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Hello again!

My apologies for not getting back sooner but the truth is I have been so busy these past few weeks that I had no chance at all to write anything meaningful (ha!) apart from tweeting stuff. In between the travel, the parties, the extensive filming (oh, the filming!!!!) and a horrible cold which I caught in my precious downtime at the end of our Vegas stay (grrrrr) I’ve been too busy and unable to give the attention this fine blog needs. So here is a very quick pictorial update post with some all new girls that I have been so very lucky to film personally… partly some of the reasons I have been *ahem* … busy. I will also let you guys know what Sarah and I have been up to on our travels to Las Vegas, San Francisco/Bay area and… the tour continues into next week as we venture down (eventually) to LA! So I better get this out before I feel even more tired!

Introducing Delta Hauser – in her 1st ever online spanking appearance

new at aaaspanking

We are proud to present to you our latest new girl at Triple A Spanking (the 1st of at least 2 this month) who we met recently at a spanking party in Las Vegas. Her name is Delta Hauser and she is a lifestyle switch who has been in the scene for a while but had never ever appeared anywhere on film… until now. This is a long introduction video which features plenty of varying spanking styles that she is familiar with, and we gave this beautiful rock chick a plausible role play for her to be punished (for being drunk and letting people down). More importantly is her debut performance… She is spanked over her tight daisy dukes, then her tight black yoga pants for a long time before they are pulled down revealing her bare bottom turning a shameful burning red. Delta gets to experience the wheelbarrow position (trust us, this is a good one) which we are so well known for – before receiving plenty of leather strappings including a double leather strap finale that adds thud to the sting of the 2 straps used. This is an impressive showcase of a new girl we know you all will be seeing a lot more of over the next few months. We have many more films featuring this lovely lady coming soon, but just enjoy this fantastic introduction for now. How could you not? Just look at her!

spanked in yogapants spankings and wedgies otk spanking Delta Hauser wheelbarrow spanking bare bottom handprint spanking bare bottom spanking leather strapping

See the free spanking preview clip HERE

You can also view this full film in the format of your choice at the AAA Clips Store

delta hauser 1st ever online spanking

Also most recently in Las Vegas we were very fortunate to be the first production company to film with uber gorgeous Veronica Weston. She is a stunning young lady, who is a successful cam girl, but is genuinely into spanking & has the potential, in my opinion, to be a very special addition to new finds of 2018 if she so wants. I get a little concerned when I meet new girls who claim they are into spanking when in fact it’s a boyfriend tapping her butt playfully style light slapping etc. However, I need not have worried – Veronica is the real deal and proved that in our very enjoyable filmshoot. She appears this week (it’s just out, in fact) at Sarah Gregory Spanking followed by an all female super sexy wheelbarrow spanking next week at AAA Spanking – so stay tuned, folks!

Veronica Learns Her Lesson – in her first online appearance anywhere

spanking Veronica Weston

Dad is shocked to find his precious daughter at the door of his hotel room when he was expecting an escort for the evening. He can’t believe his own daughter is working as an escort. He brings her in the room, sits her down on the couch to discuss how disappointed he is before taking her over his lap for a well deserved spanking. He is mortified that his own daughter would be working in this line of work. She is going to learn the hard way what happens when her true profession is discovered by her dad.

panties down spanking leather belting by daddy   spanked by daddy

See the free spanking preview clip HERE

I was going to write more but that will be for next time… until then, I hope you all have a fantastic time wherever you are! I will be back ūüôā

Spanking Start to the Weekend!

Oh boy! What a way to start the weekend… if you are reading this, then you are in for a real visual treat as I bring you some very special films, some with clips for you to gawp over and admire too! I won’t waffle on so will just get right on with it as these films are way too important to just fill with my inane rambling today!!!

First today I will start with my own site update and as promised, new girl Melody Nore impressed with a rather traditional OTK spanking followed by a much more intimate and revealing wheelbarrow session to see what she was made of (literally!). Now you know I like redheads, there is something about leaving marks on such beautiful pale skin, anyway, I am ¬†digressing somewhat as you will see. Melody and I had a blast making some films from the recent Chicago Moon Spanking Party and she was keen to see if she could take the embarrassment of the wheelbarrow position after I warmed her up with my hand and a very “handy” leather hand spanking strap… since Melody is a big player, her bottom took some time to mark up from scratch and I was giving it hell… as you will see! Incidentally, this was a day after I had paid a visit to the ER for my new found asthma… but the meds had kicked in so I felt relatively strong and gave her a memorable debut at AAAspanking.com

Introducing Melody Nore – making an impressive OTK & wheelbarrow debut


Below is the official storyline with the good sized clip and some more (reduced size) screen images… AAA Members get the images at full resolution (1920×1080) which are the same sizes as the full HD film in both WMV and MP4 versions.

I have made no secret of the fact that I love spanking redhead girls in the past, maybe it is something about their pale skin and they way their bottoms mark up so beautifully? Most redheads I’ve met have had an amazing tolerance of pain too! So when I met Melody at the Crimson Moon Spanking Party, I was very keen to play with her and also film a few good spanking movies for my membership! I was not disappointed… This was our first and an interesting introduction as I took her over my lap for a more traditional OTK spanking over her shorts, then on her pale bare bottom before I used a special leather hand spanking strap later on… but of course, I also wanted young Melody to become the latest addition to my infamous “Wheelbarrow Club” which you will also discover was a great finale to her first ever film at AAAspanking.com

melody003 melody009

melody029 melody044

melody055 melody074

melody085 melody099

melody112 melody120

melody127 melody129

melody131 melody141

melody156 melody169




You can also download this film in various full HD formats at the CLIPS STORE



MORE TO COME… I am editing this post… come back SOON!

A Disaster & New Discoveries

Sorry I haven’t been on here sooner, I’m lucky to be here as I had a complete and utter disaster with my main laptop that I had been using, the hard disk drive had completely failed and it hadn’t been backed up for a few months or so, I had got lazy… and the only saving grace was that I had meticulously backed up my website, but not the programs I might need to run it or my 100s of Gigs of data from around the world I had accumulated on that machine without placing onto external hard drives…. so you can imagine I’m pretty pissed off… so many passwords gone, so much data, I’m such a jerk… and of course I can’t take my laptop to your regular Repair guy in the High Street to recover some files as I’d probably get the police knocking at my door at 5am in ignorance looking for all my fetish porn – they just wouldn’t understand, even though everything I have is totally 100% legal by UK law (I’m damn careful about what I download, as should everyone be!)

“Here’s what I backed up earlier”

So, from that disaster to one at work today which means I and many of my collegaues have to start at 5am tomorrow to catch up on work thanks to the Head Office who fucked up big time today with our pricing strategies (I won’t bore you any more with that!) so this is really a quick update and to bring you the news about my latest update at AAAspanking – (this took me ages to set up on another back up PC I hadn’t used for over a year to get it uploaded on time – so I hope my members appreciate my hard work!)

As promised – here is Sophie – very photogenic, a real life Brit porn star in her very first spanking film shoot… and a very naughty girl in much need of some corrective hand spanking that I was only too happy to dish out onto her very spankable bottom!

“So Sophie… what made you come to a spanking shoot on one of the hottest days of the year?”

Poor Sophie, like myself, we were both sweating inside a room that must have been well over 100f (38c) remember this was the beginning of October (the hottest October day ever in the UK) and we had to shut the windows so the neighbors wouldn’t hear us… we soon moved out of this room which had 2 windows facing the glaring sun…”d’oh!” Despite that, Sophie was a real sport! What you’ll see below are some 1st show images from the interview and spanking – her first ever on film – anywhere.





This was Sophie’s 1st ever spanking film anywhere online so we are proud to bring you this very naughty girl! She wasn’t shy at all, having starred in many very rude hardcore films and had been spanked at home by her partner as she explained in her interview before we got her to pose provocatively for the cameras to show us her amazing butt and allow us to test the goods in this spanking introduction. We got to see if Sophie could take a spanking for our website as we would be filming her all day! Despite this day being sweltering and the room insufferably hot… Sophie was a real professional and it soon became clear she’d make a fantastic new addition more than proving that she could take pretty much anything and we were genuinely impressed! We are sure you will enjoy more of her films to come and we know you will love the way her spankable bottom turns red after a few swats!¬†Welcome Sophie, our latest Triple A rated spankable.


I’m going to be uploading stills images from my camera soon as well, members can see that in the not too distant future but I have to get all that fixed so I can upload it easily – For your info, the second and final part of this new movie comes swiftly on Friday!

OK, I gotta get some shut eye, I’m up at 4am tomorrow (groan)
Catch you all soon when I’m not so stressed and bleary eyed!

NEW! The Sally Carter Interviews

Once in a while it’s a pleasure to take in someone very new to the online spanking scene, and a girl who is so innocent looking Like this fresh faced filly just has to be interviewed and it’s good to see her feedback. So I introduce¬†a very submissive lady by the name of Sally Carter (she has been seen in other movies, but this one was her very first!) This is basically a spank-casting and Sally is asked about her corporal punishment experience, and of course is asked to remove her undergarments for the camera crew, all gawping at her, lights blaring – as her bare bottom is filmed for the first time- she is understandably nervous – imagine there are hardened spankos in the room behind the scenes and she is removing her underwear as requested, now she¬†has been spanked before –¬†but by a mad man intent on thrashing her tight buttocks a dark shade of purple after 10 minutes! Imagine what must be going through her mind!!!!

Check out these very first preview stills from the interview movie out now at SPANKINGDIGITAL

Having bared her tight globes and removed all her underwear¬†(note no marks on her fresh arse!) she is asked to go over his knee as he explains what will happen next as the spanking begins…

2 camera angles and some nice close up shots start to reveal that Sally has indeed hardly been spanked as her bottom marks up quite quickly. She is naturally worried that she can feel her bottom burning and stinging during this early session and is reassured that her cheeks have not turned purple!!! These interviews are a great way of showcasing a submissive girl and her cute English accent (as she questions everything¬† over his knee) is adorable! You’ll see her foolishly think it’s all over as she awkwardly stands there, skirt pulled up, privates displayed as instructed and bottom very red…fortunately, this young madam can take more of a spanking than was dreamed, so enjoy this very first film of a very innocent looking Sally introduced to the world of spanking!

Now I have also included a fantastic short clip showing you the interaction, concerns, the spanking, her accent and that tight red bottom, I think you’ll get the idea – and it shows off this movie perfectly!