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Spanking in the Woods

I'd bottom for HillaryHowdy! Another glorious start to the holiday period… it’s Memorial Day Weekend in the USA and another bank holiday washout (probably) in the UK. I can’t believe this little film I am showing you today had been overlooked for release… until now… but first, do you think I should wear this tee shirt to Texas next week (see left), or perhaps leave it at home? Time flies when you are having fun… so I thought I’d better update the blog, and the site – so please do check out a full HD1080 film update which stars Amelia Jane Rutherford & Molly Malone (it’s approx. 12 minutes long and out in full as well as about 100 video images and about 50 Hi Res Stills). This video brings back all sorts of memories for those involved… I think this may have been my first woodland spanking scene I had been involved in (withthe threat of getting discovered by ramblers or prying eyes ever present) … it was rather beautiful and (from memory) was filmed in November 2012 so it was about time this got released.  The spanking noises reverbereated in the woods, I’m sure people not too far away must have known something strabge was going on which was why, as I recall, the scenes got rushed and done in one take at the risk of being discovered at any moment (I do remember the adrenaline rush we got making it!) This got re-edited recently so it is out in HD1080 rather than the older HD720 option as there were a few additional cuts etc that needed to be made to it (due to the rushed nature of it). However, the ladies had fun making this and I would like to thank Dodgy Dave & Zoe Page for helping with this… luckily we were all suitably dressed not to freeze too much – due to it being nearly winter in the UK at that time… and I loved playing a pervy landowner who was socially inept when it came to beautiful tall ladies he just happened to stumble across… no acting was required! LOL!

Molly Malone & Amelia Jane Rutherford at AAAspanking.com

Molly (left) & Amelia filmed and photographed in the woods…

Images (screen and stills are reduced in size from the members area) and the clip are all taken from the video “Secretive Spankers in the Woods”.

secret spankers secretivespankers002 secretivespankers003 secretivespankers004 bare bottom spanking spanking and pulling down panties secretivespankers007 secretivespankers008 spanked Amelia and Molly amelia jane rutherford and molly malone naughty girls get spanked spanking spanking over panties spanked on the bare bottom secretivespankers015 secretivespankers016 Molly and Amelia bare bottoms spanked spanked and then sent away in walk of shame

Molly Malone & Amelia Jane Rutherford were a little lost in the woodland but both girls were feeling naughty and frisky so Molly asked if she could spank Amelia for the sake of it! Out in the open, it felt fun and risky, which appealed to Amelia… so she let her close friend play and spank her including a bare bottom spanking. The giggling and familiar spanking noises attracted local land owner, Mr Osborne, who happened to be wandering through his own woods when he came across this amazing sight! He was barely able to contain his own excitement at such a spectacle and seized an opportunity rarely given to him in life. The poor fellow was socially inept and awkward with females but he did somehow stutter out that as a forfeit for trespassing on his land he would like to finish off their spanking only he wanted to spank both girls as well as doing so with their panties pulled down. A delightful spanky tale of what might happen if you go down to the woods today!

[jwplayer mediaid=”40938″]


AAA Spanking - all the films HERE


In other UPDATE News – I am sure you will LOVE these (Featured in 8 images or less) – starting with Firmhandspanking.com

Not taking home security seriously earns Karen Hughes a sore bottom

karen Hughes at Firm hand whacked over her shorts panties down spanking sitter_j017 sitter_j019 sitter_j021 sitter_j023 red sore bottom spanked hard

Take a round, bouncing bottom and spank it 164 times with a ping pong paddle. Result? Two red cheeks for Karen Hughes and a lesson learned about keeping an owner’s home secure in House-sitter. Enjoy those buns jiggling from a well-deserved spanking!

Click here for the full film series of Karen Hughes


Jasmine is caned HARD by Mr Daniels

1953_013 1953_018 caned on her bare bottom Mr Daniels canes hard schoolgirl canings caning jasmine gets caned severely caned and sore butt

Jasmine is brought in by Coach and lectured about her bad gardening skills. Mr. Daniels bends her over and gives her a dose of three different canes until she is marked up and bruised.

Check out this latest update as part of a 4 site package deal – CLICK HERE


When bad behavior has to be punished – from SpankingSarah.com

Luna at spankingsarah tight girl panties npp7131009 spanked over her panties bad girl spanked strapping scenes leather strap on bare ass leathered at spankingsarah

Luna is supposed to be looking after the house and the children but I find her in the sitting room relaxing and smoking. She knows this is strictly forbidden. When I question her she starts to tell lies, I will not tolerate liars. I decide that she must be punished and I keep a rather nasty leather paddle handy for just such occasions. After a few strokes over her panties I get her  to lower these and the rest of the punishment is delivered on her bare bottom.

See Luna getting her severe strapping punishment HERE


Finally… from NorthernSpanking.com comes the 3rd spanking installment of the Borstal series starring Amber West & Miss Jessica Wood!

pulling down a schoolgirl's panties strapped and shamed Amber West is punished leather strapping exposed ass spanking humiliation and spankings ass grabbing

The third in the short series of films imagining the kind of young offenders institutions that did once exist in the UK, with horribly wicked staff taking any and every opportunity to inflict corporal punishment on the unfortunate but equally wicked female inmates. This one sees the induction of a terrified Amber West, promptly introduced to Miss Wood’s temper and her strap. The results of her strapping are something of a surprise however.

Amber West at Northern Spanking

What the deuce… is Amber getting off after her punishment? Find out more HERE


Not long now…

Lone Star Spanking party

St George’s Day Spankings – Part 2

slay the dragon

In Ye Olden Days, St George (real name not known since he was a Johnny Foreigner… and according to UKIP, a bloody scrounging immigrant) – oh, the Olden Days would be that “real history”- not the 450 year old junior stuff (bless) on the other side of the Atlantic. Now, where was I? Oh yes, George did slay a terrible beasty, a Dragon… (I do believe these became extinct around the time of the Dodo – snigger). Okay, so I am writing more gibberish than normal, forgive me, I’ve had a trying day!!!


aaaaaand… at the risk of losing the remaining Scottish readership – I was joking about your precious (or is that dangerous?) Nicola Sturgeon! I know you lot can take a joke. You deep fry Mars Bars in batter and wonder why your obesity rates are the highest in Europe? Don’t get me started on your football (soccer) teams which are far worse than the (admittedly piss poor) English ones when they play in Europe. To even it up, it’s like barmy UKIP’s leader, Nigel Farage, treated like “Billy No Mates” by the other opposition leaders in the recent debate (see below) – I am just trying to balance it up… unlike the Scottish Rugby team, holding the “Wooden Spoon” – and so on (I’ll stop!)

General Election 2015 campaign - April 16th

There… Scotland. Better? I am sorry Big Dave C and his best mate, “Cleggy” from (Last of the summer wine) couldn’t make it, Mummy wouldn’t let them out to debate in front of the entire country!

WARNING: Ignore the next paragraph & move to SPANKINGS! I’m on a rant! 😉

rant“Enough!” You are saying… especially those to the great continent west of Britain… (you are wondering what the actual F*** I am wittering on about on this great national English Day that most of us can not be bothered to celebrate?) Well, imagine no one caring about July 1st in Canada or July 4th in the USA… unthinkable, right? There are also elections coming up for May 7th when the people of Britain officially vote their country down the toilet with disdain and indifference to our politicians. the elections this time round are mean, nasty, vindictive and intense and everyone knows Britain is up Shit Creek because of this with none of us caring enough to vote one of these wankers in with a clear majority. I despise them all, just below paedos and killers, but just above bankers, traders and smug billionaires with beards. So I am in a great place right now… celebrating my national day ranting here on a blog when I should be getting on with the spankings as promised!

>>> Spankings start here <<<

To make up for my ranting, here are plenty of updates from the fine ENGLISH style websites we all know and love! Starting with English Spankers

Lazy Luna gets a whacking

npp7151008 npp7151013 npp7151016 npp7151019 bare bottom spanking npp7151023 npp7151027 npp7151029 npp7151033 npp7151037

Luna should have been at work instead she is getting ready to see her boyfriend. She has just been spanked in the shower for being late for work and now she is in real trouble. A session with the leather paddle may teach her a lesson, starting over her pyjama bottoms the paddle does its work and makes Luna take note. Then the PJ’s are removed for a good bare bottom leathering. This naughty young lady features in the latest of their Hand Made Films series.



I couldn’t feature an “English Spanking” without Amelia, could I? I know you’ve all seen the Free Sponsored Canings – if you haven’t them… then Pandora’s site HERE is most probably your best bet to find every link – So Amelia (or her alter ego, Ariel) took hers along with so many other brave girls for BACKLASH (please do contribute to them and help them defend the English websites that may be under threat from the barmy ATVOD Quango) … Instead, I thought I would show off this set of images that is just… so… Amelia! taken from Northern Spanking

Come here! – stars Amelia Jane Rutherford

NSI083-MAB060 amelia jane rutherford NSI083-MAB088 NSI083-MAB090 spanking NSI083-MAB107 NSI083-MAB108 strapping NSI083-MAB121 NSI083-MAB125

When he beckons her to come sit by him, the last thing Amelia is expecting is an OTK discussion of her spending habits but that is exactly what she gets! What she also gets is stripped and leathered with his well used and well worn in tawse.


Pandora’s site Dreams of spanking (apparently under threat from ATVOD) is next – so do support her as she has been the most vocal of pornographers standing up for her kink in the UK. I have 2 peeks at her wonderful kink… the 1st is with Molly Malone and Nimue Allen.

The cane in the Cupboard

Dreams-of-Spanking_cane-cupboard005 Dreams-of-Spanking_cane-cupboard044 Dreams-of-Spanking_cane-cupboard011 Dreams-of-Spanking_cane-cupboard022 welted buttocks Dreams-of-Spanking_cane-cupboard038 Dreams-of-Spanking_cane-cupboard045 Dreams-of-Spanking_cane-cupboard053

Probation officer Molly Malone is keen to correct ‘delinquent’ Nimue Allen in this real life f/f caning story. It’s the 1980s, so technically the cane is forbidden, but her unlucky victim doesn’t know that. Molly makes Nimue fetch it from the office cupboard and bend over the sofa for her punishment caning. But as the stripes glow red on Nimue’s bottom, Molly looks like she’s having second thoughts. When Nimue returns, will she seek revenge on her cruel probation officer?

Pandora asks the question: Does my bum look big in this? (heh heh!)

Dreams-of-Spanking_bum003 Dreams-of-Spanking_bum007 Dreams-of-Spanking_bum012 Dreams-of-Spanking_bum019 Pandora Blake's bubble butt Dreams-of-Spanking_bum039

Which of these sexy shorts should Pandora’s wear on her date? The hot yoga pants? Hugging her curves, they’re certainly attention-grabbing. Or perhaps the tight pink legging shorts? They look pretty good as she slides them over her gorgeous bottom. How about tight denim short shorts? Pandora Blake squeezes herself into a selection of sexy shorts, before stripping and kneeling for you on the sofa. Pulling down her knickers, she invites you to take a closer look.

View what’s out at Dreams Of Spanking HERE


Finally, I’m running out of time and it is already the 24th April here now (sigh) I was talking to Sarah (Gregory) earlier tonight and she said she had a nice time chatting at the pool with Leia – sigh… in case you didn’t know, the BBW Party is on for this weekend in Atlantic City, NJ. I should have gone, thinking about it, but I was thinking about the spanking party I am helping to host in Houston, TX at the end of next month and can’t stay away so long in the States as I was planning on being back in the summer for a longer period…. anyway, I’m waffling… I was just reminded of this fantastic film that both Leia and Sarah Stern did for SpankingSarah.com a few years ago – and I found it in my archives….watched it again and got you a few pic reminders for you good long suffering readers: I promise… this is awesome! & with that, I bid you goodnight, I hope my ranting wasn’t too unpleasant a read for you all!

Paddled and Strapped – courtesy of Spanking Sarah

npp5005005 npp5005007 npp5005014 npp5005030 npp5005035 npp5005036 npp5005040 paddling npp5005049 paddled and strapped

IN this episode from the drama “The Prisoner” – Sarah breaks into the safe house where Leia Ann Woods is asleep in her bed. After waking Leia Ann Sarah slaps her around the body and face, terrifying her before making her strip naked for a ferocious beating with various straps and then a heavy wooden paddle. In this film we see Sarah at her most wicked and dangerous and Leia Ann at her most submissive!


house roadhouse


Full details on the website home page HERE


Spanking Bomb Round Up

With the familiar and depressing weather battering Britain from the Atlantic and Day 11 of the repressive Porn Laws sweeping the nation, there are those still under the misunderstanding that the UK is a tolerant and free society. If it wasn’t the depressingly boring dull weather that would push me away then the new amendments/regulations that are set to stifle producers still bravely battling on… afraid that they would get the dreaded letter from ATVOD – the unelected Quango that just want to censor everything to a dull boring gray line where those niche producers of fetishes we so love will face the “comply or die” ultimatum – in fact, such is the niche that they don’t get, complying would be the death of the sites – as other producers outside the UK would easily fill the gap of those killed off. Anyway, I effectively have given my own site to Sarah’s US company… I think I ought to be on my best behavior now, LOL! (Well, I have to try and make light of this ridiculous situation, right?).

This “Weather Bomb” isn’t helping to lift spirits either…


So what is a “Weather bomb”?
You may also notice from looking at the map that there are currently no bigger waves anywhere else in the world as big as those crashing into Britain. The colors denote the height of the waves – with black representing swells of over 48ft and yellow at around 20ft. A weather bomb, also known as an “explosive cyclogenesis”, is classified by a 24 millibar drop in pressure within a 24-hour period. This intense drop in pressure sees dry air from the stratosphere flow into an area of low pressure, which in turn causes air in the depression to rise rapidly, spiral, and create strong storm winds.

Right now, I am so ashamed to be associated with anything British, I am sick of my own country once more… I’m even prepared to put up with one of my most HATED aspects of American society (no wait… 2 aspects).

  1. Their rotten healthcare system that favors only the wealthy and the greedy insurance companies – I know Obama isn’t much liked over his attempt at ongoing healthcare reforms, but he had the right idea… in most European countries we have got the balance (kind of) right… we all accept that we will pay a percentage from our salaries which helps fund a national network, this is pretty much standard in many European countries, but not so in America – because that is left to Insurance Companies – who are ultimately there to serve their shareholders, which means making a vast profit. Personally, I think everyone deserves the right to good basic healthcare, no one should ever worry about seeing a doctor and feel like they are worthless. However, the good ol’ Insurance companies , in their continuing greed to maintain profits for their shareholders, didn’t like this one little bit and have bumped premiums of hard pressed contributors to their healthcare plans and are (rightly) angry as the insurance companies, as I can see it, aren’t willing to give some leeway from their vast fat profits to help those in need or provide basic health plans that actually will give you a good basic cover in case you need medical attention.
  2. My second pet hate is guns! Fucking lethal weapons based on an amendment when The United States was still 13 or so unified colonies on the Eastern seaboard it was one’s right to bear arms… well, wake up, I knwo in Britain we don’t go round abitrarily hanging thieves anymore for stealing loaves of bread, as they once did around the signing of the Declaration of independance circa 1776. Anyway, another disgusting lobby, give a man a gun and he feels empowered, it is a weapon that wants to be used. It settles arguments – quickly, and lethally! It’s not the fucking Wild west… if I can get over these prejudices then I know I will feel fine –  This isn’t America bashing time, far from it, I love being there, I love the country it’s just, no wait… 3 things I most hate!
  3. Fox News. Fucking Fox News – and their ignorant anchors who intervene and I wonder why they bring in so called “experts” on a situation when I have seen them so often talk them down… here’s some news… why not just REPORT it, read it and do not comment on it, that is for us, the discerning viewer to make up our own minds on it. Fucking Fox News…

Anyway, as I was saying, it is not bashing time… I love the USA and for some minor faults, they are far outweighed by the benefits as nothing is perfect, I may come to regret that at some point when I have to endure long New England winters, LOL! Me? I only do snow in ski resorts, where snow has a purpose and is not an annoyance. Now as this is a spanking blog, don’t you think I should get on with reporting on what is new and out there? I will report on all things English (but starting with my American owned site first which has more of an American flavor to it in the newest film, but I think it will annoy the ATVOD prudes anyhow) so let’s start by pissing off my country of birth’s censors should they ever read this. I don’t care!

NEW from AAAspanking.com“Momma’s Sound Advice”… this is a 40 minute film and so consequently the full HD1080 MP4 version is a whopping 2.5Gb so I have uploaded a more manageable 1280 x 720 WMV version in parts first (when I say parts, the 1st section is 20 minutes long so no mean 3 or 5 minute clips waiting for the spanking action). That file alone is still over 400Mb!

This guest stars legendary Dana Specht as Sarah Gregory’s real life “scene Mom” where they have their own unique take on all things spanking at MommaSpankings.com they have a unique chemistry so I was honored when Sarah wanted to introduce me into their dynamic as she felt it right as I am, after all, her real life partner, why not on screen in this relationship too? We filmed this way back on one of our trips to Vegas (back in February I think). It was the first time I had met Dana and I enjoyed her company and amazing ability to iron shirts perfectly (she insisted on ironing my shirts, I can iron but not as quickly or as effectively as Dana!) It was good that I felt an instant rapport with her and so we made this long film (Dana insists and you can’t turn her down on that, lol). Dana likes there to be a good storybook introduction, often with her unique scolding ability used to good effect and then the long drawn out punishment and spanking scenes with aftercare/epilog at the end to close the film off. So this film is basically about the 1st time I met Dana… and being Dana, she couldn’t wait to show me how her little girl gets spanked if she is naughty and insisted I try that out too!

Momma’s Sound Advice


Sarah is in love and is bursting with happiness telling Momma all about her new beau. Momma is delighted she is so happy and asks to meet the boy she wants to marry. John, her new love, is waiting outside to meet his future mother-in-law and Sarah gushes with pride as she makes the introductions. Momma will give John the typical interview then inform him what happens to Sarah when she gets moody, sassy, misbehaves, or anything else that doesn’t sit well with her. She tells him she spanks her and shows him exactly how to do it. John is very curious and wants to try his hand at spanking his fiance, which he does quite well. Momma is happy that her daughter will leave the nest and be well taken care of when necessary. This 40 minute film guest stars Dana Specht as Sarah’s formidable “Scene Mom” with her legendary scolding and hard hitting hand doing all that is necessary.

mommas_sound_advice_026 mommas_sound_advice_040 mommas_sound_advice_054 mommas_sound_advice_061 mommas_sound_advice_068 mommas_sound_advice_074 mommas_sound_advice_080 mommas_sound_advice_088 mommas_sound_advice_091 mommas_sound_advice_094 mommas_sound_advice_123 mommas_sound_advice_134 mommas_sound_advice_142 mommas_sound_advice_146 mommas_sound_advice_148 mommas_sound_advice_152 mommas_sound_advice_157 mommas_sound_advice_162 mommas_sound_advice_170

Check out a free clip from this film with Momma spanking her girl the only way she knows how!!!


The FULL length versions of this are now available at the CLIP STORE too



In other site news… From NorthernSpanking.com check out why Irelynn Logeen & her man, Stephen Lewis take so long to get ready of an evening… she has a spankable rear and he has hands that need spank and caress her bare buttocks!

gettingready004 gettingready018 gettingready023 gettingready030 gettingready034 gettingready036 gettingready041 gettingready051 gettingready057 gettingready061

Check out all the latest films and updates HERE


I’m preparing the nominees for various categories and I can tell you the next young lady featured here WILL be one of those listed when it comes to voting for the new Spankee of the Year, that would be Miss Ella Hughes. Sarah Bright (aka Mrs Stern) was rather pleased that she has become so popular… and here she is in her 1st caning Film.


This is what Sarah had to say about  this next film: It’s the last part of the initial interview with Ella, I have previously spanked her and strapped her and now she is to get the thing she most fears, the cane. She has her doubts about this nasty toy but bends over with her pert bottom in the air. Now it is her first time but she will get the cane in exactly the same way that I always cane, hard!

npp7058007 npp7058010 npp7058011 npp7058015 npp7058017 npp7058018 npp7058020

See all the very latest films out now from SpankingSarah.com


A new series and a new girl from England, Portia Marlowe, appears at Firmhandspanking.com in what looks a good story arc. A posh girl falls foul of her boss getting her first ever spanking, watch her cheeks turn a beautiful speckled red.

tbs_a002 tbs_a005 tbs_a007 tbs_a009 tbs_a013 tbs_a016 tbs_a018 tbs_a020 tbs_a023 tbs_a024

Check out the free clip of Portia’s very first spanking

Flame-haired posh totty Portia Marlowe gets her big break as a reporter for a London tabloid in The Big Story. She fails to get a scoop, so editor Richard Anderson gives her creamy, bouncing cheeks a sound spanking, panties down – Portia’s first ever spanking!



Finally, Pandora Blake has a great new film with Molly Malone  called “Curious Pleasures”

Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures007 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures011 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures016 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures019 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures026 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures035 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures040 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures029

John Beecroft has a delicate matter to discuss with Molly Malone. Having found a bag of spanking implements, and a book discussing erotic spanking, he insists that Molly explain herself. Feigning shock that she’d want to be beaten for carnal pleasure, he bends her over the sofa for ‘punishment’. As she reads aloud from the book – Curious Pleasures – he whacks her firmly with a flogger, then takes her breath away with a hard strapping.

CLICK HERE to view all the latest films from DreamsOfSpanking.com


Finally, the first round of voting on 4 categories will be next!

Excited? Next post will contain who or what is up for voting


Femdom Spankings this weekend

It was a Saturday night… I just got back from a quiet evening out at the cinema… I watched a rather disappointing film (I won’t bother saying which one) needless to say, it was unfulfilling and I trawled the wonderful interwebz for amusement and this “beaut” of a vid (which is starting to go viral here in the UK and worldwide) is some sort of “serious” advertisement about a travel agency from Scotland…  now I know the saying about any publicity is better than none, but this video is hilarious for all the wrong reasons. Check it out and I think you’ll understand why, they have disabled the comments section (quite wisely) on YouTube – all I will say is check out the staff AND the guy in the white captain’s uniform… OMG! I think I need diapering, I have peed my pants laughing so much, lol!!!!


& so to a few different spanking & fetish updates which are far from inept & might pique your interest this weekend! I will be writing a 2 blog posts tomorrow with more traditional stuff I usually write about

So if this is not your thing, I understand… come back later 🙂


I wanted to tell you about a new F/M punishment site FIRST OF ALL… It’s very good and is produced by someone I know AND I most certainly would NOT want to be ending up over her lap as she spanks the guys and punishes them HARD! Who is it? Why, it’s Sarah Bright, of course… the brains behind SpankingSarah.com now has her own F/M punishment site and she told me that far more severe stuff is on the way for the very naughty gentlemen she has been punishing… but I thought this punishment below was “ouchy” enough, don’t you agree?

Punished for cheating on Sarah’s Sister! at SarahSpanksMen.com


This is what Sarah had to say about this lowlife she punished for upsetting her little sis! – “It does not take a lot to annoy me and for sure one thing that is certain to make me boil with rage is someone who upsets my sister. This pathetic specimen cheated on her, yes… he went out with some cheap bitch from his workplace and fucked her. She asked me to deal with the situation. I was only too pleased to thrash this cheater, I beat his bottom so hard with my wooden brush he started to cry but that just ensures he gets a lot more to come!”

ssm-013001 ssm-013002

ssm-013004 ssm-013008

ssm-013012 ssm-013014

ssm-013016 ssm-013021

Check out a free vid preview of this cheater getting his just desserts!

Members will also get to see him caned to tears as well! Talking of caning, there is also this nice little feature where Sarah cold canes this foolish gentlemen… just check out his poor bottom – ouch!!!

ssm-012005 ssm-012007
ssm-012008 ssm-012013
ssm-012019 ssm-012020

This is what Sarah had to say about David’s caning: “It was a most unusual request. David came to see me and what he required was simple and very straight forward. He wanted to be cold caned. That means that he wanted me to cane his bare bottom as hard as I could and without any warm up spanking, as is usually the case. I have to admit this was a first for me but it was quite exciting knowing that I was giving David exactly what he wanted in the way he wanted it.”

Check out the free preview vid of David’s caning (below)




Of course one site that has included F/M and M/M spankings as well as the usual M/F and F/f scenes is Pandora Blake’s DreamsOfSpanking.com – I have featured her most recent male collaborations, but you can much more at her excellent site HERE

Sent to Headmistress: Why won’t student David Weston behave? Strict headmistress Pandora Blake is exasperated by his continual cheek, and refusal to accept discipline. Tough measures are clearly called for, in the form of some corporal punishment. She tells him to bend over the desk to be spanked with the slipper. Some hard smacks get his attention, then to make sure the message really has an impact, the headmistress tells him to drop his underwear to receive some stinging whacks to the bare bottom.

See the images and a free clip below:

Dreams-of-Spanking_headmistress005 Dreams-of-Spanking_headmistress006

Dreams-of-Spanking_headmistress011 Dreams-of-Spanking_headmistress015

Dreams-of-Spanking_headmistress021 Dreams-of-Spanking_headmistress027 Dreams-of-Spanking_headmistress032


Images below are from a 2 part M/F/M film called “The Evacuees”


Evacuees Molly Malone and Alexander Knight are delivered safely from the city to the countryside… straight into the hands of their host Dr Richard Barton, a strict ex-housemaster. After only a week they’re called to meet him in the drawing room, in serious trouble. Dr Barton administers a bare bottom spanking to schoolgirl Molly, while Alexander watches. Then it’s Alexander’s turn to get an over the knee spanking and a very red bottom.

The conclusion of this two-part evacuee story sees Molly Malone and Alexander Knight bending over the sofa to receive a hard strapping. Richard Barton delivers firm strokes to each of them, before concentrating on the one who he identifies as the ringleader. Molly Malone takes twelve stinging strokes, until her bottom is bright red and she’s truly sorry. She then must stand next to Alexander against the wall, displaying the evidence of their host’s strict methods of old fashioned punishment.

Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees012 Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees015 Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees029

Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees030 Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees049 Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees2006

Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees2015 Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees2016 Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees2018

Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees2020 Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees2023 Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees2027

For more male spanking stories and mixed punishment scenarios… check out the tour pages HERE


Finally… from ClareSpanksMen.com – a sexy girl on male slant which stills ends up with the guys getting sire red bottoms! Below is very sexy Australian fetish model, Gigi Allens spanking her minion… I’m half tempted to be naughty and bad too, especially as SHE removes his trousers (or pants as you Americans call them, which still makes me laugh, but I understand our little differences)… anyway – Gigi Allens, over her lap… bare bottom spanked. OMG, what’s not to like?

Boss Gigi Allens Spanks Worker Again

001 004

006 008

009 011

012 014


015 016

Gigi Allens is at it again. She calls her worker Josh into her office to give him more discipline for not performing the tasks he was supposed to. The much taller beauty puts Josh over her knee for a hard spanking with her hand, a paddle and her hairbrush. This time it is a lesson he will never forget!

Finally, a sort of POV (though it’s strictly not but has elements of it) with Courtney… a cheerleader who gets her own back and spanks her coach!

003 004 005

006 009 010

011 012 013

The coach has been hitting on the cheerleaders. So Cheerleader Courtney Shea meets him in his office, where she teaches him a firm lesson in self discipline. In the POV format, she puts him over her knee and spanks him long and hard with her hand and a wooden paddle. This psycho girl is strong and lectures the coach about not hitting on the other cheerleaders all while she spanks him.

CLICK HERE to see more HOT girl on guy spankings updates hot from the West Coast!


PantyRaid copy

Mayday Holiday Spankings

It’s been a while since I did a multi site update outside of my network, and now that I am back and free from jetlag (which I got real bad over 24 hours) … I feel able to get you a decent sized update and also promise you news of what I got up to on my last American trip – which will be coming up in my next blog post… which I absolutely loved.


powWARNING TO CREDIT CARD THIEVES & FREETARDS: If you are neither, please ignore this next paragraph (below).
It would appear that some asshat is continuing to use their quota of STOLEN credit card details (I do wonder how they get them, or if it is actually from organised crime in some way!) and then they petulantly pass on their illicit codes to others when I get to them and kill them (quickly, I might add) via messageboards or sites, I guess… it is rather funny seeing multiple user details showing up often with the same old IPs from those who just don’t want to pay… I would like to remind these freetards that you are helping those using stolen card details  – I know you read this. Remember, these thieves are the lowest of the low…  how would you like it if you suddenly found internet transactions on YOUR card you had no idea of… your card’s details would be harvested, you’d feel violated, right? Imagine the worry it brings, the time you then have to waste to contact your card provider or bank… this is NOT victimless, but what would you expect? I guess you still feel it doesn’t bother you… well, it will if I won’t produce more content in future. I voided 3 transaction sign ups alone earlier today… 3, all from the same person. Would it really hurt those who are so cheap just to support the site for once – FFS… I have a trial option for just $15 – is that so much for some of you cheap asses? Think on it, YOU could actually view and download the content you wanted to see and actually HELP my site to grow rather than try to bleed it dry or help the selfish thieving credit card pirates who make a good living off others misery making a good income from whatever backward hole these lowlifes crawled out of – either selling usernames or sending up files they download from a site onto various forums and torrent sites.



Anyway, enough of me bleating on, eh? Let’s see some great site updates across the globe instead… this will cheer us all up!!! Some catching up to do starting at Spanked-in-Uniform.com with a new uniform niche or 2 and more to show you!


ep6_6 ep6_7

ep6_8 ep6_9

ep6_10 ep6_12

ep6_13 ep6_14


Little Cory was supposed to be practicing but she decided to take a break without asking Coach. He caught her and he immediately got her on her feet for some painful exercises involving her petite bottom and his hard bat. He then took her to his office for her proper punishment and after a sound OTK warm up spanking, she was strapped and told to practice hard until dinnertime.


There is a new uniform feature just released and it is a welcome prison style theme… below are the 2 1st parts of the full movies showcasing the Masonfield Prison For Women starring naughty Dutch girls, Cheyenne & Julie.


Meet new inmates Cheyenne And Julie. Cheyenne has a number of speeding tickets that she didn’t pay and Julie a number of bills which were unpaid. They were both senteced to two months. After the interview, as per tradition at this institution, their underwear was removed. Warden Johnson took them to their cell and gave them both a sound welcome spanking. The 1st spanking was given to Julie as she went over the Warden’s knee close to tears. In the 2nd part of this film: Cheyenne is taken over the Warden’s knee and her bare bottom gets a sound spanking. Then both inmates are ordered to lay over the lower bunk and they get a good stinging punishment across their already sore bottoms with the Warden’s infamous riding crop.

ep1_2 ep1_7

ep1_9 ep1_11

ep2_2 ep2_6

ep2_7 ep2_8

ep2_10 ep2_12

Check out all the various uniform spanking niches now showing HERE


At Pandora Blake’s Dreams of Spanking there is a start to a credible Victorian style Punishment Trilogy… the 1st 2 parts are already released and you can see these below.


Dreams-of-Spanking_stepmother006 Dreams-of-Spanking_stepmother025

Dreams-of-Spanking_stepmother035 Dreams-of-Spanking_stepmother041

Dreams-of-Spanking_stepmother028 Dreams-of-Spanking_stepmother032 Dreams-of-Spanking_stepmother040

Molly Malone plays the strict stepmother in this Victorian spanking scene, taking a firm hand with her stepson, Alexander Knight. As a dignified young man, he’s shocked that she’d try to exert her authority over him, but when she repeats her firm orders that he pull down his trousers, he can’t help but obey. Stepmother Molly’s special brand of domestic discipline sees him taken over her knee and spanked until his bottom is bright red, before being subjected to the paddle. Alex’s outraged protests fall on deaf ears, as she teaches him a harsh lesson about her authority that he won’t forget in a hurry

Dreams-of-Spanking_correction003 Dreams-of-Spanking_correction011

Dreams-of-Spanking_correction014 Dreams-of-Spanking_correction015

Dreams-of-Spanking_correction018 Dreams-of-Spanking_correction023 Dreams-of-Spanking_correction028

This hand spanking from a very strict husband is the second part in our new Victorian spanking trilogy. Dr Richard Barton is displeased with his wife Molly, and to punish her for taking matters into her own hands, he takes her over his knee and turns her beautiful bottom bright red. Molly is chastised for taking liberties with domestic discipline – in part 1 she spanked Dr Barton’s son Alexander, and this installment shows exactly how her stern husband reacts. From her meek apologies and his stinging hand spanks, it’s safe to say she won’t be overstepping the mark again…

see MORE of these latest updates HERE


My fave redhead spanko Amber Dawn has a naughty POV style spanking with her Daddy and an interesting split screen angle so you can see his view and the side view of Amber’s bubble butt and beautiful mouth wrapped around his cock!!! It’s very hot as these screen grabs will show you!

Screen Shot 2014-04-#B296F7 Screen Shot 2014-04-#B296EB

Screen Shot 2014-04-#B296DE Screen Shot 2014-04-#B296BF

Screen Shot 2014-04-#B296C8 Screen Shot 2014-04-#B296A2

Screen Shot 2014-04-#B296A6 Screen Shot 2014-04-#B296AC

Screen Shot 2014-04-#B296AF Screen Shot 2014-04-#B296B2

Screen Shot 2014-04-#B296B8 Screen Shot 2014-04-#B2966E

You can MORE of Amber at all her sites with one membership at SpankAmber.com


A couple of recent updates from the Clare Fonda Pass group of sites, starting with Spanked Sorority Girls and a return spanking for Pledge, Poppy!

001 002 003

005 007

008 012

013 014 016

Poppy is back to her all tricks, spray painting the back wall of the sorority house. But Star catches her and deals out some serious punishment, marching Poppy into the living room where she puts her over her knee for a sound spanking. Perhaps Poppy will learn her lesson this time.

Check out MORE of Poppy’s punishments and the beautiful pledges spanked by their seniors HERE


Spanked Sweeties has an entire series of gorgeous Gigi Allens alongside Clare Fonda – do NOT miss this!

001 003 007

010 011

012 013

014 015 016

Gigi Allens is an amazing beauty who we are so excited to add to our list of Sweeties. She grew up in Australia, where she was spanked regularly by her mom, dad and even Grandma. Clare Fonda makes a big splash in her official return to spanking playing Gigi’s mom (and grannie) and providing the authentic accent and hard spankings.

CLICK HERE to see all the intro family spanking films of the amazing Gigi Allens!


Finally today, one of my fave Fonda group sites has always been Spankedcallgirls and this film gets more to the point of what I want to see MORE of at this site with the girls and their tricks interacting more, and not just with each other… Logan plays a “customer” who takes no crap off these terrible twosome as you will see (below)

001 003 005

009 010

012 015

013 014 016

Alexis Grace and Brandi are waiting for their trick Logan, when Alexis decides to steal his wallet. When he returns, Brandi tells on Alexis and suggests they gang up and spank the tall beauty. They do it hard with hand and hairbrush, otk and in the diaper position. Alexis learns her lesson.

View all the callgirl and naughty sluts getting spanked HERE


…the above Fonda sites can all be viewed as part of the top value ClareFondaPass.com

clare fonda pass - click here for more info


Playing catch up yet again!

HD1080Hello everyone, it seems we are all very busy at the moment… I hate being away from blogging news  updates or sharing snippets of info you might want to know about my site or another that I have learnt about… so today, here are some “catch up” news and announcements as I bring you first news of my site (a day late as this came out for members yesterday). Firstly, members will notice that for all my new shoots from now on (remember I have a lot of stuff already stored and I gotta be honest and admit re-editing will cost me yet more time and money right now… but I have to start the upgrades somewhere, right?). So I decided that from the last filmshoot I did with naughty new girl, Katie… all films would be uploaded in the full format of near “Blu Ray” quality HD with some amazing compression and editing that I have found is best with MP4 files, so you will now get (where available) FULL 1080HD (and not just a large screen size with a few thousand kbs playback… oh no, that really doesn’t do it for me) I have taken the plunge and upgraded the cams and got you some amazing playback footage… members will see the first of these films starting with the new film “Katie’s Wandering Fingers” – there is still the 720HD WMV version which is still pretty darned good, but the frames per second are just half at a more than respectable 25 whereas the new MP4 HD is at the max allowed – 50! So I will be bringing you 1080/50HD films in MP4 format and 720/25HD in WMV – confused? LOL! Instead, just take a look on the home page of my site right HERE or on the following links and compare the film clips from “Wandering Fingers” – remember to right click and download the links as they’re not designed to be streamed and play them on your preferred media player such as WM Player or VLAN Player (better) and see for yourselves what i am wittering on about! As always, feedback here or via my mail/contact pages is always welcome 🙂

Images below are both full size and promo size for the latest film “Wandering Fingers”


katie001 katie002

katie003 katie006

katie005 katie007

katie008 katie009


katie011 katie012 katie013


In Katie’s 1st film… We re-enacted a true life story with an added pervy twist as Katie recalled how she got caught playing with herself and remembered the shame and embarrassment it had caused. We added Uncle John’s naughty jazz mag that she got off to and the fact that he spanked her on her bare bottom with his hand and various hairbrushes that left a very satisfying and sore marked red bottom for her filthy self defilement afterwards… Please welcome Katie, who will show you just how naughty she can be as that innocent look is fooling no-one, she’s that tempting bratty girl next door you’ve kept your beady eye on… hoping against hope that her ball might just go over the fence and into your yard… well, I did too! So I decided to film what happens to naughty little brats like Katie… as you’ll discover over the coming months in glorious full 1080HD!


Click image below to access a FREE Gallery that shows the full size screen images directly from the film…


& coming out next week… it’s time for a break from my ugly mug in this all female “wheelbarrow spanking affair” with Amber West’s very 1st in this rather revealing and awkward spanking position over a gleeful and sadistic Zoe Page’s lap (Warning… this is HOT!!!)

This comes with a full stills set, screen images and of course… the movie! (om nom nom!)


& lest I forget, the final month of the Loyalty Promotion in its present form is almost upon us as this offer only goes up to Xmas Day: So if you wanna get locked in at a very low rate (and choose when you want to opt out) then take a look at the sign up page below… just click the ladies debating this over their afternoon tea 🙂



& onto some selected updates and such elsewhere… Here’s the concluding part to “Browser History” from NorthernSpanking.com starring naughty Jenna Jay getting off to some of David de Wolfe’s porn on his laptop… perhaps if he had cleared his cache she’d not be so interested in it over a morning cup of coffee… still, that wouldn’t be half as much fun and we’d have to invent another excuse to spank Jenna’s most amazing rear! First in her stockings, bottom stuck right out on the breakfast table… then with them pulled down… as you’ll see below!

NSI110-JD002 NSI110-JD009 NSI110-JD018

NSI110-JD021 NSI110-JD023

NSI110-JD042 NSI110-JD048

NSI110-JD038 NSI110-JD046 NSI110-JD052

See many more films of Jenna exclusive to Northernspanking.com


My weekly look at SpankingThem.com has this stunning lithe young thing called Olga (a good traditional Russian name, eh?) and although I have no real idea why she is being punished, I thoroughly enjoyed it… I am assuming it was her latex stockings, which I found incredibly hot to look at… which caused her to be reprimanded in private… that and the fact she had the most amazing ballet dancer type figure… strong yet very thin with long toned legs and the most amazing perky tits that I found so adorable… but she had enough flesh on her bottom for our resident office spanker to administer his unique brand of humiliation, spankings/floggings and private pervery… no forced dildo masturbation this week… but the near tearful girl is allowed to rub herself off in between his leering glances and having her treated like a pet doing cornertime at the end. This 17 minute films hits the spot for me and is a welcome addition to their growing archive … see images below of stunning 22 year old office junior, Olga!

olga001 olga002 olga003

olga004 olga005

olga006 olga007 olga008

olga009 olga010 olga011

olga012 olga013

olga014 olga015 olga016

See moreof  these girls given a short sharp shocking initiation into the office politics of SpankingThem.com



I haven’t featured the excellent Punishedbrats.com in a while and that is my fault, it’s has some stupendous updates recently, today I shall bring you 2 updates (since I have been incredibly tardy) with 2 very contrasting ladies, one I have filmed with and the other I hope to later next year… so of course I am extremely biased when I show you the following and why I’d drop everything and have these 2 spanked over my lap in a shot!

Joelle Barros… she’s back in this fantastic co-production alongside a scary Headmaster Michael Valentine… Joelle’s reactions and of course her beautiful long thrashing legs and pert bottom are my main focus in this recent full update film of a bully getting her comeuppance!

bully1-11 bully1-21

bully1-31 bully1-81 bully1-91

bully2-8 bully2-11

bully2-21 bully2-31 bully2-41

bully2-61 bully2-71

Joelle is “The Bully” – She has been picking on the junior students and Mr Valentine is going to teach her that bullying hurts… and he punishes her with her most hated of implements… the hairbrush! the hairbrush hurts too!

The 2nd film stars Audrey and Miss Pandora in a film called “The Cost of Living”. Audrey has one of the most amazing bubble butts and this F/F film does it for me, I like Miss P a lot too… but there is just something about Audrey that I am smitten with… an older lady that needs some firm discipline… she should be careful carrying around a “spankable whooty” like that!!! *phew*

cost1-11 cost1-21

cost1-31 cost1-51

cost1-41 cost1-61

Audrey has no idea what it’s like to have to worry about the cost of living since she had always been cared for by her wealthy  husband. Now that she is divorced, her friend and mentor Pandora is going to have to teach her that careless spending leads to painful consequences.


If you want to see how these films all end, then CLICK HERE to see much more!


Here is the concluding part to the 50’s Diners series with chef Mike far from happy at his 2 slovenly waitresses, Masie and Satine, who have left the room they chill out in between shifts and breaks, a right old mess!!! This film also contains a rare M/F spanking of Satine!!!

ep15_1 ep15_3


ep15_6 ep15_8

ep15_9 ep15_11


ep15_12 ep15_13

After Masie and Satine spanked each other, Chef scolded them for making a right mess of the new “Rec Room”. He noticed a hairbrush on the table and decided to use that on his two naughty waitresses. They both went over his knee and the hairbrush taught those two little madams a valuable lesson! CLICK HERE to see this full series and all the other latest, unique uniform spanking niche updates!


My last visit to England today takes in a few excellent sites that you will all know… I will start with English Spankers who have updated their “Sexy Cleaning Maid” portfolio with the welcome addition of Molly Malone! I loved working with Molly, there is never a bad word to be said for this girl… apart from she looks sexy as hell dressed up as a French Maid… don’t you think?


This is what Mr Stern had to say about his latest recruit: The Sexy Cleaning Company has without doubt some of the most beautiful spanking ladies in the world working for it now and our latest recruit is right at the very top of our pile of dirt busters. Molly Malone, beautiful and talented just could not resist applying and was even more enthusiastic when she learned that as a part of her interview she would be spanked and paddled prior to being sent out to do her first real sexy cleaning job. So she was spanked hard and paddled and now you can enjoy this great full length film.

npp6005013 npp6005015 npp6005021

npp6005028 npp6005044

npp6005049 npp6005051 npp6005053

You can check out the free movie preview of Molly’s recruitment HERE


Word of warning! Do NOT go and au pair for Sarah Bright unless you can handle the following caning!!! She has a habit of severely disciplining her wayward home helps as you will see… latest au pair, Mia, from Russia, gets a butt blistering caning… check out those welts! (this is a great film, btw!)


Sarah’s new Au pair Mia has been spanked and paddled and now she is for the cane. With her bare bottom already well marked with the signs of Sarah’s anger she has to bend over to take her first ever taste of the cane. The strokes whistle down and slam into her rear end and now she has to endure a long and very painful caning. If she thought that just because Sarah was a girl the cane would not be used with full force she was mistaken as the marks on her bottom show!

npp6033008 npp6033009 npp6033014

npp6033011 npp6033015

npp6033017 npp6033023 npp6033025

Feel free to check out the movie preview and the other great clips that make up Sarah’s site


Finally today… Wearing high fetish heels and wiggling her bottom in a figure-hugging dress, Pandora Blake hopes to entice her lover to spank her. Warm sunlight bathes their bare skin as her lover, D, gives her exactly what she wants. Enjoy these choice selection of images taken from the latest update!

Dreams-of-Spanking_glamour022 Dreams-of-Spanking_glamour025 Dreams-of-Spanking_glamour033

Dreams-of-Spanking_glamour045 Dreams-of-Spanking_glamour065

Dreams-of-Spanking_glamour072 Dreams-of-Spanking_glamour082

Wearing high fetish heels that accentuate her long, bare legs, Pandora enjoys the way her favourite figure-hugging purple dress clings to her curves. Wiggling her bottom, she hopes to entice her lover to spank her. Who could resist an invitation like that? Pandora’s dominant bends her over on the balcony and lands firm spanks on her proferred arse. When he leads her inside, he draws up the skirt of that tiny dress to discover Pandora is not wearing anything underneath… just how he likes it.


Holding his submissive’s wrists above her head, D slowly undresses her, exposing her long body and small breasts to the morning air. Warm sunlight bathes their bare skin as he gives her exactly what she wants. CLICK HERE to see more from this dreamy spanking update!



!!! Please don’t forget like poor Robin below !!!


A scatterbrained start to the week!

Oops! I forgot to renew the domain for this site, and I thought it was next week… and, as I do, I ALWAYS leave things to the last minute (God knows why, I am like that with commuting to work… it’s only 8-9 miles away yet I think I can get there across some rather nasty country roads in 10-15 minutes which often has me driving like a lunatic on the long straights at times to make sure I get there just on time! I really ought to change my ways… so the latest example of my forgetfulness just proves the point that I should “DO” and not “DITHER” or procrastinate. ‘Er indoors has me sussed as she quotes me with “I’m just going to do…” which I often say. Anyway, I’m back here, and I renewed the domain for longer than a year this time so I won’t have to worry about it next year!

So, time to bring you some more of what I have been watching, these aren’t all brand new updates (some are) but as I have just said… why not take a look at what I have also been watching, past and present, it’s a glorious spanking mix and my way of saying “oops… sorry, enjoy these ripe red bottoms for your viewing pleasure!” – I know I did!

I’m starting with the resident perv that loves humiliating and spanking his girls in his own unique fashion, all the way from Russia at Spankingthem.com – This latest young lady has an inkling of what is to come, she is nervous and knows what he is like as it is the talk of the office… I loved watching her remove her clothes (slowly), she is a tall, lithe fit thing, with enough flesh on her backside to receive a good red bottom spanking as you’ll see when she is spanked, strapped and flogged…

Natala strips as she is told what will happen to her!


natalya002 natalya003

natalya004 natalya005

natalya006 natalya007 natalya008

natalya009 natalya010

natalya011 natalya012


natalya014 natalya015

See the free clip below of Natala’s spanking…
she spends a lot of the time crawling in this submissive position!



From NorthernSpanking.com is the full complete update to the wonderful duo/duel between Zoe Montana and Molly Malone, these 2 together were an awesome pairing as you can see in this very sexy, highly erotic spanking action that has Zoe giving her lover, Molly, a painful surprise (oh… goody!)


Zoe bides her time waiting for Molly’s “Homecoming”

NSI107-MZ009 NSI107-MZ037

NSI107-MZ054 NSI107-MZ071

NSI107-MZ084 NSI107-MZ106

NSI107-MZ096 NSI107-MZ110

NSI107-MZ120 NSI107-MZ130


OMG! There are plenty more HOT girl on girl updates waiting for you at Northern Spanking!


New this past week at Spanked-in-Uniform.com was a great sexy French maid niche update with naughty submissive Adreena falling foul of Mike’s wrath as you will discover below… I love seeing girls dressed in lingerie and skimpy sexy uniforms getting spanked, don’t you?


French maid Adreena Winters was sent out to a customer who wanted a submissive slave maid. He was not satisfied with her so he sent a letter to the owner of the Sexy Maid Cleaning Agency. After reading the letter he told Adreena to come to his office and he gave her a lesson in submission which included kissing his shoes, face slapping, lots of spanking and the riding crop. Adreena is now a much better and submissive sexy maid!


ep5_5 ep5_6

ep5_8 ep5_9

ep5_14 ep5_11




What’s there NOT to like about this wonderful and severe spanking film courtesy of the twisted mind of Dallas? I watched this again earlier today, I liked the little added touches like the music that brunette Natasha danced to (very authentic) and the finale where she wiggled, gyrated and belly danced, with her red bottom burning for us all to see! there were also some great facial angles and split screens to showcase her tear stained face and the hard strapping across her poor sore bottom! Just one of the many films you can see with your membership at DallasSpanksHard.com

Natasha the belly dancer gets more than she bargained for!

cora001 cora002

cora003 cora004

cora005 cora006

cora007 cora008

cora009 cora010

cora011 cora012

Cora wiggling at the end of her spanking…
Check out the FREE clip (below) of

See the full punishment of the bellydancer HERE


& here are 2 films I watched recently from SpankingServer.com – the 1st with Heidi paddling naughty nurse, Ines… in one of their wicked restraining benches!

ines01 ines03

ines04 ines05

ines06 ines07

ines08 ines10

Followed by a naughty French maid, Cora, given a cropping punishment by Peter in a no nonsense punishment before being sent back to work to finish her cleaning job.

c001 c002

c003 c004

c005 c006

c007 c008

c009 c010

Check out the latest punishments on offer incl. access to free Pain 4 Fem films with your membership!


Finally for today, be aware that I have an awesome film coming out later this week with the precocious but very lovely Lola “pee pee” Marie who has a detention punishment outdoors with a twist, or rather I have to endure her losing bladder control whilst being spanked over my lap as she pees all over my trousers… which results in her getting a rather distressing caning and carpet beater punishment instead of a simple spanking! Ok, this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea…. but I promise you it’s a good hard punishment film if you don’t like the peeing scenes…. just think of it as getting her own back on her nasty punisher (me!)

Oh, I can confirm if was quite warming… tee hee!

lolapeepee001 lolapeepee002

lolapeepee003 lolapeepee004

Coming soon to AAA Spanking!


Today’s update at AAA is the massive full files of Unwanted Friendship (see the free gallery if you have missed it) with Amelia Jane Rutherford & Molly Malone… or you can view this, along with the full file upload as a one off downloadable option at the CLIPS STORE

Amelia & Molly at AAA

A very quick update with some awesome promotional images for you this week of the latest schoolgirl films with Amelia Jane Rutherford AND Molly Malone. These 2 ladies had never worked together before until this filmshoot … and the chemistry between them was AWESOME, as you’ll see in this new film just released at AAAspanking.com and also available as an action only HD-WMV version at the CLIPS STORE HERE

Images below compliment the film,  “Unwanted Friendship” – I hope you like them 🙂


Amelia and Molly had grown apart as they now attended different schools. However, Molly would love to rekindle their old friendship so had been stalking Amelia for some time waiting for an opportune moment and excuse to invite herself in and try to rekindle what they once had. Amelia was taken aback on one such “chance enncounter” but invited sneaky Molly in as a courtesy, both girls were Head of their respective schools but there the similarity ended as Amelia now lived in a strict household that promoted discipline in the home to further her advancing education! Molly soon discovered this first hand when the girls bickered and fought and the noise could be heard outside as Amelia’s strict guardian arrived home none too pleased! You will see how he dishes out humiliating bare bottom punishments to both girls who dared to shame him with their petty squabbling that the whole neighbourhood must have heard! Don’t miss Amelia and Molly’s bare bottoms revealed with their panties pulled down in shame, still in their school uniforms, as they are given the strap then the hairbrush for being such annoying spoilt brats!

w01 w04

w03 w02


w06 w08


w09 w10

w11 w12

w15 w14


See a free clip of this movie HERE


& don’t forget you can see an abridged version, no intro, just the spanking action
(IN FULL) at the Clips Store

More Naughty Spanking Updates!

I pulled a sickie from work today, I really couldn’t face going in… the workloads there have been terrible and I just had to stay at home… proof of this was I woke up after 10am… I needed a break, my body was telling me! So I still have a lot of work I have to do later, but at least it’s at home, but before that… here’s some naughty and interesting spanking movies that I have found which I know you will like!

Below is Kristina, a Russian college girl that faces one of the most unexpected and twisted punishments in one of the senior tutors offices… for the crime of “smoking” – this pretty girl is brought to tears not by the severity of her punishment but the sheer humiliation of being gagged by her panties, his fingers in her mouth and restrained and then flogged and spanked before he lets her relieve the tension by showing him what she can do with a dildo! Sounds weird? Perhaps… but it makes for a very interesting kinky little film and of course Kristina is stunning and fresh faced  (or she was before her punishment!) I have some promo clips and images for you below!

001 002


003a 004


006 007


010 008


010a 011

You can check out Kristina and many other 1st time and never before seen girls HERE

click here to see more


Then there’s some whackiness and darned good spanking and caning from Sarah Bright’s site SpankingSarah.com featuring 2 real faves of mine that I have worked with, Molly Malone and Aleesha Fox… they worked really well together for Sarah as you will see and I recommend you take a further look, there’s a link to the free HD video at the end! This is HOT!

npp6011007 npp6011011

npp6011015 npp6012011

npp6012013 npp6012024

npp6012030 npp6012031

npp6012032 npp6012037

The final part of our current nursing story and I have to say it is a real hot one! At last the truth emerges. As Dr. Sarah Bright makes to cane nurse Malone, Nurse Aleesha confesses, to save her friend from a terrible punishment. She in turn must bend over the bench to take a caning but this is to be administered by Nurse Malone. She lifts the cane and starts what is maybe the hardest caning she has ever administered, it leaves Nurses Fox’s bottom bruised and marked, she is shown no mercy and asks for none as stroke after stroke adds to her pain.



From Pandora’s Dreams of Spanking comes this F/M on F discipline movie that sees Alex Reynolds take a rather stiff punishment off Pandora and Tom Cameron… there’s a free clip and some images along with the helpful storyline as to what this was about! (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”27922″]

Alex is visited at home by her corporate ex-bosses. She’s just ended her contract with them, but they know she was working undercover to blow the whistle on their corrupt organisation. To intimidate her into not going public the two capitalists gang up on the young reporter to inflict a brutal beating on her vulnerable bottom. 50 strokes of the tawse should suffice to ensure her silence. An intense, edgy scene with a thrashing that leaves Alex crying real tears. Our heroine is in the right, and she will beat the bad guys in the end – but sadly, it won’t save her skin.

Dreams-of-Spanking_intimidation005 Dreams-of-Spanking_intimidation018

Dreams-of-Spanking_intimidation032 Dreams-of-Spanking_intimidation034

Dreams-of-Spanking_intimidation043 Dreams-of-Spanking_intimidation050

click here to see more


Never piss off Doctor Johnson – you’d think the nurses at St Elizabeth’s would learn by now, eh? The latest film from Spanked-in-Uniform.com features Masie Dee getting a tearful tawsing in a parking space incident! (images below from the film)



ep43_8 ep43_9


ep43_13 ep43_15

A Doctor’s parking space is very important and when a nurse decided to park her little car there, she could expect a sound spanking. That is exactly what happened to nurse Masie Dee. Doctor Johnson found her car on his spot and he went looking for her. He found her in one of the bathrooms and gave her a sound spanking right there. After the spanking he fetched his two tailed tawse and thrashed her soundly which left her sobbing her eyes out.

CLICK HERE for ALL the uniform spanking updates


Finally some early show images from the new film out at NorthernSpanking.com that features Alex Reynolds and Zoe Page in a double shoot collaberation which I remember well as the place we used was FREEZING! However… the girls got on with it and the results of this hot bullying film are below… poor Alex…. a basically good girl left all alone with nasty Zoe Page in detention! Whatever could happen???

NSI115-AZ001 NSI115-AZ005

NSI115-AZ006 NSI115-AZ007

NSI115-AZ014 NSI115-AZ015

NSI115-AZ018 NSI115-AZ019

Click HERE to view the full HD film!


There’s also a link to a new series where a girl tells her Daddy she’ll be good!
You can find it at one of my other blogs below… click on small pic and all will be revealed! 🙂


A Great Start to the week!

Good news! Well, it is for me today! I have a day off and this morning I will devote time SOLELY to bringing you a mega update of spanking erotica and news to keep you all MORE than happy! I must apologize for my brief absence, being away from this blog is a real pain… as I love writing here, moaning, ranting, letting you guys know what’s happening in the online scene and of course sharing some of my content and other producers films that I rate! (legally!)

unhappyfaceIt has also been a week where I know some other producers have had one from hell… and are continuing to – as the greed and piracy of some are literally ripping the heart out of our tight knit UK community! “Oh no! Not harping on about piracy again” I hear you mutter… well, yes, I really think some of these individuals either have no idea how badly it affects us… or plain just don’t care and do it solely for their own personal profit. In one of the latest attacks, for example, forum members are provided with only paid links (why not pay a membership to US instead of this lowlife?), so they can get more money from the various filehosters or filelockers. I won’t bore you with the detail, but right now I live in fear that my site is next, I have had a number of increased fraudulent/attempted sign ups recently… as have my fellow producers here in the UK. We are being targeted by someone/several people using stolen card details, they will get in eventually… they always bloody do! I’m not going to give away how I monitor what I look out for from potential thieves of our content but it does irreparable harm! I know one producer actually cried, I know how she felt as I had a “site rip” earlier this year – it is utterly soul destroying to see it happening in front of you, you feel helpless, exposed, violated… you really do! & the filehosting companies are complicit, they know this illegal activity (I will not argue, it is!) and hide behind a law that they eventually comply with but know that the links have been downloaded and then allow the illegal file sharer to re up them again almost immediately. Some companies are working on closing down the monetisation of filehosters… this is the new way that has seen 100’s of would be scammers and thieves of content worldwide stopped before their file hosting companies can really take off… We spend time removing these links, time we would much rather spend on producing more content for our own sites. It takes away the joy and creativity we all have and this is a very real threat to some of us smaller producers as more and more hard pressed people turn to free links.

If you are one of these, everytime you download a link, you are helping to fund many pirates at OUR expense. I have said it once, I’ll say it again, I don’t want to continue if this is the future  – I would rather try and sell up with what content I had spare and leave this hassle to others, as much as I hate to admit this and I know there are others who feel the same – is this what you want? Small producers forced out? – Leaving only big ones in their wake and the odd clips 4 sale snippets from any Tom Dick or Sally making a few Bucks here and there? I’d be interested to know if any of you have done this in the past, we try to keep our memberships competitive, I even have a great idea on rewarding loyalty which will be coming soon at my site… but I think I have said enough… please just remember the best way you can support any of us is to buy a membership of the site you like the look of, we appreciate your support, contrary to some ignorants out there, we do not make a vast fortune from this! I barely break even (of course I do but only just) but I still have a full time job elsewhere which often takes over my life and I spend so much time updating, helping to edit, promote and deal with customer queries (I had 2 this morning) and not including spending more time on my much neglected blogs – I am burning myself out! Seeing a site rip of my own site would just break my heart and make me question why i am doing any of this! Remember, i am not alone in that thought 🙁

OK, let’s try and cheer us all up and check out some great updates that I have missed this past week to bring to you!

The New Master – starring Pandora Blake & Tom Cameron at Redstripe Films

english-spankersnpp-830058 english-spankersnpp-830059

english-spankersnpp-830061 english-spankersnpp-830064

english-spankersnpp-830041 english-spankersnpp-830043

The Spanking Mansion can now feature the very first initiation of Pandora Blake into the world of domination and pain. Her new and her first master take her to a secret location in the heart of the countryside where her initiation will take place over a number of days. The lessons she will learn will be instilled upon her with a variety of punishments for transgressions, a detailed account is kept and the appropriate punishment administered with a harsh reality that will leave her bewildered. Why is she here, why does she submit and give her body freely, how much of the punishment can she take. You have to see this collection of films and watch the progression of this beautiful young lady – CLICK HERE to see a freeview clip of this classic film!


I will be flitting across The Atlantic (not literally, unfortunately!) between various spanking sites – as an example, here’s some of the latest films coming out from Michael Masterson’s websites, filmed in Colorado as a rule! the 1st features a recent collaboration with one of the nicest brats with a very spankable bottom that I have personally had the “pleasure” of thrashing…. Miss Alex Reynolds!

11867_006 11867_013

11867_025 11867_029

11869_0041 11869_0081

11869_0141 11869_0341

11869_0401 11867_0362

Alex is waiting nervously to be punished by Mr. M. He arrives and takes her OTK and spanks her hard with his hand on her bare bottom. She is then made to wait for him to return with an implement. He returns and spanks Alex with his belt on the bare bottom, bent over the bed. She is then left in her room with a VERY red, sore bottom! Check out this great film and many more like it only from RealSpankings.com


& over at the sister site RealSpankingsInstitute.com – a double punishment of Harlan and Abigail in the lunge position caught my eye! I love seeing this position used… it is embarrassing and painful for the spankee in a proper old fashioned discipline setting!

Below images are taken from the HD film “Room Inspection Fail”

11906_002 11906_014

11906_020 11906_024

11907_001 11907_003

11907_016 11907_025

After long hand-spankings, both girls are left in time out. The Dean returns with a leather tawse and straps Abigail in the lunge position. With her bottom still sore from her handspanking, the Dean then makes Miss Harlan assume the lunge position, while fully naked, and straps her long and hard with the tawse too!

& below, I couldn’t resist showing you some images from Kiki’s latest punishment at the institute!

Kiki scored unusually high on an exam she took. She is required to retake the test in the Dean’s presence and she misses 7 answers that she had previously answered correctly. She is required to take three strokes with the leather punishment strap for each missed answer. This punishment leads to tears and a sore bottom, followed by a very uncomfortable time out.

11912_007 11912_016

11912_023 11912_028

Kiki’s long hard strapping punishment on her pert cheeks can be viewed in full HERE


I love seeing grown women given a spanking, maybe because I always think they “should know better” but there is an element of embarrassment and shame that accompanies a grown up punishment spanking… along the lines of “I am too old to go over your knee or get the cane” etc… well, this isn’t the case for Sarah Bright & Katie Didit… and this is a wonderful, hard punishment film I know you will enjoy!

Taken from the ongoing “Dare You Dine with Me” series (I liked this one!!!)
Sarah & Katie get caned!

npp60001004 npp60001006

npp60001012 npp60001020

npp60001021 npp60001027

npp60001041 npp60001043

npp60001054 npp60001062

Sarah and Katie have conspired to win the dining competition and have witnessed the caning of Amelia Jane Rutherford who they blamed for messing up the dinner.  (You can see a special gallery of that film HERE – remember?) The production company looked back at some of the video they shot and now the day of reckoning comes. There plot has now been exposed and the irate victim of their nasty behaviour decides to hand out his own form of punishment. Both these ladies have to bend over and in turn they are spanked and then caned extremely hard on their sore bare bottoms!

Click HERE to view the special free caning preview


Sarah Gregory’s visit to Florida produced this stunning F/F spanking film during her “Blonde period” as she gets to grips (again) with stunning model Galas (having a change of hair colour too) the sexy curvacious brunette… (I can’t keep up with the hair changes, lol) – all I know is that this is female spanking erotica at its kinkiest, I love seeing girls spanked in the bathtub… seeing TWO is even better! Taken from Sarah Gregory Spanking

002 004 007

008 009

011 015


004 006

012 016

Sarah and Galas are in the tub together comparing the spankings they got at school from their hot teacher. When Galas says she kinda has a crush on him, Sarah is not too happy. Sarah spanks her girlfriend on her wet bottom for crushing on someone else. Then Galas decides to spank Sarah for the hell of it, which turns them both on.

Full naughty film can be viewed at Sarah’s site HERE


& at her sister site MommaSpankings.com – a rather odd time for this film to come out as it is “Thanksgiving” themed… but nonetheless a welcome addition to the new site as it’s a great double punishment of bratty Sarah by mom & dad! Taken from the film “An Unhappy Spanksgiving”

014 016

008 016 (1)

005 016 (2)

003 010 011

008 (1)

009 015

Sarah is pouting and acting very ungrateful. When Sarah’s mother confronts her and asks her for some help preparing Thanksgiving dinner, Sarah back talks her enough to earn herself a hard slap across the face. If that isn’t enough she gets a hard bare bottom spanking from mom, from dad, then from both for acting like a spoiled ungrateful brat on Thanksgiving. CLICK HERE to view the new site MommaSpankings.com tour pages and see for yourself!

Or view BOTH sites as one at the banner link below
(giving you a very generous discount off the sites) & you can use the same codes!



Mike takes time off this week (just this week!) from spanking his naughty girls and here’s a chance to see 2 new models interact in the new uniform niche on the site – from the Sexy Maid Cleaning Company section… there’s MORE to come from this and members will see it all – welcome Adrienn and her hapless new maid, Timi.


ep3_6 ep3_8

ep3_9 ep3_12

ep3_14 ep3_15

ep3_16 ep3_18


A businesswoman, Adrienn, wanted a sexy maid to clean her house so she booked Timi for the day. She paid for her to clean only but when she saw young Timi bending over, showing off her delightfully spankable bottom, Adrienn couldn’t contain herself any longer and she ordered Timi over her knee and spanked her. Adrienn also took a leather paddle to her bottom and a riding crop. Timi obviously told her boss what happened and in part 2 we will see what happens to Adrienn! (hmmm, can you guess, I don’t think Mike will be far away, do you?)

Check out all the latest updates across the excellent and extensive tour pages HERE


I’m going to show these images, even if it may be an error on the part of the great folk at NorthernSpanking.com – mainly because the images I have here are so f*cking HOT! (I had to swear… sorry!) You’ll see why in a mo… however, this page was supposed to be for another update and I know that Zoe Montana was again over here in the UK… and I have most probably (once again) missed a chance to film with her but my filming schedules were all tied up and I had little leeway but seeing Molly Malone and Zoe together… well, take a look for yourselves at these teasing images and make your mind up – this looks awesome, does it not?


NSI107-MZ003 NSI107-MZ010 NSI107-MZ027

NSI107-MZ008 NSI107-MZ015

NSI107-MZ022 NSI107-MZ025

I encourage you to investigate MORE at NorthernSpanking.com


& finally today, from the world of Sorority girls getting the spankings, initiations and other various hazing and rituals dished out to new pledges located HERE… I (sadly) see one of the very last films that Kat St James will ever appear in (unless someone has a vast hidden archive of her stuff)… now this is what is said at the site and I am not sure whether that means she is retiring from good from the online scene… I presume she is, as I don’t wish to blow her cover, but she is older than she appears and has a kid (well… most of us do, I guess) so perhaps she wishes to retire gracefully before some unkind idiot like me blabs and says she is looking old (* she isn’t by the way, she looks HOT and I will miss her presence online greatly!) – Kat has played that innocent doe eyed girl to perfection for so long now, I guess the day would come when she said “no more”  – so it goes without saying that this is a cool finale in 2 parts on the road to Vegas of which Kat makes her farewell in style outside in the warm  sunshine!

002 003

004 005

010 013

015 016

In Kat St. James last ever spanking shoot, she and Veronica Ricci run away from school. Veronica tries to talk Kat out of it, she even agrees to take a spanking half way to Vegas if that will stop Kat. But it doesn’t. Veronica spanks Kat, but that doesn’t work either. Sister Mary Alex (played by Alex Reynolds) picks up Veronica in Vegas and of course, must spank Veronica for running away, even using a paddle (see the conclusion below):

005 (1) 007

008 009

012 014

015 (1) 016 (1)

See the whole series of excellent F/F spanking films that makes Spanking Sorority Girls addictive viewing!

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& in case you’re wondering what kinky spanking films I am coming out with soon… I promise you there are 2 amazing films showing the next couple of weeks you will NOT want to miss! I promise you they will be worth the entrance fee… and of course your memberships help keep us making more films!!! Thanks for reading and have a great start to the week! I hope this post makes up for some of what I have been trying to catch up on!




Also… see if YOU would like to get over Leandra’s knee at POV Spanking 🙂

The film is in HD-MP4 1280×720 playback.

Midweek Spanking Updates

I’d have got this out sooner but I have had a problem once again with some shitty pirates using stolen credit cards… 3 fake transactions today (I won’t tell you how I know but it is rather crude and obvious to most of us, I am just pissed off that I didn’t see this until a few hours after their sign up as I was out at the time!) So whatever bastard it is, I have a good idea who it is as they prefer to use their own Spanish IP address to download the stolen films) I shall investigate if I can find out more about them as what they are doing is, essentially – criminal! Anyway, they have no doubt raped the site for what they need, as for the other 2 crap sign ups, those transactions have been voided already and the poor people these thieves have acquired the stolen details from won’t have to get bothered wondering what my CCBill transaction is all about! Anyhoo, this is the crap we website owners have to contend with… just thought you’d like to know, it’s a real danger to the continuing existence of sites like mine. All sign ups go direct to my mobile phone so I can act pretty much straight away nowadays if something isn’t right, just a pity the battery power on the phone was out at the time… but enough of that… grr!

The latest film, as promised, starring cheer girl Leandra is now out… I have 2 galleries for you to check out which you can see below… and if you just want to download the film then that option via the Clips Store is also available! (click any image and it leads to the free gallery)





If you only want to download this full HD-Wmv film then see how to HERE


In other site updates, check out my pick of the day…

Starting with my good bud Greg’s delightfully un-PC site bunbeatingfun.com

Why do I absolutely love this format? I like seeing brats given a real good spanking…there’s some humour (or “humor” if you’re in America/Australia etc) at the start in the build up to this latest model brat to fall into the clutches of Red Hot Video as they film out of some sleazy motel room in Florida… please welcome Briella Jaden. A blonde tempting harlot that soon learnt that manners cost nothing… except for the marks left on her poor blistered red butt – heh heh!


Here is the early banter between Briella and an increasingly fed up “Mystery Spanker”

Him: “I’m the photographer… and you’re the model.”

Her: “I don’t care, you don’t know what you’re talking about!”

He mutters under breath – “Another one”

Her: “You’re… wasting my time with this frivolous shit!”

Him: (off cam) “Bitch!”

Her: “… and I think this shoot has been the worst day of shooting I’ve ever had!”

Him: (grabbing her by the ear) “Not yet… BUT IT WILL BE!”

bri001 bri002


& so her ordeal begins… this girl’s reactions are very real as she couldn’t take a spanking as much as the other girls I have seen but this doesn’t make this film any less for it, perhaps it is better as I have worked with girls like Briella who reacted so much better than, say a seasoned spanko… that’s the appeal of this site, you never know what model brat you will get and they all react so differently! I loved watching this film, and I know Greg’s members will too! (She’s also incredibly cute with a trim figure that looks as if you’d break her in 2… but with a mouth like that, you know she’s made of sterner stuff!)

briella-09 briella-34 briella-10


briella-20 briella-13

briella-16 briella-18 briella-22

bri004 briella-28 bri006

This is what Greg had to say about his latest girl!

Briella has an angelic countenance, born for the camera coupled with a wicked bottom that is very much in need of a firm hand.  An exquisite combination, to be sure, and one that was guaranteed to result in noisy fireworks sooner or later.  And to this already combustible equation let us add that Briella’s bottom is both extremely sensitive to the touch and as alluring as a Siren’s Song! 


Click HERE to view all the latest updates and great little intro clips of what you can expect to see inside the members area


The gorgeous Lola Marie is featured next and gets a hot cruel punishment at home!


Oh dear! Lola Marie is home from school and she is in trouble. She knows the rules of the house, punished at school, punished at home. She knows what that entails. First off she has to bend over the knee for a good spanking on her white school knickers then it’s knickers down and out comes the slipper. Now if you have never had the slipper you don’t know how much it can hurt, well this was Lola’s first time and she soon found out that once she was kneeling, bottom well presented and the slipper used by an expert it can be VERY painful!

npp6017030 npp6017013

npp6017017 npp6017038

npp6017042 npp6017058

npp6017061 npp6017066


Check the FREE HD preview clip of schoolgirl Lola Marie’s punishment HERE


Madison Martin & Veronica Ricci co star in this latest episode from My Spanking Room Mate


Madison looks just stunning and this is an awesome F/F spanking film!!!

msr-p141-010 msr-p141-018

msr-p141-021 msr-p141-023

msr-p141-028 msr-p141-030


Veronica Ricci is working as a temp at Madison’s office, where manager Aaliyah Love will not put up with any poor work. So when she catches Madison and Veronica slacking off, she has them spank each other, with hand and hairbrush. 

msr-p141-031 msr-p141-039

msr-p141-040 msr-p141-042


See the results of 2 curvy bottoms turning red for their boss’ personal viewing pleasure.

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The last update today is from Sarah’s great site – SpankingSarah.com


School girl Bow is in real trouble in the latest instalment of my Trophy Wife series. She has purposely got herself into trouble  because she knows that her step mother must undergo the same punishment. This time she has taken a step too far and is really for it. Stretched out on the vaulting horse she is spanked first of all over her white school knickers by the headmistress and her stepmother then her knickers are removed and the ladies take it in turns to apply school canes to her bare bottom. They know what they are doing and really lay the cane onto her bottom.

npp5050009 npp5050012

npp5050017 npp5050019 npp5050020

npp5050021 npp5050029


Click here to see a free preview clip of this latest punishment film!


Right, I’m off outside to enjoy our BBQ meal… gotta make the most of this fine weather 🙂

I have the veg and meat ready… heh heh!


Spanking Therapy

Hello again! I’ve spared you a rant, a much needed one, actually and decided to use another form of therapy today, one that I am sure you will be most happy to see and read about instead of my usual inane ramblings! “Spanking Therapy!” This is the title of the latest film which will go live at AAA Spanking in less than 24 hours of this post being written! The  film co stars Amelia Jane Rutherford and Molly Malone in some of their sexiest lingerie imaginable and one very lucky Uncle David caught in the middle of these girls. You have to see both young ladies in the flesh to see how striking they are together, being rather tall so it was nice to have them lie on the bed together in a mass of gorgeous rump and long legs with pretty panties and stockings in this therapeutic tale of spankings 🙂

I have some exclusive 1st show images for you below with the official storyline explaining what happens in the film! We had a lot of fun making this movie and it was good stress relief for us all as this was a long hard day’s filming. Uncle David, Amelia and Molly needed no encouragement… and made it easy for Zoe Page (my beautiful and capable assistant behind the scenes that day) and myself, who were filming this. We hope you like this film too!



“Hello there! Need some stress relief, we have just the thing for you…”


lingerie22 lingerie24

lingerie26 lingerie28

lingerie30 lingerie34

lingerie38 lingerie39

lingerie41 lingerie44

lingerie48 lingerie49

Amelia and Molly enjoy nothing better than pleasing their kindly Uncle David who saved them from a life of crime years ago in what he described as the “Porno Incident”. Of course, they never talk about such things anymore and help him in any way they can nowadays. So when the girls noticed that he was getting stressed at work they decided to give him a special treat to help him relax. They waited for him in the sexiest lingerie they owned and allowed him his one real pleasure left in life… spanking naughty young ladies! However, the girls forgot that ol’ Dodgy liked to use the bathbrush as well as his practised hand. This is a wonderful naughty spanking movie that will make some of you jealous that this man lives in such a therapeutic spanking relationship!


Be the first to view this film HERE 🙂


I’ll be back with more news and updates tomorrow. G’night!