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Girls who need a spanking

Apart from my missus, “Er Indoors” – who has just got back from a visit to her daughter… and is about as bratty as she ever was (peace and quiet has been shattered) – “just who else is deserving of such spanking discipline”, I thought? Let’s take a look at an old classic I hauled out from my personal archives, then I’ll show you 2 latest films from another site of a really hot bum-ba-licious girl who I love seeing spanked – AND with my fave implement – that dreaded bath brush!

“I’d like a chocolate flake on that and do you have Mr Whippy ice cream?”


What happens when 3 girls decide to act like total sluts and drive without a licence? Well… they get what they deserve! They do themselves any favours, dressed up like hookers with one shameless girlin tight revealing leggings and the others in fishnets, they decided to go out into town and just do whatever the hell they wanted. So the spanking they’d get for behaving so badly would be in front of each other and on their bare bottoms.



The nastiest brat gets a spanking to remember and some humiliating verbal lashings from no nonsense Ms Law who gets into the zone and whacks this screaming tart until her bouncing butt cheeks were a deep shameful crimson!




My second more recent look at one girl in particular is Aleesha Fox, she really does have one of the most spankable bums out there on film and amongst many girls I shall be filming later this year, I’d love to see Aleesha at my own site. She has been a welcome addition in the meantime to FirmHandSpanking.com – as you will see below in her last 2 films as the hapless “Nanny” (or “Au Pair” if you prefer) to Earl Grey (and Amelia Jane Rutherford… who I have no doubt I already showed you spanking her… which was fun to watch!)





Leaving the door to the shower room open while her employers host a dinner party downstairs earns an instant over-the-knee spanking with a bath brush! Aleesha Fox is in Au Pair Trouble again with Earl Grey eager to spank her naked bottom. Will 51 smacks change her behavior?

See the free movie preview of this punishment HERE

& as I mentioned Amelia, you can see both her and Earl Grey sort out their Au Pair in another domestic mishap recently  from the same series for the unfortunate Aleesha! I think she should be looking for alternative employment unless she prefers to stand often!!!





“Keep Calm & Spank On” – See more of this unfair home discipline HERE

Brats, Brats & MORE Brats Spanked!

Well, it’s a miserable Easter Monday here in England… chilly, damp, grey and nothing to go outside for on a typical Bank Holiday after the weekend *sigh* – so I thought I’d find some nice warm American spanking images to cheer myself up and I thought I’d start with Sarah Gregory as her latest film has her dragged in from the pool and spanked by Daddy for being outside too long in that gorgeous warmth! (She’d be BEGGING to come inside if she were outside in the UK today, or freezing her ample bits off, that’s for sure!!! Brrrr!)

So check out one of my fave brats getting a thoroughly deserved spanking by her Daddy, Paul Rogers.




Sarah has been grounded. When Daddy comes home from work early, he is not happy to find his grounded daughter out in the pool and she starts to brat off giving him a hard time so he drags her into the house and gives her a hard bare bottom spanking on her exposed wet bottom! You can see more of this movie and download it HERE

“Ouch! Daddy gave me a proper spanking for being such a brat!”

Keeping it in the family (no it’s not Mississippi… sorry, only kidding! I love you folk of The South! Honest!!!) – oops, there goes my last remaining southern reader… (come back, Sir!) Um, as I said, Sarah does the domestic and family stuff so well, and as I didn’t let you know about her last spanking exploit, here is a brief reminder of what older sis, Lily, got up to with her younger brat sister’s very ample and spankalicious posterior… and that “Attitude Adjuster” paddle looks kinda “ouchy!”


Sarah’s big sister, Lily, is left in charge of taking care of Sarah while mom is out of town. Sarah thinks that taking care of her means dropping everything and doing what she needs. Well, Sarah wants pizza and Lily is on the phone with her boss. Sarah doesn’t care, hangs up the phone, and demands her sister..”take care” of her by making her dinner. Well Lily takes care of her alright… with a hard spanking and paddling!


You can Check out all of Sarah’s original movies at her bratty best right here


I was going to give you some sunny spankings from Badtushy.com but then realised that I had shown these before, what I haven’t shown you, though, is this amazing film from around 6 months back that I just had watched again earlier today… and I decided, “what the hell? You can warm yourselves or feel warm just looking at thieving Becky’s roasted red rump!” Indeed! (& it’s Ms Law at her nastiest best!!!)




Ms Law catches her girl’s best friend stealing from her pocketbook, but instead of calling the cops, she bends her over and spanks her over and over in front of her tearful blonde haired daughter! Every time she would cry, Ms Law would smack her bare ass even harder! Seriously, see how red and busted up this thieving fool’s ass really gets! A BadTushy Classic!




Where would I be without my fix of brat related spankings if it wasn’t for the aptly named Punishedbrats.com – well, fear not, I have some cracking new updates from this fine site and of course these girls are getting what is most deservedly coming to them… over the lap of their tormentors! Yay!

What better film to showcase a real beautiful brat than pouty Lorraine Little? & who better to give her a hard hairbrush spanking than her no nonsense Aunt Veronica? I love these 2 together and I always feel I’ve had my money’s worth watching any of the films with them in. Fortunately… Punishedbrats.com has a considerable amount of content with both ladies… so enjoy this latest Aunt & Niece punishment re enactment.



Veronica takes in her troublesome niece, Lorraine, then immediately enacts some strict rules and discipline starting with a good hairbrush spanking for her all her recent bratty behaviour. Lorraine is quickly learning that if she’s going to live with her Aunt Veronica, she’s going to have to improve her attitude or she might never sit down properly again!



Check out more of this stunning spanking film with Lorraine & Veronica at their best!


In sunny California, Clare keeps on getting some amazing new talent in, some from LA’s infamous Dominion Club… and of course, LA is full of beautiful, wannabe actresses and budding porn starlets who are more than happy to let Clare know about their in house shenanigans growing up, which often included spankings so – at SpankedSweeties.com – this is the site that showcases such stories which are re encted for our benefit and here we have a gorgeous newcomer by the name of Riley… that “Momma Clare” gets over her knee after her introductory interview!

Clare had this to say about new girl, Riley: “This was Riley’s first spanking shoot, though she was no stranger to being spanked! She was discliplined by her mother, father and even the nanny. Riley is a tall, gorgeous model of Arabic descent, with an amazing round spankable bottom”.






OK, before I go, you might want to know what is coming out later this week at AAAspanking.com – it’s a real treat with Danielle Hunt who absolutely LOVED wearing this uniform, so I ended up making 2 films with her in (and out) of it… can you guess why she is going to be spanked in this 1st film? (heh heh!)

I shall also be uploading this film at the Clips Store later TODAY and there are some new additions added there recently for those that only want to download the odd clip, part of a movie or entire film but never seem to like membershoip sites… so the choice, as they say, ladies and gents… is entirely yours!

Have a good remaining holiday today. Happy Easter.

Someone will win this, it may as well be YOU!

Spanking Roundup & other news…

2011 is looking to be an eventful year for many peoples of the world as they assess what their actions to self determination and that of Mother Nature can bring as they/we all cling precariously to this rock hurtling through space called planet Earth. So as we watch the Middle East political landscape starting to change (who will be next, Jordan, Syria, Iran?). Down under in what many of us Brits consider one of our closest nation buddies, the poor folk of North Eastern Australia, already recovering from the worst flooding for 30 years are now suffering with Cyclone Yasi hitting the coastal areas, and to understand how destructive it is:  it’s a 300 mile wide swathe of 200 mph winds comparable and probably more severe than Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans over 5 years ago. I feel for the residents of Queensland – and they are told more bad weather systems are inevitable for the next few months! Just how humble do we appear when the full fury of Mother Nature takes hold!

As I write this I hear there are gunshots in Cairo as it gets ugly there in the increasingly more hostile demonstrations – the things we do to each other, I sometimes despair, I get angry, “man’s inhumanity to man” – and I could ramble on, I’m sorry, I should have got out my soapbox before carrying on as this is after all a spanking blog and you have come here to escape the depressing news of the above and instead celebrate with me some of the things this wonderful kink of ours can give us back as we escape into a world of some seriously hot spanking and punishment discipline! & I have that for you as my 1st update below has to be one of the HOTTEST movies shot by Ms Law at BadTushy.com in an age and it is an absolute plesasure to introduce this very latest movie as she humiliates her girls in the most explicit and provocative F/F spanking I have seen for some time!

WARNING: The girls discovered the fury of Ms Law is comparable to a Force 5 Cyclone!

Ms Law catches her girls best friend stealing from her pocketbook but instead of calling the cops, she bends her over and spanks her over and over! Everytime she cried Ms Law just smacked her bare ass even harder then more intimately to make it more humiliating for this thieving piece of shit! You will see from some choice images below that this full spanking video is surely one of the hottest films Ms Law has made in quite a while and just look at how red and busted up the ass of this thieving piece of lowlife really got! Ms Law ensures those that cheat & steal get what they fully deserve! Top Karma spankings indeed!




This movie has all the fury and force of a Category 5 Cyclone – CLICK HERE for more!



NEWSFLASH!!! I almost forgot that in Pennsylvania it’s “Groundhog Day” today and Punxsutawney Phil (see below) predicts there will be an early Spring, yay!!! I hope so as I plan to be over that way if things go well! So thanks’s Phil 🙂


Not sure if I had shown you this full movie update from AAAspanking but it’s a cracker, literally!!! As Kami took a real hard belting and of course I will share some behind the scenes info on this movie as well as provide you a little clippet near the end of her leathering and believe you me, between takes when we changed cam angles – she told me to whack her as hard as I could, she’d cry “cut” if it was too much – so I did… she told me she REALLY felt she had to be punished and wanted me to bring her to tears – Now anyone that knows the marvellous Kami Robertson will know exactly what I am on about as she wanted to cry… no, she NEEDED to cry, she didn’t want to act this out and I rarely do so of course we got the required effect when she felt suitably humiliated and sore! Then she reached the point of no return as I continued to thrash her… it’s a great little movie and a believable story – “what would YOU do if your cleaning maid broke one of your irreplaceable family heirlooms?” Indeed!

Click HERE or the image below for my additional short HD clip of Kami’s punishment!

Images below are taken from the full length movie called “Broken Glass”






You can see another clip of Miss Robertson’s punishment…
and more of her work already shown exclusively at AAAspanking.com 

WARNING: Do NOT spank Kami OTK unless with great self control & cast iron underpants! 


Finally today as promised my focus is now on another great spanking site from Japan and the brand new film just released at Hand-Spanking follows from my last post HERE (which ended up being a review of the site) and this again features the very cute Kurumi with those big doe eyes and a very spankable soft bottom!



Click image below which leads to the current free movie clip in Wmv playback

From my last update featuring Kurumi and her Step Mother – The scene gets back to the present time. Kurumi is now given a sound spanking and an enema (members can see this!!!) that she’s been afraid of from her strict nasty step mom! I have also added a few images of the spankings below for your added perusal!



MORE movies of Kurumi & other sobbing pyjama clad girls, schoolgirls and daughters HERE

Ms Law spanks hard!

I was looking over some older stuff I had from other sites in my vast archives and found this stunning film from earlier this year from BadTushy.com – I have long been a fan of the way Ms Law sorts out her girls, she can be rather mean and a little OTT, but she sure puts the brats in their places and quite quickly! It would take a real foolish girl to brat back when Ms Law is in full flow… and so here is this amazing film where Alexis is told to leave her school after being caught out yet again with another Curfew Violation.

Now I remember this movie well as the blonde honey reminded me of a chick I once fell in love with many years ago and she broke my heart… seeing her thrashed and treated like dirt by Ms Law felt like some kind of payback as you’ll see I’ve dedicated this update just to this hot blonde babe! Lovers of seeing girls in jeans getting spanked: you will CREAM yourselves as there is a prolonged OTK scene and of course then Ms law decides that she needs to feel the soft flesh of this brat on her hands – I’m not arguing… please enjoy the images and the free streaming clip I have made exclusively for you all!

If you enjoyed this update today as I checked out some warming tushy spankings, you’ll be amazed at the content that is currently available for download at BadTushy.com – this site is so much better, I think, looking at the latest updates, I will be parted (again)with some of my hard earned cash as I look forward to seeing what wonderful movies I will have to download since my last membership there in May! (judging from the tours there’s some amazing stuff!) This is one site I have no hesitation in recommending nowadays, their movies are playable in full screen and there are some naughty themes, lots of girl/girl, sex and spanking with schoolgirl/domestic/teen situations including humiliation and temperature takings (I’d say about 20%, maybe a little less was not F/F but that’s no reason not to check out the site) CLICK HERE or the banner below for all the very latest news and updated EXTENSIVE tour pages!