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Adriana Week at Sarah Gregory Spanking

We’re well into “Adriana Evans Week” across the SG Network and we’re now over halfway with the new addition yesterday at Sarah Gregory SpankingSo here is the third of the four films now available. The last two were mother/daughter themes… this one is similar… it’s just the M/F version – “Daddy/Daughter” which co-stars Mr Rob as her disgruntled father! Sarah & I have got to know Mr Rob rather well over the last year and he is an excellent disciplinarian, living the lifestyle… and now filming behind the scenes for Delco Spankings. If you’re familiar with the name then those on the east coast of the USA will know of the parties that were organized in the past! This is another traditional, hand spanking and strapping… it’s rather good so let’s get on with the review!

Adriana Evans week

Once more I collected a decent amount of screen and stills images, including three wonderful animated GIFs which best showcase this film. I have also provided you with a link to the free preview clip at the end. Sarah’s sites and content really have come on in leaps and bounds these past few years. They’ve always been story driven and with the addition of Momma Spankings this site makes for an unbeatable SG Pass getting both sites for less than the combined cost with the same set of codes.  Oh, and Strictmoor Academy, the entire series of films are also fully accessible with the pass!

Adriana Spanked by Daddy

daddy spanks adriana

Adriana waits nervously for daddy to come and punish her. She knows she has been a naughty girl and no more discussion is needed. Daddy approaches belt in hand. Adriana goes over her lap for a hard hand spanking before she is made to kneel on the chair and stick out her bottom for a dose of daddy’s leather strap. She cries real tears and promises to be a good girl as daddy straps her poor red bottom.

spank spanking adriana evans spanked by daddy otk spanking strappings  


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