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Spanking Saturday overload

I’m not much into Halloween, I’ve brought some treats so the little horrors don’t come up with some nasty surprise with flour or eggs and I will no doubt be grumpy as usual…. however, before that day, and the 7 Billionth child is born (it’s reckoned on Oct 31st – and I wonder if it will be a child in Libya or one of the other “Arab Spring” nations? You heard it here first from this ol’ cynic) … so before I go on one… here are some of the latest offerings around and there’s some bloody good stuff out there right now! Sit back and relax as I take you on a whirlwind tour of the spankings that are making this weekend for me, and hopefully… for you!


Stunning popstar Danielle is going on a world tour in a few weeks and she contacted the Rockford School Of Dance to help her with her choreography and get her in shape. Right from the start she behaved like a real Diva and she soon got her bottom smacked and the warm-ups were achieved with the aid of a stinging riding crop. She was told to stop drinking Cokes but during her break she was caught drinking one anyway so her coach marched her straight into the office, turned her over his knee, and gave her a hard spanking on her world famous bottom!





Not long after Caroline was soundly spanked in part one, she was in trouble again. She was caught fighting with a few prefects while trying to run away. She was marched straight to the Headmaster’s office and she got a sound tawsing. Then she did it. She called the Headmaster a “pervert” and tried to storm out. He caught her and gave her a hard 12 stroke St. Catherines style bare bottom caning and put her in the corner. She finally realised that she better behave for her 2 remaining semesters (or terms as we call them in England) at St Catherines or she will be spending them unable to sit down properly!




It goes without saying that you can check out MORE of Caroline and all the other niche uniform spankings that make this site a must see everytime – CLICK HERE


NorthernSpanking.com have their regular daily updates including the next anazing installment of their Wheatley Manor film with an original and humiliating further punishment for Niki at the breakfast table , stripped , wooden spooned and spanked she is then made to lie naked on the table as an impromptu platter for all manner of naughty cakes & desserts (yes, I like cake!) – in fact the good folk of Northern Spanking even provide us with a handy recipe for the various offerings! Anyway, back to the humiliation and further punishment which eventually makes Amelia crack under the pressure…. oh dear, I wonder who’s getting punished next? Images below are from this 10th long play episode!




Click here to see MORE of one of the most original spanking productions ever made

Whilst at Nothern and their many updates, I had to bring you a few images to the concluding parts of the “Coach Caned Bus Blamed” film which also is included in an out takes video also relased this week… but as it co stars 2 amazing girls together, Irelynn Logeen and Zille Defeu (who I am REALLY developing a spanko crush on right at this minute!) it’s more of an excuse for me to show you their red naked bottoms!

Another reason to visit NorthernSpanking for MORE!




What more is there to say about that film? Wow! & the spankings continue…


Missy Rhodes is a cute petite model that I’ve known Clare has used to great affect at her Naughty Diaper Girls website – she has those looks that make her perfect to be an adult baby diaper girl… however, it’s fantastic that she is now appearing much more at Clare’s spanking sites and where better than at SpankedSweeties.com to let us know a little more about her history in the interviews and then get to enact some true real life stories like this one below…

Missy Rhodes is such a sweet and sexy little hottie with such a pert bottom that it is quite exciting to find out that she was spanked growing up. Both Mom and Dad lectured pretty little Missy and took her over their knees. Missy had ber panties taken down by mom and her small and tight bottom got so read sometimes she even cried. Missy admits that spanking actually did teach her a lesson.



You can check out more of Missy 1st at SpankedSweeties.com

This site is part of Clare’s now rather well known Clare Fonda Pass network – where you can get 3, 4 or 5 sites of hers of your choice for a fraction of their combined costing! Don’t take my word for it, check out these movie galleries below which help prove the point that all this recent content can be grabbed at one place! Click any image below for the special freebies.



See how you can view all this and choose your preferred options HERE


Chief’s random image today comes courtesy of an ancient wall painting in the “Tomba Della Fustigatione ” (Flogging grave) in the necropolis of Tarquinia from ancient times in Italy. Spanking has been around for some time 🙂


OK, back to the present day and into another site with their own multi pass options (which I’ll cover later), but 1st I’m visiting RealSpankings.com which has had some stunning and severe spanking updates recently! However, I liked this movie (below) as it had Betty in her dominant role as she interviews and dishes out a punishment to the very pretty and striking blonde hottie called Summer. This was Summer’s very 1st spanking on film which is why I’m highlighting this as I love seeing first timers…

Pretty Blond Summer is 23, has the cute and naughty surfer girl look, and based on her first shoot.Summer had some of the most detailed childhood spanking stories to share that Real Spankings have heard in a long time. It seems the tradition in her house was that when she was to be spanked, her step dad went upstairs and made a very big production about drilling a new hole in the large wooden paddle that they used for spanking. After the hole was added, she was called up, made to drop her pants, grab her ankles, and then received three hard swats on either her panties or bare butt. All punishments led to tears and left her bruised and sore. Her punishment profile on Realspankings gets way into the details.




Check out the very latest updates and movies at RealSpankings.com


At their other sites as promied, here are a few images of what you can expect to find right now updated this week and I’ll start with their schoolgirl themed site RealSpankingsInstitute.com



The girls are instructed to remove their uniforms and wait for instruction by The Dean (Michael Masterson). He makes the girls put on their missing ties from their uniforms. Ivy is told to kneel on the chair and bend over the table for a hand spanking, while Melody watches and waits her turn for the same humiliating treatment!

Below is another recent movie now released in full at this site and it has Danny catching Frankie chewing gum in detention. She is taken OTK and spanked on her bare bottom. She finishes detention with no skirt or panties, writing lines on the board! This is a classic OTK spanking film and does NOT disappoint!

Now as I had mentioned something about a multi site deal at this network, you’d also get the chance to view all of Brandi’s work stretching back 8 or 9 years and her site is STILL being updated twice a week despite her retirement years ago, such was the content they shot together…. and she will forever be known as Spanking Teen Brandi – images below are from the lastest movie update where her laughter in detention earns her the ruler across her bottom… and it is used with such force that the thing splinters… that HAD to hurt!



CLICK HERE to discover a way to view all the featured sites in the RSN (Real Spankings Network) for a fraction of the combined cost and see how many other sites you get with your one membership!


I was going to finish here but I had watched a rather good film at FirmHandSpanking.com last night starring their brand new girl Kelly Morgan – what you get is a fine image set accompanied with the film of her very first bare bottom paddling, and they chose the PERFECT girl for their new facial reaction cams, she is so expressive… you just KNOW that those swats hurt like hell! Check her out below:




“Oh my God!”” Gasps pretty newcomer Kelly Morgan in her debut series, The Intern. “”That HURTS!”” The crack of a leather paddle 27 times across bare skin is a treat. So special that all 27 swats are shown on Reaction Cam too! She’’s totally natural. Watch out for two fast sets of five… ouch!

See beautiful Kelly in her 2nd ever spanking film HERE


Finally today… I hadn’t realized that Sarah Gregory and Kat St James had been on holiday earlier this month, what’s more, I did feel a little jealous that she was on the beautiful island of Aruba (it’s off the coast of South America in the Carribean), I haven’t had a holiday this summer at all, and after my crap week working all hours for a pittance whilst inflation and costs of living skyrocket… I wonder when I will be able to afford to go to an exotic location again. (I’m away visiting family in France for a short stay in a few weeks, but it will be up in the cold mountains… no sun there!) However, I’m not bitter, Sarah & Kat looked fab in their bikinis as you can see below… and what’s more, they got to make a spanking film in their hotel bath tub, which has just been released on her site, and it’s worth the entrance fee alone! Seriously, check them out!!!

Sarah and Kat are on vacation in Aruba. Kat is trying to take a relaxing bath and Sarah wants to get in. Kat says she will let Sarah in if she pays the price. As Sarah gets in, she is pushed around to find herself bottom up and getting spanked. Apparently that was the price to get in. Sarah gladly takes her sensual spanking and then gives some back to Kat.






I love bath tub films… I’m sure you will too when the girls are as sexy as these

Click here to view MORE of Sarah’s holiday shenannigans and spankings!


That’s it from me for now, back soon with a whole load of spanking and erotic punishments , once I’ve viewed the latest offerings! Have a good weekend, and I’ll probably post some sort of  “anti-Halloween special”, since I hate the way this “holiday” has become so over commercialised and exploited by large companies seeking quick profits from the public (including the one I work for, which I hate!)

Weekend Spanking Updates

I’m a little inebriated from spending a glorious afternoon here down the pub (a lovely warm day in mid October, around 70f or 21-22c and very sunny, almost unheard of in England at this time of year!) so I decided to give you a quick update, being the generous drunken geezer that I am! So without waffling anymore, here are some choice images from a few sites well worth a mention today and some inside and coming news of my own site’s updates at the end. *hic*

I haven’t brought you my news of FirmHandspanking.com so it’s a great place to start since it features a fantastic paddling movie of one of my fave girls, Adrienne Black… and also a newbie by the name of Kelly Morgan, who looks every inch a new spanking starlet! Images are taken from both movies below and these are reduced in size, members will of course get the full size pics and be able to download the films to their heart’s content!

New Girl Kelly Morgan – gets her 1st OTK spanking over Earl Grey’s lap

“It burns!” pretty Kelly Morgan wails as Earl Grey’s hand smacks her bare bottom 153 times. She’s The Intern. After being late on her first day at work he gives her a choice of losing the internship or taking a spanking! This senior knows that corporal punishment works. Hot debut!




See MORE of Kelly getting her 1st spanking & a free preview clip – Click HERE

Adrienne has been shown elsewhere, as I was a little busy… but she is STILL worth a mention as I know that people don’t always read every blog or special promotional site out there, there’s waaaay too many for me to decide on myself… so in case your chosen others (as well as me) had forgotten this beauty… here she is, the full film is of course available to download, as are a vast growing archive of films starring Adrienne!

Beautiful blonde Adrienne Black knows she’s in trouble for losing a file – or did she hide it? She’s due a cheek reddening 83-swat spanking, panties down, with a stinging ping pong paddle. Skilful editing means we enjoy unmissable facial reactions on the Reaction Cam. Ouch!





Here’s something a little different as I bring you one of the top rated films by members of Girls Boarding School – and the very popular Maggie who is one of the few girls able to take anything that Headmaster Tom dishes out! This girl has buns of steel… seriously, I have seen some of her many films and have winced as she has taken some of the most ferocious whacks with the cane or strap… this film, being top rated, is no different, and Maggie plays the part of a naughty and foolish schoolgirl, caught out yet again by Tom… to perfection. This time? It’s Homework mistakes… far too many of them that gets her thrashed… and thrashed severely!

There’s a short exclusive clip and some images (reduced from the members area) to give you an idea of what this full length film of spanking and extreme humiliation is all about.





NorthernSpanking quietly released their 9th part of the very well received Wheatley Manor – this is an epic spanking movie and one which Paul and Lucy are rightly proud of, with a top cast of Niki Flynn, Leia-Ann Woods and Amelia Jane Rutherford and a believable script backed up by Amy Hunter and Stephen Lewis who are the  tops in this film, it makes for unmissable viewing. The clip I have is really justa snippet and I have some images from the latest part if that helps… but you can dowbload all 9 epic parts right now as part of your membership and of course get all the other goodies that are on offer!

Here’s a reminder of what went on in episode 8 as Niki gets a thrashing completely naked!



& so to part 9… Niki is late for breakfast and so she is thrashed again, in front of everyone and this time it’s really humiliating for her! Some great scenes with a wooden kitchen spatula as well as you’ll discover below:



See the updates and download them as a member RIGHT HERE


In my other news, the full film (for those that only want to download the odd film or 2) of my latest update, the extremely spankable Sophie, is available at the Clips Store HERE  and another free preview is available below:

Remember that we feature many films here before the main site and they’re available in full or as clips and in some cases we only feature the action shots and no build up dialog, read the full info on each movie on the pages to see for yourself, it’s proved quite popular for those that prefer this way of viewing their spanking content.


& in news of what is coming soon, you may remember that Jasmine filmed with us recently, well, I have a great 2 part film of Jasmine and Sophie in their pyjamas getting a good hard thrashing in bed together (part 2 will come out later this year when Jasmine spanks Sophie and it’s a great little film I promise you’ll love too) – and that will be followed by the quite amusing but hard hitting film of me and Leia when she accused me of being a “cakeboy” – I’ll write up more about it very soon, I promise… but these 2 movies I really enjoyed making and seeing on file… I’m sure you will too!

The next 2 films – coming soon in glorious HD to AAAspanking

OK, that’s it from me, I’ll be back tomorrow with more goss and behind the scenes stuff!

Northern Spanking updates

Wanted to know what’s going on at some selected sites? Well, the images below are all taken from what is being uploaded over the last few days at NorthernSpanking.com – just to give you an idea of what is available, and of course they also star some faves of mine that I have spanked personally so I am indeed loving what is going on at this site this week! You’ll see what I mean when I mention kami Robertson, Irelynn Logeen, Zelle Defeu and new girl Xela Chaste… and these are just some samples of what’s going on, there’s so much more but I’d not find time for other sites if I continued, here is a taster of what members are downloading this week so far!




Irelynn and Zille are given a humiliating spanking punishment in their pyjamas… here I have selected the 1st few images of Zille having her wondrous bottom spanked… members can see Irelynn’s red rump HERE




Music teacher Amy Hunter is taking no crap off kami Robertson in this adorable and beautifully shot film. Amy is a great Domme and Kami is one of my fave subs, her bottom is the wiggliest, most awesome sight close up when spanked (I should know!!!) I heartily recommend ANY film with Kami in so have no hesitation in showing this today! OK, one more image of the girls?

If only all piano lessons ended up like this…



Hot newbie Xela at NorthernSpanking.com made this amazing OTK spanking film with Paul. She is a very buxom and naughty young madam… I now fully understand why Paul was raving about her and you can definitely see a very wry smile on his face as she is getting a good thrashing over his knee! Lucku git! Check out this full movie HERE





The latest film is out now and stars the legendary Niki Flynn – a blast from the past as Paul & Lucy give us a special movie kept until now and explained by them as to why this is a little different! Enjoy this and the free clip I have for you below, a fitting end to today’s update and something I’m sure you will appreciate as this was co-operation in the spanking industry in the UK at its finest! Just as we are apparently pissing off some pirates who really don’t like us poor producers trying to protect our copyrighted stuff that we have worked damned hard to bring you all… this film represents the good side of the spanking industry as well (read on…)

Novelist, Miss Flynn, persistently misses deadlines. When Mr Byron Richards, The Travelling Disciplinarian, arrives at her lush apartment she is horrified to learn he has been appointed by her editor to address her lack of commitment.

Paul wrote: This footage was written and shot by our dear friends Hywel and Amelia Jane at Restrained Elegance/Elegance Studios for a spanking project they decided not to pursue. When we at NS hit bad times which some of you may remember, our amazing friends kindly donated this raw footage to us to edit and release under the Northern Spanking banner. It has taken a few years for Lucy to edit it together as the formatting was very different from what we are used to and she found it a little bit scary so had to wait until she had more skills in the editing department to do it justice. This is the first of several unseen films from that footage, which include this, and several other films of the now-retired Niki Flynn. We are very excited to be able to share this with you, and are very grateful to our friends at Elegance Studios for their generous contribution. Proving the UK kink scene, and the people involved, are really the loveliest, most genuine people one could ever hope to know.

 Check out more of the latest updates unique to NorthernSpanking HERE

Spankings for the weekend

I may have told you that “Er Indoors” is currently away… and very much so “Outdoors” and away as she is visiting relatives in America (I couldn’t go because of the new vanilla job I had started recently and also, to be honest, just couldn’t afford the airfare and time off work/here etc etc…) but that means the house has turned to shit, I’m such a slob! After I finish this post I am going to do a big clean up. So, like many people who read stuff online, here I am typing this in my dressing gown first thing in the morning (it’s not a pretty sight I can assure you!) as I review some spankings from round the world, both old and new stuff that I hope you find interesting. I’m sure you may have seen some stuff from other people so once again I shall make the posts a little more interesting for you here as I cut a few clips where possible when I know no one else has done that! (I know why – as it’s a pain in the arse… but I have done this for so long, I think you’ve come to expect it off me now, right?)

& so to a post I should have done an age ago, but I had been so busy that naturally no one else could resist the urge to rave about the drop Californian dead gorgeous tall bratty beauty, Adrienne Black, from Firmhandspanking.com – this time, the authorative Earl Grey gives Adrienne one of her hardest wooden paddling across the backside of her tight jeans (which as you’ll see) offered little protection when she pulled them down to reveal her battered bottom, I have cut a few image scenes from the movie of this as it better shows the damage inflicted on her magnificent tushy!

You can see ALL of Adrienne’s spanking punishments EXCLUSIVE to FirmHandSpanking.com


Continuing with the theme of paddling, here is a special double feature just released at RealSpankingsInstitute.com with Lila, whose hair I have now come to love (she’s changed the shade a subtle hint towards violet and she looks hot!) To emphasize this I have got you some facial reaction scenes at the beginning of her punishment when she is caught napping by Mr M instead of studying! A quick nasty leather paddling wakes her up followed by some naked wall time before the poor girl is thrashed (& I don’t say that lightly) with a thick wooden paddle that has her yelping out loud and the images I have cut from the original film will prove my point! Seriously… it’s easily one of the best paddlings I’ve seen at RSI in ages! Don’t miss it!

The sound is a little out of sync so if you want – download the original RM Format
You will get to see EXACTLY what members view HERE

See Lila’s latest film along with her other schoolgirl themes HERE


I know many Americans never understand the Slipper – God knows why, like a paddle, it is one of the most effective methods of punishment! maybe it’s the thought that the show or slipper used is something that we’d walk in, that’s a little gross and I onlu use slippers never used on any pavement or sidewalk. Anyway, it might not mark a girl’s bottom so quickly (unless the soles are horribly ridged and the slipper or shoe is very stiff) but the sting and feeling of pain is very real and believe you me… the girls do NOT like the slipper one little bit over here for that reason! Agean at SoundPunishment.com is a master of the Slipper and although I use it less nowadays… every now and then, it’s a really good method of correction that many American girls just don’t get enough of (hmm, Sarah Gregory, if you’re reading this… I think I may have something for you in a few weeks!) but back to this slippering of Jasmine, who, of course I know from personal experience… and her bottom certainly got a roasting below as you’ll discover. Imagine her sitting uncomfortably at school after getting this first thing in the morning! How delightful!


Which brings me onto this fantastic epic currently playing out at NorthernSpanking starring Amelia Jane Rutherford (the bolshy one), Niki Flynn (the submissive tearful one) and Leia-Ann Woods… the Calculating one who got them all into this situation in the 1st place! It also stars Amy Hunter & Stephen Lewis who are the expert carry-er…outers (lol) of the various cruel disciplines you’ll see below…. and this is an ongoing unravelling film so here’s a heads up of what has happened so far at Wheatley Manor! Yes, some of you will recognize the title as one of their infamous DVDs, well, now it’s available as part of the membership and seeing the site gets updated everyday with new photo stories, clips and movies, then Wheatley Manor is already out at Part 5 and the clips are quite long. This is a movie that they have put a hell of a lot of thought into and it shows…. and what’s more, it damn well works, as you’ll see: Here is what the folk at Northern Spanking had to say about this project.

Our EPIC feature film finally makes its online debut, and we are delighted to be able to present this gorgeous film, and stunning star cast for our online members. A very special project, and one we are still incredibly proud of. Enjoy.

Ever since they left university, Niki, Amelia and Leia-Ann, have met once a year to renew their friendship in an indulgent activity. Taking it in turns to choose, Amelia took them paintballing and, last year, Niki arranged a murder mystery weekend. Thinking they are in for a dull spa weekend, Amelia and Niki are in for a shock when they arrive at Leia Ann’s choice, Wheatley Manor… The skimpy uniform and the rules leave little to the imagination, but the infringement of those rules carries exceptionally painful consequences, as the girls first meet Ms Hunter, followed by the quite fearsome Professor Lewis. One lady’s rebellion is harshly put down even before the first session of the course. Shocked at their treatment, a further shock is to come – Leia Ann has been here before! The young women continue to experience harsh punishment and cruel humiliation at a very untypical English country house retreat. At some point, even the most wilful and rebellious of them must break, but how long will it take? And what extremes of discipline will all three suffer in the process?

Each girl was invited into the adjacent room… Leia went first… and in the ritual which all girls would repeat, they were interviewed and told that the discipline was there for a good reason, to change an aspect of their behavior. For Leia, this was not new as she had been here before and the revelation of this became clear to the other girls when they heard her take a caning dressed in a school uniform.

Niki was next and tearfully took her punishment after going through the same ritual, interviewed then asked to undress and get into the school uniform. the professor would address how the girls would react from this simple act and Niki was quite compliant and very submissive, he knew she was the type of girl that could be easily coerced by the likes of Amelia & Leia. She sobbed during her punishment but in some way afterwards reflected on it as she heard a different commotion with Amelia and huddled in with Leia who helped explain to her what the retreat was all about!

As I said, Amelia was a different case, still arguing and threatening but she was eventually subdued, & was shocked when she was put in her place when she was made to realize something was seriously wrong with her life (which she had not confronted until now) & the professor could see that her bolshy exterior and her “power” that she had over her other friends was part of her problem. This was where she agreed to take the caning like her friends as she knew he was onto something… but of course it’s not that easy to tame Amelia, thankfully…

Leia wanted the girls to experience a life changing event and they were getting that alright… but what you will see here is only the beginning of their ordeal. It really is up to the girls how long they want to defy Ms Hunter & Professor Lewis as these 2 WILL break the most defiant & wilfull in the end! As you’ll see below as I show you a sneak preview of what is in store for Niki Flynn! The below clip is in the original MP4 format that members can view and download all movies from (I love this format as members of my own site will testify that the playback quality of the HD files are amazing!)

If you can not view the file below: Please use the FREE VLAN Player HERE

If you liked this, you’ll be blown away by what members can view in full along with the other daily updates currently on offer only from NorthernSpanking.com

I promised you some good stuff for the weekend! Have a good one and I will be back here tomorrow and also updating my other blogs very shortly!
Regards, Chief.

Latest Schoolgirl Slippering!

Hi everyone, just a quick good hard look at the very latest spanking update from FetishFlixx which stars 2 American girls which grabbed my attention… why? Well, because I was present at this film shoot a few years back so am able to give you a better “behind the scenes” perspective!

FetishFlixx have Niki Flynn (left) & Lauren Legends (right) nervously awaiting their thrashing!

This was an interesting movie, those who are into Googling names might want to Google “Lauren Legends” and they will see she was an American porn actress, good old vanilla porn, with some fetish thrown in here and there. I had a conversation about her roughly a year ago with Clare Fonda as I had seen her in an old archive from one of her sites and brought her and a few other girls up in conversation as she mentioned that she had once been approached about some girls that Xerotics wanted to hire (I found out it was indeed Lauren and the others) and fly over to the UK at the time! This is always a risky strategy for producers in advance so getting feedback from other folk they have worked with is important as Clare had mentioned thay had all worked well with and for her previously.

Click image below to view my special free spanking clip of Lauren

The reason was because poor Lauren cried out on day 2 of an important rare 3 day film shoot at the time and pretty much deflated everyone there – but I will leave it at that as you never know, maybe it was her time of the month, (doubtful, and I saw no evidence of that, lol) these things happen and you can’t force people to do stuff and girls limits are always respected (hence why she stopped) but I guess she wasn’t as “Fetish” as the other girls so had “rather embellished” her credentials a little… which is somewhat annoying to say the least. However,  remember some girls thrive on being spanked hard and will tell you if you are not properly spanking them and request harder swats or whatever whilst there are others just in it for some easy cash and so on… everyone is different and I respect that. But, and this is my opinion of what I witnessed, to possibly mislead a producer about your capabilities, well, what I do remember from this time was that the other girls were a little hostile to her which was not a good sign either! (Not Niki in particular, from memory, who was resident in the UK, but the other girls who were flown in from the USA West Coast) and Lauren had the habit of wanting to do more racy stuff (which is nice but when you’re shooting spanking stuff you rather want to concentrate on that rather than vanilla pussy shots or whatever all the time, right?) As I am waffling on about poor Lauren, I mustn’t miss out on Niki who we all know could take a very severe punishment (such a shame she is now retired) but I rather liked this early OTK scene below as she snivelled and wriggled over Headmistress Shanelle’s lap beautifully as you’ll see!

Click image below to view the exclusive free spanking clip

So why am I bleating on about Lauren so? The work she did was great during her stay – that i won’t fault, and she had an amazing stance that looked so vulnerable as you’ll see from her slippering scene, and she really HATED the slipper and cane – but it’s a pity that she didn’t make the final day, in fact, she didn’t turn up on set and instead stayed at the hotel at the time. I suppose because I knew how much the girls were being paid, it did kind of make you think sometimes, maybe if she had tried a little harder, maybe she did… I don’t know but I was involved with another film in another room and this one may have been the one where she made it to the end and then said she had enough, you can see in the clip I have saved at the end that she is struggling when slippered… if you’re into seeing girls crack under pressure, and know that fact, then be aware that this was probably the film that did it for her! I have included some choice images from the film shoot below and the plot of “Private Education” is underneath that!

Niki Flynn & Lauren Legends found themselves in front of the Headmistress in the private girls school they were having to attend. Attitude & correction meant everything to their stern Headmistress which each girl was sadly lacking. After a long lecture she told both of them they would be getting a soundly spanked bare bottom followed by a severe session with the slipper. See both girls being bared spanked & then bent over and thrashed! This schoolgirl quivering bare bottom discipline video is out now for download and you can see a slippering clip of both girls on the HOME PAGE (or click image below to view)

You can see all the selected spanking movies which still makes this one of my favorite sites!
Feedback on anything I write is always welcome, hope you enjoyed my ramblings.
Enjoy the film, it’s a good ‘un!