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Clare Fonda Spanking Site Updates

So here’s my second weekend update as promised, if a little late, as I had just arrived back from a busy weekend away in Vermont. It was already snowing and very cold but both Sarah & I had a great time meeting some of her family up there! Anyway, here’s a special look at a group of sites within the Clare Fonda Pass network – all these updates are the latest or very recent that I haven’t covered. So without further ado… check out these great releases!

Riley Anne

Young Riley Anne was spanked a number of times growing up, usually by her mom (played by Star Nine). She gives a candid interview to Star, then we re-enact two of her spankings, both of which leave her perky bottom bright red and so sore she asked for an ice pack.


Veronica & Dria Punish Teacher Snow

Veronica Ricci and new girl Dria find Teacher Snow in her “office” which looks very much like a dungeon. When they discover she has been punishing girls here, they agree to keep it quiet if Snow takes the discipline spanking she deserves from each one of them. They use their hands, a leather paddle and a thin wooden implement to deliver the message.


Spankingsgiving Sisters

Riley Anne is dressed as a pilgrim for Thanksgiving and her older sister Star Nine is dressed as a Native American. While they are getting the Thanksgiving dinner ready, Riley says several inappropriate and ignorant statements that upsets her sister so much, that Star puts Riley over her knee right there in the kitchen for a sound spanking, turning her sister’s cute bottom bright red.


Veronica Tricks Ami Mercury

Veronica Ricci greets new recruit Ami Mercury, who is interviewing to join the call girl agency. Ami doesn’t know Veronica quit a long time ago. Veronica dominates and spanks and paddles Ami’s curvy bottom until she convinces her to tear up her contract instead of signing it. Ami was so sore after this scene, she had to sit on ice.


Kay spanks Elori

Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) has yet another new roommate, this time it’s her friend, cute little Elori Stix. Kay teaches her new roommie all about the rules, putting her over her knee and spanking and paddling her to reinforce them. Poor little Elori’s big curvy bottom gets bright red and sore while she learns the rules.



All the above sites can be viewed individually, they are massive in their own right. However, as part of the Clare Fonda Pass these 5 sites represent the best value spanking site network giving you 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost! CLICK HERE for all the full details.

clare fonda spanking sites

Clare Fonda Spanking Updates

Hello everyone, I’m away at the moment and my connection isn’t great so I’ll make this brief and bring you some much awaited update news, today from the Clare Fonda Pass network. Each site featured is massive in its’ own right, but of course, by now, I am sure you are aware that you can view them all with one set of codes and for a fraction of the combined cost! Read on for each site’s latest update news, I have included banners and the pass banner for each section so you can view the update pages at the sites featured if you so wish ūüôā

Misty Lovelace – at Spanked Sweeties

Misty Lovelace is a super cutie with a curvy bottom who was spanked by her mom growing up. She gives a great interview about all of the details and Clare Fonda plays her mom for two exciting re-enactments – one in the dining room, one in the bedroom. The spankings leave her red and sore.



Madam Clare Battles Silvia Saige – Spanked Callgirls

¬†Clare teaches newbie Silvia Saige a lesson with a sound spanking in the bedroom. The two MILFs battle it out and Clare ends up over Silvia’s knee as well. This is a long, sexy spanking action film release that fans of Clare Fonda will not want to miss!

spanking see clare fonda spanked



Mom Spanks Daughter Ami – Spanking Sorority Girls

Julie Simone plays mom to Ami Mercury. Julie is sending Ami to a school for wayward girls and Ami is resisting. Mom bends her over the sink and convinces her with an old-fashioned spanking. She uses her hand, then break a spatula on Ami’s curvy bottom before finishing her off with a hard wooden spoon. Ami nearly cries and is red and sore for days after.

spanking sore buttocks

Watch all the episodes of Spanking Sorority Girls HERE


Veronica Spanks New Roommate Kitty

When Kitty Catherine becomes Veronica Ricci’s new roommate, she quickly learns that there are strict rules for the apartment complex. Kitty is forced to read the rules while over Veronica’s knee receiving a sound spanking. She complains and kicks and even cries tears that drip onto the paper, but Veronica keeps punishing.

otk spanking



Exclusive Education 11 – Part 3

The final installment of the Exclusive Education Year 11 episode is here. It stars Lana Miller as the strict principal who is trying to get Sunny X to tell her all about the slumber party held last night. When Sunny holds back, she finds herself over the Principal’s knee for a long, hard spanking with hand and hairbrush. When she lies, she gets some more punishment with a nasty, large, wooden paddle!

hairbrush spanking

View all full length Exclusive Education episodes only from Girl Spanks Girl


All sites featured here today can be viewed separately but you can also see them all (up to 5 sites) for a fraction of the combined cost (check it out!)

clare fonda spanking pass

Maytime Saturday Spanking

Her are a few extra spanking site updates to ease you through this excellent weekend… I’m going to start with the Clare Fonda Site Network as there are some genuinely HOT spanking films for you to check out!

Lost Map Woods spanking – from Spanking Sorority Girls

ssg-p116-001 ssg-p116-007 ssg-p116-009 ssg-p116-019 ssg-p116-020 ssg-p116-023 ssg-p116-030 ssg-p116-032 ssg-p116-035 ssg-p116-036 ssg-p116-038 ssg-p116-044

Veronica Ricci is hiking in the woods with Lana Lopez and Amelea Dark when she learns that they have lost the map. She spanks each girl until they overpower her and give her a spanking right there in the woods. Features lots of red bottoms and still no map!




From the archives of Spanked Sweeties – Missy Rhodes

038 046 049 053 055 058 059 060 064 067 068 069

This was one of the most popular girls to feature for her first time spanking appearance. Missy Rhodes brought her stories of past spankings to life. Clare was very flattered at the time that some people thought Missy really looked as if she could be her daughter. This is yet another mother/daughter spanking that you can see exclusive to this site with Missy!




Plumber Chad spanks Kay in the latest episode at My Spanking Room Mate

msr-p230-007 msr-p230-010 msr-p230-013 msr-p230-021 msr-p230-028 msr-p230-029 msr-p230-030 msr-p230-031 msr-p230-035 msr-p230-037 msr-p230-038 msr-p230-039

Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) calls in plumber Chad Alva to fix her pipes. But she can’t pay him and just wanted a date. He gets so angry that he puts the naughty girl over his knee and gives her a hard hand spanking right there in the kitchen. She gets red and can’t sit down and has to watch him leave without a date.


My Spanking RoomMate


Spanking Before the Party РNEW at Spanked Callgirls

001 002 006 007 008 013 014 019 022 023 025 028

Veronica Ricci lists the demands of the call girl party, but Lana Lopez refuses to do some of them. Veronica spanks Lana as a way of getting her to fall in line. But Lana, though being smaller, eventually fights back!



All the above sites featured are massive and worth viewing in their own right, but you can also view these sites as part of the CLARE FONDA PASS giving you access to up to 5 sites at a fraction of the combined cost with the same set of codes for your convenience.



Finally today, I just wanted to remind you of a great movie that I had watched again earlier today, I was looking for more Mandie movies for AAA (which I found) … but in the meantime I came across this one and enjoyed her tearful punishment… it’s really rather good!

Reckless & Feckless (with Mandie Rae) from AAAspanking.com

002 (1) 003 005 007 (1) 010 012 014 (1) 015 016 017 019 (1) 020

This is a stunning domestic discipline debut for Mandie Rae as the financially inept wife of husband Robert. She had been hiding risky trades in stocks and shares with their home finances until they weren’t enough to cover her mounting losses. She had started to make more obvious transfers from personal bank accounts to cover the shortfalls. At this point, it wasn’t long before Robert noticed the discrepancies and after he investigated them he decided to talk it through with Mandie to hear her side of the story. She told him she was afraid of what Robert would think and couldn’t let him know but she was right to worry as this was what disappointed him most that she felt a need to hide this from him rather than seek his help. He decided that an old fashioned hard bare bottom spanking might just remind Mandie that from this moment on she would have to earn his trust again. This is a loving yet very firm and hard traditional OTK spanking punishment between a husband and his young, attractive wife. Look out for the double arm and leg lock as he spanked his struggling wife on her bare bottom until he was satisfied that her very sore red bottom would be a good down payment on building that trust again!





Spankings that WILL NOT turn you to stone (just give you wood)

Hello everyone, I’ve been offline for a few days but am back so here’s what I have been taking a look at recently, including many new updates and my own little insight into the various spankings you’ll see, so hope you like it! Right, no more of my waffle today, let’s get straight onto the spankings and here’s a startling one that I always look forward to when new mistress/spankee… Azul at Punishedbrats.com takes charge of Angelina (these 2 look FANTASTIC together) and I am always in awe of Azul’s dreadlocks… she reminds me of Medusa… but fortunately a good looking Medusa who won’t turn me into stone if I dared look at her:

This is not Azul… but she could easily take part in “Clash of the Titans”
imagine being spanked then turned to stone – yikes!

Angelina Summoned –¬†Mistress Azul received word that Angelina was late to the studio. Angelina admits to oversleeping and tries to push the blame on Azul for not waking her up. The dance mistress decides to give the girl a wake up call in responsibility and delivers a painful hairbrush spanking to the lithe dancer’s bottom.




MORE films and a FREE Preview of these 2 “in action” can be found only at Punishedbrats.com



A new Sarah Gregory update is released today at AAAspanking.com and I’m sure that those that LOVE girls punished in their PJ’s will just love this one as Sarah gets her very first Dropseat Spanking thanks to Uncle Paul – over his lap and spread out on her bed with her ass held high in the air and in the diaper position… she is thrashed at bedtime when he catches her eating a chocolate bar. I loved making this film and you’ll love the way Sarah brats and complains as her fantastic bottom is given the hairbrush for her continuing sass and cheeks until she is left blubbering! The images below are the actual HQ images that members can now download and the movie and the accompanying video images etc will follow later! Hope you like, there’s some excellent films of Sarah at this site now! (and plenty more to come)




You can see MORE of sarah’s films she made exclusively with AAAspanking HERE


Another of my favorites had her ongoing punishment at FirmHandSpanking.com (“which fave are you on about?” I hear you gasp!) That would be Adrienne Black… with her beautiful blonde locks, she looks an absolute joy to spank… so it is with begrudging respect that I gibe Mr Reed here as he continues to spank Adrienne in her latest movie release HERE *sigh*




Seriously HOT otk spankings are ALWAYS guaranteed at Firmhandspanking with some of the hottest girls thrashed for our obvious viewing pleasure! Adrienne has a massive archive of films now at this site and can only be found HERE

Adrienne Black – one of the prettiest girls with possibly the longest legs in spanking!!!


More fruits of Clare’s recent labors at the Shadowlane Party was shooting some “authentic” hooker hotel room films shot in Vegas (of course) for her Spankedcallgirls.com site and this is a stunning debut for Snow Mercy’s friend, Sophia Locke… who plays hooker babe, Miranda!

Sophia Locke plays Miranda, one of Clare‚Äôs new girls who is a hard worker, smart, pretty and sweet- just the kind of girl Madam Clare likes. Unfortunately for her, Clare is out of town and Lana has been left to get Sophia started. Sophia is just Lana‚Äôs type as well cause she loves to spank round bottoms. Once she sees what a good little slut Sophia is with her panties stuffed in her mouth, Lana cannot resist caning her until the implement breaks. Lana just could not help herself and she had to keep punishing Sophia‚Äôs bare bottom! This is a stunning debut on Spanked Callgirls for both ladies with a hot scene caning scene (probably one of the hardest I’ve seen) that pushed Sophia‚Äôs limits.





I have to warn you this was seriously one of the best updates I have seen at Spankedcallgirls – find out why HERE


Over at the spanking soap opera that is My Spanking Room Mate – the switching and spanking mayhem continues with Clare’s exclusive girl, gorgeous Mary Jane and my ultimate spanking crush, Kay Richards (don’t ask my why, but she is just the most spankable thing around in my opinion) – For your info, I provide myself my own “Trouser Arousal” warnings when it comes to watching a naked and dishevelled Kay get a spanking, lol!

Mary Jane spanked by a naked Kay (loving her lovely bouncing breasts too!)

Mary Jane arrives withtout notice to ask her cousin Madison if she can stay at her apartment. She is here to become a model. She walks in without knocking and discovers a naked Kay doing dishes. Kay decides to teach Mary Jane how things are done around here and spanks her hard for barging in, spanking her through a phone call with Mary Jane’s new modeling agent. The larger Mary Jane overpowers Kay and returns the hard spanking.




See more of Kay and friends at this spanking soap opera in the free galleries below
(these are the most recent films including a rare Clare & Sierra Salem update!!)


You can check out more of the episodes HERE and remember that this site is one of the chosen few that you can use to view via Clare’s best value CLAREFONDAPASS which I now ALWAYS recommend as it represent best value (if you’ve got the hard drive space!)

OK, this was short and sweet today, hope you find something you like and I will be back soon, of course. Chief.

Just Spankings… No cats or other animals harmed in this update

No cats today, just glorious red bared bottoms spanked and punished the way they should be and I have some delightful movies for you including one from us which is due out tomorrow – I had only just viewed the full movie (only an hour ago) and I love that feeling, like a member not knowing what is coming next and I was pretty much stoked at how poor Sara Winter’s bottom got so red… I was filming in another part of the building when this was shot so had no idea what Paul Down had got up to… but I needn’t have worried, it’s a classic pajama spanking punishment with plenty of OTK and relentless spankings… and no real introduction… just spanking action throughout! There was no need for any lengthy plot as you’ll discover, Sara, was late out of bed… repeatedly! & each time her spankings got harder and harder, check out the images from this movie and you’ll understand what I mean (look at her sore bottom… yikes!)

The film starts with her being dragged out of bed very quickly whilst her enraged Uncle Paul immediately places her over his lap and starts spanking her whilst shouting at her telling Sara what a lazy girl she is for failing to get out of bed for their long journey! After her bare bottom is spanked he leaves and tells her to “Hurry Up!” – the film returns to her still not getting ready and she is again thrashed over his lap, the spanking is quite relentless, along with the withering verbal lashing she receives and you can quite clearly see Sara’s bottom turning redder and redder! (An awesome sight) She is left again to get ready and a 3rd and final time she is spanked stood up over the wash basin as an exasperated Uncle Paul is unhappy that his lazy niece is still in her pajamas… a great cam angle shows the full extent of the battering that Sara’s sore bottom takes and I have to say this film really surprised me (pleasantly) – A good old fashioned spanking of a cracking girl on her pajamas, I fail to see how anyone will not enjoy this short sharp shock of a film! Images direct from the movie are below for your exclusive first showing here (these images are not warmed up so they are the raw data as I have to check these out later – they are that new!) ūüôā





This is the next NEW Movie update for members of AAAspanking.com – out tomorrow!


The latest spanking soap opera episode from My Spanking Room Mate is a double headed affair with neighbor Clare interfering with the way her colleague Alicia disciplines the girls at the school they both work at… Clare suggested that Alicia get the girls to spank each other and this is what happens (yes, you’ll be aware that this is the same school and classroom of naughty girls as the infamous EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION series which are all available from GirlSpanksGirl.com – and though I digress, the filming for the 6th series starts soon on Aug 7th!) The upshot is that Alicia loses her job for allowing the girls to do this to each other… check out some images taken in conjunction with the actual 1st part of the movie below:




As you can see this turned into quite a spankfest and quickly got out of hand which is why Alicia got fired! As she blames Clare for the poor advice, she confronts her at the apartment complex and in the 2nd part of this film, we see yummy cougar, Clare, get her comeuppance with a humiliating and painful bare bottom spanking by her younger counterpart and just check out Clare’s red bum! This particular episode is NOT to be missed!!! More images of the 2nd part are below:




You can see more of the role reversal fortunes of Clare & Alicia with the added bonus of schoolgirl discipline scenes at this week’s latest episode from MySpankingRoomMate.com – and of course if you have forgotten the last EE5 series, then check out the site that hosts it and the select galleries that show you just some of what the girls got up to!



Don’t forget you can access both these sites as part of the flexible Clare Fonda Pass¬†(choose 3, 4 or 5 sites)


¬†Something a little sinister comes from the nasty Principal at Spanked Coeds and this time it is the ongoing confusing situation for Angelina as she struggles to understand the concept of correct footwear on top of her other violations. this time she is stripped and as well as her bottom getting thrashed with a very stinging Yard Stick, her feet and tops of her thighs are given the same treatment, this is something she won’t forget in a hurry, images below are taken directly from this interesting and cruel movie!






You can check out all the nasty punishments inflicted on the Coeds with free previews etc  РCLICK HERE


¬†& finally today from RealSpankings.com this classic of Kailee Robinson is advertised on the front tour pages of the site so I thought I’d show you here so you van see what the site offers (it’s vast, of course as it has been around online for an absolute age!) This is a particularly severe leather belting across Kailee’s quite sore cheeks as you’ll see from the 5 minute clip below and the images which show just what is happening if you can’t wait that long!

Kailee had been using her mobile cell phone inappropriately, texting whilst driving, sending rude images of herself to boys and her friends so Michael decides to give her a humiliating belting bringing her close to tears and then takes some images on her phone before ensuring that her friends can see what had happened to her!




You can see much more of Kailee Robinson HERE – who was punished regularly at RealSpankings.com


& before I go, over at our Clips Store a new casting movie has just been uploaded. As it wasn’t featured on the front of our main site (partly because I ran out of time and was a little busy, but inside the site it is there, of course). So regular members can view this in full in glorious HD-MP4 but now there is an alternative as you can just download this movie on its own (if you so wish) and it is uploaded in Wmv format and you can see if I had a good time in this spank casting of Miss Lucy Jones… or not ūüôā (Click image below for more)

More Spanking News

I have obviously been so busy recently, trying to find a replacement car (which isn’t going well at the moment and is taking my time) but I have definitely decided to downgrade, which is a shame, but I just can’t find any reasonable alternative at the moment and am wondering about the paltry sum I’ll receive off my insurance company, which isn’t going to help! Still, after news of the AAA Spanking Clips Store which is now open at long last, there’s one of my favorite films going up there around 6PM US East Coast time. This stars both Jasmine and Kami fighting in their pajamas before getting a good OTK hand spanking and a double hairbrush punishment! The film is about 20 minutes long but it’ll be split into 4 parts so you can choose which one you’d like to download so here’s a reminder of what to expect and where to find it. Shhh, I also uploaded it in our normal Wmv format, so it’s exactly the same quality as inside the members area of AAAspanking after I saw some other producers had ignored the measly 10Mb/minute guidelines! I’m currentlky uploading the final part as I type this, and the 5 minute clips are $5.99 (I tried to lower it to $4.99 but the software wouldn’t let me so I’m not trying to be greedy) Actually, I’ve seen some producers put up 7 minute clips and try to charge $15+ (damn, that’s a little steep!) Anyway, I’m waffling as usual….

That’s My Boyfriend – part 1 of 4

This scene has then girls pillow fighting and really getting into the spirit of a proper cat fight as they argue about the same boyfriend they have both been inadvertently seeing! A good start to the film and the perfect excuse to sort these minxes out who are making so much noise!

That’s My Boyfriend – Part 2 of 4

Beautiful Jasmine is the first to get a spanking over John’s knee, which she thinks is massively unfair with Kami looking on and gloating, but Kami feels justified in goading Jasmine as she feels that she is the wronged party here when she had been seeing the boy first! However, Kami’s taunts turn to tears as her abusive behavior in this doesn’t go unnoticed… leading to part 3!

That’s My Boyfriend – part 3 of 4

Kami’s turn! With Jasmine told to stand up close by with her red bottom on display, john deals with kami who is soon subdued and taught a painful lesson in some of the best OTK scenes you could wish to see! This is all leading to the climax of the double hairbrushing as both girls are laid out on the bed for the last part…

That’s My Boyfriend – part 4 of 4

Where to start? With so much double girl punishment action, lots of spanking and hairbrush punishments across the girls bare sore backsides as they bicker and argue and the punishment continues until they both say sorry… fortunately for us, the girls find this difficult and as John pointed out… he could be there all day doinhg that to them, sadlu they eventually “make up” but not before we’ve had out fill of a very memorable clip!

All this (this 4 part update is due to go up later today) and the other clips including the EXCLUSIVE Jasmine “slippering movie” are only available at the clips site available HERE – so don’t miss it ūüôā


As I’m talking about clips stores and the one off download benefits that so many people think is preferable to memberships, you might just be interested to know that at NaughtyBottom.com – over 30 films have been massively reduced in price, most of the films that are now reduced vary from around $4-7 only, and that’s a full Hi Res Wmv files and in some cases the movies are in full HD and come with image sets as well! I have chosen a couple of sample below for you, click on the images and they’ll take you to the preview page where there’s a FREE clip to make it worth your while and maybe interest you too at these prices! ūüôā

This is just the tip of the spanking download iceberg at this site with a whole load of movies now massively reduced in price and the others are being reviewed as well making this one of the best value download only sites which will have more films coming soon which you can now enjoy for far less. The full movie listings are located HERE.


& so to some updates and such from other producers I have liked and viewed over the last days. First up from the very reasonably costed SpankedCoeds.com site comes this latest offering with the unfortunate schoolgirl Daija (below) spanked to tears with the hard hand of the Headmaster and his hairbrush that she complained she couldn’t take! Some interesting and embarrassing poses add to this film, as her punishment… which was for peeing her panties on the desk stool (oops!)

You can see more nasty punishments of very tearful & remorseful Co-Eds HERE


Next up here is a girl that I think could be the next big spanking star if she wanted to be, thanks to FirmHandSpanking for the continuing series of films starring the lovely Corrine Gonzalez who has the most amazing bubble butt, this time spanked by the equally alluring and goirgeous Allaura Shane in the latest film now showing at this site! Still images which accompany the actual movie, as always are available and here is just a small selction of what you can get right now of Corrine!

You’ll see why Corrine steals the Chief’s heart once more… (below)

Corrine is spoilt brat Alluara’s maid… & Allaura can never resist any excuse to punish Corrine’s jiggling bubble butt so this time she gets her on her “sloppy dress”… Allaura hungrily devours the sight of Corrine’s magnificent rump as she slowly peels down those panties to reveal the full beauty of Corrine’s rounded cheeks! With her maid’s legs dangling provocatively over the edge as she is made to lean up on the kitchen counter, Allaura ensures that Corrine is strapped to perfection in this unfair but visually appealing girl on girl punishment film! You can also see a free preview clip of this at Firmhandspanking.com


Finally for today… I just noticed inside the Sensual Spankings section of GirlSpanksGirl.com that there is a rare movie just posted that I’ve never seen before starring Paris Kennedy when she was just 18 years old and all wide eyed and innocent looking before she turned REALLY naughty! Here again you get a glimpse of what she was capable of, I had featured a great movie previously where she starred alongside her 2 tormenting goths… so here again, they are together in film called “The Snoop”.

As Clare explains, ” This was a retro scene shot when Paris Kennedy was just 18 years old. School Girl Paris is spying on the goth girls she is staying with, and she catches them spanking each other. She has a fantasy about being spanked and begins touching herself. But the girls catch her and give her a real spanking. First Kat puts her over her knee and they both give her a hand spanking. Then Paris is bent over for some smacks with the riding crop. And she even gets the riding crop on her nipples before they leave her to rub her sore bottom and return to doing her homework.

If you want to see the full movie of this amazing naughty early work of a young Paris, then check it out HERE

Ok, I did say that was it, but just one little last bonus look at another of Clare’s sites and I know this has probably been shown elsewhere already as the full movie is now out to download, but it’s a cracker and since it has Faye, who I first saw at the above site getting thrashed by Clare as a schoolgirl in her Exclusive Education Series (last year) I have always looked out for this hot honey’s work! So here are a few images and a free clip you’ll get no where else outside of the members area in appreciation of Miss Faye! This is from episode 83 of the continuing spanking soap opera that is MY SPANKING ROOM MATE

Mark & Madison Spank Faye at Office:¬†Madison is visiting her boyfriend Mark’s office when Mark’s ex Faye arrives and throws Madison over the desk and begins spanking her. Mark and Madison decide to end this quickly and teach Faye a lesson. They put Faye over both of their knees and spank her together, with hands and hairbrush. How romantic!

View more of this episode and download all the previous installments HERE

Remember that both the sites featured here from Clare’s sites can also be viewed as part of her infamous CLARE FONDA PASS Network which offers the best value and easy access to as many of her sites as you wish to choose!

Clare Fonda Spanking Updates

Hi there… as I type this with one eye on the volcanic dust that is starting to invade our airspace… wondering if “Er indoors”, currently away “Outdoors” will get back (then she’s due to fly out again Sunday) I thought it would be easier for me to choose one time during a week to cover all of Clare’s amazing content in one post, making it easier for you guys to see what is available then adding any others or archived data when I have time or it feels appropriate. Clare’s sites have been busy and some of the girls are eye wateringly beautiful as you’ll see, and the very latest spanking soap opera episode that is at MySpankingRoommate.com again stars Kay Richards (yay!!!) in another role with cute Rosario Stone (I think it’s their 3rd catfight/spat/spanking together – Rosario is the put upon maid and this film has a classic good old fashioned girl tustle and wrestling with plenty of spankings which you’ll see below, which is, well… awesome! ūüôā

Kay & Maid Wrestle & Spank Each Other
Kay and her maid (Rosario Stone) argue over whether Kay paid her or not as the spanking soap opera continues. They get so angry that they wrestle and spank each other. Over the knee, bent over, hand and wooden spoon. Finally, the maid finds the undelivered check, so she bends Kay over for some hard whacks with a large, studded belt which leave the roomie whimpering on the floor!

All the previews of the 80 current soap opera episodes can be reviewed & downloaded HERE


When Momma Clare isn’t sorting our her little Hoes when they act up… they can often turn on each other and this is precisely what happens in Clare’s absence in this latest movie that is out at one of my favorite sites, Spankedcallgirls.com – seeing these slutty girls getting rude nude and lewd with each other usually means there are plenty of red bottoms, tears, making out and other naughtiness and of course this site has the old archives with plenty of temperature takings, ass and pussy inspections and other humiliating behavior that makes these bad girls properly submissive! The latest film stars bad girl Nikki Rouge and Nena

Nikki Rouge is a goddess of a girl and she handles naughty Nena who is vulnerable and hilarious in this scene!¬†In the bizarre world of sex for money, the little hookers sometimes turn on each other. It is particularly effective when Nikki gets new model Nena’s pert butt and she blurts out a stream of expletives! It’s the naughty slut switch spanking of the week!!


In the Erotic (naughty) Spanking section of GirlSpanksGirl.com there is a continuation of the “Other girl” series with Alexis, you may remember below she was playing with and got pleasured by new hot blonde Ash (reminder below)

If you thought that seeing this couple (above) together was hot, with lots of switching fun and punishment spankings and making out, then be prepared for yet more delicious nonsense as Mary Jane , the girlfriend of Alexis finds out and all hell breaks out as you’ll see below. Basically, it’s more of an excuse to show 2 VERY naughty young ladies spank each other, make out and frig each other off whilst of course letting us see all the action and their frshly tanned bottoms! Do I have “Wood”? I have a whole f*cking forest FFS!

Check out the girls in this new movie EXCLUSIVE to GirlSpanksGirl.com

Alexis confronts her girlfriend Mary Jane about her sleeping with Ash. She spanks Mary Jane to teach her lesson. After the spanking, she admits that she already spanked Ash to punish her, too, but then she made Ash pleasure her. So now it is Mary Jane’s turn to spank Alexis. And when they finish, they make out with yet more naughty playtime fun for us all to enjoy!


Finally today from Clare’s newbie, first timer and model fantasies and interview site – SpankedSweeties.com – I’m sure you will remember that I had introduced you recently to blonde newcomer, Ash Hollywood, another great find by Clare… so in case you aren’t impressed with the images below of her spanking over “Momma Clare’s” lap (I can’t remember if I had showed you that) – then check out the scolding and her tears as she takes her spanking – re-enacting an event in her life as she is spanked by Mom for being a terrible unruly brat, mean to her brother and hell to babysitters… you know the type, eh?… Well for all those real pain in the arse gals you’ve had the misfortune to deal with… see this typical brat-like girl get what’s coming to her!


& here’s something a little different from me (which means I ought to update my Girl Thrashing Boys blog) but if you are unaware of have been living on Mars then most of Clare’s girls take part in some seriously sexy and fun Fem Dom action with hunky young guys. I have to admit I have been getting into this scene recently and fully appreciate it and why guys will switch! Anyway, take a look at some recent updates from ClareSpanksmen.com and you’ll see – of course if you’re not into this, no worries, it’s just a small part of this Clare Fonda update today… but seeing the girls empowered over men is an erotic sight anyway!

See what I mean? Here is Ash Hollywood, looking damned hot and as you’ll see in these images there’s a great POV (point of view) aspect where you can imagine being the naughty guy going over her lap! I’m not going to show any clips here, but I may do at my other blog which I shall update afterwards HERE) Clare maintained that she is¬†a naturally dominant lady who can rock a fem dom look and is a talented athlete with a good swing on her… and “mint” with a paddle!

& of course there are more point of view movies, one recently released with Clare (even I would be tempted to take a chance if I was naughty over her lap!) and as I said before, many of the regular girls love to switch and take control of young men like the very popular male model Kade, seen below with Mary Jane giving him a hard bare bottom hairbrush spanking!

More men spankings by hot girls can be found HERE


Now the reason I covered the last site in Clare’s group is that it’s become an important part of her network and you have the choice of choosing the number of sites that you want, like 3, 4 or 5 sites in her CLARE FONDA PASS – full details of this fanstastic money saving membership is available HERE and don’t forget the longer term deals which works out even cheaper!!! OK, enough of the hard sell, but I do hope that you also enjoyed the fantastic variety that Clare offers across her network!

The things women do!

Girls spanking girls, women punishing other women, ladies thrashed by ladyfolk – I think you will get the gist of my little update today as I bring you what’s new and hot and what’s been on my media player in the last 24 hours since I was last waffling here! It promises to be a Female spanking Festival of Fun – if you’re into that. Otherwise go check my other blog at TEEN-SPANKINGS¬†when I will be updating that later today with some good hard male dominated spankings of young ladies!

So onto my 1st update, I had been watching this again earlier, it was the last of about 7 or 8 films from the “Houseguest from Hell” series with Michaela McGowen at FirmHandspanking (last year) and this caught my eye as me and “Er Indoors” are planning a quick ski break very soon… seeing Michaela in her Snowboarding gear just infuriated me as I am an “old skool” skier who can’t abide these grunge kids and their fashions on the ski slopes, so seeing Miss McGowen thrashed by Aunt Cindy for slacking off with her snowboard instead of working at home was extremely¬†satisfying to watch!



See MORE of Michaela’s movies only from FirmHandSpanking.com


Elizabeth simpson crops up from time to time at SlutSpanking.com as this is an F/F dedicated site and I just noticed that there is a new full screen movie update there which has her caught out slacking (I sense a theme here) where she claimed to be too ill to turn up to a film shoot only for Miss Baxter (played by the infamous Miss Bradley) to give her a piece of her mind and a darned good OTK thrashing in full screen glory РF/F lovers will love this site as it has a massive archive of content all with Hi Res movies and HD wmv playback!



If you haven’t already, see the FREE Clip of Elizabeth spanked on the home page HERE


2 New girls are currently on show at Punishedbrats and feature the 1st and 2nd showing of these girls they’re that new… newcomer Becca goes over the knee of relative newbie Dia, so it’s refreshing to see these 2 at Punishedbrats giving us some excellent variety of the latest F/F themed punishment spanking! Exclusive images from this film “Sorority Vote ” below:



Becca refused to vote for Dia as sorority president. Bully Dia is going to make the underclassman change her mind by warming her bottom and making her comply with her every demand!

See more of cute new girl Becca & her amazing smooth butt only at PunishedBrats.com


Want to know why I love Japanese spankings? Well just check out some images taken from my own personal archives of Cutiespankee and I think these bikini spankings images taken from a great movie I had watched again earlier this morning will better explain why I consistently rate this site HOT HOT HOT!!! Dang!





Cute butts, squealing girls, real tears & some truly hard wooden paddlings – welcome to the whacky world of spanking in Japan – CLICK HERE to see the very latest updates as well as free movie previews!


Sarah Gregory has been busy and in these 2 very recent movie updates you’ll see Sarah spanked by the fearsome Dana Specht (mental note to Sarah: avoid titles with seasons like Summer and spring otherwise Miss Specht will appear like a wicked witch to spank your botty!) – then sarah gets to take it out on one of her girlfriends, Ashley, who many of you will know has appeared at Punishedbrats in the past!

SPRING BREAK: Aunt Dana has taken her niece Sarah to Atlantic City for Spring break. In the first part of this 2 part long video, Sarah “borrows” a little too much money from Aunt Dana’s credit card to go shopping. This spoiled girl will soon learn that a cute dress and fancy shoes are not worth the bare bottom spanking and strapping she will receive in punishment.



FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: Ashley and her girlfriend Sarah are having a private and sexy evening in until Sarah notices that they are being streamed live from Ashley’s laptop. No way is Sarah okay with her sex life being put out for others to watch. She takes her girlfriend over the knee for some hard bare bottom spanking to teach her how to respect someone’s privacy.



Click here to see ALL the very latest movies out now only from SarahGregorySpanking.com


Tomorrow I’m going to do a full review of what is available across the entire network of Clare Fonda’s great sites but until then, perhaps you might be tempted by this naughty film taken from Episode 49 of MySpankingRoomMate.com¬†which has one of my favorite stars, Kay Richards, once again getting a much deserved spanking… & I NEVER tire of seeing her spanked! (Which is why I was catching up on some lost episodes) This one has¬†a pissed off Make Up Artist, Nikki, turning up for an appointment only for kay to blow her out as she has just agreed to go work instead for¬†time & a half pay instead! Wrong! You made the agreement, Miss Richards… now you must¬†pay the price for being so selfish! Love it! & I have cut you an exclusive free preview clip with some images taken directly from the movie! Enjoy!!! (I most certainly did!)





This site is part of the famous Clare Fonda Pass network (see below)


Say “Aloha” to Amber’s latest girl, Kay, from Hawaii!

Finally here is a special “What’s Coming ” at Amber’s great sites as she proudly informs her blog readers of her recent film shoot with her first beautiful black girl and judging by the images which Amber kindly showed at her blog (I have them here too!)¬†these are courtesy of her iPhone at the time of the shoot! This ebony honey gets the full treatment that Amber has become so adept at – giving and receiving spankings! She admitted that Kay¬†spanked her harder than any other girl & of course Amber knows just how to get the most out of her newbies so¬†always treats us to some of the most erotic spanking visual treats (check out kay’s oiled reddened bottom below, and you’ll see what I mean!)


My pants are going to be in some serious trouble when Kay’s films with Amber come online very soon at the banners below! Nice one, Amber!

Clare Fonda: spanked to tears & other stuff

Dang! I was going to post something else but when I saw this latest update, I just had to let you know about it as Clare is my favorite female spanko webmasters… why? Because she loves her work, she gets in the naughtiest girls and every now and then, it seems Clare needs a good spanking herself and just has to bare her bottom and I’m all for that, hell yeah! I have 2 updates from 2 very different sites that Clare runs, first up from MySpankingRoomMate.com – her spanking soap opera website, we are at episode 72 (hard to believe) and this is the epsiode Clare gets a darned good spanking off Police Officer Chris!

So the storyline is this: As you should all know by now, Clare¬†is quite the lesbian cougar on MySpankingRoomMate. She has struck up a friendship with the local police officer, Chris, and makes some inappropriate advances! Chris, a strong woman with a mean arm on her, takes Clare over her knee & gives it to her on her tight jeans, then her snug blue panties, and finally on her pale bare bottom which gets very red and Clare sobs real tears! You’ll see Police¬†Officer Chris really whacking¬†Clare, giving her¬†a hard lesson right in the bathroom, which I have to say must have been warm in there¬†as she roughly moves Clare around¬†over the counter and off her lap to drive home the lesson and you can see Chris¬†working¬†up quite a sweat! This is one spanking Clare won’t be forgetting in a hurry: Check out some Hi Res images from the new movie below which shows off clare’s spanking and her MILF-tastic butt (& yes… a MILF – “I would!”)


“Get your jeans down now!” Clare’s red bum was all too obvious from her hard spanking over her jeans!
“…and let’s be having your tight blue panties off too!” She barked , as Clare felt tears welling from the overpowering shame of her, a grown woman, being spanked like a naughty little teenage slut for daring to try it on! The humiliation was almost unbearable!


This full movie update is available to view HERE



& now for something completely different (and very naughty) from the delicous pervy mind of Clare who has an amazing Adult Diaper site NaughtyDiaperGirls that most of her models love working on as it makea a visual feast with beautiful women in diapers. Some have a diaper punishment, some are diaper lovers and there is spanking added, adult baby-play with rectal temperature taking, mouthsoaping, cornertime, and buttplugs! All the new stuff is also shot in Hi-Def/Hi-Res playback.

Click on the images below which contains some of the latest galleries from this unique site.

In the first gallery below: One of Clare’s¬†regular adult baby girl models, Kay (main c0-star of Room Mates above)¬†, plays a nanny who comes to Clare’s¬†house¬†looking for work. She ends up finding out that she is the baby!¬† Clare gets Kay in a nicely fitted diaper and she meets her new “co worker”- Baby Mary Jane! Mary Jane is a curvy model with tiny little titties and she is brand new to modeling but already a massive hit on Clare’s other sites and with me as I have raved about her too! Enjoy¬†the girls playing and cuddling on the couch and of course you just know that¬†Kay always brings some naughty play into her scenes!

Kay & Clare get involved in some serious Diaper play

The 2nd Gallery features Mary Jane as she is¬†interviewed¬†to find out what she is looking for in both a “mommie” and a “daddy”. Cute MJ, who is such a natural as you will see from the images, sucks on her pacifier and crawls around showing off her stunning body and adorable big baby girl manner that Clare captures so well.

Adult baby diaper girl MJ plays up for the cameras beautifully

Popular fetish and spanking model, Elise Graves, is back and this time doing some adorable adult baby play in a crib! This set from the movie including some breast feeding play from a naughty Clare simply HAS to be seen!!!

Elise Graves dressed in her diaper needs her milk!

& finally I saved the best til last as it features Clare peeing her panties and jeans when she plays a housewife caught short… who needs to be properly diaper trained by the looks of it! Check out Clare’s images below.

Housewife Clare pees herself! Click image to view the free extensive gallery

Phew! So there you have it, thanks to Clare for throwing me off my regular schedule, but I just *had* to update this for you all, I hope you appreciate some of Clare’s unique work! Check out the full tour pages HERE if you haven’t already!

Back soon with more updates from around the spankosphere!
Regards, Chief

Weekend Spanking Treats!

This quick but action packed spanking-fest is courtesy of Clare Fonda’s group of sites which can be all viewed with her convenient and top rated Clare Fonda Pass (my preferred choice of viewing her sites!) and I have some excellent new clips and images from all her latest offering at just some of her sites… but I hope that what you see gives you a great idea of what is currently available – and I can’t post anymore today otherwise I’ll be giving away too much of her stuff and she’ll be coming round to give me a damned good spanking (probably one of the few women I’d let spank me… lol!) However, as I have been out on a boring trip today doing some Christmas shopping with the missus, she has left me alone with my laptop in my warm study… the door is closed, I’ve lowered the lighting and fired up my laptop, fine wine and cigar at my side – as I bring you this weekend’s fine classic spankings of Miss Alanah Rae (long overdue!) by one of my all time fave spanker/spankees, the fearsome Snow Mercy *swoon* – if that isn’t hot enough, I have a link to one of Clare’s earliest online spankings from the same site (do NOT miss this!!!) – then there is a chance for me to show you both Clare and one of my new fave girls Lindsay Meyers, she with the dental brace (which I find pervingly cute – and who I so wanted to see MORE of in her recent role from EE5) and if that wasn’t enough, I have some first show images taken from another of Clare’s sites starring Britain’s very own most adorable Leia-Ann Woods – good job the door is shut…no interruptions… I hope you guys are settled and for my male readership out there…please, for the love of god…LOOSEN your trouser undergarments, I’d hate for any arousing images to cause severe discomfort in your trouser regions whilst viewing these updates today!!! Please blame Clare Fonda for such spanking lewdness!


I’ve missed Alanah Rae, I’ve missed her heaving bosoms (surely one of the most bosomly proportioned spanking models?) and her delicious whining & snivelling from her pretty face… & of course that ever so spankable bottom that requires any fortunate spanker to punish it more and more (a bit like an addiction, I know I’d be finding more and more excuses to thrash that heiny) so when Snow Mercy recently returned in her “Aunt Bella” role… & she had both Alanah AND Alicia Panetierre to deal with, well, oh my… we are in for a Grade A visual treat!!!

Alicia is welcomed by her Aunt then to show her what happens to naughty girls she bares Alanah’s bottom and gives her a hard spanking in front of a subdued and sombre Alicia, just so she knows what to expect if she misbehaves like Alanah! Check out this short clip, it’s the exact quality of the full length wmv movie, and I have also got some HQ images of this spanking too!

Isn’t Alanah a welcome return? Bouncing heaving bosoms, and a bouncing spanked bottom… my my, I was spluttering over my glass of fine red vino watching this full movie!!! The 2nd featured below has an added dimension where Alicia sneaks a peek at the punishment where Miss Mercy uses the hairbrush across a pleading, sobbing Alanah’s bare bottom, and you get to see her view of the spanking… and also a different angle… what’s more… Alicia gets caught peeking which is highly embarrassing and of course… this will lead to her own humiliating punishment afterwards!!!

… and if you want to see what is going to happen to Alicia! Check out the few images below… members will be able to see this movie unfold as she gets her spanking & hairbrush punishments across her bared backside! Seriously Alicia has an amazing spankable bottom, as you can see!

See MORE of Summer Spankings series with Aunt Bella HERE

Before I move onto another of Clare’s sites, many of you will know that GirlSpanksGirl.com is sub divided into Erotic, Discipline and Sensual Punishments and this old retro punishment, as Clare descibes it, is one of her very first spankings seen online in the “Sensual section”, ¬†just check out Clare’s short hair… and I always love seeing Clare take a good punishment (as you’ll see later) but check the image below this leads to a long play instant streaming clip as she is spanked over Penny’s knee! Nice!

I think you get the idea of what is available currently in these new updates from GirlSpanksGirl.com


At SpankedSweeties.com – there is a brand new feature with Lindsay Meyers – she is interviewed by Clare, and then after the interview is given a spanking over Clare’s lap on the bed – and more interestingly, members will also get to see Clare spanked by Lindsay, who switches! Some of you will know that Clare has sourced some of her excellent girls from LA’s Dominion Club and Lindsay is one such popular girl there, I love the fact that she is currently wearing a dental brace, it just looks cute (you should watch the interview of her as she talks with that on…awww!) & she claims she was such a good girl that she was rarely spanked by her mom, in fact just the once, which she recalls in detail but it’s interesting to see how she developped late and ended up at Dominion! So enough of my waffle, check out some samples of what you can see inside the members area of Spankedsweeties.com

Now remember you may remember Lindsay from Exclusive Education 5?

Such a cutie, and of course seeing her spanked got me drinking yet more vino and puffing on my cigar so imagine what the next few samples of images did when I saw that they swapped places as Clare takes a spanking *drool*


Finally from the spanking soap opera that is MySpankingRoomMate.com – the very latest episode (we are now at number 68!) is called “David’s New Girlfriend” and it stars one of my favorite Brit babes (despite me foolishly and rubbishly ribbing her about her advancing years and the now essential Cod Liver Oil supplements she needs to keep her poor aching joints so supple) – Leia-Ann Woods! Now of course I am kidding, and when you check out some of these first show images now out you’ll now I’m taking the piss as Leia is a stunner and looks amazing – & who wouldn’t want to have her as a girlfriend? (mm mmm!)

Well, hang on… it appears she’s a bit highly strung and high maintenance in this episode as David calls his ex girlfriend, Madison Martin (one of this site’s regular anchor girlies). He calls to ask for advice about Leia’s stroppy diva behavior and Madison suggests that he give Leia a proper spanking! Yay! & that is exactly what he does as you’ll see in some choice images below!!!


Bugger! I’ve been wasting so much time here the missus is banging on the door…LOL! If you want to get lost in these amazing new updates, as I have *ahem* appeared to… then check out the individual sites as I’ve highlighted, or you can check them out as part of the money saving multi site deal (one set of codes at whatever site options you choose on a monthly or longer term membership at vastly reduced prices!) c/o THE CLARE FONDA PASS

Have a spanking good weekend!!!! Chief ūüėÄ

Latest Spanking News & Goss!

Well, unless you’ve all been living on Mars recently (I should trademark that expression, dunno why, but I love it), as I said, unless you’ve “all been living on Mars” (‚ĄĘ Chief) then you’ll know that Clare Fonda had been planning her annual Exclusive Education series (now number 5) and this will now be out for release by September latest, so I can hardly wait.

I have managed to glean some info and some images from the film shoot so here you go and here’s what to expect in the finest traditions of the EE series!

The Tops are, Clare (of course) and ever present Lana returns again joined this time by Alicia Panettiere!

The following excerpts are taken with thanks from Clare’s own blog at ClareFondaSpanking letting us know what has been going on:
These are the models that starred in the latest EE5 series! Some you will know and Clare got in a couple of cute newbies from her recent castings, I have to say, personally from the images below and what some of these girls are capable of, I can’t wait! So there is Katee Calaway, Marie Elle, Elise Graves, Lindsay, April O‚ÄôNeal, Nikki Rouge, Sandy, Katherine St. James, Hollie Stevens, and¬†as a late addition and a fantastic surprise…¬†Sarah Gregory! As Clare pointed out, for those of you who really pay attention… you may remember that Sarah was in the¬†schoolgirl spanking video two years ago but at the time of this shoot this month she was due to be in LA so what a great time to have Rachel Gregory, younger sister of EE3‚Äôs Sarah Gregory, to be part of the class of 2010. Those two could be twins! (hmmm)

5 out of 10 bottoms reddened and displayed from EE5

Most of the girls on the cast list have either worked for Clare Fonda or other fetish/spanko companies in the USA but there are some video virgins too, such as Marie Elle and Sandy, two friends of Lana who work with her at The Dominion. The large cast of ten bottoms and three tops went ahead and you can see some mouthwatering images below!

Hmmm, Sarah…why are you topping Ms Panetierre? Love the pic!!!

Clare admits she could not be happier with the actual shoot. She said that she had an excellent group of spanking models, many of them being professional submissives and/or lifestyle ladies. They took their spankings from Lana and Alicia Panettiere with kicking and screaming but for a group of ten they were very, very easy to work with. Now Clare’s editing team are going to be busy!!!

Katherine St.James¬†cries out beautifully over Lana’s lap!

This I can’t wait to see!!! Nikki Rouge¬†paddled by Lana as Principal Miller (wow!)

Elise Graves has her panties pulled down by Miss Panettiere

I fully expect that EE5 will be showing by 20th August as Clare promises with the films clips to follow shortly after that! There is plenty of reasons to get used to the site and check out GirlSpanksGirl before that though and there is also the special longer term pricing (eg check out the 3 month options) giving you a chance to view all the previous 4 movies and plenty more great stuff that makes this one of my Top 10 sites easily!

& in anaother treat, I found this from Clare’s archives from this site, check out Clare’s pigtails…nice! I also think this film probably gave her the idea of a working storyline for her fanatstic Spankedcallgirls site (check out the clip and you’ll see what I mean!) but I will take a look at Spankedcallgirls another time!

In this very naughty long play film, Clare berates Dana for not playing with herself as she promised she’d do in her friend’s¬†GoGo Bar – Clare is pissed by the fact she provided this uppity “I won’t touch myself down there” Dana and teaches her a lesson then makes her finger her pussy til she cums as she should have done for the clients that were cheated by this prissy student! A very naughty film that includes some great dialogue, great OTK bare bottom spanking and some arousing finger work by Dana at the end! Phew! ūüėÄ

For more very rude intimate girl on girl spankings look no further than GirlSpanksGirl.com


I also uploaded a clip recently to my TEEN-SPANKINGS TUBE (have you not bookmarked it yet? it’s updated daily!!!) and sadly the clip below doesn’t do the scene justice but I hope these images below will…compressing Clare’s HD format into something playable on Flash format is something I’m not good at yet…so it’s not the iffy quality of the movie, just my compressed Flash playback, but I think you’ll get the idea of this playful¬†spanking that turns nasty from the latest episode of MySpankingRoommate as you’ll probably remember a few films back naughty Kay Richards had blackmailed her gorgeous bi-curious boss, Layla into being spanked after she snapped pics of them kissing together…well, Layla grabs the cell phone back and all hell breaks loose – this is the start of the mayhem below….I can tell you Layla gets to paddle Kay’s bum in the end! Bravo!!! (& I love the way Kay squeals!!!)

Fortunately: Playback quality at MySpankingRoommate is HD Quality ūüôā

You can see the full movie and all previous episodes at this spanking soap opera HERE

Of course these reviews are only part of her many sites and there is also the option of viewing¬†them all by¬†Clare’s amazing ClareFondaPass network – and is my preferred way of viewing all her naughty spanking sites, check out their pricings and you’ll see why!!! Click banner below for the full details!

Damn! I’ve run out of time again…LOL! I was going to review some more sites with brand new movies! I shall try to get one of these up from THEBAREBOTTOM.com which stars Elizabeth Simpson and new girl Wendy in an interesting F/F discipline movie by tonight either here or at my Teen Spanking blog! It’s well worth it and there is a FREE preview now¬†on the Home page HERE which should get you F/F lovers out there warmed up!!

Friday already? Sheesh, here’s MORE spankings!

I can’t believe this week has flown by. I have been wrapped up in a lot of stuff recently so that might help explain how things have just run away timewise, so rather than give you shed loads of stuff, I have opted for something which you might not have seen elsewhere (well, you might have seen some images but you sure as hell won’t have seen the free clip I’ve got below unless you’re a member of the site) – and what a start to today’s update it is!

I have a thing for seeing dumb little starlets thrashed, and Ashli Orion plays one so well in the latest episode from the spanking soap opera that is MYSPANKINGROOMMATE.com – now¬†I’m sure she isn’t really that dumb and ditzy in real life, I hope to God she isn’t as she is just “sex on a stick”, isn’t she?¬†(I suppose I could just go for the sex and a stick part) – though I know many spanking models I’ve worked with in the past are definitely loopy and total airheads – which is kind of a shame, but this movie is great, it made me laugh (as well as cause my much expected¬†trouser bumpage)¬†both Chloe and Madison are superb pouncing on Ashli¬†when they’ve had enough of her bratty ridiculous airhead behaviour!

OK, so the story is that Nicole (played by Ashli, she of not very much clothing above) turns up late for some tax advice that Chloe is dishing out, madison is next but is waiting as “Nicole” arrives wearing hardly anything…a bitchy remark from Madison sets the tone “Is it laundry day?” she asks.
This airhead then annoys Chloe not bringing the required forms so she can assist her, in fact she’s so clueless, she’d make the most clueless,¬†ditzy Dodo bird asking what’s for dinner to a bunch of starving pirates on Mauritius 400 years ago seem more intelligent. Both girls have had enough of her and Chloe says she needs a good spanking but in a class comment from our porn chick, she says she “doesn’t mind things going up her ass, but NOT on it!” That made me laugh…she’s then spanked & paddled by Chloe and then Madison who becomes a little more aggressive and uses a hairbrush on Ashli’s (sorry Nicole in this film) bare bottom, making her yelp out loud, suddenly it’s not so funny anymore! By now I had some serious trouser arousal issues, Ashli is a very sexy thing and seeing her over both these girls knees was a tad too much!!! You can see what I mean from the images and the special free clip below. Another classic episode OUT NOW TO DOWNLOAD IN FULL!

This is a seriously naughty romp of a spanking movie
See ALL the episode listings HERE!

Don’t forget that this site is part of the very popular options via the Clare Fonda Pass


How do I follow that? How about this movie I saw earlier today thanks to Chelsea Pfeiffer. Another class OTK spanking from the West Coast queen of OTK spankings and thisis another interesting storyline as she spanksEast Coast fave Sarah Gregory in a tribute to the Lakers v Celtics basketball match (don’t ask me about basketball, this is where I understand how my American friends are largely ignorant of football, or soccer as they call it) I have zero interest in this sport and just don’t get it, i get that there’s rivalry and Sarah, being a Boston babe gets it from LA based Chelsea as this drunken beauty with her most delicous jiggling ass gets a very sound spanking!

Check the FREE Clip I have cut and see for yourself!
Warning: Sarah’s wobblesome buttocks WILL cause severe trouser arousal!

Mmm, so to add “Insult to Injury”, you can view the full movie of Chelsea giving it good to Sarah HERE


You may remember me praising Jasmine Lau’s naughty film recently¬†as she talks to us about her wildest spanking and punishment fantasties and what she actually does in real life. To be fair, for her, spanking really has become a part of her life and this English porn starlet has become somewhat of a painslut and, boy, does she do it well! Just watch and listen to her dirty potty mouth as she let’s us know what she enjoys having done to her – here, she’s holding the hairbrush – Go on Jasmine, talk dirty and smack your tight buns!!!

This is the latest movie at SpankingDigital.com


Before I go, don’t forget to check out my Spanking Theater and Spanking Teen Movie clips sites. There are always new movies being added at these¬†all the time! Loads of options as well from pay per second to buying time or clips which most people do after checking out what films are on offer, and you can sign up and receive free minutes to review movies advertised there like the¬†3 I have highlighted below which I recommend to you good folk today to take a look at! Have a good weekend ūüôā