selective pawing of their hot tender cheeks, and general triumphant crowing as they invariably snivel and sob that they’ll be good girls. Rebecca is another in a long line of brats who got was was coming to her, and for that, I thank Greg for another mervellous epic.

Greg and I have decided that for those unsure about trying out all of his membership films, you can try out a taster of one or 2 that catch your eye – NaughtyBottom now have 9 currently and they have been carefully selected by me, I will probably add a few more very soon but you could do no worse than to check out the gorgeous snivelling brat that is Rebecca!

Choose to download her film here – and check out the rest of the one off download films now available HERE

Alternatively, you can see Rebecca and all the uppity models getting the full BunBeatingFun treatment at the dedicated membership site HERE – this of course represents the best value if you’re intent on downloading the entire library of films, but we hope that naughtyBottom will continue to provide a service to those that only want the odd movie downloaded cheaply for far less than a membership and stay tuned for news of yet another producer coming soon that I’m quite excited about adding!!!

Have a great weekend,

Right, I’m off to go watch the European Cup Final this evening (to my American chums, it’s the soccer equivalent of Super Bowl, I guess), more people will be watching this worldwide than the Super Bowl… as English champions Manchester Utd face Spanish champions Barcelona which is being played fortuitously at Wembley, the home of football (soccer). Tickets were a disgraceful £300 per head – that’s about $500+ … and some have gone on the black market for 30 times that value such was the demand! I will be watching it in the pub instead!

As I’m not a fan of either… I do wish that Man Utd do it for England, I’m sure those in Liverpool & Leeds and the blue side of Manchester will not be feeling the same, but it’s sure to be special, these 2 teams are easily the best in Europe and they rightly have earned the chance to play each other in a one off spectacular! For one night only, I’m a Red Devil! 🙂