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2 Movie Updates of a harsh Spanking from Mommy

I have 2 very good mommy/daughter discipline spanking films for you today and they feature Miss Elizabeth at her best with 2 very different daughter discipline scenarios.
The first is the latest film release from AAA Spanking which was first shown late last week starring in a very special debut for the site, one Miss Aria Lennox in her first appearance at this website. In fact there will be a guaranteed brand new girl featured every week never seen at AAA before for the month November!

This is also a special double first for Aria… her first spanking by a female and her first ever real life icky, yukky, super sudsy mouthsoaping (caught on cam). It is really rather good as you’ll see from the screen images below and I have a link to the free preview that best showcases just how cool this film is!

Spanked Bathbrushed & Mouthsoaped

Aria spanked by Mommy

What a debut performance from Aria Lennox as the brattiest, foul mouthed daughter of Miss Elizabeth. Mommy calls her in for her continuing abysmal behavior but Aria refuses to accept any responsibility. Her attitude is appalling, peppered with foul expletives which only angers and disgusts her mother further. No time is wasted as Aria is spanked over mommy’s lap, first over her jeans, then across her panties and bare bottom. But the foul language continues and the dreaded bathbrush is used with great force which has Aria in near tears, gritting her teeth as the hard wood really grabs her attention. However, mommy had promised a further punishment after her bath brushing… and that is going to be her first ever mouth soaping. Aria has no clue how mean this will be, but she soon experiences that a proper sudsy, soaping multiple times with continued scoldings and humiliation is a very effective method of correction. Aria finally learns her lesson but not after it leaves a nasty lingering taste in her mouth and a very sore, thobbing red bottom!

spanked over jeans otk spanking spanking with the bathbrush bare bottom bathbrushing sudsy mouthsoaping mouthsoaping


Triple A Spanking

Or if you prefer, you can view this full length clip from the ever popular AAA Clip Store – for the direct full length HD1080 MP4 video link, click on the image below and it will take you straight to that option (including a free preview clip, of course!)

In the very latest update from Momma Spankings – Miss Elizabeth deals with a different type of brat, Quinn is that little girl lost tuype of daughter that never seems to learn her lesson… so mommy knows exactly what to do, as you’ll see (below).

Momma punishes Quinn

Quinn comes stumbling in 3 hours past curfew drunk and dressed like a slut. Mommy is not only very angry, but worried about what has happened to her daughter. Quinn has quite an attitude with mom until she is taken over the knee for a spanking. Quinn is already so sore from previous spankings so this feels ten times worse. Mommy is relentless and brings her stingy hand down hard on Quinn’s bare bottom. Quinn cries in pain and promises to be a good girl from now on. But that doesn’t stop the spanking. Her punishment ends with her bent over taking mommy’s leather paddle on her sore red behind.

spanking from mommy



The above websites feature loads of content with Miss Elizabeth but now you can also see some of her own produced videos courtesy of her own Clip Store Spanking House Productions

Luna Disobeys Mommy at Momma Spankings

How did I miss bringing this amazing Mommy/Daughter spanking film with a difference? Well, better late than never, what’s more it is a special redhead-fest as you’ll discover at Momma Spankings this week starring a first appearance at this site for both Amber Dawn and Luna Lain. We filmed this in a great location at what I now consider a good spanko friend’s place (thank you, Eric) when we enjoyed our stay in San Francisco a few months back. Filming Amber and Luna was one of the highlights of our little tour out west. Check out these ladies excellent first appearance at Momma Spankings – I promise that you will not be disappointed, how can you looking at these images?

Luna Disobeys Mommy – at Momma Spankings
Featuring: Luna Lain & Amber Dawn

Luna and Amber

Mommy only asked one thing of her daughter Luna and that was to be gone and not in the house ash she had an important business meeting there. Mom comes home to find Luna just chillin’ on the couch. Mommy is very upset and Luna doesn’t seem to care. This naughty girl needs to be taught a lesson when it comes to obeying mom. It is over the knee for a good spanking to teach this defiant girl a lesson!

mommy spanking her daughter spanking otk spanking

spanking her daughter


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Spanked and Mouthsoaped by Mommy

This is a very special featured film which came out at AAA Spanking this past week! Members can currently view this new video starring Ten Amorette and Miss Anna. It’s a fantastic maternal discipline film and when we were making this I was unsure as to how it would end up – but seeing it now, I think we made the right choice! The spankings are hard and mean with Miss Anna scolding Ten constantly (who has no answers to her questions). Of course, the mouthsoaping scenes in the bathroom are also very memorable! I’ll let you decide with a look at these images taken from the film including some exclusive animated GIFS… I am having to watermark them clearly now as some sad individuals use these to promote piracy of our content (sigh). These dullards will steal anything nowadays to promote their damaging content theft. Anyway, if you like what you see, then a membership really doesn’t cost very much for access to 400 movies and 1000’s of images to download. Support like this is what keeps us going. This film is also available as a full length clip at the AAA Clips Store too!

Ten is Spanked by Mommy…


Warning: This is an intense “Mommy/Daughter” hard hand and hairbrush spanking with a finale only foul mouthed young ladies deserve. Ten Amorette is on the receiving end of a long, tearful and brutal mouthsoaping that she will not forget in a hurry. Mom (played by Miss Anna) takes her daughter over her lap for an overdue spanking with the continual disrespect and poor attitude capped by that filthy mouth of hers. When Ten swears and cusses further, Mommy takes her to the bathroom for another spanking whilst reminding her to take a look in the mirror at herself during the punishment. Ten shows no remorse and swears some more forcing Mommy to take the bar of soap, froth it up and make her daughter taste that awful sudsy, cleansing soap bar deep inside her mouth whilst being scolded. Ten finally learns her lesson after several cleansing sessions, her face and mouth a soapy, shameful mess. She will think twice about swearing in front of her mother in the future!

otk spanking   spanked in the bathroom 

& Mouthsoaped by Mommy!

 mouthsoaping      mommy mouthsoaping her daughter



aaa spanking

You can also view this film in full – at the Clips Store – Direct link HERE

spanked and mouthsoaped by mommy

Please also be aware that voting for the first 2 categories will come to an end this Tuesday (see below) and the results for these will be shown soon after. There is also one more category for you to vote on – PRODUCER’s CHOICE – which should come out as soon as I hear back  from those interested in having their films showcased and put up for the vote.

Last chance to vote in these categories!




Adriana Week at MommaSpankings.com

As you probably know, it is “Adriana Evans Week” across the entire SG Network (incl. AAA, of course). So here is the first of those updates as promised, courtesy of Momma Spankings. This is not the first mother/daughter role that Adriana will be in this week either (!!!) – seems she does play a naughty daughter rather too well, right?

Adriana Evans week

All the images you see above are from all 4 featured films, so I’ll let you guess what the others are before they are released! You’ll find (below) some stills and screen grabs, including a few animated GIFs which showcase this film. I have also provided you with a link to the free preview clip at the end. Please be aware that Momma Spankings (massive in its own right) is part of the SG Pass network giving you more content for less than the combined cost of joining up to Sarah’s 2 main sites… the pass also gives you access to the entire Strictmoor Academy series.

Momma Spankings Sarah Gregory Pass

We have also been asked whether the SG Pass might someday include our other current sites… I can tell you that this won’t happen via CCBill or any other billing agent, but we are also working on other site projects which might be included at a later date. In any case, you would be the first to know HERE or via our various Twitter accounts if something was to change or be added at a future date!

So to Adriana Evans and a special debut appearance from Miss Bernadette (who hails from Canada) and plays a rather stern maternal figure all too well (yikes!)

Missed Curfew, Real Tears!

Real Tears Punishment of Adriana Evans

It is 11:30am and curfew for Adriana was at 11:30pm. Mom has sat up all night worrying and is very angry. As long as Adriana is living under her roof, she will follow the rules set by mom. After a scolding, Adriana knows how they handle things and she is very sorry even before going over mommy’s knee. Mom spanks her hard over her dress, panties, and then quickly gets to the bare bottom. After her bottom is sufficiently hand spanked, it is time for the hairbrush. Adriana is made to ask for the hairbrush from mom, which she hates doing. This is to further add to the punishment. When mom starts with the hairbrush, real tears flow as Adriana kicks and sobs. She has learned a very hard lesson.

Adriana Evans and Miss Bernadette spankings mommy spanks on the bare bottom bare bottom OTK spanking Adriana Evans spanked by mom Adriana gets a hairbrush on her bare bottom hairbrush spanking OTK spanking Adriana cries during her spanking tears and spanking real tears spankings spanked by mommy


Momma Spankings SG Pass

The next “Adriana” update and preview here will be from AAA Spanking (watch out for this one, it’s a very hard hand spanking!!!) COMING VERY SOON

Liars get the Hairbrush

plantsWhen we make spanking films, we often take moments from our past as a reference for an idea or an event which happened which we can use as a storyline or a loose plot etc. This latest film at AAAspanking.com had something like this from my own past which we introduced into this short, sharp shock style film. I look back on this moment and it took me nearly 20 years to admit to my family what I did. Reminiscing at a later date, it seemed hilarious. However, my poor sister got a genuine hard spanking off my mother for what I did and she had no idea it was coming.

I still remember the event like it was yesterday even though I was about 6 years of age. I was bored and saw my younger sister who would be about 4 or 5 at the time. She was  playing with her dolls, oblivious to what I was about to do. At this age I knew right from wrong and deliberately uprooted all the potted plants in the living room and made a real mess. I don’t know why exactly I did it, but I then ran off to my mother and shouted that my sister had done something terrible in the Living Room. My mother went spare when she saw the utter devastation. I also remember my sister quietly playing with her dolls unaware of what I had done and what was about to happen. Mother then punished my sister in front of me.

I know it’s a wicked thing… it was a dirty secret that I kept until I confessed many years later and both my mother and sister remembered this incident well. Oops! Anyway, yes, I could be a naughty devious boy. The things we kids do, eh? LOL! So, this film is based on that episode in my life and it is payback for the perpetrator… played by Alice Michaels (below) and Mom is played by Sarah Gregory.

Sarah Gregory
Sarah Gregory (Mom) is waiting for her daughter Alice – she has something to discuss with her! 

Liars get the Hairbrush – featuring Alice Michaels & Sarah Gregory

liars_get_hairbrush002 liars_get_hairbrush003 spanking a liar liars_get_hairbrush004 liars_get_hairbrush005 liars_get_hairbrush006 liars_get_hairbrush007 liars_get_hairbrush008 liar2 liars_get_hairbrush009 liars_get_hairbrush010 Alice Michaels is given a hard spanking liars_get_hairbrush011 liars_get_hairbrush012 otk spanking liars_get_hairbrush015 liars_get_hairbrush016

Alice had really gone and done it this time. Last week she was bored and saw her little sister playing happily on her own. Alice didn’t like how she was playing so happily so wrecked the living room. She pulled up potted plants and spread earth all over the floor. She then ran to mommy and told lies about who did it! Her poor sister got such a whacking, and she watched it all gleefully. What a wicked little girl! She would have got away with it too but for the nanny cam. Mom just happened to check it as the storage was full and remembered that awful incident the previous week. When she sees the truth she summons Alice to the Living Room for a showdown. Alice has no excuse and mother tells her that “Liars get the hairbrush”. This is a swift OTK bare bottom spanking and a severe, uncompromising hairbrush whacking. This leaves Alice gasping in pain clutching her sore red bottom! Trust is important in this family, lying will not be tolerated!

 hairbrush spanking



You can also view this film at the CLIPS STORE – it is available in full HERE

Midweek Spanking Updates

It’s that time when I attempt to catch up with some of the best spanking updates I’ve seen from the SG Group of sites in one go! That’s 4 websites for you to look at and there are some amazing spanking scenes and stories to tell. I hope you like the images and GIFS that I have made for you here… if you see these GIFs elsewhere, just remember that you saw them here first 😉

midweek spankings

I’ll start with AAA Spanking and a long play film in 2 clear parts: I have covered the first part here (below) which is wholly F/F and is a Mommy/Daughter spanking scenario (that’s the Sarah Gregory influence, which I think is a good thing!). She wanted more of these type of scenes played out so with the AAA twist, the second part sees the (step) mother of Stevie punished by the distraught husband in a hard domestic discipline with “heavy leather straps and sticks” who never gave his new wife permisssion to spank his precious little daughter!

This films stars Stevie Rose & Miss Anna (the wicked step mom)
Spanking Daddy’s Princess (part 1)

spanking daddy's princess

Stevie is confronted by her new step mother before bedtime in another unfair “discipline session” that went too far this time with Stevie getting her PJ bottoms pulled down and given a hard bare bottom spanking, leather paddling and hairbrush punishment to tears. (just wait til daddy finds out – in part 2)

daddys_princess002 daddys_princess003 daddys_princess004 spanking mommy spanks her daughter daughter punished by mommy paddled otk daddys_princess010 daddys_princess011 daddys_princess012 hairbrush and otk spanking daddys_princess014 otk spanking daddys_princess016 hairbrush spanking daddys_princess018 daddys_princess019 01daddysprincess

Stevie Rose had a new stepmom and they didn’t like each other one little bit! Anna made sure that her new bratty daughter got no favoritism from her when Stevie’s Daddy (John) was away on business. He trusted Anna to look after her as she was his Special Little Princess. His wife found fault with Stevie’s behavior and often spanked her hard until this time she went too far and spanked Stevie on her bare bottom with a leather paddle and a hairbrush!

daddys princess rubbing her sore bottom



The full film is now available at the Clip Store HERE


1149308_oCheerleader Spankings delievers on its promise of sexy films and real hard discipline films – although, personally I’d find this new one in the “both” category this week. Angel Lee (who we rarely see online), as far as I can see, has only appeared at the SG network of all sites featured here today… so it is my pleasure to showcase this excellent cheergirl discipline film. Angel took not only a Reformatory Strap but the 5ft+ Workout Strap which I also believe is the first time it has ever been shown on film… Johnny (FLAPaddler) was the coach who wielded this wicked piece of heavy leather. Take a look at her sore bottom and tell me this punishment didn’t get the message across!


Coach had called for one of his best cheerleaders, Angel Lee, to see him when he found out she had been late for practice again. She had potential but her attitude and workrate recently had started to let down the team. He ignored her weak excuses and took her over his lap for a hard bare bottom spanking that had her gasping in disbelief. This punishment took a turn for the worse when Angel swore at her coach in frustration when he made her repeat “Practice makes Precision”. No girl on his squad would dare show such disrespect so he gave her 2 further painful lessons bent over a bench, her bare bottom high in the air, quivering and exposed. First, the reformatory strap did its job then the dreaded 5ft long heavy workout strap crashed onto her sore, red cheeks for a total of 10 furious licks of mean leather no girl should ever have to take! Warning: This is a severe punishment film that not many girls can take… See how much Angel was able to withstand in this authentic style cheergirl discipline drama.

CLS-54-020 panties down spanking spanking her hard otk spanking CLS-54-039 CLS-54-043 CLS-54-058 CLS-54-069 panties down spanking and strapping strapping the cheerleader CLS-55-015 02practice CLS-55-021 CLS-55-023 ANGEL LEE - SORE RED CHEERLEADER BOTTOM


cheerleader spanking - click here for more girls punished panties down

Or visit The New Cheer Clips Store (below) to view this full HD video

cheerleader spankings clip store - click here to see all the latest films


At Sarah Gregory Spanking Johnny Lake is again featured giving the amazing Harley Havik her most tearful and very real discipline film with “Straps and sticks!” As I recall, Harley was only filmed twice as both films were severe and there was no way after this one she could continue… in fact, sarah and I caught up with her later the following week in LA and made some more hard, but beautiful punishment films). On thsi particular day, we were at a private spanking party this was the last film we shot (well, we only did 2 and they were both severe) You can see her other tearful film already showing at AAA Spanking HERE (<<free gallery)

Real Tears, Real Apologiesfeaturing Harley Havik

0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-014 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-016 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-018 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-028 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-029 leather strapping 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-035 caning harley to tears 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-054 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-060 03harley 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-063 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-066 caning 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-080

Harley has really fucked up this time. She was caught on camera kissing, dancing, and being spanked by another man. She knows the rules, woman only. Johnny is not happy with her to say the least, in fact he is disappointed beyond belief. His girlfriend and submissive will not disobey him like this. There are only two things he uses to teach her a lesson, Straps and Sticks. He takes his thickest meanest strap to poor Harley’s bottom and then his thickest cane. By the time the first stroke of the cane comes down she is crying real tears and begging for forgiveness. This is Harley’s first ever time crying real tears in a film.


sarah gregory spanking - real tears


Finally for today, another Mother spanking daughter video, also with Miss Anna… from Momma Spankings – only this time the spankees are sisters played by the adorable pairing of Alex Reynolds and Adriana Evans… oh my, look at them all!

Adriana Evans - Mommy Miss Anna & Alex Reynolds

Sister Trouble – with Adriana Evans, Alex Reynolds & Miss Anna (their mom)

Alex and her sister Adriana are non-stop arguing and fighting and mommy has had just about enough of their behavior. Mommy takes each of her naughty daughters over the knee for bare bottom spankings. This elicits real tears from Alex as she apologizes and cries. Adriana continues to sass mom and earns herself another trip over mom’s lap for the hairbrush. Alex makes snarky remarks from the corner and also earns the hairbrush on her already sore spanked bottom. These are two very sorry sisters.

told off and scolded by mommy momma-213-010 momma-213-012 spankings momma-214-049 Adriana spanked by mommy momma-214-032 momma-214-090 momma-214-102 04sisters hard spanking action momma-213-040 momma-213-042 Alex is spanked and given the hairbrush on her bare bottom momma-214-172 very sorry sisters



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sarah gregory pass


lone star spanking partyI love drama in the films but NOT at meetings or public gatherings – which is why, for a large national spanking party, you will get to enjoy meeting other like minded spankos on your level… this is at the LONE STAR SPANKING PARTY – There’s absolutely no pressure to join in any organized stuff but it helps for some of you who might be alone to break the ice (such as newbie orientation, the Spankee Hawkins events and so on…) but there are some great classes (such as Amelia Jane Rutherford’s and a special presentation from Michael Masterson too!). Then, of course, there are all the suite parties where lots of the nocturnal shenanigans happen. If the doors are open you’re welcome to go take a looksee and maybe join in too! The main suite will be open so anyone is welcome there and people often take off to various rooms for smaller parties within a party.

Last year’s party was a big hit with the relaxed atmosphere that people appreciated and this year will be even better – a new, better, very kink friendly hotel that can’t wait to welcome us all… I know Sarah, Tubaman & I are excited about it this year. So if you are in the Houston (Texas) area on May 19-23 then come book a room at the hotel for a discounted group price, pay your registration and enjoy all the fun.
It’s even cheaper this year if you don’t want to partake in the Evening Ball/Dining on Friday and Saturday (as that costs more) so there are options for everyone’s tastes/time and wallet. There is also the Dark Party (which got quite raunchy where there was a little more BDSM play involved). Oh my… there is so much to do including an excursion to the coast and the bus we have hired will have tinyed windows and a driver that will expect LOTS of spanking noises going on behind him! LOL – just go take a looksee at the website and check out the full schedule!


Welcome to Houston! 🙂

Mommy Daughter Spanking Update at AAA

moms knowHello everyone, this next spanking film and many more that you will see after this date marks more of a change as well as the regular things you see at AAAspanking.com – However, nothing is changing too much. In fact, even I am in full agreement how the new direction of the site is going (2 heads are better than one). Sarah Gregory’s influence takes hold in this film as you’ll guess from her love of ageplay and mother/daughter style discipline scenarios. Who better to do this than big stars in their own right… Chelsea Pfeiffer and Alex Reynolds. I have to say this film turned out really well. I sometimes shy away from the daddy/mommy/daughter dynamic, but I do get why so many want to watch these type of video roleplays and of course they need to be done well. There’s also something new next week and a few new style spanking films to come which I am sure most if not all of you reading this will enjoy viewing at some point!

However, to today’s blog post and news update – it’s called “All Privileges Revoked” and I have made some special GIFs and I have lots of images for you to check out and of course a link to the update/HD film where you can see a preview clip.

Revoking all privileges at AAAspanking
Alex has good reason to look worried, She is told in no uncertain terms what will happen!

alex_privileges002 alex_privileges003 OTK spanking punishment alex_privileges004 panties come down for her spanking OTK spanking spanked alex_privileges009 alex_privileges007

Daddy’s little girl, Alex Reynolds, had an arrangement at home that if she followed the House Rules and did well at school then she could wear any of her cute clothes and accessories. Her Mother (played by Chelsea Pffeiffer) thought this wasn’t a good idea at the time as it wasn’t her idea. Soon enough, Alex got lazy and thought she had a right to do as she wanted and the final straw was the below expected mid term reports. Mommy was very disappointed with Alex and made her take off all of the privileged items of clothing she had on whilst giving her a humiliating punishment she wouldn’t forget. Alex’s bottom was bared and given a thorough spanking before enduring some of the discipline implements that she hated the most. These were the hard wooden paddle, hairbrush and a leather strap that stung and brought her to tears. Alex didn’t feel very special or cute without her favorite clothing and now she would have to earn that right, in time, to wear her choices again.

hairbrush spanking

alex_privileges010 alex_privileges011 Chelsea spanks Alex alex_privileges013 Chelsea Pfeiffer uses the hairbrush leather paddling for Alex alex_privileges015 alex_privileges016 ass whacked with leather leather strapping tears for Alex Reynolds Alex strapped hard on the couch


Alex’s tearful eyes & red bottom tells her mother that she has learnt today’s lesson!


This film is also available as a one time download from the CLIPS STORE

alex spanking revoked


douche knight 1Next week cometh “The Douche Knight” – a character who we never see on camera. I’m not even sure the camera guys saw him. he just turned up, did his job… and left. Luckily this guy wasn’t wearing a cape, but he from what I’ve seen, he thinks he’s a stand up guy and doing a good job spanking the girls… but will he ever earn their respect? Does he even care? Do WE care? Hell! That wouldn’t be very ethical, would it? It would appear that all he wanted to do was spank them and make up any lame excuse to then spank them some more… Oh boy, what a douche-bag! That is the joy of our friendly “Douche Knight” – I think he also had a bit of a brooding Dark Caped crusader voice thing going on – oy! Like I said, what a douche! Watch out ladies, you better behave, your bottoms aren’t safe in this new *“reasonably consensual” series.

*Disclaimer: I was kidding, of course!

Jadie spanked by the Douche Knight

Spanking Mom – Step Mommy Dearest

This is the title to the latest video now showing at MommaSpankings.com – it’s a little different from the usual spanking films as it is shorter but just as intense as you’ll see. Adriana Evans plays an interesting role as a young step mother to Lily Swan, a rebellious daughter who stays out all night and wears slutty clothing. Is it a cry for attention? Is she protesting about the new “mom” in her life? These are the types of stories going on all over America and this video highlights how some Step Moms, whatever age they are, should not be tested when faced with a bratty “step daughter”. Here is one such story told by Sarah Gregory at the maternal spanking discipline site.

Step Mommy Dearest – now out at MommaSpankings.com
Starring Adriana Evans & Lily Swan

“You look like a hoe-bag!”

Adriana is Lily’s new step mommy and Lily is being a little rebellious brat. Step Mommy will not have this and after Lily has stayed out all night she awaits her in her bedroom with hairbrush in hand. She gives Lily a spanking she won’t soon forget with hand and hairbrush. At first Lily struggles and fights back, but is soon the contrite girl she needs to be.

momma-204-050 momma-204-051 momma-202-001 momma-202-003 momma-202-010 momma-202-008 momma-202-009 momma-202-011 momma-204-075 momma-204-086 spanking with the hairbrush momma-204-100 momma-204-117 otk spanking momma-202-024 momma-202-025



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